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#Thor Ragnarok
chaoticdreamergarden · 8 days ago
Climate Change by glimmerglanger
Fandom: Marvel
Main Pairing: Thor/Loki
Rating: Teen
Words: 3,810
Chapters: 1/1
“Mm, you must have noticed them, big thunder storms, lots of rain, lightning, all situated, you know, right here? Thought maybe they had something to do with you.”
Thor glanced across at Loki, who only shrugged back. “It is possible that I may be influencing local weather patterns,” Thor said, after a moment.
OR, the one where the Asgardians make it to Earth, weather-related shenanigans ensue, and Tony desperately wants to find out how Thor makes it storm on a whim.
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trinhdrawss · 7 hours ago
Tumblr media
my speech bubbles are getting better lol
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mandonnan · 7 hours ago
𝐥𝐚𝐬𝐭 𝐤𝐢𝐬𝐬 - 𝐥𝐨𝐤𝐢
pairing: loki x reader
the last time you kiss loki, inspired by a sad taylor swift song
warnings: heartbreak, angst, mentions of smut, frigga and loki bonding time
Tumblr media
your name, forever the name on my lips
he had never had a reason before, to feel as human as everyone wanted him too. He loved his family, but they adored their other son so much more, or so he had thought.
It wasn't until he met you that he began to see beyond the disdain and resentment he had grown so attached to. he heard your name, the first name to ever cross his lips that felt right. It felt so right that he needed to hear it again and again; he visited you on Midgard whenever he could get away.
His little secret; you were what he fled to when he felt isolated and alone. He showed you some of his magic, smiling as you giggled and begged him to show you again. He showed you the stars on freezing nights beside a fire, pointing out every constellation and their history to you as you listened in awe. He never talked about his family, only that he was from a beautiful place called Asgard, where the stars shone ten times as bright.
He kissed you, and promised that you would see it one day, with all its glory and riches. You were something he didn't want to share with his brother, nor feel guilty or ashamed of by his father. You were something he wanted to cherish and never let go, because you made him feel real.
You made him feel like so much more than the shadow behind his brother, he felt alive and in the sun with you. He was a fool; falling in love with a mortal who would die in the blink of an eye in his lifetime.
But he loved you.
When you kissed him, giggly and handsy in ways that made his head spin-- he felt alive; the purest forms of affection would spill from your mouth as you climbed into his lap. Your hands wound into his hair, rubbing and touching and moaning-- completely in love. It wasn't until you both were half naked, panting and chasing each other while at a standstill that he finally said it-- "I'm in love with you."
You had grinned and tackled him, peppering his lips with kisses and more happy giggles. He had never stopped smiling, even as you both fucked until the light of dawn bled into the room.
When he woke up, you were snoring softly beside him. He had retreated to Asgard and left you a note, saying he would be back in three days time. He left you a single rose from the garden, red and sweet and alive.
"Loki?" Frigga greeted him when he arrived back, worry on her face. He smiled at her and swept her in a hug. He was overjoyed, in love, and it oozed out of him liberally. "Where have you been?"
Loki was hesitant to tell her, but he couldn't resist. He had a soft spot for his mother, and he trusted her with everything. "I was on Midgard, I-I met someone. I've been with her all this time, she makes me feel so alive!"
Her face creased, the worry reaching down to her lips. "Does she know of your lifespan? Of your destiny?"
"I thought maybe if I visit so often, make time to go there and be with her, maybe she could come back with me and live-" He broke off, looking at the pain in his mother's face. She was worried.
"She is not made for this world, and even though I would give anything to see you happy, she belongs there-- you belong here."
Deep down he knew you belonged on Midgard, Earth, your home. He couldn't ask you to leave it for him, he wouldn't. He thought of staying on Midgard, but the look in his mothers eyes held worry. He loved her, and the thought of leaving her heartbroken pained him.
"My sweet boy." Frigga held his face in her hands, watching as tears welled in his eyes. "She is a mortal, her love for you is temporary, but the heartbreak you will feel when she leaves you will last forever."
He knew she was right; you would die and he would break in two. He knew what he had to do, but he didn't know how he would survive it.
He appeared in three days, eyes red and raw from anger and sadness. He appeared to you, black suit and eyes cold. You saw him and vaulted into his arms, inhaling every aspect of him as you smiled. "I missed you so much."
"And I you my dear." He pulled away and laid a hand on your waist, holding you to him. "Kiss me."
You grinned and complied, lips so sweet and soft and yearning for him. He kissed you, knowing it would be the last time he ever did. A tear escaped his eyes, falling down to where your tongues clashed.
You pulled away, worried as you saw him avoid your gaze. "What is it?"
"I can't see you anymore. We don't belong together. It has to stop."
He would never forget, as long as he lived, the way your heart broke in front of him. He watched your eyes well up, tears spilling down your cheeks as you cried. Your hands were still in his, and he raised one to his lips, kissing it as you both cried. You wanted to ask him why, but somehow you knew. He laid a kiss to your forehead, memorizing how your skin felt, before he detached from you. He was not out of your arms for a second before you spun to find him again.
But he was gone.
you told me you loved me, so why did you go away?
your name, forever the name on my lips.
He was gone.
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angeltasha · 7 hours ago
Loki: ...So then I said 'knife to meet you!'
Loki: It was a funny little pun.
Thor, from another room : Don't worry I'm in a STABle condition.
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Disney has trademarked the names of a bunch of Norse gods.
This is not okay.
These gods do not belong to Disney. They do not belong to Marvel. They belong to themselves and themselves alone, along with all those who worship them as the deities they are.
Thor, Loki, Odin, etc., these gods were not thought up by anyone at Disney or Marvel.
Stan Lee knew how sacred these gods are to those who follow many different Pagan traditions, how sacred they are to Scandinavian cultures to whom they are so important.
My best friend follows the Norse gods. She will be so bloody offended when she finds out about this. These are her gods, this is her religion. These are the deities she worships, the gods she prays to, the traditions she follows. She enjoys the Marvel portrayals of these characters, but they are separate from the gods she believes in.
Disney is stepping on her religion in an effort to gain more and more money.
Stan Lee did not trademark these names. He understood their importance and their sacred meaning. He was respectful enough not to do this.
These names are not the intellectual property of anyone. Neither the original names in runes nor the anglicised names that are used in Marvel's works.
They were around well before us (a whole ass millennium before us), and they will be around well after the greedy bastards who have decided to trademark religious symbols are dust.
It should be common sense and common courtesy not to trademark the names of religious figures, which all of these gods and goddesses are, even if you do not believe in them.
mod is not christian but you would never see me trademark jesus ffs it crosses a Line
If you agree, please sign and share the petition. If you can, please chip in to get this petition everywhere it can possibly go.
It is f**king disgusting that Disney is doing this.
It needs to stop.
Oh, and one more thing.
i want to throw up ive included a bunch of tags trying to get the norse pagans attention bc im sure they'll want in on this if u have an in with the norse paganism community on tumblr pls do tag everyone u can
im wondering now if they've done this to the greek gods too ughh that would show even more of a disregard for other people's religious views and past people's religious views ughhhh ok imma go look at the toilet bowl for a bit 😅pls sign it'd mean the world to me
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thelightofthingshopedfor · 10 hours ago
I think Loki admitting to weakness doesn't come easy, I doubt they'd take that moment of honesty from him now. Also, the fight in the store, it seemed he was trying to get the people off him without hurting them too much. This reinforces what he said. What do you think?
oh yeah totally agree, that's why I said it doesn't seem likely that they'd try to take it back, especially because I think a good portion of the point of episode 1 was getting everyone on roughly the same page in regard to Loki, you know, not being a cackling evil villain who only cares about power. so although I'm still concerned about later stuff undercutting that just because I don't trust Marvel all that much, I really don't think it's likely, that case there wouldn't have been much point to that entire second half of episode 1 going out of its way to establish stuff like "Loki loves his family a whole lot" and "Loki has feelings, we shouldn't even need to say this but apparently we do".
whether casual viewers have actually gotten the point kind of remains to be seen, of course, and going by some reviews, some of them extremely have not, but I guess you can't be obvious enough for everybody.
and in the Roxxcart store, yeah, he wasn't the one who attacked first, and he mostly seemed to be defending himself; he certainly didn't go out of his way to hurt anyone. I also think he did sound concerned when he asked if the guy supposedly shopping for azaleas was dead, which I imagine was partly because he thought he was still talking to B-15 and probably hoped one of the "good guys" would still give a shit about random civilians. it also wasn't lost on me that his instinctive reaction when Sylvie jumped to Randy was to catch B-15 as she collapsed, and he visibly stopped himself with a wary look at Randy, probably because diving for B-15 (who was still wearing a helmet and body armor, after all) would have left both of them vulnerable. in some ways that reflexive jerk toward her says even more about his instinct toward protecting people than him checking on her after Randy moved away, because I would imagine at least some of his concern for her is out of a reasonable level of self-interest--I mean, he was alone with her, it's very likely he'll get blamed if she's hurt or dead, he might say different things to Randy if she's alive and conscious, so her basic status is pretty vital information for whatever he does next.
but the way that his first instinct was to catch her when she collapsed--that's the same Loki who spent the whole fight on Jotunheim watching everyone's backs, and it's the same Loki who equally instinctively protected Jane a second time with his own body in TDW even when it wasn't part of the plan. and then of course in Ragnarok he brought the Statesman to save Asgard, immediately joined the fight (and ordered the civilians to get onboard), and ran off to risk his own life by raising Surtur the second Thor suggested it, when he could've done literally anything else...not to mention some of the smaller stuff in Infinity War, like tackling Thor out of the Hulk's way but doing it with a twisting motion so he'd hit the floor first and avoid injuring Thor further. so yeah, I think there's plenty of additional evidence to argue that left to his own devices, Loki doesn't just not enjoy hurting people, he tends toward actively protecting others, at least if they're people he knows in one way or another.
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frostswitch · 10 hours ago
Tumblr media
FANDOM | Year after year, Loki is more popular than Thor on Fandom. 👑 2014 - 2021
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avengersforever · 13 hours ago
Forbidden Love Part 6
Part 5
Author’s note: I actually did this yesterday but kind of forgot to post it and then it got deleted so I decided to do a better and longer version.
Word count: 1110 words
Warnings: Amazing content!
It had taken a lot of time to finally reach Gorm’s tavern. It was basically in the middle of nowhere. It had taken you the help of 15 different individuals to find this place. Thor could’ve just talked at the palace. 
You entered the place. It was pretty much empty. You looked around and saw Thor sitting on one of the tables. You were surprised to see him alone. Considering the fact that he does all of his adventures with Lady Sif and the Warriors 3. 
You went up to him and sat in the chair in front of him.
“You’re late.”
“I couldn’t find this place, your majesty.”
“I do not care for the excuses... Now, tell me what sort of different aura did you see?”
“It was the one of a fire giant, your highness.”
“And you couldn’t have told this to me yesterday,” he was a little annoyed.
“I am not much of an expert at personality magic, thus, overnight, I did a bit of research. His aura matched completely with the one of the fire giants.” “Then, we must go to Muspelheim.”
“I apologize, your highness, but we can’t go to the realm of the fire giants unprepared. Also, why do we need to go to Muspelheim?”
“That is because I have already interrogated that man and he says that Surtur is forming yet another plan for Ragnarok and this time he might succeed. But, of course, they say that every time. We must go to Muspelheim to take Surtur’s crown and safely lock it here at Asgard where no one can do anything to it.”
You were shocked by how much sense that made.
“But, your majesty, how do we get the crown?”
“Ahh yes, the good part. We go to Muspelheim through the Bifrost and then disguise ourselves as fire giants. Then, we go to Surtur as his civilians and he will probably be off guard and that’s when I take his crown. When that is done, I shall quickly call Heimdall to pull us back.”
You were impressed. For an arrogant, selfish guy, he formed decent plans. You smiled.
“That does seem like a very fine plan, your majesty... So, we will be leaving at dawn, right?”
“Yes. It is decided, then.”
So what? You walked 2 freaking hours to just have a 5-minute conversation! You could have just talked at the palace, it would basically be the same thing.
“Also, one more thing. We shall be staying at this tavern for the night. It is much closer to the Bifrost than the palace. I will be going to one of the private rooms, I have one booked for you as well, room 44.”
With that, he left. You waited for him to leave. When you were sure he was gone, you started panicking. 44, the angelic number that indicates that one was being tested by the universe. You regretted your whole life right now. What if you said no to him. Or maybe not. Who knows what you were supposed to do? You guess you could only wait and find out.
* * *
You had just come out from a shower. You didn’t have any other clothes, so you put the ones you had, back on. 
Sometimes passed by, you were going through your runestones, which you carried everywhere. Suddenly, Thor walked in. Didn’t he know how to knock? You stood up.
“How may I help you, your highness?”
“I don’t need anything. Just wear this tomorrow,” he said as he gave an outfit and walked out. You closed the door and took a look at the dress. Well, it wasn’t exactly a dress. (Just loose the stick and the trumpet sort of thing)
Tumblr media
* * *
It was time. Your heartbeat was so fast you thought your heart was going to burst. The outfit that you wore was actually comfortable, but that wasn’t the point. You were scared. What if you were going to fail? What if this was the test? Oh of course this is the test! You were thinking to yourself. 
You and Thor went up to the Bifrost. Heimdall did Thor a solid and told Thor he wouldn’t tell anyone where they were going.
You both stood in front of the Bifrost and suddenly you were going through like a rainbow in the middle of space, travelling at the speed of light. It felt amazing and at the same time, you felt like throwing up.
You were both in Muspelheim. The place was nothing but chaos. Just fire and volcanos. No giants were in view.
“Now!” he whispers shouted you. He turned himself into a fire giant and then did the same to you. Of course, this was just a very strong illusion to prevent the other giants from knowing who you truly are.
“Let’s go.”
You nodded. You both walked towards the castle. Thor seemed to know the directions around the place. Thankfully, you did not cross paths with any giants and made it to the palace gate safely.
Now, the palace guards. There were 2 of them standing in front of the gate, blocking the gate with their spears.
“Who are you?” one of them asked.
“We are civilians from a village that lives around a volcano. Amazing hot weather, I tell you.” thor replied. 
“Who is she?” asked the guard.
“She is my sister.”
“What is your business here at the castle?”
“We come here to take blessings from him.”
“What sort of blessing?” 
You got annoyed. Why did he care? You knew that fire giantesses were much more fierce than males, so you spoke up.
“Listen here, you bastard. I and my brother are here to take blessings from the almighty king for our new pub in our village and we would like to name it after him! Now, is that not enough information!?”
Both of them backed up. Even Thor looked at you in shock. The guards let you in. You gave Thor a smile at which he rolled his eyes.
You two walked towards the throne room. You didn’t see many people on your way there but the ones that you did see didn’t seem to pay any attention towards you. 
You walked up into the throne room alongside Thor. When you walked in, the doors closed. Surtur looked at you both and smiled.
“Thor, I have been expecting you.”
OH NO! How did he know it was the 2 of you. You looked around yourself to see that the illusion was no longer there. The same with Thor. What were you going to do!?
* * *
Ok, so some of you may have expected this plot twist but, I truly do try my best. This seems like an adventure story right now, but I assure you. It will be a love story. Plus, having this sort of adventures and a love story just makes it even more interesting to read doesn’t it? Must visit Link
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