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hatter-and-his-tea · 3 hours ago
I just realized Thor Love and Thunder will be about Jane following the Mighty Thor comic book... and I don’t how to feel about that....
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badnerina · 6 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
ㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤthe thunder will strike ㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤwhen mjolnir descends for the last time ㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤforeshadowing the doom of asgard
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lilcabinwitch · 13 hours ago
So apparently Disney is trying to get "Loki" copyrighted, and im not sure if this is real because it sound insane (i mean copyrighting an actual god 😕) but it does fit Disney and their brand of owning everything. Anyways fuck the rat
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stanknotstark · 14 hours ago
Odinson M.D. (Loki x reader) Pt. 1
I’m excited for this series honestly. I’m doing a lot of research so I write this medically correct tho, if yall see anything wrong don’t be afraid to tell me ^^
Tumblr media
Summary: Y’all wanted a House AU so here it is. Loki is a doctor who keeps most people at bay with his sharp wit and sarcasm. He doesn’t understand the need for romantic ploys and casual human discussion. He thrives in the hospital, trying to figure out the unknown, even if his methods turn a bit morally ambiguous at times. That’s why he has Thor and Frigga to keep him in line although he would argue he has no need for it. You just happen to be a doctor on tenure under Loki’s tutelage along with Steve Rogers and Peter Parker. Can you convince the jaded doctor you’re just what he needs to keep him on his toes? 
Loki feels the, what had started as pin pricks now, full blown boredom eating away at his overactive mind. He folds sticky notes, from his rolling chair, into small balls and flicks them over to his brother, Thor, who stands fiddling with a broken, plastic Santa sitting on the desk they hang around. Thor proudly wears his white lab coat on top of a nice plaid button down and brown, pressed slacks. Loki prefers to stick to his more casual clothes, if not a bit fashionable for casual, for a doctor. He wears a black cashmere sweater with gray, pressed slacks, a nice pair of oxfords to finish his style. It’s enough to keep him warm during the winter season.
Christmas, such a mainstream holiday. Loki abhors this season what with all the festive cheer and decorations that litter NYC. You can’t walk two feet without being guilted into giving money to the people who stand on corners with bells for the Salvation Army. You can’t buy something nice without a cashier smiling at you, as if all knowing, and asking who you’re giving this gift to with cheerfulness in their high pitched voices. What he especially hates is that Odin expects him to show up to the family dinner every Christmas, seeing as Thor has a wife and has to spend half his time with her family. Loki is the black sheep that’s expected to pick up where his brother has neglected. All in all, Loki would demolish this one holiday from existence if he had the even the slightest chance.
The only good thing about being a doctor was that meant he could get away from most of the holiday by working through it. He couldn’t always escape the dinners seeing as his mother, Frigga, was of administration and Dean of Medicine on his floor. Not only did that hinder him but his father owned the hospital, so he was at a disadvantage, if only by a bit. 
“We are condemned to useless labor.” Loki sighs out, his fingers playing with another yellow sticky note, crushing it into a ball. 
“Fourth circle of hell,” Thor replies with a roll of his eyes as a paper ball launches towards him, hitting him in the cheek before falling to the ground. “Charting goes a lot faster when you eliminate all classic poetry, brother.” Thor says lightly. A suggestive twitch of his lips all Thor gives to a bored Loki.
Loki takes time from making paper balls to look over at the pile of charts next to him, sitting on the clinic’s lobby desk, waiting for his attention. He’s sure if the charts came to life they would resemble a dog, desperate for attention, wagging its tail with excitement when he finally looks at it. “Writing down what we already know to be read by nobody,” Loki brings his attention back to making another paper ball, completely ignoring the fact that Thor had rolled his eyes so hard he probably has a headache. “Pretty sure Dante would qualify that as useless,” Loki says lightly, a frown on his lips.
“You’re two weeks behind on your charting!” Thor says with exasperation, stopping his fiddling with the Santa to look at Loki as if he had offended Thor personally. 
Loki flicks another ball at Thor, however he misses his target and, it sails past Thor, hits Frigga on the chest whom had just walked into the clinic. She watches the paper fall to the ground, giving Loki a look of disappointment. The man gives his mother an innocent smile from his seat. “Oops! I missed.” 
“Are you eight years old?” The poised woman asks with a squint in her eyes as she walks over to the side of the desk Loki and Thor reside at. She picks up one of Loki’s charts and reads it with flickering eyes.
“Could an eight year old do this?” Loki asks, catching Frigga’s eyes, and sticks his tongue out at his mother who rolls her eyes. What is it about Loki that causes everyone to roll their eyes? Something he’ll never get the answer to, not because he can’t but because he doesn’t care enough to find the answer when it’s so painfully obvious. 
Loki’s mother lifts Loki’s chart, she had picked up, a little higher as if trying to garner Loki’s attention, after she had finished reading through it, and looks at him with frustration. “You have a patient in exam one, Loki.” 
Loki settles further into the rolling chair, throwing the pad of sticky notes on the desk, bringing his hands together over his stomach and lacing his fingers. Loki embodies the epitome of comfort and relaxation. He shrugs. “Yes but see I’m off at twelve and it’s already five off...” He shakes his head minutely with a look that says ‘Not much I can do’. He’s rather hoping his mother will let him off the hook this one time. He knows she has a soft spot for him and takes full advantage of that. Thor remains quiet on the matter, playing with the plastic Santa that’s supposed to sing when you press its button.
“She’s been waiting for you since eleven.” Frigga says with finality. Setting his chart down, Loki swears he could hear a gravel slamming down, and then she leaves but not without a pointed look at Loki. This meant Loki isn’t getting away this time. He sits there with his lips pursed and a frown etched into his eyebrows as he watches her retreating form.
“Melancholy without hope, which circle is that?” Loki pointedly asks Thor who looks at him with a sympathetic look only causing Loki to scoff and rolls his eyes as he stands, grabs his cane, and makes his way towards exam room one. 
Loki limps into the room, already conscientious about his gold and green cane, making sure it doesn’t hit the wall as he slips into the exam room. 
Looking back Loki doesn’t regret the choices his made on the cane. The man liked attention from the right people. He hates most casual people seeing as he usually finds them boring, predictable, and the need for small talk not something he takes much joy from. The cane definitely stood out and was the starter of conversation for common man that passed him by, unfortunately. This wasn’t enough to make Loki regret his ostentatious picks on his cane though.
The cane itself is light but durable. The stabilizer at the bottom had four anti-slip feet, covered by a wide quad base, all black and shiny. The cane, in all its glory, was emerald green, specifically requested by Loki, and had snakes engraved in the metal base. The snake outline, repeated around the entire cane, were then dusted in gold and, shined pretty and proper when in the sun. The snakes that run from the bottom to the top, run up the cane with open mouths as if devouring the brethren that followed up the last snake. When they reach the top of the cane, the handle’s edge, they stopped. The handle itself was covered in pure gold. The inside of it was carbon so it was lighter to carry but still very durable. The handle was fashioned after the head of a Black Mamba. Sleek and slim but one of the deadliest, most venomous snakes in the world. A symbol of Loki’s true power, or at least that’s what he told anyone that asks. In all honesty, Loki had picked the Black Mamba head because he thought it looked cute. He had a reputation to uphold, however.
Loki pushes his way into the exam room to find three nuns, one on the medical bed with two nuns on each side. As he closes the door he turns his head so he may let his eyes go wide without the women seeing his exasperated look. He turns his head back after the door is closed and he reins in his emotions.
“Hi, I’m doctor Odinson,” Loki supplies the three women, setting his cane aside in the room and looking up at the women with a small tilt of his lips. “What seems to be the problem?” He asks the woman sitting on the bed. 
“Show him your hands, Augustine,” One of the sisters demands of Augustine, the woman on the bed Loki tabs in his head. 
As the woman shifts the cloth covering her hands Loki takes the time to pop a pain pill into his mouth, swallowing without water if only because he’s been taking them for years for his disability. The use of the word disability is new, seeing how he didn’t take to the word too kindly in the beginning. As of now, he has accepted it for what it is and calls it as it should be, a disability. Something that may hinder him but does not define who he is or ever shall be. 
Sister Augustine lifts her hands in front of her and they shake a bit as she holds them out for Loki to examine. They look raw, red, and as if they’re wet but in reality it’s because they’re covered in an ointment and severe rash. They’re pruned as if they spent too much time in water. When she turns over her hands to show him the palms he notes that they’re also raw and red, but more so and bleeding probably from scratching.
“It looks like stigmata.” The sister on the right of Augustine needlessly announces to Loki, or possibly to no one in particular. The other sister on the left shushes at her. Loki has to resist the urge to roll his eyes at her remark. Of course this ignorant nun would condemn her sister for something as simple as an allergic reaction. She finds the rash to be a form of disgrace on her sister. Typical. 
Loki steps forwards, his eyes on her hands, “Must be all the talk around the holy water cooler.” He lightly supplies the three sisters with a joke to break the tension that had risen from the sister’s remark of stigmata. His eyes come to rest on her hands and as he reaches up to hold them in his own says, “You been washing a lot of dishes lately?” Loki glances up at sister Augustine’s aloof face.
“I help out in the kitchen.” Augustine replies. 
“Anything new in the kitchen?” Loki asks, trying to pinpoint what’s causing the rash.
“We just got a donation of pots and pans this week.” The nameless nun tells Loki which supplies Loki with an answer for her reaction. Dish soap, pots and pans wouldn’t have caused such a reaction. 
“I unpacked and washed them.” Augustin gives Loki, trying to help him out.
“Should have spent your time saving souls,” Loki says, his natural sarcasm coming over him, “It’s easier on the hands.” He says with a face that could be taken as contrite but is actually irony. “This is contact dermatitis. You’re allergic to dish soap.” Loki tells the nuns, his mind bored with how easy this diagnoses is. 
As Loki turns to write down his report in the chart one of the nameless nuns speaks up. “Nonsense! We’ve always used that soap, why would it be a problem now?” She asks Loki.
Loki lets his head tilt back as he looks at the ceiling with a playful look on his face. “I’ve been a doctor for years,” He looks at the nun who spoke up, “Why do I have to keep assuring people I know what I’m doing?” He asks rhetorically. Not only talking about the nuns, Loki thinks of the many times where he has had to convince his own mother, and brother, that he knew what he was doing, going so far as to proving it. 
“A person can become allergic to substances they’ve had repeated and prolonged exposure to.” Loki explains, his eyebrow raising perfectly, as if asking if the sisters had any other remarks to make before he looks down at the chart for Augustine to write his report real quick. 
Loki then makes his way to the cabinet and picks out a small box inside of it. “Good news is, free samples!” He gives a fake smile, and excited tone, to the nuns. “I’m giving you an antihistamine to stop the allergic reaction,” He explains his process. “Take one every eight hours, might make you sleepy, and get some over the counter Cortisone cream, for the itchiness.” Loki looks at sister Augustine to make sure she understood his words, nodding at her when she gives an understanding nod, then handing her two pills from the box he had pulled from the cabinet. 
“Thank you, doctor.” Augustine says with a small smile and nod.
“Want me to get some water?” Loki asks the women. 
“I have some tea!” A nameless nun says, grabbing her thermos and giving it to Augustine.
Loki nods at the nun and backs up to pick up the chart. “Relax for a minute, the pills work pretty fast.” Then he leaves the room thinking he is done for the day in the clinic, thank god. 
Loki throws the chart on top of his other charts he had left on the desk with Thor, in the lobby, and sighs as he limps around the desk and to Thor’s side.
“Still out by twelve.” Thor says, more so to grate on Loki’s nerves than anything. 
Loki lets it go but replies, “How do you solve the problem of dermatitis.” 
“Doctor? I want to thank you for your patience.” A sister says interrupting the conversation Loki was about to have with Thor. One of the sisters from Augustine’s side now stands in the clinic’s lobby with Loki and Thor. Her face showing she genuinely means it.
Loki manages to give Thor a disparaging look when he asks, “She talking to you?” As if shocked Loki was getting any kind of compliment. Loki can’t fault him there, he isn’t used to getting compliments either. Doesn’t mean he doesn’t bask in it but it is a little uncomfortable.
“I don’t know, she’s certainly looking at me...” Loki says back to Thor, shifting his weight from foot to foot in discomfort. He turns, watches, as the sister makes her way over to him, standing a little over a foot away. Enough distance to be comfortable since she is a stranger but a little too close for Loki’s comfort anyways. He hates people, so physical, so sentimental. 
“It’s so good to get a secular diagnosis.” The nun offers Loki with a gratified look on her face, her body swaying with her words like she really means them. 
Loki feels the frown come over his face and he tilts his head down at the sister. 
“The sisters tend to interpret their diagnosis as divine intervention.” The nun explains to a bewildered Loki. 
“And you don’t?” Loki asks, his voice not betraying his confusion but it’s definitely there. This sister is very...different from regular nuns, he can already tell. Her ideologies being promulgated so plainly are leaving Loki in an almost disoriented state. “Then you’re wearing an awfully funny hat.” Loki says, his sarcasm coming out to hide his true feelings on this whole conversation. The sister merely tilts her head with a look that says ‘Very funny’. 
“Oh boy.” Thor whispers behind Loki. Loki can feel him shifting as if he wants to escape this situation just as much as Loki. “Excuse me.” Thor says grabbing all his charts and reports so he may make a swift exit. Loki glances back at Thor, his face now shifting from its usual neutrality to a look of perplexity and a hint of longing as he wants to leave too. Loki looks back to the sister, hiding his emotions again as she speaks.
“If I break my leg I believe it happened for a reason. I believe God wanted me to break my leg,” The sister says, her face showing nothing short than utter earnestness that almost makes Loki gag. “I also believe he wants me to put a cast on it.” The sister finishes causing Loki’s lips to twitch upwards and forget his brief nausea. He likes her, something no one that truly knew him would take lightly. 
“Doctor! Something’s wrong!” The other sister says loudly as she races into the lobby. This breaks the little moment the sister was having with Loki and he stands at attention. 
They all make their way back to exam room one with hast in their steps and Loki’s limp. 
When Loki enters the room he finds Augustine to be hunched over, rapidly breathing but the air is filled with wheezes as if she can’t get breath into her lungs. Loki quickly tabs this as an asthmatic attack but grabs his stethoscope and brings it up to her chest. “Lift up your chin.” He demands softly, letting the stethoscope land on her chest when she does and moves it from the left to the right side listening to her lungs and heart as she panically breathes in faster. 
“Sister you’re having an asthma attack, I need you to relax,” Loki drops the stethoscope from her chest, taking it from his ears, and turns to the drawers in the room, “Roll up her sleeve, please.” He demands of the sister next to him. He quickly picks up an syringe from the drawer he opened and turns back to sister Augustine. “I’m going to give you epinephrine,” He explains. “It will open your lungs and help you breathe.” 
Loki uncaps the shot, by mouth, and quickly sticks the sister’s arm, injecting the liquid components of the epinephrine into her upper arm with fluid movements as if he’s done this a thousand times before, because he has. 
Loki looks up at sister Augustine to assess the situation. The cap of the needle still in his mouth which he lightly grinds around with his teeth, almost nervous but not quite.
Everything is quiet for a moment. Loki takes this time to remove the needle from the sister’s arm and replace it with a cotton ball which he presses to her skin with moderate strength to stop any blood flow that may have followed the intrusion. 
“What happened?” One of the sisters ask. 
Loki foregoes the answer to that question to ask his own, “Did she take the pill?” He looks at the sister next to him, the one that had warned him of the situation and had stayed behind with sister Augustine. The one that had called it stigmata.
“Yes.” She says in a tone that betrays confusion and defensiveness.
“It’s an allergic reaction.” Loki explains ignoring the sister’s emotions at his question. 
“She’s allergic to an anti-allergy medicine?” The same sister asks in an incredulous tone now. 
Sister Augustine sits there taking in small mouthfuls of air, as if she now understands breathing is a commodity. Her body is still hunched over as she grabs at the medical bed with a white knuckled grip. Loki looks at her sympathetically. “How are you feeling?” He asks thinking about what variations he can use to treat her allergic reaction on her hands now that the blood rushing experience is over. “I’ll put you on some steroids instead.” He decides out loud, capping the syringe he used and throwing it away in the designated red safety box.
“Is my heart supposed to be feeling so funny?” Sister Augustine asks breathlessly, Loki watching as she brings a hand up to grab at her chest. 
“It’s called adrenaline, makes the heart beat fast.” Loki says flippantly but puts two fingers on her pulse point on her wrist just to check if it’s something worth looking into. Loki looks at Augustine with concern, his eyes flitting around the room in thought, “But not this fast.” 
Sister Augustine takes in a deep breath, wheezing again.
“Get a nurse, please.” He tells one of the sisters in a calm but pressing tone.
Sister Augustine leans into Loki’s body with a whimper and he grabs her so he may lightly rest her on the bed in a supine position. He leans over her watching her and trying to figure out what’s wrong, what could possibly be causing this, and how to fix it, fast. 
“Somebody help!” Loki hears the nun call outside the room. 
His attention is diverted when sister Augustine passes out. He quickly puts the stethoscope in his ears and puts the diaphragm on her chest, checking for her heart beat first, then her lungs. There is no comforting beat to be heard and her breathing has completely stopped as if it never existed, pulling this situation from a simple allergic reaction to something far, far more serious than Loki had anticipated. 
“Somebody get in here!” Loki yells out frustrated no one has answered their calls for help. Finally a nurse in blue scrubs comes in, realizing the situation is of immediate emergency and looks at Loki so she may help. 
“Call a code and charge up the defibrillator, she’s got no pulse.” He says speedily, starting to perform CPR on sister Augustine. The nurse flees from the room in record time to grab a defibrillator and yell at someone to call a code blue. 
Loki manages CPR for a few minutes until the defib team comes in and takes over. They only barely manage to bring sister Augustine back to life. 
Loki stands at the doorway, the two other sister next to him praying, he bites at his thumb. His mind is racing with the need for an answer. What caused this? What was he missing? It’s an allergic reaction, there’s no doubt about that, nonetheless he can’t figure out why everything he tried sent her into further shock. She couldn’t possibly have been allergic to everything he gave her, antihistamine and epinephrine. There is a factor here that he doesn’t know about, something is missing, and he would figure it out if it was the last thing he did. 
Loki barely glances at one of the sisters as they take a drink from a thermos before going back to saying their Hail Mary’s. 
Tagging (because they showed interest for this series): @rosaline-black​ @blueberrynonnie​ 
I won’t tag yall in any other posts unless you specify you’d like that! i just wanted you both to know i started it and if you’d still be interested 😊
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dreadmasters · a day ago
god i fucking LOVE this movie. i can’t wait for thor: love and thunder but it’s like a whole ‘nother year away
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makingatomlette · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
now it's noticeably jarring? human women existed and saw this movie in 2010 and were super uncomfortable and pissed off. it's why so many of were so happy when the avengers came out and natasha was no longer super sexualized, had a solid friendship with a man who clearly wasn't a love interest (sorry clintasha shippers) and showed off how competent she was by being integral to their victory.
fucking men writing these dumbfuck articles telling on themselves that they've never listened to a woman in their entire lives and they're not about to start now cause they're very busy making very revolutionary points about sexism on the guardian dot com.
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Christian Bale on a beach in Sydney, Australia where is is filming Thor: Love and Thunder (May 5, 2021)
Re: Christian Bale as Gorr the God Butcher in Thor: Love and Thunder (2022) dir. Taika Waititi
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I have many mixed feelings about Thor and the Marvel franchise ever since Avengers, so I will be documenting all the things that will not appear in Thor: Love and Thunder below.
In Thor: Love and Thunder, we will not get to see:
Frigga as Allmother ruling Asgard like she deserved. Thanks for burning that bridge, Marvel.
Baldr, Tyr, or Angela. They screwed up the whole “surprise children we forgot to tell you about” so introducing any of these characters now would be rather redundant.
All the glorious warrior Lesbians Thor is supposedly the patron of. Sad, I know. But maybe we’ll get to see Valkyrie with a girlfriend? Maybe we can see all the worthy female bachelorettes in Asgard competing to be Queen of New Asgard. Sif vs Amora? Lol, jk.
Thor getting the emotional healing he deserves.
Flashbacks of Loki where we get to explore the complex relationship between him and Thor.
An introduction of Karnilla Queen of the Norns, which could lead to a confrontation between Thor and the Norns or even Those Who Sit Above in Shadow, because let’s be honest. That storyline is too complicated.
A major conflict with Thor searching for a way to restore the glory of the Nine Realms vs Jane, who uses the hammer to protect Earth and the current residents of New Asgard, because again. Too complicated.
A confrontation between Thor and the Norns or TWSAIS where Thor says he’s tired of their meddling, destroys the loom and brings everyone back the correct way as fate demands. (Idk, maybe Those Who Sit Above in Shadow found out that there was more residual energy from preventing the full Ragnarok Cycle from being realized so they removed key threads in the weaving, like Baldr and Loki’s children, and now they are able to draw on some energy produced from such a massive rewrite of history? Who knows. Definitely too complicated for the MCU.)
Thor brings back all the lost Asgardians or even just Loki and we get to enjoy Loki in the form of Kid Loki or Lady Loki. Who is even that picky anymore?
Things we might get in the upcoming movie:
Sif returns from wherever the Hel she went. I think someone mentioned that she was banished, though why Loki would banish Sif and not the rest of the Warrior’s Three is beyond me. Sadly, the Three are still dead along with anyone else who ever mattered most likely. *The wiki does say that Odin banished her, but is this mentioned in the movies?
Amora and Lorelei? (No promises this will even happen. When you can go back and say, well they did it in Agents of Shield, you could probably argue that they don’t really care about consistency anymore.) *Lorelei is portrayed in the show but not Amora.
Jokes about Thor’s intelligence and worthiness as God of Thunder. Nobody respects Thor.
Thor suffering but never adequately processing the trauma he has experienced through the loss of his family and being constantly reminded of his brother being a villain and how that is reflected in his own failures.
Some conversation about why Thor and Jane broke up and why it’s Thor’s fault because of his god-sized ego, or not caring enough, or putting Asgard/Midgard/ the Avengers first because he always has to play the hero.
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daeneryssansa · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Are you Thor, the God of Hammers? That hammer helped you control your power, focus it, but it was never the source of your strength.
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zaram-d · a day ago
Hey guys! 💙 So here is my latest chapter posted of my most requested fanfic “Split My Heart In Two”. Chapter 6 of the requested sequel is out now and it would mean the world if you guys could go check it out 😊 💙 💙 
Chapters: 6/? Fandom: The Avengers (Marvel Movies), Marvel Cinematic Universe Rating: General Audiences Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply Relationships: Steve Rogers/Tony Stark, Natasha Romanov & Tony Stark Characters: Tony Stark, Steve Rogers, James “Bucky” Barnes, Natasha Romanov (Marvel), Thor (Marvel), Bruce Banner, Clint Barton, Wanda Maximoff, Stephen Strange, James “Rhodey” Rhodes, Pepper Potts Additional Tags: Tony Stark-centric, Hurt Tony Stark, Natasha Romanov Is a Good Bro, Protective Natasha Romanov, Protective Avengers, Avengers Family, Fluff and Humor, Attempt at Humor, Angst, Hurt/Comfort, Emotional Hurt, Post-Break Up, Alpha/Beta/Omega Dynamics, Mating Cycles/In Heat, Omega Tony Stark, Alpha Natasha Romanov, Alpha Steve Rogers, Light Angst, Sick Tony Stark Series: Part 2 of Split My Heart In Two Summary:
The sequel to my A/B/O fanfic “Split My Heart In Two And Take Your Side Across The Rift”.
Natasha and the gang are trying to help Tony recover from Steve’s betrayal, but when natural obstacles, like Tony’s heat and the general structure of the team, come into play… Things don’t really seem that simple.
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ellena-asg · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Thank you, father.
Tumblr media
No, thank you.
That scene... it's touching but also positive, I mean: it's in general very good open-ending with a chance for happy end in the future. Yup, TDW ending isn't harmful.
But you know what? Now I'm thinking that this scene above is sad. Very sad. Enormously and dramatically sad. Why? Because I see not only Thor saying goodbye to Odin. I see Chris saying goodbye to Odin and to Loki (Tom) and them both saying their goodbyes to Thor. To Asgard. And I feel that they are saying "thank you" to each other. I mean... what if Thor's "thank you, father" is also Chris' "thank you, Anthony, for being my father for that short but wonderful time" (and "thank you, Tom, for being the best brother, I will miss us here, miss all of that")? What if Loki's "no, thank you" is Tom's "no, thank you, Chris, thank you for Thor, thank you for your brotherly love"? Or/and "thank you, our dear fans". And that Chris' look... Like... he is seeing Asgard for the last time. Asgard that he knows and loves. What... What if they knew? I mean: Chris, Tom and sir Anthony. That this was the final end. The last Thor movie. The last Asgardian movie. That they knew that that one (TDW) was the last canonical one. That it was the last time of real Thor, Loki, Odin and others. There were no scripts yet, there was no Waititi, Russo or Herron but there was Feige... And (I suppose) his future plans/ideas. Did he tell them (the cast) about some of them? Did they predict new Marvel/Disney era (reboots, retcons, parodies, huge plot holes and contradictions, craziness, no research, no maestry in acting etc.)? I feel that they did. And that TDW's ending was a real ending. Some kind of farewell with Asgard and us - fans.
They gave us open-ending and hope:
Tumblr media
But maybe not a real hope. That "Thor will return" sounds rather like "the real Thor will be always with you, in your hearts". Maybe they gave us this open-ending for our imagination, our dreams, our need for safety?
And now... poor guys have to be like actors-Skrulls. They play some space guys (who knows, maybe Skrulls indeed?) and pretend that they're still the same Thor, Loki, Odin... I don't know why they agreed to that. Maybe they needed something new, fresh. Maybe they felt obliged (well, they're all gentlemen). But I feel that the change (cutting bonds with Shakespeare) might be painful or will be (I just... just hope that they soon start to miss canon and old good times very badly).
The very last movie, the very last scene together, no more Asgard, no more Loki, no more Thor... No more Tom and Chris being so joyful together, being so "I play in a noble movie and my director is a wizard". But we have this. We have Thor, and The Avengers and TDW. We have this beautiful ending. We have this farewell. So thank you too, Chris, Tom, sir Anthony, all cast, Alan Taylor, Joss Whedon, Kenneth Branagh, late [*] Don Payne, Brian Tyler, Patrick Doyle, all wizards. Thank you for this masterpiece.
@everything-you-feel-is-real hugs and 💕 for you and for all "hurt by Feige" support group 🌞
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avengersstuff · 2 days ago
plot twist: Loki ends with Loki going back to Asgard before ragnarok and wielding Mjolnir, but deciding to just keep that knowledge for himself, instead of bragging to everyone. he's proud of himself and that's all that matters.
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chemsdaily · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
THOR (2011) dir. Kenneth Branagh
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