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#Thor Films
thoughts-of-alaina · a day ago
I had this theory for awhile. It's the only theory I have for the Loki series. It's the only one I'm going to make as well. (The Mobius "Woah" moment doesn't count.) Is that kid Loki might appear in the main MCU universe/universe (19999999).
That's it. I have no explanation of how. Just that he might reappear as a kid or maybe teen Loki/Ikol. Who knows.
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Tumblr media
Christian Bale on a beach in Sydney, Australia where is is filming Thor: Love and Thunder (May 5, 2021)
Re: Christian Bale as Gorr the God Butcher in Thor: Love and Thunder (2022) dir. Taika Waititi
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babyboy-laurits · a day ago
its cool because laurits is so hyperaware of everyone else’s emotions he tends to ignore his own and internalise everything he’s thinking due to him not feeling like he can trust anyone with his thoughts, whilst he’s hyperaware of everyone else and majorly emotionally intelligent he’s really introspective and intuitive too!
yesssss so true
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worstloki · 4 days ago
Okay, take it from someone who figured out at seventeen that she had spent fifteen years being the scapegoat child in a very abusive and toxic family. (Long ask warning!)
Ragnarok is hilarious.
Ragnarok is also really, really problematic. The two are not mutually exclusive.
I did not get triggered watching Ragnarok. I did, however, get angry about the casual violence and how it brushed abuse and toxicity under the rug.
In the same way, I did get triggered by the first Thor movie. But I loved its feel, its storyline, its world building, and (mostly) how it handled Loki’s character development.
Ragnarok had Thor be a staggeringly awful brother. Thor’s a very classic golden child, and Ragnarok played that as if he was the noble older brother disciplining the wayward younger brother. Thor’s knee-jerk response to pain and being hurt is to turn around and hurt Loki worse, simply because he’s used to targeting Loki. However, Ragnarok also gave Thor some of, in my opinion, the funniest lines in the MCU. I found myself laughing almost every time Thor was onscreen.
Ragnarok played abuse off as, at best, a joke, and at worst, something deserved depending on characters’ actions. Loki, the scapegoat child and target, who was near-constantly abused and belittled by Odin throughout his childhood, was played as “he was a Bad Child, cartoonishly evil, so he deserves whatever he gets.” On the other hand, Thor, the golden child who was spared from most of the direct abuse as long as he met Odin’s expectations of perfection, was played as “he was a Good Child, and he is our hero, so everything he does to people is deserved.”
Ragnarok, to me, sent the message that people are innately good or bad. If you’re good, then you can do whatever you want to people and it’ll be okay, because that’s what heroes do. If you’re bad, then anyone can do whatever they want to you, and you deserve it because you’re bad. That is a TERRIBLE MESSAGE.
The bottom line here is that good and bad aren’t black and white. That goes double for Ragnarok- its characters aren’t as black and white as it showed them to be, and it isn’t a black and white movie, either. Ragnarok is a terrible movie in a lot of ways, but it does manage to be genuinely funny. You can like one part of something while hating the rest of it. There’s no “this movie is Good” or “this movie is Bad.” It’s always parts- “this part of the movie is good” or “this part of the movie is bad.” Ragnarok is funny- it’s a comedic masterpiece, but only when it isn’t making jokes or poking fun at something it should be taking seriously. But the movie has some deep problems, and if its creators had taken what they were making seriously, we’d all be a lot better off.
I agree! The movie is funny and light and wacky, BUT, it also writes over previous characterisation/development and presents quite a few harmful messages AND not everyone will find the same things funny!
There are quite a few types of humour and depending on what the old characterisation means to someone there is no obligation to like the changes. What people think of things is entirely up to them, and handling issues in one way or another works better for different people.
I think it's incredibly ridiculous that people take saying something is good/bad is a complete summation of every aspect of something, especially when the movie can multitask. It's not like integrity and entertainment are mutually exclusive factors anyway?? Some people prefer one or the other or both and it's literally not a big deal.
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worstloki · 4 days ago
Ragnarok Loki is Loki actually making moves toward growing up bye
Just because you don’t like a thing doesn’t mean it’s Objectively Bad Actually. I Statements are your friend.
Anon darling, I would like you to tell me one move Loki made towards “growing up” that wasn’t ‘Loki let’s go of the issue he had with X’ because what I’m seeing when the movie skips over development to frame the conclusion of ‘Loki’s fine with being jotun and having been lied to and being treated unequal to Thor and punished unfairly’ as something implicit I’m not seeing anything but Loki's narrative being sidelined to the point where breakdowns were tantrums and holding a grudge (which he in my opinion had every right to do if he wanted to) is an overreaction.
That Loki’s ‘moving on’ features resigning himself to continued bad treatment but now no longer complaining about it... shouldn’t be where the character ends up or what he amounts to neither generally or as a continuation of his arc from the previous movies in my opinion, not when he had legitimate grievances that still haven’t been so much as acknowledged.
Just because you like a thing doesn't mean it's Objectively Good Actually either. It is very clear you haven't taken the time to look into posts/interviews detailing why, objectively, the film is a retcon, (along with a majority of posts which thoroughly make clear when things *are* a matter of opinion) but I see that you are happy to criticize whilst not using any 'I statements' yourself.
If you see character changes as consistent continuity that's fine! I've got to remind you that being critical is okay though, and that everyone is free to how they see things.
Additionally, I think you need to hear that a post detailing negative points of a movie is not equivalent to saying there aren't positive factors.
#''Just because you don’t like a thing doesn’t mean it’s Objectively Bad Actually'' ANON I ENJOY RAGNAROK BUT NO#THE MOVIE ACTUALLY DOES HAVE VERY CONVOLUTED MESSAGES AND A LOT OF IT IS DUE TO FRAMING#EVEN IF I COMPLETELY IGNORE THE ABSOLUTE DEMOLITION OF THE MAIN CHARACTER'S ARC AND CHARACTERIZATION AND ABUSE APOLOGISM#ignore the yelling#even if I ignore all that objective actions in the film everyone is free to interpret diegetic factors and build their own opinions#but as someone who enjoys both the critical thinking off and the analysis side of discussions#i do find the summation of a character who has (supposedly) gotten over his many issues as 'growing up' not good anyway#because there WAS legitimate trauma behind his bad actions and while it's not in any way an excuse for anything it made him compelling#ragnarok essentially decided that 'nah loki's over all that haha also treating him bad is funny bc he kinda deserves it'#after Thor 1 Avengers 1 and Thor 2 established Loki's villainous behaviour as unlike him to do#the movie was fun and loving it is fine! i don't mind the changes to loki even though marvel is generally insulting and sidelines abuse!#i think the main issue is that a lot of people insist that the characters are the same when even their previous actions are retconned#if you find the characters consistent well good for you! enjoy your film! but there IS objective proof that the movie is bad#where we're not defining 'bad' by how entertaining something is because THAT is subjective#it's not like Ragnarok is the only 'bad' marvel movie and criticism of the films is usually backed up with canon/proof#on the note of which you may realize that someone else saying a movie is bad doesn't mean you have to agree#you're allowed to look away or read about why they think that or skip the post because it doesn't matter and fandom is supposed to be fun#if you don't like seeing anything negative about marvel then ignore the posts#most of the meta i see is neutral it just doesn't praise the movie for stuff it didn't do :/#feel free to send another anon in to argue or discuss anything i've said because i'm not trying to say it's bad to like the film#like... it's completely fine to prefer the Ragnarok characterisation?? the entire tone of the movie is more comedic so consider that too#marvel messes up loads of characters and their arcs idk why everyone likes to argue when people say loki was changed too#i think it might ACTUALLY be a case of ''i liked the thing so it's objectively good so don't say anything bad about it'' for a lot of fans#a lot of people know the character is different and still love/prefer the ragnarok loki#seriously everyything is fine no one is saying dont like the thing#no one is insulting you personally for deciding people who were abused/traumatised need to 'grow up'#it's about how Ragnarok acted as a standalone rather than something that was inherited as continued part of an established universe#and how that kinda maybe obliterated a lot of old stuff to recreate the characters#truly fitting for a movie named Ragnarok#i think I get why they called it that despite the limited links to mythology now
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inkykeiji · 5 days ago
I accept this as cannon and pretty certain I bruised a rib laughing. Hope it helps you to have a good day and lots of happy brain juice!
HAHAHAHAHA AW RABBIT THANK U SO MUCH FOR THIS hehehehe that was actually a lot cuter than i expected it to be lmao????? i loved it so much aaah thank you for sharing sweetpea <333 i also love that movie so much LMAO <3 and thank you bb it definitely brightened by day <33333 i hope you have a lovely day as well!!!
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contagiousgrace · 5 days ago
I just realized that unlike 2015-2020, I do not have a movie that is like my moodboard for the year. You know how some people have like a word of the year? I have a movie of the year--sometimes a couple. And I don’t have one this year. 
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literally-just-loki · 9 days ago
Dammit I miss the days when content was unproblematic and we could all just enjoy it
Oh wait
There weren't any ):<
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ominxvs · 9 days ago
I know this isn’t quite historical or anything, but I made this video about the Thor Ragnarok costumes because I enjoy them :) watch if you’re interested!
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mythosblogging · 9 days ago
Part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the Thor film series is, of course, based on the Marvel comics, which are, in turn, based on the Norse Gods. The godly realm of Asgard is reimagined as an alien realm, and the titular character, Thor (though he keeps his title, God of Thunder) is reimagined as the alien prince of this interstellar realm.
With this in mind, it is perhaps a bit foolish to expect mythological accuracy from a film based on a comic book, particularly when the comic already deviates from the myth. The most obvious deviation being that Loki is reimagined as Thor’s tricky (accurate), silver-tongued (also accurate) adopted brother (Not quite). In Norse myth however, Loki was the sworn blood-brother of Thor’s father, Odin, and so more akin to an uncle.
Despite this, however, Taika Waititi’s Thor Ragnarök does have some key similarities to the Norse myths that a keen mythology fan might pick up on.
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spideyyboii · 10 days ago
Going To Asgard For The First Time Headcanon
Tumblr media
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Going to Asgard for the first time
Yourself and Thor had been dating for around two years and he was constantly going between Midgard and Asgard which was starting to impact your relationship as you both felt like you hardly saw one another. 
Thor’s brilliant idea was to bring you to Asgard when he next went as he was convinced that the both of you would get married and that he would make you the Queen of Asgard. 
“My love I’m needed back home urgently and I believe you agreed to come with me the next time I went.” Thor said with a smile as he knew you wouldn’t break your promise. “Well darling it’s a good thing Stark doesn’t need me this weekend.” You said whilst placing a kiss on your lovers forehead. 
The next morning Thor was fast too wake you up so you could get ready for your trip to Asgard. “There’s no reason to pack my lady we’re going to be putting you in the finest Asgardian leather.” He told you as he pulled you into a loving embrace. 
Thor summoned the Bifrost and soon enough the both of you were in Asgard which was beautiful. “Thor this is beautiful. How did you get bored growing up here?” You asked the God with genuine curiosity. “It wasn’t that I got bored it was that I was stressed. My father was always training us to become the rulers of Asgard and it quickly began to cause tension between Loki and I. Which you’ll see tonight.” The God told you. 
Once the both of you were settled in and wearing the proper attire you headed off for your first Asgardian dinner with Thor’s family.
“So where did you meet my darling brother?” Loki asked with an underlying tone of disgust. “Well, I work for Tony Stark so whenever the Avengers mess up I’m the one who helps to make it right.” You told the dark haired God. Thor placed his hand over you thigh to reassure you that he was with you. 
“Son, when do you plan on coming back to Asgard to rule and protect the nine realms?” Odin asked “Well father that’s actually why I’m here. I wanted to ask my lady a question...” The God trailed off making you nervous. “I’ve always told you I planned to make you my Queen. So will you marry me?” He asked with a smile. 
Once you said yes and the news spread throughout the Kingdom you found yourself being congratulated everywhere you went. 
“One day the two of us will be the rulers of this place my lady and we will protect everyone together.” Thor said with a glint of excitement in his eyes. “We will rule fairly and we will make sure Loki is included in the decisions that are made on behalf of Asgard.” You told your lover as you understood his brother just wanted to be included in the ruling of Asgard. 
 As you took in your surroundings and the beauty of Asgard you saw a flash of green in the corner of you eyes. Which meant Loki heard your plan to rule together. 
It’s safe to say your first trip to Asgard went well and that you were defiantly welcomed. 
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