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#This is literally the 5th one in 3 days
rougeminded · a month ago
There has been an influx of porn blogs following me recently. Like, yo.. seriously... I get all excited for a new follower for nothing. Quit getting my hopes up porn blogs!
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notherstudent · 2 days ago
My story: also welcome
Hey there, welcome to my blog where I came back after couple of years of being apart of tcc.
Tumblr media
I will go by K (she / they) 20 y/0 - currently art student but changing major from the next semester. Future teacher yeap!
She will go by C [ age: in her 50s ]
Actually C was my art teacher for 3 years in middle school. I was always bullied back then and also suffered from depression/anxiety which later turned into bipolar disorder ( but I am managing w specialist rn and I am pretty stable). Also I had rough time w my family and even tho I hated school and everyone in there C was the only person who always believed in me and pushed me to believe in myself as well. I looked up to her and loved her since 5th grade but I was just a kid. Years later when I already discovered my sexuality I unexpectedly looked at her in a different way. THAT IS WHEN I UNDERSTOOD WHAT TRUE ANXIETY FEELS LIKE. Sometimes I think maybe it is bc she was the only one who acknowledged me when I was all alone and that caused this weird crush thingie but oh god no I totally fell in love with her.
For 4 years I suffered as she was not my teacher anymore. But I could see her literally every day. She has been always kind and sweet around me. I did nothing for so long just smiling and eye contact sometimes. But things got weird when it was my last year at high school. We bumped to each other a lot. She was blushing, well she was going all RED when I would say hi or compliment her. She became little touchy and also was getting nervous alot to the point she could not speak to me properly w/o mumbling. I was worried as it gave me some mixed feelings and also she is married and has beautiful family and also I just didn’t want to go deeper w those feelings.
On graduation we had party with teachers as well outside of our city and my class invited C as well. LAST DAY AND I MISSED SO MANY OPPORTUNITIES I REGRET IT!
we follow each other on social media already for years and she still keeps interacting w my content. After graduation we have never met or talked and it’s been 3 years now already since then.
Even tho I went through some relationships here and there I understood that C has always been in my heart and I just simply can not forget her. After 3 years I came back to this community and I don’t even know what will happen now.
Tumblr media
Anyways I just want to vent here so I feel better hehe.
Will update this from time to time.
I guess this is my “TO BE CONTINUED” where continuing is happening rn after couple of years.
With love, K.
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serpentargo · 4 days ago
for those of y'all who say that sambucky scenes don't look gay, or even if they do, it's all by an accident, or that's all anthony and sebastian i just want to tell you something:
marvel isn't dumb. any hint of gayness, especially the visual one - it's always a big no-no. they're making everything 'no homo' (with some rare exceptions), and we all know it.
stackie are stackie, but they're qualified, educated and experienced professionals, they know what amount of their chemistry to leave on and off screen.
now, directors, writers and producers were choosing the scenes to put into the final version of the series. there were many shots done, just compare the trailers. so why did they choose the ones they chose? (keep the first point i wrote in mind). i'm sure there were different kinds of shots done, some gayer, some not. but we got what we got, and if you actually replace sam or bucky with a woman - it's a love story, romcom, without a question.
i don't know where i'm going with all of this, but it's just sometimes i have this internal debate on whether sambucky will actually become canon or not, and my hopeful self has these arguments, so i decided to write them here. i know i may sound too hopeful, but... who knows? (i will be super disappointed if sam and bucky will stay as friends at the end because my brain just accepted the fact that they have to be canon, but i won't be surprised)
other arguments include (there's a lot):
all the things kari and malcolm (and actors) said about sambucky's relationship
the scenes? i know for sambuckies it's normal to think about the gay content we got, because we think about it everyday. but if we were to actually sum it all up we have so many, that i'm afraid i may forget something:
first we got the staring,
then rolling in the field,
therapy scene (+ their legs intertwined)
2 days of flying (read more detailed analysis by @redwingsupportgroup here) on a private jet (what were they doing all that time??),
then all of the sudden the staring problem dissapears (you can read about it more in this post by @yikesdontlook),
fixing the boat together while having all this intimacy, holding hands for ten (10) seconds straight while looking at each others' lips,
touch (see: amazing gifs by @thatwinterfalconshow pt.1, pt.2, pt.3),
the way bucky looks at sam while he is out there saving the truckload full of people,
having all four love languages included (these beautiful gifs by @pietro-maximoff),
the way they talk about each other to others
i also made this post before the 5th and 6th episode came out, you might want to check it out because we don't talk about 1-4 episodes enough
literally fanfic tropes being out there (more about it here)
no other couple in the entire mcu had all of the intimacy sam and bucky had (not even wanda and vision (to some extent), considering they got like 10 episodes, and sambucky had only 6)
this post (i'm sure we all saw an read it, it's really convincing right?) by wonderful @wenellyb, who's analyzing skills amaze me each time
the last clip without the music, where it isn't quite clear what exactly bucky says, but the point is that he wants to move in with sam
however there's a major counterargument: disney™
though i really think that considering captain america 4/tfatws 2nd season is coming out in at least 2 or 3 years, maybe things will change? maybe people in 2023/2024 will be more accepting? (here)
p.s: i'm sorry if there are grammatical mistakes, english isn't my first language, plus i am really tired rn... so yeah. i also got a bit distracted and ended up writing a whole ass essay hehehe
p.p.s: i hope it's okay i tagged you and your posts, and if it's not, please dm me and i'll remove it!
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No one tells you when you become a bus driver that you'll watch these kids grow from socially awkward tiny bundles of anxiety into funny, smart, strong preteens.
I have seen these kids every day of school for 3 years, 3rd-5th grade, and I got to teach them how to ride the bus. Watch them go from knowing no one to making their first best friend.
Shy quiet little girls become comedic geniuses and rambunctious boys learn manners and calm down, and I got to help.
I have inside jokes with each student, know their parents, bandage booboos, hold onto lost gloves/backpacks.
And now I have to send them off to the big kids bus and never see them again?!?!
What has that other driver done to earn the gift of my students?
Will they appreciate how brave and kind each kid is?
Or will they pack all the middle schoolers into 1 amorphous blob in their mind and erase their individuality?
I want to keep my kids! I've Raised them for 3 years! Now I have to start over fresh with next year's 3rd graders? Agh!
This years 5th graders are the last of the bunch from my 1st year of driving! I've literally known them my entire driving career and learned just as much from them as they did from me.
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ask-kitom · 6 days ago
I hate to ask and I'm not usually one to beg online but I'm in dire need here.
I live in a crappy little town in Iowa with my husband and our 3 cats. We moved here from Arizona for a better life and spent literally every penny to get here (not to mention we still owe MORE to get our things back from a storage company that is basically a scam) as it stands now all our money is spent on gas to get to work and rent.
After some unsavory events today and yesterday I'm asking for help.
I need to move and it needs to happen now, today has shown me that I and my family are not safe where we are.
Yesterday started out normal as can be and we were expecting an Amazon package of literally underwear and socks for my husband. My mom was able to scrape some cash for us since all our clothes were left with this moving company and he has had one pair of socks and one pair of underwear I've been sink washing daily as we don't have laundry available near by.
My package was stolen for starters, some teenager took it (we still don't know who) and they eventually tossed the shredded bag and items at my door before running away.
Okay, bad things happen I get it some people suck but it didn't end there.
Some hours later the woman living above us decided she was going to do some kind of drug before literally screaming at my door, then throwing herself against said door until it nearly broke off it's hinges.
The police took half an hour to show up. Their station is less than five miles away.
We were going to let this be, comfort the cats, and do our best to move on but it didn't end there.
Next we were treated to some "handyman" that was able to wedge the door into place enough it can close, but not before making several racist comments about how "the (n word slur) (f word slur for homosexual men) are going to steal the tools"
I screamed, I cried, I physically threw his $10 worth of shitty tools onto the lawn and called the landlord for the 8th or so time in two days informing him what happened and why this man isn't allowed near my home or family ever again or I'm calling the police again.
Some hours passed and I was feeling a bit better only to find a man who was previously seen staring I to our window when we were moving in attempted to steal one of our cats by way or ripping bug screens off the windows and reaching in after our orange tabby who thankfully got away as I screamed.
That brings me to today... Today I was verbally assaulted yet again by the woman who abuses drugs from upstairs. She screams at me often, calls me horrid things, and threatens my life.
The police laugh and say "yeah sounds like her" but do nothing unless she becomes violent enough to break my door down. My cats are in a constant state of panic and I've spent what little I was able to save on Luna our fluffy girl who had to go to the vet as she licked her backside raw and bloody from what the vet said was stress.
I've lived here since April 5th. We were prepared to spend 6 months with the long work drive and eating poorly just to get by until we can move but now I'm desperate.
When my animals are in danger and I'm scared to leave the house for more than a few minutes at a time for fear someone will break in and harm my family, I can't stand by.
Please if anyone can help it's going to cost me nearly $1400 to move out, if I can make just half that in donations we can leave and get to a safer place.
I know it's not a time to ask for monetary help right now but of I can do anything to repay I will, I wrote character backgrounds and do digital art regularly so of that will help get us to our goal I'll do whatever I can.
Please dm me if you want anything, I'm desperate.
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hajimeow · 7 days ago
Hello TsunTsun, I'm very tired.. I don't deal with heat well so r.i.p me
How are you?
Tumblr media
wait its. its able to get hot over there? WHAT SJDJDJSJDK?? im so sorry ive literally only ever met like one british person and she was my 5th grade teacher
better than yesterday!! i do still wanna take a break but less for my previous reasons and more for experimental reasons, i wanna see if itll affect my health to make it better or worse since i havent had more than a day long break from this site ever since i got glued to it. i did unfollow some people ive been meaning to unfollow as well! i did also kinda have to unblock them this morning <//3
as for right now tho im finishing up a bunch of old reqs in my inbox from my edit blog since im planning to move my edit blog soon!
what r u up to <3?
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asaltyrat · 9 days ago
Goemon, Okami, and the Decline of the Stageshow
When I was growing up I didn't have the sprawling collections of N64 games that some people have. I'm surprised when people show off their huge collections with pride and I meekly tuck away my 9 or 10 games I had in a small plastic lunch box. This didn't stop me from enjoying that odd era of video games however. I'd almost argue that because most of the games I played during my youth were rentals from the local store that I got to see a lot more odd games out there.
Now you can keep your Mario 64's and Diddy Kong Racings, we already know those games are huge achievements in new wild medium. But there was one game that stood out in it's entirety. "Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon" I picked up intermittently in various Blockbusters and family owned videostores through the late 90's and early 2000's. It used the N64's memory card that was infamously unstable, but passible for getting old save data back without having your original cart.
It was... hit or miss on that aspect. But it was one of those games that I just... didn't care about starting over and over again. There even was these very long, marathon schemes I'd run through the whole of the three days I'd have the game just never turning off the console. Nintendo knew how to make a console that worked and never really gave up. Still works to this day without a single hardware fault.
For those who don't know, Goemon was a long running Konami character. This game in particular is the 5th of 7 games produced for the series before it became arcade pachinko machine fodder. To it's credit, the Pachinko machines might have at least captured some very memorable tracks in full HD Remastered glory, but it's very unlikely we'll see another game in the series. The last time we saw the pipe-wielding ninja was a Mii-Fighter costume in Super Smash Brothers.
This I think is an absolute shame... and it sparks the decline in what I like to call "The Stageshow" in gaming.
Mystical Ninja's appeal for me was the fact that everything was tongue in cheek, it was a performance. Even the earlier games captured this concept with end screens where people threw confetti. A giant robot wrestled other giant robots among explosions and fanfare. The OST is bombastic, bright, and full of brass that sounded amazing on the N64. Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon's entire intro scene is an Anime-Inspired OVA that sets the tone for the playful nature of the game where Invaders from the west want to turn all of Japan into a stage for some grand performance!
Spaceships! Lasers! The Giant Robot got a contract deal in Hollywood!
But other games also played with this performance trope just as well. Kid Chameleon 1 and 2 were storybook worlds. Yoshi-Story made it clear it was a chapter by chapter story in the quite literal sense. Super Mario Brothers 3 had soundstages and platforms and characters exited stage right.
And then came the Xbox and PS2 and Gamecube. The idea of a performance in a video game gave way to more serious tones, realistic shooters, platformers with their own webs of storytelling that had their own wonderful twists and plots but I feel lost a lot of the color and charm of these earlier games.
Let me be honest, this isn't a bash of 'newfangled games'. And the cheekiness of these earlier games were still present in newer titles, but never as whole as those older days where stories were told through manuals and grinning blocky models. The only game that gave a glimmer of these older days was Okami.
Okami is considered a 'cult classic' to some. Beautiful music, a story about a goddess bringing color back to a world, fighting an age old evil, drawing inky shapes with psudo-kanji to cast spells. They balanced an otherwise bleak world and setting with colorful characters like the lecherous flea Issun or the good for nothing descendant of a hero Susano. The range of emotions and feelings that bled through to the player was almost manic. Lows being dreadful, highs being jubilant celebrations of even small victories. It had the "Stageshow". That pizzaz that drummed up my then adult heart in the same way that I did climbing Mount Fuji or battling atop a dragon to defeat a mind controlling scarecrow.
And yet, Okami is now a "Classic". It's been over a decade since it's release and we still haven't found a mainline title that had the same sort of appeal. Indie devs are getting there, but I'm still holding out for a Ganbare Goemon for the Switch or some surprise HD steam release.
Unfortunately, Konami is infamous for losing the source code of their games. So now, it's just going to be a pipe dream, packed into a heavy brass pipe left somewhere in those colorful fields of a very fantasy, romanticized Japan. Like what you see? You can find more of my content on my Patreon, releasing up to a week early for as little as $3 a month. You can also find me on Twitter, yelling about videogames, and Twitch, yelling about video games live. Follow me, or don’t. I’m just a rat.
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futuristicunknownchaos · 10 days ago
Hi! I'm excited for your posts :3 It would be really interesting to read your analysis on Jimin's chart!
So today we’re doing Jimin’s chart and my analysis of it. Let me make it clear right off the bat, that since I’m not a professional astrologer, some things may not match up, further since we’re not super sure of his birth time, it’ll definitely affect the reading. What I can be sure of is that I’ll do my best and I’m completely open to constructive criticism from you all!
Now lets get on with some basic stuff, for those who have not yet read the post with Namjoon’s moon analysis, I’ll again reiterate some principles of Vedic astrology! In the scenario that you’re still confused with all this jargon, feel free to reach out and I’ll be more than happy to help you out.
Starting out, we have to note that while western astrology is usually more advisory in nature, Vedic astrology’s main purpose is to predict. Also, we usually go a sign back from western astrology in Vedic astrology, so according to that for example, if you’re a libra rising, you become a virgo rising in Vedic astrology and so on and so forth. All planets will also shift back a sign, so a Capricorn Mercury will become a Sagittarius Mercury.
Now let’s be aware that the chart may be a bit different, but given the main d1 (Lagna) chart remains the same for about 2 hours, let’s focus on that and the moon chart (rashi chart) for this reading. We can also just look at d9 for strength but not house placements as that can be time sensitive. So, we can take a two hour margin of time discrepancy and still predict accurately.
For this reading, we have taken 13th October 1995 as the day and 10:34pm as the time of birth, with the location set to Busan.
Since this is a general chart analysis, we shall be covering topics briefly and discussing the moon, ascendant and sun. For an in depth reading, do pick a smaller and focussed topic as we can honestly keep going on and on about a chart.
On with the actual reading now-
Right off the bat, we can see Jimin is born into Gemini, with his ascendant at 16’49’, within the Nakshatra of Arda, within the fourth quadrant or pada. His lagna lord, Mercury is retrograde in the 4th house conjunct with sun, in the sign of virgo, where Mercury is naturally exalted as well as Mercury being in its Mooltrikon sign here. Secondly, the lord of Ardra, rahu, is sitting in the 5th house conduct Venus. Further the first house receives aspects from both rahu(north node) and mars. We can keep going but we’ve got a whole chart to cover here.
Now onto explaining what all this means. Being born into gemini makes the natives jovial and social by nature, all while having a very sharp mind. The phrase that comes to mind is ‘a wolf in sheep’s clothes’, not because they’re inherently bad or something, but because people don’t give them enough credit for their genius calculating mind. Throwing the Nakshatra of Ardra into this, I can definitely see the dots connecting slowly. Ardra literally means ‘the fortunate one’. An apparent destructive Nakshatra, given its ruled by the deity Rudra, it has several different aspects to it.
People born in ardra tend to have very extreme emotions and may be prone to anger issues and a habit of destructing anything they deem imperfect. People in this Nakshatra also make great actors due to their ability to mimic others well, a quality that makes them well liked and sociable, often giving them a dual persona of seriousness and goofiness. Such people are extremely affectionate and motherly, And men may display an effeminate quality to them, given that the Nakshatra is female in nature. Further, since rudra is also representative of the half man half woman god, (Ardhnarishwar), such people may have a conflict with wanting to show more and more stereotypically masculine sides to them and thus may engage in extreme dieting or bodybuilding to achieve this.
On a professional front, such people are extremely hardworking and rule abiding, sometimes to the extent of being self destructive. They have a humorous disposition and often hide behind that persona. They also keep a tight circle of friends and often check up on them. Compassionate and coolheaded, such people are often the centre of attention. The tend to multitask very often and find it hard to remain still and let go. lastly, such people and their career usually peaks after the age of 32 (aaahhh whaaat jimin).
lastly, his ascendant is in the last quadrant, which is ruled by Pisces and thus Jupiter. Being in an enemy sign here, people can have body image issues (1st house is our body and mind) and mental destress regarding their capabilities. Such people also love to engage in drinking and are very philanthropic in nature, loving to elevate the unfortunate people in society.
His lagna lord is retrogade in 4th house in virgo, conjunct sun and without aspects. The former indicates that a personal has a constant up and down tussle with their self image, and people often have demeaned them for either their looks or personality. This causes a person to be extremely insecure in themselves, and thus may require constant coddling and words of affirmations. Going four houses away, we can see that his mother is someone who truly shaped him and his persona. Their childhood upbringing plays a big role in them. Their childhood could have been tumultuous, with constant disagreements and obstacles.
They may have problems expressing their emotions or penning down their words, or they might be a very cautious person in terms of what they speak and to whom they speak. Mercury is also exalted here, giving it power, so we see that eventually the native breaks forth of this dilemma in life. They may have a career related to communication (see mercury aspecting 10th house), and they will have a successful career at that. The person may own a lot of real estate with this position. Since its mercury in virgo, such a person may be brilliant with handling technology and may even pursue IT based careers due to the ease of handling gadgets.
Given that here, sun in conjunct, right off the bat, the person must resemble their father a lot in terms of looks. They also have a regal appearance that demands attention. They may be well spoken. Their father was dominating and shaped them into who they are. Since mercury and sun aren’t friends, we can also see that such a person may have anger issues and problems controlling their tongue. This conjunction also forms the renowned Budh-Aditya Yoga, a conjunction that shows extreme smartness in a person. While this doesn’t necessarily have to be academic, such people can be very sharp and grasp things easily, they may even have knowledge on a wide variety of subjects and be extremely curious to learn more. Due to this, a person also become a great communicator, and people enjoy listening to them talk as they hold people’s attention with their unique way of speaking. They can be a great salesperson or politician with such a placement. Studies should come easy, as would reading anything from novels to detailed instructions. There may be a talent for writing stories and one may be good at interpreting symbols, font design or calligraphy.
Now going to rahu and Venus in 5th. This is a great placement honestly, given that Venus, the lord of love, beauty and creativity is sitting in the house of children, past karma, creativity and primary education, in the sign of libra. This would indicate that a native with their Nakshatra lord here would be extremely creative (rahu blows qualities out of proportion), kind of childlike innocence that would attract people who would want to literally ‘nurture’ or mother them, or inversely they could themselves be very motherly to their friends, such people also have good education till primary level (undergraduate level) and also carry a lot of good karma from their past life, which results in gains now.
Further the sign of Libra signifies that their beauty or creativity would be very magnetic, they exude charm and regalness, they tend to attract people like moths and have a very star crossed lovers kind of personality. Given Venus is the lord of 12th and 5th house itself, sitting in its mooltrikon sign of libra, it is extremely powerful here. Such a person may have alien or distinguished ideas, explore new arenas, write about devotion and deep philosophical experiences. They may also be very fond of children and children’s literature.
Given the 12th house is also the house of paranormal and extraterrestrial beings, such a person may be very in tune with their own selves and may regularly take part in activities of the occult like tarot, astrology, magick or occult like practices, or at least they have the natural capacity to do so. They may also be great psychologists with this placement and read people’s minds, with acute sixth sense and empathetic powers. Such a placement may also give clairvoyant abilities to a person. They may have troubles with their left eye, liver and digestive track also.
Rahu in libra makes someone overtly sensual and starry eyed about the world, seeing stuff through rose tinted glasses. Here in the 5th house, this may give an unrealistic image of love and grandeur, cause obsession like love, unrealistic image of self to the world. They may be also seen as a sex symbol of sorts often time, but also have a very cute site to them, as libra is a dual sign itself. Given its the ruler of 9th house here, where retrograde Saturn sits, the person may have many failures in their love life or have a very unsuccessful love life till much older, when Saturn matures at 36 years. further, aqueous gives an affinity for wanting to stand out, attracting people and being attracted to people with unconventional personalities (vmin stans) and of course, being excited about all things foreign. They may have an affinity for writing about unusual and unrelated scenarios or daydreaming about them. They might want to provide comfort to unusual people and nurture them alot, while also wanting to stand out and become unconventional themselves, they hate being blended into the crowd with this position.
As for the mars and rahu aspect to the lagna, it would largely affect the physical and mental state here. Rahu has a tendency to give long, elongated and cat like eyes to people, or very exaggerated features in general, as rahu represents the extremes. These people have unusual but magnetic (rahu is temptation) looks, which only get better and better with age (rahu is the oldest after Saturn). Mars over here gives a ruddy complexion and untidy and unruly hair. It gives a stout athletic body, which is made extremely lean due to his gemini rising. These people have exaggerated Adam’s apple and extremely masculine features (look at his face, at points he looks like he’s a statue with those sharp chiseled features). Mars may give a very sexual look to a person too, making them look more hot than cute usually. The extremely emotive eyes of his are all thanks to ardra Nakshatra, which usually promises that (the eye smile?).
Such people may have very violent thoughts, due to mars. They might also be extremely passionate and would do anything to reach their goal. Rahu here brings a tendency to fall for addictions, such as alcohol and drugs.
So this is part 1 of jimin’s chart, I’ll analyze his sun, moon, miscelnous (house placements, atmakarka, amatyakarka, darakarka, divisional charts and a lot more in that)
Do let me know if you enjoyed reading this and if you have any feedbacks.
Tumblr media
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7deadlyroses · 10 days ago
Silence in the Chaos
Finally the Yoonkook au I have been working on! Sorry it's so short!! More works to come soon. I hope you all like it <3
“Kook-ah if I have to hear Namjoon complain one more time about the pile of paperwork on his desk I am going to shove my foot up his ass.” Yoongi grumbled out, head down against his arms resting on the table.
A soft laugh escaped from the other man in the break room, bunny smile firmly in place on his handsome face.
“You know for a fact that Namjoon prefers giving than taking so I don’t know how excited he would be at you shoving your foot up his ass. Plus you have been wanting the pair of shoes you are wearing now for months, I know for a fact that you won’t even give a thought to dirtying. I overheard Jimin talking about an interview he has today for an assistant so hopefully, you won’t hear him complain too much more?”
“One could only hope Kook-ah. One could only hope.” Yes, Yoongi would agree he was being dramatic but he hadn’t gotten any sleep the night before because of one very energetic bunny drinking his 5th banana milk of the day.
“Come on Hyung, why are you so pouty and whiny today?”
“Maybe it has something to do with a certain brat trying to blow my back out?”
“Trying? I thought I very well succeeded Hyung. You literally passed out before I even finished. How is that trying?”
“I can still walk, can’t I?” Yoongi scoffed. He knew he was playing with fire but as he lifted his head and seen the fierce look across Jungkook’s face he couldn’t help himself. It sent a shiver down his spine.
Before Jungkook was able to respond there was a loud crash and raised voices. Two of them belonging to Kook’s best friends who had the word chaotic as their middle name. Both workers poked their heads out from the breakroom only to see papers slowly falling to the floor while Taehyung was laid flat across an unknown man.
Making an executive decision Jungkook stepped back from the doorframe taking advantage of the chaos out by Jimin’s desk and pulling Yoongi to his body before slamming the breakroom door close and spinning the shorter male around until Yoon’s back was against the door.
“So you think that I need some more work trying to blow your back out huh, Hyung? Do you really think it was wise of you to play that kind of game while at work?” Kook’s smooth voice rang out completely encompassing Yoongi’s body sending a shiver down his back.
“I never said you need to work harder, Kook-ah. I simply said you only tried to blow my back out and never actually did blow my back out like I was so hoping you would be doing.” A smirk slid across the shorter male’s face as he looked up at Kook and poked his tongue out.
Okay, maybe he was pushing it but seeing Kook riled up like he was getting now sent a thrill through him that nothing else could ever even come close to.
“Hyung you’re really trying to make me take you against this door aren’t you? Where did this sudden bratty side come from huh? Let me guess, not enough coffee? You’re only on your what… thirteenth cup of the day?” With a raised eyebrow Jungkook stared down at his tiny hyung with dark eyes. Oh if they weren’t at work right now things would be so different.
“My caffeine intake has nothing to do wi-”
Immediately, Yoongi’s head thunked back against the door with an irritated groan. He was just about to give in and let Kook rail him over the breakroom counter but no. Hoseok had to be a little bitch and interrupt them… even if it was a public domain for their entire floor to eat and talk in, at the moment it was going to be Yoongi’s mini escape from the emails in his office.
“DON’T CARE BUNNY BOY YOU HAVE EXACTLY FIVE SECONDS BEFORE I GO BREAK INTO YOUR APARTMENT AND STEAL YOUR STUPID XBOX” -and oh if that didn’t get Jungkook to snatch Yoongi’s limp body away from the door and retch it open like the devil himself was behind the door.
“You touch my XBOX and I am going to throw every single one of your stupid custom tumblers away!”
“You touch my tumblers and I am going to tumble you musclehead!”
“IF NEITHER OF YOU SHUT THE FUCK UP I AM TELLING NAMJOON TO FIRE YOU BOTH FOR A WEEK!” At the sudden quietness, Yoongi felt like he could finally breathe.
“Now. I am going to walk back to my office, lock you both out and you both are going to spend your lunch break going down the street to my favorite lamb skewer place and bringing me back lunch. Okay? Or else I will make you both regret it. Hyung loves you both. Now get out.”
“Yes Hyung” “Yes Hyung”
And then peace.
Both morons immediately ran out of the breakroom to do Yoongi’s bidding as Yoongi himself made his way back to his office not giving a second glance at his lovestruck boss and equally lovestruck new assistant.
Ah Kim. Co -
A wonderful place to find love, favoritism, and chaos.
All the fucking chaos.
Maybe he could fake sick and force Hobi to answer all his emails while he went to the floor’s nap room which he forced Namjoon to create.
Being best friends since diapers with the boss was definitely an advantage.
Eh, he could eat the lamb skewers later.
A nap was more important.
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kckenobi · 16 days ago
Hello 👋 saw the ask me post so I thought lets go and ask you some😺
So what about 3, 45 and 74?
Have a pleasant evening! 😇
Ahh yes thanks for asking!! I hope you’re having a pleasant day too!
3) Grab the book nearest to you, turn to page 23, give me line 17.
I’ve changed locations since the last one and so I have a different nearest book:
Wiles chose to present his proof of the 350-year-old problem at a conference in...
From What’s Math Got to Do With It? By Jo Boaler
45) What's the worst injury you've ever had?
I broke some bone in the heel of my foot in 5th grade, and the worst part is I didn’t even break it in a cool way? I was literally just running and suddenly it HURT like heck and I went to the doctor and he was like “lmao you’re growing so fast that your muscles can’t catch up to the bone, your bone was just ready to break any second” which was embarrassing for 11 year old me lol
74) What's a song that always makes you happy when you hear it?
There’s this song called Happiness by We Banjo 3 that my mom sent me when I was just starting college and having some anxiety issues flare up, and it always makes me think of her now and the hope I associate it with :)
weird asks
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palladium-xerox · 17 days ago
C2e140 liveblog
- I’m gonna cry, I can feel it already
- ahhh the music, eerie as fuck
- Gilmore’s has a traveling shop now lol
- geez I forgot there was like a little city thing in here
- oh god the map is HUGE, I just saw the minis vs the building 😬
- luciens mini is gonna be terrible :))
- flesh wings??
-what the duck am I looking at???? Omg ahhh
- prepare for a tpk y’all
- essek rolled good for the 3rd time ever
- essek you literally had a chance for an aoe smh
- zuala noooo
- well now I wanna see everybody’s nightmare 👀
- of course there’s lair actions
- damn they’re gonna get a bunch of eyes
- how in the fuck did they all pass that roll, they’ve never rolled that good
- gross it’s like terminator
- shits that’s like a 60ft cone
- I know why the map is so huge now :0
- shit is gaudius charm??
- I change my mind I don’t wanna see 9 eyes :(((
- Caleb’s aberration scroll should still be up
- no essek jk jk hot boi pulls through
- shit essek just wanted to help his friends and now he has magic cult brands :(
- ohhhh shit damn caleb chill (but I love it)
- I think they might still have lorenzos actual glaive
- “now is not the time for minotaur sex” lmao
- noo fuck gaudius
- wait essek has 4??? I thought he had 3 poor hot boi :(
- cad come on say something to lucien, it’s be real funny
- “hey you were buds w my bffs can you stop being a jerk?”
- I feel like the spells effects of the eyes are worse than just pure damage
- you can heal damage but it’s real hard to fix charm and nightmares
- fucking marine layer I love it, it’s gonna do absolutely nothing
- it might actual fuck up the eyes if they can’t see him
- they need to start doing some heavy damage or else they’re gonna all end up w 9 eyes
- damn essek I’m sorry, you deserve better
- ooo circus tent love it
- shit beau’s gonna get another eye
- I love Ashley
- dark star dark star
- aoe aoe
- tether essence fuck yeah!!!
- ya know I think vm woulda had trouble w lucien too
- veths abt to go down
- what’s w yasha and attacking her lovers lol
- shit the last time the m9 slept was in the hall after the lightning fight in like ep136 or whatever
- tal: “the disrespect, tarot is an art form :((“
- I don’t remember what the eyes do except ira
- okay okay cons alright, damn 25 will do it
- well I remember what fastidan does now
- heroes feast is saving their asses rn
- damn int save that’s targeted
- veth: “no I’m fine” yeah sure you probably have like 20 hp
- lob said widomauk rights w that quote lol
- luciens accent is getting worse and worse, me thinks molly is shining through
- haven’t seen spirit guardians in a hot minute
- fuck yeah cads gonna shame him
- tali’s 3rd character to his 2nd: “I’m very disappointed 😔”
- fucking egg dick
- yesssss I love it
- I don’t know if I’ve ever seen something so jester
- dick whip it
- Caleb’s doing great so far, hasn’t been fit yet well until necrotic bitch hits him
- hell yeah eye losses hurt him
- vulnerable to psychic hmmm interesting
- what spells even do psychic damage
- “these eyeballs fuck!”
- oh shit essek’s still slowed
- oooo essek’s walking :((
- I hope he’s doing leg day or else he’s probably super atrophied
- shit Caleb’s abt to get got
- that’s a hate crime, both wizards in one go
- at least it’s summon aether for imagination stuff
- if essek tries to help caleb I’m gonna cry
- dex save for nightmare cage? wack
- oh I see, still wack but I understand
- at least it’s a wis save to get out
- I hate that yasha can’t really do anything for LA bc her charisma score
- absorb flesh?? gross :/
- everybody’s abt to get janked
- caleb is once again stuck in the immune to psychic but not building damage dilemma
- lucien has only taken 200 damage
- veths abt to die :(((
- shit first unconscious of the battle and it wasn’t one of the wizards
- damn ira’s back
- catch caleb being prepared for a battle for once in his life
- oooo mind heal
- kinda lame but I appreciate
- I though we were gonna get a shadowgast moment for a minute but guess I’m a clown 🤡
- Matt’s little ok
- melora!
- I think tal is doing wis saves for concentration checks
- if divine intervention fucking works I’m gonna lose my shit
- OMG the fucking chances
- wait does lucien have nipple piercings, the tl is making some wild claims
- geeeeeezzzzz fjord
- fucking code for what??
- we’re getting widomauk we’re getting shadowgast we’re getting fjordmauk
- pulling out all the stops, this is batshit
- these fireballs are payback for the sanatorium
- mona and yuli throw back
- awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww
- matt said shadowgast rights
- the sound I just fucking made, lob don’t play w me I’m tearing up
- SHIT 2 nat 20s
- I’m bout to be full out crying
- geez liams face, the horror
- the fucking tradegy of molly killing jester
- I knew someone was gonna go down down but still
- bitch he’s looking hurt, he’s only taken like 250
- well I guess killing the eyes is probably fucking him up
- aw geez the jester art is gonna kill me this week
- isn’t veth down rn??
- people are about to start dropping like flies
- @your-turn-to-role does hit point trackers for each episode check them out
- not too terrible but that could change fast
- oh shit the eyes are on recharge
- the fuck culpussy do?
- ok cool lucien takes damage when the eyes get nerfed
- heheh suck it culpasi
- wait why’d lim freak out? Bc cad??
- bitch you have a free resurrection
- oh no caleb :((
- I don’t think Caleb’s cast a spell this combat
- oh no part 2 “you love her” projecting mayhaps 👀
- oh shit Caleb’s abt to go down
- caleb already used his fortunes favor on a persuasion check last time not like it helped anyways
- come on cad let’s do this
- this episode is long as fuck, almost 3 hrs and no break yet
- fuck yeah
- don’t play w me matt not now
- oh nooo they both have 1 hp
- I miss fjord and Molly’s relationship, they’re both dumbasses in different ways and I love it
- shit Caleb’s abt to go down w essek right there
- some shit about to happened yall
- I’m not ready for the feels
- I have been robbed of shadowgast and I’m conflicted
- shit that’s bad if jester got almost everybody in 30ft 😬
- quick I need gifs of the shadowgast forehead touch stat I didn’t see essek’s expression
- fastidans abt to go down
- fuck yeah 4/9 eyes gone
- ashley is not having it rn
- the power of friendship saved the day
- 2 NAT 20s FUCK YEH
- essek woo!
- dunamamcy do it
- coward do dark star
- what the fuck was he saving it for Matthew??!
- tell me 😭
- I swear if it was a scalan wish type thing
- did essek really just get 23 damage off an 8th level 🙃 lame
- ohhhhh noooo the fuck
- that heroes feast was the best decision they’ve ever made
- mirror image woot woot
- that just saved his ass
- yasha killin it
- come on nat 20
- I have missed some damage, critrole stats has 448 and I only have 392
- I thought gravity fissure was gravity sinkhole
- still lame for 10d8, technically average but still lame ://
- beau is getting real low guys 😬
- geez not veth getting charmed
- Sam does not hold back, veths gonna kill someone again
- wait you’re telling me essek failed an int saving throw, this wizard, this man
- Caleb’s going down guys
- oh shit Caleb’s gonna die
- excuse me while I die real quick
- I need esseks reaction stat
- if I don’t get a tearful love confession I’m gonna be real sad guys :’((
- wait Caleb’s in marine layer and essek doesn’t know :(
- come on inflict wounds
- ooo guiding bolt love it
- Caleb’s dead you guys 🙃
- there’s so much sexy lucien art on the reel and honestly respect
- for real tho how long ago did aeor fall? 2000? 1000?
- well at least the eyes are gone
- I swear if jester didn’t have revivify lmao
- come on matt let an npc interpose
- okay here’s the deal regeneration + (true) resurrection
- he just got glued into the buildings :((
- jeez if they get molly back they got to watch him bc Lucien might pop out if he dies
- awww that’s sweet
- that bag of holding is gone bro
- no fucking way istg
- fuck yeah jester get it girl
- aww nobody knows what they’ve done, unsung heroes
- matt quit playing man
- molly molly molly
- ahhh geez we haven’t done a resurrection ritual this campaign
- god all the contributions have to be different
- that coat is dirty as fuck it was in the mud and rain for months
- it’s kinda sad that nobody wanted lucien until all of his baggage and trauma was gone ://
- tal is sweating w that insider knowledge rn
- I hope molly still has a shitty accent
- this dc is gonna be crazy w the molly-lucien bs
- 3/3 persuasion 😬
- god beau and medicine checks
- okay okay not bad
- wait nat 1??
- molly’s tattoos are gonna look wack w without the eyes
- essek?? bro you good?
- they can try again
- geez tal is collecting his own characters
- no no what are you gonna do essek??? essek?? bro I need you to take a step back for a minute
- aww cads smile at fjords speech
- cad suggesting a trap for tomb raiders?? ruthless I love it
- 👀 👀 👀
- sir??
- that was raise dead they have resurrection
- CAD???
- essek: I wish I could do more
cad: *does more*
- ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
- rumor yes I love it
- they fucking did it
- tal had this planned
- I asked politely
- I think cads succeeded 3 times
- mollys accents still shit
- shit Molly’s still 5th level
- caleb now is the time
- aww there’s 9
- don’t do it matt istg
- give me one more episode
- poor taliesin 2 characters at one
- excuse me while I go perish it’s been good folks see you next week
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virgilstarantula · 19 days ago
Heyyy bestie!!
🐰what is one secret that you’ve never told anyone?
uh uhh i write music. i mean, my family knows this but people on the internet don't. i can play acoustic and electric guitar (they're basically the same with chords n shit), bass guitar, ukulele (i have 2), a little piano, and i had to play flute 5th-8th grade because of my mom. i've written so many songs and i still write daily! i'm trying to release music soon so,,,
🌟 what do you like about yourself? (must choose at least 3 things!)
shit i knew this one was gonna happen /light-hearted. hmm i like my humor, my taste in music, and my style in clothes :)
🐬 if you could transform into any animal/magical creature, what would you be and why?
A CAT. cats are awesome. affection and pets from humans? yes. sleep all day with no responsibilities? yes. free food? yes. humans have to clean up my shit (literally)? yes. and cat are adorable and cuddly and smol and fuzzy and ahhhhh i wanna be a cat.
🍀 if you could be any fictional character’s best friend/lover, which fictional character would you be?
this is hard because i don't know if i wanna be virgil or be friends with virgil. but i'd probably be virgil because HE'S SO COOL AND I LOVE HIM, but also because then i get roman 😏
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many-gay-magpies · 20 days ago
"Jake is friend-shaped" <- that shouldn't have made me laugh so much-
But yeah I get you, having ONE bias in ENHYPEN is hard as heck. It's like they're determined to wreck you every second they breathe.
'Oh you think Jake is your bias? Well think again.'
'Hm.... you think Jay's doing extremely well in the performance? Sorry, a whole SUNGHOON PARK EXISTS!'
'Oho you think Sunoo's cute? Jungwon says hi'
NO BUT HE LITERALLY IS THO-- like i just wanna hug him :<
ive realized one of my problems when it comes to enha is that im someone who simps for pretty eyes, like, i just love peoples' eyes in general and i've been doodling eyes in the margins of notebooks since i was in like 5th grade— that being the case, normally im drawn to the member in a group who (i think) has the prettiest eyes, but enhypen is a group where literally all of their eyes are unbelievably gorgeous what am i supposed to do with this
im struggling <3
UR EXACTLY RIGHT THO like with most groups there's one or two people that regularly stick out to me and then the rest only really shake be on occasion but with enhypen its just. constant. one day im in love with heeseung the next im simping for jay's smile the day after that im thinking about how pretty niki is and the day after THAT jungwon's boba eyes and dimples have my whole heart and it just never stops
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murumokirby360 · 21 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
My Essager USB Type C Cable 3A review w/ my Romoss Sense  6 Plus Pro Power Bank, my Huawei USB Charging Brick (and my Paper Dolls) - Part 10 [May 24, 2021]
Hi! Here’s my part 10 of my Essager USB Type C Cable with my Romoss Sense 6 Plus Pro power bank [PH80 Pro], my Huawei USB Charging  and my paper dolls.
I’ve already done charging test w/ my Honor 8C and the added of my USB adapter from Accezz back in April, so now my recent use Romoss power bank needs a recharge after a long days and weeks of rests. Thus in this part is exact what I need to do. I’ve already done testing with my old Anker back in January of 2021, so now my Huawei USB Charging Brick’s turn for a charging test and see how long will it until it’s fully charged of my power bank.⚡🔋🙂
If you haven’t seen my Part 2 and previous Part 9, then I’ll provide some links down below.↓
• Part 2 (w/ my Anker Powerport 2) [ Jan 22, 2021] - [CLICK ME!] • Part 9 (w/ my Accezz USB Adapter attached) [Apr 27, 2021] - [CLICK ME!]
So without further ado, let’s get started:
1st & 2nd Image(s): • Here are the items I need, in order to charge and use my current power bank once again. There’s nothing much to say, so time to start charging test. • My paper dolls saying that they’re “hungry” after seeing my items. Hmmm...🤔 Well, time to start making foods made out of papers.😅
3rd & 4th Image(s): • I plugged in my Huawei USB Charging Brick w/ Essager through my Romoss power bank from the electrical socket at the exact 3:40 AM.🕒 So now I have plenty of time to sleep, while my paper dolls starring after they’re done eating paper foods. Yum-yum!😋
•When I woke up at 7AM, while charging, I decided to touch my USB Charging Brick and the USB Type A part of my Essager brand, it’s literally heating up 🌡️ and good thing it won’t go on fire. The Type C part on the other hand, was a little bit but it intends to heat up sometimes.
5th & 6th Image(s): • Finally at 11:08 AM 🕚, my Romoss power bank is now fully charged and I could finally using it again.😊 Estimate time from 3:40 AM to 11:08 AM = 7 hours 28 minutes, compare to my previous one using my Anker Powerport 2 is 7 hours 52 minutes (53 minutes) [from 3:21 AM to between 11:13 to 11:14 AM].🙂
• My paper dolls saying that my Huawei USB Charging Brick can beat out your old Anker in charging time. Yeah.
Overall: • I’m very much agree with my paper dolls, it seems that my (ordinary) Huawei USB Charging Brick just beat out my old Anker Powerport 2 in terms of using my Essager USB Type C Cable. Not only it beat out time of charging my phone (Honor 8C), but also my power bank too. And this isn’t about my two USB charging bricks duking out to see better, I’m just doing a charging test w/ my Essager USB Type C Cable as I said a many times so keep that in mind. (But maybe I will consider this, so I won’t be make a topic discuss in the future; because I have so many items that I need to be reveal, so who knows...)
Now remember what I said, that I’m gonna make Part 10 is the finale? Well I need to change the finale, because I want to do another round of charging test with my Romoss power bank, as well as my two current USB Charging Bricks and of course my Accezz USB Adapter. I’ve already done now with the Type C port from my Romoss, but what about the Micro USB using my USB Adapter? Well then, find out very soon.
Well that’s all for now. If you want to see my previous parts of the same topic review, then I’ll provide some links down below.↓😉
My Essager USB Type C Cable 3A: • Part 1 [Jan 4,2021] • Part 2 [Jan 22, 2021] • Part 3 [Mar 30, 2021] • Part 4 [Apr 2, 2021] • Part 5 [Apr 14, 2021] • Part 6 [Apr 17, 2021] • Part 7 [Apr 20, 2021] • Part 8 [Apr 23, 2021] • Part 9 [Apr 27, 2021]
Tagged: @lordromulus90, @bryan360, @carmenramcat, @neutralized-l, @gibsonfreak49
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sahiflowers · 22 days ago
To1 Reaction: Wiping off their kiss
Tumblr media
(jerome for the day <3)
a/n: this is such a cute concept
- chihoon would honestly be a bit offended
- he’s shy about kisses so when you just straight up wipe his kiss off he’s like “….🙁”
- you felt bad immediately and tried to kiss him
- to which he dodged n now he’s refusing ur kisses playfully
- eventually asks for a kiss in a vv shy manner
- man didn’t even notice the first 4 times you did it
- only on the 5th time when he kissed your forehead and you made sure to dramatically swipe at your head
- he’s confused so he kissed you again
- and you wiped it off again
- it becomes a game till you finally give up and kiss him back
- why would you do that to him😩
- he saw you for the first time in a whole day (he missed u okay) n went straight for a peck on the lips
- you reacted by wiping it off
- he’d get kinda annoyed tbh
- like “mf i haven’t seen u in forever (a single day) and you do this?? hmph.”
- forces (with consent duh) kisses all over your face till you can’t wipe em off
- satisfied with himself after
- doesn’t even miss a beat replacing that kiss you just wiped
- doesn’t even ask, just keeps kissing you
- as soon as you wipe it, it’s replaced
- soon you start accepting his kisses and all is forgotten
- until like a week later he starts rejecting YOUR kisses
- it’s become a battle of the kisses
- he missed you that day and had shown up at your door excited
- he loves giving you kisses on the cheek so he immediately gave you one on each cheek
- you went *wipe* *wipe* on each cheek
- his whole face falls
- you can’t even continue the prank cause you feel too bad BYE
- amused
- catches on pretty quickly that you’re messing around but he’s intrigued on your reasoning
- avoids giving you kisses until you start giving him kisses first then randomly goes
- “remember when you put me through a kiss drought”
- needless to say you don’t try that again
- at first in your relationship, he was too awkward to give kisses but now he’s so comfortable and it’s his fav thing to do
- so when you start (dramatically) wiping the kisses off, he literally acts like he got murdered
- “nah what is this ???”
- demands you stop your little “kiss strike” and give him a kiss
- you can’t even continue the prank cause you’re laughing too hard
- kinda hurt by it but not too much
- he doesn’t even assume it’s a prank and instead thinks “oh i guess kisses are a no then”
- fails to question why you randomly stop accepting his kisses after 8152526272 months together
- you end up suffering cause now he never gives you kisses unless you directly ask and he always goes “oh you’re comfy with it now?”
- you end up looking like an idiot explaining it’s a prank😍
- his heart shatters into a million pieces
- why would u do that >:(
- immediately assumes he’s done something bad
- you could see him go from “:))” to “:,(“ almost instantly
- you backtrack on that prank so mf quickly and immediately shower him in kisses
- first of all how dare you
- second of all, how are dare you!
- he kisses your nose and when u wiped it off he goes “🤨🤨🤨”
- tests it out by kissing you again
- when you wipe it off again, he attacks your face with kisses
- “try wiping those all off!”
- ends up becoming a kiss war (y’all got caught by chihoon n now all of you are unable to look each other in the eye)
- you never try that again
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wizkiddx · 23 days ago
work with me
this is for @worldoftom 'lolbrosgetsicktoo' challenge event thing - go check it out bcos lots of much better writers have got involved too✨! I'm v new to these things but I tried :) the prompt was: 'would you quit whining and just get in the bath' . (also look at me acc posting sort of regularly, who'd of thought?!?!)
warnings: sickness / fever (more dramatic than it needs to be) / LOTS of medical inaccuracies
summary: when tom doesn't take advice and ends up very ill, very far from home, there's one person whose stuck dealing with it
Tumblr media
“Please Tom… I need you to work with me!”
It wasn’t his fault he was being a complete nightmare, though your patience was wearing off somewhat.
For context, you were in Morocco, where he had been filming part of his next film, which only made trying to take care of him that bit harder.
Everyone got ill sometimes. It wasn’t his fault.
That was the mantra ringing through your head, even if you had a more challenging time believing it. Tom wasn’t stupid, as much as he liked to joke about it. HOWEVER, what he was less good at was heeding warnings. He was a white boy in Morrocco; the health and safety briefing had literally been aimed at him. Had he taken the advice not to eat any dodgy looking meats at the market?
Of course not; that’d be boring.
Everyone else was fine. You’d all sampled Morroccos culture without giving yourselves the worst case of food poisoning you’d ever witnessed. But not Tom - possibly one of the only ‘indispensable’ people on the set. If you, or one of the minor characters, or even the director, had got ill - the show could continue.
When you’d been rudely awoken by your phone going off, you’d known instantly. It was as if you’d told him not to take a bite out of the weird burger once you were away from the eager view of the street vendor. Sure enough, with bleary eyes, you hissed at the brightness of the phone screen before seeing ‘Tom H’ on the screen.
“Y/n?” His voice was croaky, but just from the single call of your name, it was clear he was feeling sorry for himself.
“Are you okay? It’s late T.”
“Um I… can you come over? You…you might need the key I’m - um- in the bathroom.”
As his stylist, it technically wasn’t part of your job description to also be mother when he was sick, but (unfortunately for you) after the 3 years working side by side with him - you were also friends.
Which you were almost regretting by the second time rinsing the toilet bowl clean after he’d evacuated what seemed to be the majority of his vital organs into it. Honestly, it was impressive how he managed to keep going.
That had been at around 4 in the morning- the doctor had been called at 8, coinciding beautifully with his 5th toilet extravaganza. Once the doctor had confirmed your original, if completely unqualified, diagnosis of food poisoning - you hadn’t been able to bite your tongue. Perhaps an ‘i told you so’ might’ve slipped past your lips, but Tom was a bit too out of it to argue back.
You’d been given firm advice from the doctor - he said little sips of water, rest and control his temperature. It all had seen pretty simple - though the action? Not so much.
It wasn’t his fault, yet Tom was not super compliant. You and Harry had both been taking turns in practically forcing him to take sips of water, having to turn off ‘modern family’ till he did. The blackmail had put you both in his bad book.
Honestly, thank the lord Harry was here too. You’d woken him up at seven, begging for help and since then, you’d tagged teamed. While one was looking after Tom, the other was phoning the director, the doctor, and the crew to inform them of the current situation.
Again, of all people. Why’d it have to be Tom?
Mainly because you knew how mortifying he found this. He didn’t like people fussing over him, never had. He liked to work hard, liked to make people happy - definitely didn’t like to feel a burden. Perhaps what made him feel ten times worse was that he knew he was inconveniencing the whole production team massively.
And yes, as you’d unhelpfully reminded him, it was ‘his fault’.
The lavish hotel room, big bathroom and pretty efficient AC still didn’t manage to mask the pungent in-the-back-of-your-throat smell from the bathroom. At the doctor’s advice, who had been a little concerned at Toms fever, Harry had cranked the AC on high. It had forced you to steal one of Tom’s big hoodies and a pair of joggers- you hadn’t left his room since he first called you, still wearing your tiny pyjama shorts and an old tee.
“Please turn the air con off.” His little voice whined from where he was lying, huddled up under the covers. Perched on the other side of the double bed, but over the covers with your laptop on his lap, you could actually feel him shivering with the chills. It felt like you were torturing the poor boy.
“T you know I can’t. It’ll make your fever worse.” The way he looked up at you, like a little Labrador that you were refusing to pet, actually pained your heart.
Okay, so yes it was his fault, but you weren’t mad, you just felt so awful for him.
“Please I’ll- I’ll pay you more.” His voice was hoarse; though he denied a sore throat, it sounded like the constant sickness was burning his windpipe.
“Tommm” you pouted, sticking your bottom lip out “I don’t want your money, want you to get better.”
Apparently giving up, brown eyes shot you the filthiest look in disappointment, rolling to face away from you. You thought he was giving you the silent treatment in a huff, but instead, he was praying on the weaker one.
“Harry, I’ll buy you that set of golf clubs-“
“NO!” You had to interrupt before Harry would say yes - because from the way his younger brother shot up from the arm chair, he was about to. Scowling eyes slowly focused back on you in annoyance, making you huff - shutting the laptop and kneeling on the bed to face him. After pressing the back of your palm to his forehead, which was scorching hot, you sighed. “I know you feel shitty and I’m so so sorry but I’m trying to make you better. So shut up, drink this and go to sleep!”
Like a child scorned, you received another death glare however, then he complied, taking a sip of the water you offered before lying back - huddling even tighter.
And it had been relatively peaceful for a few hours; Tom seemed to be getting some sleep - even if he was tossing and turning. Eventually, a prescription that the doctor had requested worked its way through the system, Harry getting a text to say he could go pick it up. The nearest pharmacy was probably a 30 minute drive from the hotel, so he left as soon as.
This left you alone with Tom, where the situation only descended into more chaos.
Almost as soon as Harry had left, Tom had stirred with a grunt. All it took was one look at his face for you to know. Both of you leapt up and flew into the toilet, Tom once again getting very familiar with the Moroccan toilet bowl.
This time though, when he had leant backwards, he’d sort of lost control and flopped most the way - you catching him before he could hit his head on the tiled floor.
“Woah, easy there!” It wasn’t like he’d passed out, but the look in his eye as he slumped into your lap… he wasn’t all there either. “Hey Tom… you with me? Tom?”
Lazily he blinked up at you, not really replying except for groans of half-formed words.
Deciding this had all got a bit direr, you almost sprinted back into the room, grabbing your phone and returning. He was still on the floor, his thumb and first finger pressing into each eye - groaning again.
“Hey Tom? I’m gonna call the doctor you need anything?” He whined in response, stopping only when you stroked his sweaty hair back, most of your attention on dialling the correct number.
The solution he’d given wasn’t pretty: Tom’s fever was too high hence why he was all woozy and groany. Until the doctor could get over with the stronger medications, you needed to lower his temperature in other ways or take him to hospital. He’d absolutely hate hospital, but the other choice? Boy, was he not going to like it either.
Ignoring Tom’s croaked question of what you were doing, you busied yourself switching on the bath taps. You let the water run until it was the right (very mild) temperate, then turned back to Tom, who’d managed to work himself up to sit against the sink unit.
“The doctor says you need it.” His brain was foggy, his mind was slow but your tone told him enough to know something was wrong with the bath. “Just take your clothes off and then I’ll help you-“
“Absolutely fucking not.” Good. He was still with it enough to argue.
“I am just as uncomfortable as you are Tom, but we both know you can’t stand up without fainting, so you are going to need my help.”
“Keep your boxers on and it’s just like a fitting! I’ve seen you have those before!”
It was clear as day just how emasculated he felt, especially because he knew you were right. Sitting up at this current moment was a push; there was no way he was getting in the bath without some help. Defeatedly he nodded, but gave you a piercing look to turn around before he started wiggling himself out of the flannel pyjama trousers and light cotton t-shirt. Most confusingly, he still felt freezing cold, yet he had long since learned not to argue with you - especially when your justification came from the advice of a doctor.
Your cue to turn around came in the form of an extra angry-sounding grunt- the look you got when you did wasn’t much better either. It was a weird contrast, though, having someone who physically appeared so indestructible (a superhero for crying out loud); to have been absolutely beaten to a pulp by a few mouth fulls of weird meat. You had seen his bare torso before, although it still wasn’t something easy to get used to - making you clench your teeth together just slightly. A very welcome view.
Perhaps you looked just a little too long at the man who was technically your boss, hunched angrily on the floor in nothing but his calvins - another grunt shaking you out of it. By now, the bath was almost full and you hurried to shut off the water, feeling your cheeks heat up as you cursed silently to yourself.
“Okay come on, gimme your arm.” Begrudgingly Tom followed your request, slinging his arm heavily over your shoulder as you crouched beside him. As strong as he looked, you knew right now he felt powerlessly weak - all that muscle was just going to be almost dead weight.
Now it was your turn to grunt and groan as you pulled Tom up to stand, him focusing on blinking away the headrush he got.
“Come on T work with me here.” Getting him to the side of the bath wasn’t too difficult, the issue came when he stepped with one foot into the bath and yelped, instantly withdrawing as if it was a literal ice bath.
The sudden movement had you both losing balance, ending with Tom sitting on the edge of the bath and you leaning over him, in between his legs, and slapping your hand on the wall opposite purely so you both didn’t end up in the bath.
“It’s like ice water!”
“Its lukewarm like the doctor said!”
“It is not its from the fucking arctic!”
“Oh for god sake!” Exasperated, you paced up and down the bathroom shaking your head at his ridiculousness. This was ALL. HIS. FAULT.
You came back to him with an ultimatum.
“It’s this or the doctor said I had to drag your ass to hospital.”
“Nooooooo.” The 25 year old seemed to convert into a whiny three year old again.
“Those are the two options. So will you PLEASE quit complaining and get in the bath.”
Keeping up the toddler persona, Tom huffed but reluctantly nodded in agreement - you had come up trumps. It didn’t stop him yelping when you helped to lower him in. His breath was shaky, as a response to the ‘cold’, but he was firming it. At least when you felt his forehead after a couple of minutes, it certainly seemed as though the fever was starting to ease off .
“You can go if you want.” His voice was murmured and as you looked up at him, he did his very best to avoid your gaze.
“Not a chance, if you drown on my watch, Nikki will never forgive me.” At the very least he seemed to appreciate your joke, scoffing a little with a small nod. “If you don’t want me here I get it. As soon as Harry’s back, I’ll swap with him.”
“No! It’s not that its… I’m just an ass when I’m ill.”
“A self aware ass, though.” Again he chuckled a little, as you folded your arms on the edge of the porcelain tub, resting your head lying to one side. “You had me pretty scared there for a moment, you know?”
He nodded a little, creating a wave of ripples in the water which you watched to avoid his gaze - which you knew was tracing all your features inquisitively.
“Hey it’s in the job description, always a bit dramatic... I’m sorry though I should never of called you- don’t know why I didn’t just get Harry.” In response you tutted, taking a moment to lean up and push his sweaty curls back a bit.
Just because you could, it was allowed in this moment.
“’m glad you did.”
“Yeh me too” He sighed, eyes fluttering shut in the easy silence of the bathroom. You kept a vigilant eye on him for the next 20 minutes, checking the temperature of his forehead using the back of your hand, whilst he seemed to finally get a bit of proper restbite, appearing like the worst had passed. You had no idea what was taking Harry so long; in fact it was the doctor that arrived first- who you ran to let in (not wanting to leave Tom asleep in the bath one bit).
Whilst the doctor did all his checks, taking his temperature properly this time, satisfied that it was much more manageable. He still wanted to set him up with some oral rehydration rescue packs to get his hydration status a bit better and give some anti-sickness tablets and antipyretics.
Having actually been getting some rest before all the prodding and poking, Tom was back to being a grumbling dick - now not wanting to leave the bath (the irony was real - making you roll your eyes). Once again, he appeared embarrassed to have you see him like this, so you left the doctor to help him get out and changed- instead going down to reception to get a fresh set of sheets, as he’d done a pretty impressive job of sweating through the old ones.
Even if tired and grumpy, when Tom exited the bathroom, he looked much better - he was walking himself without the doctor’s help. Which honestly was such a relief because when he had passed out on you, you genuinely were terrified. Thankfully the doctor stayed for the next 20 or so minutes, which was just when Harry returned with a bag of medications - which were now wholly redundant, given the doctor had already supplied everything.
“What happened?” Harry asked you in a hushed voice, whilst Tom was distracted with getting his medications. Recounting the story of Tom pretty much passing out, Harry grimaced for you, then launching over to give you a tight hug.
“Are you okay?” That was a novel idea, you hadn’t really thought about yourself at all - but honestly, you were a bit shaken, having been running on adrenalin for most of the night.
“I-uhm… yeh I think so… just-just was a bit scared, I guess? Felt bad too because he didn’t want me there but-“
“I can promise you Y/n, he did want you there. Just probably embarrassed he wasn’t all manly and that…” With a nod, you smiled softly at the frizzy-haired boy.
Whilst working with Tom, it also meant getting pretty close to his younger brother. The two Hollands were almost attached at the hip, which you were very much okay with.
It was weird though... your relationships were completely different. Harry was just your brother, through and through. He wound you up like a sibling but also knew you as if he had your whole life. With Tom… it wasn’t that. Arguably, you were closer to Tom, but on a different level. It was more exciting, more nerve-wracking and heartwarming all at the same time. Honestly, you couldn’t get your head around it properly.
“Hey, you’re probably shattered. Why don’t you go back to your room and get some sleep? I got it in here.” You knew Hary was trying to offer something nice, and now all the excitement had worn off, you were unbelievably shattered. But you didn’t like the idea of not being there, as a just in case.
“Uhm, I think I might just stay, you know?” And he did, with a deliberate, knowing smile, he nodded.
He knew you were worried. He knew Tom had really really scared you. He also knew how much you cared about his brother.
Just like how Harry knew Tom wanted you there, even if he felt embarrassed. Well, anyone would- when you are passing out half-naked in front of the one person that really matters.
It was just at this point that the doctor was done, giving Harry instructions about the rest of the day, when you made a beeline for the bed. Tom was propped up against the headboard, still with a pale sullen look and tired eyes, but a bit less clammy and more human. He cracked a smile as you crawled up onto the other side of the bed, kneeling next to him.
“How’re you doin’?”
“All drugged up, just feel fucking exhausted.” Instinctively you reached up to feel his forehead, really appreciating the fact it felt almost normal.
“Join the club mate, I had a 5am wake up call too.” You almost whispered, intending to make Tom laugh, but instead only getting a pout.
“I am sorry, a-are you going to go back to your room?”
“Nah” Tom’s eyes didn’t light up, except the fact that they very much did. “Can’t trust you not to get into trouble while I’m gone Holland.”
“Thanks.” He laughed weakly before shimmying down on the bed, so he was much more comfortable. “And thankyou, I-I’m sorry I’m a dickhead and made your life-“
“Shut up Tom!” Laughing, you lightly slapped his arm, also leaning down on the bed, so you were lying facing him. “You’re all feverish; go to sleep before you say something stupid.”
There was a long pause, Tom just gazing deep into your eyes, because he was pretty sure what he was thinking was nothing to do with the dodgy unidentified meat he’d had the evening before.
“What... like asking you out?”
“Maybe that wouldn’t be so stupid.”
~~~~im really not sure how I feel about this one, let me know what you thought ;) ~~~~
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It doesn’t seem as relevant in the OP’s case, since the Coffee gives me teacher powers shirt were clearly prepared to teach at least one of the languages they knew (i.e., French), but your point is resoundingly true in general. Raising a heritage speaker and raising a literate, bilingual child are two very different things. The latter is a long-term project that requires a lot of foresight and unity of purpose on the part of the parents. Sometimes they get lucky: if there’s a firm financial base, it can be as simple as sending the child to live with his/her grandparents or cousins each summer–they will learn the language, and it will be current. It then becomes a matter of encouraging literacy during the school year.
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Tumblr media
“on may 6th wtvr yr idfk it was a dark and gloomy day. ppl were crying…shakin nuggets at mcdonalds were was the second coming of the plague basically :/ bt then? this man came out of mizz fowlers coochie n the birds started singing, tom cruise was finally annihilated and? the sun came out :) “ - freya nilsen, may 7th 2021.
FULL NAME: tucker gabriel fowler.
NICKNAME:  tuck ( preferred ) .
AGE:  29.
BIRTH DATE:  may 7th.
ETHNICITY:  white.
BIRTH PLACE:  tallahassee, florida. 
GENDER:  cis male ( he / him ) .
OCCUPATION:  videographer / wanna be film maker.
PARENTS:  mother ( mama fowler ) , father ( dad ) .
SIBLINGS:   leo fowler ( favorite brother ) , 3 other siblings ( tuck’s oldest ) .
PET(S):  pancake lucier ( dog - gifted for 29th birthday by freya ) .
SPOUSE(S(:  engaged to emiri gursel ( broke it off ) .
FACE CLAIM(S):  j*ck quaid.
EYE COLOR:  blue.
HAIR COLOR:   light brown.
HEIGHT + WEIGHT:  6′3, 170lbs.
NOTABLE PHYSICAL TRAITS:  various scars across body.
AILMENTS:  pstd ( undiagnosed ) .
LIKES:  movies, animals, being outside, plain colors, conspiracy theories, leo fowler, 
DISLIKES:  loud noises, news programs, socks, social media, specific kinds of dinosaurs, gift giving bc he never knows what to get someone and he hates the anxiety, coffee bc it tastes gross.
DRINKING / DRUGS / SMOKING ETC: yes / only weed sometimes / no.
ARCHETYPE: the lover.
POSITIVE TRAITS: quick thinking, vision / goal oriented, motivated.
NEGATIVE TRAITS: timid, condescending, unwilling, stubborn.
GOALS: to be happy uwu.
FEARS: many.
ZODIAC SIGN: taurus.
MORAL ALIGNMENT: chaotic neutral. 
LOVE LANGUAGE: physical touch.
HABITS: picking at hangnails, constant worrying over nothing. 
born and raised in tallahassee, florida on a kind of shitty day in may.  tuck was a pretty chill baby, albeit a few weeks premature and coilcy. so maybe not so chill. mama fowler was a former pageant queen who all but prayed for a daughter to carry on the family legacy of pageantry and dad’s a business savant heir. it wasn’t until  years later that the truth about dad was revealed ; was unfaithful to tuck’s mom, and essentially jet setting off to new york after having an affair with his assistant right after the 5th fowler kid. 
growing up was fun, if you disregarded the fact that their mother wasn’t the worlds greatest. tuck was sure she hated him. was a typical kid who loved the beach, playing with friends and watching over his brothers like a hawk. wasn’t nessecarillay the worlds worst kid … just fuckin’ idiotic. picked fights he’d know he wouldn’t win, did things that were very obviously not going to pan out well .. and yet he did it anyway. tried his best to keep the siblings from killing each other ( kind of gave up with leo, instead uses his powers to protect him ) but sometimes it just didn’t work out all that well. unlike leo, tuck spent pretty much 99% of his time in florida with their mother. 
was still young when his mother would plop him down in front of the tv, movies playing instead of them interacting. they became his first - of many - loves. had a shitty youtube account in 2005 or whenever it was created, thought he was going to be the next van gogh of youtube or something. got his friends ( hi, matty ) involved with making them --- they never got any hits but it was still fun to be creative and figure out how they could make things just look cool. submitted to many student film festivals over the years ; reel short teen film festivals, national film festival for talented youth, SXSW competition shorts. first place winner of the SFSFF ( south florida student film festival ) in his junior year of high school, his biggest and most proud accomplishment to date.
CAR ACCIDENT TW / tuck was always nervous to drive. there’s many rules, and the idea of not being able to control other drivers on the road always used to psyche him out. got his license on his 17th birthday - and it was all fine and dandy, for that day. the next day. when tuck had gone to go to the store for his mom, a car running a red light t-boned him. the car flipped, and was pushed by the other one. the jaws of life had to pull him out, tuck was essentially slipping in and out of consciousness the entire time. was in the hospital for two days for head injury, then was sent home.
despite the other driver having injuries ( and prison time for this, among other things ) , mama fowler essentially pretended it never happened, despite tuck’s now almost paralyzing fear of driving. it’s gotten better over the years, but he has to be the one driving. absolutely refuses to have anyone else. if he’s under the influence, he will literally walk home. this has lead to constant nightmares and undiagnosed ptsd. 
was admitted to california state university ( CSUN ) for film production, and all but fled to california.  left florida pretty much as soon as he graduated to attend college in los angeles, with matty. while matty went into street fighting for extra cash, tucker wanted to go to film school and become somebody. it didn’t really work out. constantly submitted scripts ( all .. alright, but he was still just a kid - didn’t have the experience to make them great ), tried to get work ( hard industry to crack ) and genuinely wasn’t that great at anything he tried. had an internship given to him, graduated from college with a degree and now had no idea what the fuck to do. 
during the time between starting college and moving to irving, tucker kind of dated around. thotted around. not necessarily a player .. just really likes people. and things. but mostly people. met people like freya and willa, and others who he kind of stuck around with. 
got engaged to emiri gursel, broke it off. there’s more to unpack about that later ( love u, nala ) .
OVERDORSE / GRIEF TW came to live in irving ( and dragged matty by the ear as per usual )  to help leo with some legal troubles, because tucker loves his little brother more than anyone in the world. would set the government buildings on fire if he asked. would do just about anything and everything for that kid, likes to think he essentially raised him ( maybe he did ) . came around to hopefully help leo grieve of the loss of their cousin, keep an eye on him from going too far off the deep-end. while tuck wasn’t all too close with their cousin, it still makes him quite upset.
now works with valentina sanchez ; assisting with her freelance work when she needs a videographer.
has celiac disease and adhd. got leo and himself matching daily medication takers for their respective medication. 
loves love and attention ---- will keep you close, clingy, because he doesn’t want people to not love him anymore. 
has cheated death many times ( or at least i say so bc it’s funny )
his favorite movie is air bud: seventh inning fetch. always wanted a golden retiever, but never got one because mom is a fuckin’ hater.
takes CBD gummies every night to subside the nightmares - they don’t work that often btw.
working on a documentary about irving. the plot? unclear. but it’s there.
Tumblr media
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