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#This is just an idea that got stuck in my mind
enabi-seira · 2 days ago
Hot take:
You remember this scene?
(sorry for bad quality, recorded with phone. Mute recommended)
Loki and Mobius walking in a corridor when Loki stops to look out into the TVA city.
Loki: I thought there was not magic here.
Mobious: There isn't.
This seemed odd to me. Come on, Loki... you've been living in a space disk that has been around for thousands of years, on a culture based on interplanetary travel thanks to a big and powerful machine that is the Bifrost, plus you have floating buildings. You must know what technology is capable of!
And then I remembered an old post (sorry I don't know who said it) saying that, for the advanced society that is the asgardians, their warrior culture was... archaic?
They fight with swords and spears (they only use the energy cannons as defense), they don't have/show big spaceships for travel/trade (only the Bifrost and little skiffs), they believe in greatness through battle...
What if the asgardians are not as advanced as we thought? What if they've improved their magic system and left technology development behind?
Didn't Thor said in the first movie
Where I come from, technology and magic are the same thing.
More or less paraphrasing?
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ahatintimepieces · 5 months ago
It's interesting to hear your thoughts! (I personally like the concept of whichever two didn't win being a bullet h**l like Snatcher, and the winner helping you) but here's some more food for thought: if we kept the beta characters, would we even have Dadtcher? Or, would we like, mainly have Moondad content? Heck, would MJ be the fan favorite instead? So intresting to me to think about - EclipsesEnd
Ahh thank you so much!!! Annnnnnd idk that gets a bit too into the hypothetical for me/I have no idea how to guess what others will or wouldn’t like. But just for me, I guess it depends? Snatcher in the beta is interesting because he seems more mischievous than “ima eat your soul” scary? I get more peter pan/lost boy vibes since he’s a shadow left behind by a time traveler. And I sort of imagine he might like to stick around Hat more since she’s a time traveler and he was once one so maybe it’s switched where he’s the one constantly following her and pulling pranks/coming up with reasons to get her to stay. (Maybe more of a sibling relationship or just BFFs than paternal!)
No idea about Moonjumper but in the beta I personally am desperate to get the Moonjumper spirit separated from the prince. The Moonjumper spirit seems a separate entity from the prince. In the stuff I’ve seen, the prince’s spirit/soul is constantly trying to escape Moonjumper’s influence. Moonjumper seems to be a vengeful and manipulative puppet master corrupted by a timeless existence in Time’s End and intended to snuff out the prince. While it could be incredible to see that Moonjumper heal I guess I see this spirit as more of a thematic representation of how even in Time’s End where there is no time and thus no endings (that’s a take away from the Moleman lore). But! The Moonjumper Spirit becomes corrupted because it’s cold and lonely at Time’s End because no time means no nothing. While there’s no sorrowful goodbyes, there’s no one to love. There’s no life or hope. Only no endings.
And so the Moonjumper Spirit represents the inability to let go/to let things end and I suspect the whole point of at least this kind of story is you gotta. You gotta let go and enjoy the precious time you share with others but eventually you gotta let go. So, I feel Moonjumper would need to... leave............... for the characters involved in such a story to heal. Okay point is, in the Beta I assume the intended story would have been (at least specifically in subcon) that Hat would help the prince, Vanessa, and Snatcher by defeating the Moonjumper spirit. By defeating the Moonjumper spirit, who tries to have its cake and eat it too by refusing to let go but refusing to remain in Time’s End where the nonexistence of good-byes ALSO means the nonexistence of life and love, Hat helps the lonely denizens of Subcon to find hope despite the loneliness of living and the acute loneliness that comes with impending partings. In this essay I will.... that’s it that’s the end of the sentence.
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champiionic · a year ago
Tumblr media
( No one:
Absolutely no one:
Absolutely no one on this diddly darn planet:
Me: What if there was an a.u. where Os.wald, in the S.onic universe, became a recruit in F.orces? )
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cursedxiao · 4 hours ago
Hello hun, I don't know if you still accept requests, if not then please feel free to ignore this but if you do, could I request Kaeya, Childe and Venti x reader (possibly female if it's alright with you) who came from a date all mad about things the date did until she realizes the things she was completely annoyed by are also the things she loves about the characters? Thank you in advance and I hope you have a nice day 🤍
➝ things that only they can do that don't annoy you
Tumblr media
feat. ➝ kaeya, childe, venti
note ➝ i love this idea - also fem pronouns/nicknames used!
Tumblr media
➝ kaeya
you couldn't help but feel claustrophobic and cornered with how strong the guy was coming onto you
the way he tried to pry into every corner of you life, and asked so many questions — it was overwhelming, especially for the first date
so who could blame you for escaping as fast as you could
the stones of mondstadts streets clicked with every step you took — your shadow being illuminated onto the pavement by the moon hung in the sky.
"you look tense — what's got you this way, hm?" kaeya had appeared out of seemingly nowhere, his shoulders relaxed and smile that never left his face present. "was it that lousy date you had tonight?"
the man barely gave you time to question his appearance, but for some reason you weren't angered by it. if anything, your were relaxed.
kaeya had always been that way — talkative, liked to ask questions, and adored prying into peoples lives.
"yeah I guess that is the reason — one of them at least."
"well despite your disaster of a date — would you accompany me to the tavern? i hear the owner's brother makes for some great company, wouldn't you say so?"
kaeya spoke with such confidence, elegance, yet flirty undertones that it was just as overwhelming as the man from before — but the feeling of being cornered and stuck wasn't there.
maybe kaeya was exempted from your obvious distaste for cocky and prying guys.
➝ childe
the man who sat in front of you practically spoke in compliments and pet names
if you had a single mora for every nickname he had dropped, you would practically be rolling around in the golden house
so when your date announced it had gotten quite late, you immediately hightailed out of there
"woah, hey girlie — what's the rush?" childe had stopped you in your focused pursuit home, the smile on his face calming your anger slightly.
"nothing — just wanted to get home and to bed," you offered him the best explanation you could.
childe looked at you — knowing you had lied, but not pointing it out. "well the streets of liyue are dangerous so you don't mind if i walk you home, do you?" he wrapped an arm around your shoulders, already leading you in the way of your house. "wouldn't want my favourite girl getting hurt, would we now?"
your heart skipped a beat, unlike how it dropped whenever the man from your date dropped a nickname — it was enough to get the message across that childe was the only one that you truly liked the names and compliments from.
so you let him lead you home — then again you always would. and you would wait thousands of years, over and over again just to be called girlie, and told you were his favourite girl.
because childe was different.
and he always would be.
➝ venti
from the minute you had sat down, you had already regretted agreeing to this date
the man in front of you never let his smile drop, and the way he talked practically screamed joyfulness
and for some reason it was insufferable, but you had managed to make it to the end of the date without crying from exhaustion
as soon as you had walked through the door, your shoes had been ripped off, purse had been flung to the side, and lungs deflated. the breath you had been holding in since you left the restaurant finally leaving your body in the comfort of your home
"don't you look cheerful," green and white crossed your sight — the bard walking around your kitchen looking through every drawer and cabinet you had. "ah-ha!" he stepped back, the bottle of wine held in his hand.
approaching you, the smile he wore reminded you of the man you were with mere minute ago — yet this one... this one was more comforting and loveable.
"you look like you need a drink — that date must've been pretty bad if you didn't come home with that smile you always wear!" venti was already sat on the cushions of you couch before he finished speaking — bottle of wine making a satisfying pop when it opened. "now c'mon already, i want to see that smile i love!"
the thoughts that ran through your head were quiet, yet so loud at the same time — whispering to you what you wished you could ignore.
the reason the man from your date was so insufferable, was because he was no venti — and the smile he wore, didn't warm your heart, like the one that he was giving you now.
Tumblr media
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neakco · 6 hours ago
Vixen & Crow Ch. 4
Ao3 First Prev Next V&C Masterlist
The one where Amelia and Sebastian actually start figuring out how friendship works.
Coffee, the answer is definitely coffee.
The next morning held an early lab for business 101. Amelia got up early to make sure her new furred friend would have enough food and water for the day and she
still arrived early enough to grab herself a drink and find a good seat.
Sebastian came in several minutes after her. He was trailing leeches asking him to be their partner. Spotting her near the back his face lit up with relief. “I am terribly sorry but I have just located my study partner with a seat saved for me. I do thank you all for the offers though.”
Amelia sulked playfully, “Study partner? I thought we were friends.”
“Of course we are,” He began taking out his materials for class, “I just don’t like the idea of explaining friendship to leeches.” He glanced over and realised she was joking. “You can’t tease me when I haven’t had any coffee.”
“What do you take in it?”
“Two sugar, but don’t leave now, you will be late and I will end up stuck with a leech.” Sebastian sulked and placed his head on the desk. Stupid bird, he would have been early if he hadn’t needed to sneak it seeds.
Amelia reached onto the shelf beside her and placed a coffee and two sugar packets next to him. “It’s a good thing I already grabbed you one when I didn’t see the limo this morning.”
“You are upgraded to best friend of all time.” Sebastian grabbed the cup greedily and added the sugar, “You wouldn’t have anything to...” Seeing she was holding out a spoon for him he grinned, “Thank you. What are you drinking?”
“Earl grey with honey.”
“Don’t like coffee?”
Amelia shrugged, “I don’t mind it, I just prefer tea.”
Sitting for lunch Amelia looked around at all the leeches, “Two classes of this and we still have to deal with it at lunch. Does it ever make you feel like a goldfish?”
“A bit, but I cannot really do anything about it without offending someone.” Sebastian shrugged as he looked to see what type of sandwich he had grabbed.
Amelia was grinning, “You just need to think outside of the box.”
Noticing the twinkle of mischief, he put his sandwich down, “I am game.”
“Then follow my lead.” Amelia’s face turned red with rage, “How DARE you!” She yelled before grabbing her things and storming out of the cafeteria.
A look of genuine surprise plastered itself on Sebastian’s face as he hurried to grab everything, “Amelia, I am sorry. Please wait.”
The onlookers didn’t move, not knowing what their local celebrity had done, they were all too scared to follow and bring Amelia’s wraith upon themselves.
Amelia was waiting for Sebastian around a corner with a large grin.
“You are trouble, aren’t you?”
Amelia gestured for him to follow her, “Chaos makes the world turn faster.”
Seeing they were leaving the building, Sebastian asked, “Where are we going?”
“A secret picnic table I found in the woods while walking.” She pointed towards some trees, “The path is almost hidden.”
The trail led to a clearing filled with all kinds of flowers and a large umbrellaed picnic table at the center.
Sebastian was in awe; he had chosen a great first best friend.
“Since we have an hour between classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays, I figured we could meet here and get you out of the spotlight a bit.” Amelia said as she unpacked her lunch.
“And no one knows this is here?” He joined her at the table and took his first bite of the mystery meat sandwich.
“I am sure someone has to know; I just haven’t seen them yet.”
“This is our secret then. That’s awesome.”
They were just packing up to head back when Sebastian tossed something at Amelia, “Catch.”
She caught it easily and looked it over before asking, “Why did you throw a phone at me?”
“I noticed that you didn’t have your own yesterday so I asked Vanessa if there were any spare company ones.” He grinned, “No data, just call and text.”
“I don’t, I can’t, this is, thank you.” Amelia clutched the phone to herself as if it was the greatest treasure. “I was too new to get approved; this means a lot.”
“Don’t thank me.” At her look, he continued, “I mean it. Vanessa made sure that she had the number saved in her own phone and made sure her number was in yours. I think she approves of you.”
Amelia began to laugh, “Well thank you anyways. May I get your number?”
“I already saved it in your phone under Bestie.”
Amelia laughed harder. “Are we fifteen now? Twelve?”
Sebastian stuck his nose snobbishly in the air. “It may be childish but I have never had a best friend before and I plan to experience everything.”
Amelia choked on her laugh, “Oh you poor, innocent, boy. Please never say that in a crowd. They may take it as a far different meaning.”
“What do you....” Sebastian trailed off as a light blush took over his features. “I would never.”
“I am just teasing you again Bast. You will get used to me eventually.”
“I may need more coffee.”
Laughter was his only response.
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theshanemartis · 11 hours ago
day 10 || self para
what: shane get’s that funny feeling again when: evening day 10 tw: drugs, addiction 
the day had been surprising to say the least. after the chaos of the day before and this morning, she was honestly shocked by how the rest of the day played out. jenny was safe, joss doesn’t hate her, they have more food, and she and jenny kissed. it was a lot of good things all in one day after so many shitty days. but even in all of the good, it didn’t take long before thoughts started creeping into her mind. guilt and worry. what if what happened last night happened again? what if there was something she could have done to prevent it? if she hadn’t been so focused on herself, she could have scene the signs and helped them. if she wasn’t sleeping, she would have noticed jenny never came back. of course it was unfair of her to think this, but that didn’t stop her from thinking it. 
Tumblr media
that was when she got an idea. there was something, hidden in the jungle, that only she and jenny knew about, that could help. six little pills, hiding in a tree, that she has been trying to desperately not to think about. even now, staring at the fire with everyone sitting around camp, the second she thought of it, she couldn’t get the idea out of her mind. maybe if she took them, she could stay awake through the night and watch them, make sure they were okay and nothing like this happened again. 
getting up from where she was sitting in the sand, shane announced to the group. “i’m going to go use the bush,” she pointed over her shoulder to the jungle. “promise, i don’t need a pee buddy so i swear to god, if any of you follow me, i will piss in my hand and throw it at you.” without waiting for a protest from any of the “moms” of the group, shane turned and started toward the jungle. 
she knew she needed to be quick considering that was exactly what jenny had said before they went missing the night before. so once she was past the line of sight of the others, shane started running through the trees. if she just made it there and back quick enough, no one would question her. the hard part would be trying to get to the tree that the pill bottle was hidden in without falling in the mud pit in the process. if that happened, there was no way erin would ever let her do anything alone again. 
slowing her speed as she got closer to the clearing, she watched where she stepped, carefully going around to the tree that she had stashed the pills days before. she climbed up into the branches and thankfully, the little orange bottle was still there. she had no proof that joss or anyone else knew about it and she trusted jenny more than anyone, but she still worried that somehow, it would be missing. 
she opened the bottle and let one of the pills roll out into her palm before replacing the bottle in its hiding place. rolling it over in her hand, she couldn’t help but get stuck in her head. after giving up the oxy to jenny earlier, that nasty little itch in the back of her mind hasn’t gone away. just proving that after days of being sober, her addiction still had its grasp around her. she may have been distracted while laying with jenny, but the voice was ever present. the look of their eyes, the way their voice sounded when they spoke, how they easily slept on her. she wanted that to be her. she wanted to feel how jenny had felt after taking the pill. and while her care and worry for them was stronger in the moment, she still had that want, that need, in the back of her mind. 
adderall may be the exact opposite of oxy, in terms of high, but it was a high nonetheless. she could stay awake to watch jenny and subside that voice in the back of her head. why not kill two birds with one stone? 
she thought about crushing it up and snorting it, to get a quicker more intense high. but she knew it would be smarter to just swallow it and have it last longer. so she popped the pill in her mouth and dry swallowed it without another thought. 
of course, she would have to come out here again the next and the day after that, (because she knew that once she dove back in, there was no stopping it until all the pills were gone) but she didn’t want to risk anyone else finding out. 
cracking her neck and sucking in a deep breath through her nose, she already felt lighter just knowing that shortly, she will be feeling better. for a few hours, that voice in her head would shut the fuck up. she climbed down from the tree and started back towards camp, not running this time, but still moving quick enough so she wouldn’t worry anyone. 
once back at camp, she took her spot next to jenny again as if nothing happened. as if she hadn’t just broken her five day sobriety that none of them even knew about. 
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strawberrybananamin · 14 hours ago
Pretty much just a word vomit
To the one I've been missing
Bit of a weird thing to look for you really. It's something my mind, or my heart rather, took a pretty long while to realize. It was just a sudden brain snap or something, while biting into some sandwhich or whatever, that maybe, just maybe, my life reserved a seat for someone like you.
It was that annoying static that kept kicking at the back of my head. That static that kept me up for an awful amount of nights. That static that I've wanted to figure out, but I can't. I just can't wrap my head around the very idea that I didn't know what was wrong.
To be brutally honest, I always thought I'd be okay with being me, just me. But the more I kept thinking of being just me, the sooner I realized I was missing you. How ironic is that? Cause I don't even know you yet.
So now you've got the gist of it. You're one tiny missing piece, and I've got to find you. The world's pretty wide, but hey, I'd probably find you soon. What could go wrong?
Maybe I'd find you somewhere far or somwhere near. Hell, I'd probably find you walking 'round the block. I just have to try. I just have to have something, anything. Anything that would let me know, I'm inches from you.
Given these circumstances, normal me wouldn't get so caught up in this kind of spectacle. From time to time, my mind would probably let my pride in, and I'd doubt the idea. I'd maybe ask myself a couple of times, if I really needed this. If I really needed you. Then that all too familiar static banging my mind would come back, and it will be so, so much more louder than anything at all.
I would be pretty frustrated and impatient after a little while, because now that I've completely embraced the idea that I'm missing a part, I'll be head strong on finally knowing who you are.
Feeling emotional and desperate, I'll possibly think you're someone you're not. I'd feel the urgent need to find you that I would mistake you for someone else. And I'd give my heart to him, and what dumb luck that he gave his heart to me too.
For a short moment, I'll feel intact, because right at that very minute I'd reckon, I finally have you. That finally, I have that lacking portion that took me too long to find.
I'd probably be beaming and convinced on the fact that you were with me now.
That heart he'd give, it would just be new, innocent, pretty and all kinds of beautiful. It would be everything blissful and quiet that I'd wanted to find when I went out looking for you.
And him.
He'd be so, so perfect and on that moment I'll know, he's right, he's it.
I'll hope and hope he was it.
Soon enough, thinking life could not disappoint you with anything more, I'd feel stuck. Stuck on the moment, and stuck with him. Suddenly, that static is back again, panging behind my mind. That same static that told me way back then that something, one thing was missing.
And that feeling of being intact probably won't last long anymore. Maybe, along the lines, I would see that even with him filling the gap, he just wouldn't fit it as perfectly as you would. Something like that would completely throw my heart straight down the ditch cause right that second I'll find out that he wasn't that missing piece and that I still don't know squat about you yet. That I didn't and I don't have you.
I would maybe sit still, talking to myself, wishing hard that he was that missing portion. Because aside from the fact that I will have to let him go, we had it. We had the ropes and the twigs that tied us together, all the tics and cracks that made us laugh, and a time, that time, where we endlessly waltzed in our bubble.
How fair is that? It just downright throws me back to square one. What spares you from that kind of heartache?
That hurt of having to drop out someone else and fully invalidating the progress I thought I had. Are you really worth all the trouble?
I'll be losing inhibition and be completely out of my wits just because I needed you to fill an empty spot. It's just that, where the hell are you?
By this time I'd just feel numb and callous, and solely disappointed. I would walk around dragging my ego, completely giving up cause why bother right? Dropping my head down, I'd be too sobered up from all the bad turns I did to look for you and would maybe be beating myself up a tad bit more than I should that I won't see you walking by.
You would look up and feel a smile slowly grow on your face because you would probably be so happy to see me there cause maybe, maybe you were missing me too. That I was right there, walking your way.
But that smile would fade and you'd wonder why I didn't spare you, not even one lone glance. Why I kept walking, fully lapsing over the fact that you, my you, was right there.
So if I pass you by, please, don't let it break your heart. I've gone through a whirlpool of chances while looking for you. So if we do finally cross each other, give me a tap. Let me know. Beacuse then, and finally then, I'll be able to see those eyes I've been wanting to see. Those eyes, with shades and hues I'd never seen before. And after a long wild goose chase, I'd hear you say your name.
But, all this rests on alot of maybes, yeah?
A million possibilites could and would happen still. I'd probably have to outshine and outlast alot more things before reaching this point with you. Don't worry though, we will reach that point.
And when we do, we'll be outshining those things together with all the tricks and toys we'd manage to bring. And it wouldn't even matter cause right that second I'd hear that static again with its different tune this time. It's the kind of comfort that will repeatedly, endlessly shout to me, I got it right.
So right here, right now, this is my heart for you and it's set out to find the half of it. I'll love you with a one and only kind of love, because you are probably every missing color I would want to paint my life with.
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tsuki-chibi · 17 hours ago
Ladrien June Day 12 - Squall: Fencing
This story is a sequel to my Marinette March, Adrinette April, and Marichat May stories; I highly recommend reading those first.
You can also read this story on AO3: Squall
Renard didn’t stop until he was several blocks away from the Eiffel Tower. Only then did he drop to the ground and, after looking around cautiously, creep into a bunch of bushes that bordered a park. He crouched down, hoping that the lurid orange of his costume was hidden by the greenery, and took a couple of deep breaths. Now that he was away from Coccinelle, he felt a bit shaky.
It could have gone better.
But it could have gone a lot worse too.
She hadn’t attacked him, and she hadn’t run away. Those were two positives.
Still, her general disdain for both him and the city was concerning. Or at least, it came across as disdain. He supposed he didn’t know that it was for sure, since he didn’t know her. Maybe it wasn’t disdain at all. Maybe this was the one time in her day when she got some peace and quiet, and she was just irritated that Renard had interfered with that.
It was just…
She was just so different.
He couldn’t help remembering how suspicious Ladybug had been when Volpina showed up out of the blue. Chat had been the one who was willing to accept Volpina as a fellow hero. Of course, part of that was because at the time Chat had no idea that Master Fu had the other miraculous. He hadn’t even met Master Fu at that point, unlike Ladybug. So they’d been working with different information.
But even in spite of that, he thought that Ladybug would’ve been cautious regardless. That was just the kind of person she was. If their situations were reversed, Ladybug would have been slightly more welcoming than Coccinelle had been, but not by much. He did think that Ladybug would’ve at least been willing to hear a newcomer’s request to talk to her without demanding something else, though.
Either way, there was no use comparing the two now. Coccinelle was the person that he needed to deal with. Well, Coccinelle and Tortue. There had been no sign of the other miraculous holder, but Renard wasn’t stupid enough to think that Tortue wouldn’t show up tonight.
And that would be a whole different ball game.
He sighed to himself and sat down on the grass, taking a furtive look around before whispering, “Trixx, let’s rest.”
The pendant around his throat warmed with the resulting orange flash of light. Adrien put his hands out for Trixx to land on, feeling a swell of affection for the little kwami. It would have been really awful to be stuck in an alternate universe all alone. He might not have known Trixx very well, but Trixx’s presence was extremely comforting.
“Well, how did it go?” Trixx asked, staring up at Adrien with bright, expectant eyes.
“Not terrible,” Adrien said, getting a little more comfortable. “Coccinelle agreed to meet me late tonight. I’m sure she’ll bring Tortue along with her.”
“Is she bringing the Black Cat miraculous with her?” Trixx asked.
“Uh… not unless mind-reading is one of the skills granted by the Ladybug miraculous in this universe,” Adrien said.
Trixx pouted. “Adrien!”
“Hey! I can’t just go right up to her and ask for it, Trixx. It’s like Fencing. There’s some give-and-take to the situation,” Adrien defensively. “I can’t expect them to give up something so valuable that quickly.”
“I guess that makes sense,” Trixx said. “Sorry.”
“It’s okay. Besides, even if she had given me the Black Cat miraculous right away, it’s not like we could leave. We’re stuck here until Marinette comes back for us.” Adrien sighed again, thinking longingly of his lady.
Right now, he was trying so hard not to think about the mess waiting for him back in his world. It felt like this great big looming thing, hanging over him.
Marinette couldn’t make it go away, of course, but somehow things always seemed more surmountable in her presence. Just being around her made Adrien feel a little better. It was hard to bear not knowing how much more time would pass before she returned.
“Yeah, but then you’d be all ready to go when she does come,” Trixx pointed out. “So you’ve got your plan of attack all worked out?”
“Uh,” Adrien said.
Trixx gave a dramatic sigh. “Kittens. Okay, go buy me some ice cream and then we’ll talk.”
“Ice cream? You just ate!”
“And I just transformed you!” Trixx countered.
Adrien just groaned and pinched the bridge of his nose to quell a rising headache.
How did he keep ending up with the kwamis who ate so much?!
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callieb · 18 hours ago
I was tagged by the lovely @ihni - I'm trying to use tumblr a little more at the moment, as I've not been very good with it recently, so this came at just the right time!
1. why did you choose your url?
I DON'T KNOW. When I first started writing fan fic, I wanted an alias as I like to keep my online life pretty separate from my real life. For some reason I came up with the name... Callie Blossom. Yes, it sounds like a stripper name. No, I have no idea where it came from! I was maybe 23, and for whatever reason it stuck, although thankfully the Blossom part has fallen by the wayside over the years.
2. any side-blogs? if you have them, name them and why you have them.
Nope, I barely keep up with one as it is.
3. how long have you been on tumblr?
About 7 years - since August 2014.
4. do you have a queue tag?
I do not. I don't really queue my posts as I don't make enough of them!
5. why did you start your blog in the first place?
This one is actually all down to the lovely @avalonia320, way back when I still wrote for the Gallavich fandom! She noticed I wasn't on tumblr, because I'm weird and old and I don't really understand computery things, and she basically virtually talked me through setting up my blog so I could connect with all the creators I love.
6. why did you choose your icon/pfp?
I am a happy person, I googled happy icons, a smiling sunshine came up on the first page and I've used it ever since.
7. why did you choose your header?
I couldn't think of anything better and I like Stranger Things (obviously).
8. what’s your post with the most notes?
I made this observation about Aziraphale and Crowley that people seemed to enjoy quite a lot. If we're talking something I've actually written, then this soulmate AU fic for the Sterek Bingo 2017 did the best!
9. how many mutuals do you have?
I started counting, got to six, and then gave up. Is there a way of knowing this?
10. how many followers do you have?
367. I love them all, even (especially?) the porn bots.
11. how many people do you follow?
12. have you ever made a shitpost?
I don't think so? I'm not totally sure what a shitpost is.
13. how often do you use tumblr each day?
I check on it most days, but for some reason my crappy laptop takes foreverrrrr to load gifs/pictures, so I don't tend to spend much time on it. One of the reasons I'm not doing very well at keeping up with my blog, actually!
14. did you have a fight/argument with another blog once? who won?
Yes! I mean, no, but we're going to call it that so I feel cool. I once commented on someone's long post which had pictures of different bats that one of the bats was kind of freaky-looking. They replied saying that I was wrong. I conceded the point almost immediately. In retrospect, I deeply regret my judgemental words about the appearances of cute bats who never hurt anyone. All bats are loved on this blog.
15. how do you feel about “you need to reblog this” posts?
They piss me off and people should stop it.
16. do you like tag games?
I do! I frequently forget to actually do them though. I read the notification and think 'yeah, that would be cool!' and then don't go back and actually fill them in.
17. do you like ask games?
I find them a lot of fun! I always get anxiety that no one will ask me anything and then I'll feel silly though 😂
18. which of your mutuals do you think is tumblr famous?
Tumblr famous? No one, I don't think. Fandom famous is something else, of course. The wonderful person who tagged me in this game is definitely famous within the Harringrove community, and quite right too since she's brilliant, very talented, and absolutely lovely.
19. do you have a crush on a mutual?
Not like, a crush crush, but I have a writing crush on... well, so many people, but @lymricks particularly comes to mind.
20. tags?
Anyone who wants to do it! @buildyourwalls @katesierra @klayr-de-gall @comebackjessica @writerdragonfly, anyone else at all who sees this and thinks it would be fun, feel free to say I tagged you because I officially did.
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diorelli · 19 hours ago
Currently chilling right now because it’s the weekend and I have my period. Lately, I’ve been wanting to create and consume a lot of content so bad and that led me to my current status of being stuck. Suddenly, I’m too tired to do anything tedious, and my ideas are running out, and I’m feeling lazy.
Also, I realized I’m being so judgy with my self right now. This does not feel like a candid blog anymore because I’m judging it and I want it to look good >:( Okay, this is such a rambly post. It is a sneak peek to my mind right now - basically in chaos. Will stop writing for now because I can’t come up with anything coherent or interesting.
What I did today:
- Finished my “Productive, but at what cost?” artwork
- Read The Interpretation of Cultures by Clifford Geertz
- Watched an episode of Jujutsu Kaisen
- Just Dance with mom and sis
- Edited the “Day in My Life” vlog but got bored halfway through :<
Still, thank God and thank Universe for this day.
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livesincerely · a day ago
Ask game: 6, 10, 14 please? :D
6. Write 3 sentences of any wip and post it:
(Have four, just because I wanted to! ;D)
Davey opens his mouth, closes it, tries again.
“Yeah,” he says, blinking rapidly, his tongue heavy behind his teeth. “I’ve got it.”
“Okay,” Jack calls over his shoulder, already racing away. “See you later, sweetheart.”
“...See you,” Davey says to the empty air.
10. How many wips do you actually have right now?
So, I’ll list/count these in order from most fully realized to barely more than a concept
1. dress you up, dress you down (aka, tie fic)
2. take a shot (but how’s your aim?)
3. we’ll be on the road like some country song (aka, the run away with me fic)
4. the still untitled, domestic au proposal fic
5. betting slips
6. i’d get my knuckles bloody for you
7. it’s you and me (and everyone else)
8. a few letters off
9. untitled domestic au transition fic
10. untitled office romance fic
11. love at first sight’s for suckers
12. untitled domestic au grooming fic
13. here I am (stuck in the middle with you)
14. the soulmates fic duo
There are definitely other ideas strewn about, but these are all the wips that have actual paragraphs, dialogue, or outlines written for them. (I think)
14. What’s your favorite thing about writing?
That’s a hard one! The answer that’s immediately coming to mind is that I love finally finishing a scene/chapter/story.
It’s not even so much that I enjoy letting the story go, or like that it’s complete, but I love it when my ideas finally exist in a tangible form, so that I can revisit them somewhere besides inside my head.
There’s just something very satisfying about it.
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mira--mira · a day ago
Question from an aspiring writer:
How do you stay motivated on one project for such a long time?
I personally have the attention span of a goldfish, and whenever I have an idea I either have to write down everything my brain can spew immediately or have it be lost in the void for eternity.
Never mind going back and turning my outline into a fic or gasp editing.
Do you have any tips and/or tricks you use?
Ok, I got completely carried away with this just fyi, but hopefully I ended up answering your actual question 😂 tl;dr at the bottom.
To be honest, staying motivated is a tricky thing, one that I feel I'm still learning how to do even now and varies a bit between shortfics/oneshots and multi-chaptered fics/longfics. For a bit of background, I've been writing fanfic for about a year and a half, but I've been writing original fiction since I was seven, over a decade and a half, and I still wrestle with it. It's definitely a learning process.
One thing I wish someone would have told me when I was starting out was the power of ~scenes~ in either multi-chapters or one-shots. All writing is ultimately made up of scenes, but if you're struggling to put things together, focusing on an individual scene, or multiple short scenes, might help you focus on getting something completed, and it's something that eventually can be applied to longer works as well. Writing has been a snowball process for me and once I started getting anything completed, I felt more secure in knowing what I could write comfortably and what was out of my comfort zone, eventually getting to the point where I felt comfortable tackling bigger and longer projects and knowing I could stay with them.
OoT's interlude chapters and the snippet series are both good examples of scenes because I wrote them with that intention...even if most of them are actually two or three scenes combined. "Gai meets Hashirama and Madara", "Hashirama gets revenge on Kakashi", "Tatsuki and Hashirama pick flowers for Madara, then give them to him" etc. were all my starting points.
If you're first starting out and feel comfortable with outlines of some sort before you start writing I would encourage you to try and write down a bullet point list of your scene(s) and what you know you want to happen in it.
"Gai meets Hashirama and Madara"
* Hashirama meets Gai first, mistakes him for Lee.
* Madara is shopping for a gift for Hashirama
* Madara finds Gai and Hashirama, they spar, Gai kicks his ass, both of them love him.
This is how my initial outline looked for the first interlude chapter, technically each one of these "points" are their own scenes stuck together. Outlining is different for everyone, some people like super specific points, others even less detail than this. For me this is a nice middle that gives me a roadmap for the chapter, but allows plenty of room to naturally diverge and add detail. Play around with outlines and see what you're comfortable with/what gives you the best results.
I'm not sure of your individual situation, but if you're struggling to put together fics in general something like this might help. Doing this process again and again personally helps me stay on track and gives me a sense of progress.
This sense of progress is ultimately key and why I think motivation differs slightly between one-shots/short fics and longfics. If you confine the individual scene to a one-shot, that might give you the motivation to complete it. Even if you start writing and you get interrupted/can't finish having in one setting, bullet points sometimes help inspire me to finish because I'm not starting from scratch when I return to writing. The whole "eat an elephant one piece at a time" thing was difficult for me to learn, but ultimately proved true. Learning to chip away at something bit by bit is going to be the only (healthy) way to write longer projects you can't complete in one sitting.
For longer projects, it's a similar beast just on bigger levels and with an added dimension. I would actually suggest something similar to OoT for a starting project because it is ultimately broken up into arcs that you know and can reference, instead of making a lot of og content for a fan setting. Maybe not go into it thinking, 'I'll do a complete rewrite' but once you feel like you're ready for a longer project 30K+ or so, the rough outline method and the ability to follow arcs was what got me started when I eventually decided to make the fic multi-chaptered. Try writing one arc and keep yourself contained in that. Now the added dimension aspect in general for longfics is that you eventually want to plot individual chapters in a multi-chaptered longfic and individual arcs (character, plot, etc). This comes with practice. I honestly don't think there's a way to get around that. It's something that I'm still trying to work on and I can look back at my early work and see how I've improved, how I can recognize where things didn't go well in certain places, and how I would change them if I was writing today. That's a good thing to be able to do, it means you've grown! The other thing I find that helps with staying motivated week after week for longer projects is to roughly know where you're going and to try to be excited about a plot point/scene/chapter/etc that you're going to write. Really try to hype yourself up. For me, it's a moment that comes at the very end of the chunin arc and I start grinning even thinking about it because I know it's going to be awesome. It's always what gets me through the rough days, imagining the moment I'll get to actually write that scene in its entirety (it's definitely already outlined and I mentally play it out at least twice a week lol) and is a big motivating drive.
So far I think this is pretty standard stuff if you're an outliner and you've been writing for a few years, but the other thing motivational-wise for me is having a schedule. From reading this message alone, I would not suggest it for you right away. Get comfortable finishing small things and feeling confident that if you let an idea sit for a week or two, you can pick it back up and continue. But if you eventually dip your toes into longfics (and don't plan to pre-write everything before you publish) that routine and rhythm really helps keep me going. I've made a commitment, I've posted it online, I'm going to stick to it. No one is going to jump down my throat if I fail to keep it (this is still a hobby and having fun is the most important thing) but in my mind I should commit to it unless something irl prevents me from doing so. Don't put a tight deadline on yourself, I'd start with once a month or if you write shorter chapters every three weeks. This also would help you build up and get a readership, interaction being another big motivational key.
Also, it's important to accept that sometimes you bite off more than you can chew, and when you feel completely demotivated from a fanfic's okay to drop it. It's okay to take a step back and work on something else. Maybe you'll come back to it, maybe you won't. If you can, try to pinpoint what it was about that project that made you demotivated, were you pushing yourself too much and you got burnt out, was it an ongoing series and your interest for canon lagged and so did the fic, was it just too stressful to keep juggling plotpoints, etc. and keep that in mind moving forward. Every experience can be a learning one and eventually make you a better writer that can eventually tackle those bigger projects. Don't be afraid to take on big aspirational projects, but don't walk into them blind either. Above all, and this is repeated a lot because it's true, enjoy what you write. Some days you might not. That's true with anything, but any project you take on the good should outweigh the bad.
This is my wrap up of the motivational section but I also wanted to throw my two-cents in about editing because "oh no editing" is a perspective I've seen from a lot of writers, and used to have myself, but I think is going to stifle your progress in the long run.
Here's the thing: you need to look forward to editing.
You don't have to be jumping for joy, but editing, imo, should be a positive thing. You have all these great ideas, you made it into a fic, something you wrote, and now you get to go back and make it even better! This is a tough attitude to adopt. I'm not going to pretend otherwise. It took me a long time to unlearn the negative attitude and even then sometimes I still wish the editing was already done once I type in the last period. But I've learned to at least appreciate what editing does and I try to think to myself as I'm going through and making changes things like "wow, this suddenly became so much better. X plot point that I thought of ten pages from now is suddenly being hinted at and doesn't come out of left field. The transition points are a lot cleaner, it's not so jarring anymore. I bet the readers are going to love this little detail. Here's some foreshadowing that I hope someone picks up bc it's going to come back in like 5 chapters from now" it's hard, especially when you start, but this is something you made, and now are actively making better and that's something to celebrate.
I hope this helps anon! I know it's a lot and I'm by no means an expert but I've been doing this for more than a decade because I love it and I want to help others get into writing to! I have no problem answering any writing questions you may have if you find this helpful!
-motivation is slightly different between short/long fics.
-starting out, learn to outline by scenes and focus on finishing small projects and getting to a point where you feel like you can put something down and come back and pick it up again in a week. Completion is key and will help you feel satisfied/know your limits.
-long projects also can work on the scene-to-scene outline but now with individual chapters and individual arcs. It's tough to balance both but comes with practice. Bit-by-bit is key, as is having 'one moment you can't wait to write', possibly a schedule if it works for you, and reader feedback are all huge long-term motivational points.
-editing is tough but learn to look forward to it instead of dreading it.
edited: added a bit more/few typos fixed
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oversharingempath · a day ago
Can you count in binary? no
Do you like refried beans? they’re okay in certain circumstances but i certainly wouldn’t choose them over other types of beans
How many towels do you own? i think i have like 15 including my old towels that i use for messes and beach towels 
Have you ever worn a bra on the outside of your shirt? no
Do you like being naked? i don’t mind it
Are pterodactyls pterrifying? eye roll emoji
Have you ever kissed a giraffe? no but i totally would given the opportunity
What’s on your favorite t-shirt? a tree and some text
What’s the last thing you looked up on Wikipedia? graysexual
Have you ever shot a Nerf gun? yeah
What do you smell like? right now, i probably smell pretty neutral. maybe a slight hint of my blackberry and green tea deodorant and my shampoo
Would you snuggle a snake? as long as it was a nice snake
Do you like thrift stores? yeah, they’re pretty cool. you can find a lot of good stuff in them
Hard or soft peppermints? soft
Do you like tea? yes
What browser do you use? chrome
How often do you put lotion on your hands? rarely, but now that you mention it, i could use some lotion on my hands 
What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever thought of doing for a job? now that i’ve lotioned my hands lol... i was almost a dominatrix 
What’s the worst job you’ve ever had? i worked at staples for like 2 hours once. they made me do a scavenger hunt of items around the store. i walked out and never came back 
Have you ever gotten stuck in quicksand? only in video games
Can you whistle? barely 
How many digits of pi do you have memorized? just 3.14
Have you ever been in a pie eating contest? no
Do you like watermelon? i love watermelon. i actually just love melon. i got a fresh cantaloupe and just cut it up and it was sooooo tasty
Where’s one place you’d love to visit in your lifetime? japan
Do you pick up pennies that you find on the ground? no, especially not with covid
Have you ever painted all of your fingernails a different color? i don’t think so
Grey or gray? And where are you from? grey. i’m from the usa but i just like how grey looks as opposed to gray
What’s your favorite type of cake? red velvet or hummingbird
Have you ever eaten grass? probably as a small child
Are you wearing socks? no
Are you wearing headphones? nope
When was the last time someone played a practical joke on you? no idea, no one ever does this to me 
Were you upset? -
How are you feeling now? a little more relaxed than i was earlier, thankfully
What time is it? 4:59 pm
What color goes best with your favorite color? ooh, it depends on the shade of green. olive - maroon, forest green - royal purple, sea foam green - tangerine
What’s your name? simon
Have you ever had Chocovine wine? okay, i had a bottle of that stuff that sat on top of my cabinets for years and when i moved out of my old apartment last year, i finally threw it away. never drank it because i hate wine in general, it was more of a display item in my house
Have you ever used a Dvorak keyboard? no
Are you wrapped in a blanket right now? nah
Have you ever petted a pufferfish? nope
Have you ever made cake from scratch? yeah, with some help
Do you watch South Park? no way
Are you eating anything right now? no
Are you afraid that artificial intelligence will take over one day? not in my lifetime
Do you keep the fortunes you get out of fortune cookies? if they’re really meaningful, which is not many
Do you like chocolate oranges? i LOVE chocolate oranges. LOVE THEM. it’s one of my favorite parts of christmas when my best friend brings me my chocolate orange
Do you like to go hiking? i love hiking. took a 2.5 mile hike today!
Can you make a paper airplane? uh... maybe? i’m sure muscle memory would kick in as i started folding even though i haven’t made one in years
Have you ever shown an animal? What type? nah, i have no interest in that. besides, my pets are all rescues and showing animals usually requires a pedigree
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