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#These boys have a problem 😔
just-like-playing-tag · a month ago
Norman: You’ve got to learn to love yourself
Ray: Don’t you actually hate yourself?!
Norman: Well yeah but this is about you, stay focused
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xiaowhore · 12 hours ago
Tumblr media
i've been away for a long ass time so you may have very well forgotten who i am and you might be wondering "who tf is this loser appearing on my dashboard" and uh- let's just say im a hoe for anemo guys <3
okay, first things first. i went on an unannounced hiatus since march (well to be fair i didn't think it'd be a temporary leave) cuz i was like... tired. of genshin. i found everything boring and couldn't enjoy the game as much as i did before, and consequently, lost interest in writing for the characters too. i honestly didn't think anyone would notice i went MIA lol
i initially thought this blog would die sooner or later after days of inactivity, so i was surprised when i saw the fuckton of notifications 😀 not to mention when i checked my follower count, i saw 6.6k which is just 🙃❓❓ guys???? there's so much of you???? t-thank you so much for the support even though i've abandoned this blog???? honestly i don't even know how to react, 6.4k is- yeah...
ahem. sorry. i got off topic. basically i lost interest.
well, i swear i did... i was about to move on entirely...
so yeah. here i am. i felt a desire to write for my precious boy and considered starting anew on a fresh blog but i also thought leaving my current one would be a waste (and no im not about to find another aesthetic and create new banners thank you very much) this decision brings its fair share of problems of course, because now my inbox is loaded, and idk if i should still reply since its been so long and my answer is too overdue... i feel really bad about leaving you guys hanging, but i can assure you that i read all of your messages!! im just a mess when it comes to socializing and im not sure how to deal with asks... i really appreciate all your lovely comments, that much i can guarantee ;-;
shoving aside the complications for now — i hope you don't mind this bitch writing again! i look forward to posting something new soon <33
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stay-midnight · 2 days ago
I would giggle and grab Jisung’s hands just to fiddle with them. “Good cause if you were anyone else’s we would have some problems princess~ the other members are fine but you’re mine okay?” I would move so I would be look at him straight in the eye then I would smile brightly, “Of course!” I would tilt my head thinking for a second, “Isn’t Chan-hyung also fun sized meaning Bin is also fun sized?” I would snicker, “Jisungie~ you’re the same height as Chan-hyung meaning~~~” I would pull myself into his lap and wrap my arms around his neck. I would caress his cheek and leave a kiss on his cheek after all the kisses. I would nod and look down at our hands then look up with a serious face, “I hope you know you’re not getting your hand back.“
I’m still learning as well. Ahh I see, stimming isn’t a way to get rid of anxiety, it can get rid of anxiety but that’s not what stimming is. Stimming helps you calm down from extreme emotions not just anxiety :). No problem!! :D- I would shrug and smile, “I don’t know to be honest.” I would squeak and blush brightly, “hello~” I would say quietly and softly. “Nope,” with making a pop sound at the P. “Just wanted to try something.” I would avoid eye contact as much as possible. Oop- I cry when people get mad at me soooo this shall be interesting. Unless he has a thing for crying— This will be fun cause I may be a switch but I feel like I’m more dominant than submissive.
I would chuckle and pat Changbin’s head before resuming playing with his hair. I would hum, “that’s good, I don’t want my baby getting cold now would I?”
I would yelp and glare slightly at the two then mumble, “that hurt.. Baby can we cuddle while you work? These two are being mean ☹” I would make grabby hands towards Chan and try to wiggle out of Minho’s and Seungmin’s hold.
“Hmm the bestest boy, my puppy is such a good boy for me,” I would rub Chan’s side gently, “my good boy~”
I would lean into Minho’s touch and close my eyes for a second, relaxing for a bit. “Hmm I guess but the other boys want me to theirs too. I guess I can make an exception for you though,” I would tease lightly and move forward a bit to place a soft kiss on his lips. “- lee know! Sorry,” I would smile shyly. I would smack his arm lightly, “Stop it tooo much,” I would pout and move to hide in his shoulder. -•^•
Jisung would smile at you goofily, “Oh? Is that your possessive side?” He’d tease by poking you in the chest. Jisung would look at you in awe, “I’m telling Hyunjin you’re getting a divorce with him since you're marrying me now~” He’ll whisper in your ear, humming afterwards. He’d puff his cheeks and look at you, “I’m 0.01 taller than Chan-hyung so I’m not fun-sized~” He’d say poking his tongue out. He’d laugh and shrug, “It’s fine~”
Ohh Okay! Thank you for informing hehe 😅. Seungmin would titter at your reactions, “You’re very lucky, I want you keep your innocence for now~ Cuz I would’ve gone further than Jinnie.” He’ll say teasingly, before unpinning you from the bed. Giving you a small peck at your lips at the end. Oop— Seungmin with Dacryphilia wbk 👜. Whatttt?!- you don't give off dominant energy— but thats prolly me stereotyping 💀💀.
Changbin would smile, “Very warm, like Lix or Minnie.” he’d say hogging you impossibly further aka crushing you with his muscles 😃.
Seungmin and Minho would pout as Chan laughed while carrying you out of the two’s grasp. Their whines would still be prolly heard.
Chan would whine (secretly he wants his collar 😔) and just softly bump noses with you like a puppy would. He’d want to get petted all day.
Minho would smile and admire your features (sometimes he’ll probably lose focus and don't hear your words from the amount of staring-) “Well, they should beat it cuz I claim you now~” He’d respond with a pout. Minho would snicker when you said "lee know" “Nothing is too much, cutie.” He’d tease with a cat-like grin.
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watermelonseb · 4 days ago
Chris I’m going to write an essay in your ask box so you can catch up on important stuff not some useful seminar that will help you in your career I mean important stuff and I mean cars
Alex qualified p14 which was poo
But it means he had a lot of cars to overtake and let me tell you he did overtake some spicy cars with his spicy car and was so fast and so impressive and so bastard to damage mÃŒller’s car and he yeeted himself into p4??? Albonium close enough
Also Liam my son yeeted himself from p7 to fcking winning the race????
Also there’s that stupid ballast rule in dtm which means top 3 will get some extra ballast but not Albono himself he’ll be ballast free and I’m hyped for tomorrow
Also I love dtm but not the rule of updating the lineup once a lap this is poo also quali is boring
But I love the race woo hoo was fun
F1 was a lot of rookies causing red flags which made me super annoyed
Horse team finally slower and merc and rb top 4 nature is healing
I’m sad to tell you but seb and Este didn’t make it to q3 😔
But they’ll do an albono and probably will overtake everyone boom seb and Esteban podium
Czarlz was annoying as hell and whiny and everything someone make him not my problem please
That’s it ❀❀
You didn’t miss that much but you missed some things come back I miss you
Xoxo Mal
Okay, this is so very amazing and I love you!
Cannot wait to rewatch the DTM race to see what‘s crackalin, the light of my life really said: let‘s make it inch resting and decided to qualify in the bottom half, holy shit 👀
Alex Albon, king of track limits and recovery drivers 👑👑👑
Will skip F1 quali though, no need to see my boys have shit luck
Also fuck them horses, horses are for 10 year old girls not grown men 😀
Cannot wait for Seb and Este to yeet tomorrow though, let‘s just not get a Bahrain repeat, my heart cannot take it 🕯🕯🕯
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clarys-heosphoros · 6 days ago
just a little something i wrote about bisexuality
My friends asked me to post it, so here it is. I wrote it for an irl friend who needs it for an Instagram page. I did it under 20 minutes???? So it might have a few errors here and there and I'm too lazy to correct them 😔 but here you go:
"Bisexuality is truly a rich and complex tapestry."
Yes, you read that right. It's a line picked up from the book 'Red, White and Royal Blue' by Casey McQuiston. Be sure to read it if you haven't.
There is a distressing stigma surrounding the LGBTQIA+ community. Although people have been making more and more progressive measures for our community in recent times, India still needs to take a gigantic leap to bring an end to homophobia(or any kind of prejudice against our community). I say our community, because I am one of them.
I do not remember when, or how I realised it - I was really young, I think. I like girls and I like boys. It's not something I can control, not something I can erase, and definitely not something I can "spread" or "infect" (contrary to many myths about bisexuality).
Bisexual people do not two-time, do not cheat on their partners, are not "confused" - they are as human as the next straight person, it's just their sexual preference that sets them apart.
I came out to my friends in seventh or eighth grade, and they were extremely supportive. Coming out was not an issue for me because I knew my friends would be understanding and encouraging. I do not mind talking about my sexuality because most people around me are welcoming, and I am ever grateful for that.
There was a time when I felt terrible for my sexuality. I wished I could change it, wished it was a process I could reverse - but in the end, it's just who I am. I came to terms with it, and if anyone else can't, then that's not my problem.
Over time, I've read about various bisexual celebrities and their coming-out stories. I've read books with LGBTQIA+ characters, watched movies and shows and enveloped myself in a space that felt like home.
I was born this way, therefore I am. I am glad to say that I am proud of myself for coming this far and I really appreciate all the love and the support I've got over the years.
If you're closeted or unlabelled or questioning, worry not. There is no rush to figure anything out. Give yourself time, take things in your stride. You are still loved and very, very valid.
This Pride Month, I would love to wish everyone happiness and success, whether they're in or out of the closet. No one can define you, you define yourself. No one can judge you for who you are, it is you who makes your own choices. Do not let anyone take your identity away from you.
thanks for reading this far. tagging a few people : @reyna-herondale @just-here-to-escape-from-reality @justadreamyhufflepuff @coffee-fandoms-and-chaos @gods-shadowsandcrows @doritosandbluethings @bi-peanut @shadowhuntingdemigod @inejghafasupremacy @wannabe-warlock @revati3008 @kitandtyarelife <333 
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scentistmp3 · 6 days ago
new onewe songs!!!!!!! i am, as always, slightly disappointed with the title track it’s so catchy but it seems so rushed i guess? but u should listen to this mini bc ur boy (dm) his voice has improved a lot and he gets to shine imo! my faves are ai and cosmos: ai is so chill and cosmos is peak historical fantasy ost.. also aurora but they’ve performed that live before so i ruined it for me by playing the live version over and over before the album was released 😓😓 also in other news everyone’s clowning e3 and my only thought is BOTW 2 COMING 2022 i’ll die i’ll dieeee and it looks like the terrain is floating chunks islands which is my favorite fantasy terrain ever it gives me castle in the sky it gives me the mmmh music video i’m so exciteddd unless they let me down again.. 🔪 -تي تي that’s arabic for tt i hope you missed my rambling blocks of text staining ur inbox
ok first thing i wanna address is that the "staining" my inbox reminded me of a gintama arc 😔💧 don't remember what the hell sougo & kondo were saying but it was beautiful & poetic so i find figurative stains endearing now . hi tt anon my beloved ❀
so i have only listened to the title track for now but i will pretty much write my reactions to the bsides as i listen to them LMAO, and personally i rlly liked it even though it could've been... more? but to be fair topping a book in memory is hard and if i expect a book in memory everytime they release a song i'll never be happy HJFDHKJ. i really enjoyed it, it's going into my current faves playlist for sure. i actually enjoy the acoustic guitar for once 😭 my biggest problem i think is that the mv is very much Not Delicate (albeit i guess a bit boring) but the song feels so... it doesn't go as hard as like. nearly being fucking drowned 😅😅😅 and as a lover of Anger and Passion and Strong Feelings in music it feels like a watered down moonshot. now i'm not sure how they could've bettered it actually though. let me think. maybe harin going harder on the drums? and More electric than just during the bridge? which i get isn't easy for when u play it live but... yonghoon should play the acoustic guitar while kanghyun plays electric guitar. i think this would make it better. also crazier vocals though i'm already happy with what we got but yonghoon relies on his falsetto so much can he scream more please. maybe a different rhythm in the chorus too but i like it in the post chorus, i really like the post chorus actually!! the drums should have a different rhythm i the chorus however i think it's the same problem i had with valkyrock. the rhythm is done weird. it's fast paced like in a pop song and ykw it reminds me of avicii which yeah it fits weird with the song... omgg can u believe initially i was gonna say "i don't have many thoughts on it" LMAOO i can never shut up can i
now for the bsides... well the intro is an intro. i do not have much to say 😔
aurora..... is so nice? i haven't heard it in full yet but this is really good and is also going on my playlists!! the chorus is very satisfying to hear i love it 😭 i hadn't heard it before bc i don't keep up with shit HDJKSHFK but i really like it a lot!!!
miss logo i do love her...... it still feels like there's something missing ngl but i'll still cry to it so it's all good! i'll need a couple more listens to have fully formed thoughts i think but i like it very much!
onto a.i....... ohh a song with a brighter tone from onewe? hasn't happened since end of spring LMAO. ohhh this is really good this is really really good!!!!! *free jazz mcdonald's tiktok voice* i'm lovin it. i will absolutely do a feedback on giwook dongmyeong & yonghoon once i'm done with the mini bc i have many thoughts especially on dongmyeong yeah 😭 u were right he has improved but i wanna elaborate on that. OHHH KANGHYUN WITH THE GUITAR!!!!! this is so pleasant OHHHHHH DONGMYEONG WITH THE ONOMATOPEIA THAT WAS SO NICE i love that song. i will marry her. i like this kind of song but they're not usually my favourites and well so far?..... so good
i do like veronica :00 this is gonna be an unpopular opinion but i actually don't like ateez' older songs that much for the majority when it comes to the happier/brighter songs and veronica fits in with those songs, except it's better and has a band. like if winner & ateez's best happy songs had a baby and it was better than both of them. that's veronica. does that make sense. it's not groundbreaking but i love it
cosmos now!! oh you're riiight about that song. historical fantasy drama with this song as the soundtrack i would definitely watch. this is so tragic and beautiful i can only imagine what kind of storyline they'd add into a drama like that. it's hmmm maybe not one of my favourites on this mini but to be fair? they also all are favourites. they're all really good songs and ykw i don't wanna pit winners against each other. love wins
NOW ONTO MY BELOVEDS i will not judge harshly at all except for yonghoon i Guess but like. hmmm! oh yonghoon how i wish you used your mixed voice more! falsetto is hard to use (at least for me) so i get that he's showing off but sometimes you just gotta yell really loud and strong. it would make the songs a lot more powerful imo (not all of them but like, some). ofc i'm not gonna criticise his technique i just wish he used his voice differently with every release giwook is more & more pleasant to listen to which is really cool considering he already started out pleasant lol... now we all know how kpop rappers are but idk he's nice he's neat. he mostly just talk sings as they do but it's at least nice to hear, and everytime he and dongmyeong play off each other in songs it's a delight!! just very good. 10/10 and of course. dongmyeong. you're absolutely right he's been improving a LOT with every release and personally i really appreciate when he uses his lower tone as well bc you can feel he's comfortable with it (unlike... well.) bc he's really learnt to use his range. and actually? as i have compared yonghoon's use of the falsetto to jonghyun's (bold move but i'm not taking it back) i will compare dongmyeong's vocals to taemin's. they both have this smoother tone that makes them really good as supporting vocalists, something i realised listening to this mini, he will never be a vocalist like yonghoon in the way that his voice will never sound as powerful, like powerful for a main vocalist in a kpop group, but used the way it's being used as a lead vocalist, it really fits!! and if he were to like, go solo or whatever (extremely unlikely i know this is just hypothetical) i could honestly see him do similar stuff to taemin when it comes to how he'd sing. ofc i'm not expecting him to become a dance master even if he's onewe's best (and only?) dancer LMAO but their vocals are similar in that way
whew that got super long i'm so sorry but I AGREEEEE BOTW 2 MY BELOVED. ppl have been drawing comparisons with skyward sword & saying that it might be taking place in skyloft and honestly? HONESTLY? please. i'm already excited for ss hd (as upsetting as it was that most of the game had nothing to do with skyloft itself i just spend my time flying around lmao) but botw 2 i am Looking. and yeah it does give castle in the sky ohhh my favourite ghibli film oohhhhhh my beloved OOHHHHHHHH
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radroller · 7 days ago
Misc notes on my recent Ex-Aid watches:
Every first-quarter power-up has the problem of being upstaged pretty quick but Mighty Bros XX may be the worst case of that. Like power creep’s a problem throughout Ex-Aid but Parad was knocking Mighty Bros around after one or two eps.
I always loved Nico but i forgot how much she carried this show. Like it goes beyond making Taiga more likable, HER likability is through the roof.
It’s been legitimately interesting seeing Kuroto Dan gradually become....what i know him as after learning behind the scene stuff.
I wish Asuna appeared more often 😔
I fuckin love Emu, dude. He’s such a good boy but even aside from that it’s so cool seeing him come into his own and learning to gel with his disaster of a supporting cast.
They really didnt have to do that to Burgermon.
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kloud1542 · 10 days ago
the kokichi piss fic via /r/emojipasta
the kokichi piss fic
Shuuichi woke 💯 up ☝ at three 💁 in 💆🏌 the morning 💖 to the curious 🙇 sensation of something 🧌 very 😜 warm 🔅 and wet 💧 against 🀚 his 👉🚹 leg. 🍗 He 👚🏻 knew 🙀🙈 it was three, 🕒 because 🀔 the alarm ⏰ clock ⏰ by ⏩ his 💊 bed 😎🛌 glowed bright 😎 in 🛖 the dark, 🌌 and it took 👫 him 👎 a shamefully long 💇‍♀💇‍♀💇 time 🀑 to wake ⏰ up 💪🙅 enough 💊 to realize 🀚 what 🀀🀀🀀 had 🧑‍🊜🔊 happened. 🀔😂😍 It wasn’t ❌ until 🍏 Kokichi made 👉 a little 🐩👧 sound 🔊 in 🏢 his 💊 sleep 😒 and shifted slightly 👌🏻 against 🚫 his 💊 side 🀚 that 🍆 it really 💯 hit 👊 him. 👎 Shuuichi reached one 📷 hand 🙏 under 😡 the blankets and felt 😎😰😰😎 around—sure enough, 💊 there 🐱 was a warm 🙀💊😍 wetness seeping into 🀓 his 💊 pajamas and the sheets. 🙈 That 🏻🙅 couldn’t 🙅‍♂ be 👌😳 good 😌 for 👻 the mattress, he 👚 thought 💭 idly. Further 🔙🀔 exploration proved that 😠 Kokichi’s pajamas were 👶 soaked, and well, 🀷🀕 there 😱😳 was simply 😡 no 😱😚😰 doubt 🀷‍♀ that 💀 the other 😏 boy 💁‍♂ had 🥕 wet 💊 the bed. 🛏 Shuuichi’s bed. 🛏 On 🔛 their 😗 very 📈✅ first 👆 night 🌝🌚 sharing a bed 🛌 together. 👯 Carefully 👌 taking 👊 back 😫 his 🀓 hand, 👊 he 😟😻 pondered his 💊 next 👉 course 😂 of action. 🎭 Did 😜 he 😳 wake ⏰ Kokichi up? ☝ Did 😜 he 👚 wait 🌕🚏🚏🚎🏿🚏🐍 until 🕛🍆 morning? 😘 Eventually 🔪 the pee 👷🏿‍♂💊 was going 🏃 to get 🉐 cold 🥜 and uncomfortable, 😖 and what 🀪🀪 if Kokichi still 🙄 had 😎🈶 to pee 👷🏿‍♂💊 more? 😩 He’d drank a lot 🍑🍑 of Panta right ☝🏜 before 🎅🏻 bed—would he 👚 wet 💊 the bed 🛏 even 🌃😒 more ➕ if Shuuichi didn’t 🥰 wake ⏰ him? 👎👚 Was this a problem 🏻 he 📷 usually had 😗 or just 👻 a fluke? So many 👬 questions
! ❓ “Nngh, Saihara
?” His 💊👊 decision was made 👑 for 👌 him 👎 as Kokichi sleepily cracked 😀 open 🌊 his 💊 eyes. 😙 With a sigh, 😔😭 Shuuichi leaned over 😳🙊💊 and turned 😍 on 👋👇 the lamp. 😯😯 Kokichi flinched at the sudden 😱 light 🚚 filling 🥧 the dark 🔫 room, 🏚 but ⚠ after 🖐 a few 😋🔢 moments, his 🐍 expression changed. 😩😩 First 🥇 was confusion, ❓🀔 and then—utter terror that 🐄👉🚶 Shuuichi had 🀧 never ❌❕❕❕❕ seen 👊🏌 on 🔛 Kokichi’s face. 😠 “S-Saihara, I
” 🙋 “You 👈 wet 💧 the bed.” 🛌 It was almost 💞 comical how 😀 the same ❗🀢 boy 🍆⏫ who 💁 pretended as if he 📷 was some 🈯 terrible criminal 🔫♎ mastermind who 😡 had 😎 no 🚫 shame 😳 now 🙄 looked 👀 absolutely 👊 mortified. Considering the two 💏 of them 🀫😶 had 💔 only ✋👀 just 👏💞 broken 💔 past 💊 all 💯 of their 👏👏 barriers and tentatively started 💢 a relationship, doing 😙 something ⚛ so embarrassing must 🔒 have 👏👌 really 😧🔔 affected 😛 him. 👎👚 Shuuichi wished he 👚🀠 knew 🙀🙈 exactly 😉😉 what 😊 Kokichi was thinking, 🀔 if only 🕊🀠 to know 💭 how 😡💯 to best 🊊 comfort him. 👎 “I 🚫 don’t
 ✋ I 🙇‍♂🙇‍♀✚🧚‍♀🧚‍♀✚🥵 never—!” ❌ Kokichi sat 🪑 up ☝ and threw back 👌 the blankets, revealing 🐜👒🔌 the puddle around 🔄 him 👎 that 🌺 had ✊ seeped into 👉 Shuuichi’s side. 🚄🚄🚄 Kokichi’s face 😎 was heavily 💊😃 flushed 😳 as he 👚 took 🀜 in 🍆 the damage. 🀬 Shuuichi was almost 😮😊 impressed 😳 by 🔥😈 how 🀷🙏 big 🀧 a bladder such 💊 a small 🊐 person 🏻 like 👍🏻 Kokichi must 🙅 have. 🈶 “Saihara, I 😀😀😀 swear, 👏 I ☝ haven’t 🙅‍♀ wet 💊💊 the bed 😎 since 💊👚 I 😀 was a little 🀏 kid! 🀓👶 It wasn’t ⛔ even 😂 a thing 👏🔥 I 👈 did 🍆 a lot. 🍑 I 😇 don’t 💕 know 👌 why
” 🀷 It was then ❓👱 that 😐❗ Shuuichi noticed 🙀 two ✌ things. 🌐 One, 1⃣ Kokichi’s eyes 👀 looked 👀👅 awfully wet. 💊 Whenever he 👥 cried 😫 his 💊 crocodile 🐊 tears, 🀣 there 🧁 was no ✹ buildup, so these 📀😍 looked 👀👅 real. 😌 And two, 🕑 he 📷 was subtly fidgeting. Maybe 💆 it was because ❌👮 he 💁‍♂ was nervous, 😰 but 🀔 there 🎉🎉🎉 was that 👑 other 🏭 possibility 🀔 too
 😎 “Ouma, I 😁 believe 😱 you, 😀🀟 and I’m 💘 not 🚯🚯🚯🚯🚯🚯 mad, 🗯 really. 😕 But 🍑 now 🧝‍♂ I 😚 need 👉 you 👈 to be 🐝 honest 😳 with me.” 😘 Kokichi wouldn’t ⛔👎👎🙅‍♂🙅‍♂🙅 meet 💯 his 💊 eyes 📢 as he 👚 nodded. 🌝 “Do 💭✚ you 👈 still ◀ need 👏👏 to pee?” 💊 “Huh?” 🀔 Shuuichi gently 👅 grabbed 🏌 Kokichi’s chin and locked 🔒 their 😎 gazes. Kokichi’s breath 🐙👄 went 🚶 shallow; 🥘 Shuuichi licked 👅😝😋😛😛 his 👋 lips. 😢 “Yeah, 👍 I 👥🏌 do. 💃 Isn’t ❌❌ it pathetic, 🊌🐃🊓🐃 Saihara? I 🍆 finally 🔫 let ➡👀⬇ you 🌟 in, 😻 and you 😀 let ➡👀⬇ me 🥰 into 🀓 your 😉 bed 🛏 just 🚟 for 🚣🏻 me 🚚🏟 to piss 💊 in 📷 it, and I 👥 still 🙄🙄 have 🌹 to go. ➡ I’m 🀩 the worst.” 👹👹 “You 👀🏟 aren’t,” 😲 he 📷 insisted, cupping his 💊 hand ✍ against 🚫 Kokichi’s cheek 😶 and feeling 😁 the flushed 😳 skin 🀔 beneath his 🙈 hand. 👇 “It was an accident, 👑❀🌞 and I 😣 told 🀪 you 🏻👈 I’m 💰👀 not 🀐 mad. 🀬 I 🏌 care 😫 about 💊 you 👈 Ouma, and this doesn’t 😚 change 🚌 that.” 😻 “But—” 💘 “Ouma, if you 👉🏻🙍🏻 still 🀞🙌🀞🙌 need 📲 to go, 🔙 you 😊 should 🀝 just 😟 finish 🏁 right 👉 here.” 🙃👉 Whatever 😎 Kokichi had 😒 been 📷 about 💊 to say, 😀😂 it died ⚰💀🥀 as the words 🔚 spilled from ⬅ Shuuichi’s lips. 👄💄 He 🎷 wasn’t ⛔ sure 👍 he’d ever 😆 seen 👀 Kokichi so flustered in 💖 his 💊 life. 😂👚 “What? 🀷🚟 Saihara, you 😎 want 😍 me 👀 to
?” Shuuichi nodded, 🌝 his 💊 eyes 👀 glancing down 📉 to Kokichi’s crotch. Kokichi’s pajama pants 🀀👖 were 👶 soaked, and he 😵 could 🀔❌ make ✍✋ out 🥫 Kokichi’s yellow 😚 and pink 💝 striped underwear through 🔛 the clinging fabric. He 👈😩 felt 😚 his 💊 cock 😜🍆 twitch at the thought 💭 of Kokichi repissing them. 🚌 “I 😝 didn’t 😊 know 🀔🀔🀔 Saihara was so kinky
” 😫 He 📷 giggled nervously, his 💊 face 👧 redder than 👉👉 Shuuichi had 💋 ever 💯😍 seen 👀 it. Then, 🍆 slowly, 🐌 he 💊 nodded 🌝 and closed 📕 his ✹ eyes. 👂 Shuuichi watched 👀 with rapt attention ❗ as a little ⌚ stream 💊 began 🔘 to trickle out 💯 from ⚫ the head 👚 of Kokichi’s penis. 🍆 Then 👉 Kokichi made 👑 a small, 👶 pained sound 🔕 and let ➡👀⬇ go—Shuuichi almost 😮😊 moaned 😫 as he 👚 watched 👀📺💻 the piss 😠💢 pour 💀 out 💊 of his 👉 soaked clothing, 👞 drenching the bed 🛌 even 🌃 more 🊎 than 🙅 it already 😞 was. None 🙅🏻‍♀ of that 🀔🚟 mattered though, 🀗 as Kokichi had 😗 a look 🀩 on 🔛 relief 😌 on 💡🔛 his 🊶🏻 face 💆 and Shuuichi couldn’t 🚫 help 💁‍♂ but 👄 crawl into 👉 his 💊 lap and kiss 😙 him 🥇 deeply. 😱 Kokichi moaned 😫 beautifully into 🚟👉 the kiss, 😘 and Shuuichi could 👈 feel 🊋 that 👉👉👉 he 👅 was still ⏰👠 peeing, now 🕥 directly onto 🐊 him 😧 as they 💁 kissed. 😗 His 🐍 cock 😱 strained in 😭 his 👊💊 pajamas—he’d never 🈲❌ been 👊 so turned 😍 on 👀 in 😻👏 his 💊 life. 🧬 This was an aspect of himself 😎😎 he’d never 👏 realized 💡 existed, but 🀙 he 👥 really 🌡 couldn’t 🚫 deny 🚫 it. Honestly, 😇 he 📷 didn’t 🙅 want 🙄 to deny 🚫 it; he 👚🀠 wanted 😍 to make 🖕 Kokichi feel 😩 better 🎰 about 👏 the accident. 😎🌂 He 👉 wanted 😫🥺 to make ✍✋ Kokichi feel 🍆 good. 👍 He 🚹 reached into 😫😩🍑 Kokichi’s wet 💊💊 pants, 👖 palming him 👎👚 through 🐲 his 💊 soaked underwear. Kokichi’s bucked against 🚩 his 🀏 hand, 🖐🏻 moaning hungrily. Confident 🧚🏻‍♀💞💖 that 💪 his 💊 partner 👭👬👫 was enjoying this, he 👚 withdrew his 💁 hand 👍 and pushed ➡👚‍🊳 Kokichi’s clothes 👗 down ⏬ past 💊 his 👈 hips so his 💁 erection ⬆ sprang free. 🆓 His 💁 own 💌 clothing 👗 soon 🔜 followed, 😣 and he 👥 grabbed 🏌 both 👬 of their 💎 erections and stroked them 👅 with abandon. Kokichi’s moans were 👧👶 surely 👍 loud ⚪😙 enough 💊 to wake ⏰ any 👏 light 💡 sleepers, but ✋🏜 Shuuichi was too 🧑‍🊯👀 far 🌌 gone 🏃🀔 to care. 👌 He 👚 kissed 😗 Kokichi as if his 🐍 life 🐐✌🏻💓 depended on 🔛 it, rubbing their 🏻 cocks 🍆 together, 🏿🍆 needing to be 🐝 closer, 🀡➡ closer, 🀡➡ closer— 🀡➡ He 💁‍♂ felt ✋🏻 Kokichi shudder, and when 🍑 he 📷 heard 👂 the breathy “Shuuichi!” that 🥰😇✚ accompanied Kokichi’s orgasm, 🍆 Shuuichi came 😏 as well, 😡 their 👏👏 cum 💊 mixing together 👥👫👬 to make 🖕 the soiled bed 🛏 even 🌃 more 😰 of a mess. 😏 Shuuichi held 👚‍💌 Kokichi tightly as they 💁 both 👬 came 💊 down 👇😲 from 💫 their 🧏 high, 🆙💚 kissing 😗 him 👉👎🏻🆗 gently 👅 and whispering little 😥 affectionate nothings in ⬇ his 👊💊 ear. 👂 “You’re ☝🏟 so beautiful 🌷🌞🌻 Ouma, you’re 😎🙅 so special 👉😎👈 to me, 👩🏻 stay 🚉🧍‍♂ with me 🙋‍♀ please 👄 I 🙉👈 need 👌 you.” 👈😫 Unfortunately, 😭 it didn’t 🀜‍♀ take 😀👀 long ➖ for 🔰 Shuuichi to feel 😜 Kokichi shiver. The piss 😠💢 was cooling, 🥶 and despite 🚫 how ❓ turned 😍 on ❌ he’d been 🀀 in 🀔 the moment, 😳 the thought 💭 of sitting 💺🙇💺 in 👏 cold 🥜 urine wasn’t ⛔ exactly 😉😉 a pleasant thought. 💭 He 👚 slowly ♿ removed ❌ himself 😎😎 from ⚫ Kokichi’s lap and rolled 🗞 off 📆 the bed, 🥶 stripping 🔥📜 away 📷 his 💊 clothes 👗 and throwing 🀜‍♀ them 💅 on 🔛🔛 the wet 💧 bed. 🥶 Kokichi watched 👀 him—was he 📷 really 🙏 blushing 😚 at seeing 👀 Shuuichi strip 👙 after 😡 what 🀔😡 had 🥕 just 😬🗌 happened? 🀔 How 🀔 cute, 🀀 Shuuichi thought—before catching 😍 on 🔛 and doing 🛫 the same. 🏆🀷 Once 💯💯 their 😗 dirty clothes 👙👚👕 were 🔥 off, 📎📎 Shuuichi dug around 🔁 in 👍🏻 his 💊 dresser and found 🔍 two 💏💏 pairs of pants, 🀀👖 putting 🙌 them 😎 on 🔛💰 himself 😀 and giving 👞👞 the other 🏭 to Kokichi. “I 🍟 know 🀔 they’re 🐂 too 💔 big, 🀀😩 but 🍑🙋 they’ll 😈 have 🀯 to do 🀚 until 🕛🍆 we 😄📌 can 👍 get 5⃣ to your 👉 room. ‵ I 👥👚 don’t 🚫 think 🀔 we 👏🍟🥳🥂 should 🀝 risk 😐 roaming the halls naked.” 🍑 Though 🀔🔥 their 😎💊 legs 🏊🕺 were 👶 still 👠 wet 💊 and there 🐱 were 🍑👧 still 🀞🙌 little 👌 splatters of cum 💊💊💊 on 👋👇 them, 🗣 the late 💀 hour 😪 was starting 🍆 to catch 🎣 up ✹ to Shuuichi, and Kokichi looked 👀 adorably sleepy ☁ as he 🏢 pulled 😈 on 🔛 the pants 🀀👖 that 🀌‍♂🏇🏻 were 🍑👧 far 🌌 too 🀗 long ❗ for 🆙💕 him. 👎 They 👩‍👩‍👊‍👊 could 🚫💖 wash 🧌 up 🀎🧘🧘🏿‍♂🖀 in 2⃣0⃣2⃣0⃣ the morning. ☕ As for 💯😣 the bed
 🛌 Well, 😃 he 👈😩 didn’t 😘😘 even 💩 want 👚😒 to think 💭🀔 about 🀔 that 🔍 yet. ✹ Kokichi’s bed 🥶 would 😩👪 just 🙏🗣➡👀 have 😣✅ to do 😐 for 🈺 the moment. 😳 “Ready?” 🀗😎 Kokichi nodded, 🌝 and Shuuichi held 👚‍💌 out 🚩🍰🆔💪🏜 his 💊👊 hand. 🙆 Kokichi stared at it for 👅 a moment 😳 before 😺 taking 👊 it, a small, 👌 genuine 😝 smile 😞 on 😎 his 💊 face. 🐯 Hand-in-hand, they 👩‍💻 left ↔ Shuuichi’s bedroom 🛌 for 😣 cleaner lodgings. And though 🀔🔥 he 💁‍♂💁‍♂💁‍♂ didn’t 😘😊 have 👏👏 the nerve to mention it aloud, Shuuichi wondered 💭 if he 👥 could 🔮 find 🧐 a plastic 💉 sheet 📊📋 anywhere
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shigarakisfavoritewhore · 13 days ago
Ah shit here we go again
Btw this is moth shigaraki
So imagine this you work at this place that’s like a zoo that has moths and other creatures ( u can tell I’m struggling) so ur coworkers were trying to get this baby moth inside it’s cage but it kept panicking and crying ( I think u know who is this baby moth) u went to see what’s up that’s how u saw the most beautiful moth u ever seen, you picked up the baby moth ( meanwhile ur coworkers were panicking) it just calmed down everyone was 👁👄👁 long story short u were now in charge of shigaraki, u took care of him feed him u did everything, until he was literally taller then u are ( moths grow up fast ok?) shigaraki was in love with u even when u had ur days off ( he absolutely hated when u had to leave home boy would throw tantrums) he would never let anyone touch him if anyone did they might of lost a couple of fingers, when u came back from ur break he would be attach to ur hip he would not let go not to mention he probably scratched the hell out of his neck so u had to deal with that, oh yeah he was overprotective of u won’t anyone touch u
Let’s just say u were super sick so u had to take a week off, u were devastated that ur not gonna be able to see shigaraki (u had to admit that u have fallen in love with him) so for now u were trying to get better, meanwhile shigaraki was losing his shit he thought u left him ( or dead💀 lmao) he couldn’t wait anymore so he escaped, it was easy finding where u lived since he memorized ur scent, u suddenly heard a noise come out of room ( u went to get some water or something idk sis) as u entered u found shigaraki, shigaraki ran to u and just hugged ( basically crashed u with his two sets of arms) he started to cry he wouldn’t let go, u got super worried and asked him what’s wrong, so he explained what happened then u suddenly felt super weak and almost fainted shigaraki was panicking asking if ur ok, u said that u had a fever thats all, shigaraki just put u back on the bed, shigaraki finally had the opportunity to repay u, he had read somewhere that sex can help ( it’s totally not an excuse for him to see u naked) he just wants to please u( his mommy 😏) his wings vibrated at the thought of pleasing u, let just say u had no problem with it. ( so when shigaraki is done reader flops shigaraki on the bed and fucks the shit out of him as a thank u gift lollll)
Kinks umm sub shigaraki whos eager to please and dom reader, this one hundred percent has a mommy kink umm I cant think of anything, this isn’t my best ideas so feel free to ignore this 😔😫
Tomothura :) 🊋
I'm sleepy, and I want milk and cookies. Not to flex, but I only have to see my therapist every other week cause ig I'm just perfect. I have a bad smell and taste in my mouth and nose from covid. It reminds me of meatballs but in the worst way :/
Warnings: masturbation, heat, vaginal sex, humping, loss of virginity (both parties), breeding, & mommy kink.
Master List
I have rewritten this six times. No matter how much I write, whether it's 100 words or 1,000,000 words, I can't create a smooth transition between y/n's like caregiver (?) relationship with Shiggy to a romantic/sexual relationship with him. To put it simply, I give up 💀 . HOWEVER, I did cook up another scenario in my mind, so even though I have strayed from the original blueprint, I will still deliver a moth Shigaraki fic to all of you <3
To those of you brave people who aren't scared of storms:
1) I envy you.
2) I apologize because I need y/n to be scared of storms for my plot.
Thinking abt writing a poly relationship with y/n shigaraki and dabi. It’d just be so cute.
On another unrelated note: why did I get put on the gross end of scent kinks (yes, those exist)? Instead of being like, “mmm sexy cologne,” I'm like, “Dabi reeking after being on a long mission and cuddling, so I have to smell him and get his sweat on me, ” like Claire. Control yourself.
It was a beautiful night. The only light around you was the moon, the stars, and dozens of fireflies. It was warm and calm, no wind, no rain, not even a chill though the sun had set. You walked further through the forest. Your friends had gotten tired and retired to the campsite. You, however, had chosen to wander some more. You found clarity in the woods at night.
You stumbled upon a beautiful pond surrounded by luscious green trees. Lily pads floated in the water, and frogs croaked. The number of fireflies had increased, and little fairy circles littered the ground (you were careful not to step in them). There was a little cabin up a small hill. It had wooden walls and small windows which stopped you from seeing the inside.
You checked the time, 12:55 a.m. As you walked back, it started to rain. Great. A little rain never hurt anyone, right? But then it began to storm. The kind of storm that knocked loose widow makers, that made the ground shake, and could cause mudslides. You had to get inside and fast. You were closest to the cottage from earlier, and the trees got thicker by your campsite. You ran back as fast as you could and knocked on the door.
“Hello? Is anyone in there? It's storming, and my campsite is too far away, ” you called.
“It's open, ” a voice called.
You opened the door and shut it quickly, not wanting to be out in the storm for a second longer. Then, you took off your shoes.
“I’m making tea for us, ” the voice said.
“Oh, it's ok. You really don't have to-”
“I didn't ask you, ” the voice said again, “just accept my hospitality, ”
You sat down on the couch and scrolled through your phone. Even though you had sworn it had 50% left, it was now nearly dead.
“Do you have a phone charger I could borr-” the lights flickered off, “never mind, ”
Here you were, trapped in a stranger's house as it stormed with nothing but a dead phone and no power. The stranger walked into the room, and your first reaction was to scream.
“Calm down. I'm not gonna hurt you, ” Shigaraki said, setting down your tea.
“You're- you have- what are- y-you have, ” you stuttered in shock.
“Yeah, I've got wings and shit. Calm down, ” Tomura said, taking a sip of his tea.
You sat in silence for a moment as you processed.
“I'm tomura shigaraki, ” he said, “if we're stuck here together while it storms, we might as well know each other's names, ”
“I'm y/n, ” you said.
“Pretty name, ” Shigaraki said.
“Thank you, ” you nodded, “so how long do you think the storm will last?”
“No idea, but here it can rain for up to five days, ” he said.
“Oh, ” you said.
“It’ll be fine. I've got food for both of us, ” Shigaraki said.
“No, that's not what I'm worried about. I'm just scared of-” thunder roared, and lightning struck. You nearly jumped out of your seat.
“You're scared of storms, ” he finished, “you can come sit next to me if it would make you feel better or whatever, ” he offered.
You nodded and sat next to him. Despite looking...strange, his presence was very comforting. More thunder and lighting caused you to jump. He wrapped one of his soft wings around you.
“You're fine, y/n. Don't worry, ok?” Tomura said.
Did he know why he was letting you sit so close to him? No. Did he know why he wanted to comfort you? Also no.
“You're wet, ” he said.
You nearly choked, “what?”
“I’ll give you some clothes while yours are in the dryer, ” he said, getting up.
“Can I come with you?” you said, “I don't want to be alone, ”
He sighed, “sure, come on, ”
You both headed up to his room, and he threw you some clothes. Shigaraki looked at you, waiting patiently.
“Well?” he said.
“I'm not gonna change in front of you, ” you said, cheeks glowing bright red.
“I don't know why you're making it a big deal, ” he muttered, turning away.
Truthfully he'd never seen anyone naked and had lived alone most of his life. When he thought about you naked or even just in your underwear, he felt strange.
“I'll be right back, ” he muttered, heading to the bathroom.
He had a strange urge to touch himself, so he indulged. After unzipping his pants, he cupped his hardening cock gently and hissed at the new sensation. It felt weird but good. So good. He wrapped a hand around it and started stroking it gently, nearly moaning out loud.
He turned on the sink to mask any accidental noises. He kept stroking for a while longer, stifling even more noises. Soon he felt an intense tingling sensation in his balls that seemed to grow stronger and spread throughout his cock. As he finally burst, his whole body relaxed, and thick, white sticky liquid shot out of his dick. It was foreign to him, but it felt wonderful.
Meanwhile, outside, you had heard everything. You sat on the bed awkwardly as Tomura came out of the bathroom. He took your wet clothes.
“The um dryer is just downstairs, ” he said, looking towards the floor, “if you want to come with, ”
“Sure, ” you nodded, following behind him.
With your clothes in the dryer, you both sat downstairs on the couch. It was silent until you decided to try and lighten the mood.
“So what um do you like to do for fun?” you asked.
“I like games a lot, ” he said, taking a carrot off a plate of vegetables he'd gotten the two of you.
“I like games too, ” you smiled.
The both of you talked about games for a while until you nearly passed out.
“Hey, head upstairs. I'll take the couch, ” Shigaraki said, noticing your eyelids fluttering shut.
“No, I don't want to take your bed, ” you yawned.
“Get upstairs y/n. I'm serious just sleep in my fucking bed, ” Shigaraki ordered.
“But-, ”
“No, no buts, ” he interrupted.
“The least I can do is let you sleep with me. Won't you crush your wings on the couch?” you said.
“Fine. If it makes you feel better, I guess, ” Shigaraki mumbled.
You both walked upstairs. Shigaraki found a toothbrush for you, and you got into bed with him. You slept back to back, but it was cold. No, frigid. He could tell by the way you were shivering. He turned towards you and held you with both pairs of arms. A wing draped over you, and he rested his chin on your head.
“Don’t make it weird, ” he grunted.
“Ok, ” you said, sleep clouding your mind.
By the following day, you had turned towards him, and you both were completely tangled in each other. It was still storming when you woke up. You pulled Shigaraki closer, savoring his warmth.
“Morning, sleepyhead, ” he said.
“Morning, ” you responded.
He stroked your hair gently, wings humming quietly. He flipped on the light, and to your surprise, it worked. The power was back on!
“I’ll make breakfast, ” you said, getting up.
He pulled you back down, “ten more minutes. You're warm, ”
Ten minutes turned into an hour as you dozed off again. You couldn't help it, he was warm, and his nimble fingers traced designs on your back. The bed was so soft, and so were his wings. After a while, he woke you up, poking your cheek.
“Can you still make breakfast?” he said, smiling down at you.
You looked so beautiful with messy hair and tired eyes. Shigaraki couldn't help himself as he traced a finger over your lips. He saw the blush on your cheeks and rubbed his thumb over your bottom lip.
“You have nice lips, ” he whispered.
“Thank you, ” you said.
He sensed your breathing pick up along with your heartbeat.
“Your heart is beating really fast, y/n, ” Shigaraki said, bringing his face closer to yours, “are you alright?”
“Yeah. yeah, I'm fine, ” you said, “don't worry about me, ”
He nodded, tucking a piece of hair behind your ear.
“If you say so, ” he said, getting out of bed.
You already missed the warmth of his body; it was still freezing from all the rain. How could the weather change so quickly? You followed him downstairs and began to make breakfast. As you were cooking, you felt him put one of his zip-up hoodies over your shoulders.
“You look cold, ” he said, “take it, ”
“Thank you, ” you responded, pushing your arms into the sleeves immediately.
It smelled just like him. This was your routine with him for the next three days. On the morning of your fourth day, the rain had stopped. The thing is, neither of you said anything. You just went about your day together like normal. The truth is, you liked it here. You were so much happier with him in his little house than you had ever been anywhere else.
“The rain stopped over a month ago, ” he said one day, “why haven't you left?” that definitely didn't come off the way he wanted it to.
“Oh well, I can leave if you'd like-”
“No. Stay, ” he said, “I want you here,”
He got up and wrapped both pairs of arms around you.
“Stay, ” he whispered.
“I will, ” you said, pushing your face into the crook of his neck.
He held you like that for a while, savoring the feeling of you in his arms. The months flew by. Soon the leaves turned orange and red and fell to the ground. Next, the ground was bright white from the snow, and tulips began to bloom in the spring.
‘Shit,’ Shigaraki thought, ‘its spring’
He'd been feeling strange lately, and after googling his symptoms, he realized he was going into his first heat. He googled many things that night, some disgusted him, and some did quite the opposite.
“Hey y/n, you should probably head back and get your things. You've been here a while, so I'm just assuming you're staying, ” Shigaraki said, trying to sound nonchalant.
“I'm alright, ” you smiled, tending to the little garden you'd started, “I've gone into town a few times. I have everything I need, ”
“No, really, I think it would be good, ” he said.
“Shiggy, if you want me to leave, it's ok, ” you said, standing up and stroking his cheek.
He loved when you did that. It always made his wings buzz happily.
“No!” he said, “I don't want you to leave, please stay, ”
You smiled, “I'm not going anywhere, ok? You don't have to be so anxious; I'm staying, ”
He nodded, “I just- um, ”
“Go on, ” you urged, combing your fingers through his hair.
“I um think I'm going into...heat, ” he whispered the last part, “and I don't want you to have to deal with that, ”
“I don't mind, ” you said, “if it's alright with you, I’d like to stay. I'll take care of you, ”
He smiled and wrapped both pairs of arms around you.
“You're amazing, ” he said.
You giggled, “so what even happens during your heat? Do you get sick or something?”
“It’s hard to explain, ” he muttered.
“How am I supposed to take care of you if I don't know what's wrong?” you said, pouting up at him.
He shoved his phone in your hand, “here, ”
You read the screen, eyes widening and cheeks getting hot.
You looked up at him, “so you um, ”
“Yeah, ” he muttered, “as I said, you don't have to stay. I’m serious.”
You took a deep breath, “I want to stay. I want to help you in any way I can, even if it means letting you take my virginity. Truthfully I’d be happy if you did, Tomura, ”
“You would?” he asked, “are you sure?”
You nodded, “I think I've liked you for a while now. Even if you don't feel the same way, I just want you to know that I'm okay with whatever you need to do to me, ” your breath hitched at the last part.
You'd never seen yourself as submissive. You never took shit from anyone. Shigaraki didn't see you as submissive either, even with all the things you’d said. When they mixed with your tone and personality, they sounded caring but not in a submissive sense.
You were dominant, but not in the way he'd always thought of it. You were like...
“Mommy, ” he whispered.
So soft and gentle. Calm and caring but independent and strong.
“Can I call you that? It just feels...right, ” he said.
You nodded, “um sure, ”
“Mommy, ” he sighed, pressing his face into the crook of your neck.
You reached up to run your fingers through his hair. Shigaraki groaned quietly.
“About what you said earlier, I like you too, y/n, ” he said.
You smiled and pecked him on the lips. After you pulled away, he pressed his lips to yours again immediately. He grabbed your hair, pulling you closer as you yelped in surprise. He laughed softly, starting to slip his tongue into your mouth. Tomura tried to dominate the kiss to no avail. Instead, he fell victim to the way you were able to move your tongue around in his mouth, leaving almost nothing untouched.
You pulled away, admiring the dark blush on his cheeks. He's so pretty.
“I'm sleepy, mommy, ” he said before yawning.
He picked you up and carried you upstairs. You laughed and kissed him on the cheek. He put you down on the bed and practically laid on top of you. He wrapped his arms around you, letting his wings act as your blanket.
“Goodnight, ” you whispered.
“G’night, mommy, ” he mumbled.
You awoke to something rubbing your thigh.
“Mommy, ” he moaned, “mommy, please. Please, it hurts so bad, mommy, ”
As you became more conscious, you realized that he was humping your thigh. He’d already made a sticky mess in his pants and on your own. You kissed him gently. Letting your soft lips contrast between the rough humping of your leg.
“Want, ” he moaned, “need to mate, mommy. I need to please, ”
“It's alright, sweetie, ” you said, pulling him between your legs.
He began humping your crotch, panting and drooling.
“Mommy, ” he slurred, “I want in. I want in you, ”
His wings had been buzzing violently ever since you agreed. One set of hands cupping your face and the other holding your hips in place as he rubbed his cock on your clothed pussy. You wiggled out of your pants with his help, and he practically ripped off his own pants. He pulled off his boxers and ripped off your panties. He shoved himself into you, nearly screaming at the way your warm wet cunt sucked his cock in. The way you clenched because he was big, so fucking big.
“Mommy, ” he chanted, “mommy, mommy, mommy, ”
He lasted a surprisingly long time, wandering fingers finding your clit. He slammed into you, slapping skin and squelching filled his ears, but all of this was drowned out by his moans and whimpers. Finally, Tomura pushed you over the edge. You clenched and came all around his cock with a loud moan.
“Mommy, ” he sobbed, “breed mommy, I need you to take my cum mommy. I need you to let me breed you and make you all pretty with my kids, ”
“Yes, Tomu, go ahead, sweetie. Breed, mommy, ” you moaned.
He gasped and sobbed as an absurd amount of cum flooded your cunt. It began to ooze out of your cunt around his cock. He collapsed on top of you, panting as his cock softened inside of you. His heat was over. His need to breed you was met. He was exhausted, couldn't move to bathe, only pass out with you safe in his arms.
Over time you did swell up with his kids. He was so excited to start a family, to claim you with his offspring. If you had his kids, you were his, end of story. No one was allowed to look at you or touch you.
‘Mommy’s so pretty when she's bred,’ he thought to himself as he kissed your stomach.
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alwida10 · 14 days ago
Ok, now that the chores are done I had time to reflect a little for a more balanced opinion on episode 1 of Loki. And this won’t be spoiler free.
1. The good:
- the ‘pft’ sound when Loki spits out the muzzle. X) it was beyond adorable. But why didn’t they make it all happen in vanaheim? The people would have for the phenotype and they could easily have included another realm! 😩
- the vulnerability: Tom’s acting when Loki saw Frigga die was convincing and made me feel for him.
- The guy at the front desk: yeah, I liked the fish joke. It didn’t use Loki as its butt and I was amused how unfazed the guy was.
- the presentation of the TVA as a metaphor for corrupted police (dear god, please let it be intentional 😩). The whole ‘we’ll force you through 6 stations of de-humanizing semi-bureaucratic bullshit that only serves to give us an excuse to kill you, including a ‘trial’ where you don’t get any information that could help you to defend yourself and if you managed to find the hook and point out others did actually the same (or worse) crimes it doesn’t count because they are rich, white or men supposed to do that shit. Nice. I don’t understand how anyone can see them being good guys.
- well, I didn’t dislike the scene where Möbius showed Loki parts of his life, since I never saw it as something positive or even therapy. I saw it as a confrontation and - sorry - as a plot device to a) make people connect this loki with the one who died in infinity war and b) explain how Loki knows stuff he never lived through. Tom’s depiction of Loki reacting to his own dead was more or less convincing, but I was showing his death in such detail again necessary? We know what happened. For me the sounds plus Loki’s reactions would have sufficed. But I guess I’m soft skinned. Pff.
2. The things I assumed being good until I thought them through
- the moment when Loki sees where his old life led him and said ‘glorious purpose’, the words probably tasting like ash. It is a powerful moment. And it fits - as long you don’t assume Loki did boycott his own invasion to get back at Thanos. So yeah, now that I’m writing it I can see where my beef lies. They didn’t serve me my favorite headcanon and now I’m salty. And that might be my main problem with the show so far: It’s based on a meta-interpretation of Loki I don’t share: that he willingly supported Thanos cause and truly believed what he preached during Avengers. That he truly was a villain. That all those hints were random and meaningless. No, no, no. That’s not my canon.
3. The things I didn’t like:
- on Boy. Like every joke in the first half of the episode. I explained it already in another post and now that I have thought it through it’s even a break in the consistency of the series itself! If Loki is aware this is an illusion, an act of the weak to appear strong he would be fully aware that running to a stone to appear bigger is the worst weakness you can show. WTF. The same goes for his furious scribbling when he has to sign those papers. Where is the silent glaring we saw in avengers? Where are the calm threatening and the smug posturing? All those are parts of the illusion! Where is the regal strut? Where?!? The threatening of the TVA guy who tells him to take a ticket was just weak. The fear overacted. The wide eyes were ok, but wouldn’t have a stiffening and frantic grab into his pocket given the same message without the loss of dignity? 😕
- wasn’t there supposed to be snark? I mean from Loki? I only heard it from Möbius. 😔 but ok, Loki was stressed and out of his depth. It can still come when he’s back in his game.
4. Things I absolutely loved:
- Loki being both the protagonist AND the antagonist of the series! Fuck yeah. 1.) we might still get the badass Loki-action the protagonist is lacking from his counterpart. 2.) being up against yourself is a nice theme for Loki. It has a lot of potential for the Who’s truly good/bad exploration.
- the probably involuntary frostiron hints 👌😝
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uncle-kenobi · 15 days ago
Uhhh pls rate Mr Obi Wan Kenobi but like,, the variants of him.
Padawan!Obi, Mullet!Obi, IMO Best!Obi, Cartoon!Obi, Old Ben
Thank you xx
Tumblr media
No but really all I was thinking about when I reblogged that was how my answers would change depending on different versions of the characters and our shared singular braincell is at it again.
Ratings under the cut because uhh you can’t just give me that much Obi’s and not expect me to ramble about them!!!
“how hot is that character”
Not My Type | Alright | Cute | Adorable | Pretty | Gorgeous | LORD MERCY
Tumblr media
Look is he really at “LORD MERCY” yet? No. Do I call him my sweet pumpkin even if he is a full as grown 25 y/o men? Heck yeah. 11/10 would date him but I see him too much as the precious little baby boy he is to sexualize him 😔
Not My Type | Alright | Cute | Adorable | Pretty | Gorgeous | LORD MERCY
Tumblr media
HAVE YOU SEEN THIS MOTHERFUCKER SLICE THOSE DROIDS UP???!!!!!?!?!?! That’s the main reason why he gets to be in “LORD MERCY” like mmm yes sir slice me split my spine into two like you did with those fuckers.
Honorable mention: that 8 month period in which I had a close up of Mullet!Obi’s face as my desktop wallpaper and everyone I’ve ever had to share my screen on Zoom with saw it because I have no shame (kinda afraid that some probably thought it was Jesus tho)
IMO Best!Obi
Not My Type | Alright | Cute | Adorable | Pretty | Gorgeous | LORD MERCY
Tumblr media
Best!Obi? RoTS!Obi!!! Slutty sitting? Check. Gorgeous wind swept hair? Check. “YoU wErE mY bRoThEr aNaKiN!!” Check. Beard game? On point. Looking hot af holding a newborn baby? CHECK CHECK CHECK. Becoming Uncle!Obi at the end of the movie? CHECK.
I love me a good Tatooine!Uncle Obi too but for the sake of sticking to canon I’ll not go into AUs
Not My Type | Alright | Cute | Adorable | Pretty | Gorgeous | LORD MERCY
Tumblr media
You might be surprised by this one... or at least you should be. Look he is hot and he could 110% get it. There is no problem with that but for some reason I’ve always found this Obi a bit out of character for the Obi in the series that I love. Mostly that out-of-character-ness stems from his relationship with Satine because as cute as that is (so cute that I’ve been known to face swap me and Satine to send it to my friends 😔✌🏻) — there is just something in their relationship that feels forced to me. As if they were just “let’s give Kenobi someone people can ship him with!!!” and that’s how their relationship was born. Don’t like that character for him 4/10.
That’s about Clone Wars though because if we’re talking about any other cartoon!Obi I’m still down
Tumblr media
Old Ben
Not My Type | Alright | Cute | Adorable | Pretty | Gorgeous | LORD MERCY
Tumblr media
LISTEN I know we normally associate ‘Old Ben’ with Alec Guinness because it’s just what made the character iconic anyway and that’s why I put him there too. It definitely feels awkward thinking that about him but all I’m gonna say is that soon we’re gonna get Ewan McGregor’s Obi in the age Alec Guinness was when he played him and he’s gonna be looking like
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
That’s when I’m gonna @ y’all who thought Obi in his 50s is not fuckable
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gurengui · 16 days ago
➳ xiao dejun as your boyfriend:
Tumblr media
ah dejun this lovely gem of a person :,)
he comes across as a very tender & giving lover to me <\\3
like you can sense how gentle & moral yet fun he is and it's wonderful ◕‿◕
moments with him leave long lasting impressions on you, ones you keep recalling & smiling about~
he'll always text to check in on you & let you know about the littlest of things that happened during his day ☀
like how he ended up burning a simple oreo mug cake twice in the microwave insert dramatic chef xiao, how he saw 3 sparrows while waiting in the car or how he saw a double rainbow with the members :0
is the type of person who will slowdance to literally any song because he just loves holding you & having you close to him, it's the purest form of comfort to him 😭
and boy. his stare will be filled with so much love & warmth it's giving me literal goosebumps whenever he admires you 👀
which is like always pfft & you practically feel it radiating off him but when you do stare back his cheeks have an apparent tint to them and it's very precious
i feel like if you're mad at something or someone he will get mad with you & help you vent that way ( ͡❛ - ͡❛)
and THEN after you've calmed down & are feeling better he'll suggest solutions & help you out with the problem. he's smart like that 😌
you know you have his full attention when he's looking into your eyes, nodding & raising his eyebrows in agreement after you finish each sentence ✅
like he'll be so attentive?? he just really likes you okie?? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
when you'll be there for him in his vulnerable states, he will rely on you no doubt & feel extremely thankful & valid :,)
but will never tell you about it though cause he'll get teased by you hehe <('o'<)
i feel like dejun is sorta clumsy too but in ways that you find cute but through which he physically gets hurt in lmao 💔
random but he may have a winking habit ?? like that's something he does without realising but it's slick as hell so issokay ;))
may have a thing for touching foreheads, maybe even booping yours randomly from time to time but it's a simple act of skinship which weirdly calms him~
also rubs the back of his head when he's embarrassed AND IT'S SO PRECIOUS ?? (like imma go ballistic ‌)
muah he'll LOVE when you call him nicknames, such a sucker for them because they make his heart flutter
being with dejun will feel intense yet so freeing at the same time, like you'll feel up in the sky one moment & reach the depths of your heart in another ◕ ◡ ◕ ♡
plants twirling & dancing in the light breeze, getting hypnotised by bonfires in the night, peaceful drizzling in the night & reading stories from your childhood 🧞
certain moments i experience and think of dejun because the mans reminds me of such specifically pure things which the world has to offer~
can you imagine him humming/singing his s/o to sleep? that- imma combust 😔😔
idk man i just wanna hug him tight & praise him till the end of time because he should know that he deserves all of it.
Tumblr media
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lady-merricat · 16 days ago
Monday, June 7, 2021
Last night, instead of interview-prepping, I watched the fight while doing some serious Ring Fit thigh presses. I am sore af and woke up feeling about 15% confident with my interviewing skills.
Family was also fighting because they think I painted the laundry room walls blue instead of green.
Tumblr media
The interview went well, I think. Normally, when I run out of notes, I just draw a blank and ask to go to the next question, but this time, when one of the panel members asked me a followup question, I was not only able to answer her but I could also provide extra examples.
Not as hopeless as I thought.
Only problem - I thought this was a temp position. It's actually a backfill to cover a mat leave. Meaning they probably can't extend the contract even if they like me.
I'd love to be closer to home, but I think I should focus on trying to get permanent asap.
Hell, my job isn't even guaranteed if I get pregnant on a temp contract and go on a mat leave myself.
Again, haven't been offered a job yet and I have to catastrophize everything.
Tumblr media
Little boy is panting because our air conditioner blew out.
And my walls are green, dammit!
Tumblr media
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dangan-happy · 16 days ago
(Miss Sonia, can we, um, h*ld h*nds, please?)
(tw///long vent. it’s really long and rambley. i’m sorry.)
to anyone from v3, i’ve been having a lot of trouble with a certain... ex-friend of mine.
i was going through my discord servers just clearing all of the notifications out of all the random servers i’m in and... he’s been messaging a private server with just me and him in it. for months. he made a playlist for me (multiple, actually), he’s made drawings of us, and he’s just been telling me about his f*cking life while i’m dealing with the triggers and the trauma that was caused by him.
we’ve had a complicated friendship. at some point he got way too dependent on me for his basic needs, and whenever i confronted him about his dependency, he said “oh nooo i’m sorry i’m so clingy 😔😔😔 i’m an emo middle school boy wilbur soot kinnie and i’m depressed so you are obligated to be my parent who i will rely on to remind me to eat food, drink water, wake me up in the morning, etc! no i will not help you in return like a balanced relationship, i’m depressed, remember? uwu i’m so anxiety i have childhood trauma, i was bullied! so im gonna guilt you into staying by talking about how i have no other friends 24/7!” and i needed to step away for a bit. we broke off for about a month before we started talking again, but it never got better. the second time it was him who broke it off, telling me ✹he needed to change himself and become a better person✹ (which he’s said multiple times. you can probably guess how much he “changed”.) and i told him that, fair warning, i don’t have to forgive you, and i may never forgive you! so stop talking to me.
and so when i realized he’d been messaging me, i told him this time directly, with no sugar coating, to leave me alone and that i had him blocked for a reason. and you know that’d be all fun and dandy, but the reason i didn’t do that from day one is because he goes to my school now! meaning i have to see him this september! in person! and he might ask me where i’ve been, or try to win me back or something i don’t know, i just know if he’d been dedicated enough to message me through the past two months we haven’t talked, oh god who knows what he’ll do when the next school year starts! i have the option to switch schools, but frankly... i don’t want to! i’ve always seen myself graduating from this school, i’ve been here since i was like four years old! i don’t want to leave! but i’m so scared of having to confront him. i’m already hated enough at school, i don’t need another person spreading rumors or talking bad about me behind my back!! but i just... don’t know what to do. i feel like there’s no solution. i cant do much, and no matter what i choose, it doesn’t end well for me. i feel so hopeless and i just...need advice. and a hug maybe..? ugh sorry for the long rant. i don’t really talk to anyone about this so... atleast it’s nice to finally tell someone.
This guy sounds super facken’ crummy! Ya’ did the right choice gettin’ rid of him in the first place! A private server, MULTIPLE playlists AND EVEN DRAWINGS?! Yeah, that.. that sounds hella’ fuckin’ weird dude. Friends makin’ shit for each other is normal from what I’ve been shoved into ma’ skull from the bastards here, but when ya’ didn’t know about any of it and SPECIFICALLY told him to fuck off before, that’s bad. Big bad.
He seems to be wantin’ to make ya’ his personal therapist or some bullshit like that, yeah yeah I get it, people have problems and whatnot and try to reach out to friends n’ shit BUT he was more FORCING than askin’ you to help him. Belittling' himself so ya’ would feel bad for him. We all got our problems, but we are not obligated to help anyone if we simply can’t. Forcin’ people to help you by manipulating and guilt-trippin’ is not a way to ask for help, at all! It's toxic as facken’ hell! Pleugh, some people get on my gears harder than the asshats I deal with everyday and night, that’s sayin’ somethin, alright?!
Tumblr media
You’re right, you do NOT have to forgive the bastard. If he’s not gonna change and keep being a little facken’ bitch all the time, better to break it off for good. And.. school
. Yeah that makes things a lil’ uhh
 complicated. As cliche as this advice fuckin’ is, try to ignore him at the best of your abilities. If he starts forcing interactions with ya’, ya’ should tell a teacher or another friend you do trust. If he asks some bull shit like “Why don’t wanna talk to me anymore ]:3”, tell him as clearly as ya’ did before, that he needs to fuck off and that you don’t wanna talk to him anymore. Plain and simple as that, no sugarcoats, no filters. You don’t gotta run away from him, it’s YOUR school, he’s the one trying to set you off for some fuckin’ reason, it’s more than reasonable to be scared by him. He’s facken’ C-R-E-E-P-Y!! Even if he tries to fuck over your reputation, you know that anythin’ he says is not true. If people start hating the person he’s spreading rumors about, ya’ need to remember that is not YOU. Rumors are just facken’ lies people just looovvveeee to spread around for a false sense of superiority. Let me run the numbers.. Yup, bullshit.
Tumblr media
My best advice as said before, is trynna ignore his advances as much as you can. He just wants to set ya’ off and you can’t let ‘em. Tellin’ someone you trust like a family member, friend or whatever should help too, they could probably have bettah advice than me, a facken’ evil bear. That said, I GUESS you can get a hug, you’ve been through some shit. You need it. So bring it on you bastard.
Tumblr media
Hey good news anon! I'm from v3, so you struck gold! Because I'm gonna be answering your ask. Just making sure we're clear on that! Ok, let's see what we got here. Ex friend, huh? Well that stuff's never fun. Clearing out discord is always a good thing, I honestly need to do that...Huh, ok. That's interesting. I'm guessing you didn't have notifications on for this server since you just noticed now. Yikes, there go the red flags. Like, the constant messaging you is a little weird and red flag-y, but damn, then I got to the part about the fact that you've been working through trauma that he caused. Alright, this just went from weird to lowkey concerning. Honestly, it's kinda creepy re-reading that paragraph with the context. Like he's making drawings of you?? And playlists? And just generally acting like literally nothing happened? Ew, I'm getting some strong creepy vibes. Yyyyeah, dependent and clingy are some great words for this guy. Like you haven't even been friends, and this is  what he's been doing?
Tumblr media
Ok pause, being a kinnie isn't an excuse for actions. I hate that people use it like that (especially if they're kinning me! Like my existence didn't cause someone's actions, probably.) I can already tell that you were treated super unfairly. And like I'm not even done reading this ask and I already have a pretty strong feeling that cutting him off was the right idea. Oh god, he's a leech. Ok that sounded like a petty insult, but lemme back up a second and explain. I call people who cling to you and generally suck the life out of you with nothing in return leeches. It works out pretty well, so if I call him a leech again, that's what I mean. Wow, even reading this is exhausting. I can't imagine being caught in a position where you had to deal with this.
Tumblr media
Good for you for advocating for space! You one hundred percent did the right thing. Honestly, I don't think going back was a great idea, but these things are hard so I totally don't blame you for that. I totally respect your use of sarcastic sparkles, you used them like a pro! Yeah, I'm sure he's "changed" a whole lot judging by what he's been doing in that server. Yeah! Throw down the law! You had every right to say what you did about the forgiveness, so like, internet double high five or something! Yeah, that insta-block was a good reaction too. You don't owe him anything, and honestly your life is way better without him. 
Tumblr media
Ohhh, shit this is an irl friend? That adds a whole new layer to this. Yeah, don't make yourself change schools if you don't want to just because of him. You've moved your life around enough for him. If you're happy where you are, then I'd stay there regardless of him. I get it, confrontation is scary, but I think it's something that's gotta happen. You don't owe this guy anything. Honestly, if he tries to talk to you, just tell him that you don't want him near you, and other things along those lines. Be super clear and concise. Just throw the hammer down. Aw man, you already aren't having a great time at school huh? That just flat out sucks. I mean, I'd totally be your friend. I think you have a solid leg up on him though. I'd take screenshots of the server, so if he tries to spread rumors you can shut him down with proof of how batshit crazy he's been. Hey, it's not hopeless. You actually have a lot of options. The screenshots are a good place to start, but I'd also try to rationalize things. Does it really matter if this person starts spreading rumors about you? What's worse, him causing shit from afar, or him directly inserting himself back into your life? Yeah, there might not be a one hundred percent perfect outcome, but you have a lot more room to work than you think. Hey, don't apologize. We all gotta get this stuff out there some time. I'm glad talking to us made things a little bit better at least! You don't have to waste any more time on this guy. Just keep going as best you can. You still have a whole life to live, and this guy doesn't have to be a part of it. Yeah! I'll give you a hug!! Anything to make you feel better! And I mean, you could call him a leech, but I'm not responsible for what happens after that, kay?
Tumblr media
Hey there anon, you mind if I try to help you out a little? Dealing with ex friends always sucks, trust me I've been there, but goddamn, you have a unique case, don't you? Wow, I cringed reading it. That's...that's just a lot. Playlists and messages are one thing, but drawings too? That's a whole lot of time and effort put into that, and I dunno, that really just rubs me the wrong way. Honestly, I gotta agree with the others. That's just flat out creepy, especially considering the impact he had on you. I'm just shaking my head as I read this, I think this person needs some serious help, and you sure as hell aren't the person to get it from. He needs professional help, and I'm sorry all his issues were pushed onto you. He has no right to just waltz on into your life after all the shit he did.
Tumblr media
I think complicated friendship was an understatement. Honestly, I think friendship is a pretty strong word for what your relationship with him was. Friends don't do the things he did. One person being absolutely dependent on another is not a friendship at all. I think Kokichi really phrased it well with the word leech. I've been in that position more times than once, and one of the biggest problems I have is that I can never push people away too well, but you did that perfectly. It's real great to hear that you were able to get space, even if it was temporary the first time. And before I keep going, let me just say that his excuses for being clingy and dependent are disgusting. Yeah, his attempts to change so far haven't seemed to have been much at all, and you said things perfectly with the forgiveness statement. Honestly, it's a little hypocritical that he'd be the one to shove you away, and then do all of this.
Tumblr media
Yeah, having him as an irl friend does add some new challenges, but I think you'll be able to handle it. I'm real sorry to hear that your school situation is like that. You don't deserve to have to go through all that either. However, I gotta agree with Kokichi. You have to weigh your options, and I think that keeping him away, even if he spreads rumors, is the best choice so he doesn't get a chance to clamp onto you again. If you like the school you're at now, then I'd stay. You don't have to give up your ideal future for one person, especially one like him, ok? There's a solution, and I think the screenshot thing isn't a bad way to go. However, you could also just keep on going and ignore him altogether. It's your life, and you have a right to live it how you want. I know that this can be considered a cheap tactic, but if he really doesn't leave you alone, I'd reach out to teachers or other adults who might have a little more influence.
Tumblr media
Again, it's totally up to you. I can't tell you exactly what you should do, only give you ideas. And one more thing to remember is that this person needs some serious help. Nothing he does is your fault, and you're not obligated to help him. That's not a healthy path for either of you, and you don't ever have to go back to him. You seem like a real tough person, and I'm proud of you for that. Not everyone can advocate for their space like you can, and that's an amazing ability to have. Yeah, you don't gotta apologize at all. I'm glad you felt safe enough here to get all of that out in the open. Sure thing you can have a hug! You have some time before September, so you don't have to figure all this out any time soon. It's all gonna be ok, I know you can handle this.
Tumblr media
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yyxgin · 16 days ago
barrrr 😭😭😭 i suppose the whole zoo thing makes sense but i said i worked in a restaurant at the zoo but the first bit must’ve completely gone over his head 🥲❀ anyway, he was in today which was a relief. he changed his hair and i told him he looks reallllly young and it bugs me bc he looks like a boy i went to school w especially bc thinking about it what he changed his hair from and then what he changed it to is exactly what my classmate did 😭 he’s sweet and i’m jealous that he’s closer w the other girls but that’s purely bc literally everyone there knows everyone and i feel hella left out all the time. but that’s no one’s fault. the first time i get invited for drinks w the girls there im GOING ‌
my manager gave me a bottle of wine today!! she said she can’t sell it and gave me and the other guy who was working upstairs w me tonight a bottle each. 😄😄 alSO the area manager came in yesterday and bc he thought we’d improved since the first time he came he gave us money to get dominoes 😩 frick yes 🙌
also the lady who gets on my nerves is sweet enough. but. she’s married to one of the food runners. he’s literally the sweetest old man i’ve ever met. anyway. the woman will ask for me to put out prawn crackers on her table which is fine, like if she’s clearly busy i don’t mind, bc if it were the other way around i’d hope she’d do the same. but the problem is she doesn’t like when people touch her tables in her section. like she told me off twice for taking orders in her section but i was literally like??? you asked me to take water to them and they asked to take an order w me surely that’s just me being helpful? but no she fully got upset... she doesn’t like people taking a payment from her section, i think printing bills is okay as long as she’s asked you 😐 but she doesn’t have a problem with going into someone else’s section and taking payments/orders which annoys the hell out of me but whatever. she got me to clean one of her tables and my manager was like ??what??are??you??doing?? and i told her the woman asked me to help and she was like uh,, no? you have your own section? don’t help her? and i was like 🀗 you tell her babe bc she keeps getting me to clean up after her dirty f*cking tables when she can’t be f*cked and my manager was like,, ofc babe dw i gotchu (i mean i was swearing less but you get the gist).
overall 10/10 weekend i will be back again next week (as per my goddamn rota 😠 i wish she would put me on more lunches,, (she put me on evenings all week and all day sat + sun) also i’ve definitely worked wayyy more hours than any of the other new starters so when am i officially not training and when will these old ladies stop telling me how to do my job 😔) and im going out for drinks on thursday?? although i might’ve accidentally made a dick app? WHO KNOWS‌ ily and i’ll be back soon ~ 🌻
AAAH so he got through the haircut test 😩🀚 you are in too deep now sweets, there's no turning back now. i hope you get invited somewhere with them soon bc jealousy is a bitch 😡😡😡
oh i actually had no idea waiters like have their own sections in restaurants ?? is this a thing ??? anyways you were just being helpful and its not your fault they ordered when you were there ?? like youre not just going to tell them to wait for the other waiter when you are literally right there 😩😩 also if she is so protective over her section she better not put her legs into your one thats like ???? why would u do that.
also i totally get you,,you must be so tired working in the evenings all the time 😔 i hope you have fun on your night out 🀪🀪 drink responsibly <3 also a dick app ???? mind explaining ?
ILY <3333
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jungw8ns · 17 days ago
Tumblr media
PAIRING – boyfriend!enha x gn!reader
GENRE – established relationship, fluff, crack
WARNINGS – profanity (not that much tho), mentions of death (?)
Tumblr media
the two of you were so pumped playing an escape room together for the first time that the other people in line had to calm you guys down (which was trully embarrassing to say the least 🀐🀐)
he was looking at the ranking board filled with pictures of players that had succeeded in the shortest amount of time and he just wanted nothing more than to see both your faces on there
but anyways, we all know how competitive heeseung gets 🕎
oh boy let me tell you, this guy WAS SPEEDRUNNING IT but not the kind you were thinking
the second the timer had started he was literally SPRINTING AROUND THE ROOM LOOKING FOR CLUES YET COMPLETELY MISSING THEM 🏃‍♂💚💚💚
while he was busy running around, you were picking up the little details in the room and in no time managed to open a few locks
"y/n look i found– oh 😐😑😐"
when you noticed him standing from afar staring at you with his arms crossed, you called him to solve this one puzzle you already did
*gasps* "oh no! babe i don't understand how to do this, please help me 😔😔🀥🙏🙏"
he had to bite his lower lip to stop himself from letting out that cocky grin but it got out eventually
"oh it's so easy sweetheart, just put this here and then voila! 😉"
when the two of you escaped you suprisingly got to take a polaroid with him home after ranking 2nd in the records
heeseung was the one who held onto it tho, placing it underneath his clear phonecase for safekeeping <3
"y/n stay behind me >:(("
"um, babe, you do realize that's just a door right?"
you knew you shouldn't have played horror games with him a few nights ago cause he looked like he was about to lose his mind 😔
you had to shove his ass aside and move on to the next mission cause the both of you knew that he was stalling 🏌‍♀
jay was being extra clingy the whole time you were playing, he'd either link arms with you or hold hands (he's literally so adorable) 💞💞
while you were roaming around the room trying to solve a puzzle, you saw this horse mask on a nearby table
and so you made sure jay was distracted and put on the mask
you could've NOT worn the dusty old thing but where was the fun in that?
"jay can you come here for a sec?"
you hid behind the wall beside the door frame waiting for him to come into your sight and attacked him
now, how about we guess what happens next?
a. he faints
b. he runs away
or c. he slaps you in the face and forces you to buy him food for the rest of the night
if you guessed c then YAY! YOU'RE CORRECT 🥳🎉🎉🎊
when he finally takes off the mask like those scenes in scooby doo he's never felt so betrayed in his life
he wouldn't stop side eyeing you until you guys finally pulled up on the mcdonalds drive thru
"hi, can i get two um– bts meals please? 😒😒 and two oreo mc flurries 🙄🙄 and also large fries 😐😐"
sane (1/3)
would be trailing behind you like a little puppy (i love him so much 😭😭😭)
he either has his arm linked with yours or held hands every five minutes
really focused on the puzzles he's doing but the second he hears you call out his name for help he's there beside you with the sweetest smile
but anyways, mans was POPPING OFF the entire time you were playing
he was solving problem after problem in no time (he wanted to impress you is why he activated his inner flash ⚡⚡) but he did let you play tho, the last thing he wanted to do was make you pissed at him for hogging all the games
def buried jake with compliments and forehead kisses right after ❀__❀
and so the two of you got out in like an hour and a few which you were very proud of
"you were so cool today babe, good job !!"
"aww thank you angel 😊😊"
sane (2/3)
it made him enjoy the experience a bit more as it was only the two of you playing instead of getting accompanied by strangers
would be linking pinkies with you the whole time, only letting go whenever the both of you had to solve something that needed two or more people
there was this one game tho where he had to arm wrestle this literal hand lever to open the door to the last room (yea...don’t ask why, the staffs were pretty weird 😬😬) 
“oh this’ll be easy, y/n step aside, i’ll handle this 😏😏😏”
idk if you were supposed to think about how handsome he looked with his serious expression on and his veiny hands coming into frame or be worried for him because the lever was REAL HARD to pull that his veins looked like they were going to pop any second soon, you stepped in and helped him tho cause you were a good s/o <3
from a spectators point of view, the two of you looked like y’all were about shit your pants but the two of you eventually succeeded on beating it, immediately dragging him to the next room which had a sofa in it, laying down to catch your breaths
cliché moment ahead ⚠⚠
the two of you shared a few laughs before standing up on the empty space, held hands and started to jump in circles to celebrate your success 💃💃
yupp, y’all were never going back to that hellhole again
very stubborn at first, he wanted nothing to do with the game but then you held him at gunpoint by saying:
"please just this once or else i'll revoke your mint choco ice cream rights 🔫🔫🔫"
kinda pissed since you blackmailed him into the place and also bc he wanted to play bumper cars and dance mania but he yea he caved in pretty quick 😋😋
"it won't be that scary sunshine, besides, i'll be ready to 🀜💥 yk?? trust me babe i would never let anyone hurt you <33"
(y/n let him play his games in peace tf >:(((( )
once you guys got in tho he realized how normal it was and that it was not terrifying at all
he wouldn't stop back hugging you and you couldn't bring yourself to push him away to play the games so you just let him walk behind you with his arms on your shoulders 😩😩
(y'all were walking kinda funny but don't tell sunoo that 🀫🀫🀫)
yea the two of you ended up escaping with a whopping 2 hours and a few minutes
but it was the effort that counts so A+++++ for the both if you 😜👍👍👍
sane (3/3)
was the one who suggested going, he even searched on naver about really good escape room places to visit and was overall really looking forward it
he liked going to places and having fun with you so it wasn't a shock how his eyes were literally crescents and his dimples were so evident
"y/n why are you taking so long 😭😭 what if they close and we end up not solving a single lock, hurry up por favorrr 😩🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏"
yea he literally rushed the both of you to the place that you were the first in line 😵
while waiting for the staff to finish setting up he was playing with your connected hands like 🖐✊🖐✊ (so precious 💞💞)
when they finally lead you to the room he was kind of surprised that they had separated the two of you into different spaces (like the one with txt where they had the answers to the other member's puzzles yk???)
he was locked inside a telephone stand while you were handcuffed in the main room
dw the two of you reunited after a few minutes cause jungwon was rushing his lock to get to you 🀭
you both were progressing at an average pace and it made you guys a lot more closer (not that you guys weren't before but you get what i mean)
after you guys escaped the two of you went to eat curry and talked about the whole experience 😋✌✌✌
this boy literally dragged you in the escape room with him
"ok masterchefs, in order to test your abilities we must go through series of puzzles and make it out alive, understood?"
he tried ignoring how confused you were and went on to try and get you guys to escape
spoiler alert: he fails on doing anything cause the second you made eye contact with him this child collapses 😍🀩
HE'S LAUGHING AT YOU FOR WHATEVER REASON AND OBV YOU LAUGH ASWELL CAUSE WHO WOULDN'T??? his laugh is so contagious pls 🀖🀖 he was so close to d wording cause he couldn't breathe from laughing too much
yea.. you guys spent so much time laughing at each other for being so dumb at this that you ended up playing 'till closing time
"haunted house next weekend???"
Tumblr media
NOTE – god they were WAY funnier in my head but yeah.... i love them so much AND OMFG HAVE YOU GUYS SEEN HEESEUNG’S SELCAS LAST NIGHT???!?@??#?@?!?@ HE’S NOT REAL WTF ⁉❓❓⁉
also, idk why BUT EVERY TIME I SAVE A DRAFT the paragraphs get scrambled?? £!?) 6=6) 🀣😂💔💔🀣🀣😂💔 it's so annoying but anyways, ilysm pls stay safe and have a great day <33
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Minish cap link? Since you ship him and Vaati a lot~
Lol you know my tastes 😔 ✌
Link is short. And he will always be short, like after all the time he’s spent shrinking he’s permanently stunted his growth. I put him at like a solid 4’5 half the time. He’s a little bitch ass short boy. (Even though you didn’t ask, Zelda definitely is taller than him years down the line, like she gets to be like 5’3 or something and link is forever 4’5)
I’m never consistent with this but I have a few headcanons on him and speaking. 1) he’s selectively mute and makes use of sign language sometimes. 2) he flat out is mute and always uses sign language. 3) he’s not mute at all he’s just quiet and a bit shy. 4) he doesn’t talk much because he doesn’t like his voice. 5) he’s a loud ass little bitch. As you can see I cannot make decisions on my favourite but those are the ones I think of a lot.
He’s a sweetheart and sees the good in everyone.
He’s just precious.
You cannot convince me he isn’t precious.
But he’s also a bit of a chaotic gremlin and sometimes finds joy in causing problems. Nothing serious. Just dumb things. Like flipping your welcome mat upside down and writing “unwelcome” on it.
He’s just an all around good boy and he deserves love.
He likes nature a lot.
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i work a zero hour contract so it’s not illegal for me to do whatever. although i did get taxed 😠 which isn’t even worth it until i turn 21 bc the minimum wage goes up which means so does my pay but it’s whatever 😔
my manager is... nice. it feels as if,, nothing,, is ever her fault. she is lovely but i’m worried she’s got a crush on me lol. i asked for the day off on tuesday bc i wanted to go to london and she gave it to me. a guy who had told her he was going on holiday before he even started pointed it out to her when she gave thé rota for this current week we’re finishing (she put him on like three times when he couldn’t make it) and she told him it wasn’t her problem and he had to find cover. i covered for him bc i felt so incredibly bad but also tf??? it’s literally a zero hour contract what’s she so mad about? there’s another lady. she gets on my nerves but she’s nice enough to my face. until she pisses me off i’m gonna be nice to her. the drinks runner told her what he thought of her. that’s what he told me. also,, he didn’t come into work today and jesus christ we were v worried. he wasn’t answering texts or picking up calls which, by all accounts, is very unlike him and he’d been out drinking w a couple of the girls the night before so one of them was worried about him bc he got into a scuffle too. (me and the drinks runner come from the same (poor) town and travel to a village (quite posh tbh) for work and these girls are from an affluent town/city too but like,, frick man i was beginning to worry) he’s good and i’m not gonna go spilling his personal life on the net but he’s no good boy (past) which shocked me tbh. i still think he’s sweet and would give him the world (i told him i worked in the zoo before and he thought i meant like feeding the animals bc he didn’t know the zoo has restaurants and uwu)
theres deffo more (when isn’t there) and i’ve deffo forgotten (surprise, surprise) so i’ll try again when i can’t remember 😭 ily ~ 🌻
getting taxed sucks 😩😩 i'll have to watch how many hours i'm working once i start so that doesn't happen to me
DNSJSK you are your manager's favorite. she's like "she can never do anything wrong. ever." I love that energy tho. but at the same time it would be amazing if she treated all of you the same ??? like why are there differences🀔
istg i have such a low patience with people, the lady that gets on your nerves would get yelled at from me really soon. thats a bad quality of mine i guess😔
i'm glad the guy is okay ??? that sounds so worrying ?? i get that you won't spill his personal life and its all good,,,,i hope he's better now tho ?? also when u first mentioned working in the zoo i thought that you worked with animals too🀡
i hope you had a great day <33
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avwoolfs · 18 days ago
please enlighten us on the post youre talking about
Tumblr media
I've had to really carefully think about how I was gonna answer this, so I'm sorry for the late response! There are two groups of people I don’t want to attract so I ask that you please do not reblog this.
My answer will be under the cut in case people don’t care/don’t want to know. If this applies, please don’t interact or read on.
I am using acronyms so this doesn’t end up in the Tumblr searches.
I’m doing my best to answer this honestly while also making sure I don’t get misunderstood. So I’ll start with disclaimers:
1. I don’t ship real people. I don’t ship yb and xz. I think I should make that clear right off the bat because that’s the first assumption I’m gonna get. I don’t consume/write romantic fanfic/content about them because I’m not comfortable doing that. I support them individually and whatever their relationship with one another is. It does not make the slightest bit of difference to me.
2. I really have to be careful with how I word this because I really want to answer you honestly, but I also need to be cautious with how much I say. I don’t want to act like I know things and not let on what that is, but I also can’t just come out here and say “this is the truth of the matter” without disclaiming, you know? I’m not a tin hatter. I just stumbled across all this one day and I generally only ever gossip about it privately with mutuals (I think a friend of mine put it as “gays at a brunch”, only I suppose it’s without the brunch). I can’t talk about [redacted]. I’m not here to convince you of anything. I’m answering your question and you are free to disregard my answer.
3. They don’t mind people talking about it (that’s a whole separate thing that I can talk about if you need me to). Long story short, if it was problem, I wouldn’t be talking about it at all. Long story short, if yb wanted to call his and Xz’s team “bj*x” (censoring so this doesn’t end up in the tags) while at the same time not even knowing what his own solo fans are called, plus all the other times he (and xz) has interacted with that particular supertopic, plus a whole other list of pr-related stuff, I really doubt they have an issue with it.
No matter what I say, it’s going to get misconstrued. Hence the “do not reblog” above. I usually avoid talking about it on main for that reason and stick to DMs. But I have received two anonymous asks about it and I’m assuming, since you asked, and did indeed read below the cut, that you want to know. So here’s my answer.
About two weeks before flying out to film cql, yb posted a cover of his favourite song 男孩 nan hai (“boy”) (Or it was the p101 team who posted it, either way he was recorded singing this behind the scenes of p101 ab two weeks before going to film cql). you remember a post-CQL interview, he also described xz with the song in an interview, despite the song having fuck all to do with xz’s personality or anything. It’s just a love song.
If you know the lyrics, you’ll know that is a very romantic song. His cover
 let’s just say he really went for it to the point where I feel inclined to ask “hey man are you okay?”
But in any case, he did a p good rendition of it. Only he got a line wrong. Twice.
Except, it’s his favourite song and he didn’t get it wrong, he changed a lyric on purpose.
You see, where he should have sung “missing you”, he sung meeting you. Twice. (They’ve both done stuff with changing lyrics and
 uh... no comment your honour).
I’m not going to post any conclusions, but I will post a few things and you can make your own if you want. Please bear in mind that I’m literally only posting a few things and the bigger picture
 if I were to talk about everything that happened—during filming, before, and after (and trust me.. it’s... a Lot... like... A Lot. It’s like... so much happened that when I first heard of it I was like this has to be fake... and then it wasn’t 😔)—I would need to sit down and write a much longer post, and I have exams next week so I don’t have that kind of time right now. But if you do want to know (which, honestly, I wish I didn’t sometimes because I watch certain cql scenes and suddenly remember something and I’m just like 🧍‍♂.. that happened.... 😶), you can ask if you’re willing to wait for a long post. I understand what I’m saying now might not be enough information to draw a conclusion (if that’s something you want to do), but I only have so much time at this particular moment.
In case I misremembered any of this, please feel free to correct me. I am not immune to making mistakes or misremembering. I can say with certainty that most of this is correct, though. I also made sure to check other people's posts about this to make sure i got whatever i wrote as accurate as possible.
Yb and xz’s first meeting was on ddu, about a year before they filmed cql. Yb is always adamant that this is where they first met, whereas xz has flipped between saying they met on ddu and in the cafeteria at the filming site before running lines (side-note, his inconsistent answers are so funny. I keep saying they’re brilliant, talented actors and yet they go and undermine me when asked literally the most innocent questions. xz i'm looking at you in particular ).
Xz, the libra he is, charmed the audience and everyone there, because of course he did. But it seemed one person in particular was quite taken with him.
Later, xz posted to congratulate ddu (on their anniversary I think?), and the ddu account responded to thank him and said that one of their own had already become his fan. They posted this with a minion emoji. It’s quite common knowledge that yb had his minion phase, so it’s not really a mystery who this was alluding to.
I just want to say, I don’t think love at first sight is a thing. But this is not about me and people have different opinions, so let me just post Yb’s opinion about it.
Whenever asked “love at first sight or love that grows over time?”, yb responds, immediately, without hesitation, every time: love at first sight.
In case you’re wondering just how memorable this first meeting was, yb has the date memorised. Him and xz on ddu (when xz was a guest on his own after cql) were asked to react to that episode where they first met, and when xz was vaguely like oh this was about a year ago right?

. responds with..... “a year and [number I don’t remember] months”

To which xz lifted his gaze from the phone they were watching the episode on and gave him a Look.
Jumping back to filming, we have xz and yb filming the post yi city arc bunny lantern scene. Xz is singing Kepler at him (another love song), while yb sings nan hai at him. This is one of the bts clips that didn’t get aired.
So that interview? They ask yb to describe xz by naming a song and he immediately says nan hai. If you thought xz looked slightly surprised, you’re not wrong. Considering solo yb fans had been debating for a while who Yb’s cover of the song was for (their contenders of choice were the p101 girls), you can imagine this raised eyebrows. In any case, those solo fans (a particular subset who insists yb is heterosexual (lmao...) and quite literally hates xz, for whatever reason (how can you hate him?? genuinely asking)) don’t want to talk about nan hai anymore.
This is merely the tip of the iceberg, so to speak. You asked a question and I gave you my honest answer. I can tell you more if you want, but you’re also free to completely disregard all of this and move on. I’m not here to convince anyone of anything.
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