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Furby, that creepy 1990's doll, has a tumblr page.
folklore-4-evermore · 12 minutes ago
If another folklore album is a possibility I wanted to have a list of names it could possibly be called. Do you guys see any of these as a possibility? Can you think of anymore? I also put the definitions
1. Woodvale
2. Midsummer - the middle of summer
3. Woodbine - either of two climbing plants
4. Seashore - an area of sandy, stony, or rocky land bordering and level with the sea.
5. Lakeshore or lakefront - the land along the edge of a lake
6. Telltale - revealing, indicating, or betraying something.
7. Tall tale - A tall tale is a story with unbelievable elements, related as if it were true and factual. Some tall tales are exaggerations of actual events
8. Woodwinds - any of a group of wind instruments
9. Furthermore - in addition; besides (used to introduce a fresh consideration in an argument).
10. Commodore - the senior captain of a shipping line.
11. Troubadour - a French medieval lyric poet composing and singing in Provençal in the 11th to 13th centuries, especially on the theme of courtly love.
12. Offshore - situated at sea some distance from the shore.
13. Sycamore - an American plane tree.
14. Woodlore - knowledge of the woods
15. Booklore - facts and information about books, especially about authors and circumstances of publication.
16. Restore - bring back (a previous right, practice, custom, or situation); reinstate.
17. Onshore - situated or occurring on land (often used in relation to the oil and gas industry).
18. Floating - buoyant or suspended in water or air. Or not settled in a definite place; fluctuating or variable.
19. Luminescent - emitting light not caused by heat.
20. Luminescence - the emission of light by a substance that has not been heated, as in fluorescence and phosphorescence.
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snflwrkenma · an hour ago
But here’s the thing kenma is saying ‘yo ur bf and bsf ain’t truthful’ is gonna be a rough convo and I’m hoping y/n is like ‘look I think it’s best for u to explain first and we can look at all sides of the situation’ instead of ‘No he truthful we been together for 4 years and I’ve known him for even longer’
Because if that happens I ain’t ready 😌🤌🏼
Lmao there’s probs a large amount of grammatical errors in that but it’s early in the morning 😩
ure good bbie LMAOOOO
it’s a rough convo for sure!!! i couldn’t imagine having one like that irl sheesh
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enderglitch78 · an hour ago
This probably allready exists but ranboo
Enderman and slenderman IDK anymore
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thelockedtomb · an hour ago
I'm listening to Harrow again. I forgot John doesn't account for the 9th resurrection beast when Harrow asks how many. (Saying 3 up and 5 down)Do you think he counts Alecto as the 9th?
Tumblr media
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ayamari-no-goshi · an hour ago
DP - master list of various types of Ghosts
Why I didn’t make this particular post first is something I’ll probably never know. But time to break down the basic types of ghosts which will then be expanded upon in later posts. I know I’m missing things, so feel free to point them out. 
1.     Residual haunting - not intelligent. Just a snapshot or replay of sounds or images. Often associated with strong negative events, but that’s not a requirement.
2.     Intelligent hauntings - hauntings that can interact with the living.
3.     Spirit – a supernatural entity. Sometimes a ghost, sometimes something else entirely. There is a lot of ambiguity
4.     Orbs – balls of light associated with hauntings. Some believe they are ghosts, but many paranormal researchers associate them more with high energy expression than an actual conscious entity. It is very easy to mistake dust and bugs for them.
5.     Poltergeist - from the German for ‘noisy spirit’. Ghost associated with loud noises and objects moving. Modern theories point to poltergeists being a type of psychic phenomenon.  a.     Wilderness Poltergeist – this is a newer phenomenon described in forests and other wilderness areas. More associated with areas with many cryptid sightings, but folks describe intelligent noises and purposeful movement of objects
6.     Doppelganger - from the German for ‘double walker’. A ghostly double of oneself. Considered an omen of death if you see your own. A Fetch is the Irish equivalent.  a.     Vardøger - a related phenomenon to a doppelganger. Basically, hearing something a few hours prior to it actually happening. Mostly associated with household noises
7.     Shadow Beings – dark humanoid looking shadows. Normally considered negative. 2 main types: a.     Actual ghosts that just appear as dark shadows b.     Entities that are something that’s not a ghost. Many consider them visitors from another dimension.
8.     White Ladies – spectral women who often appear in white dresses
9.     Radiant boys – spectral boys often between 8-14 of age. Usually appear in a radiant light, but some stories describe a bluish light. Usually considered an ill omen.
10.  Vengeful spirits – the deceased has risen from the grave to seek revenge for a wrongdoing. a.     Spirits wanting body found – not necessarily vengeful but often lumped into the category
11.  Hungry Ghosts – unique to Buddhism. Entities with intense needs that are expressed in animalistic ways. Can be dangerous – food offerings are sometimes needed.
12.  Summoned spirits – spirits that have been summoned in some way. Magic is often involved. Might or might not be willing participants.
13.  Atmospheric light ghosts – possibly ghosts, but possibly natural phenomenon. Appear as wispy orbs or flames in the distance. Will-o-the-wisp are the most well-known. The Brown Mountain Lights are also fairly famous
14.  Dark/Demonic entities – very dangerous and potentially destructive spirits. Appear to be the most likely to cause possessions. 2 main types: a.     Ghosts filled with so much hate and malice that they virtually become demonic b.     Actual demons – vary by culture and religion
15.  Guardian spirits – entities that appear to help protect people. 2 main types: a.     Spirits of passed loved ones or locals b.     Other entities which vary in description, but are not recognized as a deceased person
16.  Agents of Death – not necessarily evil, but often seen at or just prior to a death. Often viewed as taking a soul to the afterlife a.     Previous family members are often reported. There are touching stories about spouses returning guide their other half b.     The angel of death – usually described as a neutral entity, often described as a dark, mist-like figure. Seen most commonly in hospital settings
17.  Vampire-like – entities (not just ghosts) that appear to feed on the life of the living or appear to reanimate. Various names exist for such things world wide a.     Revenants, Strigoi, Gjenganger, Nachzehrer, etc. are all examples
18.  Animal spirits – spirits of animals. Sometimes appear as residual but sometimes interact. Ghost monkeys are horrifying a.     Black dogs – there are very famous legends about the dangerous black dogs of the moors of the UK b.     Church Grims – guards cemeteries – usually appear as dogs
19.  Elementals – not actually ghosts but often lumped into the description of spirit. Usually described as a spirit associated with nature. Usually neutral, but some have been known to interact negatively. The elemental of Leap Castle is probably the most famous
20.  Created entities – various types can exist. Most commonly believed to be created from the collect unconscious, but there are ways of actively creating them
21.  Night hags – spirits/entities believed to sit on the chest of a sleeping victim and slowly squeeze the life out of them. Various incarnations exist, but most are not considered to be actual ghosts
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thefirstknife · an hour ago
Tumblr media
I had a similar question that I answered before so check this link out! I also have this about some theories on human ageing.
It appears Guardians do age... Somewhat? It's very hard to tell. We can only really tell with humans and even then, we don't have many examples. One is Shin Malphur who obviously aged between being rezed as a baby and receiving a Ghost later in life but also he didn't have a Ghost in between those two events. Another is Drifter: Cayde addresses him in one of his stashes, saying:
After all, never had any fun without a little risk. That's the whole idea with the operation you're putting together, ain't it? MY idea by the way. Had it, like, a million years ago, back when you were still handsome.
Now, this is a funny comment and all, but to me it sounds like it implies Drifter looked different at some point, possibly younger and without scars and all that.
Perhaps Guardian ageing is related to their possession of a Ghost and how much time they go without rezes. Perhaps it's a deliberate choice or you're just stuck with whatever age you were rezed at (unless you were still naturally growing when rezed and then you age normally until you reach full development and then stop). It's really not clear.
As for how old Osiris is... We don't know. We don't know if he was rezed older or if he aged over time and how old exactly that would make him (especially with extra long lifespans that humans now have). I would cautiously say that he aged over time ever so slightly. Another problem with Osiris tho is that he is actually older than his real normal age because of the time spent in the Infinite Forest. So perhaps that had a hand in his appearance as well.
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stregoniconiconii · an hour ago
Tbh ever since I found out that Croatoan is actually a Native American tribe I find the fact that the spn writers made it so that it’s the name of a demon and a demonic plague very......well, evil. That would be fun to try and figure out a way to rewrite that
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fenristheorem · an hour ago
So I have a theory about Lance that probably already exists, but I'm still going to spit it out anyways.
What if Lance's old neck injury is related to him faking his death? What if he actually was hurt in that process?
We don't know much about the timeline of when he got the injury vs when he faked his death, but we know that the injury and faking his death both happened long before Guardienne came to Eldarya, so I believe this is a possibility. We also don’t know how he was injured, so he could have been attacked in the process and been injured then, or maybe he actually was attacked and then thought ‘this is my chance to get away from the guard without rising suspicions’ and took advantage of the unexpected situation.
Along with that, if Beemoov purposely kept him with his neck and shoulder armor on in episode 4, they may be trying to guard and hide that injury until the right moment to reveal it or make it dramatic, which means it may have future significance.
Only theories, but the injury was always given importance in the past and it seems it may still be relevant if Beemoov went through the trouble of having him remove armor but keep the neck guard on. They could have just revealed the injury and let the fan base flip out, but they didn't, they're still hiding it which leads me to believe it's going to be important in the future for more reasons than it just being a weak spot (if they purposely had him keep the armor on - it could just be a mistake and nothing more and if that’s the case then I’m likely overthinking this.)
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bushina · an hour ago
full stop --- i love the theory that scaramouche is baal’s brother or a failed vessel for her.
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loser-lenny · 2 hours ago
Do you have any Headcanons that you'd rather die then give up on? Or any theories that you really like?
tommy owns wilbur’s jacket and has owned it ever since it was found in the rubble of l’manburg
tubbo and ranboo wear their rings on their horns
tommy used to write a lot, journals and such that have since been blown up multiple times
technoblade is a massive hog. i think this might actually be canon, that or techno said he just liked it better but this is my favorite design for him:) big pig, he has little legs and big forearms and will kinda just run on all fours when he needs to sprint. cartoon hog anatomy
phil and wilbur shared a bond with a phantom that would deliver their letters to each other in the night. the day wilbur sent it out while the sun had been up was the day they stopped speaking to each other that way
lots of people have interacted with ranboo while he was enderwalking, including tubbo, who ranboo will pick up like a block and move around constantly. he’ll also sit up in michael’s room and hold him a lot more than usual. tubbo just thinks he’s in a mood
ranboo is a really good craftsman. he made his weapons and armor by himself, he was the one to design and make their rings, and he’s also gifted a few scrapped weapon designs to tommy for him to mess around with
all of the tubbo ranboo and philza streams are canon. very big on this headcanon, it’s all lore bc i say it is
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ardentdawn · 2 hours ago
Tumblr media
Things that have kept Diluc up,
What if Crepus was a Harbinger & decided to try to leave Snezhnaya with his Delusion & the Tsaritisa decided that wasn’t cash money so ordered the hit that ultimately killed him & Diluc was to be collateral damage?
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
y'all it's a calendar of december 1949 with a diamond on his birthday.
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bsdslightlytheories · 3 hours ago
Theory; Decay of Angels have more than one page
It’s said that the book is sealed and empty. A single page has been removed and now is in Decay of Angel’s hands, but it isn’t the first time the book has been used. 3 years ago, Sigma was written into the now-sealed book, to appear in a desert, with an ability “suitable for crime”. If Sigma was written by someone, his location to be selected as desert would be to keep him secluded and away from the source of the writer. Where the person who wrote would need to keep him away from their spectacle.
Sigma was convinced when Fyodor offered him what he could “believe” in. Considering the writer had the knowledge of criminal groups relevant in deserts, the intercourse between dealers and Sigma, and his eventual emotional state would be predictable, and further formed for it. There was an adaptation period for Sigma, to become prepared being lured into these concepts.
Just when Fyodor let him deprive of a place to belong, he showed up, offering his facilities. Just like how he explained to Dazai, and how he had to devoid a person off their needs for them to seek help from his side. We don’t know if it’s the first time Decay of Angels, or someone from the group used it, but there is a possibility it’s been Fyodor who wrote Sigma into the book itself or another page/s. 6 years ago, when Dazai recruited Akutagawa on behalf of the threat of Fyodor, his presence had already been relevant in Yokohama, where the book is located.
Tumblr media
The time Fyodor approached Sigma is unclear, nor the time Sigma was given the Sky Casino, but assuming Fyodor found Sigma 3 years later and 8 days prior to Casino’s establishment, Sigma should’ve been alone, used as a trafficker‘s victim for years, and obtaining the Casino just 8 days ago.
We know Bram was sealed by Fukuchi many years ago, it had been probably 8 years, as Bram was named as a calamity, considering the “blood-sucking species” as vampires in the conference Fukuchi gave, the DoA plan already had been constructed and begun to progress. It says Sigma was written into the book, taking it directly, the book that’s sealed, was in someone’s hand 3 years ago. It is said to be empty right now, so we can assume the pages where Sigma was written into were ripped off as well.
Now on to the Atsushi, who is the guidepost of the book, he joined the DA this year, and the time Sigma was written had been in when he was in the orphanage, three years prior. We know Atsushi’s ability was known to some, and further intertwined with Shibusawa who was seeking for the ultimate ability. The book, if can be associated with tiger, as it’s tiger who covers for the book, the tiger ability wasn’t fully developed yet (to Shibusawa’s theory) by the time he tried to extract from Atsushi.
Even if DoA require the page, the only person seeking the book within DoA has been Fyodor. Fyodor already had a relation to Shibusawa in Dragon’s Head Rush, we also know that Fyodor knows Shibusawa tried to extract Atsushi’s ability, as it is a guidepost to the book, however Shibusawa was only revealed Fyodor’s knowledge of that event when Fyodor killed him in Dead Apple. Therefore concluding, by the time Atsushi was in orphanage, Fyodor also knew he was the guidepost for the book. Also giving the information that will lead him to act, therefore die and cause the fog, in the end finding an alternative and temporary way to eliminate ability users.
Tumblr media
The Book itself, has never been said to remain in any division or surveillance rather than being sealed and in Yokohama, guided by Atsushi’s ability. The page was removed from the source itself, where the pages Sigma was written into also had to be ripped off. The person who took these pages from the book should’ve had an accessibility to it. If we consider Atsushi’s tiger is the odd for the book, and somehow the singularity of it (as book’s ability combines all paths, while the tiger draws his own alone), the book should’ve been taken from the tiger ability itself, using the tiger as the lead to display it.
Let’s say in total there are more than one pages of the book missing, the page has been stolen when Sigma stabbed Taneda, while the other(s) have been available 3 years ago. It’s possible that both pages have been ripped off the book until at least 3 years ago where the book became accessible, and DoA managed to obtain the prior page(s). If there was a time the book was exposed as itself, there is a possibility whoever managed to get a hold of it would’ve kept the whole book rather than using some pages. Therefore DoA itself could’ve reached the book, or the pages only secondhand or with an applied restriction. The person who had written Sigma in the book was probably Fyodor, to his linkage and understanding of relations, as his reasoning was written and represented in a story-like way, before the pages got ripped off. Sigma is still relevant in the story, that’s why the other page(s) used for Sigma has to be secure, as we know when a page tears, the effect dissolves. If the other page(s) used for Sigma is destroyed, Sigma too would be eliminated, therefore there’s a possibility DoA’s still bear this page(s).
The reason why Sigma wasn’t eliminated from the DoA plan, by simply tearing off the page(s) when his role was completed, could be that DoA had further content written in the page(s) they have obtained and used in relation with Sigma‘s text.
(We also don’t know if the memory of events dissolve when a page is torn, but this could also be another reason they didn’t tear apart the page(s), or the page(s) are not accessible to DoA itself.)
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itskaradanversbitch · 4 hours ago
So Nyxly can manipulate reality right?
What if Zor-El isn’t even there and she’s manipulating reality to gain Kara’s trust by ‘helping’ her?
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regiispruinae · 4 hours ago
While the grand kingdom that Khaenri’ah once was five hundred years ago was destroyed, those who survived and those who did not become monsters fled. Eventually finding a new place to established their kingdom underneath the ground. In a way they thrived but it was a struggle every step of the way.
A kingdom where grudges and anger for what had been done to them and their ancestors was nurtured.
This is the kingdom of Khaenri’ah that he was born into.
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