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#The dark artifices
Dru and Kit: *listening to "Talk Dirty" by Jason Derulo*
Dru: our conversations ain't long
Kit: but you know what is *winks at Ty*
Ty: *not getting the reference* the amount of time you went with out love and care?
Tumblr media
(Photo id: the shocked Pikachu meme)
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the-wckd-powers · 6 hours ago
Ok I'm listening to You stupid bitch by girl in red and I'm realizing how much I want a dramatic angsty wlw couple in TWP. But do I trust CC? Nope.
Like not dramatic and angsty like arianna that was I mean the interesting thing is a do feel like toxic sapphic ships do have a place in media sometimes but not in the hands of a cishet woman and not in this YA fantasy series.
This is why I wrote my angsty Livvy fic because I want my angsty wlw and I want it done my way. Like you said, I think we as a fandom and a society in general need to work on drawing a line between angsty and toxic, not just in wlw ships but in all, but i feel like it comes up in wlw a lot.
You Stupid Bitch is a great song I love it so much
A little self promo, go read my angsty wlw Livvy fic here ❤️
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julescarstairs · 7 hours ago
I think one of the most beautiful things about this fandom is that no matter how mixed our opinions on characters might be, we all collectively hate Zara Dearborn
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justchillinwithpjo · 9 hours ago
I was re reading the dark artificies and ohoho I forgot how bad I wanted to kill Zara :)
And make her suffer for the things she's done
Johnny Rook...I didn't really care about him the first time I read it but after I read ghosts of the shadow market I'm like...
ALSO STAN ALINE AND HELENNNNNN *simping mode activated*
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queenungraceful · 11 hours ago
Do you think that Cassie ever went on Tumblr and saw one of our headcanons or something like that and went “hmmm that’s a good idea lemme use that”
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jvmescarstairs · 12 hours ago
You are who you have always been, and that is enough and more than enough.
James Carstairs, Tales from the Shadowhunter Academy
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shadowhunting-hooligans · 12 hours ago
You know sometimes I feel pity for Zara because all she really wants is to be part of the "cool group".
Then I remember that this girl dumped Kieran in the frickin reflection pool in the Place of Reflection (a.k.a Hollow Place) and literally almost killed him, not to mention messed with his mental health (I mean, imagine the guilt he felt).
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more-than-starlight04 · 12 hours ago
Doesn’t it just embody everything that Zara is that when she did almost kill Emma, she did it by stabbing her in the back? A coward’s move.
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arangiajoan · 13 hours ago
okay okay so let’s discuss „i have loved you and you haven‘t known it“
so its in present perfect, which is used when
its a past event with an important present result
something that happened in a continuing time period (this week, today, ...)
a recently completed action
something that started in the past and is still continuing
so 2. and 3. don‘t really make sense in the context of kit and tys situation, so we have 1. and 4.
I think that „I have loved you“ is 4., and ty started loving kit when they were 15, and he has loved him throughout all the years and is still loving him
and „you haven‘t known it“ could be 1., because the fact that kit didn‘t know that ty loved him is now important, because it kind of led them to the situation they are in now OR it could be 4., which would mean that kit didn‘t know it in the past and still doesn‘t know it
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carstairs-hopelessly · 13 hours ago
You know what I find interesting? In all three series that we’ve seen Malec in (TMI, TDA, TEC) we have seen Alec deal with something trying to kill Magnus and the reminder that he is capable of dying.
(Magnus being trapped in Edom, the warlock illness in TDA, being thorned by Shinyun)
Yet, beyond that very first greater demon poisoning in CoB that we didn’t even really see, we never get to see this reversed.
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thatfantasynerd10 · 13 hours ago
Thinking about how Will Herondale scorned A Tale of Two Cities, but started loving it because of Tessa. HE ENVIED SYDNEY CARTON???? BECAUSE HE COULD TELL LUCIE OF HIS LOVE FOR HER??? EVEN IF THE ONLY THING HE COULD DO TO PROVE HIS LOVE WAS TO DIE???
and how Will would have died for a chance to tell Tessa that he loved her. HE THOUGHT SYDNEY WAS FREE, AND HE WISHED FOR THAT SORT OF FREEDOM.
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the-dark-artifices-tree · 15 hours ago
*Cassie when making jules*
Cassie: let’s add a little ✨SPICE✨
*tips entire bottle*
Cassie: oh well
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queen-freya · 16 hours ago
To Cassandra Clare fans...
Okay, so I want to read the Dark Artifices. I have read the Mortal Instruments but about seven years ago, so I remember bits but not all the details of the series. If I read the Dark Artifices will it make sense or do I have to re-read TMI first?
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