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#The bridge kingdom
ladykat12 · 2 days ago
Lara: Go lay down and die
Aren: BET
*jumps onto island full of snakes*
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vclkyrxe · 4 days ago
i’ve found the perfect helnik song
Verse 1
Some people stay a life, some for a moment
Some hearts they set a light just to be frozen
And so we're out of time
matthias singing to nina after he dies, as the life they wanted has been stolen from them
But now you've got the chance to travel oceans
I hope the world's as wide as you were hoping
Don't let heartache cloud your mind
him reminding her that now she can go back to ravka even if he can’t go with her
If the days go darker, darlin'
And you lose your way
Go on, go on
I'm not beside you
But I'll be the song there in the silence, I
I'll always bе your serenade, sеrenade
I'll always be your serenade
Let go, let go
Darling it's over now
You're on your own
But I'm on your shoulder, I
I'll always be your serenade, serenade
I'll always be your serenade
matthias is gone but he still loves her and is still there for her always, whispering in her ear and cheering her on on whatever path life takes her
Verse 2
They told you
"It's not the being drunk, it's being sober"
That's when it really hits you that it's over
It's hard to say goodbye
for awhile nina refuses to say goodbye and still hears matthias in her head
So you can keep me
Somewhere out of reach but if you need me
Just hum these memories and you can feel me
I'm always standing by
he knows she is hurting so he stays in her heart and memories to remind her to keep moving forward even though she can’t do so with him. he will always love her and their love is worth the pain of losing him, because she won’t ever lose the memories
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Tumblr media
Crematorio. S1/E6: “Manhattan” (Jorge Sánchez-Cabezudo, 2011) Referendum Gate Gibraltar (UK) Gate/Footbridge over Line Wall Rd Type: arch bridge.
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ithinkhemeows · 8 days ago
Im reading the bridge kingdom and the way i have been screaming for someone to stop the letter. STOP.THE.GODSDAMN.LETTER.
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Men being brought to their knees literally and figuratively by the women in their lives is a top tier trope. It doesn't get any better then that
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sydneymack · 10 days ago
Tumblr media
Lara and Aren - The Bridge Kingdom
Artist: @theclever.crow
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valkyrie-shadow · 11 days ago
Aren and Lara get to go in the fictional couple Hall of Fame
Everyone drop what you’re doing and go read the bridge kingdom
Did I just finish the traitor queen at 2 am? Yes and It was so worth ruining my sleep schedule lemme tell you
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valkyrie-shadow · 12 days ago
Almost done w the Bridge Kingdom and I just
Haha I’m gonna puke😃
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evolving-dreamer · 13 days ago
It's really really frustrating when a character who's been depicted as someone highly trained, very resourceful and skilled gets into a situation (that could have been easily prevented in the forst place) and suddenly forgets their training or natural skills or whatever, or even after having said and demonstrated several times that they're cautious and weary (when they're on duty at least) they become careless in a very out-of-character moment in the dumbest way during a mission, when everything was going so smoothly.
(I'm not talking about "oh i'm only human" moments, or even a slip when they're overconfident of the outcome. I'm talking about the truly careless details, like revealing your fatal weakness to an enemy just for the funsies)
Tumblr media
Please make it make sense.
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kingandfireheart · 14 days ago
just started Bridge Kingdom and is the moment i fall in love with Lara:
“A bead of sweat trickled down her back, the strap holding a knife against her inner thigh already damp.”
or am i just projecting Poppy and Jude vibes?
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astalisedits · 14 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
the bridge kingdom headers
like or reblog if you save 🤍
credits on twitter @sawyrcoie
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sanktallinas · 20 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
She was everything. Mind, body, and soul, she was everything he wanted.                                           Everything he needed.
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