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#The Sorcerer's Apprentice (film)
alchemisoul · a month ago
Tumblr media
“When you're dealing with these forces or powers in a philosophic and scientific way, contemplating them from an armchair, that rationalistic approach is useful. It is quite profitable then to regard the gods and goddesses and demons as projections of the human mind or as unconscious aspects of ourselves. But every truth is a truth only for one place and one time, and that's a truth, as I said, for the armchair. When you're actually dealing with these figures, the only safe, pragmatic and operational approach is to treat them as having a being, a will, and a purpose entirely apart from the humans who evoke them. If the Sorcerer's Apprentice had understood that, he wouldn't have gotten into so much trouble.”
- Robert Anton Wilson
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marielle-heller · 7 months ago
time to confess that I only have like 1 film I say is my favourite movie and the fact letterboxd asks for 4, and sometimes people ask favourite movies.... it’s all too much
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zkinema · a year ago
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
Fantasia (1940), USA, dir. James Algar, Samuel Armstrong, Ford Beebe Jr., Norman Ferguson, Jim Handley, T. Hee, Wilfred Jackson, Hamilton Luske, Bill Roberts, Paul Satterfield, Ben Sharpsteen
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aelaer · a day ago
iron man 1 and ant-man!
iron man 1 - what made you first get into fanfiction?
Into reading: Honestly can’t remember. It was the early summer of 2003, though. I probably heard of its existence on Neopets, which was my game/social platform at the time. It was one of the best communities and platforms out there for both kids and adults who liked those pet games from like 2000 to 2004/5 xD It has sunk so far RIP.
Into writing: I saw Pirates of the Caribbean also in the summer of 2003 and thought “wow, I love this film so much and I love these characters so much, I am going to write them in my favorite world of Middle-earth” and posted the first chapter on Sept 1 of that year. And fuck, that fic is still the longest of all my fics which I really would like to change one of these days. But I’ve come nowhere near reaching 200k again xD I’m just glad I finished that sucker (after like, 20 edits over the years).
ant-man - send a few headcanons of your favorite characters! 
Stephen selects the color blue for his custom robes because the blue reminds him of blue scrubs and the reason he went to Kamar-Taj in the first place.
Stephen was incredibly offended that it took the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame over a decade to finally put Rush into their lineup. Absolute travesty. (That one is in honor of my dad, the Rush fan.)
Stephen likes Tolkien (obligatory authorial interest insert)
Stephen had a dog growing up, but has a general affinity for all animals. He wanted to be a vet before human medicine grabbed his interest. But because he grew up on a farm, he has no issue eating meat, especially if the animal was raised for human consumption (i.e. animals bred for it, as opposed to wild venison). That said, he did have a stint of vegetarianism in college before giving up.
Stephen's knowledge in neuroscience makes him especially talented with mind-based magics, such as memory alterations and removal, mind-reading, and delving into memories. He avoids using these as much as he can, however, and only uses them as a last resort.
To earn a stipend while training and learning magic in Kamar-Taj, Stephen helped repair and bind books with magic stitching in the library under Wong's tutelage. This helped him regain some of the motor skills needed to make the gestures necessary for his spellwork, and served as much-needed PT as well.
Wong is a big, big fan of trash TV.
Wong is his last name. He isn’t fond of his first name, and so doesn’t give it or use it.
Along with being the librarian, Wong is also the primary accountant and bookkeeper of Kamar-Taj and all of its expenses, and is basically the keeper of the keys to all things finance within their society. Some apprentices do some more menial tasks, but he’s the head honcho there, possibly making him the most powerful person in the Order of the Mystic Arts in terms of hierarchy with exception to the Sorcerer Supreme. And since the MCU is lacking one of those, that sort of makes him the de-facto deciding vote on any issues within the society, even if it’s not really stated by others.
Wong didn’t actually do a ton of field work compared to other sorcerers; he was busy with administrative tasks, even before he took over the role of librarian along with all the other things he does (and he took it because he figured he could just work in the library with little change in the amount of work he had to do, and had a much better ability to defend it). He went out on occasion to keep himself up to snuff. He took on more field work once Stephen became Master of the New York Sanctum as Stephen had lost his other mentors and the fledgling sorcerer really needed an eye. I like to consider he led a group effort in that first year.
Tony’s favorite chain burger is In-n-Out. That bag in Iron Man 1 was an In-n-Out bag, not a Burger King bag. *This is the real canon*.
Despite copious amounts of drinking and partying throughout his life, Tony never developed a physical addiction for alcohol. While the mental addiction had the possibility of latching on, he ended up pouring a lot of his trauma and troubled times into instead throwing himself into his work to (also) unhealthy levels, but this did help him keep his obsessive tendencies on his work as opposed to drinking all his troubles away. Happy, Rhodey, and later Pepper were integral in helping keeping him as a social drinker rather than an alcoholic.
Tony is equally talented as a mechanical engineer, software engineer, and electrical engineer, but his favorite by far is mechanical engineering. It’s one reason he loves cars so much, and he enjoys tinkering with them.
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rockislandadultreads · 5 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Life & Art: a literary fiction reading list
The Museum of Modern Love by Heather Rose
'Art will wake you up. Art will break your heart. There will be glorious days. If you want eternity you must be fearless.' From The Museum of Modern Love She watched as the final hours of The Artist is Present passed by, sitter after sitter in a gaze with the woman across the table. Jane felt she had witnessed a thing of inexplicable beauty among humans who had been drawn to this art and had found the reflection of a great mystery. What are we? How should we live? If this was a dream, then he wanted to know when it would end. Maybe it would end if he went to see Lydia. But it was the one thing he was not allowed to do. Arky Levin is a film composer in New York separated from his wife, who has asked him to keep one devastating promise. One day he finds his way to The Atrium at MOMA and sees Marina Abramovic in The Artist is Present. The performance continues for seventy-five days and, as it unfolds, so does Arky. As he watches and meets other people drawn to the exhibit, he slowly starts to understand what might be missing in his life and what he must do. This dazzlingly original novel asks beguiling questions about the nature of art, life and love and finds a way to answer them.
Lisette's List by Susan Vreeland
In 1937, young Lisette Roux and her husband, André, move from Paris to a village in Provence to care for André’s grandfather Pascal. Lisette regrets having to give up her dream of becoming a gallery apprentice and longs for the comforts and sophistication of Paris. But as she soon discovers, the hilltop town is rich with unexpected pleasures. Pascal once worked in the nearby ochre mines and later became a pigment salesman and frame maker; while selling his pigments in Paris, he befriended Pissarro and Cézanne, some of whose paintings he received in trade for his frames. Pascal begins to tutor Lisette in both art and life, allowing her to see his small collection of paintings and the Provençal landscape itself in a new light. Inspired by Pascal’s advice to “Do the important things first,” Lisette begins a list of vows to herself (#4. Learn what makes a painting great). When war breaks out, André goes off to the front, but not before hiding Pascal’s paintings to keep them from the Nazis’ reach. With German forces spreading across Europe, the sudden fall of Paris, and the rise of Vichy France, Lisette sets out to locate the paintings (#11. Find the paintings in my lifetime). Her search takes her through the stunning French countryside, where she befriends Marc and Bella Chagall, who are in hiding before their flight to America, and acquaints her with the land, her neighbors, and even herself in ways she never dreamed possible. Through joy and tragedy, occupation and liberation, small acts of kindness and great acts of courage, Lisette learns to forgive the past, to live robustly, and to love again.
Hag-Seed: The Tempest Retold by Margaret Atwood
Hag-Seed is a re-visiting of Shakespeare’s play of magic and illusion, The Tempest, and will be the fourth novel in the Hogarth Shakespeare series. The Tempest is set on a remote island full of strange noises and creatures. Here, Prospero, the deposed Duke of Milan, plots to restore the fortunes of his daughter Miranda by using magic and illusion -- starting with a storm that will bring Antonio, his treacherous brother, to him. All Prospero, the great sorcerer, needs to do is watch as the action he has set in train unfolds. In Margaret Atwood’s ‘novel take’ on Shakespeare’s original, theatre director Felix has been unceremoniously ousted from his role as Artistic Director of the Makeshiweg Festival. When he lands a job teaching theatre in a prison, the possibility of revenge presents itself – and his cast find themselves taking part in an interactive and illusion-ridden version of The Tempest that will change their lives forever. There’s a lot of Shakespearean swearing in this new Tempest adventure…but also a mischief, curiosity and vigour that’s entirely Atwood and is sure to delight her fans.
Innocents and Others by Dana Spiotta
Meadow Mori and Carrie Wexler grew up together in Los Angeles, and both became film-makers. Meadow makes challenging documentaries; Carrie makes successful feature films with a feminist slant. The two friends have everything in common - except their views on sex, power, movie-making and morality. And yet their loyalty trumps their different approaches to film and to life. Until, one day, a mysterious woman with a unique ability to cold-call and seduce powerful men over the phone - not through sex, but through listening - becomes the subject of one of Meadow's documentaries. Her downfall, and what makes her so extraordinarily moving, is that she pretends to be someone she is not.
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You have a crush on Alfred Molina's Doc Ock? I do too! I've crushed on him for a while now, it's nice to see someone else like him too. :) And that anon who mentioned his character in The Sorcerers Apprentice, yeah I like him too. I watched that film just because I heard Alfred Molina was in it. I'm glad I saw it.
No sadly i don’t 😅 it was sent in as a submission...I’m not into doc oct sadly...
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honeybruised · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
             ———       ❛       SO  YOU  WAIT  FOR                                                                ME,  IN  THE  SKIES .       ❜
[  studio ghibli. nakamoto yuta. twenty-eight. nonbinary/masc presenting. ] bright light fading away HOWL PENDRAGON has found themselves in a new unrecognized land. the last thing HE / THEY remember before they were taken was LOSING HIS HEART TO A WOMAN WITH HAIR THAT REMINDED HIM OF STARLIGHT, HE’D SEEN HER BEFORE, MAYBE IN A DREAM. they say back in those times they were known to be + OPTIMISTIC, however, also have their moments when they could be - DRAMATIC and was always best recognized by LINEN SHIRTS THAT CLUNG TO YOUR BODY AND HUNG LOOSELY OVER ANGULAR BONES, HAIR COLORS THAT SEEMED TO CHANGE TO FIT YOUR MOOD FOR THE DAY AND LEAVING CRYSTALS IN THE MOONLIGHT TO REPLACE YOUR HEART WITH STARDUST AND MOONBEAMS.
       —    quick  stats  :
full  name  :  howell  jenkins  pendragon nicknames  : howl  /  sorcerer  pendragon  /  wizard  pendragon  /  horrible  howl age  :  twenty - eight  (  28  ) gender  &  pronouns  :  non - binary  masc  presenting  /  he  &  they birthday  :  january  twenty - seventh  (  01 / 27 / 1994  ) zodiac :  aquarius romantic  /  sexual  orientation  :  biromantic  &  bisexual   height  :  six  foot  two  /  6′2″  (  188 cm  ) hair color :  hugely  dependent  on  his  mood ,  usually  blonde  or  black eye  color :  sky  blue  with  flecks  of  emerald  and  gold  species :  human  /  wizarding  powers fandom  :  howl’s  moving  castle  /  studio  ghibli  film  canon  with  book  influences occupation  :  manager  of  an  old  world  /  metaphysical  healing  shop
      —    past  /  before  the  fall  :
(  you  may  find  his  wiki  right  here ,  but  i’ll  be  trying  to  condense  everything  you  need  to  know  about  howl  in  a  few  paragraphs.  wish  me  luck  !  )
     BORN  AS  HOWELL  JENKINS  OF  WALES ,  he  was  thrust  into  a  world  of  greatness .  while  the  rest  of  his  family  was  quite  ordinary ,  he  was  special .  born  with  a  natural  talent  for  magic ,  quite  a  powerful  talent  at  that ,  they  were  kept  somewhat  of  a  secret .  that  was  until  he  was  in  his  teenage  years .  a  young ,  early  teenage  howl  caught  himself  looking  at  the  stars ,  hands  open  to  catch  one  in  his  fragile  hands .  watching  it  erupt  and  glimmer  in  his  hands ,  his  mouth  began  to  water  at  the  sight .  hands  tipping  back ,  pale  peach  lips  attached  at  the  apple  of  his  palm  to  catch  the  fallen  star  on  the  flat  end  of  his  tongue .  the  star  was  warm  and  cooling ,  like  swallowing  mouthwash  and  soon  after  a  warm  cup  of  long  steeped  jasmine  tea . the  pain  began  there  after ,  deep  behind  his  ribs ,  the  cracks  in  his  bones  flowing  deep  with  molten  rock ,  ash  blacks  and  crimson  reds  filling  them  in  and  finding  a  home  in  his  chest  to  create  something  that  was  lacking .  the  muscle  that  kept  you  alive  was  gone ,  a  hollow  space  for  the  boy  who  had  chosen  to  swallow  a  star .  a  gift  was  given  into  the  scarred  hands  that  once  held  the  twinkle  from  the  sky ,  a  flame  with  a  name .  you  new  heart  was  now  breathing  the  oxygen  around  you ;  flickering  in  your  slender  digits .  take  care  of  this  one ,  heartless man .
                           YOU  WHO  SWALLOWED  A  FALLING  STAR ,                                                O’  HEARTLESS  MAN ,                          YOUR  HEART  SHALL  SOON  BELONG  TO  ME .
     A  YOUNG  WIZARD  WITH  A  CURSE  PUT  UPON  YOU  ,  a  hole  in  your  chest  and  nothing  but  a  demon  to  show  for  it .  a  witch  with  the  power  to  place  you  under  a  spell  and  not  know  how  to  give  you  the  guidance  to  get  you  out  of  the  trouble  she  put  you  in . it  wasn’t  all  bad ,  mind  you .  a  wizard  like  yourself ,  undeniable  charm  and  a  fire  demon  as  your  best  friend .  an  apprentice  with  the  thirst  for  knowledge  and  a  castle  to  call  your  home ,  you  were  living  the  dream .  the  rumors  you  began  about  yourself ;  how  horrible  howl  was  out  to  eat  your  heart  because  his  was  missing , keeping  everyone  at  something  further  than  an  arms  length . it  was  safety ,  something  you  could  control  all  the  while  a  war  that  was  out  of  your  hands  raged  in  the  background  —  but  you  could  help .  the  talent  bestowed  upon  you  came  with  abilities  that  a  human  mind  couldn’t  comprehend .  one  being  shape - shifting . pain  came  without  a  doubt ,  unprovoked  and  without  warning . though ,  expected  as  you  forced  feathers  to  replace  the  thin ,  mud - colored  hairs  that  lined  your  arms .  pores  filled  with  thick  down ,  your  body  shifting  into  a  dark  beast  that  had  no  place  around  mortals  and  those  with  perishable  bodies .  but  the  war ,  the  planes  and  the  fires  they  caused  must  be  stopped , something  a  wizard  could  help  with  while  the  charms  market  was  in  the  red .  bird  or  man ,  a  beast  you  were ,  questioned  unasked .
     HAIR  LIKE  STARLIGHT ,  you  remember  it .  though  the  color  of  chocolate ,  lost  in  a  braid ,  there  she  was .  the  woman  who  told  you  to  find  her  as  a  child ,  she  was  something  like  destiny .  hope  for  you  as  a  boy .  SOPHIE .  “  there  you  are ,  sweetheart . ”  she  must’ve  known  you ,  right  ?  something  meant  to  be ,  predetermined .  she  had  a  heart  you  didn’t  want  to  eat ,  something  pure  and  true .  he  needed  the  person  that  owned  the  beating  organ .  a  woman  with  a  curse that  needed  breaking  and  now ,  she  had  an  out .  free  the  demon ,  get  your  life  back .  but ,  promise  howl  you  won’t  leave  him . the  wizard  needs  you ,  DESPERATELY.  even  if  you  doused  his  spark .
(  now  onto  the  part  that  actually  matters ,  his  life  on  zerthea !  )
                               YOU  WHO  AWOKE  WITH  SAND  IN  YOUR  HAIR ,                                                     O’  DISORIENTED  MAN ,                                   YOUR  FUTURE  IS  NO  LONGER  CERTAIN .
THE  SUN  WAS  WARM , no ,  it  was  hot .  swelteringly  so .  the  weather  has  changed  and  you  can’t  remember  how  long  you’ve  been  asleep .  your  clothes  are  the  same ,  though  itchy  from  the  cumulative  rocks  crumbs  that  writhed  their  way  into  the  threaded  fabric  upon  you .  a  brushing  of  your  hands  and  you  looked  brand  new . though ,  this  place  you  had  landed  on  was  also  new .  where  is  your  castle ,  where  is  markl ,  SOPHIE ?  had  the  war  ended ?  why  did  you  still  have  your  powers ?  what  was  this  beating  in  your  chest  ?  it  seemed  as  if  you  had  more  questions  than  answers .
YOU’D  FALLEN  AND  NOW  YOU  WERE  LOST .  you  had  memory  of  nothing  that  led  to  the  fall ,  but  apparently  you  had  wound  up  somewhere  you’ve  never  explored.  was  it  a  new  dial ,  a  new  color  on  the  wheel  in  your  castle ?  howl  needed  something ,  anything  and  there  was  the  smallest  chance  he  could  go  home .  all  he  wanted  was  to  go  home .  the  idea  of  adventure  was  exciting  and  explosive  but  it  wasn’t  what  he  needed .  not  so  soon  after  he’d  settled .  found  comfort  in  his  home  and  the  people  who  surrounded  him .
(  a  few  bullet  points  and  headcanons  for  da  wiz  !  )
ok  ok .  so  now  i  can  stop  being  so  extra  and  !  in  case  you  couldn’t  make  it  through  that  bc  aye  i  could  not .
so ,  howl  is  non - binary  /  masc  presenting  and  honestly  will  take  any  pronouns .  he / they  are  preferred  but  will  respond  to  she  or  anything  you  choose .  as  long  as  you’re  referring  to  him ,  he  doesn’t  mind  !  pretty  please  respect  that ,  i  beg .  it  makes  me  wildly  uncomfortable  if  you  misgender  him  by  calling  him  “ man ,  boy ,  male , etc  ”
he  works  as  a  manager  at  a  lil  local  old  world  /  metaphysical  shop .  meaning  essential  oils ,  incense ,  crystals  and  such  is  sold  where  he  works .  he  totally  believes  in  healing  crystals  and  tarot  .  it’s  the  closest  he  can  get  to  magic  without  freaking  people  out  with  his  wizarding  powers . 
since  no  one  is  here  with  him ,  he  would  love  it  if  just  one  person  he  knew  came  forward .  he’d  take  the  witch  of  the  waste  at  this  point .  he’s  a  sad  lil  wizard  who  hates  being  alone  after  he  found  a  family  in  sophie  and  markl .
True  Life :  Dramatic  King  !  
will  literally  freak  out  and  throw  a  tantrum  if  things  don’t  go  his  way .  like  has  called  upon  the  spirits  of  darkness  when  a  girl  dumped  in  and  when  his  hair color  didn’t  go  the  way  he  planned .  that  is  in  the  movie ...  that’s  canon .
does  believe : “ i  see  no  point  in  living  if  i  can’t  be  beautiful . ”  has  said  that  in  the  movie  and  i  hate  him  for  it .  please  excuse  him 
VERY  extroverted  and  loves  when  attention  is  on  him ,  please  don’t  give  it  to  him  he  doesn’t  deserve  it .
so  !  i  think  that’s  all  i’ve  got  for  howl  for  now .  there’s  a  lot  i’m  missing ,  but  if  at  any  point  you  liked  this ,  i’d  love  to  plot  with  you !  you  can  either  DM  me  here or  on  discord !  i’m  more  active  on  discord  tho .  anyways ,  PLEASE  LOVE  MY  DRAMATIC  KING .
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fmpyeartwodigitalart · 2 months ago
23/2/2021-Rob Brown
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
He is a Sci-Fi, Futuristic, Fantasy, and Apocalyptic Concept Artist, illustration and designer for Video Games and Film, currently working for RIOT Games in a senior concept artist role.
He have been a professional designer and illustrator in the digital industry over a decade. He is completely fluent in nearly every position in environment development for games, including Art Director, Level Designer, Senior Environment Modeler, and Concept Artist.
His matte painting experience includes full backgrounds, set extension, texture creation, and concepts for, Curious Case of Benjamin Button, Terminator Salvation, Gentleman Broncos, Sorcerers Apprentice (among others), with many commercials, concept illustrations and pitch art packages.
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izzyizumi · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
A golem, {in Jewish texts and Jewish folklore} is a clay creature that has been magically brought to life. The name comes from the Hebrew word “golem,” which means something incomplete or unfinished, like an embryo.
In popular legend, however, the golem became a kind of folk hero. Tales of mystical rabbis creating life from dust abounded, particularly in the Early Modern period, and inspired such tales as Frankenstein and “The Sorcerer’s Apprentice.”  Sometimes the golem saves the Jewish community from persecution or death, enacting the kind of heroism or revenge unavailable to powerless Jews. Often, however, Jewish folktales about the golem tell what happens when things go awry — when the power of life-force goes astray, often with tragic results.
The classic narrative of the golem tells of how Rabbi Judah Loew of Prague (known as the Maharal; 1525-1609) creates a golem to defend the Jewish community from antisemitic attacks. But eventually, the golem grows fearsome and violent, and Rabbi Loew is forced to destroy it. (Legend tells that the golem remains in the attic of the Altneushul in Prague, ready to be reactivated if needed; this legend reappeared in Michael Chabon’s The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay). Likewise in Paul Wegener’s expressionist film The Golem (1920), the golem is a brutish creature whose powers are all-too-easily turned to destructive ends.
This is, of course, a perfect encapsulation of the same anxiety that underlies so much of the mystical speculation about demons, dybbuks, ghosts, and golems: The power of life is so strong, that it brings both promise and terror.
-’s article on Golems {check out the full article at their website for full contexts with further reading and further reference links!}
Tumblr media
OPs commentary:
Before talking about in-depth or ‘reviewing’ this episode, I’d very much like if the fanbase could keep in mind not only the said folklore that blatantly inspired this Digimons’ design and canonical lores, but also be careful in their commentaries about this episode as a result.
They are a very specifically Jewish folklore, and within our storytelling tradition are pretty complex creatures created to protect, but with potential for destruction. Often golems are taken out of that context, by people who are not Jewish, to be used just as monsters.
For many folks that isn’t an issue, but for others (myself included) that feels a bit uncomfortable, as the (perhaps unintended) message can be seen as “creatures that protect Jewish people are really monsters.”
[Keeping this information] in mind and being AWARE of the history of the golem in our folklore will prevent issues relevant to handling this topic. {Especially if you are considering either commentating on the character itself, the story within the episode portrayed along with it, or using or referring to the character within future fanworks.}
{usage of gifs may be allowed if permission is asked / or if credit is given. However, read my about & FAQ pages first. Please do NOT use / ask if you match anything in my “Do Not Interact” sections.}
Tumblr media
{Additional note: this post is mainly intended AS REFERENCE/EDUCATIONAL. please remember + RESPECT this when interacting}
Tumblr media
[Note: commenting/tagging positively/respectfully is ok!] (Please AGREE TO BANNERS BEFORE interacting) (Note: click on the banners to enlarge!)
{DO NOT DERAIL THE POSITIVITY INTENT} {Failure to acknowledge rules WILL result in a block}
REGARDING GIFS USAGE: - they must NOT be used to spread negativity for the canon/fandom! {INCLUDES: in regards to Adventures AS A WHOLE, Adventure (Original series), 02, Tri, Kizuna, Adventure & 02 movies, Drama CDs, any spinoff materials} - they must NOT be used to promote shipwarring within the fandom - they must NOT be used to attack any Adventures character focused on - IF I SEE YOU DOING THIS I WILL LIKELY BLOCK WITHOUT MERCY {usage may be allowed IF PERMISSION IS ASKED TO USE.}
{Please also LIKE this post if you are wanting to use!} {Once you have “Liked”, feel free to contact me to ask for permission!} {However, read my about & FAQ pages first. Please DO NOT use / ask if you match anything in my “Do Not Interact” section.} {I MAY POLITELY DECLINE USAGE REGARDLESS. Please do not take it personally!} {if you are unsure if you can use you can SEND ME AN ASK} {I will check your blog; if you do not match anything on my “DNI”; [CHECK THE FAQ FOR MY DNI SECTION/S] you will likely/may pass the check and can use!} {However please note my ENTIRE FAQ sections on such} {It is possible I may not grant permission for other reasons} [i.e.: You post a lot of something I have blacklisted]
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mearnsblog · 2 months ago
“Fantasia 2000″ (2000)
Did you know that "Fantasia 2000" came out in the year 2000? This is almost as shocking as the time that I learned "Pokémon: The Movie 2000" also came out in the year 2000. The big wigs did love their millennium-style branding. In the year 2000.
Anyway, there's nothing particularly wrong with "Fantasia 2000." It's just not very compelling and thus represented a roadblock for Ali and me in our Disney binge. It was easy to simply get invested in other streaming endeavors* instead when we knew that this was coming up and that a fallow bit of animated Disney cinema followed. So it took us a few months to get back on track.
*Of note: Ali has now finally watched all of "The Office" and "30 Rock," so time well spent!
But hey! We finally watched "Fantasia 2000," and it is done. Onto the next now, right?
Okay fine, I'll actually say something about the movie. "Fantasia" is simply a superior film, and it's not close. It flows better, the time spent between the sequences is more natural and less crammed with celebrity cameos, and most of the music is more enjoyable, too. Also, "Fantasia 2000" does not get any credit for recycling "Sorcerer's Apprentice." It made a little sense in a world before YouTube, but even then, it's unclear to me why you wouldn't just pop in the original "Fantasia" if you wanted to rewatch it.
What did I like most? Well, this movie helped me fall in love with "Rhapsody in Blue" and "The Firebird Suite." The inclusion of jazz-era music was smart, the Depression-era city stories told in "Rhapsody" were delightful, and the art from director Eric Goldberg and his team was magnificent. Meanwhile, "Firebird" is absolutely breathtaking in its pure beauty. Stravinsky is a king, and I can still hear the finale ringing in my head. The story of the forest sprite overcoming a fire spirit to restore the landscape to its natural greenery is like an early draft of a sequence from "Moana." Love that elk who helps her, too.
If the rest of "Fantasia 2000" resembled those shorts, then it would've been incredible. But I suppose that's a high bar, and it just couldn't meet it. Although there are good ideas abound in Beethoven's "Symphony No. 5," and "Pines of Rome," they don't do a good job of holding your attention. That's a big problem, especially since they're the first two pieces of the movie.
Other better spots included "Carnival of the Animals" and Shostakovich's "Piano Concerto No. 2." They have their moments, and I do like the telling of the story of "The Steadfast Tin Soldier" in the latter. It's charming! Sue me.
I have no idea what inspired Disney to include "Pomp and Circumstance" and a weird Donald & Daisy Duck "Noah's Ark" story. Does anyone care about "Pomp and Circumstance?" Does anyone have any motivation to hear it unless they or a loved one is graduating? With all due respect to Sir Edward Elgar, I do not in the least. Blame the several years I had to play it during high school graduations, but even still, I don't think many folks pine for it. There are so many better pieces of music out there.
I'll close with this, though: I'm glad that "Fantasia 2000" exists. No, really! I loved the "Fantasia" experiment and wish that Disney would try to again mix classical or instrumental music with animated shorts. They're daring and inspire true greatness, like in "Rhapsody" and "Firebird." Maybe "Fantasia III" is a future Disney+ project. Look, the House of Mouse has the money for it. Do it, cowards.
Best song: “The Firebird Suite”
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