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#The Pile
waterloobasin6 hours ago
jane the river spirit
jane, our river spirit, has arrived!
i wanted to play around a little more with the different spirits and i didn鈥檛 think any of the trees i found fit her so i made her a water spirit instead.
i decided to go with a river spirit as opposed to like a lake or something because of the聽"like a river runs dry and leaves it's scars behind鈥 part of heart of stone. also the blue color scheme works surprisingly well for jane.
Tumblr media
there she is! (this picrew) i don鈥檛 really have a reference pic for her so...just imagine a big old river. i was a little bit skeptical about having her skin be that shade of blue but it actually works really damn well. most of the design choices i made for her were literally just cause they looked pretty but i wanted her to have a tattoo like anne and kitty to mark her as a spirit. this was the only other option for tattoos so i decided that it represents the shape of her river if you were to look at it from a bird鈥檚 eye view. her necklace was also a gift...from a human that meant a lot to her so she treasures it a lot. (ooooo look at me teasing plot)
as a river spirit, she has control over basically everywhere her river flows and it鈥檚 banks. considering the fact that her river is actually pretty long, jane鈥檚 (relatively) a lot stronger than either of her cousins. however, if she is a far distance away from her river, jane gets weaker and more dehydrated, with the water from her river being the only thing that can quench her thirst, especially in situations where she鈥檚 been really far away or has been away for a long time. jane鈥檚 health is reflected upon her river and vice versa. jane鈥檚 got a cold? well, let鈥檚 not go wading today, it鈥檚 freezing. part of the river is blocked up for whatever reason, be it natural or manmade? jane can鈥檛 feel her leg today, and won鈥檛 be able to until it鈥檚 cleared. like all typical water spirits, jane has really strong healing powers, but they鈥檙e pretty draining to use so she leaves the smaller stuff to kitty. the water in the river itself is really medicinal and pure, so animals are often found near its banks. in emergency situations, jane can even redirect the path of her river and create small streams that branch out from it, but it takes a lot out of her so she tries not to do that. her tattoo changes accordingly when she does this.
jane just wants to see the people she cares about be ok. that is what she strives for everyday. being a water spirit, it鈥檚 in her nature to care about others, especially her family. she鈥檒l do anything to protect those she cares about, plain and simple. jane can usually be found wandering along her river, making sure it鈥檚 in good condition, singing songs she鈥檚 made up. if she鈥檚 not there, she鈥檚 spending time with kitty and/or anne, probably egging anne on to do something dumb (but we don鈥檛 talk about that, she has an image to uphold). jane also keeps a garden that she tends to very meticulously. she is a firm believer that talking to your plants will help them grow and does so often, either through songs or just by retelling what she did that day. she鈥檚 proudest of a white poplar she named edward; it was on the verge of dying when she redirected her river for it and revived it. she constructed her entire garden around it. she is quite devoted, to both her cousins and plants.
alright, that鈥檚 it for jane for now!! i鈥檒l probably throw out random tidbits here and there as it comes to me, but thanks for reading!!
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heartstrcng10 hours ago
starter call. I'd like to get some things going on tumblr again tbh, but most of the people I wrote with have moved/left during my long departure. So drop a like and I'll hit you up with a short intro starter if we've never spoken before.
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princessozera11 hours ago
I see your scenting and possessiveness head canons and raise you an MC with sensory issues that can smell/feel the brothers scents linger on them and they fight over it
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chelseadagger13 hours ago
Nothing like coming back home after a week and finding my cat鈥檚 bowl bone dry, her food with only a few bites, and a nice pile of old throw up next to her bowl. I forgot I live with inconsiderate fucking morons.
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popping-greenbean13 hours ago
oKokok shuthuhshhsut this is so ugly but i had the thought and decided this was urGENT and maybe ill redraw it better later
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
^^^ the chinese version of hu taos little hilichurl song is so funky and my absolute favourite because it tells a little story!!!! and its got this fun rhythm and melody!!!!
""silly-billy willy hilichurl"""" doesnt,,,, , hjdhsjdsjgdont like it v much
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vulcannic13 hours ago
It's sad your store launch didn't go as planned but THANK YOU for being so communicative about it! You did all the right things given the circumstances and I hope you're not too much in the hole. We love you for making and sharing your art, even if we can't legally wear it on our bodies 馃挒 馃挆馃挀
no no THANK YOU for being so understanding about this whole debacle! I always want to be transparent about my business because i know i鈥檇 want that from other businesses. I apologize if I came across a little unprofessional, but i鈥檓 a human being and this was like my worst case scenario come to life. Luckily, printful is refunding me the money i paid upfront so i don鈥檛 think i鈥檒l be losing too much, and I was able to refund everyone for their shirt/sweatshirt purchases.聽
at least now that the worst that could happen... happened, nothing can really get worse *knocks on wood* but i was so stressed about this whole thing that i never got the chance to see that I nearly sold out of my sticker packs which !!! i鈥檓 so happy! thank you everyone who has supported me and who will continue to support me even though this terrible situation happened. i love you all so much you have no idea
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heartwin16 hours ago
my parents made enchiladas and it's the first time i've ever tried them so naturally i had to open them and dump all the contents on the plate... i ended up only eating the outside and the bits of chicken.
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hhhlighter20 hours ago
septimus heap was in fact a seven book fantasy series that is deeply iconic and if you like nostalgic rereads i highly recommend it :)
yo oh my god thank u so much i thought i was having a fever dream i really liked the one i read then thank u so much
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neoncomets22 hours ago
keep thinking "why the fuck do I feel so bad" and then I remember I was literally in a car accident 12 hours ago
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