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#The Heirs
dagdagsims · 47 minutes ago
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First Elimination [5/14]
Atticus’ third pick is Nora! Imogen’s third pick is Laura!
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endeavorsensei · an hour ago
+ also a slight writing update!
when I have some time later, gonna make myself finish up a bkdk x reader lil hc i threw in my drafts + whittle down some other drafts! 
(maybe fleshing out the regency au a bit? possibly also a royal au?)
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lover-of-midnight · an hour ago
Archive Warning
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First and third POV Arthur Pendragon
Second and fourth chapter POV Merlin
Then combined chapters
Strangers to Friends to Lovers
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Camelot's original heir is coming back
Arthur Knows About Merlin's Magic (Merlin)
Alternate Universe - Magic
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dagdagsims · 2 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
First Elimination [3/14]
Atticus’ first pick is Scott! Imogen’s first pick is Ashlyn!
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marygirl · 2 hours ago
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This whole passage is just top photos taken seconds (before/after) disaster
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aestheticugly · 3 hours ago
Green d: she grabs she ra by her buff arms and trys to throw her.
She ra stays on the ground like she didn’t move at all.
She Ra: you miscalculated.
She grabs her and throws her across the room
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talkfantasytome · 3 hours ago
Fiiiiiiiiinally reading the Throne of Glass series! On Heir of Fire, and I have a little letter for Rowan....
Dear Rowan,
Please stop biting Aelin if you don't want me to fall in love with you too fast.
A Person Who May Need Help
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aestheticugly · 4 hours ago
Green d: lepidoptra flys to she ra head on.
She ra kicks her in the face
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alliluyevas · 4 hours ago
Joffrey having an older sister is so entertaining, can you tell us more about her?
ooh thank you...her name is Elenei and I'm very attached to little creation. She is ~one year older than Joffrey (but she is taller than him which he doesn't care for). She's pretty outgoing/impulsive but also laidback, she is sort of the follower to her older cousin Joanna's natural leader but they are very close and like to go on adventures together. She's kind of hyper + enthusiastic about things which Jaime interprets as her being Robert's mini-me but is also definitely a Jaime trait if Jaime had had more permissive parenting. I don't think she's like a Stereotypical Oldest Sister because she's not super responsible but she's definitely sweet and protective towards her little sibs (less so Joffrey because they're close in age and have a more competitive relationship)
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foolforshera · 4 hours ago
And it's the next Capella story! The Beautiful Imperfection Theater is the title. I have to say, I've had an idea for this series even before I fully finished writing Entrapta's Prize and it's fun to really start getting into it. I hope you're enjoying it.
“Slack,” Finn called out to Gale, the backstage tech holding their rope. Finn was in a climbing harness, hanging under a lighting fixture in the rafters of their theater and the stage was a long way below but they didn’t look too hard at it. They trusted Gale to belay them.
“Slack,” Gale responded back as she let the line out just a little. Finn moved to check a fixture when they saw a little flash of light and then Capella was sitting on the grating the light hung from.
“Hey, Finn,” she said.
“Hey, Cappe,” Finn replied. “You need to teleport down to the stage. We don’t allow anyone up here without being roped in. It’s not safe.”
Capella rolled her eyes as only a thirteen year old could and said, “Why? Are you worried about me falling?”
“Yes, I am,” Finn said. “We can argue about this but we’re going to do it on the ground.”
“So… falling like this?” Capella said and then leaned backwards and fell off the edge of the grating. Gale yelled as Finn grabbed for Capella, only to be met with a handful of sparkles. Then they were falling themself to be brought up short a few feet below the grating by their rope. Capella sat back on the grating as Finn looked up at her.
Read the rest at AO3!
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sgnscoops · 6 hours ago
Congratulations To The Kingdom Heirs and The SGN SCOOPS SG Top 100 July 2021
Congratulations To The Kingdom Heirs and The SGN SCOOPS SG Top 100 July 2021
Congrats to The Kingdome Heirs! “Never Changing God” #1   Song Title Artist/Label JULY 2021 SGN SCOOPS 1 Never Changing God Kingdom Heirs/Crossroads 2 What A Day Legacy Five/Daywind 3 These Are The Days Kingsmen/Crossroads 4 He Walked Out Triumphant Qt/StowTown 5 I Call It Home Tribute Qt/Daywind 6 Messiah Overcame Karen Peck & New River/Daywind 7 Start With Well Done Greater…
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book2sims · 6 hours ago
Elide Lochan
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Elide Lochan | Heir of Fire (Throne of Glass Series) by Sarah J. Maas
Described as:
Has a pale, triangular face, onyx eyes, and long, thick midnight-black hair. She is curvy and has full breasts, but she flattens them by binding them with bandages to avoid attracting unwanted male attention. She is described as pretty; Lorcan describes her as beautiful. 
“She had been forgotten—by everyone and everything. And still she had hoped.” -Lorcan on Elide
More Throne of Glass here.
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fyahkimwoobin · 7 hours ago
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Kim Woo Bin ssi
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maraczeks · 7 hours ago
the office s7 thread pt 8
#june 16 2021#i miss michae and holly so much heir absence STINGS everything pales in comparison#omg now that will ferrells gone maybe it'll be a little better#OH WAIT THE BLOOPER FOR THIS HELPSKSJSSHSJ#aw andy erin i love them 🙁🙁#GABE IS SO FUNNY HELP MEEEEEEEEHSJAJSJ IM YELLINGGG#uptight blondes literally my favorites ever oh my god#naur this is just making me miss them more at least not watching i could live in denial and pretend they hadn't left yet !#screechingggg andy and erin are so precious#the funny levels jumped back up immediately after will ferrell left LMAO i do love this show#why do ellie's characters never get happy true endgame#when i finish this szn i'm gonna rewatxh the mh diaries HSJCJXKSNDJSKS#HELP CREED#these feel so short now 😭😭#CREEDSDDD IM CRYINGI IM LAUGHING SO HARDDDD#IM WHERZINGGGFHSHHSHDDDJ THAT was SO#michael no where to be found in the credits god#BOBODY#WILL ARNETT JUMPSCARE/$&::&@:&:&;&:#the finales an hour/$:&;??#ERIN MIGHT BE PHYLLIS KID??????#pls just give me more angela i love her so much#oh my gosh you know whats also so big brained about michael holly is that he leaves the office one of the motifs is the banality and inabili#inability to escape this job that isn't satisfying but michael was able to separate from the office because of holly ????? actually kmsing#SHE GOT ENGAGED WHAT THYEJSJSBDJDK I MEAN I KNEW BUT WOWWWWSJJSJSJXJXXHSHES SO HAPPY#angela HLEPSJSJSHSJ#SHUT UP ABOUT THE SUN SHUT UP ABOUT THE SUN!!!#CORPORATE NEEDS YOU TO FIND THE DIFFERENCE WHAT TWO MEMES IN RHE SAME EP/$:&??#NO BC ANDY ERIN LITERALLY MICHAELHOLLY IN A DIFFERENT FONTTTTTTT THEYRE SO XUTEEEEE#CATHERINE TATE??? omg
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