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#The Fourth Kind
actualtoad · 17 hours ago
okay formal apology time. for those of you who didnt know, my grandma died in january. i think thats what kind of. set me off kilter? and ive been a shitty friend and a shitty person since then and i havent known who i am and ive messed up a lot of things and started focusing on them instead of the big picture and honestly i completely lost myself and its not like ive just found him back completely but im trying. sorry for being a train wreck on your dash.
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anjalisahu · a day ago
Dr. Abigail Tyler’s Wiki: “The Fourth Kind” Shines a Terrifying Light on Nome, Alaska!
Tumblr media
The Fourth Kind is not an easy film to watch and neither was it an easy film to make. It was very difficult to make and tough to understand. It is about alien abductions and is a pseudo-documentary – supposed to be an enactment of true events that happened in Nome, Alaska, USA. The central character is a psychologist named Dr. Abigail “Abbey” Tyler who uses hypnosis to uncover memories from patients that she believes might have been abducted by aliens. There is also evidence that she might have been abducted by aliens at some point. The character is played by Charlotte Milchard in the actual footage while the re-enactment is done by actress Milla Jovovich. Here are some details from the character Dr. Abigail Tyler’s wiki.
Dr. Abigail Tyler is a psychologist who was once married to her husband Will until he was mysteriously murdered one night when he was sleeping. That left her alone to raise her two children Ashley and Ronnie. She specializes in finding out the truth behind what she believes are alien abductions of people in Nome, Alaska, and she does it by hypnotizing them and getting them to remember what happened. She conducts hypnotherapy sessions with such patients and tapes them so that she has evidence of what happened in these intense sessions. However, these sessions often turn violent with the patients indulging in violent acts after seemingly losing their senses.
To know more about what is Dr. Abigail Tyler doing today, click here.
​#abigail tyler
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doodlesandbooks · 4 days ago
Tumblr media
SOo... Revenge of the Sixth? he he... oh well, punctuality was never my strong suit... 
any way, I saw someone else do this ages ago so I tried for drawing practice and got waaay too carried away. :) 
Ananke or Ani was the name I went for Anakin since Ananke was the greek goddess of force and inevitability and I always thought that's probably where the name Anakin came from.
and Ahsokon instead of Ahsoka was sort of inspired by Azulon vs Azula. 
Obi Wan’s name change was just because I thought it sounded nice :)
the other name changes should make sense. 
edit: I took all the colours for everything off of actual photos but they were all in different lighting, so Han looks really pink... sorry about that :)
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Happy May the fourth everybody! By the time you read this, it may not be the fourth anymore, but it’s technically still the fourth while I’m writing this, so I say this can count as my contribution.
Anyways, my family and I had fun. We re-watched Empire Strikes Back today. Since I love the OT and I almost never talk about it (I need to talk about it more on here, especially Luke), here’s some odd feels and thoughts I have about this movie. Only the positive ones though, since this is a celebrating Star Wars day post.
Luke and Chewie friendship is absolutely adorable and there needs to be more of it.
I really like how Threepio tried to comfort Leia (and himself and everyone else) by being all like “Master Luke may be ok, he’ll definitely come out of this all right”
Luke I’m-going-to-do-what-possibly-death’s-doorstep-dream-Obi-Wan-said-no-matter-how-crazy-it-is Skywalker
Luke becomes relatable for anyone who’s ever been in charge of a child, as he has to deal with a small person making a mess despite his protests and obvious annoyance
but also, FROG GRANDPA!
Yoda is canonically a bad cook, as this is the only scene I remember where someone eats food Yoda made, and it’s obviously terrible. I can not help but wonder if eating Yoda’s cooking was something Jedi dared each other to do, since no one wanted to do it, and I find this thought absolutely delightful
Luke is so eager to be a Jedi and I really wish more people remembered this and now I’m sad that he never got to see the Temple or more of the PT Jedi, you know he’d have loved it! Plo could’ve adopted him!
“Luminous beings are we, not this crude matter” (I don’t think this one even needs an explanation, you already know the feelings this line gives)
what Yoda says about the Force all sounds so interesting and I wanna know more!
I like the whole piggy-back ride while lecturing thing Yoda does
the x-wing lifting scene is perfect and I will not take arguments about that
One of my favorite things about Luke is that he gets his hand cut off, finds out the second worst person in the galaxy is his father, is offered a whole lot of power, and he still chooses death over evil!
and that’s all in one scene!
Luke seriously goes: I’d rather die than become a evil bastard and that is so good and I love it
but seriously, that moment was just, so good!
anyways, that scene was perfect and I will die on this hill
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tibbietibbs · 6 days ago
Hi friend! Sending some pretties your way in celebration. Because why not.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
(Also because I read Begging for Beskar yesterday and cannot get it out of my head I'm dying here)
Hi friend!!! ❤️ These are the PERFECT gifs!! (For today and every day, haha)
Sending some back your way!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
(Oh, and thank you so much! 🥺💕)
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oh shit it’s star wars day!
what a perfect opportunity to scream into the void that ADMIRAL SPACE KAREN chewing out Poe (as played by Óscar Isaac Hernández Estrada, a very Latin name in case y’all have forgotten) for being good and heroic at his job IS NOT AS WOKE AS YOU THINK IT IS, you party line guzzling turnips. it’s WHITE FEMINIST YELLS AT BROWN MAN, but it’s okay because he’s a man!
white feminism is largely an excuse for white people who happen to be female to yell at and debase and abuse brown men in a way that is socially acceptable, and you are doing their foot soldier work each time you yell at me and anyone else for “misogyny” when we try to criticize this part of the franchise.
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zapsalis-d · 6 days ago
I follow you because you are great!!! A great writer with a lot of talent, as well as a very nice person 😊 may the 4th be with you!
Tumblr media
skgsalksf you’re so sweet. thank you!!! may the 4th be with you!
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I am so goddamn lucky to have the parents that I have. They always try so hard to be kind and supportive to my brother and I. There've been lots of rough spots, they're far from perfect and they've fucked up a lot but they both work so hard to ensure my brother and I feel loved. I look at the parents my cousins have, that so many of my friends have, and I feel so thankful for my own mom and dad for trying not to pass along the traumas they were given by my grandparents.
Yes I have my own traumas and yes it took a long time to not just come to terms with them but to be able to talk about them, but I've been able to talk about them with my parents who inadvertently caused them. And they've apologized and have worked so hard to do better and make up for what they did wrong in the past to my brother, to me, to each other.
I'm so goddamn glad to have my family because despite our issues we still make sure to let each other know that we love each other and we're all trying to be better than we were.
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touchedbydestiny · 10 days ago
somehow i think the reason why especially the older siblings never tapped into the potential witch powers was mikael. i think he probably considered it as 'woman-stuff' and valued & paid more attention to the 'viking abilities'
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candygothjester · 11 days ago
hi i just got crushed emotionsllly from the stream today what's ur favorite "out of the norm" animal
HMMM, that’s a hard question-- I used to love kiwis a lot when I was younger!! I still think that they’re adorable, though I also adore owls and foxes 
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scientisms · 12 days ago
Tumblr media
shitty photo, but i wanted to share the raccoon skull i drew for my dad for his birthday, based on the skull we found in the garage last winter. he’s a little less into bones and dead things than the rest of the family but still has a fascination and asked for art for his birthday so this was the result! 
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reidecorating · 13 days ago
you are funny as hell. hope you know that. you better
okay if we’re just handing out compliments now, i’d like to say you’re talented as hell and i hope you know that. the things you write are astounding and the only way i can process them is by caterwauling like iggy pop in that one song by the stooges
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gokiburikko · 19 days ago
i have that canon multi i never use but always talk abt.....i mostly combined everyone bc i thought it might get more traction that way and also to fool people into finally following a blog with howard the duck but i’m thinking maybe i’m better off having a handful of canons after all? considering they’re mostly all different mediums (anime, live action, western comics, novels, etc) and i can’t see a lot of crossover appeal even between, i imagine most would follow for just one singular muse anyway??
i’m not sure what kind of poll i’m taking here but don’t kill me if i split it up and follow u with a million blogs ig i’m trying to say :G
but also for the love of god sir please interact with one loves him but me...he has irritable fowl syndrome...
※ he doesn’t. i made that up.
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potahun · 19 days ago
In honor of S4 starting tmr, some Detective College quotes for the ages (S2-S3)
TJZ: I LOVE to do the dishes.
QSJ: Seriously, when Jiuzhou told me this yesterday, I got super excited: Jiuzhou likes to do the dishes.
PYX: Likes to do the dishes? Then us gege have to protect didi’s dreams!
ZJW (to PYX): A Pu, if you form an alliance with me, I’ll only [attack] Shi Kai. 
SK, on his knees (to ZJW): DAD.
SMM: Twenty + Five....??
PYX and TJZ: ...Twenty-five!!!!!!
SMM: Twenty-five + Five....
PYX: ...THIRTY-FIVE!!!!!!!! TJZ: *incoherent screaming*
TJZ, working inside the tent: A Pu! What are you doing?
PYX: I’m buying things!
TJZ: He’s buying things?!!! I’m here earning money and he’s buying things!!!
PYX: Are you a highly placed military official?
SK: Is not it obvious?
PYX: Then later on, during body search, ....will I find a gun on you?
SK: That might be!
ZJW: Let’s do a body search.
PYX: Do it, your majesty, my father.
ZJW: Your majesty, my father? ...Why does everyone suddenly want to call me daddy?
PYX: You’re the king of a country.
ZJW: You’re the king of a country’s.... (Everyone: son).
Director: The college director has prepared a car for you.
PYX: Can I sell it?
SMM: Do you believe you can win?
CEQ: It’s up to fate. *starts to play frantically like his life depends on it*
PYX (about monopoly): This is a world of wolves. And you are a sheep.
PYX (still about monopoly): THE SKY. IS CHANGING...
PYX (still about monopoly, imitating TJZ): “Oh, my brain is not good...! Mm? How did I...Mingming, Mingming, I can only win this round in your stead. Mm? How did I suddenly end up with 60 bucks?”
SK (about anything and everything): I’m having a mental breakdown.
TJZ: I want to ask everyone. What is a perfect significant other? If you could only think of our Teacher Pu, here, you have way too little dreams. A perfect significant other must have Zhou Junwei’s handsomeness, Wen Tao’s IQ, Xiao Qi’s EQ, and Shi Kai’s sense of humor.
and to finish, from S1 (ZJW and TJZ playing “Don’t answer the question”):
ZJW: Is your physical health good?
TJZ: Not good. *loses instantly*
QSJ: Where are you not feeling good?
TJZ: My brain’s not good...!!
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