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#The Apple Tart of Hope
petrareads · 10 days ago
Nothing is as you think it is. Lots of things are not what they appear to be. Sometimes people need you to keep searching for them, or at least asking questions on their behalf. And very often, people have been silenced and they need other people to speak for them. It's when you stop searching and asking and speaking that they really will be lost.
The Apple Tart of Hope
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Introspective to Say the Least
Tumblr media
Summary: Remus Lupin is late for class - his class actually. Matters don’t seem to become easier when the Potion Master, Severus Snape, hands him a riddle for him to decipher.
Author notes: I wrote this in January 2021 but I felt it needed one more look over. I absolutely love the in between moments that aren’t included in the books - but definitely hinted at.  Fic was inspired by this GIF set. Hope you enjoy :)
T&Cs: Header image is not my own but used from Pottermore.
Lupin swore to himself as he turned the corner that led towards the Great Hall. He hastily sidestepped, avoiding a close collision with a group of Hufflepuff students.
‘Morning Professor.’
‘Morning, morning,’ He politely greeted back over his shoulder.
Lupin dared a glimpse down at the misty scratched surface of his wrist watch. Groaning to himself, he picked up the pace. Curse his greed for an extra hour of sleep this morning.
Entering the Great Hall at long last, Lupin pulled on his teaching cloak and adjusted his frayed collar over it. He approached the teacher's table and took his usual seat, nodding towards the last remaining professors who were sharing a quick word before class.
Lupin reached for a piece of toast that was still warm and placed it between his teeth before beginning to cut an apple into quarters. Glancing up at the nearly empty Great Hall, he turned his wrist to take another peek at the time. Breathing in sharply, and almost choking on the toast still lodged between his teeth, Lupin hurriedly tossed a liberal amount of marmalade on his half bitten slice.
As he did so, a looming figure had drawn beside him, blocking the beam of morning sun that had been pleasantly spilling onto him.
‘Lupin - late start to the week I see,’ Came the familiar slow drawl.
Lupin looked up smiling courteously. ‘Good morning Severus, yes afraid so.’
‘I trust you had a pleasant time off,’ Snape added, his tone offering no actual intention on wishing for it to have been pleasant at all.
‘As best I could, thank you. Did you need something from me?’ Lupin asked.
‘Yes, actually,’ Snape’s mouth curled into a sardonic smirk. ‘When I took over the extra work of teaching your class - I assigned some homework. But seeing as you are back, and looking refreshed,’ Lupin smiled at the effortless sarcasm, knowing full well what he looked like today. ‘Perhaps you could mark them yourself, it is your class after all Lupin.’
‘Yes of course Severus, I am very grateful,’ He nodded. ‘I can mark them today actually. I'm going to be giving the-’
'Wonderful,' Snape interrupted. ‘And dare I say Lupin, you might even find the essays… introspective.’
Snape strode off, leaving Lupin with one final glimpse of an ominous sneer. Transfixed, he watched as the black billowing cloak disappeared out the doors. The marmalade's sweetness turned tart on his tongue and the crunchy toast now sat unpleasantly soggy in his mouth. From his own experience, Snape never uttered the word 'wonderful' unless it meant the opposite for a foe.
Nothing good could come of that.
A translucent veil came to stand between his view and Lupin slowly looked up at Nearly Headless Nick. Floating in the centre of a sausage tray, the Gryffindor ghost raised his eyebrows and tapped a ghostly finger to his wrist warningly.
Lupin turned his own wrist around.
Bugger it
Washing down what was left in his mouth with water - Lupin reached into his pocket and pulled out his cotton handkerchief. He folded the remains of toast and apple quarters into it before stuffing it back into his pocket.
As he ran up the stairs to where his class waited, his mind flew at possibilities waiting for him. A nasty image of howlers from disgusted parents made his stomach sink - and worse - Dumbledore, realising his mistake of hiring a werewolf, sacking him.
Lupin took in a breath and opened the door to his classroom.
‘Good morning everyone, I apologise for my tardiness,’ Lupin said quickly. He scanned over the many eyes that looked back at him, waiting for some sign of revulsion or fear. The lack of pitchforks were a good start, he figured.
‘Professor, you’re back!’
‘You’re alive!'
Lupin smiled meekly. 'Yes, Dean, quite alive.'
‘When we didn’t see you at breakfast, we were certain Snape would be back,’ Neville added placing his hand over his chest in clear relief.
‘Professor Snape, Neville,’ Lupin corrected and made his way towards his desk.
‘We thought he had snuffed you out,’ Ron added, a hint of warning in his voice that amused Lupin to no bounds. ‘He’s been after your job for years.’
‘Is that so?’ Lupin pulled off his teaching robes and draped them over his chair.
Hermione raised her hand. ‘Professor, I tried to tell him that we were still on chapter three - Barely Dangerous: Hexes and Curses - but he was quite adamant to skip ahead.’
‘Follows potion recipes for a living but can't follow a blimmin' syllabus, the git,’ Ron said under his breath.
Lupin opened his textbook. 'Wonderfully colourful, Ron, but I would prefer you save your creativity for lessons.'
‘Professor,' Hermione raised her hand again and was looking anxious. 'Does this mean the section on werewolves will be in this term’s tests - because I haven't added it to my studying schedule yet.’
Lupin tugged at his shirt collar, he suddenly felt as if a rather stubborn piece of toast had lodged itself in his throat.
The class had erupted into groans - some panicked that they hadn't even started a studying schedule yet.
‘I am sure professor Snape had his reasons everyone.’ He held up his hand to quieten the students down. He turned around setting the matter aside in his mind, there was a class to teach after all, and hitched up his sleeves. ‘Now, should we begin with the lesson?'
Waving his wand above him, Lupin covered his nose instinctively as the blackboard dropped down sending a great puff of chalk dust into the air.
He coughed, waving the dust away from him. 'For today's lesson, I thought we could discuss a recent story in the Daily Prophet.' He gently tapped the piece of chalk with the end of his wand. 'Anyone have any guesses?'
The chalk flew onto the blackboard waiting for Lupin to dictate.
‘Oh! Is it the Sphinx, Professor?’ Lavender asked excitedly. ‘I read a stray cat got into Gringotts and infected half the Sphinx guards with some kind of feline flu. The goblins were in an absolute panic.’
Lupin dragged his finger down the textbook. ‘I see you have been keeping track of the news Lavender, that is correct.' He looked up at her pleased. 'Now, before we get into the more enjoyable part of the lesson, please grant me your patience as we go through a brief history of the Sphinx on page 277.’
The reading of the chapter went by fairy quickly leaving plenty of time for what Lupin had in store for his class. He closed his textbook and tapped the blackboard which shot back up above him. He dusted off the chalk dust from his shoulders and turned around once more.
'With that, we have arrived to the practical side of the lesson - not to worry, I don't have one hiding in my desk,' He said seeing the nervous glances around. 'I shall be the Sphinx this time round, hypothetically of course. I will give you a riddle and the first person to come to me with the correct answer will receive the rest of the lesson to do as they please.'
The classroom erupted into instant excitement and chatter.
Lupin peered out the window. 'I myself would be quite partial to spending time enjoying the sunshine outside. As the Welsh say, to return to my trees. But-' He clasped his hands behind him. '-the choice will be yours.'
'Professor, what about those who can't figure it out?' Harry asked.
'I think it is punishment enough having a fellow student enjoy some free time while the rest continue work, is it not?' Lupin chuckled at the sounds of agreement from his class. ‘Now, as is custom with the Sphinx, you will only get one opportunity to hear the riddle. Please listen carefully:
He watched as his students rapidly wrote down the riddle, quills fluttering profusely.
You have me today,
Tomorrow you'll have more;
As your time passes,
I'm not easy to store;
I don't take up space,
But I'm only in one place;
I am what you saw,
But not what you see.
What am I?
‘Before you begin, please place professor Snape’s essays on your desk so I may collect them.’
Lupin walked up and down the rows of desks collecting parchment. Catching sight of the title, his stomach twisted unpleasantly: How to Recognise a Werewolf and Kill Them. It seemed subtilty wasn't a priority for Snape.
Holding the pile of parchments in his arms, Lupin felt weary as he walked back towards his desk. He sat down stretching out his legs, ignoring the click in his knee caps, and paged through his textbook. Lupin glanced over the werewolf skeleton diagram in front of him, the very same his own bones had broken into but three nights ago.
He dragged his fingers through his hair. How long until his students eventually placed the clues together? Because it really was a matter of when - not if. He glanced up and looked at Harry, he was muttering the riddle out to himself, brow furrowed.
Lupin looked away and reached for the first roll of parchment. He took in a deep breath as he read the first name.
Hermione Granger
If someone could follow breadcrumbs, this was the student.
Lupin read through the crammed handwriting and he had to admit, it was - as Snape had promised - introspective to say the least. Hermione had provided detailed visual aids, up to date information that would put any Ministry of Magic information pamphlet to shame. Turning over the page to a table titled 'pre and post-transfiguratio symptoms', Lupin felt cold wash through his veins. She might as well have been shadowing him the past week - it was all there.
Humans with the affliction may succumb to the skin condition eczema, often found on the hands, feet, knees and even neck. This is largely due to skin irritation caused by the rapid growth and contraction of fur during the transformation stages.
She had gone to this much research? Dragging his eyes from the words to his own hands, he saw the red and dry patches of irritated skin as clear as day, peeking out from under his sleeve. They were still raw and itched at the mere thought of them. He immediately pulled his hand away and placed it onto his lap out of sight.
This is what you get for forgetting your ointment you fool.
He had grown careless at his time back at Hogwarts, feeling self-assured under the safety of Dumbledore. Greedily, he had taken advantage and now had become negligent in hiding the evidence. With the clever minds and prying eyes around him, adding in his monthly absentness, he was at greater risk than he had ever been outside the school. Who was he kidding? As he played professor in front of his class, handing out riddles and dressing in teaching cloaks.
Clearly, Snape's ploy was not only cruel mockery, but also a necessary realisation.
Lupin took in a shaky breath as he felt his heart pick up pace. He circled Hermione’s full marks with another extra five points to Gryffindor for good measure.
Lupin knew his anxiety wasn't about to ease up as he reached for the next parchment.
Harry Potter
Feeling a quick ease in his shoulders at seeing that his, unlike Hermione’s, was single sided, double-spaced and had no tables. He could have kicked himself under the table, now wasn't the time to be celebrating Harry's lack of interest just because it suited him. If anything, he should tell Harry to put in a little more effort. Lupin was his teacher first and foremost, he had lost the privilege of being called anything other than that since he vanished from the boy's life.
Dangerous, uncontrollable, and deadly.
Lupin's mouth twisted - yes, those things is precisely what he was called.
It was then to Lupin's surprise, that the corners of his mouth began to tug in amusement. Harry, who must have eventually found the topic of werewolves quite tiresome, had drifted off from the textbook's description.
Werewolves have rather large teeth and could probably take a considerable chunk out of someone’s buttocks. They are known to howl at the moon, but I don’t think only werewolves do this, I once saw a Pomeranian howl. Come to think of it, that could have very much been a werewolf as it bit my aunt once on the nose and she got a nasty infection from it. Since then, she has become prone to chasing the neighbour’s cats. So, I would steer clear of Pomeranians as well.
Still smiling, Lupin felt a tingling of teacherly disappointment as Harry's solution on how to kill a werewolf was certainly not in the textbook.
I once saw a muggle movie where the guy killed a werewolf with silver bullets. I don’t know about most wizards, but I don’t normally walk around with a gun and silver bullets in my back pocket, so I guess if I ever met one I’ll just throw a couple of paperclips at the werewolf and hope that’s good enough.
Lupin let out a rather large and uncontrollable snort of laughter which he tried his best to cover up with a cough. Caught in the moment, he looked up and half expected to see James sitting there - it had to be. The impulse sent a wave of grief that settled in his chest where his heart beat miserably. It should be James here, reading his son's essays - not him.
Turning over the parchment, he circled Harry's barely passing mark.
James, you’d be in tears mate.
Reading over his favourite lines one more time, Lupin wondered whether it was frowned upon for a teacher to keep their student's essay. He would have quite liked to frame it actually.
‘Excuse me, professor.’
Lupin looked up. ‘Yes Ron? You figured it out already did you?’ He turned over his wrist to look at the time.
‘I think so, is it "memories"? Is that the answer?’ Ron rubbed the back of his neck unsure of himself.
Lupin grinned and nodded. ‘Yes it is, you may have the rest of the lesson off.’
The class erupted into disappointed groans as Ron turned around and gave Harry a thumbs up - which was returned enthusiastically.
‘I had it written down,' Seamus cried out banging his head onto his desk. 'And I crossed it out!’
Lupin, feeling lighter than he did at the start of his lesson, pulled out his handkerchief with the remnants of his breakfast. He reached for the next roll of parchment, an even shorter essay than Harry's. He read the name at the top:
Ronald Weasley
Tutting to himself, Lupin decided that perhaps he needed to have a little talk about the effort these two were putting into their substitute teacher's homework.
He leaned back, smiling as he picked up a browning piece of apple and ate it.
Introspective indeed Severus - much obliged.
Read on A03
Fic was inspired by this GIF set
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diverse-hearts · 4 days ago
@windblumebard​ asked:
Here is Evan, ready to celebrate Venti’s birthday! He is armed with an apple caramel tart as a birthday dessert, served along side some ice cream of Venti to chose. Of course, Evan also has a bottle of apple bloom wine he managed to buy off of someone, and a gift—a new bow, adorned with small metal sculptures of Evan’s windblume design. “Happy birthday, old friend. I hope you enjoy.” 
Happy Birthday Venti \o/
Tumblr media
This day had always felt somewhat bitter-sweet, so as soon as he saw Evan his mood was already lifted, Venti giggling happily as he wrapped his arms around his old friend. Honestly, if he was asked, Evan was the best gift that he could ever be given, but seeing that he wished to give him something, Venti took a small step back, taking the offered items with a bit of a shocked expression. “Wow - Evan, you didn’t need to go through so much effort”, he’d placed the food and drink carefully at his feet as he tested the bow’s weight, fingers lightly tracing along the windblume design, and before he knew it he was crying like the crybaby he always was, placing the bow carefully away before half tackling Evan in another hug. “Ehe! I’ll only enjoy it if you join me for a drink!”, he giggled happily, a bird like noise being heard that caused him to blush rather brightly, “Thank you Evan!”
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xamassed · 4 days ago
Tumblr media
「 @ghostlyanon​ / venti’s birthday 6/16 」
"I— I heard the word. I'm sorry if I'm late, but... Here~!" To his arms she handed over a good-sized bouquet of bright dandelions. She had grown these herself and she wished Venti to have them for this special day.
"Oh, and this too." A second gift was extracted from her pouch. What could it be, but a bottle of... Apple cider! While she hadn't been able to afford some fine dandelion wine, she hoped the bard would like this as much.
Lastly, her third gift to him was a smile.
"I-I hope you'll keep having a good birthday! Ah, but please be careful when 'celebrating' today. You should save some cider for tomorrow, too."
Tumblr media
“The word? And what word might that b——! Oh!” The subtly sweet scent of dandelions filled his nose in an instant, and with it came the tickle of little, puffy seeds against his cheek and nose. The sight of so many bundled up into one bouquet made his heart flutter with delight, but it was the message behind the gift that made his cheeks turn the softest shade of pink.
Caught up in the sentiment, the bard took a moment to shut his eyes and bury himself in the dandelions. He was aware of her efforts in cultivating the plant, and he had admitted on more than one occasion that he admired her determination. That she had gotten this far as quickly as she had was impressive, and it only made the gift all the more heartfelt when he considered how much of her love and care she had put into growing them.
Tumblr media
“They’re beautiful! Thank you, Annie.” Venti tucked the bouquet into the crook of his arm, being sure not to rustle it too carelessly. And with one hand now free, he would easily snatch up the bottle of cider. Already, he could taste it on his tongue. Sweet but tart, light and refreshing. Summertime cider was so vastly different than cider served in the winter, but he appreciated them both equally. “Two gifts? You spoil me! Well, it is my birthday, so it’s to be expected.”
He snickered and hugged the bottle close, eyes twinkling with a nearly endless mirth. “Awwh, how can I not have a good birthday when I’ve got people like you around? Hey, I’ve got an idea! Everyone’s out enjoying the sun and sea, and it doesn’t seem fair that we’re left here by our lonesome. Why don’t we go join them? I’m sure they won’t mind.”
He leaned in and lowered his voice to an excitable whisper. “We can even go hunting for seashells. What do you say?”
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icehaloed · 6 days ago
[txt]: Happy Mother's Day, Ur ! ♡ [txt]: I sent you a post-card, but I'm not counting on it arriving on time. Or at all...... [txt]: I hope to see you again some time soon. Promise to bring you flowers when I do! Love ya!
a soft,  pensive expression crossed ur's face as she briefly lowered her mlc and looked out of the window,  into the spring that was lazily sprawling out there,  covering the mountains in stunning wreaths of little flowers.  this message was --- unexpected yet not unwelcome,  even if it left her at a bit of a loss;  she had never had her own mother’s easy way with words.  she had,  however,  high standards for herself,  standards that her backspace no less than four times before she was content with what she had written.
Tumblr media
➽  [ mary ] :  thank you very much for thinking of me today ➽  [ mary ] :  i was just putting the finishing touches on today’s apple tarte ➽  [ mary ] :  if the recipe finds general approval,  i’ll happily make it when you next visit
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afieldinengland · 6 days ago
For the character ask thing!! Summerisle :)
looks: somewhat attractive | eh | not really my type | pretty | handsome | beautiful | stud | gorgeous | sweet lord mercy
androgynous? tick. wears vaguely ridiculous combinations of 1970s clothing? tick. ominous and imposing, yet absolutely impeccably mannered and easy to talk to? tick. played by christopher lee? tick… all that and the hair of a cocker spaniel. not to mention he had that ‘priest(ess)’ thing down to a science… and don’t do moo eyes at a man you’re about to have killed, you utter tart. good lord (affectionate)
can you relate to this character on a personal level? : no | not really | somewhat | yes | they are me
i really am being so normal about this but there’s a real sense of the utter anachronism in summerisle— he’s someone who doesn’t fit even in the place he lives; he’s both a throwback and before his time, a strange beatific saint worshipping the old gods barefoot in the woods. the way he experiences love is so (unnecessarily) convoluted and intense… and he enjoys whitman. what can i say, i’m something of “a heathen, conceivably, but not, i hope, an unenlightened one” myself. as i say i’m being normal about it
would you date/be friends with this character in real life if they were real? : total bros | friends | best friends | date | become their steady boyfriend/ girlfriend | neither | i don’t know
literally rest in peace howie but i would have just responsed to the salacious comments in kind. let’s do it baby i’ve read the golden bough and i sing the body electric… and i’m very good at listening to hour-long lectures on the history of apples. let ME lie on those furs; either he’ll burn me or keep me around, and either way i’ll have had an eventful summer
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kin-eats · 11 days ago
Could I get some recipes for a grecian sphinx? Preferably things that are creamy, drinks and desserts appreciated. And thanks for running this blog, I've done a few recipes from other posts and they've all been great so far
I'll do the best I can!
Creamy Chicken
Creamy Keto Chicken-Poblano Soup
Tart Apple-Ginger Shrub
Slow Cooker Chai
Banana Pudding
Mini Cheesecakes
I hope you enjoy! ~Shadow
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rnm-magic-space-xsd · 16 days ago
dog, cat, mouse, turtle for the ask thing
Wow!! Thank you so much for asking! This was really fun ! I don’t get asked a lot! I hope you’ll have a wonderful weekend!
dog: what’s your favorite outdoor activity to do with your f/o? tennis, maybe? or soccer? how about a nice walk in the park?
We like visiting Jumin’s fruit farms. We get to pick up grapes/cherries/strawberries/apples and create jams or pies together! We sometimes drink wine and tirosh as we gaze at the flower gardens just close by. The flowers look so lovely, they bring us a lot of peace and we like talking about Elizabeth, cats and our favorite foods. Did you know Juju loves cherry pies?! They’re the perfect ratio of tart and sour-sweet for him.
cat: the reverse-how do you like to spend time at home? with a nice book, or watching your favorite show, perhaps?
Oh! I love watching romantic anime and k-dramas and while Juju would scoff and deny it - he watches them too. He used to watch it in semi-wonder semi-cynically, wondering how love felt because he was deprived of such nurturing and loving emotions such as those. With women preying upon him. It’s sad.
But now that we’re together it only opens us more to more love, more ways to cherish and love one another; cuddling each other as we do so. I love being on the sofa with Juju, clinging to his torso as he wraps his arms around me and kissing my head with a soft smile on his face.
mouse: have you ever kept a secret from them? how did it turn out?
Hm..For a short while I did. Believe it or not I was telepathically raped, numerous times - it turned me into a withdrawn and empty shell of who I used to be and I was ashamed. I didn’t think he’d believe me, being the logical man that he is - But he did. He was really worried about me when I wasn’t being the same giggly and shy, daydream-y kinda girl that he fell for. That I turned into an obstinate crybaby who sometimes got enraged at the injustices I went through. He noticed how erratic I became and that night he confessed to me in tears how worried he was, that the nightmare he had that night was of me leaving him because I found out how ‘different’ and ‘unlovable’ I found him to be.
I opened up to him. I of course reassured him first that I love him more than anyone in the world (romantically) and that no one could ever come close to the amount of love I have for him. I opened up that I was raped and ejaculated on, humiliated when I was in the bath. That my aura was manipulated to that of a whore’s and that I was gang raped by ‘higher’ dimensional beings.
He was shocked, baffled really but it didn’t take him long to become enraged. He was changing expressions in the speed of light, from confused focus to enraged shock to baffled I’m about to cry because I feel so sad hearing you are in pain my love type of expression.
‘I believe in you. It may seem far fetched for me, believing in telepathy and all but I’ll never dismiss your pain or your trauma. I completely and utterly despise those that harmed you, my dear beloved angel. And if possible I’d take them to court so they rot in jail for as long as their lives allow it. I’m so thankful you still love me and that you’d never abandon me. But promise me you won’t keep me in the dark about your pain again alright?’
From then on, he became my rock. My support and comfort. He knows how to soothe me when I’m in pain and I will always stand by his side, loving him more than anyone else.
turtle: has there ever been a time your f/o has coaxed you into doing something you were hesitant about? how did it turn out?
Motorbike riding. It may seem out of character for Juju to ride motorbikes but he learned how to due to his longing for excitement in his day to day life. I was hesitant when he offered to drive me but eventually as we rode my tummy got all ticklish and I became excited. Hugging him tight and feeling his warmth; feeling the rush of the wind lovingly attacking us ! Was worth the fear. He’s so cool when he rides. (He also learned how to ride on horses which is not any less cooler! Plus I love animals so much so riding on a horse with him would be heavenly!)
Tumblr media
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thenerdandfandoms · 20 days ago
Sounds Like A Plan
Chapter 7! Let me know what you think! ❤️
They walk to the coffee shop in relative silence, Owl asking Iseult questions over and over. Iseult answers each one.
What job do you have? I give people tattoos.
Do you have any tattoos? Yes, I have four.
What are your tattoos? I have a bird, a butterfly, a book quote, and a saying me and my best friend say to each other.
What’s the saying? It says “Threadsisters to the end.” My best friend has one just like it.
“I like you. Daddy likes you too.” Owl starts giggling after she says that and a blush rises on Aeduan’s cheeks, the tips of his ears turning red too.
Iseult smiles fondly, the girl has grown on her in the ten minutes they’ve known each other. “I like your Daddy too, he’s a very good man.”
Aeduan smiles at her. Iseult smiles at him.
And then Owl giggles again, breaking the stare.
“Owl isn’t going to be able to stop talking about you,” Aeduan starts. “Lisbet and Cora will start begging me to meet you.”
“I’d love to meet them!” Iseult exclaims. Then she retraces, “I mean, if that’d be okay. I’m sure they’re both wonderful girls, and I’d like to get a chance to meet them myself.”
“Absolutely! They’ll love that so much. We can plan, I guess.” Aeduan looks excited.
They come up to the coffee shop. There seems to be no customers inside, just two employees currently eating croissants. They hastily wipe their mouths and set the croissants down when they see the three of them come in.
Iseult smiles at them, looking to Aeduan to order first. He says, “Um, I’ll get a medium black coffee and an apple fritter.”
The cashier—her name tag reads Joan—says, “All right! What can I get for you, Ma’am?” She looks to Iseult.
“I’ll have a small black coffee and a lemon tart, please.”
“And for the little one?” She smiles down at Owl.
Owl walks up to the glass case holding displays of the sweets and pastries. Her small brows furrow in concentration, trying to choose an item.
“Can I have a hot cocoa? An’ a chocolate donut, pwease.”
Joan replies, “Of course, sweetheart. That’ll be twelve dollars and twenty-seven cents. We’ll get that right away for you.”
Iseult pulls out her wallet the same time Aeduan does.
“I got it.” Aeduan says pleasantly.
“No, please. You paid for dinner. Let me get this.”
“It’s really fine, I don’t mind.”
“I insist. Please.” Iseult pulls her best puppy dog eyes—which are known to work. Safi says whenever Iseult pulls that move she can’t help but agree with whatever Iseult is asking for.
Aeduan melts are the expression, his face softening. “Are you sure?” He still reluctantly asks.
“Of course. I got it.” Iseult says.
Joan comes back with the two coffees and hot chocolate, the other employee who was eating croissants putting the three plates with their pastries on the counter next to them.
After paying, Iseult insists on carrying Owl’s food and drink, reasoning that Aeduan has to hold her, he shouldn’t have to carry her things too.
They find a table at the corner of the small store, placing their things on the table and sitting down.
“So…” Aeduan awkwardly starts.
“So.” Iseult repeats.
“What do I call you, Miss Lady?” Owl asks Iseult. The nickname of ‘Miss Lady’ is fine with Iseult—it melts her heart just a little—but she answers anyway.
“You can call me Iseult or Iz, if you’d like. That’s what my best friend calls me.”
“Mmm, Iz. I like you, Iz.” The girl seems to have fun with the ‘Z’ sound because she starts zzzzzz-ing—only breaking off when she laughs.
Aeduan sighs. “Come on, Owl. You gotta stop.” He leans down to whisper something into Owl’s ear and Owl pulls away to give a determined nod.
Iseult wonders what he said.
“So when do you think I can meet your sisters?” She hopes she doesn’t seem too eager, but she wants to make a good first impression on the only family Aeduan has. Especially since she has a minor (Safi said it was a major) crush on him.
It’s nothing.
She’s not worried about it.
“I’m not sure, what would you have in mind? We can do next week. Maybe for dinner? Whatever you think is best.”
“I can do next week, I think. How old are they again? And will Owl be coming?”
“Lisbet is eleven; Cora is eight. Owl can come, if that’s alright with you,” Aeduan answers.
“Of course Owl can come! Maybe we can meet up in two weeks instead, I heard there was a circus. They might enjoy it.” Iseult says timidly, she doesn’t really know Aeduan’s sisters—doesn’t know what they enjoy to do—but she assumes any child would want to have to sit at a dinner.
Hell, Iseult wouldn’t want to have to sit at a dinner. It’s no fun.
“They’ll love that! Sounds like a plan?” He asks shyly.
“Sounds like a plan,” Iseult replies, once again getting caught in the depths of those beautiful, startlingly blue eyes.
Let me know what you think! ❤️
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tbrl-esc · 20 days ago
Picnic | Fumikage Tokoyami
paring: Tokoyami x reader (gender neutral)
synopsis: You and your bird-headed boyfriend go on a picnic
rating: fluff
warnings: none
word count: 744 words
note: picnic dates are so cute alkjfsd, hopefully when it’s safe again I’ll have a picnic with my friends :( Also this is my first time writing for him, my bad if I didn’t portray him correctly, but I hope you enjoy !
Tumblr media
The leaves crunched beneath both of your matching doc martens, your cheeks a rosy tint as you swung your and Tokoyami’s interlocked hands as you walked through the semi-empty park, looking for a place to set up your picnic.
Tokoyami placed a hand on the small of your back, guiding you to the side of the sidewalk, allowing the incoming skateboarders to skate through. Once they were out of sight, he took your hand back in his, taking his place beside you.
Tokoyami clutched the picnic basket with his unoccupied hand, insisting on sharing the ‘workload’ while you held the blanket which was draped over your forearm.
You guys left the dorms in the dead of night, hoping to catch some alone time together before you both had to go back to your hectic lives of hero training and internships.
Tokoyami was always so sweet to you, whether he unconsciously thought about you or not, he always took the time to make sure you were alright. 
Lately, he thought about how little quality time you guys spent together, too busy with the demanding schedule of an upcoming hero.
You were fine with the study dates and late-night texts, always treasuring the moments you had together, however, he insisted on taking you out, taking you somewhere where you both can be alone, where you both can put your worries behind yourselves and focus on each other, thus the plan of having a late-night picnic ensured. 
A tug on your sweatshirt broke you from your train of thoughts, turning towards your boyfriend, you saw him gesture towards a spot under a tree near the lake.
While you both set up, you took the time to look around, admiring how even under the artificial light from the flickering street lamps, nature still managed to look beautiful.
As you both finished setting up your spot, you noticed a few ripples in the water, looking closely you saw a group of swans swim towards your area, taking out your phone, you attempted to take a few pictures of them as they glided through the water.
Pocketing your phone, you felt something brush against the side of your cheek, turning around you saw Dark Shadow, his eyes beamed once they grabbed your attention, quickly pulling you towards the laid-out blanket where Tokoyami sat, enjoying the scenery. 
Joining him, you sat crossed-legged on the soft blanket, opening the basket to begin unloading the food and snacks you packed for your date.
You took out various tupperware containing fruit and desserts while Tokoyami took out drinks including his thermal that was filled with pre-made earl grey tea.
You chuckled as you heard Dark Shadow gasp, ogling the various desserts that were laid out on the blanket.
Glancing at Tokoyami, you watched as he bashfully looked away, averting from your gaze as your eyes met. Your lips curled in a smile, uncovering one of the tupperware containers to show him the homemade apple tarts you baked for him.
His eyes widened, gaze trained on the mouthwatering dessert, unconsciously moving closer to you as he caught a whiff of the cinnamon, apple scent.
He cleared his throat when he realized how close he had gotten, mumbling out an apology as he fiddled with the laces on his boots.
You couldn’t help the grin that etched on your face, quickly plating a piece of the apple tart, indulging your boyfriend with his favorite dessert.
Once you were both finished eating, you quickly packed up the containers back into the basket, placing it to the side so you both can have room to lay back on the blanket to stargaze.
Tokoyami hummed, eyes shining as he stared at the speckled dark sky. He closed his eyes for a second, posture relaxing as he took in the sensations of the cold wind and the light sound of crickets.
He turned to look at you, admiring your profile as you watched the stars, your hand softly patting the top of Dark Shadow’s head as he moved to snuggle into you.
Feeling eyes on you, you turned to your boyfriend, offering him a smile before turning your body towards him.
“This was fun.”
He nodded, “It sure was”
You brought a hand to his cheek, lightly combing your fingers through his dark feathers. He nuzzled his head into your palm, enjoying the warmth you brought him both from your tender moment and your adoring love for him.
Tumblr media
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selffight2 · 22 days ago
Recipe For Yummy Fast And Easy Fig Jam
Tumblr media
In our front yard right here on lovely temperate Vancouver Island is a small, vigorous fig tree. This yr the fig tree produced a report number of little spikes originally of the season, most of which grew into comfortable, droopy green figs. My pricey husband, who one might describe as a "fig pig", was ecstatic. vancouver wa florist ate ripe figs as they matured, and then he went on a hike. I'm not as massive a fan of the actual fig fruit so I looked for some option to preserve them until he came again. Fig jam gave the impression to be the ticket. Figs are actually pretty fascinating little fruits (nicely, not even fruits really-- read extra beneath in my "5 Figgy Facts"). They've a long rich history, are stuffed with healthy options, and develop in poor soil in desert lands. Jam is also very attention-grabbing. Again within the day when there were limited provides of contemporary produce in the winters, people had to depend upon their capability to preserve the nutrition and style of their harvests. Canning, drying, salting and jelly and jam-making were critical expertise and a heavy day's work. We're so lucky today to have the gadgets we have now, and fresh fruit all yr lengthy, in order that if I want to make marmalade in December, no drawback! Fig jam, nevertheless, may be just a little harder to make out of season since a lot of the exported figs arrive in the type of dried figs. But, if in case you have a possibility to snag up some fresh ones, I hope you try out this text's quick and easy jam recipe! Recent figs taste totally different from dried figs. I didn't see fresh figs for sale in my Canadian childhood and youth on the prairies. What I knew about the style and texture of figs got here from the cookies that claimed to be the defining fig confection for prairie folks: two small slabs of manufactured shortbread glued together with a dried fig filling. Simply as Kleenex grew to become the best way of figuring out all tissues for wiping your nose and drying your eyes, the "Fig Newton" seemingly described all these fig-stuffed cookies with their seedy centers. As children we may place a whole fig newton in our mouths with out being known as out for it-- they had been that well-designed. Figs are talked about in the Bible forty nine times, in both the Previous and New Testaments. As lengthy as the fig tree bore fruit, it was valued for its juicy sweetness. Jesus once used a barren fig tree as an instance the ability of faith the the disciples had entry to (Matthew 21). The fig tree was referred to in other parables by Jesus. It appears to have been a familiar tree, and a source of sustenance and shade. A Fig just isn't a Fruit however a Scion or Infructescence. Huh? The inflorescence grows as a hollow fleshy construction, like a horn with the opening closed in. Lots of tiny flowers grow inside this inflorescence, so you by no means see a fig tree in bloom, in the traditional sense. A small opening within the structure allows the fig wasp, Blastophaga psenes, to enter and pollinate the flowers. The pollination results in all of the teeny-tiny seeds that you simply see inside a ripe fig while you break up it open. Every tiny seed is the only real offspring of the teeny fruit (a fibrous strand)-- there could possibly be thousands of those fruits with their single seed inside of every inflorescence. A cultivar of the home fig, like my fig tree in the front yard, is self-pollinating, not requiring the companies of the fig wasp, and never nearly as colorful or as sweetly tasty as my neighbour's figs, that were grown by a Mediterranean couple (he was Greek, she was Italian). Figs are part of the Mediterranean Diet. Though it will appear that figs originated within the warm, dry, sunny Middle East, they adapt nicely to related climates throughout the world. Think grapes, figs, dates, and olives, and you've got the makings of a Mediterranean eating regimen, proper? Eat recent figs and keep slim-- a 100g serving results in .3 g of fats and eighty calories, in comparison with 100g of Cadbury's Dairy Milk bar with its 520 calories and 29.Eight g of fat. A large study of women discovered that these eating fruits like figs each day had a 50% much less price of growing breast cancer. Figs, unlike chocolate bars, come with an excellent amount of dietary fibre, vitamins (notably the B vitamins) and minerals. Did I point out that they are also very sweet? The phrase "I do not give a fig" predates the less polite "I don't give a f--ok" and apparently means about the identical thing, i.e., "I have no interest in that subject". How does the phrase actually relate to the fresh fig? The Internet Court docket remains to be out on that one. 2 pounds/ 1 Kg contemporary, ripe figs, quartered. Get rid of any moldy ones. Proceed to stir your jam, simmering over medium heat. You'll start to notice that it lots together. It's best to notice that the jam stops working in to fill the gap. When the house stays empty, you already know you are jammin' Child! See the photograph above. Add the lime (or lemon) juice with the cinnamon, and mix it in together with your spoon. Stir for about three minutes till the lime juice seems to have evaporated. Remove from the heat and fill three 1/2-pint jars. Depart uncapped whereas they cool down. When cooled, cap them and place them in the fridge. You might want to store them in your freezer (for preserving over a month). In the same old manner, on contemporary bread- Can't beat this historical use of jam. Team up with Almond Butter (almonds are also in the Bible and the Mediterranean-- just following the theme here). Unfold some high quality cream cheese on a digestive biscuit or a graham cracker (or a chocolate wafer) and prime with fig jam. Have a jam swap get-collectively- Invite 3 or four jam-making friends over with three or 4 jars of their jam and swap for your fig jam. Make a number of adjustments to your fig jam recipe to make fig chutney. Adapt your standard favourite chutney recipe by including in the figs. Do not use the handheld blender because chutney is chunky! The amber jewel within the thumbprint cookie! Ever heard of jam tarts? And the obvious-- if you have any to spare go ahead and present others with this tasty house-made luxurious jam! Apple Pie - three Awesome Quick and straightforward Recipes! Sign in or sign up and post utilizing a HubPages Community account. No HTML is allowed in comments, however URLs shall be hyperlinked. Feedback are usually not for promoting your articles or different sites. Like your husband, I am also a fig pig. That is the top of our fig season however I believe I'd still be capable of finding some so I could make this jam. It sounds fabulous. I´ll make mine with some mild honey I have in the pantry. I like that I don´t need to purchase pectin for it, either. Wow. I want I lived subsequent door! I really like recent figs. Never heard of creating jam with them. Appears to be like scrumptious. Want they might grow here, but we get too cold within the winter. Glorious article, Chum, as regular. Born author I might say. Sustain the good work. Hi ed-- sure, kind of a surprise is not it? However whatever-it-is-besides-being-not-a-fruit is simply as candy, apologies to Will Shakespeare. Jared Miles, thanks on your uplifting suggestions-- I'm humbled. Please let me know should you try the jam-making with any success (you may make different-than-fig-jam with the same approach). All one of the best! I'm off to catch up on commenters' work now! Wow I believe it should have been my first time reading one among your articles, as a result of the standard just amazed me! As someone stated before me, I really like the idea you had with the fig jam cheesecakes, and you've got managed to, at the identical time, teach me cooking abilities! AliciaC, thanks on your encouraging feedback and for sharing this hub! In case you lived nearby I might provide you with considered one of my little half-pint pots of jam! I love this text, techygran! It is useful, very attention-grabbing and really pleasant. I love all figs, but the fresh ones are a particular deal with. How fantastic to have your personal fig tree. I'd actually become a "fig pig" in this example! I am going to share this hub. FlourishAnyway, thank you a lot on your type feedback. I tentatively threw the Figgy Info into the article as a method to increase interest in the fig which is a considerably unknown in Canada, but extremely scrumptious jam article. Religion Reaper, the Jammy Cheese Cakes had been my favorite a part of the recipe too-- I'm somewhat embarrassed to say that I had very few digestives left when it came time to take the image! Thanks to your feedback! Jam Mini Cheese Cakes! Wonderful recipe, and so properly introduced certainly. Loved your story originally and the facts on figs too. Fig pig -- very cute. This was a wonderfully presented recipe. I used to be especially fascinated by your fig info. Effectively done. Voted up and more.
Tumblr media
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miss-minty-writes · 23 days ago
Family dinner — 300 follower event
Tumblr media
Atsumu’s distinct voice echoes through the hallway, startling Minty as she was chopping some apples. “HONEEEY! Why are there so many people in our living room?!”
With a giggle, she makes her way towards the door where the blond stopped, looking very perplexed at the amount of people scurrying in the room—reading the covers of the old books on the shelves, talking among themselves, admiring the multitude of plants scattered around or just chilling on the couch.
“They’re guests, ‘Tsumu.”
“318 guests? How—how do they even fit in here? A don’t—”
Another giggle escapes Minty and she tugs her husband by his sleeve towards the kitchen. “Questions later. Let’s prepare something for them.”
Tumblr media
Hi there—welcome to my 300 followers event! So glad to have you around and I hope you’ve been—and still are—enjoying yourselves in our humble home! It’s my first event, so I hope I’ll be doing this right.
Below you can find the rules and the menu, so please take a look and make sure to drop your order if anything catches your eye.
Tumblr media
• The event applications end on MAY 31ST, 11:59 PM EEST. I’ll post announcements from time to time for the deadline, though—so if you think you’ve missed your chance but aren’t sure, search for the #[ 🌿🦊 : family dinner — announcements ] tag!
• This event is Haikyuu!! centric. I’ll try to include Jujutsu Kaisen in the next one, though!
• The order can be sfw or nsfw, BUT keep in mind that I absolutely don’t write nsfw for minors. If you’d like a nsfw order, but you don’t want your url to be revealed to anyone (aside from me, of course), you have two options:
1. Send me a DM with your choice and respective details so I can verify your age (please have it in your bio or somewhere accessible on your profile), and I’ll make sure to fulfill it as an anonymous submission!
2. Send in a regular ask in my inbox, off anon, but specify you don’t want me to post your ask—I’l just copy the text and answer your order in a different post.
• You can order as many times as you want! There’s no limit to the amount of asks. Let your imagination run wild! However, only choose one character per ask.
• Examples (for guidance purposes): apple tart + aquarium date + sakusa kiyoomi / éclair + beach volleyball + exhibitionism, spit kink, spanking + gender neutral + hinata shōyō
• I write for most characters in the Haikyuu!! universe. Smut scenarios will be automatically written for post-timeskip characters.
• Remember to be polite! I don’t need a whole “I respectfully ask that you do this for me and I shall be eternally grateful”, though. A simple “thank you” is enough!
• Anyone can join, follower or not! <3
Tumblr media
• appearance/personality matchup and a little description
• send me as many details as you want about yourself/a photo or picrew and i’ll try to match you with a Haikyuu!! character based on the info!
• send me your character of choice and pick one of the dates below—or something else if you have other ideas! i’ll write some headcanons for you and i’ll pick a song to go with the vibe of it!
backyard camping/blanket forts | cooking together | silly dancing | stroll in the park | hiking | movie night | going out | arcade/fair/festival | water balloon fight | leaves diving | at-home fashion show | sport or activity both of you are horrible at | antique shop creativity | sidewalk chalk drawings | silly painting/portrait | botanical garden/zoo/aquarium/museum date | sunset/sunrise/cloud/stargazing | ice skating | arts and crafts | night in—board games, spa night, gossip, puzzles | “get stuff done” date | picnic date | take a train ride somewhere
• pick an activity of your choice, a character, the type (fluff or smut) and I’ll write a 500-1000 word drabble for you!
• for smut, send in some kinks and if you’d like the drabble to be gender neutral or not—in which case specify male or female reader.
Tumblr media
Thank you for joining and make sure to drop by again! The door is always open. :)
Tumblr media
@nakizumie; @lovelytarou; @risjime; @xmyshya; @kirakirasaku; @izhyperfixates; @me-wa-usotsukenai; @haikyuutothetop if you could maybe spread the word, please? 👉🏻👈🏻🥺
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kimscakes · 27 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Leslie & Rebekah’s wedding dessert buffet! I think I made 300 individual desserts, mostly in the form of pie and cookies.
The couple requested a Wedding Pie in lieu of a wedding cake, and it was fun to make! It was half apple, half strawberry rhubarb, with hand-cut pastry flowers. It represented the marriage of two different people, and the hope of beautiful things to grow out of their union.
The buffet included:
- Maple Cream Liquor Chocolate Ganache Tarts - Ube (purple yam) Coconut Tarts - Mango Pudding Tarts - Lemon Meringue Tarts - Apple Pie Pops - Pumpkin Pie Pops - Strawberry Rhubarb Pie Pops - Chocolate Chip Cookies w/ Himalayan Pink Salt plus chocolate/strawberry Pocky sticks and egg tarts from New Town Bakery. 
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