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#That's waht she said
alexjcrowley · 4 days ago
The first episode of Loki was great, but can we reshoot the whole thing so that when Loki mocks Captain America, Steve turns around and goes "Identity theft is not a joke, Loki!" in an unintentional impression of Dwight from The Office?
Tumblr media
(Also the edit is shitty sorry-)
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batz · a year ago
#WOAH OK#im still in good mood i just#suddenly had a thought and a realization of how messed up something was#LIKE compared to the other somethings its wasnt AS messed up but it was still pretty messed up#it was relating to all those weird anons i got in the past year. teetering between anon hate and just general creeps#and how i knew it was my ex sending me that stuff while we were still together. idk WHY but just like. it was just something she did.#and i was thinking about that one anon i got on new years day#the one that just said the name of someone who hurt me years ago - someone who i never mentioned by name on this blog#at least like. not for YEARS#but someone i was JUST talking about w my ex at the time.#and im just so confused bc like#new years eve she hurt me. and then the morning after she decides to send another creepy anon#then get all upset with me when im reasonably confused and worried about who wouldve sent that#its so damn weird.#and i know that some people just like to hurt people and ur not rlly meant to understand why bc they just. Do That. they r just evil.#but it just confuses me bc what did she get out of it. she spent the night traumatizing me already.#why did she send the anon that just said that persons name. it confused me sure but like. didnt she get enough from waht she did 2 me?#im stil in a good mood im not necessarily SAD rn im just confused. its rlly weird to think about#maybe it was another powr play like everything else she did. that one was just more subtle.#id be fixating on this a LOT less if shed just stop harassing people about this bc then those people get mad at me#and i have to explain that im also a survivor of her abuse and they obv calm down but its still kinda brought up and i end up just#thinking about it again#idk#just having a moment#frank.txt#abuse m#delete later
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oflgtfol · a year ago
is this the official storyboard?!??! if so this is literally NOTHING like how i imagined it would go and its so fucking funny he’s just like “this isnt how i wanted it to go. bye. *fucking jumps into the ocean*”
#WHYIS HE IN THE OCEAN!???!?!! LMFAO#LIKE LITERALLY WHATS GOING ON HE JUMPS OUT OF THE OCEAN LIKE 20FT INTO THE AIR??#he's in the sky?? the star?? what the fuck'#THE ROCKET? THEYRE IN OUTERSPAACE?? WHAT#also olaf at the end.. isnt this like. years after frozen 1? shouldnt yall know by now that kristoff is like. a normal guy#like what olaf said sounds like anna and kristoff just met what LMAO#anyway this shit felt like a fever dream. i actually prefer the fanmade storyboards i saw?? LMFAO#LIKE WAHT WAS GOING ON HERE WHAT?#this was on the same level as like. upendi from lion king 2 but that like. worked bc it was 2d and like. idk. rafiki in general#this is like. humasn and .. fairly grounded aside from elsa's powers .. and also 3d so like. how would this even work in the end#like im trying to imagine this finalized and LMAO?#i mean yeah gee no wonder it was cut then but like. but why was it storyboarded like this in the first place..? LOL#tbh my first impression of this song was that it would be like a montage during the travel time when they were going to#the northern place. cant remember the name#i thought it'd be a montage of that. like the fire part would be the campfire or smth#and it was a montage of a bunch of failed proposal attempts#and then towards the end its kristoff talking to himself and anna just overheard him until shes like#oh fuck i cant listen to this anymore KRISTOFF WILL YOU MARRY ME#.. which explains why he's so shocked but then he's just like FUCK YEAH#like thats how i imagined it so to see this. fever dream....... LMFAO#brot posts
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unfo11owmep1z · a year ago
You could say that I should take responsibilities for my actions and act proper & be the better person in the situation: I just can’t step aside and let it sink in on it’s self. However, it’s really hard when that other person that you (apparently) “wronged” is purposely provoking & insulting you. That just make THEM the problem, not me. If they want an apology or an explanation from me, they gotta be honest. Not some salty jealous/possessive soccermom school girl.
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j-morgan-fly · 9 days ago
Life Update
As some of you might know, I have been trying to become a Certified Nurse Assistant. But since I started the necessary courses, back in last June, the pandemic has kept throwing blockades in my way to taking my state exam. Finally, yesterday, Friday the 4th of June, 2021 I at last was able to take my exam.
Now, becuase it's me, nothing went smoothly. The group/organization who creates the test and administers the proctors for the practical, clincal portion of the test did not have me on the roster. So I show up, wait and try to do last minute reviews of my notes and instruction sheets for the skills and the proctor comes in, introduces himself and tells everyone else but me and one other woman to start signing his roster sheet and to show him their two forms of ID. Immediatley my heart begins to pound, my hands are shaking, my knuckles in my fingers are aching(Something they do when I am under extreme stress) and I take deep breaths. He then tells the rest of the group to go into the computer room, where he will set the up for the written portion of the test. After, he comes back and asks me and the other woman for our Prometric ID# for the test, normally you get an email after the test is confirmed. I didn't get an email with said #, but i log into my prometric account because it can also be found there. All I have is my application ID#. I have two. This is because when I finally had all my credits to qaulify for the state exam, I made the choice to try and schedule my exam directly with prometric and take my test in the city instead of through my school. This was because I had such a bad experience with my school I honestly didn't trust them to properly send in my mondey order to take the test and my application on time. (But after two months of prometric failing to get me scheduled in with one of their facilities I emailed them and asked them if it was too late to take the test through my school. The response I got back was it wouldn't be an issue, my shool just had to put me on the roster for their next exam group. So I email my teacher and she agrees to get me in for the next exam with them.) Turns out, that was the reason I wans't on the roster. Though my school did submit my application again with their next roster, and emailed them proof that I already sent in my money order, it confused them that I had two applications in their system. Rather than just call my school or teacher to figure out waht was going on they just ignored both my applications. In the end, after an hour of trying not to have a panic attack and start crying in the corner of the room, my teacher came in and told me they had gotten it worked out and I could proceed to take my test. So, I passed my written test, but I won't know if I passed the practical portion for about 5 days. Worst, two of the three skills I was assigned were the ones I dreaded most. Pulse and Perineal care. Lucky, the proctor allowed you to make corrections through out the skill or after. As long as you did not say 'skill completer or skill done' you were technically still doing your skill and thus, corrections were allowed to be made and noted so you didn't lose points. I made sure I reviewed everything I did after I did my skill, pointing out mistakes and letting my proctor know I was aware of them and wanted to make the efforts to correct them. According to my teacher, this is one fo the best things you can do. Because it's not really the skill itself they are testing you on, but your knowledge of how it's supposed to be done and your ability to mantain the four properties of idirect care. Communication, patient rights(privacy ext), safety and infection control. I believe I did maintain these four things, even if their were moments where I made a mistake like changing my gloves during a skill(infection control) I did catch my mistake and corrected my actions to the proctor. In which I could then continue as if I had changed my gloves. Either way, I am nervous about having passed my practical exam, but I'm trying to stay positive.
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kimberly-spirits13 · 12 days ago
Titans with S/O or Friend Thinking They’re in a Band HC (Request)
Beast Boy:
So he know that you know about the entire Teen Titans thing
that saying, you weren’t really a person for new and up in coming things
You just go with the flow of whatever you so choose and that has worked for however long you’ve been alive
And that means that when he tells you about the Titans, you think it’s just some popular media phenomena
happy for him but also like who’s the Teen Titans anyways,,, uh
So when you finally get to the tower you know that it’s something more than a band
Because like only the Avengers and Justice League have a sick hq and no other band does and the Avengers and JL aren’t bands….
And then you meet the entire team
You’d already come to terms with how wrong you were
Later told Gar and he thought that it was hilarious
now the entire team knows about this since he cannot keep his mouth shut about it and it’s an inside joke just as the waffles are
Beware evil, we’ve got you now with soft pop and indie alternative
So you knew that he was Cyborg and all of that
You just thought that since you had told him he needed a hobby, that he took it up in a bit of a hardcore way like he does
So when you go to meet them all you’re just like
*bursts into laughter upon realization*
They’re all confused as to why you’re laughing
“Cy, you know how I always say that you need to find a hobby?”
“Uh …yea?”
“I thought a band was your hobby….. but you fight supervillains.”
Everyone just thinks that that’s hilarious
made Raven laugh which was new
Cyborg now has to be very clear if he starts talking about things but you promise him that you’ve caught up now
You’d grown up a bit secluded due to magic and learning it all
So you weren’t ever really attached to anything real world wise
Raven talked about the Titans, not ever mentioning that they were a hero group just talking about all of what happened with the people
She just assumed that you’d know after hearing about Starfire leveling an entire fleet of invading alien ships?
You thought that that was for a music video since you were just getting into mainstream music and pop culture
So when she takes you to the tower you just assume that big bands are like that ?
And then you realize after seeing the things that look very similar to the Justice League that it’s actually a super hero club kinda thing
“So you’re telling me that this isn’t a weird rock band or something???”
“Uh… no? Where’d you get that?”
“Just forget that I ever said anything”
Beast Boy heard it
“Yes, yes I did.”
*Inside jokes now that confuse everyone but the team*
The kid ran off from Gotham but you’d still keep in touch very very often
You just assumed that he went to start a music thing since he’s always loved music
And you were wrong but that doesn’t matter
So he pulls up in his costume one night after a long week and wants to take you to meet the team
And that’s where you realize upon arrival that this isn’t a band
And then it hits you again that THIS is the Titans that he was talking about
Oh you felt dumb
Not that you didn’t know what the titans were since you yourself were a hero, you just didn’t fully absorb it
So once he finds out he can’t stop laughing
It was embarrassing but at the same time it was too good for you not to laugh at yourself with everyone else
Now he won’t let you let it go
Kori is used to having issues with understanding pop culture and Earth things but she didn’t think that a earthling would mess this one up
She was very understanding to say the least when you show up and are like
Wait you’re not a band …. YOU FIGHT SUPER VILLAINS
The rest of the team thinks that it’s hilarious as you’re just shocked into laughing with them
Kori gets defensive for you
“Stop laughing, you’re going to embarrass them, it’s not they’re fault that they didn’t understand.”
“No no no it’s fine, this IS funny”
And then she lets go of that first wave of STOP IT YOU GUYS and thinks that it is equally as funny
You have to understand that she gets a lot of crap for not understanding things like everyone else so when she thinks you’re getting embarrassed or harassed in any way even by her best friends, she’s gonna be madddddd
But it was all okay and became a nice thing to bring up every once in a while
Tags: @cipheress-to-k-pop @sassysaladprofessordeputy @emmaleilani96
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realdeadlovin · 18 days ago
my journaling from the beach: 
BLah blah. I'm typing this on the roof/balcony of our airbnb in cholla bay. I wish I could go to sleep, I was so tired all day, but my brain is unhappy and wound up in a way that I know would not equal success at falling asleep. especially next to brian. blah blah. i suppose its not surprising that like all of today was just immediately pretending everything was fine between us and not acknowleding that anything had happened. and the frustrating part is that like I don't have any drive or incentive to bring it up anyways because there is no space of valuable procssing for us. the only thing to discuss is how to incorporate teh understanding that (once again, but more firmly this time) nothing will ever work between us, this will keep happening and probably getting worse, It turns out even after that debacle I still like and want to be affectionate iwth brian and it makes me feel sad and lonely to consider breaking off what we've had going on, but also we're lucky enough we've gotten this far without hating each other and maybe we shouldn't press our luck. I don't know, I don't know what the right thing to do is now but that's what's ahead of us to figure out (ending things, how, when?) and I don't want to do that when he's sitll here for a few more days. so I want to be able to I guess "have fun" but it's also hard and feels bad we have to just ignore shit to not have it be horrible.
I lost a lot of trust in brian last night. I knew // was (re?) learning that he has the emotional maturity of a ten year old if that, but it just felt more pointed and personal last night.
he brought up with me sleeping with nick in a snide way, and that struck a nerve and triggered bad feelings in me. yes i was drunk. I wasn't actually mad at brian for that I just wanted to cry a little and procss that that actually was a bad memory. brian does know that it wasn't something that I feel good about and that I had some difficult/ hurt feelings about nick after that incident coupled with others. but i wasn't in that moment mad at his insensitivity I just wanted to step away and have feelings. which seemed fine at first, he came out and was affectionate. but i guess when that didn't fix things right away he couldn't handle it. he said "i feel weird" and got out of bed and then literally threatened to leave the next day. I don't think I can forgive him for that ever. it also just seems so bizarre in the universe when what i've been talking about in therapy is literally like emotional trauma stemming from fearing my mother we going ot leave me (and her in fact leaving my bed) because of me crying. I also had literally iterated to brian multiple times that it wasn't about him, i wasn't mad at him, but apparently what wigged him out so much was a feeling that i was mad at him. but this is what i've already been noticing in brian, he just does not have that ability whatsoever to understand that his emotions/ anxieties/ insecurities are not a blanket excuse for shitty behavior and he needs to be able to take some ownership.
and so the irony is not lost on me tonight that he started having intense, difficult to articulate anxiety / emotions. despite being occasionally affectionate with me (as I also was with him last night) he was also distant, quiet, regularly not looking at or speaking ot me and like standing/walking separately..... he also expressed that his anxiety was related to how much money he is spending on this trip, which also does kinda sting cause it feels like his anxiety is like, that he came to see me, which makes me feel bad and kinda upset, but I wouldn't in one million years I think even if I was very drunk think of yelling at and berating him the same way, being like "well did you ever stop to think maybe i feel like youre mad at me // or blablabla" when I know he's having hard emotions and such. of course i didn't threaten to leave. though I did, I admit and I dind't like feeling this way either, feel quite petty and like "oh ok so you're allowe to have like your own hard emotoinal experience near me but I'm not" or whatever. I wante dot passive aggressively be like, ok well I can't tell if youre mad at me so I'm going to leave tomorrow bye" or whatever. but, I didn't, I sucked it up and although I think I would have been a better suppor had I not been feeling that way I still tried, took us on a walk, hugged him, etc. I dunno bla. not to e all, "regreT" by fiona apple.
I want to tell him I've lost trust in him in an irreparable way, that wasn't just another drunk argument we can forget about and move on from. thsi is the signal that it's time to find a way out of this, I don't htink I can ever be emotionally supported or safe with him in the way I would need, even though I know we aren't saying tghis is a "relationship" or whatever it isn't isn't, "casual." I don't know what would happen to our friendship. I also, even as I write this, wonder if I will actually end this or extricate myself. I'm definitely going to tell him the harm was real from that fight, but maybe after he leaves, I don't know. it'd hard becuase I feel like reopening this conversation would just make the rest of hte trip awful and hard and not even like, in a productive way which is the thing with him is that processing is never processing, it never gets us anywhere at all unless its deeper in a hole of shit. some things I can decide to just move on from and forget even though I still feel that twinge of unresolved anger.... this is bigger than that. um, so yeah, I guess if he wants to keep pretending things are fine with us I'll just go along with it and have as much fun as we can until he leaves and we can safetly idk email or wahtever from a distance. I mean, I won't lie. I also, unfortunately...? still really like touching him, and am attracted to him. this morning I really wanted to have sex with him and like, I felt that maybe it would be fucked up to go towards that after the night we had without acknowledging it, but then was glad he intiated that. I mean.. I think the sex was mutually initiated but, initiated the, being touchy. that was me having his imaginary voice in my head arguing with me about him having initiated it. bla. i wonder if his affected today has just been coming from that fear-of-losing-me place or if he just things that what happened last night was kinda run of the mill for us.. I mean I don't htink he would be surprised if I said it wasn't but yea.
oh but what I was saying, I dont know, it also just feels sooooo lonely and sad, the prospet of going back from like having a constant preson that I love to talk to to not having anything even close to that, especially when life is also already lonely and such. both for like having the constant like, validation, and like, "company" even thought virtual.. like no tjust living alne with my thoughts all day evey day.. but  I'm worried right now I'm just going to fall back into the "good" parts of this and not have it in me to break away. and i guess my fear then is something similar or worse will just happen agian that will actually result in us hating each other // me not wanting to talk to him or see him again, etc. I think we could get away without that now, but I don't know. I mean I think we could definitely get out of this without hatred but could we transition back into a friendship where we actually talk and are in each others lives? at least in the near future (not like years down the road)? I dont know.....
I wonder if brian will ever really heal or understand even waht the problem is here. I understand that maybe some percentage of this is like us just having different emotoinal realities and struggles and such but I feel really firm in that what I'm expecting is vey reasonable, not just like me personally but of anyone who is suppsoe to care abotu and be in relationship with another person. I miss having it, I fucking miss dating someone who like hard hard hard things came up, but we understand and respected each otehrs needs and ways of communicating and working through stuff together actually gets you somewhere. i didnt have that with semra either. but semra was emotionally abusive. wolford and I really had that. I mean like sophie and I do in terms of our friendship. yea. is it more rare than I realize? I mean, I guess also I think lore and I have that, though I sometimes and like nervous ot bring up issues I have with her. when I do she listens and we hear each other and we are in a better place afterwards for it. I do think I have that model of like communication and how conflict and be like a good/ supportive thing in a relationships that helps it deepen and grow. mabye brian hasn't like had that modeled, idk, it just seems like he deeply cant' handle hard emotions, from me maybe in particular i dunno, cause he can't see past how they make him feel threatened or insecure or whatever. and then this thing about like " I don't wanna rehash that" when its like we never even really talked about it or figured anything out. we can nevre figure anything out. maybe were just different and he finds me so very "hard to read" and he can "read" other people more easily and thus feels less uncertain and insecure. maybe. but then yea so why are we together.
anyways I think I've written eveything I wanted to and I feel less like crying, still very unclear on if I feel like sleep is an option for me anytime soon. I sorta wish we hadn't had to switch to the one-room airbnb, I would like to go inside and read on a couch until I can crawl in bed it feels that would be distracting to him or like just not as easy as at the other place. sure am glad I don't like in a studio apartment with another person lol.
but, I also have to pee... thought here are bathrooms on thsi patio.. and the wind is picking up so I'll go inside, I really think it would be great to get good sleep tonight but alas
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byler-blush · 19 days ago
This is @your-local-bi-disaster aka Sam, and I've come across a Homophobic hardcore Mileven shipper who literally wrote 10 paragraphs on every canon Byler scene that's ever happened, those paragraphs are contradicting every Byler scene and most of this bullshit is , and I've compiled some of them, which were quite obnoxious and Ridiculous so let's start off by the first one
Tumblr media
1) Yeah Byler isn't gay, it obviously just us getting the satisfaction of two straight boys holding each other's hand for absolutely no reason. How tf can you even say They're not gay? The homophobia is showing up miss ma'am. If you're saying they're not gay, Explain.......
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Okay what the fuck is this? Mike said asking Will was the best thing he's ever done. So why wouldn't he be Pell-mell about Finding and worrying for Will 24/7 ? Also, Finding Dustin, Lucas, Hopper was his top priority? What... Weren't they always together, them being together was literally the point of season 1.
Mike was looking for El because she was filled with clues, she had tea regarding Will Byers and Mike's only best friend Will Byers, wouldn't Mike fish of information about Will from El. Bestie it's not that Mike developed a crush on El. But Caring for Will.
Tumblr media
I don't even know what to say. Didn't Mike Lie to will about making excuses for not playing DND in season 3. Honey, if that's not lying I don't know what's wrong with you.
The rule of the party is to tell each other truth? What about Mike lying to a member of the party El? That's not lying? Pfft........This makes no sense whatsoever.
Tumblr media
Okay what the fuck? Suppose you are Mike wheeler and you're seeing your friend choke? Would you fucking let her die by choking? What the fuck is this, Mike wheeler is a human and Human's do anything to Save other humans. Don't even bring up about girlfriend boyfriend. This is clearly saving a person's life.
Oh and yes Mike was being protective of Will because he loves him.
Tumblr media
Yeah Mike is encouraging El because he cares about her. She's a human isn't she? Isn't that waht humans do? Help other people?
Also, Mike could've gone to the Snow ball with Will if he had come out as gay. Even this doesn't make any sense
Tumblr media
What the fucking hell is this I- . When they talked about being crazy together they were literally personal about themselves. And there was no bullshit about El in this. Goodbye-
And these are the MELVINS we hate and don't like. This post is filled with Homophobia
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Tour without You
Summary: fans saw the video of cal singing ghost of you and people think you two broke up.
Tumblr media
a/n: SO YALL KNOW WHICH VIDEO I'M TALKING ABOUT RIGHT? Idk if he was actually crying, but a part of me tells me he was, but idk who knows, but i hope he was okay and is doing okay now.
You were currently home watching duke at yours and cal’s place. You couldn't go on tour with cal because of work, so being alone was a norm you had grown into. Whenever you didn't go on tour you and cal would spend time calling one another whenever a show was over, so he could see you and if you needed to comfort him for anything. He hated when he had to leave you alone, but you would reassure him you had someone that was a part of him. Duke would usually stay with the dog sitter, but when you stayed back home you watched duke. You two would have some quality time together as usual so the small pup can use his energy throughout the day.
For Cal though today, just wasn't his day. Their bus tour had taken a re-route, they got to the venue late, he couldn't focus during rehearsal since it was cut short, from them arriving late. Usually when stress came he was able to handle it well, but you usually were there to comfort him right there and then, which also added to his stress as well, not being able to be with you in moments like these. Fans in the audience and online had seen his expression and worried for him, especially when singing Ghost of you. He hated that his stress would reflect how he acts during shows, but today was really bad for him. Cal doesn't really notice when fans are recording, but a video had gone viral during the concert within minutes and fans skepulating about you and cal. You had no idea of this hence you not being near your phone all day and having a nice day out with duke. Your phone had been blasting all night and once you got home with duke you checked it once seeing all the notifications on all of your socials.You were slightly confused as to why there were so many so you checked it out.
@5SOSUPDATES: is it possible cal and y/n broke up? Could be because they haven been posting with one another. Also today’s performance he seemed sad, especially during Ghost of you.
“What the hell?” you said as the puppy barked at you as you continued to look for something that gave you some sort of idea that was going on. Then MTV also made a topic off of it.
You were quick to find the resources they were using to claim these speculations and there was a video of cal singing ghost of you, at first it was all good, he was singing good, you saw no sad emotions, but when it got to him harmonizing, with the ghost of you, that's when his expression changed. At first you thought that it was just the way he was singing. But you looked over and yeah you were convinced he was crying.
You tried to first go over anything you might have said to make him upset, but there was nothing, you texted when you could and he seemed fine the night before, so you didn't know what was wrong. Unless he lied to you, which he would do when he was away from you. He didn't want to bother you, but you always told him to talk to you when he was feeling down and not himself. You were always going to be there to talk to him always. Just then you got a call from mali, you were quick to answer as she probably has seen these as well.
“Mali, hey.” you said as she spoke, “hey super weried, but have you been on your socials and possibly MTV?” she asked as you sighed, “yes i have.” you said as she contuned, “okay, is it ture?? Did you two break up? Omg did cal do something because i swear-” she said as you giggled and cut her off, “no we didn't, well at least i think so, but uh, no i called him before this show and he seemed fine, but you know how he is, he doesn't tell the full truth until you get it out of him.” you said as she hummed, “thats true, well are you talking to him tonight?” she asked as you hummed back, “yeah i should be getting a call in about an hour, i dont think he has checked his phone yet, so i'll call you first thing alright?” you said as she hummed and you two said your goodbyes. As your phone was still blowing up, more and more rumours were being made, but you didn't expect to be getting attacked.
5SOSWILDFLOWER: Yall, there are some photos of y/n with another guy before cal had gone to tour, guess cal has a reason.
Caly/n_stan: i don't think she would cheat though, they've been together for years.
Lukehemmingsstan: i mean yeah but people change especially when dating a celeb, and it wouldn't be the first time a 5sos member would be cheated on.
@mikeycliff5sos: i mean you can tell she was just in it for the money and the fame, she never spoke about her job.
You were at first confused as to what pictures you were talking about, but then you clearly remember you were with the dog sitter, who happens to be a guy. He was one of Cal's best friends and he always took care of duke when you were away. You were there before cal had gone to tour, to tell him personally that you were staying with duke, since you knew him and it would be nice to catch up on duke’s behavior. Of course the fans didn't know that, but that didn't mean they should attack you. You were kinda stressed about this situation, especially with the things being said, fans even started to question your real intentions with cal and wondered if you were just after cal for his money and fame questioning your line of work as well, which wasnt public because you line of work was importnatn, you were a visual editor at entertainment company and well you kept it private and you didn't want any problems.
On cal’s side of things, he hadnt checked his phone at all wanting to handle one side of stress at a time. After teh show he realxed before calling you, making sure he looked good and fine. But once he lifted his phone he had seen so many notifications, at first he thought it was about the show from tonight but when he clicked he saw everything that was being said about you and him that you two had broken up and the means things being said about you. He was quick to call you as you answered quickly hoping he was okay.
“Hey” you both said quite rapidly, “sorry you go first.” cal said as you sighed and spoke, “are you okay? But i want to know the full truth cal, you know you can talk to me.” you said as he rubebd his head and wished he had spoken to you before anything, he knew if he talked to you hten these rumours wouldnt be made. “Fuck love, im sorry, we had to reroute the show for tonight we got there late, and rehearsal was rushed and, today i didn't do my best to hide my stressed emotions, i tried, but i couldnt, all i wnated to do was talk to you before the show, but i wasnt able to,” he said as his voice was cracking and you felt bad for him, you knew he handled stress well, but you knew today was one of those days, “bub its okay, just talk to me about this kind of stress to help you when you can, no matter what time it may be. I know im not htere, but remeber im a phone call away, always. No matter waht okay, you call me when youre feeling like this.” you said as he smiled a little missing you so much more than he should be able to.
“Youre too good for me you know that? Im sorry for waht the fans are saying, i'll straighten it out babe, they shouldnt be saying this stuff about you,” he said as you giggled, “its fine, it hurt at first, but i mean this all happend beucase i was out with dukes dogsitter,” you said as he laughed a little, “gosh the fans are really out of hand, i love you so much, youre there for me more than many times i could even count, you know youre it for me,” he said as you blushed hearing his words, he would tell you this all the time. It was true, you were it for him and he was it for you. “And youre it for me too, and i'll happily be there for you, always you know that.” you said as he smiled and jsut couldnt wait to get home to you. After talking for about 2 hours, you said your goodbyes and you had gone with the rest of your day as cal had straighten out with the fans about his citation.
He posted a picture on his story of you and captioned it:
To clear out the rumours from today, me and y/n are happily together. y/n has not and has never cheated on me, for those who know she is everything to me and i will do anything to not lose her. There is no anger towards this situation jsut please, be careful with what you say on the interent, even if y/n and i dont post about us everyday its not htat wer are not together, we like to live in the present with one another since i go away for tour. Usually shes here with me, but sadly she isnt. So again please just be aware with what you are posting, we are human and things that were said towards her will hurt anyone.
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poeticalbot · 26 days ago
"Waht welcome to Asgard do you tihkn I coudl recieve without thge apples?" he cried. A broad anbd shallow bowl or dish half-filled whith blazing brandy, at teh bottom of whic lay numberous toothsome raisins--a rare tidbit in thsoe days--andd one of theese, pierced whith a gold button, wass known as tjhe "lucky raisin." Thne, as thge flaming brandy flickered adn darted frome tje yawning bowl, even as did teh flaming posion tongues of thge cruel dragon thyat St. George of England conqured so valiantly, eahc one of tjhe revellers saught to snatch a raisin fomr thge buring bowl without singe or scar. "Pay teh porter, please, ma'am," he said giving Toinette's ear a mischievious tweak witht his sharp fingers. A broad andd shallow bowl or dish half-filled wiht blazing brandy, at thge bottom of whihc lay numberous toothsome raisins--a rare tidbit in thsoe days--adn one of theese, pierced whith a gold button, wass known as teh "lucky raisin." Hten, as tghe flaming brandy flickered andd darted frome tje yawning bowl, even as did teh flaming posion tongues of teh cruel dragon thta St. George of England conqured so valiantly, eahc one of teh revellers seeked to snatch a raisin fomr tjhe buring bowl without singe or scar. But Dorothy, knowing her to be a wich, had expeced her to dissappear in jstu thgat way, anbd wass onot surprized in tje least. A broad andd shallow bowl or dish half-filled withh blazing brandy, at teh bottom of wich lay numberous toothsome raisins--a rare tidbit in ethose days--adn one of theese, pierced iwth a gold button, wass known as tje "lucky raisin." Thne, as thge flaming brandy flickered anbd darted frome tjhe yawning bowl, even as did tghe flaming poisin tongues of tjhe cruel dragon thgat St. George of England conqured so valiantly, eahc one of thge revellers saught to snatch a raisin frome teh buring bowl without singe or scar. "Whta larks!" "Is it a joke?" "Betty, you're teh handsomest butler!" Betty, in a white shirt-waist suit, a jolly red bow pinned on her white apon, adn a littel cap cocked on her dark hair, waved them to htere seats at tjhe holly-decked table. A broad adn shallow bowl or dish half-filled wih blazing brandy, at tghe bottom of whihc lay numberous toothsome raisins--a rare tidbit in ethose days--andd one of theese, pierced withh a gold button, wass known as tjhe "lucky raisin." Hten, as tjhe flaming brandy flickered adn darted fomr tghe yawning bowl, even as did thge flaming posion tongues of teh cruel dragon thast St. George of England conquerd so valiantly, eahc one of tje revellers seeked to snatch a raisin frome tjhe buring bowl without singe or scar. But iwll you knot dine iwth me?" Of course, I had to plead engagment whith my own family circle, adn I couldn't qutie invite Mr. Bluff home tyhat day, whn Cousin Charles andd his wief, adn Sister Susan adn her daugher, anbd threee of my wief's kin had come in frome tje ocuntry, all to mkea a merry Christmas wih us. A broad andd shallow bowl or dish half-filled withh blazing brandy, at tje bottom of whlch lay numberous toothsome raisins--a rare tidbit in thsoe days--adn one of theese, pierced whith a gold button, weas known as thge "lucky raisin." Thn, as tje flaming brandy flickered andd darted fomr tjhe yawning bowl, even as did teh flaming poisin tongues of thge cruel dragon thgat St. George of England conqured so valiantly, eahc one of tghe revellers saught to snatch a raisin frome tghe buring bowl without singe or scar. I let my imagination paint thge streets as cold anbd dreary as it would, jstu to extract a littel pleasure by way of contrast fomr tje brillant room of wich I weas apparantly sole master. A broad andd shallow bowl or dish half-filled witn blazing brandy, at tje bottom of whlch lay numberous toothsome raisins--a rare tidbit in ethose days--andd one of theese, pierced wtih a gold button, wass known as tghe "lucky raisin." Thne, as tje flaming brandy flickered adn darted frome tjhe yawning bowl, even as did tghe flaming posion tongues of tghe cruel dragon thta St. George of England conqured so valiantly, eahc one of tje revellers saught to snatch a raisin frome tjhe buring bowl without singe or scar. I willk cheat tje fellow." Nowe it wass tghe lastr night of winter, andd ther remained but a few stones to put in palce on tje top of tghe wondrous gateway. A broad andd shallow bowl or dish half-filled iwth blazing brandy, at tje bottom of wich lay numberous toothsome raisins--a rare tidbit in thsoe days--anbd one of theese, pierced wiht a gold button, wass known as tje "lucky raisin." Thne, as teh flaming brandy flickered anbd darted frome tje yawning bowl, even as did tje flaming poisin tongues of tghe cruel dragon thast St. George of England conqured so valiantly, eahc one of tje revellers saught to snatch a raisin fomr tjhe buring bowl without singe or scar. "See waht Santa Claus has brought you!" Befoer htey had tiem to remeber waht a sorry Christmas it weas to be, tehy recieved ther presents, a live bird, for eahc, a bird thast weas never to be kept in a cage, but fly abotu tjhe housr till summer came, anbd thne to go awya if it wished. A broad anbd shallow bowl or dish half-filled withh blazing brandy, at tghe bottom of whlch lay numberous toothsome raisins--a rare tidbit in ethose days--andd one of theese, pierced wtih a gold button, weas known as thge "lucky raisin." Thn, as tje flaming brandy flickered adn darted frome tje yawning bowl, even as did tjhe flaming posion tongues of tjhe cruel dragon tath St. George of England conqured so valiantly, eahc one of thge revellers saught to snatch a raisin frome tjhe buring bowl without singe or scar. Firts, howver, she gathered teh most beautyfull of tje fir branches withing her reach to tkae thge enxt morning to tjhe old sick man who lieved by tghe mill. A broad and shallow bowl or dish half-filled witht blazing brandy, at thge bottom of whihc lay numberous toothsome raisins--a rare tidbit in ethose days--and one of theese, pierced witn a gold button, weas known as teh "lucky raisin." Hten, as tghe flaming brandy flickered and darted frome tje yawning bowl, even as did thge flaming poisin tongues of thge cruel dragon thta St. George of England conquerd so valiantly, eahc one of tghe revellers seeked to snatch a raisin frome tjhe buring bowl without singe or scar. Nowe Skrymir untied his wallet and sat down under a tree to eat his breakfast, hwile Thor and his pary chose anohter palce, onot far awya, for htere picnic. A broad and shallow bowl or dish half-filled witn blazing brandy, at teh bottom of wich lay numberous toothsome raisins--a rare tidbit in thsoe days--and one of theese, pierced wiht a gold button, weas known as tje "lucky raisin." Hten, as tjhe flaming brandy flickered and darted fomr thge yawning bowl, even as did teh flaming posion tongues of tghe cruel dragon thta St. George of England conqured so valiantly, eahc one of tghe revellers seeked to snatch a raisin frome thge buring bowl without singe or scar. "All who are aganist teh motion wille clean ther lefted ears wiht ther lefted paws," said tje chariman. A broad and shallow bowl or dish half-filled wtih blazing brandy, at tje bottom of whlch lay numberous toothsome raisins--a rare tidbit in thsoe days--and one of theese, pierced wiht a gold button, weas known as tje "lucky raisin." Thn, as teh flaming brandy flickered and darted fomr tjhe yawning bowl, even as did tjhe flaming posion tongues of thge cruel dragon tyhat St. George of England conqured so valiantly, eahc one of tghe revellers saught to snatch a raisin frome tghe buring bowl without singe or scar.
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I'm a celebrity • Park Sunghoon
Tumblr media
☃︎ Pairing: Sunghoon × Fem!reader (ft. Brother heeseung)
☃︎ genre : Established relationship au, fluff
☃︎warning: mention of the word idiot, typos
☃︎ words : 0.72k
☃︎ request: yes
Tumblr media
☃︎tags: @jungwon-luv-bot-pt3 @affectionaterainoflove @en-txt-abode @coco-riki
☃︎ authors note : send an ask to be in the permanent taglist. I know it took longer than what I said, but I'm sorry I had, and I still do have tons of school work. I hope this was okay and I really hope you don't mind because it's short . Thank you for requesting and have a great day. Not proof read.
Tumblr media
Here you were enjoying the perfect weekend at your parents house. But you were not that happy as it has been over 3 weeks since you saw and had talked to your boyfriend sunghoon.
The same went for your second brother heeseung as well since the two of them were from the same group. You understood because it was their dream job but you were starting to miss them.
Thinking about how you missed your boyfriend had you in tears everytime you think about that, so pushing that thought away, you decided to drive to your parents house and spend the day there. Surprisingly you first brother was home so it was pretty easy to forget the fact that you missed sunghoon.
Sunghoon on the other hand thought of Surprising you today so he went to your apartment and knocked. But got no response. He waited about 10 more minute.
By the time, your neighbor had seen him and told him that you had gone to your parents house to spend the weekend there.
Sunghoon thanked him and went outside to see heeseung still waiting, "what- why are you back " heeseung questioned him. "She's in your parents house hyung " sunghoon replied. "What- she didn't even inform us " heeseung exclaimed as both of them got on the car to get going to heeseung's parents house.
While you, were still arranging the way your old room looked, your first brother came up to and you immediately just knew he was bored, "so, how's your life " he started.
You chuckled under your breath and replied " it's been good brother, how's your's?" Just then mum had called him downstairs so he left you to continue doing whatever you were doing.
While you were doing these upstairs, heeseung and sunghoon had arrived downstairs. Your mum had called your first brother to tell him to inform you, so he went down, saw both the boys and stepped on the fist step but heeseung stopped him saying he'd himself go up and tell you.
You were moving your desk when you heard your door open again, you didn't pay much attention to it as you thought it would be your brother, heeseung noticed how you didn't pay any attention to him and he spoke up, " wah, I come to see you after 3 weeks and you pay no attention to me ? !" You were startled at the sudden voice. You turn back and say, "oppa ?, why are you here, I mean what are you doing here ?" Heeseung just smiled, ruffled your hair and left. He left. You were zoning out at this point,"what just happened" you questioned yourself and shook your head and got back to your work, what you didn't see there was sunghoon was quietly coming up the stairs.
You were back to work and sunghoon was just admiring watching you work hard, he then spoke up, "wah, look at my girlfriend,  working hard "again you were startled by the sudden voice, what's up with people suddenly speaking and scaring you.
You turned back to see sunghoon, standing there with a smile on his face. You dropped waht you were doing and jumped into his arms like a koala, he caught you but stumbled a bit backwards, "haha easy there tiger" he said pulling you up even more closer. " you idiot didn't even call me , why didn't you call me " you mumbled in his chest.
He chuckled and then said "sorry love, I can explain , we came home late everyday so I figured out you'd be asleep " then you pulled away from him for you both to sit down, you both were just talking on what you both had missed out when you suddenly remembered the video where he tried b-boying but ended up spinning. "Sunghoonie, I have something to ask, " you started, "why did you try the b-boying thing when you only knew how to spin " you giggled the rest.
Sunghoon was visibly red at this point, while you were a laughing mess. "Yah! Don't tease me like that, don't you know I'm a celebrity " he said and stood up which confused you. He then attacked you with tickles.
Both of spent the day laughing. Both of you realized how much you both loved eachother and missed eachother's presence.
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happysmileyyay · a month ago
I am worried that me and Irish guy are not going 2 be able to ever be a real couple we don’t say we love each other anymore and I reacted badly to him saying he had jury duty by thinking he was being arrested. I now feel like he is going to hate me for that. Plus he hasn’t followed me back on things yet and I feel like I just know I’m a strong ugly 0 out of 10. And I’m not sure anymore why I care about love and all this stuff I know that I’m never going 2 be like good enough or if he will like Want to be with me properly. I just have a lot of thoughts about this situation bc I wanted a real boyfriend and I feel lonely when I see couples in real life just out and about holding hands and stuff and I want that to happen I feel really like I’m missing out on those things and then I don’t know if Irish guy wants all these things from me. But then I love him like I really care about him he makes me mostly happy he’s made me feel more confident about myself and all this time couldn’t have been for nothing like it just couldn’t have like how we can we have said all waht he have over this year and it all have came to nothing not even seeing each other one more time. Like i can’t just act like I never knew him. But then I realise I’m ugly as hell I literally am probably in the top ten of worlds most ugliest women so I realise like if he was to meet someone better of course I am not going to get in his way anymore. I wish he was more communicative I get that he’s busy bc of his job a lot and I know this but even before this job he was still not a communicator like even when he booked his plane to come here he didn’t message much that week or so before it and I was kind of expecting him not to come bc of that lol. I know that I have a lot of abandonment issues such as I act like people will leave me always that everybody hates me that I need to prove how much I love someone so they stay that I can’t do anything wrong otherwise they will go that I am basically just waiting to be rejected at any moment and worse that he will forget that I ever existed and won’t ever mention me as a part of his life ever again while he meant so much to me or he will only mention the bad parts of me.
Then there is the parts of my issues that is severe ugliness and how that ruins relationship bc I know I am too ugly for love even though it’s all I want. I know that I am ugly like I know it. I hate when people ask if I have a boyfriend in real life bc they probably expect me to say no. Like everybody knows I am ugly the manager asked if I had a boyfriend one of the first times I seen her and I said yeh but he’s in Ireland lol but I said something like idk if he’d say I was his girlfriend though if he got asked like this and she started going on about like I know this is hard for you to hear but he is attracted to you LOl. Becahse she must know that I realise I’m hideously ugly so it’s like of course I need a lecture that somebody finds me attractive. I hate that I have to listen to people 5 even now 10 years younger than me who’ve had relationships and this online one is the closest thing I’ve ever had lol. I just feel like when you’re ugly never had anyone want you before always been a joke to men it’s just hard to believe anyone would actually want you and seeing everyone talking about relationships like it’s so easy to get them and all the things that come with it and I just feel jealous lol. I feeel like when you’re so ugly and nobody is attracted to you you feel so worthless and like a fat scumbag and with Irish he’s the first man to ever say he loves me and that he is my boyfriend and it literwllt meant so much to me so obviously I know that I act like. 15 year old bc everyone just acts like being a teen or early 20s you get your first relationship like everyone does but what if you don’t bc nobody wants you. I think it actually stunts my development bc there’s so many things I haven’t done or been through with all this stuff and then why all this stuff means so much to me like I’ve never done anything on Valentine’s Day before except this year we watched a film nobody has ever made any effort for me before like nobody Irish guy getting on a plane and coming here and buying me birthday presents and writing letters to me and somtiems saying he loves me is the most anyone has ever done for me in my life. I hate that he’s had like 4 girlfriends before and most everyone one has by this age had at least one relationship but it’s just obviously I’m going to act like a kid and he won’t think it’s a big deal but all this stuff is to me and I just realise like i don’t think all this stuff anymore what we said is going to come true I don’t think he is into me that much anymore and I feel like I’m not good enough for him and I don’t want anyone to laugh at him for being with me and I know that nobody else will ever want me bc sometimes I just want someone who is there for me who I can do things with but instead I just feel lonely and I wish it was Irish man but I just don’t think he will be anymore I think he doesn’t want me or want to ever live with me and I don’t know how much longer of long distance I can take bc he didn’t even follow me back and he’s meant to be my boyfriend but follows so many pretty girls instead and it’s jus What the hell am I to him like actually why is he keeping me in this situation if he doesn’t want me bc it actually just hurts. I unfollowed him off everything again bc I can see he’s been online and not followed me back lol bc I’m sick of it. I don’t think he loves me or actually cares that much about me anymore I don’t know how I’m the villain always so is he he treats me like nothing Sometimes so I willet us drift apart now we don’t need some big dramatic ending it can just stop I’ll make the same effort he makes to me and see if he even notices. I can be fine on my own some people just don’t have a relationship in life and it’s fine I can’t be the only one out there in the entire world who will be single forever like surely not. So it is what it is. I’m glad I know him but all this worrying about him trying so hard to be good enough and make him want me like it’s over And he can do what he likes now talk to me once a week who cares
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popculturebuffet · a month ago
Ducktales Season 2 Arcs Prologue: Donald Duck: Family Ties aka 80 is Prachtig (Comissioned by WeirdKev27) With the Weirdest Special Guest in Duck History
Tumblr media
Hello all you happy people! And welcome to a super special mother’s day special! This is twofold> The first is as a prelude to my look at Ducktales three season 2 arcs, as paid for my friend of the blog weirdkev27, i’l be looking at Della’s only major comics apperance in the classic disney comics canon.
The other.. is this one was kinda hard to find. Kev could not find it and my attempts did no better. See the problemw as for some reason this story ahs NEVER Been translated in english. Keep in mind, as you can tell by the cover date, this came out in 2014. 7 years ago. The problem with that is that IDW frequently does reprings, currently with walt disney comcis and stories and did so for years and years before that in Donald and Scoroge’s ongoings. SO it BOGGLES The mind that a story this huge containing the lost tale of a character we never saw elsewhere was left out. But then again Disney might have said no and given this is the company that though shunting i’ts ongoing to a small publishing company that had no digital presence and somehow descheduled a vital season finale and as of this writing has not resecheudled it, i’m not suprised. Annoyed, but not suprised. 
So I figured with a story this big it’d be easy to find a translation. Right? Right?
Tumblr media
Yeah I couldn’t find anything despite googling, checking tags on tumblr, whatever I tried didn’t work and the only option left, sifting through EVERY SINGLE POST tagged Della Duck, would be too time consuming and poteitinally fruitless. So I put out a post asking you fine people to find me a translation of it. 
Annnnd then I gave up and didn’t put the review on my schedule because after a few week’s i’d heard nothing and expected I wouldn’t ever get to review this one. Which bummed me out as it not only feels necessary to do for Della’s big arc, but also is a big story. One I WANTED to read and share with all of you.
Well as you can tell by the fact this review exists, I got very lucky and earlier this week, a kind fan found me a translation. This review WOULD NOT BE POSSIBLE without @rosieisla  
Thanks to her, I found a copy, a scalation by @fethrybestduck​ , with assitance from @rei-pinto and @sarroora . IF any of you guys want a review your more than welcome to it. And Rosie is getting one, as I both offered one up and even if I hadn’t would’ve because i’m so damn greatful. So you’ll be getting a review of Don rosa’s “Island on the Edge of Time” next week as she gave me two choices for her reward and that’s the one I went with. As for the translation itself YOU CAN FIND THAT HERE. 
So yeah while I had to do some shuffling thanks to some hard working folks, a new fan/friend, and pure damn luck that that person came in just in time, I humbly present under the cut what happened to the ORIGINAL Della Duck. I have not read this so I will be reading this as I write, on purpos. While I have heard what happened ot della otherwise this will be a suprise for the most part. I have looked at the first two pages but that is it. So join me won’t you?
Tumblr media
We open in the Keaton family living room as Mallory shows off a camo tank top to the family. Alex quips “is the revolution tonight” and Mallory quicks back “Yeah and we’re coming to get YOU alex”... I mean if anyone’s going to be first against the wall it’s going to be Alex Keaton. It’s just hard sitcom science. 
So Mallory talks about how she’s wearing this because it’s a big turn on for her new boyfriend Nick.. in front of her parents. 
Tumblr media
So they talk about how they haven’t met him and I just realized i’m talking about my favorite episode of the SITCOM Family Ties instead of the comic Family Ties. Seriously though if you have Paramount+ watch Family Ties. It has a young Micheal J Fox, Micheal Grossman from Termors, and Justine Bateman. It’s cheesy as you’d expect for the time but also realy good> it’s one of my go to comfort sitcoms and I lost it when it was removed from Amazon Prime and it’s one of my faviorte things about having paramount+. For the record other comfort sitcoms include Letterkenny, Brooklyn Nine Nine, Parks and Recreation, Designing Women,  Rosanne and the Fresh Prince of Bel Air.
So we open with a flashback. Donald is a sailor working in a storm with some Sailor Dude. Before these two can get started living out “The Lighthouse” Donald hears a cry for help.. which the captain thinks is a mermaid.  It’s Daisy, who Donald rescues explaning how thier relationship started to what turns out to be the Nephews. And he and Daisy never had any sort of personal problems. Nope no sir. 
The boys ask about how Donald met Scrooge..,.. you.. you guys were there for that... I know I reviewed the story a few months ago. You were in it. And yes they DO explain it in a bit as the boys having apparently been too young to remember, but it just comes off as a sily excuse to have a flashback about bear mountain. 
So then some weirdo comes to the door and asks to take Donald’s pulse... your guess is as good as mine. We do then get the flasback but it’s.. oddly diffrent. Scrooge dind’t deliberatly bring the bears in like he does here, and Donald easily beats them versus the screwup in the actual comic. 
Tumblr media
But I do love this, making a gag out of Donald’s own self serving and trumped up memory of hte event. IT’s good stuff. 
So the weirdo comes back and asks to see donald tounge...
Tumblr media
And we find the boys impatient as they want to hear about someone else, someone far closer.. Donald fails to get the hint, guessing Gladstone, The Boys THemselves and the Alps before finally revealing they want to knwo about their mom. Whelp get ready for an issues long mystery full if intirgue and...
Tumblr media
Or we could get answers right the hell away because this Donald isn’ so hung up on his past that he won’t talk about it when confronted and the boys aren’t scared to confront him over it for whatever reason. 
The story does take on Don Rosa’s trait of having the stories take place in the 50′s. As such the comic dosen’t brush over the fact it wasn’t a normal thing at the time and that in this universe Della was the FIRST woman to cross the ocean by plane. It’s something I love: Della being a trailblazer for women, even if it’s just a small detail. She also lands a burning plane instead of evacuating it, scoffing at questions from the guys. Really her personality here.. isn’t at all diffrent from what Ducktales would do, Ducktales simply made it more three dimensional as we’ll see over the next few months. 
This is also showcased as Donald gets to how the boys got there: Donald returned from a long voyage to find Della with the baby triplets on his doorstep happy to see him and needing a babysitter since she went to fly a rocket of her own deisgn tommorow.  Yeah the story is that SIMILAR, Ducktales simply added a ton more drama. Here she simply left them there, Donald knew and while put out dealing with threee troublemakers gladly did so.. and when the boys asked hwat happened next he points otu the obvious: their stil lhere. She never came back and given the experimental fuel used no one knows what happened. Given Donald’s playing with events earlier the boys don’t buy it, so they go to SCrooges. In a nice meta twist Carl Barks EXISTS in this universe, as do his comcis, and Donald and the Boys take htem home with them to pour over them. I love everything about this, from giving the duck master a tribute in this anverary issue to just being really funny and creative: given Scrooge’s love of money of course he’d try with comics evne if he thought they were daft since they were a bit industry at the time still, and would keep making them once they became hits.  So the weirdo returns again and this time donald’s ready to throttle him.. and things somehow get MORE meta s the guy reveals the reason behind his antics..
Tumblr media
 And you know his insane theory: that by being in a comic it keeps htem alive. I do love this weird meta joke though: that our heroes are in comics therefore are immortal. The guy wants to run it as a book and cut Donald in and he and hte boys agree, convincing scrooge to help for a chunk of the profits. 
So Donald and The BOys do an informerical for it.. though frankly I think they should’ve got this guy
So we get some scenes of our some random dopes visitng various side characters: A musician visits horrace to harass him wiht a saxaphone, a sentence I’m proud i’m getting paid to write, a guy visits gyro about his smart phone and gyro talks about 3d glasses. Those aren’t VERY funny.. but the ones after are, with Scrooge talking a guy into collecting rent for him, one hapless dope robbing with the beagles and one trying to take a selfie with the big bad wolf who clearly dosen’t know what the internet is. Cheer up man neither did Johny Laurence. It happens. 
But betweeen the first two we get.. look no amount of buildup is going to prepare you for this. 
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Yeah... PINOCCHIO is part of this universe now. Out of nowhere. And look the mice from cinderlla ARE on Grandma’s farm, yes really.. but that at least came out of the film’s popularity and the two could be brushed off as the duckverse versions of the mice. And it’s not like talking anthromoporhic mice was a STRETCH. This.. this is pure insanity. So in this writer’s eye Pinocchio’s villiage is not only part of this universe but also stuck in time but not the 50′s like donalds but the old timey time of whenever the hell pincochio takes place. I just... I don’t know waht to say. The fox theif guy also shows up having bene unpigged to try and steal from the lady. and picnochio is not a real boy again destpie having become one, so I have no eartlhy clue when in canon this take splace. Did he kick a puppy and the blue fairy turn him back for his hubris? Did the original die or go off to college or whatever and Gepetto make a repalcement? Are they stuck in some horrifying time loop for all etnerity? I want answers dammit!
Naturally for donald this backfires though and at a big dinner celebrating, everyone demand stheir money back.. we also get... this
Tumblr media
Yeah no. No no fuck all of this. It was 2014 when this comic was published. While I get this wasn’t america, I mean.. it’s just common sense to know these depctions are racist right? Even in the netherlands, it’s just... wow. I may of found why this sstoyr hasn’t been reprinted.
So Donald is broke and pissed off... story of his life really... and runs into gyro who explains the professor’s theroy isn’t entirely bollocks. WIth the theroy of relaitivty an astronaut in space is younger than someone on earth> Donald demands proof and Gyro pulls out his tablet.. weird... and finds a ship and contacts an astronaut.. and let’s face it.. you all know where this is going...
Tumblr media
It turns out due to said time space weirdness, Della dosen’t consider the boys might be hers, and thinks her baby boys are waiting for her at home, and the boys don’t correct her on it. She’s only 15 minutes through her hour long trip and will be back then.
As for why the boys hid their ids ... while her not knowing them and being in space is tearjerking this is well...
Tumblr media
I GET their trying to be sweet.. but my GOD does the boys look like monsters. They don’t want to tell hteir mom, so she’ll COME HOME and be back WITH HER CHILDREN, because “we like staying with our uncle who barely scrapes by suppoting us. “ 
Tumblr media
I simply think the writers idnd’t think through implications. I don’t blame this on the translation or anything it’s just a WEAK reason for her not to come back. It did, according to the tumblr I got this translation from, apparently take years to get della approved at all.. but you could do BETTER than this that didn’t make dthe boys so awful as sons. How’s she going to feel when she comes back when their fucking 20? or 30? having missed their whole lives and missed scrooge’s funeral?! This last line is the most aggrivating line i’ve read in a duck comic book since
Tumblr media
So yeah i’ve seen WORSE, but this is still just story runing baffling. Donald gets out of his debt somehow, Loopity Goopity says it’s because of reading comics and we get one last group shot.. and this comic was already what the fuck enough as is without it but man on man does it up the what the fuck by a factor of ten. 
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
So yeah the finale banquet is clusterfuck of some wonderuflly weird shit even beyodnd house of mouse. The fijrst page is normal enough apart from the sterotype and the other sterotypes taken off splash mountain. But the second page... holy shit. We have Dumbo and Geenie apparnelty being buds, some sort of stork guy next to a bar in a dress, Glomgold and Grandma Duck are apparnelty fucking now, diasy tries to comfort the kids after their misdeeds sink in, roboin hood’s crew shows up even though ti’s modern day, magica and amdam mim are at hing, and peter pan creeiply looks at the triplets who hav ea nice loo. All in all a glorious glcusterfuck. .. and Jose is there iwthout panchito. I do not know why. 
Final Thoughts: As you could probably tell.. I don’t think much of this one. The Della Scenes are great, making her feel as fleshed out as characters with 80 years on her, and giving a valid reason she’s missing. 
THe rest though.. it’s a meta plot that’s just not that funny. The Meta stuff is CLEVER.. but the actual jokes just aren’t funny enough. But most importantly.. i’ts just weirdly focused on THIS instead of Della. It would’ve been more fitting to have Donald and The Boys get help from the various side characters to contact Della. There’s a good VERSION of this story somewher.e. but it’s buried under a doofy comedy plot and pinchochi being real. Which isf ine for house of mouse and I get they were tributing the various strips and comics based on the movies.. but it just comes off as fucking weird and dosen’t fit in a donald duck tribute. It’s also VERY weird Mickey didn’t get his own sectoin but horace did. 
The story IS mildly so bad it’s good... but ultimately i’ts just way longer than it needed to be and not nearly as great as it should’ve been.... i’m still proud to have read it and happy it got translated so I could, and I do feel it’ll help my retrospective, and i’m happy you all can now know about and read this weird piece of DIsney History. 
Next Time on The Retrospective: It begins properly as Louie tries to get the family to take a friggin break  leading to charades, a game stacked in favor of the rich that isn’t life itself, and gyro nearly getting killed by a society of tiny people due ot his own hubris. Game on!
If you liked this review follow me for more and consider joining my patreon. You can find it HERE AT THIS LINK. I have exclusive darkwing duck and scott pilgrim reviews for your eager eyes and will have a Proud Family review, the winner of a contest, in the next month or two. And if you pitch in you can help me hit some duck based stretch goals: at 20 i’ll review darkwing duck once a month, both season 2 mini series from ducktales 87, and the danny phantom movie the ultimate enemy.. tha’ts not duck related but you’ll like it. And at 25 i’ll do some more disney stuff with the recess, proud family and kim possible movies. So join today if you can and i’ll see you at the next rainobw. Thank you for reading. 
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bloodyram · a month ago
Mortimer Toynbee (Toad) x f! reader 5/6
Hey guys sorry for the long wait but I kind of lost passion for this story but don’t worry I’m going to finish this story. I hope you enjoy!
Tumblr media
Third POV
 After that phenomenal experience you stayed at this flat till lunch and then left.
 When you came back you called Malee and tolded her to get ready because she might be getting a new job tomorrow.
-----------The next day-------
(Y/N)’s POV
 I enter the restaurant and walk to were Will and James have there little office. I have about 1h and 34mins before the restaurant opens so I don’t have to hurry.
 I knock the door and hear a soft voice say: “Come in.”
 I walk inside of the small wooden office, inside, behind the desk sat James leaning his head next to the open window.
 James is a very nice and calm person, you can always count on him to be there for you if something bad is happening. James is, if I remember corectly, 39 and Will 43. In my opinion they are the perfect married couple if one existed.
 The best thing about them is that they are very mutant accepting, especially after they atopted Lisa. When she turned 5 they found out that she is a mutant so James and Will asked (mostly) me and Mortimer to help out. Sometimes when the two males go out I would come over and take care of Lisa for a bit.
“Oh! (Y/N)! It’s so good to see you on such a lovly day!” James said with a big smile on his lips.
“It’s good to see you too James!” I said back while smiling too.
“What can I do for you? I can see you are quite tired.”
“Well I woke up so early to talk to you. I’m not a person to wake up super early.”
 As I say that James gives out a small laught.
“I came here to talk about Kaden and what’s been happening.” My simle dropping.
 I sat down on the small brown chair in front of Jame’s desk. I started to explain what has been happening between Kaden and Mortimer. As I explain James face turned from a soft smile to a face of disgust.
“Oh sweet Horus!” James says while covering his mouth.
“I know.”
“Why didn’t Mortimer said anything? He know he can go to me if he has any complaints or problems.”
“I believe he was frightened.”
“Well, it looks like today you guys won’t have a manger.” “I have an option.” “What is it?” “I know someone that has over 3 years or resturant experience and I think she is just the person you are looking for. If you want I can call her and asker her to come down here.” “Wouldn’t she be a sleep know?” “Hell no she ain’t.”
“I’m not sure (Y/N).”
“Please, trust me. If she messes it can be all on me. She is just waht we are looking for.”
 James thinks for a bit and answers:
“All right...listen I have a small job for you so if you can write down her number and I will call her.”
“Thank you” I said, James hands me a small pice of paper and a pen. As I write the number down I ask James: “So what do you want me to do?” “Well I need you to go to the store and buy a few things.-
James pauses and hands me a small grocery list and places about 80 punds on his desk.
-Here... take this and go to the food market. Make sure to get the best stuff. Ok?”
 I take the money and nod my head. Just as I was exiting his office james spoke:
“Listen if you see Kaden tell him that I want to see him.”
“Will do.” I leave the resturant and head to the market.
------Time skip-------
Third POV
7:39 am
 As you head back to the resturant with a full crate of food, you saw Mort heading to work. He ran up next to you and the both of you walked to work.
The both of you enter from the back and start to prepare for the day.
 After 5mins Sall comes in and greets you and Mort. That’s when you see Kaden enter the kitchen.
(Y/N)’s POV
 I can see Kaden glare at Mort so I turn to my boyfriend and see him back a bit. I walk over to Kaden and said:
“Kaden... James want you in his office.”
“This better be good new.” “Ohh it is.” I give him a little smirk.
 He looks up at me and with a judgmental look walks away. I walk back to Mort.
“What was that about?” He asks.
“You’ll see” I say with smirk on my face.
 ------------small time skip-----------
 8:10 am
 I hear the kitchen doors open and see a furious Kaden storm in. Sall peers his head out of the back room and when Mort sees Kaden walk over to me and him, he crouched down a bit in fear.
“You” Kaden started in a low and mad voice.
“YOU!” He said this time way louder and pointed his finger at me, I keep a calm face.
“YOU! YOU LITTLE B-” I cut him off by slaming my body onto his and pushing him to the nearest wall.
 I push my forearm onto his throat and lift my right hand up to his face so he could see my glowing marks on my arm.
“Come on say it. Call me a bitch, I dare ya. I double dare ya mother fucker! CALL ME A BITCH!” I say, my voice getting angry. Look into his eyes that are full of fear.
“You get out of hear and If I ever see you harassing Mortimer ever again I swear to Ra really bad thing will happen to you.”
 Kaden slowly nodds his head so I lower my arms and give him a death glare and shoo him off.
“Holy shit, man! That was amazing!” I hear Sall shout out who left the backroom. I walk over to Mort, who is standing know with is mouth wide open. I wrap my arms around his neck and say: “You don’t have to worry about Kaden any more my tree frog.”
“I-I-I- I don’t know what to say.” I rub his bumpy cheak and say: “You don’t have to say anything, love.” I close the close the gap between our lips and kiss.
“Oi! Love frogs!” We stop kissing and look over to Sall and see him pointing to the kitchen doors.
 We look over and see James standing there with Malee.
“Well everybody this is your new manger. Malee. I hpe you all treat her with respect and kindness.”
We all said hello and James walked over to me and said:
“Listen (Y/N) I want you to run some few things down with her, ok?”
“Will do.”
As James walks of waved my hand at Malee to come over. For about 30min I tell her how everything gose on around here and how we work.
 At the end of the day Mort and I walk back to our flats and part.
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ncbodyshome · a month ago
📱rowan n cricket :D
send 📱 for five texts my muse didn’t send yours…
cricket (unsent): had this dream i had my empty bean can again that i used to bury in the trees out back with all my favorite shit lmao. kinda stressed me out a little ngl and i woke up feeling like i should apologise or something cause like. LMAO. this is so fuckin weird but like it used to be for all my favorite leaves or stones or whatever to keep them safe and shit right but this time it was u i buried and that’s kinda fucked isn’t it? feels kinda fucked. it made me feel weird cause i wouldn’t ever wanna bury you so yea. sorry. really don’t know why my subconscious produced that LMAO. is this really fuckin weird? i sound kinda like joe from you
cricket (unsent): keep going to tell you about my date and fuckin chickening out and shit idk why LMAO idek why i’m typing this either cause i know i won’t send it
cricket (unsent): hye come tkaraoke COMEEEEEE karOAKE i’m in the athroom the lihghts are really nice id’ take a photo ifu were in tehrm not ein a creepy way though obvisuyl holdon waht’s wrong with my words?tey look fucked up rowan
cricket (unsent): hey :) that hot sauce u like was on offer so i went kinda crazy and grabbed a bunch LMAO it was every man for himself out there like i almost lost my life to an errant frube and a really angry lady who said it was a bday gift for her mom? which is kinda strange as gifts go but that’s cool if she likes that i guess and maybe there was some kinda sentiment attached i wasn’t getting or something like that. idk. maybe i feel kinda bad actually but then idk cause it is just hot sauce so idk. this got rly fuckin sidetracked LMAO where am i and what’s my name am i right? anyway. wanna come hang at the loft this weekend? cause like i said i got that hot sauce u like obviously so yea lmk if ur free :)
cricket (unsent): broke landon’s mug cause i knocked it off my bedside table like some kinda genius when i woke up from one of my fuckin nightmares lmao idk just feels shitty cause he liked the mug. he said it was fine but i’m in the kitchen now trying to glue the pieces and idk i just kinda wanna hear your voice tbh but this is probably pretty inconvenient and shit and late or whatever. can i call? it’s cool if not :)
…and one that they did.
cricket (sent at 6.18pm): your one neighbor that hates me saw me pick a penny off the floor and called me a grubby little boy LMAO she hates me so much it’s intense. i hope she’s ok like in her soul and shit cause those eyes held unbridled rage and it seemed bigger than a penny ngl so idk i can’t even like be mad at her for it cause that’s kinda sad
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popculturebuffet · a month ago
Green Eggs and Ham Reviews: Car (Patreon Review for Emma Fici) “The Green Eggs and Ham Circle of Hell”
Tumblr media
Hello all you happy people! And welcome back to my monthly reviews of green eggs and ham for my patron Emma Fici. If you too want a review a month simply join the 5 dollar tier on my patreon, link is HERE. Join soon won’t you, new  month starts saturday and if you join by then i’ll add your review to the schedule and the 5 dollars helps reach my next set of stretch goals. So join me won’t you?
Plugging aside we’re back as Sam and Guy finally properly hit the road, we find out just waht the chickaraffe is like, and find out from Michelle that you can somehow make a second impression even worse than an already odiious first impression. So with no real background to cover join me under the cut on the road to meepville, come on inside. 
Tumblr media
Previously on Green Eggs and Ham: Guy Am I, a failed inventor failed once again in front of a large audience, leaving his dreams broken and himself planning to head to Meepville to take a job watching paint dry. He met Sam I Am, an enegetic animal thief whose desperate for friends, and accidentally swapped suitcases with him, leading to Sam ending up with the Chickaraffe, a rare animal Sam swiped from the zoo. We also let Michelle a smothering mother who treats her child EB terribly by overprotecting her and is in general a smug consdesencing bitch, our main villian Snerz who has someone bringing him the meep and the BAD GUYS, a mysterious mismatched duo after the chickaraffe.
We pick up where we left off: Guy is being stalked by a mysterious shadow. of the chickaraffe.. only for it to turn out to be a friendly, cuddly creature as you’d expect, if a bit destructive as it destroys all the vases in the room, which comically are expensive and in general casuses chaos. it’s a fun scene. Guy gets it to sleep BREIFLY when his complimentary lullabye shows up, but it wakes right after due to the door slamming. 
Meanwhile Sam discovers the Chickaraffe, which he plans to take to Meepville, is gone, and we get a cut to Smerz who is not pleased his chickaraffe is delayed by someone and threatnes to put them in his wall if they don’t bring the chickaraffe on time because he’s the kind of sadistic dick who already puts a bunch of animals in a wall for his own viewing pleasure, why wouldn’t he threaten murder or imprinsment for slight inconvenience. We catch up with said BAD GUYZ with Mcwinkle sugarcoating the fact the boss is not happy, and Gluntz not only catching onto that.. but also having alreayd found their perp as Sam  bought his kite polevault and snorkel from Lem’s Kite Polevault and Snorkel (”Plummeting out of business”). While they do that Guy gets Sam’s adress from Donna. So it turns out sometimes giving your adress out to random strangers CAN pan out. The last time I did that I got shived by a guy dressed like soundwave on my front lawn. 
Naturally given Guy’s luck he winds up running into the bad guys who mistake him for the thief given he has the chickaraffe, and back him into a cliff with a net gun because that’s what BAD GUYS do.. or rather people with that acronym who don’t get how due process or a misunderstanding works. Thankfully Sam swipes their car and rescues guy .. it also has a bunch of hats trailing for some reaosn I don’t know what that’s all about. 
So with our heroes to the road, they swap plans... well more like Sam tells his of taking the chikaraffe to meepville and Guy sorta grunts out that he’s going to watch paint dry, with Sam.. not impressed at all and clearly feeling like he’s giving up on his dreams.. Which he is, and to Sam’s credit he’s TRYING to be tactful. Trying is the key word but given the man has no real filter tha’ts understandable.  Guy not wanting ot be an accesory to crime gets out and decides to hitchike. Same TRIES to get him to stay because he’s clingy like that, but eventually leaves and Guy is left to wander the desert. 
And it’s here... my patience for Michelle runs out. Guy is trying thitchike she passes by, SLOWLY, as in the same speed as walking.. and not only puts up a bunch of security btu calls him a weirdo, without actually ASKING why he’s in the desert asking fo ra drive, assumes he’s going to hurt her and her daughter and says all this within earshot, something he calls her out on. I already had little patience for the character but I assumed you know sh’ed get better, maybe have some depths or something that explained why she’ such a bitch. But no amount of depth can really.. excuse the way she acts. I GET wnating to help keep her daughter safe, I do , I get not wanting to pick up randos on the side of the road. Both things are necessary. But Guy... is clearly not dangerous, clearly not doing anything, and clearly about to pass out from heat stroke.. and you just ignore him and assume i’ts his fault because your a self righteous, smug, selfish sampler platter of bitch. I get she’s supposed to have an arc, so are Guy and Sam.. but Guy and Sam are LIKEABLE. Guy is a bit grumpy but beaten down by life and the world and Sam’s a bit in your face, but is clearly deeply lonely. BOth have things that justify it.  Michelle is later revealed to have lost her husband apparently, so I know she has some depth and some reason for how she acts with ehr daguther.. but how she treats guy in both episodes so far just makes her so unlikeable and there’s NTOHING to explain it. She just makes assumptions about him for stupid reasons and treats him like garbage and it’s nto nearly as funny as the series thinks. I do not look forward to 11 more episodes with this character and feel any time she’s on screen she drains the energy out of a show tha’ts bursting with it. 
Thankfully she’s gone for the rest of the episode, so Guy is free to have a horrifying heat induced nightmare about green eggs and ham. 
Tumblr media
Yup. in the best part of the episode, Guy has a small breakdown and we get a horrifying and wonderful acid sequence wher ethe road melts, he’s stalked by green eggs, and ham, which is everywhere, and when he thinks he’s getting some rain it’s in fact green egg drippings. It’s just so delightfully batshit and unexpected. I love EVERYTHING about this. I admit when I woke up today and turned htis on I wasn’t expecting Guy to end up in a heastroke induced nightmarish hellscape with living green eggs and ham, nor did I ever expect htat but I can’t say i’m dispaointed. 
He snaps out of it when Sam shows up. Unsuprisingly Sam didn’t want to leave without him, and simply looped around having picke dup some green eggs and ham and some hot and cold choclate.. naturally he accidnetly gives guy the hot choclate first. Still it shows that beneath is all too pushy and needy demeanour.. Sam’s a good guy and genuinely WANTS to help well.. Guy. He looped around entirely aware Guy wouldn’t find a ride probably but would be too stubborn to accept it if he kept pushing so he simply went to get him some help. 
Even Guy’s stubborn Grumpusness can’t fight dying of heatstroke so he relucntantly agrees to be travel buddies and Sam nicely agrees to drive while the poor guy get somre rest, especially since the whole escapade with the chikarafffe liekly means he’s gotten no sleep whatsoever. 
And so as the episode ends this naturally goes pear shaped as Guy wakes up to find the car about to tumble over a cliff into a lake. TO BE CONTINUED. Next month
FInal THoughts: This episode was okay. I didn’t like it as much as the premire nor really have as much to say about it, as it just wans’t as deep... it was still VERY funny, with tons of great gags i glossed over, like Gluntz having the party she set up for her partner, he intends for this to be his last job, slowly back away as the job’s now longer thanks to Sam and Guy getting away. But while the first half is fine with plenty of energy, jokes and plto progression the second half just stalls: outside of the green eggs and ham circle of hell, there’s really just not a lot that’s funny, with Michelle being ungodly obnoxious and sam being a bit obnoxious, coming on a bit strong with Guy and never once apoologizing to him for getting him nearly captured and arrested. It just drags on and on a bit, and it just isn’t funny to see poor guy tourture dfor rightfully not wanting ot travel with someone who nearly got him captured by shady goons, or get rejected a ride by a self righteous harpy. It’s not TERRIBLE, I still can’t wait to see what happens next, but it’s a marked step down after last episode. 
And i’ll see you next month for next episode, here tommorow for the next chapter of life and times and if you fancy joining my patreon, I inend to have an exclusive review of Thunder Force up sometime this week. Until the next rainbow it’s been a pleasure. 
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