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#Tankman fnf
bring-onthe-rain ยท an hour ago
Here have more of these part 5; Jump and jive ๐Ÿ˜ณ๐Ÿ˜ณ
As you can tell im running out of name ideas XD but here is the next installment of the "fnf: the memeing" series....enjoy homies โœŒ๐Ÿ˜ญ
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
That is all for today....enjoy
One last note: yall are crazy with the art you are making for these, like yall are so talented and I just melt everytime I see one because they are just so good!! Okay enough rambling yall can go on with your day UwU.
(Agian shout out to @dasher-flash for some of the images used โคโค))
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rechoclo ยท 3 hours ago
Tumblr media
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artdoodlesblog ยท 12 hours ago
Even though my phone is broken and I can't make real art. I got a silly drawing app for my chromebook and quickly made this doodle of Tankman/Captain! Enjoy!
Tumblr media
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havingfunkinfun ยท 21 hours ago
About the cap being filipino headcanon what does he think of the Philippines and does he know any Tagalog
It would have been a long while since he's been there, being in the warzone and all. But I'd imagine he has fond memories of his home and can't wait to return.
And I'd imagine he'd only speak Tagoloan when around family. It's a running joke in the Tankman series that everyone's family is dead. But I like to think that Cap's family is just fine back in the Philippines.
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their-broken ยท 22 hours ago
Part 1)
Your job today was to find The Tankman. He went missing after his recent mission to find and eliminate Boyfriend. It failed, With a price. Steve had attacked from behind to get rid of Boyfriend. It would've worked, If Girlfriend hadn't been there he'd of died.. Instead, Girlfriend used her powers to launch Steve back, Paralyzing him. Tankman never left his side, Until the inevitable fate of death.
Ever since Steve died Tankman had disappeared without a trace... Until now. You couldn't help but wonder ad you walked. Why do they make you do all of this? Your just a mechanic..(Spoilers for future stories) You have to deal with suicidal bombs.. Depressed robots.. Insane kids.. A lemon sweeter than a peach.. A homicidal school boy.. And so many more.
Why you?
The answer? Because boss sees something in you. Maybe.. Even he will fall for you? Hah.. Maybe.
You finally arrived at the place someone spotted the Tankman. It was.. A bridge. You figured he probably tried to hide here and someone caught him, So he ran off. Time to check the basics. You looked under the bridge to see if he was there. Surprisingly, He wasn't. It would need a team to sweep the area. You called the boss and he confirmed that a team would be coming.
. . .
It was night. They hadn't found him. You were so exhausted.. You and the others have been searching all night. Boss told everyone to go home, That you'd continue the search tomorrow. You started walking around, Trying to find a familiar mark to follow it home. Everyone else had a phone, But you had a radio.. Thanks, Boss. You muttered it under your breath as you searched, Until you felt someone grab your arm, Puting a knife to your throat. You froze up.
"Listen up princess.. I'm gonna take you to an alley, And your going to let me do whatever the fuck I want to you..~" He purred it darkly into your ear. You were scared and didn't know what to do.
You heard the cock of a gun. "Put the knife down or I'll shoot." He had a stern voice. It sounded like... "T-Tank..?" He didn't answer you, The guy growling as he pressed the knife harder to your throat, Leaving a small cut. "Shoot and I'll kill her. Your move, Kid." He growled. "Don't call me 'Kid'." He shot the guys arm, Making him drop the knife as he cried out in pain. "FUCK! J-Jesus Christ okay!" He let go of you and ran off. Tankman ran over to check on you. The last thing you heard before collapsing into his arms was someone saying your name.
You woke up in a small, But comfy house. You were in a pretty comfortable bed, Tankman was in a chair, Watching over you. "...Your awake" He seemed relieved. "Y/N.. Why are you here? Shouldn't you.. Shouldn't you be in the hospital..?" You were confused. "Tankman.. How do you know my name..?" You looked up at him. He sighed. "Right.. Massive amnesia, Like everyone else.." He muttered it. "How do you know mine? I just read your wallet to know who I was dealing with." She sighed. "It was my mission to find you, And bring you to my boss. What did you mean hospital?" He chuckled. "So honest, But I just.. Confused you with someone else. They have the same name. Is Y/N a common name?" "I.. Don't know? Can you just come with me to my boss?"
He laughed when you asked. "So he can make me a puppet? No thanks, Y/N. Sorry, But we should probably go now." "I can't leave until you-" "No I mean this isn't my house." Your face turned white. "What?!" "Well desperate times call for desperate measures. I found an empty house to let you rest. I looked around and found out a single man lives here, Who should be home any moment. He works night shift and it's almost 8, He'll be here soon." You jumped up and started to run downstairs, Until the front door started to unlock. You ran back to Tankman.
"So he's back? Follow me, Soldier." He smirked and opened the window, Looking down. "It's a long jump, We're a story high. We'll need to land there" He pointed at an open dumpster. You gulped and nodded. It'd be disgusting, But.. What other choice was there? Wait to be arrested? You should just put on handcuffs right now if that's the plan. Tankman jumped without warning, And climbed out of the dumpster as your signal to jump. The bedroom door rattled so you jumped quickly.
He chuckled. "Good moxie soldier!" He smiled at you. You were tired already. He sighed. "If your tired you can stay at my den.. It's not far from here." He offered you a hand, You took it and followed him. He brought you to a small cave and helped you inside. It was actually really comfortable. He brought you to a bed made out of stolen pillows and blankets. You laid down and t was pretty soft. You fell asleep peacefully.
Tankman growled as you slept. "God effing damn it!" He was pissed. "They got you too.. And now.." He punched the wall. "Now their coming for me.."
It was a bright day on the training field. You were younger, This was.. When you were a teenager. 15. Tankman was by you, Sweating as he trained hard. "K-Keep going Y/N! If you keep f-freezing up when I g-get a hold on you I-Ill keep winning!" You nodded a bit. It wasn't your fault, You.. You would get scared. "O-Okay." Tankman sighed. "I-I won't hurt you okay? R-Remember. I'll never hurt you!"
Training went on for a while.. But that's what you remember.
You woke up in a cold sweat.
You realized something you hadn't yet.
You can't remember your past.
. . .
You walked into base, A bandage around your neck. Boss walked over. "What happened to you Y/N?"
You considered ignoring him and just asking why you can't remember your past, But..
That's not the best plan.
"I was attacked and kidnapped. Your lucky that they didn't touch me or kill me. They just took my money."
The small lie wouldn't hurt anyone.
He nodded and walked off.
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ramiiirami ยท a day ago
my channel
make videos๏ผ
please watching๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿ’ž๐Ÿ’ž
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galiavgv ยท a day ago
Tumblr media
Harรฉ un dibujo de todos los personajes de Funkin HS
Parece fondo de pantalla, sรญ. Pero bueno la idea es esa, que parezca fondo de cel jaja
TANKMAN es mi favorito y lo amo demasiado, ayuda;;; Viejo sabroso jsjs Un personaje con un sentido del humor muy peculiar y gracioso <3
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artdoodlesblog ยท a day ago
gimmie the deets hand me the teas /lh
ok but fr I'd love to hear abt you're new f/o(s) !!!!!! /gen
๐Ÿ‘‰๐Ÿ‘ˆ see there both from the same game/platform and the other thing is I already have other F/Os from the game/platform, but I started to fall for more...
And...They're both from FNF/Newgrounds....
Augh! It's Tankman/Captain & Steve! I just can't help it!! I think they're both so cool and funny!! and- just-!! Look at this!!
Tumblr media
Look how cute they are!! How DARE they be THAT CUTE!?!
It literally maks my chest pound! I was looking at pictures of them and they're both so damn adorable!!
I wanna make a tanksona, but my phone is broken and everything, so I can't draw them T_T
I love them so much, I can't stop thinking about them righ now and being all blushy and gushy and shit, I just-!! AHFHVSDJC!!
(sorry for rambling so much, I'm such a simp-)
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tankmansteve ยท a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
i made some tile backgrounds! absolutely free to use :) might be making more who knows feel free to suggest some
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rougethegreat ยท a day ago
newgrounds tankman yells at you
Tumblr media
cause I keep seeingย @travsaus tankman do the funny scream whenever I open noogoos
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herolovera ยท a day ago
Tankman called Tabi "Furry skeleton"
Tankman: Hey, Furry skeleton!
Tabi: Did you call me Furry Skeleton?!
(Tabi got raged)
Tankman: I'm outta here!! (Runs away)
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ask-ittybitty-pico ยท 2 days ago
" He'll be fine, he's at the age where he's losing teeth, that's probably what it is "
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