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xxhanamexx6 hours ago
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geekcavepodcast21 hours ago
Wellington Paranormal Extended Season Trailer
Wellington Paranormal is a spinoff series from 2014鈥瞫 What We Do in the Shadows. The spinoff follows Officers O鈥橪eary (Karen O鈥橪eary) and Minogue (Mike Minogue) and their supervisor Sergeant Maaka (Maaka Pohatu). Their job is to investigate paranormal phenomena. The show is created by Jemaine Clement and Taika Waititi, who will serve as executive producers with Paul Yates.
Wellington Paranormal will debut on The CW on July 11, 2021, with episodes then streaming the next day on HBO Max, the CW app, and The three seasons have already aired in New Zealand.聽
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dreadmastersa day ago
god i fucking LOVE this movie. i can鈥檛 wait for thor: love and thunder but it鈥檚 like a whole 鈥榥other year away
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fuckyeahworldoftaikaa day ago
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fuckyeahworldoftaikaa day ago
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fineanddandya day ago
Let鈥檚 Celebrate Life
A/N: mmmm so this is something personal I started back in May on my dad鈥檚 birthday and kinda wrapped up today since it鈥檚 anniversary of his passing. I鈥檓 just in a weird mood and was thinkin about this fic and decided to post it...but idk I might delete it...this was written to help myself feel better...
Miss you dad.
Relationship: Taika Waititi x black!reader
Warnings: angst, fluff, emotions, it鈥檚 a lot cuz I鈥檓 in my feeeeeelings
Tumblr media
The morning has been rough, rougher than I expected days leading up to this...but it never goes like I think. Grieving is son of a bitch...and never ending. Twice a year, I鈥檓 a blubbering fool missing my dad. His voice, his laugh, his scruffy cheeks. So when I woke up out of my sleep already crying, I turned over for my phone to text him,
Fuck...it鈥檚 here...
Then cried hysterically for an hour or so before I ended up falling asleep again...but my REM was cruel, riddled with memories and nightmares. Thank God I woke up to see his kind brown eyes fretting over me tossing and turning.
鈥淚 got here as fast as I could.鈥
The moment his thumb brushes my damp cheek, I choke on a sob and the tears start to flow on their own. Burying my pounding head deeper into my pillow I鈥檓 happy, relieved, he鈥檚 here but I鈥檓 just not there emotionally yet. Those pretty eyes of his welling up at the sight of me of breaking down all over again. It just made me cry harder.
鈥淲hat do you want baby?鈥 He wipes away tears as they burn my skin on contact. 鈥淲hat do you need of me?鈥
Too busy choking on my sobs, I just reach out for him. Taika doesn鈥檛 hesitate; pulling his shirt and shoes off he pulls back the covers, falling into my arms. Shushing me, we shape into each other鈥檚 bodies. Taika cradling my burning wet face into his hairy chest. He doesn鈥檛 say much as I let it all go, tugging and holding me so close. Listening to me lose it has him clearing his throat, fighting back his own tears until he can鈥檛 take it anymore.
鈥淥kay babe, okay.鈥 He shushes me again, tilting my head up to face him so he can clean my face. 鈥淟et鈥檚 breathe now. Let鈥檚 get ahold of ourselves.鈥 He mumbles kissing my forehead, soothing me and it鈥檚 working. 鈥淲ould you like some coffee?鈥
鈥淢mhmm,鈥 my voice cracks, closing my eyes when he kisses my forehead again, enjoying the feeling of his mustache tickling me. 鈥淭hank you...鈥
And I meant it because what if he couldn鈥檛 be here? Those are the first words I鈥檝e muttered all morning. I open my tired swollen eyes to a grinning Taika still caressing my hot face.
鈥淎nything for you. Are you going to get up now? Or is it a breakfast in bed morning?鈥
Sighing a chuckle as he kisses the bridge of my nose, I say, 鈥淚鈥檒l get up.鈥
鈥淕ood.鈥 His lips curl. 鈥淐all me if you need me.鈥
Taika goes to tear up my kitchen because I鈥檓 sure he鈥檚 going to cook breakfast and not just make coffee. I try to get my life together, shedding a few tears here and there as I shower and get dressed. Seeing how tired and puffy I look in the mirror I know it鈥檚 going to be a long day.
Walking into my kitchen, I discover that I was right and the dork has gone a little overboard with breakfast. Waffles, bacon, fruit, eggs, and still going, he鈥檚 facing the stove as I laugh at his back with a shake of my head. Too sweet, he鈥檒l do anything to make me smile.
鈥淒id you at least make coffee?鈥 I ask taking a slice of bacon off a plate.
Spinning around with a mug that magically appeared, he smiles and hands it over. 鈥淥f course,鈥 he winks, 鈥渂ut I鈥檓 starving and I know you鈥檙e hungry so I made breakfast but with a twist.鈥
Before I could take a sip of my coffee Taika takes my lips, catching me off guard a bit but quickly getting swept up in his long hold. Can鈥檛 help but love that mouth, the way his prickly hairs itch against my chin. Both of us grinning and humming as he breaks the kiss but stays near.
鈥淢orning.鈥 I bite down on my bottom lip, allowing the warm feeling to spread over my body. So happy to feel something other than the sadness that usually succumbs over me. So happy he was able to come to my rescue.
鈥淢orning back babe.鈥 He chuckles pecking my lips again.
鈥淪o what鈥檚 the twist?鈥 I ask taking a sip of the best coffee because this mans knows how to make my perfect cup like the back of his thick hand.
鈥淚 made your dad鈥檚 favorites, which coincidently are your favorites.鈥 He shoots me a coy smirk over his shoulder going back to the stove that strikes me right in the heart. That鈥檚 something I definitely didn鈥檛 expect.
鈥淭aika...鈥 I sigh, 鈥測ou didn鈥檛...鈥
鈥淲e鈥檙e celebrating. So yes I did.鈥
That smile of his so long and curvy, it does something to me. It shuts me up. He can have his way today. Smiling and giggling back I let Taika distract me with his chaotic chatter about whatever. Forcing myself to focus on his mumbling and stumbling words and not on the last time my dad made me grits or surprising everyone in the house with his cinnamon pancakes. The memories make my eyes burn. Turning my head away, I clam my eyes shut and try to fight them back. Taika just takes my hand with both hands.
鈥淗ey, hey. It鈥檚 okay. Let it out if you have to babe.鈥 He coaches kissing my knuckles.
鈥淚鈥檓 tired of crying Taika. My eyes are fuckin tired.鈥 I whimper, breathing slow to stuff the climbing sobs back down. I couldn鈥檛 tell if he was helping or not because the more he kissed and touched at me, the more I wanted to fall apart.
鈥淐ome here.鈥 He softly calls to me, gently pulling me out of my chair into his lap. A part of me felt so stupid for being such an emotional wreck in front of him but I also knew he didn鈥檛 care about that. He鈥檚 here to take care of these exact moments. To be my emotional support. Just to hold me, smother me with his love and affection but my depression鈥檚 a son of a bitch.
鈥淒o you wanna get back in bed? We can lie around for a bit until you feel like you鈥檙e up for something else...鈥
Heaving a tired sigh I nod and he guides me back to my room, never letting go of my hand even as we get back into bed together. He doesn鈥檛 even speak, just cuddles me close as I lay my head on his chest, listen to his heartbeat. Shutting my eyes, I enjoy the silence, the rhythmic thumping, and his hand softly rubbing my arm. Holding him beats holding a pillow. Taika sighs deeply, burying his face into my hair.
鈥淚t鈥檚 going to be okay love...鈥 his breath warms my scalp. 鈥淚鈥檓 here for you.鈥 He gently squeezes my fingers and I grin into his hairy chest.
鈥淚 appreciate you...I really do. More than you know Taika.鈥
Somehow I passed out, all lost in my thoughts about my dad and Taika鈥檚 soothing heartbeat but it鈥檚 no longer beneath me. As I wake, I hear muted thumping, something upbeat coming from the other room. Stroking my hand where Taika once was, I sit up disoriented. Where鈥檚 that music coming from? Reaching for my phone, I see a text from him on my screen that says,
Put on something cute and meet me in the living room.
The song changes in the other room to something a little slower. I go to my closet with a lopsided smirk, follow his orders. He鈥檚 always up to something. I slip on my cutest, simplest dress and fix up my tired face to meet him in the living room.
When does he have the time to do such grand gestures? How long was I out? Taika鈥檚 decorated my living room with colorful streamers, drinks and snacks sitting on my coffee table. This man has no chill. If I hadn鈥檛 just spent 5 minutes on my eyeliner I would cry. Walking in from the kitchen with a bowl of popcorn, a well dressed Taika鈥檚 surprised to see me and smiles wide.
鈥淲hat are you doing?鈥 I coyly smirk with an arched eyebrow as he places the bowl down on the table, grabbing a glass in the process.
鈥淲e鈥檙e having a party. Here.鈥 He places the glass in my open palm and kisses me on the cheek. 鈥淚t鈥檚 time to celebrate life.鈥 He announces proudly turning to get his own glass, holding it high with his chin up. Taika said the sad portion of the day is over, time to end it on a good note. All I can do is shake my head with a bashful smile. This is why I call him. This is why I need him. He can bring me out of anything with that crazy whimsical brain and goofy smile. He knows exactly what I need to turn my attitude around. Keeping his glass up, he taps my elbow to raise mine like his, ready to toast with that witty grin of his.
鈥淭o your dad. For creating such an amazing person. And for living such an amazing life.鈥
Looking deep into those warm wrinkly eyes, we clink glasses as my eyes well up with tears but if I wasn鈥檛 too busy giggling at this beautiful man, I鈥檇 be bawling. Because he鈥檚 too much. But he鈥檚 also right. We should celebrate.
鈥淭o my dad.鈥
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bebx2 days ago
Can鈥檛 stop thinking about these answers Tom Hiddleston gave when he was asked about the relationship between Loki and Mobius
Tumblr media
He really said Lokius rights. So true.
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flashbcaks2 days ago
hey so now that season three's coming out, I'm officially reviving my WWDITS discord server!
馃挌馃挏馃枻[click/tap here to join]馃枻馃挏馃挌
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aliceaimino2 days ago
"Let me see the back of that jacket."
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one-big-dumpsterfire3 days ago
Improvised Scene from Ragnarok
Tumblr media
~Tom Hiddleston
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