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eileenleahygirl · 5 minutes ago
im gonna be honest i want an nyc ep so that those texan men can mispronounce houston street
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animatics-ill-never-make · 8 minutes ago
"Cat Noir, tell me what you think about my new role as Guardian?"
"If it doesn't chance things between us then I'm good with it."
......does that mean he's not good with it?
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onefinned · 17 minutes ago
Nico loved fish, sure. That was no secret. But he had a soft spot for all animals, really. When he heard she was working the petting zoo he knew he just had to go check it out. Upon arriving he was greeted by a goat, which he cautiously pet and gave a few food pellets to. When he spotted his friend he smiled and walked over. “Hey,” he greeted. “Having fun with all the animals? They sure are cute. I’ve got face painting duty soon but I wanted to come say hi before I had to go. And pet some animals.”
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animatics-ill-never-make · 18 minutes ago
"The truth, Luka, is the only thing I can't tell you."
I dunno if I just didn't pay attention to the subtitles when I first watched Truth or if the translation just wasn't the same, but this line in the English dub of Truth is really, really heartbreaking. It truly makes everything make more sense -- he wasn't so upset because she wouldn't tell him the truth, but because she told him outright that she would never tell him. That he would never be enough to earn her trust. And in that moment, Shadow Moth preyed on him.
That's heartbreaking.
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shelassos · 21 minutes ago
your fc choice for diana is so good ily
Oh my goodness! Thank so very much for sending such a sweet message! This truly, truly put a smile on my face. I’m so happy with Elodie. She was actually the faceclaim for my first ever muse almost ten years ago, and I think she makes a FANTASTIC Diana now. Thank you for the validation <3 
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hauntiingg · 22 minutes ago
why is truth funnier in the english dub
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cisarovna · 27 minutes ago
I hope ENIC/Levy are taking notes. Spurs could have had some silverware if the squad was prioritised over the stadium and facilities.
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sukunalogy · 27 minutes ago
people who don’t wash their belly buttons...
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bastxrds · 36 minutes ago
"Hello, was that you?"
Tumblr media
From what he could tell it LOOKED like Midgard. He'd spent enough time in this particular realm to know what it looked like. Something about this, though, felt off in a way that he couldn't put his finger on. During his time with the TVA he'd been to different parts of Midgard in different points in time. They'd wanted him to help fix the timeline and he had for the most part. But he had other things in mind and his constant travels meant he could work on his own plan, one that he'd been hoping to finish since he'd first stepped foot in this realm. Loki knew things were working even if it was taking far longer than he'd hoped. But this had nothing to do with that and the girl in front of him had piqued his curiosity. What was it about her that made her so unique? "Or maybe you saw who did all of this."
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norringtxn · 36 minutes ago
Do you like nipple piercings sir?
Tumblr media
“Isn’t that...?!”
Tumblr media
He resists the urge to bring his hands to his chest. “Wouldn’t that be painful?”
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bazookateaches · 38 minutes ago
Tumblr media
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So Hamas can shoot over 200 rockets to Israel in 2 days but when Israel fights back they’re the one in the wrong? What are they supposed to do? Sit back and die?
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yantekerlek · 49 minutes ago
“It feels like we are at a final breath.”
Palestinian writer Mariam Barghouti speaks to MEE about the rise of a new generation of Palestinians not letting different media narratives shape their struggle, and speaking openly about settler colonialism, occupation and apartheid.
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wildflowerbrat · 49 minutes ago
wym no one's calling me kitten rn?
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awardscircuit · 49 minutes ago
Let's be clear...way more people are going to agree with me than not but will not say because they don't want to be judged. I'll never judge you. I accept you for you are. #pandemic #shower #truth #Vaccinated
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thebluespirit83 · 51 minutes ago
so im rewatching ‘truth’ bc the english dub came out and doing homework is boring 
not a jagged stone lyric being ‘my guitar is my only family’ PLEASE 
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gdaychan · 59 minutes ago
Chan = soft boy confirmed
Tumblr media
chan invented soft everyone else can go home
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Sides ranked by how good with kids they are because I made a child laugh at walgreens today and it's basically the only thing that's keeping me going
6. Remus
- Oh they all love his fancy clothes and funny expressions, even if he does smell a little... odd
- Buys them plastic party kazoos and spends an hour teaching them the opening to his theme (da-da-da-da-DA) just to piss Roman off
- Unfortunately, he can't be around for too long before he starts making Remus-typical jokes. They fly over kids' heads but worry the adults, so Janus has to yoink him out of there with the cane.
5. Logan
- Fumbles with understanding these Very Emotional creatures and doesn't have much wide-appeal among young kids
- However, absolutely changes the lives of those few quite kids with niche interests they're dying to chat about. He has limitless time and patience when indulging curiosity
- Always talks to children like they're smart and capable (i.e. never uses a baby voice), which they all come to appreciate
4. Janus
- Not particularly fond of kids because they are Messy and Loud-- "Please contain your sprog, Karen"
- Unfortunately, the bolder ones are quite fond of him. "Mister, is that your real face?" "Why've you got gloves?" "Can I try the hat??"
- Does foam-sword fights with Roman for their amusement. Claims it's "undignified" but secretly enjoys the opportunity to be Dramatic
3. Patton
- 100% attuned to everyone's emotional needs
- Armed with snacks and bandaids at all times. They all want sandwiches cut "the way Patton makes it"
- Only not higher up on the list bc he's not novel to them—sorta blurs into kids' conception of reliable constancy and home (which is exactly what Patton "Dad" Sanders would want)
2. Virgil
- He'd be awkward with young children at first "oh god it's so small I'm gonna break it" but they take a shine to him. Unlike those of us who've seen him on a skateboard, these kids genuinely believe Virgil Sanders is cool
- Protective Big Brother energy is off the charts
- Kids learn that the hoodie = Warm and Soft. The line for piggy-back rides is at least 6 children long at all times
1. Roman
- Disney Prince!! Straight out of a fairytale!! Big sword, fancy sash, & pretty emblem thingies!!
- Big, funny expressions—just like a cartoon. Kids love expressive people, and Roman is nothing if not expressive
- He'd regal them with tales of his grand exploits, bc Roman's brand of creativity is quite literally made for this. "I wanna be just like you when I grow up!" Roman would melt-
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