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bluishorange · 3 days ago
Tumblr media
ok this is the best thing I own now, I’m gonna keep it on my nightstand while I’m asleep
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Ticket stub from Traxx in Detroit, Michigan. 22 February 1986
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gospelofkevin · 6 days ago
tagged by @horaetio and @crickelwood to do a url playlist thanks guys!! uhh this is a playlist entirely composed of bruce springsteen songs because I am unwell <3
ghosts one step up she’s the one prove it all night e street shuffle lost in the flood open all night factory kitty’s back empty sky valentine’s day i’m on fire nebraska
made an actual playlist of these bc it’s a pretty good mix lol. anyway @carwreckhousefire @rrowena @tenderflint if you wanna!!
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mrmatthewconnor · 7 days ago
"laura" (by david raskin & johnny mercer)
started a little live performance series on my instagram, singin' all my top traxx, starting with the theme from my all-time favorite movie, Laura. 🖤
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heisallandheismore · 9 days ago
mystery of the quotient
"The word is spelled T-R-A-C-K-S, but here you spelled it T-R-A-X-X." To prove his point Castiel turns the cassette with nimble fingers and presents it to Dean, cover side out.
"Dean's top 13 Zepp Traxx" stares right back at Dean, in all its hastily scribbled, frankly embarrassing glory.
Then, with his signature curious head tilt, Castiel asks, "Why?"
or, the one where Cas asks Dean point blank why the FUCK he spelled traxx Like That
inspired by this post about cas the thee biblical mixtape made by the lovely @acklesy, i hope you like it 😊
(also find my cheesy edit to go along w the fic here 😋)
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heisallandheismore · 9 days ago
Tumblr media
dean w the mixtape cas makes for him in response to his own <3
(in case you can't read it, it says: Cas's top 13 Love Traxx - for Dean xoxo)
read the fic this goes with here: (x)
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peakcreativity · 13 days ago
love is stored in the ‘DEAN’S TOP 13 ZEPP TRAXX’ mixtape
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dykecharlie · 13 days ago
Tumblr media
songs to make a texas man cry (aka the playlist that would get jensen to put out a restraining order on me)
If you read the titles all together it makes a poem about a gay cowboy struggling with internalized homophobia until ms. shania twain teaches him to be out, proud, and slutty <3
(Cock Sucking Cowboy by Grant Macdonald//No One Needs To Know by Shania Twain//I Sucked Another Dick Last Night by Wheeler Walker Jr.//Did I Shave My Legs For This? by Deana Carter//Cryin’ These Cocksucking Tears//Man! I Feel Like A Woman! by Shania Twain//Ain’t Goin’ Down On Brokeback Mountain by Willie Nelson//Cowboys Are My Weakness by Chris Difford//Whose Bed Have Your Boots Been Under? by Shania Twain//Cowboys Are Frequently Secretly Fond Of Each Other by Willie Nelson//Limp Wrist & a Stead Hand by My Gay Banjo//I’m Here, I’m Queer & I’m Country by Freddy Freeman//Save A Horse (Ride a Cowboy) by Big & Rich)
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hoebracommander · 13 days ago
Tumblr media
feminist film theorists will see a woman die in a horror movie, say "is anybody gonna psychoanalyze her so hard that you make an hour long playlist about her love and her sexuality and her death" then not wait for an answer.
⛓⚙️listen here ⚙️⛓
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mariesminds · 13 days ago
i challenge all you bitches who are proposing to my girlfriend to a sword duel
please do. homoerotically, even
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the opening scene of gotg with starlord, except it's cas on his umpteenth adventure away from the winchesters. listening to the mixtape on sony walkman
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firefliesintheskyline · 14 days ago
Yes I do wear my OTPs like I wear my make up
You can barely see it bUT IT'S THERE
Tumblr media
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daphneallen · 15 days ago
i want to connect springsteen and supernatural so bad
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beatificdyke · 15 days ago
dean and cas are literally Each night before you go to bed my baby Whisper a little prayer for me my baby And tell all the stars above This is dedicated to the one I love (Love can never be exactly like we want it to be)
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beatificdyke · 16 days ago
rocky’s bar hard babbling brook by the windmill ade
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159potterhead · 17 days ago
Oh! I thought I've to make up for it with a poetry. I'm sorry I didn't knew you were looking for hurt poem. You know I could never say no to you. So here it is;
I opened my dash to see someone flirting with you,
Wondering do you still love me too?
I thought I was in a queue,
With several other people and a small crew,
It was all so new and I didn't wanna screw,
Worrying if you see me as a residue,
I couldn't help myself but to argue,
I'm so sorry, Honey, I had no clue,
And I didn't thought it through,
It was all out of the blue,
I didn't knew it was untrue,
Wish I could fix things back with a glue,
So everything would be undo,
And it all happened so fast
I thought we are not meant to last.
(Idk. I just wasn't satisfied with the last poem it wasn't fitting into me yk and I had to do this again.)
HOLY SHITTT!!! YOU MADE THAT??? FOR ME??? ALL THOSE SONGS ARE IN ORDER OF THE ASK!!! ADVDAVSFVFS.😭😭😭😭😭 I'm crying...The very first song is photograph and I cant–I just cant– (previous gif if you remember) hold on a second man–hold on a second. THAT'S OUR SONG!!! And those Polaroid pictures ✨✨✨ THEY GIVE ME US VIBES!! THAT'S LITERALLY US IF WE EVER MEET! I want to stand in that kitchen beside you. I want to cuddle with you on a rainy night and fall asleep like that with our arms entangled around each other ❤️❤️❤️❤️ I'm really crying this is really modern version of DEAN'S TOP 13 ZEPP TRAXX!!! (I'm really crying no one has ever done anything like this for me❤️ I LOVE YOU SOOO MUCH😘😘) Are you like a person??? Coz I still can't believe you exists!! Can you believe this people my gf just made me a mixtape, and I falling more in love with her!!😘🤗 Get your dress I'm marrying you righ away my beloved!!! I don't care if people won't make it to the Avenue. I'M HIGH ON YOUR LOVE TODAY!!💕💕💞💞💞💞💖💖
Anything is fine by me as long as I get to marry you!! I hope you have settled on a lovely dress but I bet everything looks perfect on you coz you're so gorgeous my love😚💕🤗😍😍
You did not just say archery!! I had this craze for learning archery coz lotr phase and I loved Legolas and elfs. I find it hot. Yeah, I know that trick I've been a victim of it too. But for Archery my parents were like learn some useful skill coz you can't run around with a bow and arrow all the time if some emergency happens. If there's a thief you can't just shoot him with an arrow.
(I was making a list of songs that you tell me about but you were one step ahead of me and I gotta say I didn't expected that. I really loveeeeee loveeeee youu soooo sooo muchh Loveeerrrr😘❤️💖💖)
🎶Can I go where you go? Can we always be this close forever and ever? And ah, take me out, and take me home, you're my, my, my, my, Looooover🎶
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
ok I made another one with all the songs, and left the one I made earlier for only songs with actual “dancing” vibes
*** ohhh. oh no it’s okay you don‘t have to...😬
*** wooooooah!!! babe that was deep. I still love you, and we were meant to last!!! I promise never to make you this mad again🥺
**** the last poem was iconic pls😂 I loved it. YEESSSHDHSJJXNDKD!!!! YES IN ORDER, I’M GLAD YOU NOTICED!! yeah, our song😭😭😭 OUR SONG!!!! I KNOW RIGHHTT!!!😆💞💞 I want that too🥺❤️❤️ WAIIIIT... THIS IS GIVING ME ANOTHER IDEA😳 (awwbsjsj! I’m happy i’m the first😚) idk, am I??👽🛸 OMGGG SKISOS OK BRB💖💖✨✨✨
well... I was thinking of showing up in my pj’s🤔 unless you want me to get a dress... i’ve got just the thing in mind😌✨ but no matter how beautiful the dress is, you’re gonna wear it 10x better I just know;)
another point for our soulmates bingo!! okay that is a reasonable excuse. we really should be allowed to walk around with bows and arrows.
(I read your mind I guess😏💞 ily ily ilysm ilyyyy😚😚😚)
🎶we could leave the christmas lights up till January, and this is our place, we make the rules. and there's a dazzling haze, a mysterious way about you dear, have I known you 20 seconds or 20 years?🎶💕
Tumblr media
ahah perfect reaction!! yessss I really diddd!!!🥺💞💞💞
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159potterhead · 17 days ago
You want a poetry? I'm gonna give you the freaking poetry. Take your seat my love! (Since I need a headstart or a word to continue further and you didn't give any hint so I'll do on today's situation)
**takes the mic 🎤*** This one goes to that pretty girl with pretty eyes. I hurted her and I want to make up to her with something I wrote. I hope by the end of it she'll take me back. **Make some noise people!*** (As always the rap is without the break)
I must have sounded ridiculous,
When I got jealous,
Tho I never meant to cause all that fuss,
But baby you're my crush,
And it's only supposed to be us,
How would have I known it was just a bluff?
Everyone knows that you're a hot stuff and it's my fault I got into a rush, 'cause I thought there's a mistress that shall remain nameless, I was getting restless on seeing those flowers at our doorstep, I should have taken a backstep,
But in all seriousness,
I want to tell you you're my Love,
My beloved, you're my dove,
Hush! Hush! My baby! I'll give you a hug!
Oh! Please, don't you blush!
Do you wanna go to the club?
Just to try out my luck.
Believe me when I say I'm not a wuss,
Turns out I'm a thug,
But don't you worry cus I don't do drugs,
Maybe 'cause I only have a few bucks,
Can we buy a duck?
Coz I don't give a fuck,
We can chug at the mug,
Which reminds me I forgot to flush,
When I went to brush,
Because there was a bug,
On the rug,
So, I went with my gut,
And ended up with a cut,
While reading lot of smut,
Which drive me nuts!
(This one was not that good as the earlier ones coz I didn't made a lot of puns, I was busy making a bun for a nun who has to go on a run because of her son who has a gun which isn't fun)
You don't have to make it up for anything my love. I love you the way you are and I trust you 😘❤️ Although, I'm wondering why you asked about Spotify, were you planning to do Dean's top 13 Zepp traxx?? What was all that about 🤔🤔
I mean every relationship has ups and down yk. I hope our fans still ship us!
We're really doing the wedding? Huh? The virtual deancas one!! We can invite all your followers here. And throw a big party.
Like actual ability. I would maybe like to be more extrovert idk if that counts as ability. And for real ability I would like to learn any of ball room dance like tango or rumba those sort of dance. I always like the chemistry between two dancers and how they maintain the flow and their moves matches it's something magical. I also do like watching tap dancing. So I would love to have those skills.
What skills do you wish to have? (And do tell me about this poetry and rap)
that’s what I said. oh god, you’ll never let this go💀
wait what? I thought you were gonna write about how I hurt you. “I never even let you go in the first place to get you back!” I shout from the crowd, and everyone around goes “aaawww!”
okay... that is... something.... honestly I liked it a lot cause it’s so random😂😂 hell yeah we’ll get a duck!😂 baby you’re my crush😚 I liked that. I really did. thank you for those... random but delightful words. such a piece of poetry👩🏻‍🍳🤌🏼💋
(I love when you’re still caught up in the rhyming, it’s hilarious and cute!😂💞 but srsly someone stop that son with a gun)
that means a lot<3 and of course I would never do anything to make you actually jealous on purpose. oh yeah... behold: look what I made you 😏📼🎵
oh they better!
hmm... why don’t we just go somewhere quiet alone and get married by the beach or something. unless you do want the big ceremony?
oh yeah that does make sense. I AGREE!!! it’s so mesmerizing watching a pair dancing so in-sync with each other and flowing together so smoothly like the dance was made for just the both of them.
I guess we’ll skip the poetry and rap for this question ahah. I think i’d want to be fluent in like... four other languages, including sign language. and maybe archery🤔 i’ve always wanted to be an archer but you know how it is, ”okay we’ll sign you up for classes on your break.” then nothing happens for years and you just give up trying yk😃
🎶such a pretty face, on a pretty neck. she's driving me crazy, but I'm into it, but I'm into it, I'm kind of into it. it's getting crazy, I think I'm losing it, I think I'm losing it🎶💕
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