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harlematl · a month ago
Tik Tok After Dark: A Walk In The Park
Tik Tok After Dark: A Walk In The Park
Edit Post Switch to draftPreview(opens in a new tab)UpdateAdd title Rhythmandcoils: Hair On Fleek! Welcome Home Face! She’s the straw that stirs the drink. The one who makes me think. Not a hair out of place, everything simply falls into sync. Enough hips to garner tips. Dare to imagine, full figure fashion plus the lips you already know they be bangin’. Interaction and satisfaction…
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harlematl · a month ago
Tik Tok After Dark: A Walk In The Park
Tik Tok After Dark: A Walk In The Park
Rhythmandcoils: Hair On Fleek! Welcome Home Face! She’s the straw that stirs the drink. The one who makes me think. Not a hair out of place, everything simply falls into sync. Enough hips to garner tips. Dare to imagine, plus the lips you already know they be bangin’. Interaction and satisfaction guaranteed. Viewers eyes wide shut. Thighs wide enough. Even four wise blind men can envision and…
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jeonchemstudy · 17 days ago
Starting to feel discouraged from applying to med school after seeing so many tik toks of people saying the process completely burnt them out and how competitive it all is,,,,,,,,maybe I should just pursue a PhD instead
hey anon. i totally get where you’re coming from. the med school application process is long and draining. part of it is the “mortifying ordeal of being known”- having to put your best foot forward for these medical schools who would otherwise not know you exist. it is also very competitive. i will admit that after i got into medical school, i felt extremely drained and had some mental health things that eventually forced me to take a break from this site.
however, don’t listen just to what people on the internet say about med school apps, especially people on tiktok. hell, don’t listen to me until you receive corroborating evidence. tiktok is not a great platform for trying to address subtlety in such a complicated process like med school admissions- you only have like a minute to talk about something, and it’s not in depth, just on the surface rants and explanations. my message for you is that if you are convinced that being a doctor is what you want to do for the rest of your life, the strenuous application process doesn’t matter. it doesn’t matter where you end up going to school. it does not matter because you’re gonna be a doctor, and that’s what counts. the doctor i shadowed with asked me, “do you have a backup plan if you don’t get in?” i said no. she said that was the right answer. you keep trying and trying until you get in. this phase is just the beginning of your medical journey.
and i will remind you- getting a ph.d is not a walk in the park. ask @cancerbiophd and @gliagirlphd if you want some information about that. it might be a little easier to get into a program than med school, but you have to ask yourself- do i want to research? alone, much of the time? do i want to commit myself to four, five, even six years of intensive independent research, where i will inevitably struggle, fail, and experience self-doubt? how am i going to find a job after i get my ph.d? a lot of premeds talk about a ph.d as a backup, when it’s really not. it’s another long, tiring journey with a big reward at the end, just like med school. i have a friend who applied to medical school, but realized she wanted to be a researcher instead. she realized this not because she failed to get into medical school, but because she came to the understanding that she wasn’t applying for the right reasons, and that she had a much stronger interest in doing research after she continued it over her senior year. she loved being in the lab, more than working with patients. and that’s ok! everyone has different strengths.
don’t worry about competition either. thinking about what other people are doing will only bring you down and make you worry. just focus on yourself. it’s competitive, yeah. it feels like shooting in the dark because you don’t know what med school admissions committees want. but just do your best to ignore everyone else, all those toxic premeds who just want to jabber about where they got interviews with. keep it to yourself. have faith in yourself.
so anon, if being a doctor is your dream, don’t give up. you’re gonna struggle bus through it like the rest of us, and hopefully, you’ll get to come back to me and i’ll get to call you doctor.
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lorei-writes · 25 days ago
Ha! Question game, let's see. That is a long list. But for lil'Lorei!
How would you spend your day with Masamune? (Because is it still a question who your fave is? 🤪🤪🤪)
Most surprising thing you learned about any of the warlords?
What memes do you associate with the warlords? We need more cursed.
EEEEP, NEMOO! How u doing? All good? I wanted to make some “Where is Nemo” joke, but oh well, I failed at it miserably after thinking for much too long.
How would you spend your day with Masamune? (Because is it still a question who your fave is? 🤪🤪🤪)
I don’t see anybody coming even close to threatening Masamune’s position, haha. 
Omg. How. How. How do I know? *blushes* Hmm, let me think...
Okay, let’s assume it’s all doable. 
I would convince him to go on a short hike or walk through a nature park in the morning. Because I love doing this and I haven’t had a chance do to it in forever. Botanical garden could work too, or perhaps a zoo (not all zoos, but more like the one they have in Wrocław? It’s a sanctuary for wild animals - monkeys - who were to be illegally traded too). Actually, scratch that, let’s just go and see where it takes us, it’s the best this way. 
Then, after returning, I would like to make some pierogi. This sounds super cheesy, but like, it’s a very nice thing to do with other people? And it doesn’t take that long? And it’s delicious? And he surely hasn’t eaten any Polish dishes? And the homemade ones are the best?
It comes with the added benefits of the fact that I live with three cats, so you know, meowing may occur. Instant test of the cat too, let’s see what my kitties think. My cats tend to try to steal human food, sooo... It could be funny. 
Later I would torture him with this picture:
Tumblr media
And if he didn’t cringe, I’d be seriously concerned, but oh well, that’s his charm, I guess? After thinking for a moment longer, that’s probably a sign of high fever.
After dinner we could go see the medieval castle here. Or actually, if it was possible, I’d like to show him Malbork! I was never there either, but I think it’s the biggest medieval castle in Europe? Or at least one in such a good state. I want to see it soooo bad. 
I would be probably dying from tiredness by the evening, though. Which is fine. A movie, perhaps? There are so many good ones, hmm. Well, either way, if he were up to it, I’d cuddle to him and probably doze off sometime during the movie, unless I haven’t seen it beforehand. Then I may get too excited and he wouldn’t let me live this down lol. 
Most surprising thing you learned about any of the warlords?
In game version of them? Nobunaga and toe sucking. I did not expect that. 
History-wise... Hmm... Probably the relationship between Mitsuhide and his wife. It was a pleasant surprise, and it was not exactly within my scope of expectations. 
What memes do you associate with the warlords? We need more cursed.
Oh, okay, okay, listen, I don’t have pictures, so I will need co-operation.
Nobunaga singing never gonna give you up to konpeito. MC is tied in the background and looks unimpressed. She is being kidnapped.
Hideyoshi and it’s the same picture meme, except it’s the picture of Mitsuhide and a punching bag. 
Ieyasu as this unimpressed tik-tok man debunking “lifehacks” by simply doing the things the-common-sense way.
Mitsunari and this meme with your dark side speaking to you. Except the dark side is quiet. 
Masamune and the “there are two wolves inside of you”, except the text says “but I ate one and only one remains”. 
I don’t have anything for Mitsuhide, I just look at his shoes and ask why. 
Okay. This is very regional. But. For some reason, Shingen and Kennyo, when I see their full-body sprites, radiate a Slavic dad energy to me. So all the memes with “who are you holding the flashlight for?! Yourself?!” (when helping with car repairs) and “yo, son” apply. Actually. Give them this meme with “yo, fellow high school students” or however it went, the one with an old person trying to act “cool”.
Another regional: Yukimura with “dej pan trzyyyy” meme (university student to a professor: “gib me a passing grade”). 
Sasuke looking at Kenshin, text: Peace was never an option. 
Kenshin and loss. Except the only thing except for Kenshin in the picture are swords. His face turns gradually poutier. Yes, not even background, the background is white. There is only Kenshin. And swords. 
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avian-writes · 2 months ago
The day we decided to live
The Days: Part 1
Content Warnings: depression, thoughts of suicide
words: 3039
In hindsight, when we had to park the car on a dirt road with only a government power strip on it and cross the barren back road to reach the GPS location, we should’ve known it was a bad idea. But it wasn’t like we were worried for our lives. We never have been.
    It had been a long day: my car broke down after a 10 hour shift and my best friend, Darian, had to come pick me up. Neither of us could figure out what was wrong with it so I called a roadside mechanic who said he could come out and check it out the following day. Tired, we got food and went to my apartment to hang out. We hadn’t done that in weeks, we didn’t have the time or energy. What time we didn’t spend working was spent in bed, not wanting to get up to see the other.
    It was during this that Darian asked, “Hey Jake, attractor, void, or anomaly?”
    He turned his phone towards me and showed me a screen asking the same thing. “It’s Randonautica.”
    “It’s what now?”
    “You haven’t heard of it? It’s been all over the internet, mostly Tik Tok.”
    I shook my head. I hadn’t been paying much attention to anything lately. “What is it?”
    He explained it was an app that gave you a random location and you just...went there. He almost mentioned something about manifestation but I had already agreed and was taking his phone out of his hand. I needed something to do and distract myself that wasn’t my own anxiety biting at me.
    Most of the screen was taken up by a GPS map with a radius of 2km. At the bottom were the choices of Attractor, Power, and Void. I hit Void then ‘generate’.
    The screen turned black and white text appeared. ‘What would you like to find?’
“Something interesting.” Something that made moving worth it. Something that made life worth living.
‘Imagine it. Manifest it.’
Because we were good young adults, we did as we were told and closed our eyes, trying to manifest a reason to live. Not like we didn’t spend every day doing that already. When we opened them, an owl took up the screen telling us to prepare and I didn’t even get the chance to move when the map came back up.
    ‘Generated point; Void Anomaly’
Under it was an address I didn’t recognize. Zooming in on the map I could see the point was in the middle of woods. “Is that private property?” Darian asked, squinting.
“Sure is! You ready?”
I grabbed my Emergency Drive bag, a bag containing my portable charger, an extra cord, granola bars, chapstick, a notebook and pen, and a water bottle. It was solely for the purpose of when things got bad in my head and I just needed to get in my car and drive. I used it more often these days.
Less than twenty minutes later, we’re both standing on the side of the road across from the point. Darian had to park on a dirt road a ways off, parking on the side in our city would’ve been a horrible idea, and we walked over. We waited for the road to be clear and darted across.
    On the other side, there was a ditch directly off the pavement filled with lumps of dirt similar to snake pouches all along it. It was the only way to the woods with a treeless stretch of tall grass. We both stood at the top of the drop off, staring down into the thorns and possible snake pits.
    “Maybe we’ll find a dead body,” I said, referencing one of the stories I had read on the way there. With my phone plugged into Darian’s car charger of course. No way was I going into this with it even on 99%.
    “Hopefully it’ll be one of our own.”
    I didn’t comment. Especially when I agreed with him.
    A sewer pipe went right underneath the road, leading into the overgrown bank. The grass went up to our knees and it wasn’t until we were already in that we noticed the briars growing along ankle-height.
    “Welp, here we go!” I said with only a slight tint of enthusiasm. I started through the briar patch and Darian reluctantly followed me. Since we had come right from my apartment and neither of us were known for thinking things through, we weren’t exactly dressed for the occasion.
    I had on short shorts and Darian had short pants as well as sandals; at least I had on tennis shoes. As we walked, I could feel every little cut on my legs as the briars dug into my skin and scratched along until I was past. Long cuts of red were scattered on both of our legs.
    Finally, we got through and we were on the edge of the woods. Darian pulled up the GPS and handed it to me since I could read a map better than him. I turned it so it matched where we were facing and held it parallel to the ground. “Look, see! It’s the middle of this pathway where there aren’t trees.”
    “Unless we want to deal with more briars, we’re not going straight there.” Darian pointed ahead of us and sure enough, grass taller than even him along with even more briars grew everywhere in the stretch. The woods it was.
    I took the lead and we headed into the woods. It was only short in width as it bordered a farm; it was the woods on the other side of the stretch that was formidable. It went on for miles according to the GPS map and neither of us were good with directions when everything looked the same and we couldn’t see the sun.
    All throughout the small journey to our destination, I laughed as Darian stumbled his way over fallen logs and small creeks of water going criss cross all along the dirt floor. He nearly tripped right into a tree and I caught his arm.
    “Didn’t you say you grew up on a farm in a rural area? Did you never go exploring in the woods?” The thought baffled me, someone who had spent 85% of his childhood and high school years in the woods, playing pretend and just going on forever until the darkness pushed me back home.
    Darian shook his head. “Our woods weren’t really woods like this. I never went in them much anyway.”
    “What did you spend your time doing?”
    He smiled at me, a real genuine smile I hadn’t seen in months. “Playing video games.”
    It was a sweet bonding moment that got ruined real soon. I spotted something dark through the soft, brightly lit grass and leaped out into the strip. I darted over and stumbled back just as fast.
Darian followed me and lurched back. An animal carcass was strewn across the only patch of short grass, torn apart and unrecognizable. Hundreds, maybe thousands of flies swarmed the area and we both took heavy steps away.
    Flies. Hundreds of little flies. I batted at them, but I could feel little flicks all over me as they flocked to me and Darian. I pressed my lips together in an effort to keep them from getting in my mouth. Waving my hands around in a feeble attempt to get them away from me, I accidentally smacked Darian right in the shoulder.
    “Feck, sorry dude.”
    He didn’t answer me. I blinked through the swarm and if I had eaten that day, it would’ve come right back up. The dead deer was laying in the small patch of short grass, right in between us and the rest of the easy way through the stretch.
    I’m from the mountains, my family is a combination of hillbillies and rednecks, and I had a vulture as a best friend back home. Dead animals were a common occurrence as well as roadkill being the main feature of dinners at family reunions.
    But this was much worse than simple roadkill. This was a mutilation. An attack on the poor thing. It’s entire body was torn open, entrails and organs spilling out into the blood-caked grass. Bones were almost licked clean and we could see the skull through a hole in the neck.
    I felt Sick. I backed away and ran back to the woods, Darian right on my heels. As soon as we entered the dark, shady, and death-free safety of the trees, I keeled over and crouched in the dirt. Burying my head into my arms and trying to take deep breaths. Beside me, I could feel Darian doing the same.
    A pricking at the back of my head nudged at me and I violently shook it away. A pleasant but jealous feeling that I didn’t feel like psychoanalyzing. “Alright, that’s enough for today. Want to go to another location?”
    Darian shook his head and pointed at his phone screen. “We’re not too far from the coords. Might as well go all the way and make this worth it.” He pointedly didn’t look at the corpse when speaking.
    I thought about it for only a moment before shrugging and nodding my head. We continued on through the woods and kept going around the strip. In complete silence, we followed his offline GPS until we were directly across from the bright red point.
    We looked at each other then stepped out of the woods and crossed the barrier further into our nightmare. Not even 10 footsteps away was stomped grass that led back into the woods. This was where the point was supposed to be. Broken glass littered the ground, quite literally; it looked like someone had littered.
    “It’s probably nothing, Jake. Someone else must have gotten these coordinates too.”
    “Aren’t they randomly generated?”
    “We’re not that far from the farm. Probably one of their kids hiding their drinking from overbearing parents.” But even he didn’t sound convinced. I didn’t know why, but something about the area didn’t seem right. Maybe I just wanted to believe that since it was a new place and something was odd about it. I bet if someone came into my backyard, they’d feel something was off too, but it would just be the overturned lawn chairs we hadn’t bothered to pick up after the last storm.
    I bent down and carefully picked up a piece of glass, holding it up to eyelevel to inspect it. It was thin and after looking closely, was curved just a bit. My stomach dropped and I looked around, spotting a broken piece of long, slender plastic.
    “This wasn’t a beer bottle. It was glasses. Like, eyeglasses.” I looked up at Darian through my own glasses and he blinked at me through his. This had gotten too creepy and it seemed he agreed with me as we both started lightly sprinting for the woods.
    As we ran, something hit me. Nothing physical, nothing stopped me from running. But something for sure hit my chest. I stopped of my own accord and turned back towards the strip and started walking. Why?
    Good question. Wish I had an answer for you.
    Behind me, I could vaguely hear Darian asking what the feck I was doing but I just kept walking. Just like when I drive down random roads at night with no real direction, when I go on walks through town and take random turns, it was like something was telling me to go that way. That I needed to see what was there.
As I broke through the clearing, I regretted it immediately. A circle of mowed grass amongst the overgrowing field of weeds wasn’t what we were expecting to find but alright. Just to add to the weirdness factor.
“What the fuck is going on, Jake?” Darian’s voice sounded ten miles away and right at my ear, still incredibly tired.
All I could do was shake my head, an overcoming sense of dread took me over and I turned and booked it. Praying Darian was behind me, I skipped along back into the woods and looked all around me. There was still plenty of daylight, I knew this. My phone said 3:46 pm with no reception. But the sky was growing darker already. Not even in the Winter did it get night this quickly.
I started running and dodging trees, reaching out my hands to feel for bark and shoving myself out of their way. My foot caught on a log and I went face first onto the ground. The warm, soft ground.
All at once, my body relaxed for the first time in what felt like forever. I rolled onto my back and took in a deep, deep breath. I almost didn’t need it; I couldn’t breathe but also could breathe finally. Nothing held it back, nothing weighing on my heart to keep it from beating at a steady, normal pace.
    The overbearing, sinking feeling over took my chest; begging to drag me down into the depths of the woods. The trees closed in over head and the sun was successfully blocked out. No light streamed in, the only source being from the far off tower strip.
    I tried to move but couldn’t. I raised my arm and it just dropped back to my side, it was af it was light as a feather, with hollow bones, and filled with lead at the same time. I let my head hit the dirt as I leaned back as all my motivation to stay up left me.
    But it wasn’t scary. Only…strangely comforting. It didn’t feel like it wanted to harm me, simply take away any preexisting pain. Take away everything until nothing was left, including the sadness. Dull all my senses. Block out the noises. Silence the humming noise and voices.
    I could just not move. Let it consume me, take my spirit and mind away. It would be so easy…
    Darian’s voice cut through every thought I had. Any resolve I had to let whatever it was take me broke away. My best friend needed me, and as much as I wanted to die, he needed me to live even more.
    I scrambled to my heavy feet and took off into the strip. I dashed through the grass, ignoring the broken glass, leapt over the decaying deer, waved off the flies, and ran until my legs ached and my chest was burning.
    The grass cut at my legs and arms, sharp searing pain akin to getting sliced with a knife covered me from head to toe but it was miniscule compared to the building anxiety rising in my tightened chest.
    I broke into the circle and there Darian was. Just laying there, staring up at the open blue sky. His arms and legs outstretched as if he was just sunbathing on a lovely day. But the fear striking his face and pulsing veins streaming from his clenched fists and neck told me otherwise.
    I fell to my knees next to him and yanked an arm around my shoulders. Darian had a good five inches and 70 pounds on me, but the shallow breathing and returning clawing feeling in my brain gave me just enough strength to lift my best friend up to get the feck out of there.
    We finally made it past the deer and Darian suddenly slipped away from me. I started to panic until he grabbed my hand and we both took off. We ran in the slim space between the woods and strip, leaping over logs and doing our best to avoid briars.
    It was the most terrifying time of both of our lives. Especially with the feeling now rising out of the ground to pull at my ankles, trying desperately to drag me back down. I ignored it the best I could until I couldn’t.
I briefly stopped, yanking Darian to a stop, and stomped on the nearest stick. It broke right in half and the feeling vanished with a cold, fleeting pass. I slipped my hand around Darian’s wrist and dragged him through the strip.
    Then we heard the sweetest sound, calming music to our ears: cars. Driving past at fast, back road “no cops around, speeds. We ran faster and the road finally came into view. We only slowed down enough to step on the rocks and climb up and over the sewer pipe. Darian pulled me up and we took one step onto the road.
    “Well, we did find a dead body.”
    “Shut up.”
    Probably dangerous to stand on a road at night, but nothing could’ve felt more dangerous to us than those woods. The pavement felt like heaven to us at that moment. We caught our breath and walked across the road in silence. Back to the car, got in, and just sat there.
    Darian started the car and switched on the headlights. The two of us stared into the dimly lit dirt road ahead of us, neither of us wanting to speak. If we did, then that made it real. What we experienced had been real and we had really almost let ourselves be left behind.
    We had almost died. We didn’t know what about what we felt led us to believe death was the end goal, but neither of us doubt we would’ve died if we hadn’t just gotten up and left. No matter how hard it was to do so.
    Something we had both wanted for so long. But given the chance, we didn’t let go. It didn’t feel like the other attempts, to me anyway. I had been in control then.
    “You good?” I managed to croak out.
    Darian huffed out a weak laugh. “Not in the least bit. You?”
    “I’m never going into the woods again.”
    Eventually, he put the car into drive and we left. Back to my apartment. I had work early in the morning, but we didn’t want to be alone that night. So we slept on my floor where I held tight onto his jacket sleeve until the sun rose. Neither of us brought up him choosing to call for help nor me answering that call.
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missmiimiie · 3 months ago
Bulletproof: Prologue
Tumblr media
Here I go, writing for the first time for another fandom and I’m terrified. I already have the story lined up, but this is a test to see if people would be interested. My MC is non-binary and gender neutral, so anyone can identify with them (can you tell i’m sick of all the gender drama going on?) The choices fandom needs more diversity, I’ll never say it enough.
Since I’m writing for Foreign Affairs for the first time, I’ll leave my usual taglist below until I start a FA one. Please let me know if you want to be added to it :)
Book/pairing : Foreign Affairs – Tatum Mendoza x Dakota Monroe (Non-binary/gender neutral MC) Word count : 2.2k Rating : T Summary : Dakota never expected that 3 bullets could spiral their life out of control. Category : Angst, suspense, (forbidden) romance Warnings : Shooting, violence and a few more along the way, I’ll make sure to mention them with every chapter
If you appreciate this, please like, comment or reblog. It would make my day xox
Bulletproof : Prologue
It has already been two weeks since the voyeur picture incident.
Thankfully, even with all the paparazzi and attention pointed on my every move since it came out, nobody had seem to figure out exactly who was with me in the lake. Theories were popping up left and right, countless videos where my secret lover’s identity was debated had been uploaded on YouTube and Tik Tok, Buzzfeed had created a poll where their readers could vote on potential culprits and local news from home still insisted on keeping their headlines about us. To say that Tatum’s involvement in the scandal still managing to be kept under rock reassured me was the understatement of the century. Even Winston hadn’t put his fingers on who my mystery lover was; his constant badgering about how I could trust him with their identity was only proof of just how desperate he was to know.
Me? I’m the first child of Rutherland. I grew up in the eye of the media and was bread to deal with scandals. I’m used to all the heat. Tatum isn’t, or at least not as much as I am. So if I can continue to take the fire for the both of us, it’s fine by me.
Today marks my third official “date” with Alexei. I would have chosen Evelyn in any other circumstances, but Winston vetoed against my choice as soon as I expressed it; since I’d been caught half naked with a man, it only seemed just to have one as my fake date. That logic didn’t really make any sense to me; Alexei’s snow white skin and platinum blonde hair violently contrasted with my secret lover’s dark complexion and onyx locks. If my PR team expected the media to accept Alexei as my secret lover, they were either blatantly stupid or completely blind.
While I stand in the common room of my dorm as Winston and his team of PR puppets discuss of the circumstances of my upcoming date, I find my eyes drifting to the one person on campus who truly matters. Tatum is standing in his usual spot next to the fireplace, his posture alert and stiff, hands clasped behind his back, ready to jump at whatever threat my come through the door. He looks tired; even if he keeps reassuring me that this whole ordeal isn’t getting to him, it obviously does. And I’m sure it has nothing to do with the surge of people trying to get to me following that scandal.
His dark brown eyes slid across the room and finally meet mine, the gentle obsidian irises engulfing me in comfort and soothing my every nerve. We hold gazes for a few seconds, the corners of his mouth rising up in a gentle smile that reminds me that, besides everything that has been going on, all will be well. Winston’s voice completely mutes out, his instructions passing by 6 feet over my head as I enjoy this brief, stolen, precious moment with my bodyguard before we force ourselves to look away. We both agreed that minimal displays of affection in the public eye would be the best course of action in our current situation. Everyone was already dying to know my secret lover’s identity and we certainly had no intention of giving them any clues to figure it out.
“Dakota? Are you listening?”
I snap out of my trance and look back at Winston with wide eyes, doing my best to look as if I’d been listening all along. “Yes, of course. Please, carry on.”
Winston looks over me suspiciously, his eyes narrowing on mine as he tries to seize my obvious lie. I sigh as I keep the appearance up, one eyebrow raising up innocently as I lean against the counter in front of me. Don’t even try, my dear Winston. I’ve been raised by a woman’s who’s entire job is to lie and convince her way to the top, and we both know just how much I take after my mother. If there’s anyone in the room who is capable of putting a convincing front, it’s me. After a few seconds, he bites his lips and backs away, defeated. Bingo.
So we’re now back on the subject of my “date”. Tonight, both of our teams have planned a romantic walk in a nearby park, a few minutes away from Vancross. These public appearances have not helped my mother’s polls as much as they hoped, but at least the idea of keeping the attention on me and Alexei specifically definitely kept the media’s eyes away from whoever was on that infamous picture with me. Of course, I wish with all my heart that my little adventure wouldn’t affect my mom’s career as much, but at this point I just don’t want Tatum to be caught in the cross fire. We both know what would happen if his identity was to be unveiled; another scandal, both for me and him. Me for dating my bodyguard, him for acting against his duties and trashing protocol, endangering me in the process. My mom’s career would be over, Tatum would lose his job and I would never hear the end of it. Ugh.
If I have to keep fake dating Alexei to keep all of this from happening, well our little partnership shall go down as the best fake dating history of the millennia.
I’m taken out of my thought process as Alexei and his own team enter the room, joining us in the kitchen area. The tall first son of Esherstein looks down on my body dressed in Dionne’s latest miracle and smirks. “Looking good, darling.”
I raise a sarcastic brow at his smug emphasis on that last word, shaking my head as a soft chuckle escapes my throat. Back off, mister diva. This ain’t happening. “Good evening to you too, dearest,” I answer, my mocking tone reminding him that all of this was only for appearances sake.
He laughs but takes a step away, clearly catching my meaning. “Hey, can’t blame a man for trying.”
My eyes find Tatum at the back of the room. He’s just as alert as ever, but his jaw is clenched. It’s very discreet, just enough for me to notice. The quicker this soirée is over, the better I’ll feel. Gathering my composure, I raise my act of the perfect first child in love back up and offer him a smile that I hope looks genuine. “Shall we go? We wouldn’t want to be late…”
He offers me a smirk and his arm. “Wouldn’t have it any other way.”
The second we step outside of the Vancross Institute ground, we are assaulted by flashes from cameras and reporters trying to get a glimpse of us - of me. The quiet of the evening is drowned by their cries desperate to ask questions.
“Dakota, are you making things official with Mister Vukoja?”
“How come you haven’t kissed yet?”
“How does your mystery lover feels about all of this?”
I place a hand in front of my face to spare my eyes from the brutal flashes, a little bit in the same fashion I did on the spot when we got caught in the lake. Before I have a chance to add anything, I feel a strong hand pushing me away gently from the wave of reporters while a very familiar scent of spicy citrus fragrance reaches my nose.
“That’s enough! Back off!”
Oh, Tatum… What would I do without you…
Before I can do anything else, another pair of hands pushes me into the limo and my ears cry in relief when the closed door shields me from all of it. Slumping back in the leather seat, a pass a hand on my tired face. I was hoping the paparazzi would have grown bored of it by now. I was obviously wrong.
I feel the seat shift under some weight on both of my sides; Alexei is sitting at my right, my beloved bodyguard at my left. I do my best to supress a shiver when I feel Tatum’s knee brush against mine, the heat of the confined space of the limo making it just a little harder to breathe.
“Don’t worry about it,” Alexei mumbles as he keeps his eyes on the swarm of reporters while the limo drives away, “We should be fine.”
“He’s right,” Tatum agrees, his voice carrying a level of softness I never heard him use with anyone else, “The park’s security is ironclad. You’ll be safe.”
I dare taking a glance in his direction. His dark eyes are tinted with confident reassurance. I’ve known Tatum for so long and I can see the unspoken words deeply hidden behind his dark irises.
It’ll all be over soon.
I sigh heavily and I nod to him. “I know. With you nearby, I’ll never be safer.”
Tatum swallows and turns to face away from me. I’m completely certain he’s trying to hide a blush.
Soon enough, we arrive at the park’s entry. Only a selected few were allowed on the precipice tonight, so most of the reporters hoping to get something out of us are stuck at the main gate. I would lie if I said this didn’t reassure me. The last thing I need on a fake date is to be swarmed by paparazzi observing my every move. Winston had arranged for us to get out of the limo just after crossing the gates to give them a sight of me and Alexei walking away hand in hand. This whole shebang is for appearances, after all.
It’s a beautiful night, quiet and peaceful. The sky is cloudless, revealing the most beautiful spread of stars lighting our path. The breeze and fresh smell of leaves drives me on, making the job of keeping appearances a little easier. This would have been the perfect date if the hand I was holding didn’t belong to one of the world’s most obnoxious first son and if the man my heart belonged to wasn’t walking a few step behind, his attention focused on the perimeter.
Alexei’s fingers squeeze mine. “You’re awfully quiet. Something going on in that thick head of yours?”
I snort at the words, but still manage a smile. I suppose in the past week me and Alexei have managed to grow close enough to call ourselves friends. He might be a colossal pain in the ass, but I still find some way to appreciate his company, which is more than I can ask for in my situation. “Not much. One might say I’m enjoying the moment.”
He stops in his tracks, turning around to face me and bringing one of his hand to my cheek, the gesture clearly forced but looking legit enough to be bought by the few people around us. We are both on a mission, so I make myself lean in the contact like any person madly in love would. The only sounds interrupting this comfortable silence are the muffled chatter from our bodyguards’ talkies in the background.
Alexei turns his gaze to a nearby lemonade stand. “Can I at least offer you a drink?”
My throat suddenly feels parched at the mention of beverages and I scold myself for barely touching my diner earlier. “Actually, that would be very appreciated.”
“Coming right up…” he says before leaning in and placing a soft kiss on my forehead. This is the farthest we’ve dared to go so far. I made it obvious from the start that I wasn’t comfortable in engaging in more than that, and Alexei thankfully respected my wishes.
As my fake date strolls to the stand, I can’t help but steal a look towards Tatum, standing in the shadows a few meters away. He gives me a nod when our eyes meet, but I can see that this situation doesn’t please him at all. I understand, and I bite my lips as I hope he’ll catch the apology I’m desperately trying to channel through my eyes.
This is becoming harder with each date. I was convinced this would be a one-time deal and that the media would leave me alone after my first appearance with Alexei, but it all seemed to have the contrary effect. I feet like there are new sets of eyes on me every morning when I wake up and I have a nauseating feeling that this is far from over. Letting out a long sigh, I tear my glance away from Tatum to stare back at Alexei who’s just paying for our drinks at the stand. Some part of me feels bad that he has to be dragged in this, too. I would hate for him to get hurt because of my mistakes.
I grimace at that last thought. It seems, lately, that I am hurting everyone I care for with my mistakes…
There’s a sudden raise of walkie talkie chatter behind me and I feel a small shiver run up my spine before a very familiar, panicked voice tears the peaceful silence of the night.
“Dakota, get down!!”
I barely register my body hitting the grass as three shots pierce through the air.
Current taglist: @katkart122​ @justanotherrookie​ @starrystarrytrouble​ @utterlyinevitable​ @thegreentwin @lucy-268​ @rookie-ramsey​ @elwetritsche75​ @sophxwithers​ @gryffindordaughterofathena​ @schnitzelbutterfingers​ @ethansramsey​ @usuallyamazinglyaverage​ @fayeswiftie​ @iemcpbchoices​ @dr-colossal-pita​ @xxtraord1nary​ @maurine07​ @ohchoices​ @lazypostfandomer​ @withbeautyandrage​ @caseyvalentineramsey​ @kiara-36​ @queencarb​ @uneravine​ @tsrookie​ @nikki-2406​ @the-pale-goddess​ @fayeswiftie​ @usuallyamazinglyaverage​ @you-are-my-sunshine-03​ @malainejk​ @macy-ray85​ @churning-the-sea-of-milk​ @rookieoh​
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silverrstarrr · 3 months ago
Normal girl (2)
Tumblr media
Note: i just edit this chapter a bit and added more dialog. Someone messaged me and helped me out with a few things, thank you!
Tumblr media
Chapter 2:
Walking side by side down the stairs, you took a sip of your coffee and place your herd of keys the side of your book bag. yume was scrolling through her phone on tik tok, drinking from her coconut Carmel ice coffee. You didn't understand why she was drinking ice coffee in mid February, it was cold. It was surprising their wasn't any snow.
Grinning like an idiot, she shaked your shoulder, positioning her phone in front of you–you both watched the tik tok. You didn't laugh at first only smiling, yume kept gesturing you to keep watching, waiting for the punchline. Finally it came up and you both started laughing, you slowly shaked your head placing your hand over your mouth.
"NOOO, nooo. That was so wrong, yall are going to hellll" you whined out.
Yume wiped the tears from her face and continued down the last step. She opened up the door and slid out, you trialing behind her. You both proceeded to walk down the street, where all the park cars were out.
"We riding in rich today girlie, jump in," she lifted up her arm that held her drink, her other reached into her purse and grabbed her car keys.
"I thought we were gonna walk there? It's only 10 minutes." You headed towards her car as she unlocked it and sat in the driver's seat. She had a 2018 dark Grey Nissan altima. You remember her having this ever since junior year, you recalled her talking about getting a newer model since this one was old. Like girl what? Old your ass, if the car still functioning there ain't no problem. White people shit, man.
"Well, it's the first day of sweet college life," she dragged out the last few words, adding a sarcastic tone. Yume tossed her bag in the backseat through the open space from the front, She dropped her drink in the little cup holder as well. Catching up with her, you open the backseat's door and chucked your bag in there–immediately closing it after. You pull the passengers door open and sat down, closing it behind you. Yume did the same–letting out a large sigh as she used her long sleeve to rub her legs, which were freezing.
"Bruh, you were just cold. Shouldn't have wore that skirt knowing it was this cold. Your mother would be disappointed," you moved your head side ways, pretending to be disappointed. You dropped your dunkin' drink in the other cup holder next to hers.
"Y/n, shut upp." Rolling her eyes jokingly, She grabbed the buckled next to her seat and puts it on. You placed your seat belt on too. Automatically, her phone connected to the car, you check over at the screen in the middle. It had the time, the degrees outside and all that other fancy things.
"Wanna play something?" she inserted the keys into the ignition and started the car.
"Yeah, I'll type it in,"
You grabbed her phone, showing the screen to her to unlock it, automatically recognizing her face– the lock screen slid up, revealing all her apps. You went to spotify and played "C U Girl" by Steve lacy.
"OKAAYYY, MS. INDIE TIK TOKER." Yume said nodding her, jamming to song. It was only going to be a 5 minute drive, or 7 if you guys couldn't find parking. She swerved to the left, leaving her parking space and pulling off. You whipped out your phone and paused your music, rapidly switching to snapchat–you heard yume's loud singing.
"I WANNA SEE YOU GUURRLL, I WANNA PLEASE YOU GIRL....GO AHEAD AND BE YOUR GIRL," This girl was jamming her out heart out, steve lacy was her favorite along with Brent faiyaz and many others.
In response, you started cackling as you hit the record button—swiftly turning over it to the driver. Her black ponytail moving as she sang and motioning her head in all different directions. Eyeing towards your direction she sees the phone and leans towards the camera flashing a smile, moving her head side to side—still singing through the lyrics. Yume returned back to the road as she lightly taps the steering, avoiding the horn of course.
Once the quick little vid was done, you added a caption,
"I swear if we crash😭😭💕"
Your thumb jolted between posting it on your private or public. You decided to post on the public story because why not? The song was over pretty quickly as the next one played.
"Who knew white people had rhythm?!" It was obviously sarcasm. You knew she was half Asian but it was fun always calling out her white side.
"Naaahh, white people don't have any rhythm. What you saw there was my miki matsubara pop out". She eases down her breaks– the traffic light turns red. Miki Matsubara? Oh yeah, it's that woman who sung "stay with me". It was a good song, you were obsessed with the chorus mostly. 
You giggled a bit at her remark, you checked your socials once again.
"If this light doesn-" Yume sentence was cut off by the light turning green. She pressed her foot on the gas and carried on with attending class.
Pulling up to the parking lot, yume leaned towards her wheel, searching for a place to park. She slowly went down each isle searching for a vacant lot she could snag. You had your drink in between your lips, you took the last sip and shook the plastic cup trying to get a little more. All you heard was ice rattling against one another, dropping the cup back in the holder. You peer out the window looking at the campus, there were a ton of kids, like a lot. Anxiety began spiking up through your veins, this really is the college life, huh? Maria University. It was a school for literally anything, it was one of the biggest universities in the country as well being highly diverse. Yume would be allll the way on the other side of campus while you're slightly in the middle.
"Uggghhh! I regret not leaving earlier, I don't see any open slots." She whined. This was her 2nd time driving around the parking lot looking for a space.
"I said we should walk but nahhh, you wanted to be lazy and take the car." You rolled your eyes as yume, exaggerating, throwing your hands in the air. But you weren't going to be late on the first day. As the generous queen you are, you aided your roomie with looking a space to park. After analyzing for a few moments, you spotted a space and immediately tapped at the window, pointing towards it. Yume car swerved to the left, sliding right into the parking. Taking her keys out the hole, she grabbed her drink and headed out.
"No leaving trash in my car, miss L/n!"
You grabbed your plastic cup and opened the passenger door.
"Yes ma'am," you opened the backseat and grabbed the two bags and closed the door. Beep yume locked her car. She was sipping her coffee but gave a bitter expression when her sweet drink was watered down because of the ice. You looked at your phone, checking the time:
                             8:38 am
                 Monday, February 18th
                                                               38m ago
Kittykiller27, prettygirlnene liked your photo
                                                               45m ago
[Andyhas]: CRONA BECK started following you and 48 others.
Your phone was blowing up from insta notifications. It was time for class and you weren't sure how long it'll even take you to find your classroom. Slinging the bag over your shoulder, you handed yume her own, which she grabbed. You both were speed walking, despite her coffee being ruined she still continued to drink it. It was for the caffeine you guessed. Reaching the sidewalks, it was time to part ways. Yume turned her face towards yours pouting.
"We're leaving each other nooww," she stuck out her bottom lip staring at you. You grabbed her arm, pulling her closer to you. Her arms slithered around your waist, resting her chin on your shoulder–giving you a warm hug. You returned the hug by grunting and holding her tightly.
She started giggling and patted your back a few times, you released your grip and she started to jog in the other direction while looking back, waving at you. You waved back hollering a "BYEEEE!" A trash can was next to you so you dumped your empty dunkin' there.
It was now time for your own adventure, to find this damn classroom. You click the play button on your phone's lock screen, "baby powder by Jenevieve began playing. (Play the song whores👩🏾‍💻)
Walking downwards to the left side of campus, you searched for a pair of doors to go inside of. At this moment, you regretted not going to orientation. That day you were busy setting up your website for your makeup line. You haven't released any products yet, but you had plentiful of ideas and themes you wanted to do. Since it was black history month, maybe you'll drop something as simple as a face cream to help clear and brighten up the skin. But you discarded that thought because you weren't anywhere near ready to start your own small business. Plus, you had bigger things to worry about.
Standing in front of double doors, you grab the handles and pulled it back, you stepped inside while students behind you did the same. You came in slowly, admiring the interior. It was hella spacy with paintings and photos hanging along the walls. Students were roaming the hallways going back and forth from classrooms. Most of the students seemed to be in some sort of costume, or they were dressed fairly well like they were models. You didn't know the directions to your designated class, so you took up the courage to ask someone. You turned to search for someone who didn't seem busy, since most people were rushing to class. Finally you laid eyes on q girl leaning against the wall, typing on her phone. She had long pink acrylic nails, her blonde hair tied into a low ponytail, which complimented her pale skin tone. She had a gold nose piercing on the right nostril.
She seemed nice enough, so you decided to approach her.
"Um excuse me, do you know where Mr. Fargo's class is at?"
The blonde girl averted her eyes from her phone, now focusing on you.
"I'm not really sure—um, I believe it's down that way." She pointed to the right of her.
"Mr. Fargo, he's teaches cosmetic right?"
"Yeah," you replied
"Then I think it should be down there." She scrunched her face in a confusing manner, meaning not to take her word for granted. But you couldn't care less, it was worth a try.
"Ight, thank you." You bid her goodbye. Oop. You accidentally switched your lingo. You were used to speaking in AAVE but you knew how to change your tone and wordplay around others who weren't African American. The girl didn't seen to notice so you just continued down the hall.
"Down... here right..? Yeah this is the way," you murmured to yourself while you strut down the hall. Then turned left as the lady told you. You were now at a hall with multiple doors. Out of all them, you forget the most important, class started in five minutes. You looked to the left as your braids swayed with your movement, then searched to the right. You walked down the hallway, stopping at the fifth door on the left. You were hesitant with grabbing the door, you didn't want to make a fool of yourself walking into the wrong room as all eyes are on you. You pulled out your phone and texted yume.
(I did a different message format just in the previous was confusing)
                 colonizer but times 2🧑🏻‍🦲
                        I'm so lost, this is embarrassing.
Lost? What happened
                               Idk where my class is
                             & its starting in a few
You don't know where?? Bruh
Ask someone, im sure they'll help you
                              I did...but she didn't tell me
                                    which class it was😭 all.
she said was "down the hall"
Just open the door you think it is😋       
                      UH- HUH🧏🏾‍♀️ YOU SETTING ME
                               UP FOR FAILURE.
       Imagine going into the wrong class and
                 all you see are eyes 👁👁
Girl, half of the people won't even see you again on campus👩🏻‍🏫
If you don't recognize the teacher, try to ask a student close to the door for direction
         Okay, im blaming you if I make a fool.    
                           outta myself 😟
                        Read at 8:43 am
(Play quicksand by SZA rq 👩🏾‍💻)
You decided to take your roomie's advice and pick a class, which you already did.
You dropped your phone back into your jacket pocket and swung open the door–you were prepared for the stares. The classroom was vacant, not even a teacher in sight. Just a bunch of stools and white pull down screens. You saw a few cameras standing in front of these screens. "Was this the photography class or sum?" You mumbled to yourself.
And well, eyes were on you but it wasn't a herd as you expected, just one. Sitting on one of the stools in front of the door, was pale skin boy with long brown hair. It rested at his shoulders, some of it covering his face even. He seemed around 6ft, or 6 ft 2? You couldn't really tell since he was sitting.
He had on some black jeans with a black long sleeve sweatshirt as well with a beige greenish short sleeve unbutton shirt rested on top of it– a long golden key necklace dangled from his chest. His hands were sitting between his lap, you noticed sliver rings on them.(his outfit for people who need help visualizing) The teal eyed boy was also rocking black & white air Jordan 1 retro, literally the same as you.
You screamed internally at how fine this man looked and he had shoe gang? Uggghh. Class been started and you were going to be late on your first because this OBVIOUSLY wasn't your class. You decided to break the awkward silence and speak,
"Hey, um, is this Mr. Fargos class?" You stepped more into the classroom for the brunette male to hear you.
"Wrong one, babe. His class is in a totally different building." A different building?! You wanted to die right there and then, especially after hearing him laugh after his statement. Not just the wrong class but the wrong building? Bye–you're so stupid. His eyes scanned your body, his eyes lingered a bit longer at your shoes–it seems he noticed. A smirk appeared on his lips after finishing his quick outfit interrogation–wait, did he just call you-? I-, yes he did. You tried your best to hide your smile and not react.
"O-ooo, I got it. Thanks" Eren released a small chuckled seeing your reaction, he could tell you were caught up with the little pet name.
"I'll walk you over there." He got off his stool and walked towards your direction.
"I-, nah it's good, I got it." You said in defense not wanting to bother him. He didn't respond and just passed by you, exiting the classroom. He held onto the door, looking at you.
"You coming or no?" He was so nonchalant with it everything. You smiled a bit and walked out the class alongside with him. He released his grip once you were out and started trialing behind you.
You paused for a moment because you didn't know where you were going. You turned back to look at him, he caught on and let out an "ah". He quickly got in front of you as you proceeded behind him.
"So," he said.
"What?" You replied. Why did he start a sentence and not finish it? Was he expecting you to start the conversation, weirdo. You just wanted to get to class l.
"Oo, sassy are we?" He raised a brow.
"What—? boy, say what you wanna say."
Once again, he let out a chuckle, flashing you a small. God, was his laugh attractive.
"You're into makeup and stuff?" He questioned.
"Yeah, I'm into 'makeup and stuff' " You said the last few words in the mocking tone, referring to what he called cosmology.
"That's good, at least I'll be seeing you often."
"Often? Oh, are you in that major also?" You said.
"No...Do you really not know anything?" He made you feel dumb by his response. How were you suppose to know what he meant? You clicked your teeth and started walking ahead. You pushed back the door that lead to another hallway and walked towards the end to push the second door that lead to another building.
The brunette boy watched as you left him behind in the dirt, waiting for the moment you'll turn the wrong corner—so he could tease you about it then correct you.
It wasn't too long till you reached your destination, you both stopped in front of the class's door.
"Well, see you. I hope you don't make snarky remarks to every girl you meet."
"Nah, only you princess." He had a smirk on his face, ooo! You wanted to wipe it off.
You glanced at him and his eyes were already on you, you broke eye contact and reached for the handle.
"Wait–" you whipped your heard back.
He cleared his throat
"Name's Eren," you let out a small giggle, did he really just stop you to say his name? Puhleasee. Hearing your laugh, his face brightened up and kept his eyes on you.
"Okay, Eren~. Thank you for walking me, I gotten get to class now."
You opened the door and stepped inside. Eren didn't even get a chance to ask your name. Luckily for him, your major mingled a lot with his own, he could only hope to see you again around campus.
Authors note: UGHHH, I STAYED UP ALL NIGHT FOR THIS just to pass out a few hours before school started. 🥲 I wasn't even paying attention in English and math class, but hope yall enjoyed <3.
Pt 3
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krasivayadarling · 5 months ago
hi! i am obsessed with your writing and you’re so insanely talented. may i please request a golden era male harry potter ship?
my name is autumn, i’m a sagittarius, a proud hufflepuff with a few slytherin traits, i am 5’0, mainly asian, and wear glasses. i also have dark brown shoulder length layered hair with curtain bangs, and dark brown eyes. my hobbies include shopping for clothes/accessories both in person and online, playing intense rounds of board or card games with friends/family, listening to music, (my fav artists are arctic monkeys, the neighborhood, ari, billie, clairo, melanie martinez, & mother mother) watching random tik toks/movies, drawing/painting, and sometimes, baking. (mainly those cute aesthetic cakes on pinterest) however, i mainly do have a love for fashion, makeup, (i absolutely love wearing eyeliner, it makes me 10x more attractive/confident) and photography, and would describe my style as a mix of y2k and indie. i like to think i’m a very thoughtful/caring person, and i love making people laugh with my lowkey weird or sometimes satcastic/dark sense of humor. i’d also describe myself as quite reserved/introverted as i usually find myself in my room each day not really doing much expect for watching tik toks, reading wattpad/tumblr, and mentally crying about how men these days aren’t like my fictional character crushes, but that might also be because of my lack of friends. oops. some of my downfalls include always keeping my feelings to myself, having an endless amount of insecurities, and having social anxiety. if i were to ever choose a dream date i’d def pick either a super cute picnic at the park or a classic drive in movie. i really am a sucker for soft boys or just any man that will basically do anything if it means being my side for life.
anyways i hope that’s enough info for you, love. i’m really just your average lowkey depressed teen who wants to marry robert pattinson, but thank you so much for doing this and congratulations on 200 followers. your imagines and detailed writings have literally brightened my entire year. i mean seriously, i find myself rereading your fics on the daily because they’re just that good. <3
First off, thank you so much! It means a lot to me that you like my writing🥺🤍
I ship you with...
Cedric Diggory.
how you meet
Cedric was taking a walk through the fields when he notices a short girl with dark hair crouched by a tree taking photos with a muggle camera. He pauses for a moment as you stand up and gaze at your camera with a smile. He finds himself wandering closer as you continue to flip through your photographs. Cedric notices your glasses begin to slide down the bridge of your nose and without thinking he rushes over the meter between you and gently pushes your glasses up again.
Your face snaps up and you meet eye to eye with a pair of silver orbs.
“Sorry, where are my manners. I’m Cedric Diggory.” The hufflepuff quickly takes a step back and runs his fingers through his hair, a habit he’d acquired when he was nervous.
“Oh it’s no trouble, I’m Autumn.” You smile.
Cedric finds himself at a loss for words being this close to you. Your smile was so warm and your eyes were so bright and beautiful.
“Cedric? Are you alright?” You smirk, waving a hand in front of his eyes.
“Yes, of course! Could I see your pictures?” He questions, taking a step closer to you.
“Sure, they’re not that good though.” You sigh as you nervously extend you camera to Cedric.
The hufflepuff’s face lights up when he sees the photos, each one had a strange light to it that Cedric adored. “These are beautiful! How do you take shots like this?”
You smile and spend the rest of the afternoon helping Cedric with his shots, learning more about the brunette and giggling at his adorable excitement with every photo he took.
“C-can we do this again sometime?” He stammers as your eyes lift to meet his.
“Of course Ced, I’ll bring some other stuff we can do too!” You respond happily.
Cedric falls in love with photography after that and adores taking pictures of you.
He spends his evening with you in the hufflepuff common room playing board and card games.
“I win again Diggory.”
“Wait just one more round, please I wasn’t ready!”
He loves brushing your curtain bangs out of your face, and sometimes he’ll twirl them around his finger like a kid.
He finds your eyeliner stunning.
“Yeah Ced, what’s up?”
“Can you do that eyeliner thing on me?”
You practically jump for joy and rush to Cedric, pulling him onto a chair before bolting off to grab your makeup.
Cedric looks at himself in the mirror for a long time after that, before leaning over and hugging you.
He tries his best to help you feel confident. Reminding you everyday how gorgeous you are and telling you how perfect you are.
He loves your humour and finds himself hopping onto the dark humour train, though he’s not that good at it.
He first asks you on a date by asking you to dress him in your style and then taking you on a shopping spree at Hogsmeade. You have a blast picking out pieces for Cedric and yourself before stopping at The Three Broomsticks for some rest and a drink.
After your first date Cedric builds up the courage to finally ask you to be his so he sets up a picnic in the spot on the field where he first met you. Bringing out food, drinks and little lights. He ties a blindfold around your head and leads you out.
He holds your glasses in his hands and when you finally get there he removes the blindfold and pushes your glasses back up your face just like he did when you first met.
You enjoy the picnic and towards the end he pulls a deck of card from his pocket. He hands them to you and you immediately open them to find he’s drawn over the first few.
‘Autumn you’re the most amazing girl i’ve ever met.’ was scrawled on the first
‘You make me so happy and everyday is so much fun with you.’ on the second
‘I never would have found my love for photography and trying new things if it wasn’t for you.’ on the third
‘be my girlfriend?’
Cedric looks to you with butterflies swarming his stomach as you look to him with tears in your eyes.
“You owe me another deck of cards.” You state with a laugh before engulfing the brunette in a hug and whispering yes over and over again.
Cedric chuckles at your comment, and presses kisses on your temple as you cuddle closer to him.
You spend the rest of the evening in each other’s arms as you talk about your favourite music artist in the muggle world.
“So you’ve never heard of Melanie Martinez before? Billie Eilish? Arctic Monkeys? Seriously Ced when we get back I have to show you them.
“Yes, yes of course darling.” He sighs with a smile as you continue to go on about how much Cedric was missing.
He finds himself entranced by your lips, how they moved and how beautiful they were. He unconsciously leans forwards and captures them in a kiss, smiling into your lips as he holds you there in his arms.
Hope you liked this love! Thank you again for your love and support it means the world to me<3
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g0ldengubler · 7 months ago
chapter two~a mysterious night
Tumblr media
(*i do not own this gif*)
A/N: aaaaaaa i know i know i went from a really long chapter to a filler, but at least y'all get some backstory to how Y/N feels and thinks! thank you guys so much for the love on chapter 1! it seriously means a lot :’) also, i’ve been asked about a taglist and that was the one note i completely forgot about. i’m unfamiliar with them so if someone could message me what taglists are and what its purpose is that would be amazing! don’t worry though, those who have asked about it will be put on once i get to it, just ask for your patience. ok, enjoy the next chapter :)
Category: fluff
CW: there’s a bit of smut in here and mentions of weed and hangovers, but other than that it’s just a pure fluffy filler :)
Word Count: 2065
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You woke up the next day feeling so/so. You didn't feel hungover because you were smart and had lots of water in between drinks, probably because your mouth would get dry whenever you got even more high. You look over to the other side of the couch and see Spencer, still asleep. He was hugging his book bag like he did on the jet when he took a nap. You quietly get out your phone and check up on anything you might've missed, which even though you had a lot of notifications from tweets and story updates, nothing was there for you to click on it quickly and check it out. You open your photos app and look at the pictures and short videos you took from last night. You always documented every party, every time you hung out with another human being, because those moments meant a lot to you. You didn't get them often in life.
You swipe along, remembering how the night ended. After Spencer got out of the bathroom, everything went back to normal, like that little thing he did never happened. You finished the game and then Garcia got up with Morgan and they started dancing to the music that was still playing. They invited everyone else to get up and dance, too and that you did.  You danced with Spencer, but not in a seductive way. You were both being goofy and doing stupid moves that made everyone else in the room question you. You were even showing him ones that people do online and he wasn't getting it at all because he doesn't use social media. It was so hilarious you almost peed your pants from laughing so hard. If this was a sober event would you laugh that much? Probably not, but you couldn't help it. Jj was passed out through the whole dance party and Emily eventually did as well, snuggling with her. When you looked over to see them, they were still in the same positions they were last night.
Garcia walks in with some tea and Advil. "Oh good, I had a feeling you'd be awake!" She whispered.
She hands you a very colorful mug with pink and purple tie dye pattern and unicorns all over it. You told her thank you and took the Advil. "Oooo, pumpkin spice my favorite!" you said after taking a sip. "I had a feeling," she said, "You give me fall vibes through and through."
"Are you sure you're not a profiler as well, Penelope?"
Garcia chuckled. "I mean, when you work with them for over a decade, some it rubs right onto you."
Slowly everyone else woke up and you helped Garcia handing out the aid. Spencer woke up last and as you handed him his Advil and tea, he spoke raspy, "I haven't had a headache like this in months."
"I'm sure you'll live." you said, roughing up his hair a bit more than it already was. You check the time and your phone and stood up quickly. "Hey, I'm sorry guys I know we were planning on going to breakfast but I feel more tired than I should so I think I'm gonna go take a nap at my place."
"I can give you a ride." said Spencer.
"Yeah, that'd be great, Thanks Spence!"
You say goodbye to everyone and thanked Garcia for a wonderful night. She promised that this night can happen again with the girls on Friday night and you were all in for it. You walked out with Spencer and got in his car and drove home. It was quiet at first. You kept looking over at him, thinking about last night, wanting more of his touch, even more than his touch. You needed him, but you knew that it probably won't happen again.
"So, you remember anything about last night?" you asked him, trying to be normal about it but you could feel yourself failing.
"I do actually," he said, "I never knew this about myself, but even as messed up as I was, my eidetic memory still worked."
You began to blush as your eyes grew a bit wide. So he remembers what we did then? You thought to yourself. You were silent again the rest of the way there. You were pretty close to your apartment when all of a sudden you felt a hand rest on your thigh. You look up to see it was Spencers, but you didn't flinch. You didn't want to be obvious and ruin everything. You stayed quiet until he spoke, "I also remember the fun we had in Garcia's room."
To your surprise, you were already back at your place. You went to the back to grab your bags and went to the passenger window. "Thank you again, Spence!"
"Anytime you did a ride, I'll be your chauffeur!"
You both smiled and you waved goodbye. You started walking to the front door when Spencer called out for you again. "Y/N wait!"
You turn around, confused as to what he was gonna say. You didn't think it would be...
"Call me when you wake up, I have something planned for us tonight if you're down."
A Couple Hours Later
"Spence, don't stop!"
He kept going, not going off beat as he made you scream for him. You could feel your stomach in knots. You were ready for him. You needed him inside you. He was making you scream, begging him for it. He gave you a dark smile. He was really enjoying the sight of you so helpless and being a little brat.
You could  tell he was close by his cock twitching.
"Spencer I'm close pleeeasseee!" you beg.
"Cum for me.  Be a good girl and cum for daddy." he growled.
It was building up and building up. You were ready....
*Ding Ding*
You wake up to your phone going off. How long had you been asleep. You slowly grab your phone and see that it was 3pm. Not too bad you guessed. You saw you had a couple of text messages from the BAU group chat, sharing the pictures from last night. You remembered what happened on the way home, yet you couldn't remember  the dream you just had. Shit, you said you'd call him.
You go to the group chat and click on his name to call. As it rings, you get nervous as to what he had in mind of doing.
"Hello?" (A/N: Think of that one audio on tik tok where he starts of with saying hello and then it goes to 'baby hotline' lol)
"Spence, hey! It's Y/N."
"Oh hey Y/N! I have something fun planned if you want to hang out tonight."
"What's that?"
He was quiet for a moment, then spoke again but sounded unsure of himself. "Now that I'm thinking about it, I'm not sure if you'd find it fun. It might be boring but um...would you want to get high and walk around DC?"
You thought for a moment. This wasn't a bad idea, but part of you was kind of surprised that he asked you. He could've asked Jj or Emily or Garcia since she was the one who gave you the pens. Why would he ask the newbie? Then you remembered that he said he remembered everything from last night...
"Sure," you said, "sounds fun! What time were you thinking?"
"Let's say 10pm? You know that park that's on Jefferson?"
"Yeah, I remember seeing it when I gave myself a little tour of the city."
"What?!" He sounded shocked, but he could've just been playful. Why would anyone be shocked at you? "You did a tour by yourself?"
"Well yeah silly, I gave myself a tour the day before my first!"
"Ok, that's it. Our walk around the city will now be an official tour and I'll be your official tour guide!"
You let out a little laugh. "Ok, "pretty boy", I'll take you up on that."
"Great! I'll see you there at 10!"
You said your goodbyes and hung up. Spencer sounded more confident than when you first met him. You thought that he would be the shy and awkward type that would take days, even weeks, to ask someone to even hang out with him, let alone go on a date. Wait, was this a date? No. A date would be like fancy dinner with expensive wine and then either going somewhere after that or back to either place and have sex. This was just two friends getting high and hanging out, you finally convinced yourself, Like anyone, even Spencer for that matter, would like you enough to take out on a date.
So now, you had 7 hours to not overthink and play in your head how you think this would go. This was the time to pretend like it was just something in your planner that you wrote down to do for the day. You wondered why you were so flustered and nervous to hang out with someone, acting like it was a date. Did that little scandalous event you had last night really affect you that much? You told yourself to snap out of it a few times before going into the kitchen to make yourself something to eat.
Once you had your food, you grabbed a beer and headed to the couch to continue rewatching Murder, She Wrote on Netflix. You didn't watch much tv, but when you do it's mostly crime shows, Rupaul's Drag Race, or old sitcoms like Golden Girls. Murder, She Wrote had always been your comfort show. It something you went to when having a bad day or you were nervous about something. Anything negative you felt, you turned on the show and think about living like Jessica when you retired. Moving to a small town on the east coast, writing stories and making friends with everyone. The more you thought about it, the more you realized that you wanted to be like Rossi, too.
And there you were, for 3 hours hours before you took the remaining four you had left to get ready.
10pm-Jefferson Park
You make your way into the park. It was chilly, dark, and peaceful, something you admired about the night. You had gotten ready before, but didn't do anything special. You wore your grandpa sweater with black mom jeans and your vans. Your makeup was your everyday, wings with a nude pink lip. You didn't dress so exciting because you were just hanging out with someone, so you didn't worry about it much. Sitting on a bench waiting, you start to play a game on your phone to take your mind off from running in circles. After ten minutes, you heard your name being called out. "Y/N?"
You look over to see Spencer, long hair and all. He wore a brown sweater with jeans and black converse. He almost looked like he was ready to head into the BAU at anytime, which you thought cute of his aesthetic. He came over by you, hands gripped to his book bag strap, smiling awkwardly but with a bit of excitement.
"Hey, Spence!" you said, waving at him. He just stood in front of you as you talked for a minute.
"Did you walk here?" He asked.
"Yeah," you said, "I live pretty close to here actually. Didn't realize that until tonight."
"Oh really? Me too! I just live half a block away."
You both awkwardly laughed and then went awkwardly silent until he said, "Um, I know a spot we could sit at before we start walking."
"Lead the way, Doctor!" you say as you get up.
He takes your hand in his and runs for a bit. You didn't know he was gonna drag you along, but you could tell that from that moment on, this was going to be a ride; A fun ride full of adventures.
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iraniq · 8 months ago
Birthdays be like...
# Thomas Andrew Felton:
/the scene happens in England/
- you woke up early to prepare breakfast
- barely slept the night from excitement
- half way through someome kissed your ear
- "woke up 2h ago to walk Willow, saw all, but thanks for trying"
- "go away, it's a surprise"
- "let me help in then, love!"
- "you can't help in your birthday surprise"
- "watch me"
- ends up helping in his birthday surprise.
- you singing 'ophelia'song to him, incapable to replace it with Tom and still spunds good
- he made thousand videos and pics of you stumbling with the song
- no pancake hit the floor!
- still officially forbidden of giving Willow secret not dog food
- talking about Willow, she came fast when she heard voices
- ending up making dog friendly pancake
- flipping it right on her face /was already cooled/
- Tom got it all on video
- "look now, oh hi Willow, catch"
- "did you just flipped the pancake to fall on her face?"
- before you can say yes, there was no physical memory of the pancake
- watching cartoons on the couch
- "looks like someone is sleepy"
- "nooooo"
- "well if you hadn't stayed till 2 in the morning last night..."
- "was excited for your birthday"
- "and you said it like thousand times"
- "i am excited for birthdays, and yours is a special one"
- forhead kissed
- he muttes something that endes with 'love', but tight hugs and stroking hair, is one way ticket to dreamland
- bonus: Willow is a warm pillow on your lap
- afternoon long walks
- laughter
- singing on the streets
- silly pics
- pillow fight at home
- Willow stole yet another one
- "Willow's pillow fortress is getying bigger"
- "because you can't say no to your child, and instead taking them from her, you keep on buying new ones"
- fancy, low key filthy sexy looking dress for dinner
- a comedy movie no one watched...
- ... because pillow war revange
- and somewome had to keep an eye on popcorn
- food thief detected
- sloberly kisses and yet another pillow missing
- "just jump in the pool with the dress, love"
- drying hairs in the midle of the night
- matching pajamas
- Willow at board
- "your child just stole my sock"
- "she is your child now too..." - halj asleep deep british voice
- "ok, then, our child, just stole my sock"
- more forhead kissed and love mumbles
- snuggles
- "will meet you im dreamland"
# Erich Blunt:
*Ok we have all seen the tik tok - "take your clothes off" and how the girl spits her drink, and we all reacted like that*
- after midnifgt visit at the big house
- you have a special 'multipass' key card
- wake him up at 12:02 with *coughs* love
- everywhere
- i mean everywhere
- possible
- in the house
- then maybe at 5 o'clock in the company
- the boss chair, that's unfortunately a super normal one, because he refused to have fancy cabibet
- in the virtual relity room
- junk food at the sunrise on a super random place
- naps in the big, too fancy for naps, bed
- mid afternoon flight to a dessert rave party
- yes... plain checked
- matching outfits at the party
- the looks he gives you
- yes... at some random spots in the crowd
- his poker face is out of this world
- stargazing and hand holding
- tents at feativals are not soun proof...
- both umable to human the next day, dozzing off in the plane
# Julian Albert Desmond:
- a workoholic, scientist, perfectionist... with a metahuman bad experience inside his head... He could tell by the air in the room, something was off...
- a surprise was way beyond imaginable
- imagine everybody's faces when you casualy dropped at the station, introducing yourself
- "she is a spy" - Cisco said
- "Julian mentioned he had a girldriend...but i thought it was just for the excuse" - Barry said
- "nope, alive and in the flesh"
- you announced his upcoming birthday in a week and asked for help
- they were all instantly in
- same day, Barry got 'late'
- the captain gave them a case in the far abandoned aide of town, Caitlin was in the car with him, non stop talking, how Ciaco and HR are unbarable. Iris and Barry...
- he wasn't paying attention at this point
- the building looked suapicious
- they entered, only to see the whole Team Flash, including Dr. Wells and Jessie, holding a cake, with this so familiar red sugar you have been buying lately
- he knew your surprise will pop up eventually
- you knew he was late after work, no more metahumans hate, but you nevwr poked the subject
- "no one told her" - Barry reasured
- "she is overworking today, and instructed us, quoting 'get his ass the cake, or i will end you!', she is scary for a librarian" - Iris noted
- "she certanly is"
- all laugh
- "candles blowing in abandoned and possibly dangeroys area, great"
- all laughing again
- *insert Julian's sarcastic remarcs*
- "people skills, Julian"
- A fot Ain't even trying at this point
- afterwork party at the park
- Julian being soft
- Caitlin being low key jealous
- romantic dances under the stars
- you wearing a long mid transparent nightgown and his "explorer hat"
- *insert adult content here*
# Logan Maine:
*AU where they woke up the passangers a week before artiving at Thea, notjing hit the ship*
/haven't yet finished the tv series, so some info might not be true/
- after Mia, Logan didn't plan on having friends, or being close to someone
- not that he planned to befrend Mia...
- aftee several days of you being sweet carring and maybe a bit rude, and an epileptic episode later, he was tolerating you
- maybe more than toleraring, but he wasn't gonna admit it
- he was astonishing cook to start with
- you tried making cake, when you found out
- failed!
- but the unhealthy ammount of chocolate syrop on it, fixed it
- him dipping fries in the chocilate...
- *Logan what?!*
- walking around the 'garden'
- him pushing you towards the spraying water
- trying to name the plants only to end up with: "if it's not weed..." - he laughed
- "you are failing at being horrible"
- "trying to be, but that smile of yours isn't helping"
- marker writing on the station windows, connecting stars in odd shapes
- sneaking on others
- "is Baum a perv, or just a perv"
- "Shun and Lana are totally a thing"
- low key stealing extra pills for his epilepsy
- who'll suspect the cool sweet kid's teacher
- stealing food from your supervisor's cabim, after you went asking her, what Logan liked, so you can make a romantic dinner
- she didn't gave you much info, but the odd plastic half liquid sweets you stole definwtly tasted good
- "the A woman stealing? Your crush on me is ruining your good name"
- "maybe i am tired of a good name"
- "don't tell me you go to another planet to be a criminal"
- "lools like i might have the best teacher"
- "only om small crimes, like stealing a pretty girl's heart"
- his odd winks
- that smirk
- kisses in the dark
- he "found" some extra blankets
- 2 burritos on a way after midnight open space gazing
- Shun may have cought you drawing the odd funny shapes, but told no one - you were holding hands, giggling drawing one ovee another, was way too cute to tell on
# Draco Lucius Malfoy:
/Around 6th-ish year maybe.../
- how you pick a present for someone who has everything, literally everuthing
- bargins with Pansy for info
- Theo gives it all free
- Blaize asked for unknown favor
- no one actually gave you smth to work with
- Draco was bitter
- even the good fight with Potter didn't lift his spirit
- nor the -10 points
- you even owled Narcisaa, but nothing
- difficult problems require simple solution
- his favourire clothes of yours
- your Gucci pefulme on his scarf
- this beyond ordenary way you bite off from his green apple
- the thing with the shy eyes and devil smile you love pulling on him
- touching his hair
- scratching his hands with your long nails gives him the good chills
- changing in that gorgeous emerald green dress he bought you for the Christmas ball
- pinky hand holding
- getting cold, so he can give you his coat
- him and his long coat
- messy pearl hair
- stolen kissed under his tree
- brushing your nose in his cheek
- teasing each other
- in your own bubble in aftwenoon class
- again -10 points... each
- professor Lupin felt the pain of ceperating the lovely sight you were, so he can continue his lesson
- party at the boy's bedroom
- eating the cake his mom send you, instead of dinner
- whole friends group having pure childish fun, sharing silly stories
- levitating around in pretend swim manner
- cake
- *coughs* wine *cougs*
- late night walk to the astronomy tower
- him showing you the stars
- the Dragon again, because you can never place it right
- him knowing you pretend not to know, so he can have an excuse to give you silly shoulder kisses
- you tip toeing to reach him
- passionate kisses under the stars
@diyunho @lovermrjokerr @darthjokerisyourfather @littlebeautifly
Whoever enjoys it as well 😛
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colorfullfalls · 9 months ago
Blast to the past
Sodapop Curtis x Reader
Summary: Soulmates are very tricky because sometimes two people who are meant to be are born in two different generations. Your soulmate can be born three days after you die. Luckily the mystical universe transports you there to meet yours. That’s how you find yourself back in the 1960’s instead of the present.
Tumblr media
Warnings: hinting at sexual assault
Friday night is ladies night. It has been since you were twelve and it will be until you die. The core group gets together and does whatever seems interesting for the evening. The three of you ranged in activities of going to the movies, getting something to eat, thrifting, people watching, getting coffe and sitting at an empty park- you name it and it’s been done.
Tonight the gang decided to get smoothies and sit in an empty parking lot. The small town didn’t allow much entertainment for freshly graduated adults. Especially for adults that wanted more to life than such a simple place could provide.
Claire laid on the pavement, dark hair swirling around her shoulders as she turned to gaze at the moon. She was beautiful in the moonlight, soft skin glowing. You were always jealous of her unique good looks, but never aimed bitter thoughts at her. She was a warm and loving friend who was literally a ride or die.
Claire turned her head to look at Margo who was sitting upright with her keys in hand, twirling them around her hands. Margo was the wild one of the trio. The jokester who was basically a meme lord. You three fit like puzzle pieces, best friends for ever.
Claire and you shared a look of amusement as Margo dropped her keys, mumbling a quiet shit before laughing and picking them back up to repeat her actions.
“This is supposed to be a quiet, soul searching moment you know.” You deadpanned, lips curling into a smile as Margo rolled her eyes and flipped you off.
“If you wanted quiet then you picked the wrong bitch to bring along.”
Claire shook her head, “Okay, let’s post on snap about a replacement bitch. Preferably one that can be silent at times.”
You shifted so that your legs were pulled up in front of you instead of rested against the cold ground of the parking lot. A funny thing to add popped into your mind and you knew it would make them laugh, “There’s one more requirement though. It’s vital.” You added, swirling the contents in your cup to break up the remaining blotches of ice.
“They have to be willing to sacrifice their own life for Pakistan”
Claire busted out laughing hitting her cup off her leg and Margo snorted, causing everyone to laugh even harder. That fucking tik tok would never not be funny to you guys. Especially when their soulmates thought it was hilarious and would say it when you guys failed to.
Claire found her soulmate a year ago at a football game. Her soul mark burned when the cute player from the other team bumped into her after the game. Gage was the coolest dude you knew. He treated you guys like best friend and he treated her like she was the sky, the moon, and the stars. Not long after Claire found him, Margo found Naomi. A badass chick that was a tattoo artist in town. Margo now has little tattoos decorating her body from the designs her soulmate came up with. Naomi and Margo just fit, and you were happy for her. Happy for both of them.
Day after day with no luck of finding your other half, you were starting to despair for yourself. Soulmates usually found each other close to adulthood if they were in the right life time. It was disappointing to go to bed every night knowing that you were still alone. Your best friends loved you more than anything and always included you, but the soulmate connection was different- special above everything else. And here you lacked that.
Margo dropped her keys again but left them there. She picked up on your solemn mood after you didn’t talk for a few moments.
“I wanted to go camping this weekend, maybe you’ll find your lover there?” She softly spoke, giving you a hopeful smile.
You sadly smiled back, “I dunno, probably not. Sorta giving up over here.”
You looked down at the simple soul mark. An old pop bottle was the initials S.P in the middle with the letters DX very small on the bottom left underneath it. Marks were supposed to signify something important about your other half, describe something about them to you. Ever since you were old enough to remember you would buy old fashioned pop in order to collect the bottles. It meant the world to you.
“Don’t say something like that, of course you will meet them dude. We found ours early but that didn’t mean you won’t ever find them. I’m sure your other half is right around the corner.” Claire supported, patting your thigh for comfort.
“Yeah, it could be Harry Styles for all we know. And honestly it would make sense because how the hell do you meet someone famous like that?” Margo trailed off.
You scoffed, “Harry Styles- my ass. His indicator would so not be an old pop bottle. It would be a guitar or something like that.”
“I guess so. Point is, don’t fret. You have time. The world may fuck with people, but not good ones like you.” Margo grinned childishly.
“Yeah, you’re right. I am good. I sacrifice my own life for Pakistan.”
“God dammit, I hate you.” Claire stood up and offered a hand, pulling you both upright, “We better get going. The same cop has been driving by and I don’t like it.”
“ACAB.” Margo chanted as she crawled into the backseat of the car. You laughed and pushed her the rest of the way in with your foot before shuffling in yourself.
‘Best friend’ by Rex Orange County blared through the speakers as the car moved on the damp roads in the dark night. You guys sang loudly, hands out the window to feel the wind ripple against fingertips. Your heart filled with adoration of the girls in the vehicle with you. Getting sad about the soulmate thing sucked but dealing with it was easier when you had two people to assure you and take your mind off of it.
You waved bye as you walked up the steps of your house. You quickly noticed that no one else was home. Your siblings were off with their friends for the night and your parents went out for their anniversary. You sighed, taking your shoes off lazily. A warm bath would feel so nice to finish out the day. You stretched before taking a step forward toward the bathroom but your foot caught underneath the rug and you fell face first onto the hard surface of the tile.
Your body felt like it was on fire while rolling over to rest on your back. Forcing your eyes open, you gasped at the sight before you. Instead of laying on the bathroom floor, you were in an empty parking lot. Your heart thud roughly in your chest as you scrambled to stand.
Your mind began to panic as you didn’t recognize your surroundings. An old diner sat across from the lot and it wasn’t the one you, Claire, and Margo sometimes went to. You brushed yourself off and looked around, confused as to what was going on. Had you gotten drunk and imagined you were home and somehow managed to get lost? Did you fall so hard that you passed out and got kidnapped? Sharp pains alerted your mind to put a finger to your face. There was a scratch from where you fell, you must’ve hit it. You were just glad that your wallet was still in your hand but your phone wasn’t. You searched for it but no luck.
You meekly opened the diner door and shuffled inside. It was themed to be an old authentic diner. The usual black and white checkered floor tile, the twisty barstools, and the car sign decorations on the wall. Diners like this were adorable in your eyes.
You went to sit at a both and grabbed the young pretty waitress. She gazed at your clothes in confusion which made you internally frown. Your outfit wasn’t inappropriate or anything. Blue khaki shorts that came above mid thigh and a white and blue tie dye shirt.
“Excuse me, where am I?” You asked, embarrassment creeped up your spine as she gave you an old look.
“Tulsa. Are you lost?” She asked, shifting the tray to rest on her hip.
You quickly shook your head no, “Thank you, I’m not lost. Just uh, traveling. I’ll just have a water please.”
She gave you a funny look but nodded, going to get you the cup of water. Everyone in the diner glanced at you in curiously which made you paranoid. Alone without a phone and no escape plan. Not an ideal set up. You tried to rack your brain for what the hell was going on but you were outta luck.
Water was set down on the table and she stood there, observing you. You felt her eyes staring at your piercings, especially the hoop in your nose. You awkwardly looked up at her and smiled, hoping she would go away.
“That’s an odd looking necklace, Miss.” Her hand casually pointed towards the crystal gem necklace hanging between your breasts over your shirt.
You shrugged, “You’ve never seen them before? They sell them at Walmart or any hippy store really.”
She wrinkled her nose in judgement, “Huh, never heard of Walmart. Must be from wherever you’re from.”
You choked on air, coughing loudly to force oxygen back into your lungs. How could someone now know Walmart? Was she fucking with you right now? Waitresses usually weren’t rude unless you were rude to them first.
“They’re like nation wide? One in every town? Seriously, every town.”
No emotion appeared on her face as she shook her head no, “I still don’t know what you’re talking about... do your parents buy you those shorts? Do they care about your nose ring?”
You squirmed in your seat at her question, her voice carried a shrill tone that let you know that she didn’t approve. Jesus, did this girl think you should be in a full body suit without showing skin? You pulled them down subconsciously to try to hide some of your upper thigh. As for your nose ring, you were baffled as to why your that was an issue. So many women had them.
“I bought the shorts, but they don’t have an issue with them if that’s what you’re trying to get at? They think the nose ring is cute too. My parents are very cool with me choosing to do what I wish with my body.”
Her eyes widened in a holy-cow-you’re-crazy sorta way, “My parents would kill me if I looked like you.”
A dry laugh escaped your lips at her harsh words. And they were harsh, whether she met them to be or not. Putting women down wasn’t what you stood for and you really thought that the world was passed shaming people for what they look like.
“It’s twenty-twenty , they shouldn’t care about what you look like. Acceptance is key to a happy family.”
“What’s that mean?” She cocked her head to the side in confusion.
“Twenty-twenty what is that?”
You glanced at the table to your left that was intently listening in on the conversation. You felt uncomfortable in the booth. Two guys stared shamelessly at your legs and you wanted to crawl under the table and hide.
“The year? It’s two thousand and twenty?”
She threw her head back, blonde hair following to fall down her back, “You really are an odd ball.”
You furrowed your eyebrows.
“It’s nineteen sixty nine, dear. Your cheek is bleeding and I’m assuming you fell because you’re acting crazy.” She quietly said, bending down to your eye level. A part of you wanted to hit her so hard that she fell down. Condescending attitudes rubbed you the wrong way to say the least.
You were fuming as you took two dollars out and put them on the counter, “Have a good evening.” You gritted out.
The cold night air pinched your skin as you walked aimlessly around the small town. You came to the conclusion that it was 1969 and you realized why the waitress was so taken back by your appearance. Girls in the sixties probably didn’t have shorts this short or nose piercings. It all made sense as you took in the town. The old styled cars, how people dressed, hell- how they talked. Old ass terms that people only used as a joke now.
So yes, you were in the past, but how and why. Watching Shameless in your bed right now seemed like heaven on earth. Your mom and dad’s faces haunted your mind when you thought about never getting to see them again. Tomorrow they would get back only to see that you have disappeared without a trace. Your dad will be so worried and heartbroken and your mom will be calling everyone to ask if they saw you.
And what would Claire and Margo think? You just knew they would feel so guilty for not knowing when they were the last ones you saw. Hurting them only hurt you more.
You found an old tree and sat down against it, letting the tears splash down your face. It was cold out from the brisk air and you had nothing to layer up with. This sucks, mega sucks, you noted.
An old red Ford Mustang parked on the road and two men got out of the car and headed your way. You clutched your wallet close to your chest in predetermined fear. Two men walking towards any woman would make that woman scared. It was a built in instinct that still wasn’t gone in the twentieth century. Especially with the men from this time. You knew women weren’t truly equal yet and they especially weren’t in this time.
They had on khaki pants and different colored polyester sweaters. Same guys from the diner that were watching you. Horrible look in their eyes as they stood in front of you.
“What’s a pretty lady like you sitting out here alone for? It’s late.” The one wearing a yellow sweater asked. His hair was brown and smoothed back, you were unable to see his eyes in the dark. He bent down to look at you in a way you didn’t appreciate. You were not having it.
“Really? Is it late? Couldn’t tell, not like the moon’s out or anything.” You retorted, shifting further back into the tree.
“Woah, no need to get lippy with me, hun.” He said, looking back at the other guy with the red sweater. Red shook his head to agree with yellow.
“Let’s not get comfortable with the nicknames. I’d say I’d call the cops but hah, ACAB... not that you would know about that.” You trailed off. You rambled when you got nervous and it was not a good feature.
“ACAB? You’re a weird one, aren’t you?” Red said, leaning down too.
“Weird, but an absolute doll. Not many girls ‘round here show skin like you.” Yellow said, hand grabbing your thigh.
Your hand slapped his away lightening fast before jumping up and backing away. You took your shoe off and held it up in defense, “Go fuck yourself! Get away from me.”
The men looked at each other in shock, assumingly at the vulgar words that escaped your pretty lips. You backed further away until you felt safe enough that you put your shoe back on and ran. You heard their feet shuffle in the grass as they ran after you.
You turned down an alley way and tripped again on a stick in the middle of the road, the boys were suddenly visible meaning you would not have time to get up and run. Instead of trying to escape, you grabbed said large stick and grasped it tightly between your hands. You wish Margo and Claire were by your side right now. You could do anything with them.
“A stick? Really? We just wanna spend some time with you.” Red said, walking closer.
“Fuck this! Fuck this so hard! Fuck toxic masculinity that makes pricks like you think it’s okay to do shit like this! Systematically you were probably raised to think chasing a woman is okay- judging from the car that you have money. Kids with money, especially in these days, are spoiled and never told no, but I don’t want you. Leave.” You shouted, twirling the stick like you saw so many times in Starwars movies. You saw the two men slowly step back and you were proud of yourself for fending them off until you heard another masculine voice behind you.
“You soc scum need to bounce.”
You moved to the side to be equally separated from whoever was behind you. A man about your age stood firmly beside two others that looked a few years off, one younger and one older.
The one that spoke was standing in the front and boy, he was beautiful. Dark hair slicked black to rest comfortably against his neck. He wore a blue and white flannel with blue jeans. His body was slim but you just knew he had some lean muscle on him. Red and yellow turned and walked away but not without making some derogatory claims about greasers.
You panted, finally breathing again as you doubled over, stick still firmly grasped in between your palms and fingers.
“Are you okay?” You heard the same voice quietly ask. You noticed they were standing right in front of you now. You meekly looked up to gaze into his pretty blue eyes. He hissed out in pain as he looked at his arm at the same exact moment that your mark started to burn so bad that you couldn’t take it. A searing pain ripped through every single one of your cells. You did it! You finally found your fucking soulmate! Without being able to stand the pain and excitement, your body tumbled forward for the second time that evening.
You heard rustling going on around you, but you clenched your eyes in fear that you wake up still stuck in the past.
“If I open my eyes and I’m not home, I’m gonna throw hands with whatever God there is.” You mumbled, slowly opening your eyes. The handsome man sat on the floor by your face, causing you to yelp and quickly move to a sitting position, hand clinging to your necklace.
“Hey, calm it, I won’t hurt you.” His gentle voice spoke. You laughed nervously as it hit you that he was your soulmate. Your life was fucked, oh so fucked. Sure, you found the one, but in a different decade!
“The world is a cruel place.” You muttered, hands removing from your necklace to rub down your face in irritation, “My life is a joke.”
He sat up on his knees, cautiously moving closer towards you as if you were a scared stray cat that he was attempting to take home to keep and take care of. You internally gagged at the idea of being kept inside as a house wife now that you were living in this time. You could not survive like that.
“It’s not. Usually people are happier to find their soulmate, yanno? I’m happy... I thought you would be.” His voice seeped with disappointment and pain.
You sighed as you felt his sadness creep up your bones and invade your sanity, “I would be thrilled if I wasn’t transported back in time. I’m not kidding, I’m from year twenty twenty. I can show you.”
You grabbed your wallet and ripped your lisence out, showing him. His eyes squinted as he read your birthday and the date you got it. His eyes enlarged as he looked back at you.
“That- that’s just impossible.”
You snorted, “S’what I thought too. Guess the universe really shoved us together on this one... and uh, thanks for saving me earlier, my inner jedi isn’t strong enough yet- I’m no obiwan.”
He furrowed his eyebrows, “I don’t know what that means.”
You blushed, “Big movie franchise that eventually comes out. I’ll try to avoid pop culture references... my bad.”
He smiled, pearly white teeth showing, “you’re really pretty, y/n.”
Your heart raced in your chest at how attractive he was. Claire and Margo would hardgirl swoon with you over him but they’re not here to join you, so you had to soak up his beauty all on your own. And him saying your name like that? God, that would make any girl bust a nut.
“How do you know my name?”
He shrugged, “Saw it when you showed me the date. The name surely suits you. I’m Sodapop, Sodapop Curtis.”
He held his hand out and you hesitantly met his half way as if to give him a handshake, but instead he intertwined your fingers together before moving closer. His skin was so warm against yours and all you wanted to do was pull him closer and bury yourself in his chest. Finally finding him was overwhelming after convincing yourself that you were doomed to be alone.
“Those guys that chased you, we ain’t letting them get away with it. We’ll find them and give ‘em a good what for.” A new voice spoke.
A kid, you guessed to be about 16, stood in the living room doorway, hands shoved deep into his jean pockets. He had longer brown hair like Sodapop, but his eyes were more hazel instead of the pretty blue. You awkwardly smiled, attempting to pull your hand away but Soda tugged it back, stubborn to lose contact so soon. He gave you a sweet smile to reassure you that he wasn’t going to try anything like the two men last night.
“Y/n, this is my brother ponyboy, and that’s my brother Darryl.” Soda said, pointing to the younger kid and the full on man that walked through the front door. You nervously waved with the hand that Soda didn’t claim.
“Hi, thank you guys for saving me... although I think my stick was pretty promising...” You awkwardly spoke making all three of them chuckle softly.
“Better safe than sorry.” Darry said, offering a smile, “Come on, Ponyboy. We will be back.”
Darry signaled Pony to go with him outside, you and Soda sat in silence as you heard the truck doors and the rumbling of an engine pulling away. His thumb grazed over the back of your hand. Your insides felt like they were melting. Sodapop was extremely attractive and you could not believe that you found him. Harry Styles has some competition for sure. Well, maybe that was going far. It’s Harry Styles, no one could really beat him.
“So what’s it like here? What do you do for fun?” You asked, looking around the house. You imagined the houses around to be very similar. Old couches, ancient TVs with the antennae’s, framed photos on the mantles, and the cool old wallpaper. Very similar to the sorta place your grandparents grew up in.
“Play cards every couple nights. Go to the drive in movies when I’m not working. Diner is open late at night so that’s where young folk hangout. We find good times.” He smiled softly, getting lost in his own thoughts, “What’s there to do for you?”
You couldn’t even begin to explain that you lay in your bed watching tik toks off your phone while Netflix plays softly in the background. Or that you quote memes in a parking lot with your friends. Soda would not understand memes at all and that would be a huge struggle because half the shit that came out of your mouth were memes.
“I have fires a lot at my house, we usually sorta just sit there and bullshit for hours but uh then there’s the usual- getting coffee and sitting in a parking lot. Not much to do in my town but eat and go somewhere to hangout...”
“That sounds nice.”
You shrugged, “More people than not get drunk or smoke weed everyday because what the hell else is there to do?”
He quirked an eyebrow, “you do that?”
You shook your head no, “My friends and I drink from time to time but not heavily. And we especially don’t go to parties because those are cesspools waiting to be caught by cops. Well, fuck cops anyway, but..”
You froze when you realized that cops in this time weren’t critized by the public as much. Political climate ranged from your time to now. Soda probably wouldn’t support the LGBTQ community, or if he did he didn’t know much about it. And racism surely lingered in the 1960’s air. You felt sick thinking about fighting barriers that you usually didn’t have to.
“Do girls swear a lot in the future?” He asked timidly, not wanting to upset you but also he was just very curious. He never heard ladies swear and especially not that word.
You snorted at how cute he was, “All the time. It’s normal for us. Trust me, if you are shocked by that you don’t want to imagine the crude things that are said daily..”
His thumb stopped rubbing circles on your hand and your heart faltered. He was probably used to obideint women who were dainty and didn’t outspeak too much. Women in this era were subservient and you could not be further from that. You had quite the mouth on you and your idea would not be oppressed. You graduated pretty high in your class. You were intelligent and political and that was mind blowing to men of this time. What if you were too much for him? You wouldn’t dare change but it would be heart breaking to know that your other half couldn’t take who you are as a person. As a woman.
“What you said about the cops.. what did they do wrong? I mean here they can be annoying but they try to be fair.” He asked, thumb rubbing your skin again. His eyes glanced down at your thighs and you blushed a bit, wishing you would’ve put on your sweatpants instead before leaving to go with the girls.
“If I explained it all, we would be sitting here for days. Long story short; African Americans still aren’t equal and they are murdered by cops at an unequal rate compared to the population size. Protests turned violent and the whole country is a mess. Half the country trusts cops and the other half wants the systematic corruption to be dismantled. Personally, I’m with the latter. So cops aren’t really my heroes. I try to avoid them. Of course my dad disagrees because he’s old fashioned and doesn’t get it, but what’s so hard to get about treating people equally. America’s supposed to be a melting pot so what’s with the racism and harsh divide? Guess the founding fathers only meant equality when it came to every white man- and that’s bullshit.”
You stopped rambling to see that soda was grinning from ear to ear at you. You gave him a questioning look. “Did I miss something?”
“You are wicked smart with politics. Wiser than anyone I know, prettier than anyone I know.”
Three weeks later you found yourself walking through the library with ponyboy, fingers grazing over every book you walked past. Books were little keys to jump inside different worlds. You wished you could find a book from 2020 that would magically transport you back. You found Soda, but at what price? You wanted to go home where you had control over your life. You were lost here.
“Any book recommendations? I’m sure you had to read a lot of these.” The youngest Curtis asked as you rounded the corner.
“Hmm, ever read any Tolkien books? Like The Hobbit or Lord of the Rings Trilogy?”
“Awh, goodie, I get to be your mentor for this. Basically these are the best damn books that you will ever read. Bit lengthy but the detail is beautiful.”
He gently took the Hobbit in his hands, one gripping the back while the other flipped through the pages, examining how many there were before he tucked it under his arm, affirming that he would take a stab at it.
“What’s it about? Is it girly stuff- not that I mind really.”
Ponyboy was unlike the rest of the gang. He was a little softy that you wanted to hide from the world in order to protect him. The gang protected him physically but his feelings were usually punched, as much as Soda tried. Ponyboy felt things differently and deeply. He was in touch with literature and his life revolves around movies and books. You imagined how much he would adore the twentieth century with how much content there would be for him.
You crossed your arms and shifted your weight to one foot, “It’s a fantasy set up. So like elves, dwarves, hobbits, trolls, orcs, shapeshifters, magic, and I’m sure there’s more but my mind is blanking here. I promise it’s worth it. And I can explain as you read.”
“You’re a nerd?”
His innocent question made you laugh, “I guess you could say that, bud. Give it a shot and if you don’t like it, so be it,” you muttered this part to him, “although no one can resist middle earth’s charm.”
“What’s middle earth?”
“Where it takes place, it’s like another version of earth basically. But hey! You’re already so interested. Soon enough you’ll be wishing you were an elf slaying orcs too.” You joked, jabbing him in the side, “and if you say you wanna be a dwarf instead, you’re dead to me.”
He smiled, “what if I like the humans more? What then?”
“Then, I would consider you an absolute freak. Humans in this are like mediocre. Well, in the hobbit at least. Lord of the Rings they are more of a key part, but they’re so boring compared to the other cultures. Unless you like boring?” You raised an eyebrows at him.
“No, I ain’t boring. And I don’t like boring either.” He stubbornly said, walking side by side with you to go check your books out.
You grabbed a few random books that you wanted to check out. Soda worked and he refused to let you go anywhere alone, so you and Ponyboy just read a lot. It was summer vacation so he was outta school and had all the time in the world. You liked hanging out with the kid.
The two soc boys were standing by the counter when you guys got there. You huffed as the one winked at you. In that moment you wished you were legolas with a dagger and could gut him.
“Surprise seeing you here, considering I doubt you guys are literate.” You spoke, smiling at the librarian as you handed her the books.
“Surprise seeing you here with only the kid, we’ve heard you’re shaking up with Sodapop now. Looks like the greaser found his soulmate.”
The derogatory term aimed at Soda fueled your veins with rage. Blood rushed into your head at the idea that these guys thought they were above Soda, who was the kindest man you knew. Your heart told you to call them motherfucking cunts but your brain warmed you that it wasn’t a good choice. You glanced over and noticed that Pony looked as mad as you. If you retaliated, you wouldn’t get beat up but if he did, he would go home bloody while you trail behind him with a guilty face. You would give them a little talk.
You blew air out of your mouth before turning around to them, “Boys, I don’t know if you keep up with the news or not, but Vietnam is an ugly war filled with horrible people. Do you know what soldiers see? People being burned alive, dogs getting shot down, bombs obliterating people, women in villages getting raped, and most importantly you watch the men you grew to love die right before you.”
The two men stared at you wide eyed as you paused to grab the books from the librarian who was also now listeninf to you.
“Drafts are inevitable, and you know what? War doesn’t care who you are; greaser or soc. The enemy won’t stop to ask your financial stability before ending your life. The boys who you deem greasers could be the ones to save you from dying. Maybe try being nice because you never know who you will end up with on that field.”
Ponyboy’s mouth opened in shock when the two socs slowly back away and left without a single word. You hummed in victory before ushering the younger boy out of the building with you.
“Where did you hear those things? Darry keeps up with that stuff and I never heard nuthin like that.” Ponyboy asked after a few minutes.
You guys walked through the gate of the house but you halted before the steps, “A lot about the war is exposed after it ends. We learned about it in school. I used it against them as a wake up call. Try not to worry too much about it.”
Pony slowly nodded, “okay.”
The door opened and two-bit shuffled out the door with a beer can in his left hand, right hand wedged in his pocket.
“You guys are in trouble.” He sang as pony pushed him out of the way and walked into the house. Two-bit walked off the porch and turned to head home. He didn’t wanna be present for the yelling.
Soda and Darry’s heads snapped to the door and you held the books tighter to your chest to hide yourself. You two forgot to leave a note where you were going and now you were going to get scolded.
“Where the hell have you two been? It’s past 8:00.” Darry scolded, throwing down the newspaper that been in his hands.
You looked to Soda for help but even he shook his head to signal that he was just as upset. You handed the books to Pony before holding your hands up in surrender.
“Oh no, you caught us. We were at the library.” You joked, quickly knocking the smile off your face when the two older Curtis boys glared at you.
“Not funny. Anything could’ve happened to you.” Soda reprimanded. Your soulmate was always worried for you when he wasn’t around. He knew how horrible soc could be and they clearly had an interest in you. It was bad enough being away from you, but getting home to you and his kid brother not there made his nerves fly through the roof.
“Socs aren’t a worry when she’s around, trust me.” Pony mumbled, setting the books down on the table.
“Whats that mean? Did those socs bother you again, Y/N?” Soda suddenly was in front of you, checking your body for any cuts or bruises. You smacked his hands away.
“No, simmer down, I’m fine.” You said, offering him a reassuring smile.
“Then what happened!”
“She shut them down with her wit before they could even start. Those soc didn’t know how to respond so they turned around and walked right away.” Pony explained.
“What did you say?” Darry asked, slightly amused. He liked you very much and was glad that such an extraordinary woman was meant for his little brother.
You shared a look with pony to silently tell him to shut up about what you really said, “Nothing that’s important. What does matter is that Ponyboy got a bunch of books that he should be reading.”
He playfully rolled his eyes, “You want me to read so you can talk to me about elves.”
You nodded, “Well yeah, they’re the best part so get to it! Once you start you will love it.”
Ponyboy nodded before picking up the books and heading towards his shared room with Soda to begin reading. You smiled as you watch him go. You knew deep down that he was excited to read but didn’t want to make it seem like he was. He liked to taunt you with your taste in movies and books but you knew he really did agree.
“You baby him more than Soda does.” Darry stated, giving you a teasing glance.
“I don’t baby him.” Soda argued, glaring at his older brother.
“You do, Soda. Darry’s right though, I baby him a lot but I can’t help it. Pony’s a good kid that’s curious about the world. Reminds me of my best friend back home... I am sorry that we didn’t leave a note, we didn’t even think about it.” You admitted, grabbing Soda’s hand and intertwining it with his. He melted into your touch and you could tell that he wasn’t mad anymore. He couldn’t stay mad at you even if he tried.
“I know, I know. Just try to be more careful.” Darry softly spoke, “I’m headed to get a shower and go to bed. Don’t let Pony stay up too late.”
Soda muttered a yes and goodnight as you saluted Darry in a joking way, making the oldest Curtis smile and roll his eyes before going about his way.
As soon as the door was shut you were pulled into Soda’s arms, both wrapped tightly around your midsection as he nosed against your neck. You blushed as you wrapped your arms around him too, smelling the oil and dirt that came with working at the DX. It was an oddly comforting smell. Distinctly him. Your soul mark tingled as he left a soft kiss against the skin of your throat.
“You gave me a real fright, doll.” He softly spoke. Your eyes fluttered shut as he pulled you closer, his lips grazing your skin with his words, “ just worried when you’re not around, ‘m always thinking about you.”
“I didn’t know you thought about anything other than cars all day,” you poked.
He snorted, “yeah right. As if.”
“I’m so used to my independence that I forgot that here I need to let people know where I’m going.”
He pulled away slightly, “Did your parents not care about your safety?”
You snorted, “They did. Of course they did, but it was so easy to get ahold of them that I could just let them know while I was away. Plus once I turned 17 they stopped really caring what I did as long as I wasn’t doing anything sketchy. And I was always with my best friends.”
“Makes sense. Darry doesn’t care what I do if I’m with Steve...”
You pullled away and picked up one of the books to start reading it, “He should be the most concerned when you’re around that boy.”
You sat on the couch and held the book in your lap as you gave him a pointed look. He rolled his eyes. You and Steve sorta got along. He was nice and all to you, but he was a dick to ponyboy and that wasn’t appreciated. He walked to the kitchen to get a pop.
Minutes later he sat beside you on the couch, glancing down at the words splashed across the pages. He skim read but the book didn’t seem that great to him.
“Hmmm, soda?” When he didn’t reply you half way shut the book and turned to him, “what’s up?”
“Does it ever bother you that you’re so much smarter than me?”
Your heart burned at his question. Soda had a complex that he was stupid because he dropped out of high school. Everyone knew he did it because of his situation in which he tragically lived. Darry couldn’t do everything on his own and soda knew that. He sacrificed his future for the better of his small family. He wasn’t dumb.
“Education changes through years, so a lot of new material has been taught to me that you wouldn’t have known.”
He crossed his arms against his chest and slunk down in the cushion, “Come on, for real. Doesn’t it bother you that I’m a drop out?”
You set the book down and shifted so that your hands wrapped around his right bicep. You leaned your head on his shoulder. He didn’t look at you, instead he was staring holes into his bedroom door.
“Sometimes I feel like you should’ve been Ponyboy’s soulmate instead of mine.” He softly spoke, “He’s brilliant.”
“Oh my god, Soda. Can it. The universe wouldn’t send me decades back to find you if we weren’t meant to be. Not one part of me cares that you didn’t finish high school. You’re Soda. The smart man who takes care of his family. Does it bother you that I’m brainless when it comes to cars?”
Soda gave you a look like you were insane, “I don’t mind at all.”
“See, it doesn’t matter. I don’t see you as dumb and I wish you would stop seeing yourself that way too.”
Ponyboy walked into the living room, blonde hair messy as if he was playing with it. His cheeks were flushed from sitting under blankets and he looked a bit sleepy. Reading always made him a bit tired from how at peace he was, which was rare in his current life.
“Y/N, I don’t know how to feel about Bilbo. He seems good but he also seems a little selfish.” He said, eyes skimming along some of the words.
You smiled, “He’s a really pure character. You’ll grow to enjoy him. What part did you get to?”
Just like that Soda was in a better mood. Watching you speak so happily and effortlessly to his little brother about a book made his heart soar. Sometimes he felt like he couldn’t connect with Pony like he wanted to. And where he was lacking you were there to make up for it.
A few hours later Soda sweetly kissed you goodnight before retiring to his shared room with Pony. You snuggled into the couch with blankets wrapped around you.
Opening your eyes you saw that you were laying in your bed instead of the Curtis’ couch. Panic flood through your veins at the idea of returning home without the boys. Your heart was racing out of your chest as you looked at the decorations on your wall. A place that felt like your safest place was now a personal hell.
You wanted to return home but not without Soda, Pony, Darry, Two-bit and even Steve. God, you had to have been especially emo if you wished to see Steve more.
The idea of seeing Claire and Margo was beyond relieving but the pain of never seeing Soda again almost cancelled it out. Once again you would be the friend without a soulmate- without a better half. You sighed as angry tears slipped from your eyes. Why did the world have to fuck with you so much? You didn’t have a soulmate, found them in another decade, and then when you grew adapted to the times and people, Mother Earth ripped you back to your old life.
“Hun, why are you crying?” You heard Soda say. You tried to sit up to look for him but a firm arm was wrapped around your middle. Somehow you completely didn’t register that when you woke up.
You struggled to turn around and there he was. Beautiful Sodapop Curtis laying right beside you in your bed. In 2020. His hair was slightly shorter but his kind blue eyes were still the same. He was still the same handsome boy from the 1960’s.
A choked sob escaped your lips as you wrapped your arms around him, pulling yourself as close as you could. Warm skin against yours assured yourself that he was real. This was real. Not some dream that your brain cruelly conjured you in attempt to calm you down.
“Did you have a nightmare?” He softly asked, a hand coming to rub up and down your back. His gesture only made more tears leak out of your eyes. You were so confused. Why wasn’t he freaking out too?
“I don’t know. Where’s Ponyboy and the guys?”
His hand faltered for a moment before he went back to comforting you, his lips pecked your forehead a few times, “They’re at home, probably asleep. Did you have a nightmare about them?”
Your mind was spiraling. Somehow the boys made it here too and soda seemed to not find this weird at all. He was acting like everything was normal.
“What year were you born?” You asked, clutching onto him, trying to remember what his skin felt like against yours.
“1999. Babe, tell me what’s going on. You’re starting to scare me here.” He lightly chuckled, adoring that you were clutching onto him as if he would disappear.
You didn’t know how to explain so you disguised it as a dream, “I had a weird dream, a really realistic one, that I was transported back to the 1960’s and I found you and the guys there. I can’t remember how we met now.”
You felt him shift slightly to get his arm free. He picked up his phone and the screen lit up. His lock screen was a picture of you two in front of a well taken care of old blue camaro.
“We met five months ago at a car show. You were with your grandpa, Claire, and Margo and I was with the boys. My mark burned when I accidently brushed your arm when I passed. We realized what was going on and we got this picture. We’ve been together since.” He recalled easily.
As he spoke, you could faintly see all of this happening in your point of view. How happy you felt when you saw him, the tingling of your mark, gushing internally at how attractive he was, you could even hear Margo cat calling in your head when you two got that picture.
Suddenly memories were dancing around in your brain. Getting Taco Bell together at midnight. Him joining your friend group to sit around the usual fire pit, him making you a s’more when you beg him even though you knew you didn’t have to ask more than once. Him building you the nice wooden shelf in your room that you put your weird Knick knacks on. Him laughing along when you scream “I will sacrifice my own life for Pakistan.” Going over for dinner and watching Lord of the Rings with pony boy.
“It’s all real.” You breathed out, “I’m sorry, that dream just really messed me up..”
He grinned down at you, his lips slowly drifting right above yours until they softly brushed together. Your soul mark tingled in utter delight. His arms slithered around your back as he moved on top of you, “I should be offended that you forgot about all of that, you know.”
You laughed, “Yeah... I’ll make it up to you by being nice to Steve for a whole day.”
He snorted, “wow, a whole day... that might kill you.”
You exaggeratedly nodded, “Honestly. He’s seriously the worst, soda.”
He boyishly smiled as he rolled off of you and stood up, grabbing his jeans and pulling them over his legs. He shoved his hands in each pocket to make them go in. He grabbed his plain black shirt and slid it over his shoulders and then head.
“I have to get home, Pony’s drivers test is in an hour and I’m the one to take him. He’ll for sure pass. I made sure of that. But tonight we will probably get cake to celebrate, the boys are all coming over. You’ll come, right?” He asked grabbing his hat and sliding it on his head.
“Wouldn’t miss it.”
He winked at you once and leaned over the bed to give you a quick peck, “see you soon, pretty lady.”
You blushed, “see ya soon, handsome.”
He smiled softly before walking out the door. You laid there in the bed in disbelief. Your dream was too real to not be true but at the same time you recalled meeting him in 2020 too.
Either way you were thankful that soda was in the present with you because it was honestly the best of both worlds.
A strong breeze hit the house and your window popped open. A small scrap of paper floated in and landed on your dresser. Your hands smoothed they paper before reading it.
“Sometimes reality changes for people who deserve it.”
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httpswwwtbhkcom · 9 months ago
Sweater Weather
”Sharing is Caring, Now Give me Your Hoodie!” rewritten as Sweater Weather
Pairing: Katsuki Bakugo x Reader, Denki Kaminari x Reader, Tamaki Amajiki x Reader (Separately)
[@httpswwwtbhkcom’s masterlist]
Summary: --------
Warning: Swearing, some wrong grammars
Genre: Fluff
Y/n- Your name, S/o- significant other
A/n: I had to rewrite this since i was bored. And this is not a songfic, i had no idea what to call this rewritten fanfic.
Oh, and Tamaki is already dating the reader in his part.
Reader: Neutral
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Katsuki Bakugo:
Tumblr media
Made by:  🐞👅💄🍓🚁🔫+-×÷ in Pinterest! Click here to see the fanart!
☽✧ ✦ ✧☾
Summary: You both were walking at the park, until a cold breeze went passed you. Bakugo gave you his jacket for you not to get cold. 
☽✧ ✦ ✧☾
You and the angry blonde had been friends before you both went to UA. Close friends actually. Sometimes you both would argue, but it’s always about small things. He sometimes prevents himself from shouting at you for some peace.
“Hey Bakugo.” You called, Catching Bakugo’s attention. He looked away from his book to you. “What do you want?” He replied. “Wanna go out to the park with me?” You asked. “Tch, Fine.” He stood up from his seat to his room to change.
After Bakugo was done changing, He noticed you were scrolling through reddit to see some memes and stuff. 
“Oi Dumbass, Let’s go.” He shouted. You placed your phone to your back pocket then left with him. 
You both were walking in complete silence. Comfortably. 
You regretted the fact that you didn’t wore anything that covers your body fully since you forgot it was almost Christmas. 
You shivered when a cold breeze passed both of you, Bakugo saw you hugging yourself from the cold. So, immediately, he draped his jacket around you. 
“Your going to catch yourself a cold, Dumbass.” He looked away from you, slightly blushing. 
“Thank you, Bakugo.”
“Call me Katsuki, Dumbass.”
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Denki Kaminari:
Tumblr media
Made by: ??? in Pinterest! (Please tell who the owner is so i can credit them properly.) Click here to see the fanart!
☽✧ ✦ ✧☾
Summary: It was winter and Kaminari wanted his ‘winter pics’. In exchange, he made you wear his hoodie.
☽✧ ✦ ✧☾
Kaminari dragged you outside the dorms to the park. It was snowing outside so  Kaminari wasted no time and throws you his hoodie in excitement.
“Y/n, Hurry! I need to get Winter pics so i could post them!” He exclaimed. 
“Calm down Kaminari! I couldn’t even wear the hoodie.” You complained for him to slow down but failed. 
After getting dragged, he stopped. Making you bump his back. He gasps. “This is perfect! Hurry take a picture!” He commanded, excitingly. He waits for you grab his phone but you were just going to wear. But lucky you, He became distracted by the snow.
You grabbed the phone and took a picture of him making him look at you. “Ok, Let’s start!” 
He made weird but cute poses, some of them are from tik tok. Which made you giggle.
You both did some selfies and many more. It was more fun than expected. 
After doing such activities, you both layed on the snow. 
“This was fun!” 
“We should do this until the snow ends.” He smiled to himself as he made his genius plan.
“Yea- Wait what?! Fuck NO!”
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Tamaki Amajiki:
Tumblr media
Made by: ??? in Pinterest! (Please tell me whose this is so i can credit them!) Click here to see the fanart!
☽✧ ✦ ✧☾
Summary: You and Tamaki were bored, laying at the couch. You thought that watching a movie and borrowing Tamaki’s hoodie would be a great idea.
S/o Tamaki Amajiki x S/o Reader
☽✧ ✦ ✧☾
It was raining outside and both of you couldn’t go outside. The others were outside the dorms and told you both they might not go back to the dorms until the rain was gone. They had forgotten their umbrella’s.
In which this is where you are right now, Laying on a couch with your shy boyfriend, Tamaki Amajiki.
“Tamakiii~” You cooed. 
“Y/n, i already told you i will not let you cook.” Tamaki softly commented. You pouted at his comment. “Well, I’m bored.” You said.
“Any recommendations?” You asked at your boyfriend. He cups his chin with his fingers and began to think. 
“A movie maybe? Is that fine, Bunny?” He looked at you in a mix of confusion and worry. You kissed his cheek before grabbing the remote. “That’s a great idea!” You answered, making Tamaki smile.
It was getting dark. In the middle of the movie, You shivered. “It’s so cold.” You complained. “I could bring us a blanket bunny.” Tamaki suggested. 
“Can i borrow your hoodie from your dorm instead?” You looked at him desperately, He blushed at you, looking away. he nodded. You excitingly kissed him at the cheeks before leaving him alone at the common room shortly. 
You were back wearing a hoodie and a new bowl of popcorn and two drinks.
Tamaki used his quirk to help you with the items you were carrying and you thanked him for that. Such a nice boyfriend.
You were purring every time you move into a comfortable spot. Your purring makes Tamaki blush so furiously that he might die because of you and you alone.  +You wearing his favorite Kinda oversized for you Hoodie.
Almost at the end when you started to fall asleep. You leaned your head to Tamaki’s shoulder making him stiffen, giving in moments later.
When they went back to the dorms, They saw both you and Tamaki sleeping. The television was still on too. 
The others snapped a picture of both of you sleeping together after a ‘Movie date’. 
And they might show you this to tease you both.
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llilactrash · 10 months ago
a little check in. Friday I had a nice day with a friends and I was able to express a lot of the worries on my mind and there wasn't much discussion but just to have someone listen and not freak out over them I think is what I needed. but I feel significantly better, and not a happy since I have a plan type of happy I have no plan and i really don't want to have one. I am going to be in college in less than two weeks and that's still quite scary and I still cannot see myself with that but i'm trying to keep up good hopes and not dread over it and feel super trapped. I think if I start to worry and get bad again I need to try to spend time with a close friend girl and get them out. I can't do over message and I don't think anyone i'd feel comfortable with is too comfortable with facetime/voice chat. and then in person I can hear tone and see body language and hopefully not worry and build on the already overwhelming dread.
uhh anywho we went and got coffee as well as something to eat since he worked during lunch time during his shift. we sat and chat for a while then spontaneously went to savers and did a little thrifting. I got a nice pair of darker was denim that visually looks like a similar fit to my "mom" jeans. I have yet to try them on (oops) but I threw it in the wash asap because it smells like cigarette smoke. then I got a navy button down Hawaiian vibe shirt with peppers on it. it has something embroidered written above the left pocket so i think it was an old bowling shirt. it's great. I also got another lovely lady to add to my collection, I now have 4 picture frames. my friend got a pair of pants for his patch pants ANDDDD we found a garfield chia pet for $4!!! THENNNNNN when we looked in the box, there was an additional chia pet and it was mother trucking Shaggy from Scooby Doo. he also got a queen CD. after thrifting we stopped and got icees then walked around a cemetery, listening to music. I really enjoyed one song but I cannot remember it for the life of me. I need to ask him so I can add it to a playlist. then we sat in my car in a different parking lot, listening to more music and later shared tik toks with eachother.
after we were going to explore thus abandoned country club island however it got really dark right away but we were walking to it. first we walked the wrong way, but finally it was 9:40 and we decided we should turn around but exactly when it got that time we saw a path leading down. but we still turned around because fuck that. on this walk is when I had kinda purged my worries about the next 2 weeks and how suicidal I have been but I really dont want to.
so far I have still been good and it has been 2 days after
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segenassefa · 10 months ago
3. A Semi-Original List of Things To Do During Quarantine
Niggas all over the timelines are baking banana bread, doing headstands, and making Tik Toks. Yeah it was fun the first few weeks – but now we’re almost four months deep into quarantine and the gworls need some change! A bit of variety. Some pizazz, if you will.
Well, fear not!
I am here to help (as per usual). Digging into the depths of my chicken breast-like brain has been hard, but I’ve done it to compile a list of things to try now that quarantine is dragging along. Some of these you’ve definitely heard before (but they were so good, it was worth mentioning again), some of these you may have considered but never really saw the value in, and some of these seem like I pulled them out of my ass, but I promise, they’re a fun time and definitely worth the try.
Take up a new workout routine now that gyms will probably cease to exist.
I can’t even speak on this one (my record this quarantine has been four days without leaving my bed), but health comes in different forms. Even back in the early stages, one of my favourite things to do was get a coffee and aimlessly walk around downtown – it got me out of the house, it didn’t feel like exercise, and was an excuse to take advantage of the warm weather. Exercise is both important for physical as well as mental health, as cited by a million and one studies, and can break up the monotonous cycles of online shopping, self-loathing, and eating that everyone seems to be trapped in these days. Your options, however, go beyond yoga and walking. Buy some weights or use one of the jars of canned tomatoes you have sitting your pantry (…) and do a weight routine. Go for a run. Climb some stairs. Bring back step aerobics like the bad bitches from the 80s. Ride a bike (Queen’s Quay is really nice, and pretty empty on the weekdays). The other benefit to establishing a good routine now is that you can carry it out through the winter. Maybe not the bike riding part, but you get my point.
Socialize (safely).
           I never understood the obsession with patios until I went to El Jefe a few weeks ago, and it got me thinking about how fun that actually must be when everyone isn’t terrified of getting a virus from the person eating chips and guac two tables over. But! There are alternatives! I know you don’t believe me but there are! Toronto has more parks and green spaces than you’d think, and now is the perfect time to take advantage of them. Connect with nature, friends, and socializing in an environmentally friendly space (throw those White Claw cans in the trash, please) and you and your friends will literally be the peak of ecofeminism. If you’re tired of wearing your crop tops and lashes to the grocery store, picnics and beach days also give you a reason to look cute in public again (and with a mask, you don’t even have to put foundation on the bottom half of your face. #win). Some of my favourite places include Trinity-Bellwood Park and Woodbine Beach. If you have a car (or a lot of patience) Scarborough Bluffs is also definitely worth the commute. I think it’s a game changer that “going out” now means sitting in the grass making small talk, instead of getting hammered in some dark, damp club, but maybe it’s also improvement.
Clear out the clutter that you always tell yourself you’re too busy for.
           I know you see it, bitch. That box of clothes overflowing in the back of your closets. Or the basket of random hair ties, scraps of paper, and pen caps on your shelf. What about when you open social media – Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, whatever – a see all these random people on your feed that you don’t remember following, much less ever meeting in real life. Quarantine has forced us to retreat to our own spaces, physically, mentally and emotionally, and now more than ever is the best time to reflect and take inventory of what brings you joy and (God forbid we’re in this situation again) what you’d be ok with surrounding yourself with 24/7. It may be hard – times of crisis especially encourage a scarcity mindset instead of an abundance one – but it doesn’t hurt to try and reframe your thinking!
The 3 Restaurant Rule
If you’re anything like me, then you love Uber Eats. Since this virus has stripped the joy of going out to eat from my small and soft hands, we’ve had to find ways to work around this. One of these compromises has been Uber Eats. But that, much like anything else in life, can soon get repetitive (and niggas were clowning me for actually enjoying Swiss Chalet. Fuck y’all.) So, I established some ground rules, one of which being the three-restaurant rule. Do I follow it all the time? No. But knowing that it exists had made trying new foods more like a game. Here’s what you do:
1.     First, pick a type of cuisine (I’m partial to sushi, so we’re going to use that for this example).
2.     Next, really study Uber Eats. Find the best restaurants in your area specializing in that kind of food and pick three restaurants that look the best to you. Another alternative (especially if you’re lucky enough to live downtown where a majority of restaurants are doing take out) would be to curate a list of places on Yelp! I loved doing this when outside was open – it made eating out feel a bit more purposeful, almost like it was for research).
3.     Then, keep a lil list – on your phone, on paper, in your camera roll - wherever. When you’re not in the mood to cook, consult the list, and don’t pick a restaurant twice in a row. Start building up a list of places that you can say you’ve tried. Keep tabs on how you felt about the food to compare it to in-person dining when restaurants re-open, or make it an event with friends. Dress up, get together, crack a bottle of wine (or some beers, or sake, ya know – whatever floats your boat) and make it an event.
The other upside to this is now when people ask me for recommendations, I can give them with confidence instead of bullshitting like I would have before (sorry y’all LOL).
Learn how to do your own personal upkeep.
           It would probably take me ten hands and feet to count the number of videos I’ve seen of nail salons throwing customers out for being black or on the prejudice of race and/or class, or the number of hair salons and stylists who charge extra fees for thickness, length (or lack thereof), or for specific styles and modifications, etc. If you knew me, you know I was devoted to my nail salon. I loved the feeling of getting a full set of acrylics, having all the work done for me, the little burn on my cuticles when they’d slide my hands under the UV light. But in quarantine, a lot of things happened – nail salons closed, I became unemployed, and suddenly, $60 manicures every two weeks were not realistic. YouTube has so many videos on how to do basic self-care - things like cutting or dyeing or braiding your own hair, doing your own nails (whether it be acrylic, gel, even a basic polish manicure), doing your own eyebrows – the possibilities are all there. And, if you get good enough – you can always go ahead and make it your own side hustle (with salons operating at half capacity, the demand for people that do house calls is rapidly increasing). I’ve recently swapped my acrylics for press on nails and let me tell you – game changer. They last just as long, look just as good, and allow me the freedom of talon-like nails without having my bank account scream at me (a post on how I do my faux-acrylics at home coming soon!)
Try to watch something that isn’t reality television.
I know 90 Day Fiancee is that GIRL. And if you’re like me, you tend to get very sucked into YouTuber mukbang drama as well (if anyone wants to discuss Nikocado Avocado with me, I am more than willing). But after a while, it gets kind of repetitive, and there’s no harm in educating yourself on other topics. Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, even YouTube all have so many documentaries on a variety of topics – from crime, to health, to cults – there’s literally something for everyone. Plus, there’s something really self-satisfying about learning something on your own. If you need a place to start, my personal favourite is Bikram (Netflix) and any of the Vice documentaries on YouTube, but there are so many, so browse around and find one that suits your personal taste.
           There are also many documentaries on environmentalism and the Black existence/experience/life in America and globally. Considering all the things that are going on right now, it would be wise to educate oneself, especially when the tools for doing so are a few clicks away. My personal favourites are 13 and Who Shot the Sherriff, but there’s so many that you don’t have an excuse not to at least learn SOMETHING.
Severe ties and blame it on the pandemic.
This one is pretty self-explanatory. Maybe there’s the persistent wanna-be friend who you tried to avoid in your Thursday 11-1 lecture and would incessantly text you for notes. Or the creepy guy who would always be in your study spot in Deerfield and message you after with the dumbass eye emojis. Maybe it’s that one friend you used to call to console you of your issues, but by the end of the chat you felt more unnerved than understood. Whomever it is, don’t be afraid to stray away a bit and use the excuse of social distance or “getting your head together” to gradually give yourself some space and make things a bit obvious without having to be a total asshole. It can help, tbh, and the last thing you need in a time like this is to feel guilty for someone else’s feelings.
Be ok with doing nothing.
Life is always on some go,go,go shit. With people posting all those fucking memes about hustling or whatever, it can be easy to feel like you’re sitting in quarantine wasting your life away because you haven’t joined Forex, or OnlyFans, or started three side businesses, or taught yourself a new language or whatever. But listen – look at quarantine like a break. You had a nice long break to re-cooperate and self-indulge a lil bit and you know what? That’s ok! You’re not less of a person because you chose to rest or hang out in bed more than you should have. Don’t let other people’s progress (or lack thereof) be a measure of your own. How can you expect to bounce back after a GLOBAL PANDEMIC if you spent the entire time beating yourself up for not living up to other people’s idea of success? …Exactly. This list is just for fun and personal growth, but realistically, quarantine is for doing whatever the fuck you want (safely and sanely, of course), but literally look at this time off as God, Allah, Buddha, whomever, pumping the brakes on what is a normally hectic life. Slow down, enjoy the small things (ALL the small things), and allow yourself to be what you are – a human being, not a fucking machine.
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Hard Day: Luke Alvez (Criminal Minds) Imagine
Tumblr media
Summary: after a particularly emotional and hard day of work at the bakery you work in, Luke finds ways to cheer you up.
TW: suicide and depression
*Written for a female reader*
You woke up at 4:30, like normal, and saw Luke sleeping peacefully in bed. You were envious that he was able to stay in bed at least a little longer, but you were also glad to see him home after his last case kept him away for so long. You smiled a little at the sight you so dearly missed and walked to the bathroom to get ready for the day. You tried to be quiet so not to wake him, but you also had to be quick.
When you were finished you walked out of the bathroom and saw he was still sleeping, giving him a little smile and then deciding that a kiss on the head would be nice. He always gave you a kiss on the head when he got back from cases and crawled into bed. You went towards the kitchen and found your work shoes in the hallway, slipping them on and finally making it to the coffee pot. You poured a cup and opened the fridge to find the coffee creamer, with just enough left for your cup. “Shit, Luke will want some when he gets up,” you whispered, but you shrugged, he would live.
After you were finally ready, you made your way to the car and pulled out of the driveway. Your playlist buzzing through the speakers as you drove, going through your mental checklist for the day. As you pulled up you saw one of your coworker’s cars in the parking lot, but you were surprised because he wasn’t supposed to be there until 10 and it was 6 in the morning. Andy marched to the beat of his own drum so you didn’t dwell on it because maybe he had some stuff he had to do, and because you got along very well in the workplace. You walked inside, greeting him with a smile. You clocked in, washed your hands, put on an apron, and got to work. You struck up a small conversation and he said he was there to clean a little before he left that day, wanted an early start. Soon, more people began to come in, and the day was in full swing.
Around noon you noticed some tension in the bakery, but shook it off because of the hectic morning. Then he left, he walked out of the bakery and took one of his breaks. He normally did that, so it didn’t faze you, but then you realized he was gone a long time. After you noticed he was gone, one of the others guys, his best friend Clay, walked outside too. Another 20 minutes passed and you were worried. Then suddenly Clay came inside, crying and panicking, looking at your manager, Annie, “There’s an emergency,” was all he said before grabbing his keys and going back outside. You looked at Annie as she followed him and she said, “Call 911, stay inside, do not come outside.” As you used the phone to call you tried to see what was going on.
One of the chefs from the company you worked in, one you were very close to, tried to see also. “Oh god, Y/N, something is very wrong.” He said as he peered over your shoulder. After a 15 minute call to 911, not knowing what was going on, the boss of the company and a few other administrators came in. “Chaz, what the hell is going on?” You asked him, but you were met with sad eyes and scared looks. Sirens flooded the air and cruisers, an ambulance, and EMTs flooded the parking lot. It seemed like everything was in slow motion, until people were coming back in and some were crying. But you didn’t see Andy come in, you looked out the door and instead saw him being carted off on a gurney, tears pouring from his eyes. “Wh-what?” You asked everyone, then Annie pulled you aside.
“Andy, you know he’s had some issues, he just got out of rehab, and he’s moved, lost his dog, it’s been rough. He had a plan, a plan to kill himself, so he’s going to get the help he needs, I’m sorry you were left in the dark. We just didn’t know what to do,” She said explained as your heart fell through your stomach. You were suddenly feeling a little faint, like the air was pulled out of your lungs. Your knees felt weak, your throat went dry, you felt so sorry for him. You turned around and watched as the cruisers and ambulance pulled off, and as your coworkers all went to clock out for the day to go home. You followed suit and clocked out, grabbed your things, and walked to your car to drive home. You didn’t listen to music, you didn’t find a podcast, you sat in silence, a few tears falling here and there. Then you pulled into the driveway and saw that Luke’s car was there. You walked inside and smelled something coming from the kitchen, and as you sat your things down you felt like you could finally let go. You silently cried and made sure that he couldn’t hear you, but even as you snuck to the bathroom to shower off the day you still held it together.
As you started the shower you heard Luke’s footsteps coming up the stairs. You heard him knock, “Hey baby, you’re home early, how was work?” You heard him ask, but you didn’t respond. “Can I come in?” He asked again, but you still kept quiet. “Are you okay?” His question made you break, you began to sob and quake, “I’m coming in,” Luke said as he opened the door. He walked in and turned off the shower, grabbed a towel, and handed it to you through the curtain. As soon as you were standing again and he could see you, he pulled you into his arms. After a few minutes you explained to him what happened and why you didn’t know where your feelings were coming from. But he listened and tried to help you reason.
He spent the rest of the night holding you, kissing you, listening, and trying his best to make you feel better. He distracted you, showing you Tik Toks Garcia sent him, articles from Reid, and memes from Lewis. All of which were helping but not as much as it needed to. Luke made sure you ate and watched your favorite movie with you, but then he figured out how to really help. He pulled you into his arms, wrapped you up completely, and kissed your head, “I love you Y/N, so much. And if you need me, tell me,” Luke said trying to comfort you. Then you looked at him, “Luke, I know your job is hard, I know that it sucks, and it’s sad, and that sometimes you don’t want to talk to me about it, but if you ever start to have those thoughts, you’d tell me, right? You’d make me listen, and you’d tell me wouldn’t you?” He looked at you with a sad smile, “Of course I would, and you’d tell me, right?” You nodded, “So, Luke, we need to talk.”
*pt 2 soon*
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steamishot · 10 months ago
lately i’ve been trying to make more plans to go out more to socialize (with family and friends) in order to stay healthy and sane. my mom has been a lot more open to going to new parks/short hikes with me. this week, i took her to kenneth hahn and she loved it. the next day, i took her to ernest e debs and she was more meh about it but still enjoyed the workout. for fun, i downloaded the mapmywalk app for her so she could track her walks. i didn’t like it because of all the ads, so i ended up buying a chinese manufactured smartwatch for her. from a distance, it looks similar to an apple watch. the quality is obviously not the same ($300 vs $40) but it does get the basic jobs done. i checked the accuracy of steps/distance covered against my apple watch and they were very similar. 
yesterday, i went hiking with R and her mom. the topics discussed were kinda dark so the atmosphere felt a little uneasy. 
today, i went with my family to belmont shore and ran my first 10k (ever) while they walked. by mile 4, my left knee and right ankle were in pain, and i had to stop to walk a bit. miles 5 and 6 were running/walking combination. my time was 1:04 with a 10:25 min/mile pace, which isn’t bad, but also not great. it sucks cause my cardio was still going strong, but my joints weren’t able to keep up. i felt a little sad because when i ran the half marathon 4+ years ago, i remember my joints didn’t start acting up until closer to mile 10. so either there’s some permanent damage and/or i’m aging lol. anyway, i’m happy that i finally did a “long” run today. i’ve only been doing 30min runs/5k’s the last couple of months, so it’s time to start adding some longer runs to my schedule and strength exercises for my ankles and knees. if i don’t see any damage or feel pain later on in the week, i plan on running another 10k next sunday. 
today, matt also joined me in running 6.2 miles. i was really happy about that. besides watching a movie together, the only other activity he can muster up enough energy for is running. he normally runs 5 miles at a time so a 10k is just a bit more. i always joke with him that i’ll beat or match his time someday. currently he’s at his worst, and i’m at my best - so it’s quite doable haha. his time today was 55:27 at a 8:56 min/mile pace. he definitely ran faster today (i guess because we were racing together lol) but he used to be way more impressive.
re. night shifts: there’s only 1.5 more weeks to go. he’s literally mister grump, but i can’t blame him. night shifts really are the worst, especially with his hours. saturday night after he slept all day and after 8 hours of relaxation/doing nothing, i finally got to catch sweet/normal matt. we finally were able to talk about moving plans. 
also today, i went hiking with L. it was really nice to catch up, i admire her ambition and drive. it’s only a one year difference, but i do sense some older sis vibes with her. we made a funny tik tok video, but unfortunately did not find the cool looking bench that we went hiking for. 
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leo-gold-hotchner · 11 months ago
The Sinner -2
Any criticism on spelling/grammar mistakes, character description (trying my best to describe them in characters), facts (especially region, I’ve never been to America before), etc. are all welcome! Though, be lenient on me :) 
I had to change ‘mate’ to ‘pal’ lol...
Criminal Minds BAU x Reader
Warning: Explicit description of blood, death, mutilation, swearing etc.
Word Count: 3.1k
Previous parts: 1
“A glutton lives to eat instead of eating to live.” – African Proverb 
 Tik tok. Tik tok. 
The large man cried as the silent room filled with the clock ticking. He wanted to stop the clock, wanted to smash it. But it will never happen, that's what the abductor said to him. He’ll never see the daylight while alive, and it scared him. Regretting ever joining the club. 
 The figure appeared without light, its face covered in a black mask, and a hood. He begged for the mercy, but the figure held out a red bloodied pliers without hesitation. Soon, painful screams filled the dark room along a sound of something being forcefully torn. Both predator and prey knew the pitiful scream can’t be heard from the outside.
2nd Day 
Detective Lee was already at the scene, covering his mouth while yawning. It was a freezing morning of November. The detective greeted the BAU kindly, explaining they were waiting for the CSI to be arrived. The team decided to wait for the CSI too, trying to wake fully from drowsiness. They were at the National Park, where everything looked peaceful except for the bloody body found on the large rock near the small waterfall. The Sun was rising slowly over the dawn sky while Lee explained the situation after scribbling something on his note. 
“The forest ranger found the body while patrolling the area,” the detective nodded towards a young ranger who looked very ill. “He stated there was no one except him when he found the body. The driver’s license says the victim’s name is Benedict Lewis, 46-year-old. Whoever did this, drove a long way to dump a body,” he cringed, “’gula’ is written on the body.” 
“Which is gluttony, just like lust, it’s the Seven Deadly Sins.” Rossi informed the detective. 
“So, the killer is really on an extreme religious mission or something?” Lee asked incredulously. During his 5 years of detective life, he’s never seen such murders before. 
“Maybe,” Reid replied. “Does the victim have any unusual thing other than the word?” His pocketed hand playing with the sobriety coin. The young genius was actually glad he was called in the early morning as he was having a nightmare. The nightmare where Tobias Hankel drugged him. 
“If you mean by a large rat, frog, snake shoved in his mouth, yeah. Is this also the Seven Deadly Sins thing?” the detective asked when Reid’s eyes sparked in realisation, pushing his nightmare to the back of his mind. 
“Yes, actually gluttony is punished by eating rats, snakes, toads eternally.” 
“Gross,” Prentiss frowned along with JJ and Morgan. 
“Prentiss and Morgan, check out the area, if there’s anything call me. Reid and JJ, talk to the ranger. Rossi and I’ll wait for the CSI here with Detective Lee.” After Hotch ordered his team, he called Garcia -who was asleep- to look up the victim. 
Just after the agents were dispatched, an SUV parked near the scene. A person with several protections including a face covering mask walked towards them with large rectangular containers in hands. 
“Don’t they at least have courtesy to kill in the daylight?” The person said in an irritated tone with a yawning. 
“F/N?” The detective’s jaw hung up in surprise. “What the hell are you doing here? Aren’t you supposed to be on leave?” 
“I’ve been resting for two months, Leon. Fucking two months!” F/N held two fingers to the detective with frustration. “And it drove me crazy!” 
“What happened to Harrison?” 
“Apparently, our newbie is sick since he saw the ‘luxuria’ bodies.” The forensic scientist sighed deeply, shaking head. “Anyways, I’ll need your time of arrival and names. Did you touch anything?” 
“Yeah, I already wrote that, you drilled me too much it became a habit.” Detective shrugged as he showed his friend his note. “Had to touch to find his identity, but other than that I was really careful not to touch anything.” 
The scientist just walked into the scene, placing the containers far from the body and the scene. With gloves on, F/N looked through the scene, quickly theorising what to gather first. The scientist quickly but efficiently started to prepare by photographing the scene and the body, scribbling on the note. 
“That’s F/N L/N, one of the best forensic scientists we have. Sorry about the manner, F/N is usually polite.” Lee gave the two agents a sheepish smile. 
“Something happened?” Hotch asked, watching the scientist working, barking orders not to step closer to a young officer. Rossi raised his brows at the younger man, but Hotch ignored Rossi. The BAU leader could sense something from the scientist, but he wasn’t sure what was making him stare at the person. But his gut told him he had to know about what happened to this scientist. 
“Well,” the detective shoved his hands in his suit jacket, sighing deeply. “My partner, he was F/N’s husband. Has been on leave since Nick’s been shot, I’ve never thought F/N would suddenly appear here.” He checked on his watch. “Do you want coffee? I think we have time till F/N finishes the job.” Lee glanced at the scientist who was taking tweezers out from the equipment box. 
“Perhaps later,” Rossi replied pleasantly as he saw JJ and Reid returning from interviewing the forest ranger. 
“The ranger found the body around 5:40, he remembers clearly because he was texting his friend.” JJ informed them. 
“He didn’t see any vehicles while patrolling before he found the body. The UnSub probably visited the park before,” Reid said. “But he said he hasn’t seen anyone at night.” 
“Did you get when and where he patrols the park?” Rossi asked, looking at the pale ranger who was talking to an officer. 
“I asked him to draw on the map, and estimated time.” Reid showed the checked park map. Rossi noticed the trembled writings of the ranger and wondered if anyone can read that. 
Hotch’s phone suddenly rang, and he could hear the scientist curse along with the detective’s. Rossi coughed drily to hide his laugh, but Hotch could see the veteran profiler was amused that the phone call startled them. 
“Garcia, you’re on the speaker,” Hotch replied quickly before the technical analyst say something to embarrass herself from the detective. 
“Hotch, sir,” Garcia said, her voice still covered in sleep, “Lewis was a newspaper reporter before he changed his career to a food blog writer. He was a single, and there are no known connections between the first victim.” 
“Did he write criticisms on food?” JJ asked. 
“Yes, apparently,” Garcia paused for a moment, “a few restaurants closed due to his harsh reviews.” 
“Are the owners still live here?” 
“No, they all moved to other states and never returned to Philly.” 
“Thank you, Garcia.” Hotch ended the call, knowing Garcia will fall asleep as soon as he ends the call. “The UnSub associated the victims’ careers and the Sins, but we don’t know why the UnSub chose these people.” He frowned deeply. “What does UnSub want to tell us?” He saw Prentiss and Morgan returning, briefly informed what Garcia told them. 
“The area is just perfect for family picnics,” Prentiss shrugged, “there’s a wedding mansion, nothing much.” 
“This area is open space; the UnSub knew the body would be found easily.” Morgan said. “The mansion was locked tight, so I don’t think the UnSub used the facility, no hint of forced entry too.” 
“The UnSub could’ve been using some kind of transport. The victim has a large physique, moving the body here would’ve been difficult even for a muscular man,” Rossi hummed. 
“About that, Prentiss and I found tyre marks over there.” The muscular agent pointed over the crime scene. 
The detective went to the forensic scientist and told about the tyre mark and the scientist lazily walked to the scene to take several photos. 
“Hey, can we enter now?” Lee yelled impatiently, checking an hour has passed. He shouldn’t urge his friend, but the scientist looked finished from his view, if not he’d just apologise to his friend and will be gladly yelled by the scientist for urging the work. But, without a word, the scientist only gestured to okay to come. 
“Not many insects and the body didn’t even reach bloating stage yet. So, you can say it’s rather fresh. But, you never know in this bitchy winter. I’ll send the traces and the animals to the lab as soon as I arrive.” 
“You finished real quick today, not much?” 
“I’m wondering this guy maybe learned from Dexter or something and thinks himself Dante or what.” L/N rolled eyes, shivering from the cold winter. “I hate winter,” the scientist muttered, “I’ll be in the lab if you need me.” 
“That’s it,” Reid exclaimed as he stared at the scientist’s back. “It’s Dante’s Inferno. In Inferno, after the first circle of Limbo, Dante visits the second circle where Lust is punished by devils. Then, Gluttony, Greed, Wrath, Heresy, Violence, Fraud, Treachery. It’s rather fitting because this victim’s name is Benedict and in Inferno, Pope Boniface VIII is punished due to gluttony and his name was Benedetto which is equivalent to the English name, Benedict.” The young doctor talked fast which the detective watched the agent with his mouth ajar. 
“If the UnSub is killing according to Inferno, then it’s not about the seven sins?” Lee asked with a confused frown, he heard about the classic but never read. “I, I’m not sure about that.” Reid stuttered. “The Seven Deadly Sins are consisting of Lust, Gluttony, Greed, Sloth, Wrath, Envy, Pride. So we can’t be sure what the UnSub is imitating until the killings reach to either Wrath or Sloth.”
“Let’s hope we catch the UnSub before that stage,” Hotch mused rubbing his chin. “Rossi and Morgan, could you go and check Lewis’ home?”
“You drive,” Rossi threw the car key to the muscular man who caught it easily.
“I’m going to read Dante again,” Reid shrugged. “There might be hints.”
“I’ll be visiting the M.E., JJ and Prentiss are you going to the station?” Hotch asked.
“I thought about calling the victims’ family and friends,” JJ informed the unit chief. “Emily and I can split the job if that’s okay?” Prentiss nodded next to the blond agent.
“Alright, let’s get going.” Hotch nodded towards his team and everyone was ready for another long day.
“Our victim knew how to clean,” Rossi looked around the small apartment. Lewis’ apartment was very clean, everything in order. 
“Hey, Rossi, look at this,” Morgan called the older man from the bedroom. Rossi saw the expensive watches in the drawer. “I wonder where he’d got money.” 
“They’re authentic,” Rossi examined one of the watches. “With salary of reporter or food writer he could’ve afford one or two, but not all of these.” 
“Maybe he was part of something?” 
“It’s possibility. We need to know if the first victims had anything like this, maybe that might be a connection between the victims.” 
“That might be, but the first two earned more than Lewis,” Morgan reminded the veteran agent. “They could’ve afforded as much as this if they wanted to.” 
“Perhaps that’s why they could get clients who’d pay them handsomely. If Lewis was payed for being a part of organisation, Smith and Olson may have introduced to their clients.”
“Urg, if that’s right, maybe that’s why both of them didn’t have any information on their clients.” Morgan huffed, thinking there was no information to gather the first two victims’ clients at all. No memo, no digital logs, none.
“But, let’s focus on Lewis’ life style shall we?” Rossi clasped his hands.
Hotch saw the forensic scientist talking with Doctor Bear when he entered the pathologist lab. Surprisingly, the scientist was sitting on the metal table for corpses, and the M.E. was leaning back to another table where a white sheet covered a body on it. The place seemed to be grotesquely peaceful. 
“Agent Hotchner,” the doctor greeted the stoic agent. The forensic scientist just nodded to Hotch, but said nothing. “I sent the toxicology and autopsy report to Detective Lee.” The doctor shrugged before Hotch could reply, “but, I’m sure you’re here to see the body for yourself.” 
“Yes, I wanted examine the body before reading the report.” The doctor hummed. 
“Where’s that young man? He was rather interesting to talk to,” the doctor good-heartedly laughed uncovering the white sheet from the body. 
“I’m going, have fun,” the scientist said sarcastically before exiting the lab. 
“Ah well, F/N is still angry.” Bear said like he was talking to himself. 
Hotch stopped observing the Lewis’ body, and asked why the scientist was angry. 
“We still didn’t catch Nick’s shooter.” Bear frowned deeply. “Nick’s F/N’s husband, and he was a good man and friend.” 
Hotch nodded, but he took a mental note of that. He didn’t know why, but it felt important to know both Hotch and L/N lost their spouse to criminals. But for now, it was time to focus on the doctor’s explanation. 
JJ was staring at the board with crossed arms over her chest and Reid was reading Dante’s Inferno with his usual reading pace. Prentiss was pressing her chin on the brown desk, wrapping her head with her arms as she stared at a black phone blankly. It’s only been second day, and everyone could feel this case will take a long time to solve. The BAU knew they will catch the UnSub eventually as they usually did, but nonetheless it was a hard process to find any lead on this UnSub. 
“The family couldn’t find anything strange, or found anything from their homes,” the brunette groaned as she muttered about the first victims’ possessions. 
‘Expensive possession’ was circled and a red question mark was drawn next to it where the white board was filled with words and photos by the agents. 
“Only connection we currently have is, MO.” JJ tilted her head as if she was about to burn the word ‘torture’ on the board with her eyes. “So much anger, but on what?” 
“Smith and Olson’s families say they didn’t have any enemies, and Lewis was a loner, no family, no close friends.” Prentiss tapped her finger on her the desk. The young man closed his book and looked up. “Finished?” 
“Yes,” the genius replied dully. “I don’t think there’s any hint in the literature yet.” 
“We need a break, coffee?” JJ whirled around and asked. 
Detective Lee sighed as he threw his jacket off. The BAU was here, but the case wasn’t really cracking as he thought. But it’s only been second day no need to rush. The killer left literally nothing other than the body. Whoever it was, the guy knew how to hide evidence. But still, not even one single hair or fibre? It was so frustrating, killer among people, looking for next victim. It made his skin crawl and wanted to catch this bastard as soon as possible. 
“Tired day?” Morgan asked from behind where he and Rossi returned from Lewis’ place. 
Rossi entered the BAU room, throwing his empty coffee cup into the bin where the younger three agents whined about not having coffee yet to the older man. Morgan quickly smirked at the scene but turned his attention to the detective. 
“Yeah,” the detective replied casually. “I still have other cases to solve. You guys are just like rain during drought for me to help catch this guy.” 
“Hey, we’ll catch this guy,” Morgan encouraged the younger man. “That’s why we’re here, to help you catch this guy.” 
“Thanks, pal.” Lee quickly grabbed several files from this desk and handed to the FBI agent. “Here’s the copies of reports for the autopsy and toxicology of Lewis.” 
“Thanks.” Morgan thanked. “By the way,” he then stopped and asked, “Any recommendation for coffees?” 
“Two blocks right when you exit the station, you see one small café.” Lee used his thumb to point the direction. “If you need a hand, I’ll probably be here till late.” 
Morgan thanked the polite detective and joined his team. “Hey, Lee told me there’s a good café here. Let’s grab some coffee.” 
“I’m in,” Prentiss replied quickly as she grabbed her coat. “You two wanna stay here?” She asked JJ and Reid. 
“I need some air,” JJ followed the brunette and turned to Reid expectantly. 
“Could you grab me a coffee, I still want to see if there’s anything I missed.” Reid asked. 
“If Hotch comes, tell him we’ll get his coffee too,” JJ told Rossi and Reid who nodded. 
The BAU unit chief’s eyes swiftly turned to the captain’s office where Detective Lee was having a conversation with the Captain. His eyes met with the Captain’s eyes, the Captain stiffly nodded towards Hotch, but soon he blinded his office. It was none of his business whether the boss and his subordinate to have a talk, but Hotch felt the talk was about this case. This case was something big. He didn’t know why but he was having this strange feeling about this case. It was as if in deep down, he knew why the UnSub was killing these people. But he didn’t know. It was irking him, frustrating him to no end. His sense was telling him most of important pieces of the puzzle were already gathered. 
The team greeted him as he entered the room, Prentiss handed his coffee that was still warm enough to drink. 
“Have you found something?” Reid asked the leader. 
“No,” Hotch leaned back on the wall. “But, Lewis was less tortured than Smith and Olson. Unlike the other two, Lewis’ death was due to blunt force trauma on the back of his head.” 
“Maybe the UnSub is looking for information about potential victims. Torture is the method the UnSub is using to extract information, and Lewis maybe gave the UnSub that information easily without retaliating further.” JJ suggested, thinking back when she was deployed in a secret mission in Afghanistan. 
“That’d be plausible after Rossi and Morgan found expensive watches Lewis couldn’t afford,” Reid nodded. 
“So the UnSub may be annihilating members of this secret group.” Prentiss quickly scribbled ‘group’ on the white board, arrows pointing from the victims’ photos. 
“For now that’s the best theory,” Rossi leaned front, “but we have to be careful not to focus on this theory. We have to be flexible.” Rossi reminded the team. 
Hotch checked his watch that was already pointing 6pm. 
“Let’s grab dinner, and you can work or rest at your room for today.”
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buckyangel · 11 months ago
as unacceptable as it sounds its not my fault ─★ jj maybank
[jj maybank] x [brazilian!fem!reader]
warnings: cursing, crude humor, bullying, mentions of suicide, mentions of marijuana
description: detention with y/n and jj. “someone said people whose favorite trope is enemies to lovers are enticed by the idea of showing someone the worst parts of yourself first and still having them fall in love with you” 
note: i was going through my tik tok saves and saw the one of that one couple who made like that wattpad story thing about being in detention together and i wanted to make a story based off of that. her @ is vitoryaparente if u wanna go watch them. 
Tumblr media
          Y/N. Kook Queen. The brazilian that moved in the eighth grade and ripped the title from Sarah Cameron with out messing up her pearls. With her crazy good looks and stellar body, she didn’t work a day in her life for what was given to her and it seriously shown. 
JJ Maybank. The epitome of Pogue. It was a no brainer that JJ would eventually end up with a Kook and living the glorious life that he dreamed of. He wished to have the life that his rivals did, and it shown. 
Y/N was easily the prettiest girl in all of Outer Banks, with Kiara Carrera and Sarah Cameron coming in close seconds. Y/N held the title with a tiara on the top of her head with the sword dragging slowly behind her, the screeching noise against the cement creating sparks to whoever her next victim was. 
Y/N believed that honest was key, and she let you know the hard truth even when it wasn’t asked. Sarah turning to her friend with a hard look, “Key tip, Y/N:” Sarah started, “If someone doesn’t ask for advice, don’t give it” The Kook Princess told the girl who rolled her eyes and slouched against her seat. 
Y/N didn’t get in trouble a lot, but when she did she made sure it was worth it. 
So that’s what happened. She got in trouble, and she decided to see how far she could take it. Scolding the teacher for a thought he muttered out loud about one of her friends, and then after Y/N rose her voice, JJ butted in. “Maybe don’t start shit?” He shouted, making the girl turn in her eat with a sarcastic smile on her lips. “I’m sorry, who are you?” She asked sweetly when she sure as hell knew who he was. 
If it came to lists, JJ Maybank would be the first guy she’d have under her alone in her room. She would jump his bones if he said the word, but of course she didn’t let anyone know that. Keeping the secret with her until the day she died. 
So, that’s where they were. Sat at opposite sides of the empty classroom. The short plaid skirt showing off her tanned legs and the black knee highs. The white collared shirt that was tucked into the high waisted pants. The large hoop earrings, and the messy half-up, half-down hair do. The platform doc martens zipped up.
Y/N was slouched lazily in the cold seat, body at an angle so her crossed ankles were in the middle of the isle. Scratching her pen against the paper at such a speed that it started to rip once the paper turned a dark blue color. 
She sat up in her seat, sticking the red sucker back in her mouth and clicking the back of the pen against the text book. “Do you ever stop?” JJ asked, focusing on her side profile while she turned to him and had a wide smile on her lips, “I’m sorry?” She asked him, “Stop making noise.” He said as if he were offerring. She saw the plastic wrap of Oreos on the text book that was left on the desk after school. 
Y/N glanced around the room, fixing her posture and placing her notebook back on the desk. “No.” She responded to him in a playful manner, leaning her head down while maintaining eye contact with the Maybank boy who sighed and slouched in the plastic seat. 
Once Y/N realized she wasn’t going to get a response from him, she balanced her head on her right hand that was holding the paper stick of the sweet treat. Grabbing the pen with her left hand and started to doodle again, bouncing her leg up and down creating a clacking sound that irked JJ even more.
JJ grabbed the closed pack of Oreos in his hands, the silver and black of his rings beaming the light off of them. Creating a shine. 
He glanced over to Y/N, focusing back on the package. He lifted his hand up and shot the blue packaging over in her direction. The crackling sound making her slowly lift her head up and glance over to JJ who was acting as if he were looking out the window at the trees and the cars in the parking lot. 
Y/N looked down, seeing the, now open, package of chocolate and cream treats. JJ heard the chair she was sitting in be forcefully pushed backwards once she pushed herself up. Pushing the chair back into the desk while she squatted down and grabbed the package. 
She pushed past the desks, making her way to JJ who’s knuckles were held on his cheekbones. Balancing his head. Y/N leaned over the desk, almost over his shoulder while she ringed out the chocolate treats over his desk, creating a black mess of crumbs on the tan surface. JJ watched the mess be made, leaning back and holding his arms on the desk while she slammed the package down and turned her back to him. Walking back to her desk, she turned before sitting down. Watching JJ sit back up and make eye contact with her, Y/N gave him a sweet smile people sucking on the sucker again.
A couple minutes go by leaving Y/N to her book. Slouched against the cold plastic again with her opened book she was required to finish for her English class when she heard the plastic make contact with the linoleum of the school floors. 
She tilted her head to the side, just when JJ did. Soon making quick eye contact that was unwanted by the both of them. “Can you stop looking at me” Y/N muttered, not getting a response from the Maybank boy, just a small hidden smile on his thin lips. 
JJ grabbed his books, standing up from his seat and going to sit down in the one directly next to Y/N. Pushing the desk so it was a couple inches from hers. 
She could smell his deodorant. And he could smell the cherry lollipop she has yet to finish. He faced her, this time eyes fixated on her face waiting for her to look at him. “Is this better?” He asked her, “How would this be better?” She mumbled, JJ sitting up, pointing back to the seat. 
“Cause I couldn’t really see you from where I was sitting- well, your face at least.” He teased, resting his head on his fist while she rolled her eyes at him. 
He sat there for five minutes, fixated his eyes on hers while Y/N grew impatient from the small gesture. She cracked the candy between her teeth, sitting up and slamming the book down on the desk. Chewing the hard sugar and copying his actions, “Oh, playing me at my own game?” JJ gasped, widening his eyes while she didn’t answer, just stared at him back. 
JJ sat up from his seat quickly, walking behind the teachers desk. “What are you doing?” Her voice echoed in the empty class, rolling her eyes while the faint accent was loud. JJ held up his keys, swinging them around his finger. “Hm, don’t see yours...” He announced, while seeing the Mercedes key hooked on a keychain from back home. “Asshole, they’re next to yours. Give them to me.” You stood up, grabbing your bag and slinging it around your shoulders, ready to leave. JJ was quick to slip her own keys in his pocket when her back was facing him.
JJ grabbed the teachers keys, locking the drawer while he went and slung his own backpack around his shoulders. “Come back.” JJ left the Oreo mess on the desk while he walked from the quiet class, hearing her footsteps behind him. She picked up her pace, leaning down and snatching the keys from his hand. 
JJ stopping while she walked past him, turning around and holding them up. “Come get them, boy” She teased as if it were a treat. “I’m not a dog” JJ told her while he started to walk again. “Really? Could’ve beat me..” She spoke, rounding the corner to go down the stairs. “You have my keys. My car keys... The car that, you don’t drive.” JJ said, slouching his shoulders while she focused on her phone screen. 
“Y/N, give them back.” JJ said, once getting to level floor again when you went around the corner. JJ slammed his hand out, blocking you from moving while his palm hit the brick of the school decor. He leaned down, “I’ll take them back now” He told her, “No you wont” Y/N answered, still being blocked from him. 
“Let’s go get milkshakes?” JJ questioned, “I’ll buy you one” She gasped, putting a sarcastic smile on her lips. “Wow, I guess mowing my lawn does pay off” She tilted her head to the side, eyes slowly moving down to JJ’s lips which pursed while he nodded his head, rubbing them together. 
She held the keys up, when JJ went to grab them she snatched her hand away and walk the opposite way of his arm that was blocking her. 
He followed her for a little longer before reaching forward and grabbing her other hand, “Need some comfort?” She asked, JJ holding his hand open. Y/N glared at him, “Okay buy you’re buying me fries too” She said, slamming the keys down into the palm of his hand, “Only for the best” He spoke with sarcasm, passing Y/N while she followed him out to his car.
JJ was quick to get to his car to beat the rain that was pouring down, jumping inside and locking the doors. Turning his head seeing Y/N raise up her manicured finger nail. “JJ, open the goddamn door” He started the car, she yelled at him in her Native tongue, while JJ unlocked the car while she opened in harshly, ducking inside and staring at him. 
“I hate you” She cursed, pulling her backpack from her shoulders and flying it into his backseat. “You should curse to me more in Portuguese, it’s hot.” He leaned forward, making Y/N push her hand on his face. “get away from me” She said, unlocking her phone. “You’re the one in my car right now” JJ said, buckling up while Y/N did the same. 
“Yes, because you have the keys, stupid.” She sighed, “And without the keys, I can’t get mine” The girl sighed again while he pulled out onto the main street. 
“So, why’d you move here from Brazil, I’ve always wondered.” JJ asked, “We’re not friends” Y/N told him, “I know that, Jesus. It’s just a question...” JJ answered, glancing over to her while she had a small smile on her lips once answering one of her friends. “So, you’re just gonna ignore me?” JJ asked, “Like I have been for the past four years, yes.” Y/N sent her sweet smile towards JJ who laughed loud, abruptly stopping while glancing over to her. 
Her lips were stained a red color, her tongue still bring red while JJ noticed right away. 
They got to the diner five minutes later, JJ not waiting for her while he walked in. “Hi JJ” The waitress gave him a smile, “Hello, Dot.” He smiled, “Dumbass” Y/N bumped into his shoulder while walking to a booth, “Uh- two banana milkshake and some fries, please.” He asked while walking to the booth and sliding in front of Y/N who was focused on her phone. 
“I wouldn’t have picked you to be a rule breaker” JJ said, “It’s the second to last day of school, what are they gonna do? Give me summer school? I’m a straight A student.” Y/N told JJ, locking her phone and crossing her arms on the table. “That makes sense” JJ nodded his head, “Wanna go smoke after this?” JJ rose his eyebrows up and down, “I don’t smoke” 
JJ’s jaw went slack. “You don’t smoke? Everyone smokes.” 
“Not me” 
“Because I don’t need to get high to have fun. You should try it sometime. There’s this thing called adrenaline. It does wonders.” JJ mocked her smile, “Yeah, there’s this thing called weed, it also does wonders.” Dot brought the milkshakes and food over. 
Y/N staring at the glass with the pink straw, “Thanks gorgeous” JJ told the waitress who sent him a loving wink, “What kind is this?” Y/N wrapped her lips around the straw, taking a drink. “Banana” JJ answered, examining her. 
She wasn’t going to let him know it was her flavor she always got. 
She grabbed a fry, moving the straw over and dipping it into the dessert. JJ’s jaw opened, “No” He fake gagged, “Don’t hate until you try it” She picked up another fry and tossed it to him. JJ catching it with his mouth, “You’re an idiot” Y/N let a small laugh come from her throat and she soon masked it by taking another drink. 
“I will never. That’s like, disobeying the laws of physics.” 
“Have you taken physics?” 
“Then how do you know?” Y/N looked at him through her eyelashes, making JJ forget what he was talking about. “Uh-” He cleared his throat, “I’m going to next year though” He nodded his head, “It’s pretty easy” Y/N told him, JJ nodding his head. “If you go to class. You were what, in class three times last quarter?” Y/N asked, “I had to work, unlike you.” JJ said, “I have a job” Y/N told him, “Oh really? Doing what? Sitting on your ass and watching tv?” He asked her, while she stared at him. 
“No, JJ. I’m interning at Duke this summer so I’ve been doing online shit.” Y/N told him, “The whole summer? You’re spending your summer at a College?” He asked, knitting his eyebrows together. “Yes, because I have goals in my life that I would like to achieve.” She grabbed another fry and dipped it in the dessert. 
“Okay, doing what?” He asked, “Coding” JJ nodded his head slowly, “What kind of codes? There’s like, so many of them.” Y/N laughed, “Quantum Computing” 
“Like in Ant-Man?” 
Y/N stared at him, “That’s Quantum Physics. JJ.” He gasped, “Physics.” He pointed a finger to her, “They’re two completely different things.” 
“Both have Quantum to them. Can’t be that different.” He shrugged his shoulders, “Quantum Computing is the use of quantum-mechanical phenomena such as superposition and entanglement to preform computation. Quantum Physics is the branch of physics concerned with quantum theory. Hank Pym uses it to shrink down to the size of an Ant.” It rolled off of Y/N’s tongue, JJ nodding as if he understood anything that she just said. “Oh, so you’re a Marvel nerd...” JJ told her. 
“Isn’t everyone?” She asked, eyes going wide while stirring the milkshake. “So, you never answered my question” Y/N looked back to him. “About what?” 
“Why you moved here” 
“If you dip a fry in your milkshake I’ll answer it.” From JJ’s reaction to it earlier, she was convinced he would never. But when he grabbed one, dipping it in to his fingers. And eating it she looked at him, “I got adopted. My family lives here so, I moved here.” She held her hands open, palm facing the ceiling. “You’re adopted?” He asked, Y/N nodding her head slowly. “Yeah” She spoke slowly, “I didn’t know that” 
“You don’t know anything about me” 
JJ shrugged, “I know you’re a bitch” He responded, Y/N going silent. “Cat got your tongue” 
“I heard you hooked up with Mylee James.” JJ pursed his lips, “Yeah?” He said, Y/N putting a smile on her lips. “Where’d you hear that from?” He asked, making Y/N sigh and shrug. “I have my ways.” 
Mylee James, the girl who committed suicide three months ago. A legend at Kildare County High School. 
“You know why she killed herself?” Y/N asked JJ who shook his head fast, “No. We hooked up at a party.” Y/N nodded her head slowly, “Yeah, I know.” 
“Why do you ask?” JJ brought up, glancing back to her. “Cause if I hooked up with someone and they slit their wrists two weeks later I’d want to know why.” JJ looked to her, “She left a note” JJ’s jaw went slack. 
“Something about how she couldn’t see herself live past the age of like twenty and she got admitted to Penn State and she didn’t want her parents to waste a bunch of money if she was gonna die anyways.” JJ leaned back in his seat, “You know you sound like a horrible person right now, right?” He asked, Y/N staring to the white inside the cup. 
“Okay?” Y/N shrugged her shoulders, “People have different coping mechanisms.” 
“Yeah? What’s yours? Making fun of a dead girl?” JJ asked, leaning forward, “Considering that it would’ve been me, no.” She snapped harshly, “I have the right to free speech, just ‘cause she killed herself doesn’t mean that I have to change anything?” 
“You didn’t even know her” JJ said, Y/N picking at her nails. “Believe it or not, I talked her down a couple times. Shocker right?” Y/N gasped loudly. “Yeah, JJ. Looks can be deceiving.” JJ shook his head, “I don’t believe you” He said, “I don’t care if you don’t believe me or not. What you think is literally the last thing I will ever care about.” Y/N slouched her shoulders, grabbing the cup and holding it to her chest.
JJ saw her pick at the inside of her lip with her teeth, soon believing. “Wait” He said, leaning forward. “You said, considering it would’ve been me.” He said, “I never said that” Y/N told him, “Yeah, you did.” He nodded his head fast. 
“No, I didn’t.” She looked at him, rolling her eyes and sitting back up. Grabbing another fry, “You hold a lot of secrets” Y/N stared at him, “You don’t?” Y/N asked, JJ shaking his head no. “No, ‘cause I have friends that I trust” 
“Is that why you’re going to Duke this summer? To get away? ‘Cause I know you’re a party girl. I do know that, I’ve seen you at the Boneyard parties a couple times.” 
“So you stalk me?” 
JJ laughed, “No, I gaze from afar” He said with a smile on his lips, “Get in line” Y/N told him, JJ licking his lips. “I’m surprised you don’t have a boyfriend yet” 
“Why?” Y/N asked, knitting her eyebrows together. “The boys here will fuck anything with legs” JJ nodded his head, agreeing with her. “Yeah... But,” He shrugged again, “I don’t know, you’re-” 
“I’m what?” She asked him, “You’re pretty, and just- I know what guys like” He said, fiddling with the strings on his sweatshirt. “The guys here are idiots. I’m not gonna waste my time to get, I don’t know- heartbroken over some Kook.” JJ glanced to her, “Besides, I’m here for one more hear, maybe half a year and I’ll be gone.” She chuckled, “Half a year?” 
“I’m gonna do everything in my power to graduate early. I need like five more credits until I’m done.” 
JJ squinted, looking out the window to the stormy weather. “That’s possible?” He asked, “Yeah, if you work your ass off.” She responded, Y/N finishing the milkshake. “Want another?” JJ asked, Y/N shaking her head no. “No, I’m lactose intolerant” JJ’s eyes went wide. 
“Then why’d you drink it?” 
“So I’d have a reason to leave early” She gasped, eyes going wide. “Are you serious?” JJ asked her, “Deadly” Y/N stared at him, “You’re very stubborn.” 
“Come on, let’s go.” Y/N said, while JJ reached in his pocket, throwing a twenty down on the table and sliding out of the booth. “Thanks!” JJ shouted, waving to the back while Dot waved back to him. 
The two got back to the school parking lot, Y/N glancing over to JJ while reaching in the back for her bag. “Think she noticed we’re gone?” JJ asked, “Probably” She went to open the door, JJ digging in his pocket for her keys. “Aye” when she slammed the car door shut, JJ rolled down the window. 
Y/N leaned down, looking in and seeing her car keys that JJ was dangling. “You bitch” Y/N cursed to him, JJ laughing while extending his hand out and she grabbed them. “You see how easy that was?” JJ asked her, Y/N raising her middle finger to him. 
“I hate you.” She told him, “How can you hate me if you don’t even know me?” JJ shouted while watching her walk to her Mercedes parked two lanes over. JJ watched her get into the car, the door slam shut. 
His phone dinged in his pocket, JJ pulling it out to see. 
A smile creeped onto his face, chuckling and shaking his head slowly while locking the device and putting the car in drive. 
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emmy-writes-sometimes · 11 months ago
Running Wild
Your boyfriend, Jaeden, takes you on a graduation, anniversary, and birthday trip all at once as you confront the possibility of spending your lives together. 
           “Where are you taking me?” You asked Jaeden over the phone. He laughed and you could imagine how his nose always scrunched up when he laughed. God, his laugh was like sunshine.
           “I’m not telling you! Just pack for a while. Like, a while. Cute clothes and sweats for pictures and not pictures.” It was not only your eighteenth birthday, but your first year anniversary with Jae, too. So he’d told you to pack because he was coming up from his parents’ house the next day.
           “I’m incredibly suspicious of you right now,” you said. He laughed again.
           “It’ll be fun, I promise, babe.” You narrowed your eyes and finished your conversation, agreeing to meet him at eight the next morning in your driveway. You had a small idea that he was taking you somewhere, definitely, but you didn’t know where. Your dad wasn’t budging, either. And he walked into your room to hand you your laundry basket as you hung up.
           “Why won’t you tell me where he’s taking me?” You asked. He chuckled.
           “Because it’s a surprise. Just get ready for dinner.” That was the last he spoke about it. He didn’t even entertain the idea at the family dinner that night. All he said to you and your family was that you’d be gone for a month. It was right after your high school graduation, too, so you had the whole summer, and Jae was off from filming so your dad had agreed to let you go with him for that amount of time. You loved the relationship they had, but you kind of hated how often they conspired against you and kept secrets, knowing you didn’t like surprises.
           You went to bed that night after packing a few pairs of athletic shorts. You woke up the next morning and tried to call him, but he didn’t answer. Your dad was already making breakfast for the two of you, eyeing you with a smile. Eventually you heard a horn beeping, assuming it was Jaeden.
           “Go on,” your dad insisted with a smile on his face as he flipped a pancake. You eyed him and walked out of the front door to see that Jaeden was driving his mom’s Volvo, but that wasn’t the weirdest thing. It was towing a silver Airstream behind it. You grinned as you saw the SUV shut off and Jae got out of the car.
           “No fucking way!” You said loudly, walking over to your boyfriend and hugging him for the first time in a month. “You got us a trailer?”
           “You’re always saying you want a great American road trip, so here we are. It’s got an Apple TV, all the plugs for all of your chargers, and we can cook. You wanted to get off the grid for a while, and I want to drive through Utah.”
           “You’re kidding.”
           “Nope. Everything is worked out. As soon as I get some of those pancakes, we’ll go.” He followed you inside and greeted both your dad and the dog, then the three of you started getting your breakfast together.
           Most of the time on the trip, you kept your phones completely off – you had an old Polaroid camera you’d gotten when you were probably fifteen, and he had a video camera he was going to cut together footage on. You kept them in the glove box and called your parents every so often. But most days you would sleep in a state park or a camping ground, squeezed into the small bed together, listening to the sounds of the generator running the air conditioning.
           One morning you were in Arizona, almost all the way out to California where you would spend a few days just driving around the coastline. You woke up and wrestled Jae’s arms from around you, eyeing your mint green camera from the shelf beside a succulent you’d named Marty for whatever reason. The trailer was hot, even though you had an air conditioner at night, so you were only wearing a t-shirt and Jae was only wearing shorts. You turned around, grabbing the camera, and took a picture of Jae.
           “What are you doing?” He asked, a sleepy smile spreading across his face. You’d dyed his hair the other day with peroxide, and it looked almost like a halo against the dark sheets in the trailer. His hand snaked up your thigh as you straddled his torso, taking another picture.
           “Taking a picture,” you replied with a smile. You handed him the polaroid when it came out of the camera and he set it down by Marty. You set the camera down on top of it and collapsed back on top of him.
           “Grand Canyon trail today?” He asked you as you flopped back down onto the bed. You’d taken a three hour-long detour to see it, since neither of you had been before. You nodded. “Then we should probably get up and pack for the trail. We should take some extra granola bars because you get cranky when you’re hungry.”
           “I do not!” You heard a noise outside the trailer and sat up, pulling Jae’s shirt down in case it was a state trooper. You’d had a couple of those so far because, well, the trailer wasn’t very stationary and every time you moved, it moved. You sat up, grabbing at a pair of shorts you’d thrown off the bed last night because it was so hot.
           “Take my wallet if they need to see an ID,” Jae said, “it’s rented in my name.” You gave him a thumbs-up and walked outside, expecting there to be a state trooper asking to see some ID. But there wasn’t anyone out there. The other RV that had been there last night had gone, so you two were alone on the campground. You eyed the trooper station, where one was usually sitting, and no one was there. But you looked down when you heard a panting. Standing in front of you was an Australian Shepherd, one who was obviously under a year old. It was a freaking puppy. It wasn’t wearing a collar, and you couldn’t see any sign of a microchip. It was definitely a boy, though.
           “Hey,” Jae said as he came up behind you. “What’s the dog doing here?”
           “I don’t know. There’s no one else out here.” You sat down on the step that led up to the trailer and pet the dog. He was friendly. He was happy, and he wasn’t distressed at all. “We should take it down to the strip mall, the pet store. Maybe they can scan the microchip.”
           “Yeah, I’ll get him some water.” Jae returned in a minute with a silver bowl you usually used to make soup filled with cold water, sitting down next to you and placing it in front of the dog.
           You took him down to the pet store and they couldn’t find a microchip. They said since it didn’t have one and it didn’t have a collar, it had probably been abandoned, and so suddenly you were buying a leash and you named it Brady to get your dad to let you take him home and keep him. You took the dog on the trail, just in case he got lost with some hikers. He knew simple commands too, and you couldn’t see why anyone could get rid of him.
           You decided to stay that night, too, pushing your California trip down a day, but it was fine. You ended up sitting outside the trailer in the chairs, the dog between the two of you, drinking some of the alcohol your dad had let the two of you take as long as you were safe with it. There was a fire pit in front of you, burning brightly, and there was still no one else in the park, probably because it was a weekday. You kept catching Jae looking at you as you scrolled through Tik Tok, grateful that you had a connection at least for a while.
           “What?” You said, feeling the heat rise to your cheeks. He smiled.
           “Nothing. Just happy.”
           “I love this. I love being here with you. And I love that we have a dog now, even if it’s by accident. And I love spending time with you and sleeping with you and being out in the middle of nowhere.”
           “I could literally murder you and no one would notice.”
           “I mean, yeah,” you replied with a laugh. You put your phone face down and looked over at him, tightening your hand around your empty beer bottle. “I’m happy. I’m really happy.”
           “Yeah. Me too.” You held hands for a few minutes before you got a call from your dad, updating him on the dog situation, and finally the two of you went to bed.
           A month later and you were in an unknown on your second to last night in the trailer. The dog was kind of yours now, and your dad had finally decided to let you keep the dog as long as he got along with Dodger. You were at an overlook, the dog asleep inside, and it was actually kind of cold, so you were wrapped up in one of Jae’s sweaters as you watched the sun set over the Blue Ridge mountains. You heard the door open and Jae walked out in a sweatshirt too, but he was holding something he’d gone to get a minute ago.
           “What’s that?” You asked, eyes narrowing as you eyed the navy blue velvet box that looked a little familiar.
           “Your birthday present,” he said, blushing a little bit. He handed it to you and you opened it as he leaned against the trailer’s doorway, anxiously watching. You opened it to see a ring, a rose gold ring, with three diamonds in the middle. It looked old, and familiar, and you couldn’t place it.
           “The diamond in the middle is your mom’s wedding ring,” he said quietly. “I asked your dad if I could give you a promise ring, because he said we have to wait until we’re at least in our twenties.” You smiled. You knew it was your dad’s idea to give you your mother’s ring, it must have been. He walked over to you and put the ring on your finger and you hugged him tightly, trying not to tear up like a baby.
           Your heart absolutely melted as you looked up at your boyfriend of a year and best friend of three, ever since you met him at Knives Out and threw around tennis balls with the dogs on set for two hours. He’d gotten yelled at for messing up the white suit he was supposed to wear and you’d spent another hour bleaching it that night to get him out of trouble. He’d been your best friend for a full year after that, and then after a night when they weren’t ID’ing, he’d drunkenly called you and admitted his feelings for you. And you’d fallen, hard, harder than you had either of your boyfriends before him. You knew that your future involved him and now he was just proving it – with the road trip and the ring, it was more than you could’ve asked for. You wanted time, and he was giving you that.
           “I love you,” he said quietly. “I really really love you.”
           “I love you too.” You stood on your toes and kissed him for what felt like forever before you buried your face in his neck, hugging his waist. “I’m glad you want to dog parent with me.”
           “You weren’t letting it go, so I figured we might as well go halfsies.” You laughed. “Happy birthday. And anniversary. And graduation. And I really, really wanna spend my life with you if you’ll let me. And if you want, I’m planning on getting a house in L.A. and I’d really like it if I could have you move in with me when you’re up there.” You smiled.
           “I dyed your hair with peroxide, we’re on a massive road trip, and we have a dog now, and I put the ring on my finger. If either of us changes our mind now it’ll suck.”
           “Yeah. It will.” You stayed there until the sun had finished setting and then you went back inside the trailer, where it was Jae’s turn to either get food delivered or heat up some soup on the burner. You could get used to this, definitely, you thought as you saw the dog curl up at his feet while he heated up some chicken noodle soup. You took another polaroid picture and put it on top of the other, smiling to yourself.
A/N: Listen to Running Wild by WYO. I promise you won’t regret it. Thanks to whoever requested both and gave me the idea for this one, because I absolutely loved writing it! I hope you like it too. 
Taglist (if you’d like to be added, send me a message or an ask!): @an-adventureland, @firstangeldragonranch, @ssebstann, @winterreader-nowwriter
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scandeniall · 11 months ago
sucker, not a simp
pairing: osamu x reader 
request from anon:  Ohoho what about Sucker by the Jonas Brothers with the superior twin AKA Osamu?? 🥴 But really I’m really excited and intrigued to see how you portray him!!
summary/warnings: one time atsumu called him a simp, but suna said hes a sucker instead./alcohol/curisng/college au again
wc: 1.3K
“It's done,” you exclaimed excitedly, immediately shutting your laptop. Glancing around at your project partners around you, you all passed high fives around. When you got to the last male you gave him a half hearted high five, pulling away just as quickly as it happened. You began chatting with the rest of your team members as you all began packing up. You hadn’t even noticed the slight redness that crept up his face.
“You plan on sitting there all night Samu.” Other than Osamu you were the last person to leave the small study room. Your question came from the doorway, as he just shook his head. Glancing at the numbers displayed on your phone you continued. “Well it's already 2am. Come on, we’ve been at this all day, and we present the proposal in the morning remember?”
Before you could completely walk out the door, The call of your name stopped you. “Hey, do you need a ride back?” A small smile shot crossed your face as you nodded, and soon the two of you were out the library and making your way down the eerily silent campus. “Sorry I parked so far, didn’t plan on being here so late.”
“It's fine,” you hummed out, kicking a small pebble along the sidewalk. “Besides, we had fun and got a badass proposal out of it. We all worked great together and bouncing ideas off of you was cool.”
“I guess we make a pretty good team,” his eyes caught yours and all you could do was nod. 
“Yeah, we do. Don't we?”
That was two years ago. After getting put in the same group project for your business class the two of you became nearly inseparable. With similar majors, the two of you found each other studying together, and even scoring internships at the same company. 
“Ok I think that the company should rethink their expansion plan. When you look at the current revenue in comparison to the expenses we have a problem. For 1, they are spending too much on-” Osamu’s mind completely blanked as he watched you talk. The two of you were currently overlooking the business’s future plans and were tasked with improving them. This was just one of the many times Osamu Miya found himself completely and utterly fucked.
From how smart and passionate you were, to how kind and funny, and how you weren’t even afraid to put his brother in his place. Osamu fell hard. It didn’t make it any better that the two of you were a complete dream team when you worked together, and because of that found yourselves paired together the majority of the time. “Hey Samu, what do you think?”
The gray haired man made his way over to the whiteboard you’d written over standing nearly shoulder to shoulder with you. “Sounds good. I just think we should-” his fingers brushed against yours lingering momentarily as he took the marker out of your hand and wrote his own notes and added to your drawings. He couldn’t help but find himself smiling to himself at your terribly drawn buildings. He remembers the first time he saw you try to draw and compliment your descriptions. He called them trash but the way you laugh had him not minding at the shitty stick figures and lopsided buildings over the years. 
Once he finished he glanced over at you to notice you shuffle. “Hungry?” he raised his eyebrow at you as you nodded. He knew it. That specific shuffle where you’d slightly stand on your toes before shifting your weight to the right was a telltale sign that you weren’t feeling the best. And given the time of day, he figured you were pretty much ready for lunch. 
“Ya liked the onigiri last week right?” At your nod he continued. “Well I changed the filling this time. Wanna give it a try?” Osamu mentally cringed at the memory of his roommates the night prior as he prepped the dish.
“Oh c’mon Samu. I’m hungry,” his twin complained as he swatted his hand away. “I don’t care Tsumu. It's not for ya.” His annoyance grew at the blonde’s studpid laugh. “Of course not. It's for (Y/N). God yer such a simp.”
“I think sucker is a nicer way of putting it,” the twins’ third roommate called out lazily. Osamu ignored the ‘Shut up Suna’ from his brother as he continued his task. 
“Come on Samu, it’ll be fun.” You drew out the n as you leaned against the kitchen’s counter. Your friend stood over the stove as the smell of food overtook your senses. “Yeah Samu, it’ll be fun,” a third voice chimed in mimicking yours. “Fuck off,” the two over you said at the ame time. Your eyes drifted to the annoying blonde, while Osamu didn’t even bat an eye. “You two are so cute ya know. Talking the same.” This time you wordlessly flipped him off before turning your attention back.
“Come on Samu, it's gonna be spring break. What better way to spend it then getting drunk and having fun with our friends. Dancing the night away and taking on the town. You know it sounds like fun.”
And that's how Osamu found himself alongside you and several of your mutual friends, mildly intoxicated, sitting at an empty park acting like teenagers again. Osamu isn’t sure the heat he's feeling is from the alcohol, his reaction to the cooled night air, or the way your hand held his the entire walk from the bar as you half haphazardly dragged him along
The laughs of your friends were drowned out as the two of you sit on the park fixture on the opposite end of the park. The alcohol had started wearing off as the two of you settled on just a comfortable buzz. The two of you laughed along to the tik tok videos flashing on your phone the buzz making things even funnier than they usually wouldve been. 
“See aren’t you glad you came out tonight,” your head fell onto his shoulder, as you locked the device. 
“Yeah, I am. Too bad I’m not gonna remember the first half of this night.” His head fell back against the park fixture as he shut his eyes. “Oh don’t worry. I have the video of you almost falling off the ledge from earlier,” you teased out thinking back to how you had challenged him to walk the ledge outside of the bar, him nearly falling several times. You had to admit though, that he did better than you. You’d only gotten a fourth of the way through before you had to give it up. 
“Remind me while I followed along with your idea. It was like the blind leading the blind”
“It's because you like (Y/N) ya scrub.” The words came out obnoxiously loud before you could even speak, causing you both to jump in surprise. “Yeah and (Y/N) you like Osamu back,” Both of your eyes widened at the flash from the phone as both your friend and Atsumu stood behind the two of you. They ignored both of your exclaims to shut up as the camera kept going. 
The hand on your shoulder stopped your continuing expletives as lips fell on yours. You ignored the hoots and hollers of the rest of your group who had somehow made their way over to annoy the two of you as well. You continued to ignore them as slightly chapped lips moved against yours and hands pulled you so that you were straddling your friend on a kids park fixture. 
The tiniest bit of alcohol, the feelings for your friend and the adrenaline that had come from the sudden kiss allowed you to keep ignoring your friends who only began to grossly gag and back away as hands fell on your butt and your tongue slipped into his mouth. When you finally pulled away you noticed the two of you were alone. Your forehead rested against his as the two of you let out heavy breaths. You couldn’t help but let out a breathless laugh, as he joined you. 
“Glad you followed me into the dark now?”
“I guess I am”
a/n: yeah sorry for the hold up bby. Idk i still dont actually like this and I struggle with writing osamu, so i hope this was at least tolerable. Requests are open, but pls check my rules first :)
funfact the beginning of this is inspired by an irl thing that happened to me this past semester. He was cute too and our team actually won the prize and our group was deadass in the library for 13 hours straight and left at 2am to be up by 9am. and he did drive me home LMFAO but nothing came of it and maybe i’ll see him at our prize conference if covid doesnt ruin my life further (he was a senior and graduated smh)
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