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#Stucky fic
slothspaghettiwrites · 17 minutes ago
Continuing anger over “reader is locked in a basement with a ton of babies” because no, back to killers: stucky picking up hitchhikers, and normally these women would be more careful about getting into a car with two dangerous men, but hey reader is with them! Another woman, it can’t be dangerous right? Right?
😂😂 reminds me of the criminal minds episode with Frank! Or maybe Sandy and Carl vibes from TDATT. But either way, the ruse is tried and tested and totally works. Steve drives, he's got a face cops couldn't be angry with and pretty girls trust. Reader sits in the front seat for most of the trip, Steve keeps a hand on her thigh to keep her quiet/calm/still. Bucky pretends to be asleep in the back. The hitchhiker's usually forget he is even there by the time they've lulled into a sense of security.
Visual of me trying to get Steve and Bucky to pick me up. 😂
Tumblr media
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slothspaghettiwrites · 29 minutes ago
I leave for ONE DAY and yall already turned the SerialKiller!Stucky into baby factory shit???? HELL NAH!!!! Give me the boys taking reader with them when they kill. Steve holding her in his lap, whispering in her ear, hand rubbing her tits, while Bucky slowly stabs his latest victim. Blood spatters on her cheek. "Don't look away baby. He's doing this for you. Making artwork, for you."
This is the shit I'm talking about. I want that unhinged fucked up shit. Do you think they take turns torturing the victim and the reader? Cause let's be honest they are torturing her as well in some type of way.
Tumblr media
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carelessannie · 6 hours ago
Tumblr media
PART ONE | MAIN FEATURE tony courts peter
Rating: E Word Count: 56,814 Featured Characters: Tony Stark, Peter Parker, Steve Rogers, Bucky Barnes, Clint Barton, Annie (OFC) Major Warnings: D/S fic, ABO fic, Daddy kink, profanity, sexual content, polyamorous relationship, pack dynamics, heats/mating, minor panic attacks (see each chapter and AO3 for detailed tags) READ HERE ON AO3 READ ON TUMBLR: PART ONE | PART TWO | PART THREE | PART FOUR | PART FIVE | PART SIX | PART SEVEN | PART EIGHT | PART NINE | PART TEN | EPILOGUE
PART TWO | STUCKONY BACKSTORY steve builds his pack
Rating: M Word Count: 18,059 Featured Characters: Steve Rogers, Bucky Barnes, Tony Stark Major Warnings: D/S fic, ABO fic, profanity, implied sexual content, polyamorous relationship, pack dynamics, heat discussion, minor panic attacks (see each chapter and AO3 for detailed tags) READ HERE ON AO3 READ ON TUMBLR: PART ONE | PART TWO | PART THREE
Rating: T Word Count: 8,659 Featured Characters: Tony Stark, Peter Parker, Steve Rogers, Bucky Barnes, Clint Barton, Annie (OFC) Major Warnings: D/S fic, ABO fic, profanity, implied sexual content, polyamorous relationship, pack dynamics, soul bond discussion (see each chapter and AO3 for detailed tags) READ HERE ON AO3 READ ON TUMBLR: Bucky x Clint | Steve x Annie | Tony x Clint | Bucky x Peter | Tony x Annie | Clint x Steve | Bucky x Annie | Peter x Steve
Series Summary from AO3:
Tony loves his pack, but has always held out hope for more. Steve and Bucky decided a long time ago that they wanted to build a large pack, full of people who are compatible and intimate together. This is the journey of building that pack: from a Stucky schoolboy romance, to seducing a lonely Beta; from college pack drama, to figuring out complicated Dominant and Submissive dynamics; and from fluffy dates to angsty conversations to deliciously smutty times, we’re not sure how these 6 were meant to get together, but maybe it goes like this.
Tumblr media
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eunoiapaintficrecs · 8 hours ago
ain't it always been the same
By nondz (pinkjook)
Steve rocks back on his heels and crosses his arms.
“Now, hold on, let’s think about this,” Bucky says.
“I am thinkin’,” Steve protests.
Fandom: Captain America | Chapters: 3/20 | Words: 10,181 | Published: Mar 26, 2020 | Updated: Apr 1, 2020 | Status: Incomplete
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slothspaghettiwrites · 10 hours ago
Serial killer stucky would probably dehumanize the reader as their breeding bitch.
While pregnant, they’d keep her on a fucking machine while there are pumps drawing milk from her.
They’d make so many videos and download them to the dark web. So much content. They’d be sick enough to make a birthing video and post it on their website. “Sex trafficked victim gives birth in basement”
Bucky gives her pleasure while she’s having contractions. He plays with her bundle of nerves not just to ease the pain but turn on their target audience. After giving birth they zoom in on her ruined cunt. Steve turns on the pumping machine and cleans up the baby.
The last thing you hear are their praises before your vision fades and you pass out. That’s when they end their live. The once innocent good girl across the street and honor roll student had been turned into a wanton slut of a baby mama.
Tumblr media
WHAT ON EARTH 😳 OH MY GOD. THAT ENDING. I'm actually a bit scared. 😅
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slothspaghettiwrites · 10 hours ago
Serial killer!stucky making the reader their breeding bitch? They keep her in an old world war bunker with enough supplies for weeks. She’s kept there with their children. Since Steve and Bucky have a busy schedule (which is why they can’t find women to settle down with) they just decide to make the reader their baby maker. Their names are carved into her chest. They made sure to leave them right above her breasts so that while she’s breastfeeding they can still see it. Bucky and Steve get tattoos of her and their children’s names. Steve gets turned on by her round stomach and new curves. Bucky finds it erotic how sensitive she gets while pregnant. Their favorite thing to do is watch her while she’s sleeping. Usually after a long day their little nest of blankets and pillows are sprawled on the floor. She has a handful toddlers, babies, and infants cuddling around her. With two babes latched to each breast, one child nuzzling into her hair, and a few others clinging around their mama. Steve ofc loves to take pictures of moments like these. They take pride and joy into their little family.
Tumblr media
But who are they murdering? 😳😳😳
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emsondraeling · 11 hours ago
Me, Opening Netflix
*Jupiter’s legacy promo plays*
Me: oh no, another nihilistic superhero show with bad old-person makeup, and the only POC are side characters. luckily I have no obligation to watch--
*promo starts playing a sick remix of Sam Fender’s “Play God”
Me: hm.
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misterrimpossible · 13 hours ago
I caved and wrote bucky fic
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stevesnosebump · 14 hours ago
chapter six of my tsoa au fic is up now
Chapter summary: “He was born to kill?” Bucky laughs bitterly. “No, he wasn’t.”
He’s seen Steve paint, peaceful with a paintbrush in hand and a concentrated look on his face. He’s seen him with plum juice streaking down his chin. He’s heard his boyish laugh as they raced down the beach. He’s held Steve when he wanted to be small, his warm back pressed to Bucky’s chest. He knows Steve better than anyone else does. He wasn’t born to kill, to be some kind of fighting machine. He was born to paint, to laugh, to love.
Additional info included in linked post, but that’s a bit outdated now …
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luxeavenger · 15 hours ago
I Wish I Was Your Girl
Pairings: Bucky Barnes x original female characters, Bucky Barnes x Steve Rogers
Chapter: 1 out of 3
Words Count: 1521
Summary: Bucky extracts a pair of pale pink panties from his jacket pocket. Diminutive silk shorts, trimmed in delicate lace, a tiny bow on the front of the waistband. Bucky kissed that tiny bow before sliding those panties down Grace’s long legs. She stuffed them in his pocket while he kissed her goodbye. He wads them up in his fist and holds them to his nose, sniffing them with a long, low groan. He holds the hand out to Steve, who instinctively reaches out to take what Bucky passes to him. Steve is mortified when he realizes what he’s holding, and tries to give them back. When his friend won’t take them back he stuffs them into the pocket of his jacket, and tries very hard to forget about them.
Warnings: Underage (this chapter only), language, sexual situations, cross dressing, masturbation
18+ ONLY PLEASE, MINORS DNI - If you hit Read More you agree that you’re 18 or older. I do not consent to anyone under 18 years of age reading any part of this fic.
Posted on Ao3: HERE
Being sixteen and in love is a terribly difficult thing for Steve Rogers.
Anytime they aren’t in school, Steve and his best friend Bucky are inseparable. Walking around Brooklyn, smelling fresh coffee, bread, and sweet desserts wafting out of open shop doors. They smile at pretty girls, and haunt movie theaters, seeing the same move over and over until they know it by heart.
While they stroll along the city’s sidewalks they talk about everything in the world that two kids from Brooklyn can think of to talk about. Knowing each other for most of their lives doesn’t mean they’d run out of things to discuss. Far from it, actually.
Steve was always a little melancholy, dreaming of better days, a better life. Scrawny and sick for most of his life, Steve thinks mostly of school, and what he wants for his future. Trapped in a fragile body, Steve dreams of freedom. He wants to see the world, try new things, and live a passionate life. But even when waxing poetic about his perfect life, it always includes Bucky.
James Buchanan Barnes is a ladies man, even at seventeen. Strong, smart, athletic, there’s no shortage of swooning ladies for him to choose from. And choose he does—and often too. Regaling Steve with the salacious details of these encounters is a source of great delight for Bucky. There’s Rose, all curves with her perfect, pale tits mounded up high in her corset, and the way her thick thighs squeeze Bucky’s head as he tongue-fucks her to a screaming climax. And Esther, waifish and wide-eyed, with mocha skin and the voice of an angel; painfully shy until Bucky gets his dick out, then she’s pushing him down and sucking him off, her gifted mouth making quick work of him, swallowing around him until she’s milked every drop of come from him. And Sophie, the boisterous redhead, with fair skin and more freckles than the night sky has stars, who begs Bucky so pretty to fuck her fast and hard, and had come so powerfully on his cock he had to cover her mouth with his hand, lest all of Brooklyn hear her screaming his name.
And on, and on, and on.
“Steve, you won’t believe how hot my girl is,” he says about each of them.
On one occasion, Bucky extracts a pair of pale pink panties from his jacket pocket. Diminutive silk shorts, trimmed in delicate lace, a tiny bow on the front of the waistband. Bucky kissed that tiny bow before sliding those panties down Grace’s long legs. She stuffed them in his pocket while he kissed her goodbye. He wads them up in his fist and holds them to his nose, sniffing them with a long, low groan. He holds the hand out to Steve, who instinctively reaches out to take what Bucky passes to him. Steve is mortified when he realizes what he’s holding and tries to give them back. When his friend won’t take them back he stuffs them into the pocket of his jacket, and tries very hard to forget about them.
After Bucky walks him home Steve finds his mother absent from their tiny apartment, a note on the kitchen table announcing she has to work an extra shift this evening because someone called in sick. So he makes himself some dinner, and showers before finishing his homework. He’d been trying unsuccessfully to forget about the soft pink panties Bucky shoved into his palm earlier, and he retrieves them now.
This time he balls them up, as Bucky had, and holds them to his nose, inhaling deeply. He smells the faint tang of soap, and a baser, earthier scent he can’t place, though he supposes it belongs to the original owner of the panties. He slides his boxers down his bony hips and lets them fall to the floor. He pulls the panties on, thankful that whoever they’d belonged to originally was small enough that they fit perfectly over his slim hips.
After he settles the elastic waist of the silk shorts over his hips, he looks at himself in the mirror. His scrawny bird-chest is bare, luminous, and pale in the late evening lamplight. The way the panties are cut make Steve look like he has honest-to-goodness hips. He shifts his weight from one foot to the other, admiring the shape they give him.
This cock is half hard now, tenting the front of the panties. He palms himself with a shaking hand. The silk feels so good against his dick and he hisses at the rush he feels. Squeezing a fist around his cock, he gives a soft groan, sighing Bucky’s name with an exhale. The simple action, a quiet breath, his best friend's name, and goosebumps race over his skin, pebbling his nipples painfully, and he cries out.
A few strokes over his cock and he’s fully hard. His eyes flutter closed, and he sighs again Bucky. Testing the way saying the name like this—soft and sensuous—makes him feel, he realizes—maybe for the first time—that it’s Bucky he sees in his dreams when he wakes aching and lonely, fists full of sheets, wet boxer shorts clinging to his pelvis.
He shifts his erection so it’s pinned to his stomach by the waistband of the panties. The swollen, leaky head pokes out, flushed and pink, almost the same color as the silk. He squeezes the tip of his dick in his fist and chokes out Bucky’s name again. Louder this time, bolder.
Then his hand is down the front of the silk shorts, and he’s stripping his cock hard and fast. Gasping and groaning Bucky’s name, his head spinning with his epiphany. His legs go wobbly, so he leans gingerly against the wall behind him to steady himself. Heat coils down his spine and he starts thrusting his hips up to meet each stroke down his shaft. Soon he’s spilling over his tight fist, milky droplets of come splattering onto the pristine pink silk panties with a tiny noise: pip pip pip.
His trembling legs give out and he sinks weakly to the ground. He sighs, and the small noise carries a magnitude of sorrow.
“Bucky,” he whispers past the lump in his throat, “I wish I was your girl.”
World War II is too much for Steve to resist. He longs to enlist and fight for his country. The army enrolls Bucky right away, of course. An exemplary physical specimen, Steve can hardly blame them. Bucky is perfect.
Steve can’t bear the thought of Bucky shipping off to endanger himself in a foreign country without him, so Steve makes it his mission to enlist. Each rejection makes him die a little inside, but his stubborn streak sustains him. He hugs Bucky on the man’s last night before he ships out to England, Steve almost caves, almost presses a kiss to the corner of his friend’s perfect mouth, almost whispers his love into the man’s ear. In the end, it’s the one thing for which Steve can’t muster the courage.
That’s the night Steve finally catches a break. He enlists and begins a training program. It feels a little off—as if they’re being studied and tested... observed in ways normal soldiers aren’t. Steve has no idea what they're looking for, so he does his best to please the kindest among them, the one who seems to be in charge without having so much as a single US Military insignia on her uniform. He hopes Agent Carter will see him for the hero he knows he can be.
He’s the lone candidate for a procedure he doesn’t quite understand, but if it gets him to Bucky nothing else matters. The pain is astounding, but Steve is headstrong and all out of options. If he wants to see Bucky again, this has to work.
Everything in Steve’s head goes dim for a bit. When his lights switch on again, hands are all over him, concerned faces surround him, drawing him into the middle of a circle of awestruck voices, shouting questions Steve doesn't understand, clamoring for answers Steve can’t quite give them.
Steve recognizes the faces, except he’s seeing them from a different angle. For the first time in his life, nothing hurts. He feels hearty, able-bodied, and powerful.
People look at him differently now, especially Peggy. Where before he saw only kindness in her eyes, it’s now been replaced with a greedy, hungry look. In another time, another life, he could have fallen for Peggy. She’s kind, beautiful, brilliant, and tough as nails. They could have wed, had children, grown old together. But it wasn’t another time, it was this time, and it was this life. Peggy is great, but she’d only ever be an ally, a friend. Steve could never love her, she’s not Bucky.
Maybe Bucky will love me now, he thinks later as he stares incredulously at the changes his body has gone through.
It takes eight decades for things to change, but when change comes it sweeps through Steve’s life like a category 5 hurricane.
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firefly-in-darkness · 17 hours ago
Firefly's Fic Recs - April
Tumblr media
Here are the amazing stories that I have read last month - as always, please check the tags and warnings, comment on the stories, reblog the fics and follow the writers for more fantastic content.
Appreciating the hard work and dedication of these writers just makes their day a little brighter!
Fic Recs 2021
Angst 💔 Fluff 💛 Smut 💋 Warnings ❗️ Series 📚 Favourite ✨
Tumblr media
Bucky Barnes
Am I More Than You Bargined For Yet? - @buckysmischief 💔📚✨
As It Was - @heli0s-writes 💔📚✨
Begin Again - @sergeantbuckybarnes
Birthday Tiara - @babyboibucky 💋
Delicate - @sebbys-girl 💔💛📚
Disarming - @stuckonjbbarnes
Don't Give Up On Me - @angrythingstarlight 💔💛✨
Evaesdrop - @bestofbucky
Hello My Old Heart - @louhooo 💔💛📚✨
If We Were Stars - @writersbuck
It's All Coming Back To Me Now - @scarlvtbitch💔
Just Say It and I'm Yours - @whisperlullaby 📚
Lemme Deep Clean Your Hard Drive, Girl - @drabblewithfrannybarnes 💋📚
Losing You - drabblewithfrannybarnes💔💋📚
Lust at First Sight - @fandomfic-galore 💔
Perceive - @shurisneakers 💔💛✨
Riding Lessons - @gogolucky13 💋
Rooftop - @bestofbucky 💔
Situationship - @buckys-darling
Something Special - @demonsandmischief
Starved - @all1e23
Stress Relief - @honeysucklesteve 💋
Surprises - @louhooo
Used to be Mine - @girl-next-door-writes 💔
You Asshole, Bucky Barnes - @buckysforeverprincess
Sam Wilson
Honest - @xbuchananbarnes
Identity - @samwilsons-pillowpecs 💔📚✨
Shut In - @shurisneakers 💔📚✨
Sharon Carter
Permanent - samwilsons-pillowpecs
Rose - samwilsons-pillowpecs
Steve Rogers
Alter - @kleohoneyao3 ❗️
A Soldier and A Spy - @jurassicbarnes
Bikini Doubt - @thegetawaywriter 💛
Kiss the Girl - @girl-next-door-writes
Misunderstanding - thegetawaywriter 💔💛
Surviving - @nekoannie-chan
You're Happier Aren't You? - @girl-next-door-writes
Most Prized Possession - @little-diable
Ruin Me - drabblewithfrannybarnes 💋
Tumblr media
Dean Winchester
Don't Go - girl-next-door-writes
Life's Lessons - @deangirl93 💔💛💋❗️📚✨
Perfect - @mrswhozeewhatsis 💛
Tumblr media
Mistress of Death - @codenamewitcher ❗️📚
Lance Tucker
Mile High Gold - samwilsons-pillowpecs 💋
The Price of Gold - @moonbeambucky 💔❗️📚✨
Poe Dameron
A Lil Sneaky Peek - @propertyofpoeandbucky 💋
Ransom Drysdale
Jurassic Park Sex Game - @imanuglywombat 💋✨
Tumblr media
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dreadysficrecs · 18 hours ago
Stucky Fic Rec List #9
Part #9 of my Rec List - Friday, May 7
Tumblr media
♟️Guns and Whips and so the Balance Shifts by SugarBucky - [Explicit; 8k words]
[Modern AU; Mob Boss!Bucky x Professional Dom!Steve; Pre-Serum!Steve; BDSM clubs; Sub!Bucky; Brief Steve/Bucky/Scott Scene; Kink Negotiaton; Safe, Sane and Consensual; Bondage; Praise Kink; Cock Warming; Vibrating Butt Plug; Pillow Humping; Aftercare]
Bucky Barnes is the head of a crime family and has made a terrifying name for himself in New York's underground. He loves the control that he has over the Family and over the businesses, but when Natasha Romanov takes him to a BDSM club, he discovers a different side of himself that yearns to give up control rather than take it.
He goes to Pornhub and searches BDSM. The first video that piques his interest is of a bound Sub getting fucked by a machine. His face is on the floor, licking his master’s shoes, caged cock swinging in the air.
Bucky can’t help the arousal he feels and takes his cock out. He draws out his orgasm even though he feels it only after two minutes of stroking. When the Sub begs his master to take the cage off, Bucky imagines what it would be like if he’s the one on the floor. If he’s the one begging.
The very thought makes him come.
“Fuck,” he mutters, staring at his cock, then back at the video that is still playing. “Fuck.”
He’s definitely into it.
Tumblr media
📜 The Department of Special Collections by @cesperanza, art by @artgroves - [Teen; 4,8k words]
[Canon Divergence; Epistolary; Letters & Sketches; Outsider's POV; Established Relationship]
It was a messy thing of leather and papers and rope. It looked like Phillips had carelessly thrown a bunch of documents onto an old piece of black leather and then rolled the whole thing up and tied it . . . The papers inside were all different sizes, everything out of order and haphazardly stacked, like someone had been in a hurry and just grabbed it all.
Tumblr media
🧜🏻‍♂️A Fish Out of Water by Stevieschrodinger - [Explicit; 10,5k words]
[Shrunkyclunks; Merman!Bucky; Merpeople; Arranged Marriage; Strangers to Lovers; There Was Only One Bed; Bisexual Steve; Brief Steve/OFCs; Xeno; Blow Jobs; Anal Sex; Switching; Happy Ending]
Steve Rogers, Captain America, is getting married.
He's doing it for the greater good...or at least, so he keeps telling himself.
Tumblr media
🥂eat the rich by gracelesso - [Teen; 2,2k words]
[Shrunkyclunks; Rich People Parties; Server! Bucky; Meet-Cute/Meet-Ugly; Awkwardness]
“On your left you have a shiitake mushroom mousse on a cracked barley tuile with yuzu jelly; that’s tamarind-glazed duck breast on the skewers; the spoons are a miso-poached quail egg with pickled horseradish broth; and finally, we have a deconstructed prawn cocktail.”
Having rattled off this incomprehensible litany in record time, Bucky glances up to check the guy’s response. It’s only by divine intervention that the slate doesn’t clatter to the floor.
Tumblr media
🪁oh, you can feel how they love you by jehans - [Teen; 2,8k words]
[Canon Divergence; Established Relationship; Barbershop Quartet; Post-Mission; Team as Family; Hurt/Comfort; Cuddling & Snuggling; Group Cuddles; Fluff]
Steve keeps repeating it, over and over, like a mantra. Everyone’s alive. No casualties. They are. No civilian actually died. They managed to save them all.
But, Christ.
It was close. It was so fucking close.
After a harrowing mission, Steve, Bucky, Sam, and Nat come home.
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amarriageoftrueminds · 19 hours ago
Fave stucky fics?
Easy Work for Easy Pay 
(to me this is the perfect fic, my most re-read, really satisfying -- office chemistry! killer plot twists! spot-on characterisation! apart from like 1 line and some truly awful music choices I wouldn’t change a word.)
Infinite Coffee and Protection Detail series 
(my most-reread series; post-WS AU fluffy screamingly hilariously funny and moving comedy in which Bucky is following Steve around DC while Steve is, he hopes, following him around).
The Sweetest Spark 
(kind of a sugar-daddy!Steve/student!Bucky AU except not because it's just that people think Bucky's a gold-digger when he ain't... one of those fics that makes me stare into space mentally writing fanfic of the fanfic, if that makes sense.)
Lemon Meringue Lies 
(obviously I’m a sucker for cook!Bucky, and slowburn with a side of mutual pining and friends-to-lovers, who isn’t? Steve being made to realise how much he takes Bucky for granted is also, in this case, literally chef’s kiss.)
These Streets series
scalding hot, NYPD BeatCop!Steve / reforming!hood Bucky (Bottom!Steve !! But they also switch???) Not to be read in public.
(shrunkyclunks comedy; cop Bucky accidentally pulls over Cap Steve and has to ask for his license... which Steve never bothered to get) 
In the Deed the Glory series 
(former high school sweethearts become rival football players in college’ AU) is bizarrely compelling, really really gripping; part has an appearance from a fanon Isaiah Bradley, obviously pre-FATWS which makes Pt 4 in particular, er, awkward. 
Carbs and Conversations 
(modern Hockey au! Bucky is still an assassin but in the sport-sense.) 
War, Children 
(shrinkyclinks, it's that rarest of things a skinny!Steve modern AU I can actually stand -- and god the modern Vet!Bucky/homeless!Steve hurt/comfort… One for a rainy, melancholy day… it'll stay with you.)
Love Stories for Tedious People 
(is an interesting Doctor!Steve/PTSD!Soldier Bucky AU with a realistic feel and a rare plausible not-annoying past Sam/Steve; has lines of dialogue that haunt.) 
Life of the Party 
(BAMF childrens’-entertainer!Bucky mistakes Steve for a fellow superhero impersonator; LOL funny.)
All The Angels and The Saints 
(examines the effect on stucky of Steve’s politics/religion; has lines of dialogue from Bucky that just really stuck with me.)
20th Century Limited 
(I think of this as the ‘Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind’ AU. Steve and Bucky can hear/communicate with each other when they’re ‘on ice’. Extra points for Bucky and Hulk being immediate Bros.)
Dishonor series 
(comedy in which they meet during the Battle of Manhattan, and Steve has the most Awesome case of foot-in-mouth syndrome imaginable, I mean, talk about meetuglies, truly it’s a miracle he and BAMF Sergeant Bucky ever get past the enemies stage.)
My Working Week and My Sunday Rest 
(holy shit this fic, dat slowburn! talk about shivers down the spine! exactly articulated bottom!Steve in a way I’d never really been able to put into words.)
Golden Age of Illustration 
(An AU based on the real life of J. C. Leyendecker, where Bucky is sent home before the train mission, gets back into art, becomes an add illustrator and Steve is his model/muse. Illustrations included!)
The Fool In the Mirror 
(Bucky is support omega to alpha Steve; hits every note I want in a fic).
The World's at Stake 
(soulmate mark au shrunkyclunks, angst with a happy ending because they both think their marks mean they’ll never meet)
Pull Apart the Dark 
(Steve is transformed into a toddler who will only let Bucky look after him; trouble is, Bucky is still recovering from being TWS and everyone else is freaked out.) 
bucky barnes: tsa employee extraordinaire 
(shrunkyclunks semi-comedy; mad costumed comic-book villains keep coming through Bucky’s airport on the way to attack Captain America.) 
Here's a Conspiracy 
(pre-war and post-war shrinkyclinks au. This fic. This fic Destroyed me.) 
And It Won't Be Too Much 
(swoony romantic modern au with iirc marine Cap Steve and event-planner Bucky who’s cheeky to Col. Philips; this fic is the reason a certain Haley Reinhardt version of a song is in my stucky playlists.)
 The Match Game 
(modern au Steve’s a hit-it-and-quit-it type who decides he wants more with new-to-his-building Bucky ... who only wants a friend-with-benefits situation.)
The Boy With The Thorn In His Side 
(“Holy shit,” says Steve. “I’ve been knocked out twice by the same guy.” BAMF!Bucky shrunkyclunks Bucky is a lamb in this one.)
Lucky Seven 
(shrunkyclunks more BAMF!Bucky !!! as the hot Russian mechanic who works on Steve’s bike but has a Dark Past, he is again a lamb.)
Put You on Something New 
(modern au frat bro Steve and football star Bucky hnnng the straight boy ending up sucking dick kink I didn’t know I had, oof!) 
Through The Looking Glass 
(Bucky is transported to a mirror universe where there’s a Steve who carries a sword and is... not quite right. This epic fic ripped my guts out and stomped on them; I mean, literal tears, streaming down my face. Thank god the ending has a goosebumps-style pick-your-own version or I might’ve Actually died.)
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Fic Writer Shoutout #13
This week I want to give a shoutout to Bee @buckybees. She is such a lovely, sweet, smart, and wonderful person. I am genuinely filled with joy every time I see her on my dash and whenever I talk to her. Aside from being a brilliant writer Bee is an equally talented artist. I think she is honestly one of my favourite artists in the fandom because she creates such stunning pieces. I highly recommend checking out her art.
What I love about Bee’s writing is her ability to make the setting come to life. She provides all the right details that make it feel as though I am physically there with the characters and it makes her fics feel very vibrant.
In Newly fallen snow she described Bucky’s recovery so beautifully and aptly. All the grief and complicated feelings associated with it came across so well and I loved that it was centered around Hanukkah. Grief around holidays can be so hard and Bee really captured that in her fic.
Toothpaste Kisses was one of those fics I didn’t know I needed until I read it. It was so much fun to read and a creative alternate universe. I honestly had never read or considered a dentist au before this fic! It showcases Bee’s talent very well both in her writing and through the images and art she added to the fic. The combination of the two really enhanced the experience!
Overall Bee’s works just feel like a nice cup of tea when you really, really need one because there is such warmth in them and I am constantly in awe of her talent!
My Favourites
Toothpaste Kisses
Tangerine Skies
A merry little christmas
Some Extra Love
Newly fallen snow
Please check out everything Bee does!
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rosetterer · 22 hours ago
I didn't have the chance to update The First Son yesterday so I will do so today. Sorry for the wait ❤
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loverbarnes · a day ago
I literally just can’t physically handle how much Bucky and Steve love each other.  Through decades and decades of time.  Fuck.
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loverbarnes · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Read the masterpiece here
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loverbarnes · a day ago
Are you... reading not easily conquered for the first time? 😭 Some of those lines are insane, right?
I am.....destroyed.  Annihilated.
Please...please read this series.  Beauty doesn’t even begin to describe it.
These lines. Devastating.
There’s a lot bc I collected them throughout my read lmao
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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shieldwinter · a day ago
That One is You (Stucky Drabble)
This is dedicated to @sarastars for putting up with me freaking out about my writing.
“Dance with me.”
Bucky’s voice was soft, where he stood in the soft dusk light shining through their opened living room window. A breeze blew in, ruffling the cream curtains and letting the scent of fallen leaves and oncoming rain whisk in. It was still warm, despite being a few weeks into autumn, and Steve never liked to run the A/C when the windows to the apartment were plenty functional.
A metal hand extended out to him, hovering in front of his face. An invitation, to take it and place it on his shoulder, to pull Bucky close as they swayed, comforted by each other’s warmth.
“I can’t dance Buck. That much hasn’t changed,” Steve said instead of taking the hand, eyes flicking up to meet the stormy greys of Bucky. There was a small smile tugging up the corners of his mouth, seemingly unperturbed by Steve’s refusal.
“It’s not like we’re at a dance hall, Stevie,” Bucky pointed out, hand still hovering. He wasn’t backing down.
“It’s just us. No one’s here to see you step on my toes. Come on, up with ya.” He implored, insistent but still soft. How could Steve turn him down? Whatever little conviction he had, it seemed to melt right away, and he took Bucky’s hand in his own.
The metal was always cool at first touch, but it quickly warmed once Bucky’s hand was wrapped securely around his, pulling Steve effortlessly to his feet. With a push of Bucky’s socked foot, their couch skidded across the hardwood floor with a stutter, opening up the space for them to dance proper.
Once Bucky had Steve where he wanted him, he stepped away to walk over to the old-fashioned radio settled on an end table. It was a gift from Sam, a housewarming gift when Bucky had decided to move in with Steve.
He could never thank Sam enough for it, with the way Bucky’s eyes lit up at the sight of something so familiar yet long forgotten. Frankly, he didn’t think a thank you would ever be enough.
Bucky turned the dial, the radio face illuminating with a dim yellow light, static crackling through the speakers until a clear channel was found. The tail end of a song began to play, one Steve vaguely recognised but couldn’t name. It was upbeat, not quite fit for dancing and Steve voiced those thoughts out to Bucky.
He was met with a reassuring grin.
“Don’t worry. I know a good tune will come on in a moment,” he assured, stepping back up to Steve and taking his hand in one of his own. He brought Steve’s other hand to rest just above his hip, laying his own over top for just a brief moment.
“You lead,” he told, and Steve swallowed. He really didn’t want to step on Bucky’s toes, and leading was a sure-fire way to do just that.
The song came to a close, and the two stood in silence for a beat of a moment before a man came through the radio, voice soothing.
“And this next one up is a call in request,” he informed, “a Mister Barnes requested this one be played at seven pm. So here is I Don’t Want to Set the World on Fire by the Ink Spots.”
Steve gasped, eyes widening and finding Bucky’s, who just had a knowing glint shining in his own. He didn’t have time to comment, the intro to the song too short, before Bill Kenny’s tenor voice rang through the room.
Bucky gave just as much time for Steve to recover, before he gave one tug of his hand, and Steve began to lead them in a slow dance. It was nothing more than a circle, his feet moving mindfully of Bucky’s.
“I don’t want to set the world on fire I just want to start A flame in your heart,”
Bucky’s grip was light in Steve’s, where their hands were raised at shoulder level. His other hand splayed at the back of Steve’s neck, thumb gently brushing against the soft hairs there.
“In my heart I have but one desire And that one is you No other will do,”
Steve’s hand at Bucky’s hip wound around, pulling him just a bit closer. He felt a smile fall upon his lips, eyes all for Bucky — the blissful peace on his face as the music crooned around them, filling the autumn silence with sounds of the 40s.
“I’ve lost all ambition For worldly acclaim I just want to be the one you love,”
Slowly, Bucky closed the remaining distance between them to rest his head upon Steve’s shoulder, their arms dropping in preference to wind around each other in an embrace. They continued swaying to the music, feet barely moving — too caught up in the warmth of each other.
“And with your admission That you feel the same I’ll have reached the goal I’m dreaming of Believe me,”
A soft kiss was pressed to the underside of his jaw, Bucky’s lips warm. Steve felt the smallest of shudders flit down his spine, and he averted his eyes to gaze down at the man in his arms.
Bucky’s mouth opened, his rough tone clashing with Bill Kenny’s voice as he sang along to the next lines, but Steve still thought it was the most beautiful sound in the world.
“I don’t want to set the world on fire I just want to start A flame in your heart,”
He loved him. He loved Bucky Barnes so much, sometimes it was painful. For so many years he had to wonder why he fell in love with someone he could never have. Waking up into a world so unfamiliar had done a lot of harm, but the one shining beacon was finding Bucky again, and finding out he felt the same. Steve, as a kid, never entertained this. It was a faraway dream.
But Bucky now, curled around him in a slow dance, was as real as it got. It was everything Steve could’ve ever asked for — and he may not deserve it, but he’ll do everything in his power to make their lives together worth it.
“I love you,” Steve said, voice barely above a whisper, the music playing falling into the background of his mind.
“I know,” was the response, “I’ve known for as long as I can remember. And I’ve loved you, for that long and longer.” Bucky admitted, lifting his head to be face-to-face with Steve.
He looked so soft like this, like the troubles in their lives couldn’t touch him in this very moment.
“To the end of the line, Stevie. Always.”
“To the end of the line.”
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bythegraceofcass · a day ago
Bucky Barnes has been plagued with dreams and nightmares of a life he had before this one. A life as a Jewish boy, with a twin sister during WW2. He never really felt quite "right" in the current time, body, name and mind he lived in. Even his family didn't feel right to him. Save for his sister, Rebecca.
Bucky is a script writer at Marvel Gaming Studios, a video game development company owned by none other than Tony Stark. He's one of the best in New York, and decides to put his life in a video game as a secret form of catharsis. What seems like any other Pitch Day turns out to be anything but when he comes across someone he may have known in his past life.
Bucky doesn't know how, when, where he knows Steve Rogers... but he KNOWS him. Steve Rogers feels the exact same way. Can they piece together their lives in the past, and pick up where they left off? Or are they cursed to be forever reincarnated? Bucky is determined to get to the bottom of it.
Whatever it takes.
This fic is incredibly important to me. This is my second fic, total, and my first stucky fic ever. I sat on this idea for over a year, after having such a terrible time writing my Destiel story. I just didn't think I had the passion for writing anymore.
Since I've hit another bad bout of depression, I've decided to get back into writing stories again. I enjoyed it. I enjoyed hearing from the people who read them and, despite this fandom not being as kind as the SPN fandom in terms of leaving comments on my chapters, I think I like writing this story a lot more than I did Count Your Blessings.
I will say, though, that I do miss reading the comments and interacting with my readers. But... I know different fandoms have different personalities. I just hope that someone somewhere likes this story as much as I do. I hope it makes them feel something.
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