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#Steve Rogers x reader x Bucky Barnes
peterman-spideyparker · an hour ago
I’ve got a new series coming!!
“Lessons in Kissing” will be a one shot story for each of the characters I write for. Being a twenty something that has never had a boyfriend nor a first kiss, I thought it might be fun to explore how certain Marvel characters would react. The characters that will definitely be written for are Steve Rogers, Bucky Barnes, Pietro Maximoff, Loki, Peter Parker, Sam Wilson, and Joaquin Torres. I’m open to suggestions for other characters, but if I try writing it and it’s just not flowing, I don’t want to force something that I don’t feel is there for me as a writer. Let me know if you want to be tagged in any or all of them!! I’m not sure how consistent I’ll be in posting as some still need to be written, so a tag list will be really important with these if you want to read them.
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buckys2thicc · an hour ago
Her… (part two)
Bucky x female reader
Summary: Steve takes the stones back without you.
Chapter summary: you and Bucky get closer.
Warnings: mention of blood, nightmares, mention of a knife, mention of choking.
Word count: 1775
Tags: @the-living-typo @winter-soldier-vibes @bbqsnakes @thatfangirl42 @bananapipedreams @writingonabrokenwall @ginger-swag-rapunzel @jackiehollanderr @capicheleo20 (wouldn’t let me tag you)
A/n: thank you so much @wicked-mind for helping me with this I really adore your work! I really hope you guys like this it was so fun to write! If you find a mistake please inform me so I can fix it!
Tumblr media
After Steve left it was hard, you ended up isolating yourself from everyone, you thought you’d be ok but you werent. For weeks you sat in your room, you didnt eat, and you barely slept.
Everyone else was moving on, going their separate ways. No one knew how broken you were, everyone thought you had moved on. Everyone but Bucky, after the first week he started to check on you and make sure you ate and drank water, and you showered and took care of your self.
It was nice having someone that cared, you always liked Bucky he was a great friend and he cared for Steve so you immediately became his friend.
He talked to you, made sure you didn’t lie about how you were feeling, “How are you?” He would ask almost everyday.
And you would always respond with ok, but he didn’t believe any of your crappy lies.
You saw the same love you had for Steve in Bucky, and you loved that.
Now that Steve was gone you and Bucky got closer, you shared the same pain, the pain of your soulmate leaving you, but soulmates can change.
After a month Bucky left to go live in Brooklyn, you didn’t really mind because he had a life too, you couldn’t expect him to stay and baby you his whole life.
When he left you realized you needed to grow up, yes you loved Steve but he was gone now.
You were always on a mission, it was the best way to distract yourself because everytime you thought about him you ended up in your room crying about how you were never enough.
You didn’t need that so you learned to move on, for months it was mission after mission, you didn’t see anyone and you didn’t talk to anyone.
That was until he called.
“Hi,” he said out of breath.
“Hey Buck, are you ok? What’s up?” You asked worriedly.
“Um yeah it’s ok I just- your the only person I could call,” He stuttered.
“Bucky, everything doesn’t sound ok,” You were terrified now, what if he was hurt.
“It’s just nightmares, I- I knew you would be up, and I didn’t want to feel alone,” He let out a quiet breath.
“Bucky,” he had told you about his nightmares and not worry about him, of course you were always worried about him, “I’m sorry, do you wanna talk about it?”
“No, not really. Where- where are you?” He asked still stuttering from fear.
“In Bulgaria, why?” Your mission was supposed to be finished by next week.
“I miss you Y/n, I’m so sorry I left you,” The fear seemed to fade into sadness.
“Bucky I miss you too but it’s ok, you don’t need to be sorry I understand, I promise. How about when I get back I’ll visit you, you can show me all around Brooklyn,” You really have missed him.
“Yeah I’d like that, there’s a really good pizza place down the street, you still like pizza right?” He asked laughing, “never mind of course you do,”
You laughed with him for hours, so long the sun started to come up and blind you, you had missed talking to him like this.
When you got back from your mission you visited him as promised, you walked around and got pizza. Had movie nights and late night chats when he had nightmares.
His apartment was bare so you told him you would help him decorate. You went to stores and found a cute bed and table, and some old paintings.
“So de Vinci painted this?” Bucky asked pointing at a painting.
Ever since you taught Bucky about De Vinci he thought every painting was by him.
“No Buck, that’s a picture of an American flag,” you laughed and kept walking.
Bucky was okay with his bare apartment but you decorating it made it feel more happy, less gloomy and dark.
You set up shelves and lamps, even got Bucky a tv stand.
You had trouble sleeping and Bucky was afraid of sleep so that ended in a lot of 3 am kitchen conversations.
“What we’re you thinking when Steve left?” Bucky asked out of the blue one night as you shoved old pizza in your mouth.
“Hmm?” You said with a mouth full.
“When Steve left and you found out, what were you feeling?” He asked again.
“I felt,” you took a breath thinking, “Betrayed, but I felt it was more my fault for never being enough for him, when I sat with him I could see my love would never compare to Peggy’s, anyone could see it. I guess I didn’t realize that till I saw him like… that, so consumed in someone else’s love, and he seemed ready to face anything because he had found his purpose. I thought our love was epic but I guess he thought different,”
Bucky watched you carefully, watching the emotion in your eyes knowing you wouldn’t show emotion physically.
“It doesn’t matter anymore because I have you, how did you feel?” You asked sitting your self on the counter.
“I guess, worried. He had tricked everyone into thinking he was happy here, he even tricked me. Ya know I always envied him for having everything, he had a family here, and he left it, he left me for his girl. It’s funny really, he promised to be with me till the end of the line, I just didn’t think the line would end so soon,”
You listened, took in his words, watched his body shake while he talked.
“Well, since Steve didn’t stay, James Buchanan Barnes I promise to stay with you from now to forever,” You stuck your pinky out and hooked it around his.
You only planed on being there a week, enough time to catch up, but when your flight came along you didn’t want to leave and Bucky didn’t want you to leave. So you canceled it.
He felt safe with you. And you felt safe with him.
Bucky really enjoyed your company, he felt normal. Like he wasn’t completely crazy with you, he felt his world stop when he saw you smile. But you were Steve’s girl and even though he thought you deserved better, he had to stay loyal to his friend.
After a month of ‘visiting’ he told you that you could move in with him if you were comfortable.
Considering he was your only friend you said yes and moved your stuff in.
More nightmares came and more long talks happened.
One night had been worse then the others, you were woken up by Buckys screams filling the apartment. When you ran to Buckys room you found him laying on the floor drenched in sweat, his eyes were open and glued to the ceiling.
You knelt down and snapped your fingers trying to get him out of his nightmare. It wasn’t working and you knew you weren’t supposed to touch him when he was dreaming like this but he wasn’t snapping out of it like usual.
You slowly reached your hand out to his cheek, gently pushing his long hair back, “Darling, it was just a dream, come on wake up,” You gently grabbed his shoulder and he jumped up, running into the wall trying to get away from you.
“Bucky, it was just a dream, look at me it wasn’t real,” You inched closer to him putting your hands up to prove you were not a threat.
“No, no get away from me! I can still hurt you!” Bucky walked further running into things and knocking stuff off of the counter.
“Sweetheart,” you tilted you head and sat down in front of him but giving him space, “sit with me please?”
He sat keeping the distance, “What happened?” You asked.
Bucky looked at you with sad eyes, “I- I was him again, I- I don’t want to talk about it Y/n, all I can say is that I’m dangerous and you shouldn’t be near me, nor should you be living with me,”
“Bucky your not a threat to me and I’m not scared of you, I’ll never be scared of you,” You sighed, “can I please sit next to you?”
Bucky nodded so you moved closer to him, you crossed your legs and gently grabbed his hands, “What do you see?” You asked softy rubbing his rough hands.
He hesitated, “A knife, and blood, I see people dying from this… being wrapped around their throat,” He let a tear fall, he didn’t want to be that man again, never again.
“Do you wanna know what i see?” You looked down at his hands, “When I look at these I see one rough flesh hand and one smooth metal hand, and when I look closer I see the hands that brought me flowers on my birthday when no one else remembered, and the hands that pulled me in for hugs when I felt down,”
Bucky looked back down at them, those memories flashing through his mind. All the times he made you smile, “Come here doll,” He wrapped you in a tight hug, “I’m sorry,” he whispered letting a few tears escape and drip onto your shoulder.
“It’s okay Buck, it’s okay,”
After that night his nightmares got better, Bucky started to trust himself more with you, he let you help and touch him. He wanted you to be there, wanted to see your face when he woke up.
You got comfortable with him, became really close. I mean he was your friend so that was normal… right?
Maybe just maybe you liked him, but he was Steve’s best friend, your ex’s best friend, how could you do that him?
But he did leave you- no, no you weren’t going to be that girl, even if Steve wasn’t loyal to you, you’d still be loyal to him.
Yeah you were trying to move on, but your not moving on with his best friend. Not yet at least.
You were still going on missions all the time while Bucky just wanted a break from always fighting. You respected that and let him do what he wanted.
Current day
“Bucky, What’s wrong?” You walked into the living room to see Bucky on the ground watching tv.
“Look,” He pointed to the tv.
A man wearing a red white and blue suit playing the role of captain American, “What is he doing?” You asked sitting down next to him, tears threatening to fall.
“This is the new Steve Rogers,” Bucky said while a single tear slipped down his cheek.
“He’ll never be Steve,”
The end
A/n I might make this a series if you guys would like! This is literally so much fun to write!
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lil-sweater-slut · 2 hours ago
𝐒𝐭𝐞𝐯𝐞 𝐱 𝐑𝐞𝐚𝐝𝐞𝐫 𝐱 𝐁𝐮𝐜𝐤𝐲
𝐖𝐨𝐫𝐝 𝐂𝐨𝐮𝐧𝐭: 𝟏,𝟎𝟐𝟐
𝐒𝐮𝐦𝐦𝐚𝐫𝐲: reader is in a secret relationship with Steve and Bucky. The team as a slight hunch and tries to get someone to break proving the existence of it.
𝘞𝘢𝘳𝘯𝘪𝘯𝘨𝘴: 𝘔𝘪𝘯𝘰𝘳 𝘚𝘮𝘶𝘵 𝘵𝘰𝘸𝘢𝘳𝘥𝘴 𝘵𝘩𝘦 𝘦𝘯𝘥, 𝘗𝘰𝘭𝘺 𝘳𝘦𝘭𝘢𝘵𝘪𝘰𝘯𝘴𝘩𝘪𝘱, 𝘴𝘸𝘦𝘢𝘳𝘪𝘯𝘨
18+ {ɴᴏ ᴍɪɴᴏʀꜱ}
Tumblr media
It was a small get together at Stark tower, which evidently, was a miracle and a onetime occurrence. Everyone on the team was just scattered around the general main floor, mingling and drinking with one another, enjoying everyone’s company when you all aren’t being shot at or kidnapped. 
Your closest friends were that of Natasha, Sam and who could forget the drop dead gorgeous super soldiers Bucky and Steve. When you first joined the team, those two became your very first friends, it did also kind of help that your very first day on the team they trained you on the mat. Ever since then, you all have kind of inseparable.
Natasha always thought it was cute you three, any time Tony had a shindig, she’d sneak up next to you, with a red apple martini in her hand and nudging you with her elbow when she’d shoot her chin in a corner of the room urging you to look in the same direction, “your boys are ogling again sweet Y/N…”she’d say with a sly smirk pulling at her rouge lips. You’d scoff at her remarks while rolling your eyes, not because you didn’t believe her, but because you three were actually dating, started about a week or two after you joined the team.
You all promised each other to keep the relationship sort of ‘hush-hush’ do to it being all three of you together and Steve has some sort of thing against Tony knowing that he isn’t all vanilla, “He’d drop dead where he stands...” is what he says. Little did you three know, that for tonight's get together, the team has decided to place a bet, try to get the boys to break.
They all had hunches you were dating and just wanted some clarification, to be sure, of course. A lot of the men of the team tried hitting on you in front of them, of course, nothing. You guys have been together for a little over a year in a secret relationship, they got used to people hitting you, and you getting used to hitting on Buck and Steve.
Wanda set you up in a pretty revealing outfit with some thigh highs, and that almost broke your boys. Steve gulped and Buck just clenched his metal fist. Yet still, nothing.
The only person left to ploy their plan was Natasha. Nat and you sat up by the bar, talking about whatever and sipping on your preferred drinks. Steve and Bucky were over somewhat behind you talking to Thor and Tony about Gadgets and Music, that’s when she decided to make it happen, “Hey Y/n,” she said in a somewhat loud voice catching almost everyone’s attention within a three-foot radius of you two, “would you say that you have a pretty attractive voice?” You quirked an eyebrow up at her, “Uh…I’m not sure what that’s supposed to mean but I’ve heard some say that it is pretty hot at times” throwing a glance at Steve and Bucky who both were looking at Natasha wondering what her play is now.
“Okay gotcha, well would you mind doing something for me really quick? Just a little favor?” You nod after taking another sip from your drink, “would you please say ‘Darling’ in a seductive way?” She throws a mischievous look towards Steve and Bucky who both look like they’re going to explode where they stand.
They both look in your direction pleading with your eyes not to do it. You knew exactly what she was doing. You giggled a bit, a strand falling in front of your face. You push it back, turning your head to look at the loves of your life, Steve had his jaw clenched and Bucky had his eyes wide as he shook his head slowly and mouthed,
You lick your lips and without hesitation, “darling…” in a low sultry voice.
You look over to see that Steve crushed his beer in hand, the liquid falling from his hands as glass surrounded his feet, Bucky on the other hand had tripped over one foot and smashed right into a potted plant by the wall. You pursed your lips knowing damn well what was coming next. Steve wiped his hand on his black slacks as he sauntered over to you. He smiles nicely at Natasha while grabbing your upper arm, “Alright that’s enough drinking for the night for us, Thank you Natasha. Y/N. Bed. Now.” He says sternly.
You straighten yourself from the bar, moving your hands down your dress as you scurried up into your bedroom. Steve followed closely behind you with his jaw clenched and rolling up his sleeves on his button down, Behind Steve, Bucky stomped drying to pat off the potting soil on his plum-colored button down.
You shut the door quickly behind you and plopped yourself at the edge of the bed waiting for what was about to happen, “Fucking brat” Bucky growled to Steve as he undid the first couple buttons on his shirt, “Yeah no kidding, however it’s not all her fault. Natasha did egg her on a bit” Steve tried to negotiate.
He was always the gentler of the two, when he wanted to be of course. Bucky shook his head as he opened your bedroom door, Steve following in behind, closing the door softly behind.
You had both hands planted at either side of you as you looked up at the two disheveled super soldiers in front of you, “Look if I had known my voice does something like THAT to both of you I wouldn’t have done it” you bat your eyelashes trying to play innocent little girl.
Bucky scoffed seeing right through it, “I literally said ‘no’ to you. And what did you do?” He looks down at you crossing his muscular arms in front of his arms, “He’s right darling you’ve been bad tonight. And now that everyone downstairs knows that we’re all together…”
Steve stalks over to you, getting right up in your face, his hands resting on the bed at your sides, “They’re all gonna know who makes that pretty voice sing for us both.”
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mischiefbarnes · 2 hours ago
The Dress
this is a Stucky x reader, I hope to do a few more like this. also let me know if a part 2 is needed for all the steamy details. hope you enjoy!!
“Nothing!” you exclaimed, looking through your closet for the perfect dress for tonight's party.
Running your hand through your still damp hair you were trying to figure out what to do. You ran across to Nat’s room hoping she still had the box.
“I need your help.” you said not even looking at her.
“If you wanted me all you had to do was say so.” She said a smirk appeared.
“What are y-” you looked down realizing you were still in a towel.
You rolled your eyes.
“Now is not the time.” you said rushing to her closet.
“What is it you need?” she said while changing.
You looked at her, “the box.” was all you said.
“I knew it wouldn’t take long.” she said amused.
“Oh shut up.” you said walking to the door, box in hand.
“See you in a few.” she winked.
You flipped her off not before flashing her. You ran out laughing at her gasp.
Setting the box down on your vanity you thought long and hard about if it was the right choice. Pulling out the dress you knew it was perfect. You rushed to finish your hair and makeup.
Fixing your curls, applying the last layer of lipstick you turned to look at yourself and knew you were ready.
“Is everyone here?” Clint asked.
“I believe so.” Steve said.
“Are we sure?” Sam questioned.
“All I see is random people Tony invited.” Scott raised his shoulders.
“Where’s Y/N?” Bucky said looking around.
“She’s on her way.” Wanda reassured him.
“Calm down lover boy.” Tony teased. “Have a drink.”
Everyone went back to their conversations, taking in yet again one of Tony’s lavish parties. Everything was perfect. Looking up towards the balcony, Steve caught glimpse of the most beautiful being he ever saw. Bucky took notice immediately.
“What the hell are you looking at?” He furrowed his brows at his friend.
He went wide eyed.
Nat snickered.
“Hot isn’t she?” She smirked at the two.
Catching all eyes on you, you could feel the confidence radiate off you.
You smirked.
“Hiii!” You said sitting on Sam’s lap.
Both Bucky and Steve stirred in their seats.
“You look stunning.” Sam said, eyeing you up and down.
“Not so bad yourself.” You said taking his chin into your fingers.
“Shall we get a drink?” Nat suggested.
“Of course babe.” You smirked, taking her hand.
Walking away, you made sure to sway your hips more than usual.
“What has gotten into you tonight?” Nat asked smiling.
“I’m not too sure.” You smiled back.
“The boys are all over you.” She quirked her brows.
“Maybe I’ll get lucky.” You sipped your drinking walking back to the boys.
This time around you sat on Bucky’s lap.
“Hey doll.” He smiled at you.
“Hi.” You bit your bottom lip.
“Enjoying yourself?” Steve asked.
“Very much.” Sipping your drink once more.
I know what would make it better. You thought to yourself.
Shifting on Buck’s lap, he held your hips into place.
The feeling of his hands on your body made you feel something you hadn’t in so long.
You leaned back into his chest.
“Comfortable?” He asked.
You decided to mess with the boys.
“Not really, it’s a little hard.” You smirked.
Getting up, you sat down on Steve’s, really shifting down on him.
“Doll..” he whispered in your ears.
Looking at Bucky he was adjusting himself.
“It’s getting late,” you fake yawned. “I’m headed to bed.”
“So soon.” Wanda and Nat said.
“Yes, yes I’m tired.” You gave them a look.
Reading your mind Wanda knew what you were planning. She giggled.
You hadn’t been in your room five minutes before a knock was heard on your door.
Opening the door, there stood Bucky, Steve was right behind him.
They both took in your appearance, you were only in your underwear.
“Shall we take this inside?” Steve said eyes just looking at your body.
You didn’t say a word, you just pulled them both into the room. Once the door was closed the feel throughout the room changed dramatically. The sexual tension was heavy and all three of you knew it.
“So were all in agreement here?” Steve asked.
“We both are willing to share.” Bucky said softly.
“This isn’t my first rodeo boys.” you smirked.
Bucky grunted. Steve whimpered.
The power you held over these two equally strong men was insane. You definitely were gonna use that to an advantage.
Walking up to the pair, you tugged on their shirts signaling for them to take them off. Once they took the hint it was game on. Sitting on the bed you leaned back taking in both men. They were hot and no doubt packing, you couldn’t wait for the night ahead of you.
You motioned with your finger for the boys to join you, instantly their lips attached to your body. What a blur the night was about to unfold.
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teddybearbucky · 5 hours ago
i'm thinking of changing readers abilities in 'written in the stars'
i know it's kind of late to change but i got an idea for a subplot about loki becoming readers friend and teaching her magic (in this version you would be a witch)
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nastybuckybarnes · 5 hours ago
Deep End  -  Two
Tumblr media
Pairing: Dark!Steve Rogers X Reader
Summary: He’s back. After all your best efforts at getting away, he’s found you again. And this time, he’s not letting you go so easily. He’s determined to do whatever it takes to get you to be his. Forever.
Warnings: Dark Themes, Language, Angst, Smut (DubCon,) Manipulation, Anxiety
Word Count: 3.4K
A/n: Boom part two! I wanna hear what y’all think’s gonna happen with this series
Madness Masterlist
Bad Dream Masterlist
“Good morning, Darling.” Chapped lips press a kiss to your cheek, strong arms winding around your figure and a sharp chin digging into your shoulder.
“Breakfast smells delicious.” You only hum, trying to get your hands to stop shaking.
“Is it eggs?!” Sarah bounds down the stairs excitedly, running straight for your legs.
Steve intercepts her, tossing her up in the air then catching her in his arms again.
She erupts in a fit of giggles and squeals as he starts tickling her, and you find yourself biting your tongue to stop yourself from saying anything to him.
“Eggs and bacon and pancakes only for you, Princess!” He exclaims, kissing her cheek then setting her back on her feet.
“Do I still go to school?” Sarah asks, climbing up onto one of the barstools and kicking her legs.
“Yes, sweetie, you still have to go to school. We’re gonna get you back to school soon, there’s just some things that... your dad... and I need to discuss first, okay? But today, you can relax at home, eat your breakfast and explore the house if you want.” She nods her head eagerly, little hands holding her fork as you slide a plate of food over to her.
You portion some out for Steve too, grinding your teeth together in distaste.
You scoured the house for anything that could be used against him but came up completely empty-handed. Rat poison, bleach, Lysol. Nothing.
He takes his plate with a smile, his free hand gripping your waist and turning you to him slightly.
He leans down, lips pressed against yours for a brief gentle moment before pulling away and sticking his tongue out at a snickering Sarah.
He sits down beside Sarah and starts eating, his eyes boring holes into your back as you gather some food for yourself. As you’re getting ready to sit down, he stands up, unlocking a drawer by the sink and grabbing a bottle of something.
Your heart races in your chest and you hold your fork just the tiniest bit tighter, prepared to use it as a weapon if you need to.
He turns back to you with a smile, setting two small pills on your napkin, away from Sarah’s curious gaze.
“Take them with your food,” he instructs, kissing your forehead then sitting back down between you and your daughter.
"Morgan’s gonna get dropped off for a little while, Sarah. She’s around your age and I think you two will get along great. You guys can play while your mother and I talk, okay?” She bobs her head up and down, shovelling the eggs into her mouth.
“They’re really hitting it off,” Steve says with a smile, watching as his daughter and her new friend play in the backyard.
You hesitantly come up beside him, a small smile spreading on your lips.
“I-I’m always nervous about her making friends. She’s never really had problems with it but...” You trail off, taking a step back as he turns around to face you.
“Tony’s got Morgan enrolled in a private school, says it’s really good. I was thinking we could send Sarah there too.” You bite your bottom lip and shrug. “I-I don’t know how I feel about private schools. What are the reviews like? And are they strict? I don’t want her... all I want is for her to have a normal childhood. That’s all I want.” Steve’s face softens and he nods, taking your hand and ushering you to the living room.
“It’s all gonna be okay. I know it’s gonna take some getting used to, but it’ll all work out in the end, you’ll see.”
You take a couple of deep breaths, wanting so desperately to believe him but you know better.
“Tony says the school’s really good, and it’s not super strict. The kids still get to have fun and make friends while learning. I think we should give it a shot and if she doesn’t like it we’ll find another school for her to go to.” You nod, eyes fluttering over to the window looking over the backyard.
“Now, I think you and I need to set down some ground rules, okay?” You turn to him, your guard up in an instant.
His face is calm, but you still don’t trust him.
“Sarah’s going to be at school all day, I’ve gotta go to work, which means you’re going to be here to look after the house. My beautiful housewife.” You furrow your brows, “What am I supposed to do here all day?” He looks around with pursed lips.
“Cook and clean? Keep the house looking nice, maybe you could start a garden if you want. But soon you’ll have less time for moving around and more time for...” he trails off, his hand coming to rest on your stomach.
“You’re gonna give me another baby, gonna carry it in that beautiful body of yours. And when the baby gets here you’ll have your hands full so you may want to start planning for that now.”
You’ve got no choice in this.
“D-did you keep any of Sarah’s old baby furniture?” You ask softly, fighting back tears.
“No, I gave it to Nat and Bucky cause they were talking about adopting. But you can buy more. I’ll give you my card and that can be your task. When Sarah’s at school and you’re done with cleaning, you can start setting up the new baby’s room.” He says it like it’s the most prestigious task he could give and you should be thanking him for the opportunity.
“Now, one last thing...” He eyes you for a moment then shakes his head.
“Your old wardrobe is going to be gotten rid of. I don’t want to see you in these leggings or jeans. I’ll have Nat bring over some clothes that are more acceptable, but until then, there should be a few decent dresses still in the closet from... before.” His eyes dark the tiniest bit at the mention of how things were.
“I want you to go change, then gather up all your old clothes. Once that’s done, you can start making lunch. I’m going to run out to grab a few things for dinner, we’re having guests over tonight, so I expect you to be on your best behaviour, okay?”
You say nothing, eyes focused on the floor.
He grabs your chin roughly and forces you to look at him, his eyes blazing.
“I asked you a fucking question, dear. You’d better answer me before I get angry.”
You swallow hard then nod, “o-okay. I will.”
He nods and lets go of your face with a smile, rising to his feet and fixing the sleeves of his shirt.
“Good. I’m thinking pasta for dinner.”
You’re wearing a yellow sundress that comes just past your knees. It flows with every step you take and you’ve gotta admit that it’s quite pretty. You hate that he chose it, though.
You set the dining room table silently, mind racing. You’re so lost in your thoughts that you don’t notice you’re not alone until a hand is grabbing the bottom of your dress.
“Mommy, did you hear me?” You gasp, jumping in surprise then shaking your head.
“No, Sarah, I didn’t. Mommy was just thinking. Sorry, what did you say?” She huffs a breath.
“Daddy said that Aunty Nat is coming over for dinner! Do you think she’ll bring ice cream?” Your heart clenches and you sigh.
“I uh... I don’t know. You’ll have to go ask... your father.”
“Ask me what?” Sarah turns to him and lifts her arms, giggling happily when he scoops her up in his arms.
“When Aunty Nat comes is she gonna bring ice cream?”
“Well, I don’t know if she’ll bring ice cream, but maybe after dinner we can all go out and get an ice cream cone. How does that sound?” She claps her hands together in excitement, squealing when she hears the front door open.
“Knock knock!” A female voice calls.
You swallow hard, trying not to let your anger get the better of you as Sarah shimmies out of her father’s grip and rushes to the door.
“Aunty Nat!” The redhead picks her up and spins her around.
“Hey, pumpkin! How’s my favourite girl doing?”
You walk back to the stove, stirring the noodles and imagining how satisfying it would be to dump the boiling water on the traitorous redhead.
“How’s dinner coming along?” Steve asks, his hands finding your hips.
“Just about done. Everyone can sit down, it’ll only be a minute more.” He nods, kissing your temple and opening the fridge to grab drinks.
“Hey, pal.” You stiffen, too many memories filling you at the voice.
“Hey, Buck. Glad you could make it.” You keep your back to the brunet, not wanting to see him, to remember what happened any more than you already have to.
“Aren’t you going to greet our guests, dear?” Steve asks, one hand grabbing the waistline of your dress and tugging. You reluctantly turn around to face the brunet just as the redhead walks into the room.
“Well?” Steve asks, looking at you expectantly. You say nothing, glaring daggers at Natasha. She meets your gaze for a moment then looks away, knowing full well what she’s done.
“Dinner’s ready.” Is all you say, yanking out of Steve’s grip and turning back to the stove.
“It’s nice to see you again too, (Y/n),” Bucky says, walking past you and into the dining room.
Natasha brings Sarah after him, leaving you and Steve alone.
“You and I will need to have a long conversation once they leave,” he hisses. “If your attitude doesn’t improve, then you’re going to need to be punished for it.”
You turn and look up at him with defiant eyes.
“I’m wearing your stupid dress and I’m playing your stupid game. What more do you want from me? You’ve got me and my daughter held hostage in your goddamn dollhouse and-” He grabs you by the throat, shaking his head at you.
“Fine. I’ll fucking teach you now then.”
He shoves you aside and walks into the dining room, a smile on his face.
“She’s just gonna bring dinner out. Then she and I need to have a little chat before we join you.” You reluctantly bring the food out, if only so Sarah can eat. You’ve hardly set the steaming dishes down before Steve’s grabbing your hand and yanking you through the house and up the stairs.
Your heart races in your chest, fear coursing through your veins at what he may have planned for you.
Flashes of different ways he’s punished you run through your mind and you feel your eyes fill with tears as he shoves you onto his bed.
His chest is heaving, with anger or exertion, you can’t tell.
“S-Steve I’m sorry. P-please don’t hurt me.” He watches you for a moment then shakes his head.
“You know I can’t tolerate that kind of behaviour.” You crawl back, tears dripping down your cheeks.
“I-I’m just, please! I’m scared and tired a-and I don’t have any friends and m-my dad is-is...” You shake your head, hoping he has a shred of decency left inside of himself.
“Please!” He stares at you long and hard then sighs. “You know I love you, and I love Sarah with my entire heart. But I can’t tolerate this rude behaviour. I know it’s a big transition for you, and I’m willing to be patient, but you can’t treat our guests that way. Rudeness directed at me is different, but you have no right to treat Bucky and Natasha the way you did. That’s why you’re being punished. I’ll forgive the snappy behaviour towards me, but not them.”
You shake your head and shove your face in your hands, sobs bubbling free from your chest.
“Please don’t hurt me. I’m sorry.” He nods, turning to the dresser and pulling out a familiar box.
It’s the box he keeps his torture toys in, you realize.
“Lay down on your stomach. If you listen, your punishment won’t be nearly as severe.” You sniffle and nod, rolling over and laying down on your tummy.
He flips your dress up and yanks your panties down your legs, eyeing your ass for a moment.
“Bucky and Nat are important members of this family, and you will treat them as such, do you understand?” You nod, crying out in pain and thrashing away from him as a leather paddle comes down hard on your ass.
“Am I going to have to tie you to the bed?” You can’t answer, you’re too busy trying not to choke on your own snot.
He grabs your wrists roughly and ties them to a hoop on the headboard, successfully leaving you at his mercy.
He smacks you again, and again, then a fourth time, and you squirm away as much as you can.
“When you’re good, you don’t get punished.”
He delivers sixteen more impossibly hard hits, then tosses the paddle onto the ground and climbs onto the bed, cock raging in his pants.
His knees push your legs apart and you shake your head, tugging against your restraints desperately as he lines himself up with your entrance.
“Huh, would ya look at that?” You press your face into the mattress, humiliation filling you as he rubs his cock through your wet folds.
“Feels like somebody enjoyed that a bit more than they were letting on, huh?” You shake your head, crying out as he sheaths himself fully with only one thrust.
Your walls burn at the intrusion, body instinctively creating more moisture to lubricate the violation, but that’s not how Steve sees it.
“Fuck, your body misses me, huh? Hates it when my cock isn’t fucking you.” He grabs your hips and hoists them up, then starts a punishing pace, forcing you to take every painful inch of him.
“Fuck, feel how tight you are... squeezin’ me so nice...” Every hit of his hips against your ass makes you cry out in pain, your entire lower half on fire.
“M’gonna fill you with my cum then lock it in. You’re gonna give me another fucking baby. Gonna grow nice and big.” He picks up the pace, eyebrows furrowed and face screwed up with pleasure.
His hips still, warmth exploding within you as he reaches his climax.
He stays inside you for a long while, catching his breath while his cock softens, then he slowly pulls out.
“You know,” he begins, rooting around in the box for something, “it’s much more effective if you orgasm too. Really sucks it all up in you and improves the chances of fertilization.” A switch flips and then there’s a constant buzzing noise filling your ears.
Right as you realize what it is, he’s got the vibrator pressed against your clit.
You jolt away from it, hips wiggling at the stimulation.
“N-no,” you whisper uselessly, inhaling sharply when he grabs your waist with one hand to keep you steady, forcing the vibrator against you.
“Look at that... feels good, huh?” You don’t reply, bottom lip tucked between your teeth as the coil in your belly tightens, your toes curling and your back arching, forcing the device against you even more.
Your mouth drops open and your eyes roll back as your body starts to convulse, a powerful orgasm tearing through your entire being.
“There it is,” Steve whispers, watching with dark eyes as he forces an orgasm out of you.
Your pussy flutters and clenches, clit swollen and aching when he finally removes the vibrator.
You’re still recovering from the intensity of your climax when he presses something cool to your entrance.
He forces the plug inside of you, despite your protests, then yanks your underwear back up your legs.
“Now c’mon. We’ve got guests to entertain.” He unties your wrists then helps you to your feet, watching in satisfaction as you struggle to walk down the stairs.
You rub your raw wrists, heart racing in your chest as you slowly walk into the dining room.
Bucky and Nat each look up at you, the redhead turning away while the brunet eyes you, a dark look in his eyes.
Steve’s hand remains possessively on the small of your back, and you carefully sit down, wincing at the burn in your backside and the throbbing of your core.
“Sorry to keep you waiting,” Steve says, a smile on his face as you portion out some food for him and yourself.
“It’s alright. Things happen,” Bucky replies, eyes stuck on your face.
“It’s been a while since we... since I last saw you, (Y/n). How have you been?” You swallow hard, eyes focused on your plate as you answer Bucky’s question.
“I’ve been fine. How have you been?” He takes a moment to answer, and in the thick silence of the room you can hear the metal plates in his arm whirring.
“I’ve been good. Happy that Steve has you back now.” You nod, forcing yourself to chew and swallow a mouthful of pasta.
“Mommy I’m full! Can we go for ice cream now? Aunty Nat and Uncle Bucky said we could!” You nod, pushing your almost untouched food away and standing up quickly.
“J-just let me clean up, then we can go for ice cream.” You start gathering the dishes, eager to leave the room and put some distance between yourself and the people at the table.
“I’ll give you a hand,” Nat says, rising to her feet and gathering the other half of the dishes.
You ignore her, grabbing the remainder of the food and starting to pack it up in containers in the kitchen.
“(Y/n), I’m sorry.” You shove the food into the fridge and turn to face her, tears welling up in your eyes.
“You’re sorry? That’s it? You’re fucking sorry?! I’m right back where I fought tooth and fucking nail to escape because of you! You’re the reason I’m back here with him, why Sarah’s back here and why he’s hurting me all over again and all you have to say for yourself is ‘I’m sorry’?!” Your voice is whispered, but the words may as well be shouted.
She shakes her head, hating the truth behind your words.
“Y-you don’t understand, (Y/n). I had to.” You sniffle and scrub a fallen tear off of your cheek.
“Or what? Would he kill that rapist boyfriend of yours? You swore you’d keep it a secret and now, because of you, my father’s dead and I’m stuck with a man who’s going to torture me and possibly my daughter as well. So don’t you fucking dare tell me you had to or that you’re sorry because those are both lies.”
You take a few deep breaths, walking to the sink and starting to wash the dishes.
“I trusted you. And you led him straight to us. I don’t care what you say or what you do, I’ll never fucking forgive you. If it were up to me, you’d be left at that cabin to bleed out. It’s what you fucking deserve after what you’ve done.”
She’s silent, standing there behind you for a long moment before turning and leaving the kitchen.
Your hands shake with the intensity of your outburst and you have to stop yourself from crying, chest rising and falling rapidly as your emotions get the better of you.
Your vision starts to blur, soapy hands gripping the edge of the counter tight enough to hurt. You lean over slightly, trying desperately to suck in more air as anxiety fills and overwhelms you.
“(Y/n)?” You don’t notice his hands on you until he’s pulling your hands off of the counter.
“I-I can’t.”
His hands find your waist, trying to usher you away from the sink, and your ears begin to ring.
Your knees give out and you crumble in his arms, him easily supporting your weight as you lose consciousness.
“Buck, take Sarah out for ice cream now.” His voice holds the same type of authority as it does when they go on missions, and the brunet pops his head into the kitchen to investigate for a moment before nodding.
“C’mon Sarah. Do you know what you want?” Bucky asks, taking Sarah’s hand and leading her to the front door.
“Do you?” She sasses.
“Well missy, I’m gonna get two scoops of chocolate, and Aunty Nat's getting mint chocolate chip.”
“I want cookie dough!”
The front door closes with a soft click and Steve sighs, scooping you up in his arms and carrying you to the bedroom.
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shxdowsummoner · 6 hours ago
my savior (2)
summary || taking the offer you you begin working for bucky. though, later he has to save you again
pairing || mafia!bucky x female!reader
warnings || creepy guys again (briefly)
note || i wasn’t going to make a second chapter, but i have more inspiration for this
should i make a part 3?
requests are open <3
please don’t steal my work!
part 1
Tumblr media
It was noisy. Bass echoed throughout the club. The white shirt you wore was tight against you, and the black skirt you wore was slightly shorter than you wanted it to be. You kept pulling at the collar of your white shirt as if to stretch it out.
Your job was easy. All you had to do was serve drinks and occasionally work behind the bar. You ran into the man that saved you occasionally, but you still didn’t know who he was. Most people seemed scared of him often bowing their heads out of fear.
He on the other hand already knew who you were. He had Sam research you to check if you were dangerous. Someone as powerful- as Bucky who owned almost the whole city- he needs to make sure a rival didn’t send a spy in.
You were cleaning up the bar that was off in the back. When the door opened in the front. You could see people stepping aside for what you could only assume was him. His entourage followed behind him as they descended up the stairs that were nestled in the corner.
Your eyes followed his broad frame as he disappeared. You couldn’t help, but have a slight attraction to the man. Who wouldn’t though? With his charming personality and handsome looks, he could practically have any girl. You’ve seen firsthand how women just drop to his feet.
“Y/n they’re requesting you,” your co-worker Natasha turned to you. The two of you became friends rather quickly.
“Why me?”
“Dunno, the boss just asked for you though,” Natasha’s red locks framed her face as she shook her head.
Walking up the dingy stairs you could hear the chatter above grow louder. You didn’t know that the whole upper level was a giant casino till you entered. People cheered happily as they took the money they had just won. Guards were stationed all around. In the back of plush sofas, you saw him sitting with several other people. Only one you recognized. A man who wore an expensive suit with messy hair. Tony Stark, the famous billionaire.
Walking up to them was hard enough. You could feel a bundle of nerves rise in your throat as they turned to you.
“Who is this,” Tony tossed an arm over you. You could see him giving Tony a look you couldn’t place.
“That’s Y/n,” Bucky stood up and gently pulled you to his side. Tony just sat down again a smile on his face.
“Is she your girlfriend?”
“No,” Bucky’s voice was sharp as he slowly let go of you.
“Mmm,” Sam hummed a content smirk on his face as Bucky looked at him. Anger raging in his blue eyes.
“Well Bucky this has been fun, but I must go,” Tony had suddenly got up and was heading towards the door, a woman draped on his arm.
So his names Bucky.
“Don’t forget about my offer!” Tony yelled across the room as he disappeared with the woman.
Nervously you placed one foot in front of the other, “Can I get you all something to drink?” They must have forgotten you were there because all eyes turned towards you.
As they rattled off their orders Bucky’s eyes didn’t leave your figure. His gaze was intense and unwavering. The way back towards the bar was darker than it originally was on the way up.
The club was even more crowded than before. As you waited for Nat to hand you all the drinks you felt someone slid next to you.
“Can I buy you a drink?” A gravely voice rumbled deep next to you.
Your body went still. Not turning towards the man you swiftly replied, “No thank you.”
“What about-”
“She said no, you idiot.” Bucky stood behind you. Anger clear as day on his face. The man went running off in fear. Your eyes met his ocean blue ones as you silently thanked him he was there.
“You always need saving don’t you?”
“Apparently,” your body relaxed as Bucky chuckled deeply.
“Well I’m glad I’m your savior then.”
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loveaffaire-recs · 8 hours ago
Submit Your Fanfictions!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Okay, I got this anonymous ask this morning and my dumbass accidentally deleted it, sorry anon :(
As of right now, even though all the fanfictions on my rec list are the ones I’ve come across myself through tags or reblogs, I'm accepting submissions for fanfics now!
If you have a work that you are super proud of and you want me to read it, which is just so cute, you can always submit the link to me. If I love it, I will absolutely leave feedback, reblog it and add it to my huge FANFICTION RECOMMENDATIONS MASTERLIST <3
Important Note- if you're going to submit your work to me, please mention the following—pairing, summary, major warnings, NSFW or SFW— along with the link.
Please keep in mind:
1) I'm only adding the fanfictions of:
MARVEL CHARACTERS— Peter Parker, Bucky Barnes, Steve Rogers, Loki Laufeyson and S.R. x reader x B.B.
ACTORS— Tom Holland and Chris Evans
OTHERS— Andy Barber (Defending Jacob) and Ransom Drysdale (Knives Out)
2) I have the right to not read a piece of work if the warnings make me uncomfortable.
I'm looking forward to reading all your wonderful fanfics and sharing them here on this blog! 💗
So send them in!!
Tumblr media
Thank you!
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ginnydrinkstea · 8 hours ago
So, I really want to branch out more and I think I’m going to take a quick break from writing for Harry Potter and focus on Marvel a bit more. 
So, I’m going to be accepting drabble/blurb requests for several Marvel characters!
Characters I have experience writing for: 
Characters I want to try writing for: 
So yeah, send some ideas in if you want! Here’re two prompt lists I really like: ONE,  TWO. Feel free to mix and match between them. 
Also, I’ve watched the first 2 Loki episodes, so no need to worry about spoilers when requesting, I’ve also watched all of WandaVision and tfatws. 
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mellowswriting · 8 hours ago
I'm going through a serious dry spell for motivation so I'm gonna turn to my lovely followers
Have a headcanon or a blurb you wanna see? Send 'em on over.
Filthy or fluffy, anything goes!
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asadmarveltrashbag · 8 hours ago
the wedding of the century (1) | not mine 
prince!steve rogers x princess!fem!reader
warnings: +18, unprotected sex, virginity loss, fingering, praise
a/n: pls rb with your thoughts
Tumblr media
The ballroom is filled with gold and white decorations, tables scattered and chattering mouths. The air is filled with the scent of vanilla and pastries. Guests fill the ballroom floor, they all look so beautiful and happy. This might be the wedding of the century even.
Shouldn’t you be happy too? It is your wedding day, and you are now married to prince Steve Rogers.
“Is everything alright, darling?” Steve says, caressing your left hand. You smile, and your eyes look at the band on your finger. You nod. “Yes, I just feel overwhelmed,” you respond.
Steve is perfect. God made no mistakes with him. Steve is everything anyone could ask for, he is just perfect. He’s selfless, loyal, and pure. Every time you look at him, you soften. Your eyes, you look at him with admiration. Your heart beats faster when he comes close, you let your guard down with him.
“If you need anything, just tell me. I’ll be speaking with some guests,” Steve kisses your cheek and leaves you at the table. You go back to watching the guests, the ones waltzing seem to be tired and dizzy. You spot Marianne and...Bucky waltzing together. You look at Bucky and he’s laughing, he sees you and makes eye contact for a split second. You quickly look away, putting your attention on Steve who is speaking with his father.
Bucky Barnes. The prince engaged to Marianne Rogers. He’s a complex person, almost like yourself but chose a different path. Bucky is a calm person, everyone feels like they can be open with him and not be judged. That’s probably why Marianne fell for him.
Marianne Rogers is a different story though, she isn’t like any other princess. Or is she?
Marianne is bratty, lives for the approval of Steve and disobeys all authority. She only listens to Steve. She has challenged every princess that has come Steve’s way, she purposefully drives them away from him. She does has good qualities to her though, she is good with the public, smart and is very, very beautiful. Her perfect face, long hair and her big blue eyes can trap any enemy. She definitely fits with Bucky, both very beautiful people with good minds. They seem happy together. 
Steve’s parents are quite the pair too. His father is a powerful man, the king if you hadn’t guessed yet. And his mother, the most quiet queen. She rarely speaks, only speaks to her kids and meetings. Steve looks more like his mother than his father, but has the personality of his father. He’s a good mix of them. They all have a good relationship… only if you could say the same about your parents.
“Princess, the wine. I have the bottle, for you and the prince and the king and queen,” Natalia says, holding the special bottle.
“Thank you, Natalia. But, me and the king won't be drinking tonight… we want to be clear headed for tonight,” you respond with a small smile. Her eyes widen and she holds back a smirk. “Of course. So, the gifted wine will only be served to them,” she says.
“Yes, only them. It’s a special gift from family overseas,” you explain. She nods and runs off back to the kitchen.
Your attention goes back to the dancing guests. You wish you could speed this dance up.
You just want Steve. The wedding is finished, the feast is too, now its the after party. Why not just leave now?
You get up from the royal table and Steve sees you. He pardons himself from his father and walks over to you. You smile, you heart flutters from the way he looks at you. Steve looks at you, like you’re the whole world. It’s like time stops when he looks at you, you just see him and no other. No one else has made you feel this way, he’s special and you would do anything to save him.
“Is everything okay, my love?” Steve asks, taking your hand in his. “Yes, I just want to leave,” you answer. Steve doesn’t waste a second and leads you to the bedroom.
After stripping each other’s clothes off, Steve is above you and trying to not cum so early. He’s not even in you yet. Sweet, little virgin. 
“Tell me what you want, darling,” Steve asks. “I want you, Steve. I want you in me so bad,” you beg. Steve kisses your lips and trails down to your breasts. His kisses are sloppy and wet, he takes a nipple in his mouth. You moan his name and he tugs it with his teeth. 
“I love you Y/n,” Steve says, looking up at you. You pause. 
You nod and Steve’s fingers dip into your dripping cunt. You scream. “Mmm, your pussy is so tight and wet baby. All wet for me,” Steve says as he teases your clit. Your mouth is wide open, only pants come out. His finger is so deep inside you, it’s making you see fireworks. “That’s it pretty girl, cum around my fingers, cum on daddy’s fingers,” Steve coos. “Oh, Steve, fuck!” You scream, cumming around his long fingers. “That’s my princess, being such a good girl,” Steve praises. 
“How are you so good at this? You’ve never-” 
“Bucky,” Steve answers. 
“I’m gonna go slow, don’t wanna ruin this sweet pussy yet,” Steve says. 
“Do anything you want Steve, I am all yours,” you whisper. 
The birds chirp, your body shuffles next to Steve. He groans, you take a peek of him. His face is relaxed, his hair shines and hid chest rises. Your fingers trace his muscles.
“What a god you are, Steve. I love you so much, I am so happy to be yours,” you whisper. The words hit his skin.
Loud banging on the door awakens you both. You both scramble for clothing, Steve slips on trousers and you run to the bathroom. “What is it? We’re not decent, do not enter,” Steve yells, slightly annoyed. You shut the bathroom door and you lean against the door, catching your breath.
What could they want?
You groan.
“The king and the queen! Your parents, they’re-they’re dead! We think they’ve have been murdered!”
Murder in the castle (II)
preview of the next chapter: 
“There’s a killer on the loose! Take princess Marianne and princess Y/n underground, now!” Steve yells, commanding his men. The guards pull Marianne from Bucky’s hand, she screams his name. 
You look at Steve who has panic written all over his face. All you want to do is hold him and comfort him.
“Steve, I-” 
“Go with Marianne. Now. I can’t...I can’t lose you, anything but you. Now, go,” Steve says, with a shaky voice. Guards march around you, they take you away. His face falls, and you know his heart is being torn to shreds. 
Whoever did this, will show themselves eventually. 
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stcveskent · 8 hours ago
Tumblr media
illicit affair; steve rogers
pairings: best friends dad! steve rogers x reader (steve is also reader's teacher)
warnings: smut, and kinda fluff (idk you count it) and also, awkardness and tension between the two
request on tumblr
It was raining, it was very unusual, to rain on such a sunny day, but we gotta expect the unexpected. After your lectures you went to a library to get some book for your upcoming test, and it started to rain pretty bad.
So you started walking because your best friend, Melissa, wasn't gonna pick you up. The only place close to this library was Melissa's place, and you decided to go there for a while.
There wasn't any problem except one, Steve Rogers, Melissa's Dad, and also, a professor in your college. It was strange how young he lookef when he was a father of a girl who was your age.
So like usual, you walked to  Melissa's place, and knocked. Again, expect the unexpected. You expected Melissa to great you on the door, but it wasn't, It was Steve Rogers, the handsome, and ridiculously hot man, you had dreams about.
"Y/n? Hey!" He greeted, and you just stopped looking at him.
"Uh—M-Mr. Rogers? Is Melissa here?" You asked, still standing outside, and you were soaking wet, from the rain. He looks at you, from up to down.
"Melissa isn't home." He says, and you nodded.
"Alright, i-i'll leave, see you on Monday, Mr. Rogers—"
"Its still Raining Y/n, i think you should stay here, Melissa would be here soon, don't worry."
"I don't really wanna disturb you, Mr—"
"I can really use your company, Y/n, stay." He says, his voice calm, and demanding, which made you take a deep breath.
"S-sure." You replied as he let you in. You had a huge crush on this man, he was your Teacher, alongside was your best friend's dad. But love is love.
Steve, on the other hand, too had a crush on you, and he always used to backout thinking of his daughter and also, thinking that you were his student, and you probably don't feel the same.
a shiver ran down your body, you were cold, and wet from the rain. This grabbed, Steve's attention, and he looks at you, your arms closely wrapped around your body.
"I'll get you some fresh clothes, and a towel okay? You can go and take a shower, in Mel's room." He offered to you and you nodded, walking upstairs to Melissa's room.
You walked to the bathroom, and stripped down to shower. Warm showers were your favorite during these times. Meanwhile, Steve keeps a pair of fresh clothes, (his clothes) and a towel, while you fresh up, and decided to give you the towel.
He knocks on the bathroom door.
"Is it Mel?" You asked, your voice soft, and he melted when you spoke like that.
"No, Y/n, it's me, Steve, i wanted to give you you go." He says, a weird feeling between the two.
"Mr. Rogers, thank you, uh.." you tried to talk, but couldn't form words. He too was in the same form when he was around you.
"I'll see you, downstairs." He says, before leaving, and closing the bedroom behind him, sighing, pushing his hair upwards, thinking of what's wrong with him, and you do the same.
After getting dressed you walked downstairs, to where he was sitting, with a cup of coffee, near the heater, at how cold it was getting, and so were you, so cold. His attention turns towards you, as you walked in his clothes, his shirt, and his sweats.
"I hope you won't mind wearing these, you know, I don't touch Melissa's closet —" he waits to gather words, but couldn't.
"I-i understand, Mr. Rogers, and thank you for these clothes , they're very comfortable." You thanked him, and he smiles, unable to take his eyes off you.
"Would you like a cup of coffee?" He asked, and you looked at him.
"—yess if it doesn't bothers you." You replied and he shook his head.
"Ofcourse y/n, why would it bother me?" He says and asks at the same time while he walks in the kitchen, getting a cup of coffee ready, for you.
He gives it to you, and sits infront of you, while you're shivering, and he turns the heater to your side.
"So, what were you doing outside?" He asked, and you smiled at him before answering.
"I-i was just getting books from the library for the upcoming test, you know." You answered, and he nodded, and smiled.
"Studying i see, I really am proud of your results Y/n, you did great, the past semester." He appreciated you, and you smiled at him.
"Thank you, Mr. Rogers!"  Just then, Melissa calls him, and he sighs, and picked it up, you take a deep breath, as he answered.
"Melissa, where are you?" He asks, trying to calm his anger and stress towards the fact that his daughter hasn't returned home.
"Dad, I am with jacob! I already told you, now look at how bad it's raining, I won't step or drive." She explains, and he sighs, keeping his free hand on his torso. Your eyes not stuck at him, as he talked.
"Are you planning on staying the night there? Gosh! Y/n's here waiting for you too." He says, and looks at you, and you quickly look away from him.
"Y/n's there? Then you two can give company to each other. Dad, i have to stay the night here, you have to look at the way it's raining today."
"Fine, take care, be back early tomorrow." He says and hangs up, seeing you.
"Mel's not gonna be home tonight, it's raining very bad." He said and you nodded.
"Well, i guess i should leave Mr. Rogers, I-"
"Steve, Call me Steve, no one's around here.." steve said and you nod
"Mr. R—Steve...i think I should leave, see you—"
"Stay here for a while Y/n, its still raining heavily." He insisted, and you couldn't say no to that face ofcourse. He looked like he needed company and even if you get home, you wouldn't do anything, so you wouldn't mind spending time with him.
"Alright, Steve." You said, and he smiles. You sit back, shivering like hell. You were a very cold person, I don't know how should I describe it. But back in the days, you always were found in sweaters or blankets wrapped around you.
"Still cold?" He asked, and you shook your head.
"I am done with my work, would you mind watching a movie? I also have food and i hope you like it." He offers and ofcourse you say yes.
"Ofcourse, Mr.Rogers — i mean Steve." You said and he nods going to the kitchen, getting some snacks, while you get comfortable on the couch.
He comes back, playing some random movie, which you're trying hard to pay attention to, but its getting so hard, because Steve was hella attractive and seeing him with a formal wear, made you go crazy.
He comes closer to you, as you were cold, wrapping you in a blanket, and holds you close to him.
"Mr. Rogers..what are you doing?" You asked pulling away from him.
"Y-you were cold Y/n, i was just trying to help nothing else.." he says and you look away.
"Sorry...i—thank you.." you whispered and he nodded, as he still kept you close to him, it was very difficult to keep the eyes on the tv and watch it or pay attention to it now.
The female lead in the movie kisses the male lead, and it was just getting intense, and your heart was racing, and so was Steve's. This has been the closest he has been to you...and he was losing himself.
You didn't know how, but something came over you, and you looked at him, and he turned to look at you, this was very different.
"Everything ok—" you cut him off by pressing your lips on his. He was shocked but, kissed you back. He now pulled you closer to him, arms freely on your waist, as he pulls you closer. You pull away, resting your head on his, and both of you pant.
"I've wanted that for so long." He says, and you look at him.
"Me too." You replied, kissing him again, now it was so unholy, that he got an idea of. Pulling him closer, tangling your legs on his torso, kissing which was full of teeths and tongues.
He pulls away, looking at you , breathing heavily, and asks you.
"Do you want this, Y/n? Because if you do, fuck i will give it to you, and if not I won't lay a finger on you, ever!" He says and you smile at him.
"Ofcourse i want it." You said, before he kisses you again, you now laying on the couch, he's on top of you. Your hands on the hem of his shirt, as you rip it off him, and smirked at your eagerness.
His hands pull your shirt off, and you both try to get rid of the clothes you were on throwing it on the floor, somewhere, none of you cared about.
He kisses you, on your neck, his fingers roaming around your body, resulting moans falling from your lips, he left marks, just then he picks you up, takes you to his bedroom, not leaving your lips for a second.
The kisses keeps getting hotter, you both fell on the bed, you were on top, but he rolls, and he's on top now.
"I need you!." You whinned.
"I know!." He says, kissing your inner thighs
He goes down and leans to your clit, smirking as he felt your wetness.
"So wet for me, and i've barely touched you." He said and you moaned. His lips attach to your clit and he started licking it slow, and teasing you
"Oh fuck! Steve! Don't tease!!" You moaned and he smirked. He kept doing that until you were close enough for him.
"Baby.." you tried to say and he switched his mouth with his fingers. His eyes starring deeply into yours, and when you moaned, he growled lightly.
"Fuck i'm going to cum!" You said and he kissed you, as you came on his fingers, moaning loudly,arms around his shoulder.
He sucks his fingers clean, and seeing that made you go crazy. I mean he looked like a sex god.
"Baby, you taste so good." He said and you blushed. He smirked looking at you.
"Ready for me baby?" He asked and you nodded. He lines himself at your entrance and pushes into you, gasps and moans leave your mouth. He moans at how tight you were.
"Oh god." You moaned as he started thrusting in you, slowly. Sweating, and moaning was the only things you two do. Steve grunts, as he thrusts again.
"Just like that baby, just like that oh god yes." You moaned, he literally is a sex god, now you were sure
Steve's one hand on the headboard and the other near your body, for his balance. He thrusted harder into you, and your moans and his grunts were loud.
He continued doing that until you both were close, moaning eachother names like its the only thing you know.
"Oh god, i'm gonna cum." You said
"Cum on me, i know you want, give me one more, baby." He said and kissed you, before you screamed, cumming all over his cock, as he moaned at how you clenched around him. He felt how close he was, and then came in you, both of you heavily breathing.
He collapsed next to you, while you tried to catch your breath.
"That..was...amazing!" You said, and he smiles at you.
"I know, now get some rest, i'm not leaving you that early." You said and he kissed you.
Oh boy you were in for a longgg night, and no you weren't complaining. What you & Steve had, was illicit and wrong, but none of you cared because that's what both of you wanted it from so long. You were just worried about facing Melissa, and on the other hand Steve would have felt the same, but for now, none of you care about the future, other than living the present, with each other.
so bad omg😭😭
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qveerfemmemusings · 8 hours ago
Okay this needs to be said and it needs to be said loudly.
Literally, nothing feels more exclusionary and hurtful than to get excited to read a fluffy domestic fic, only to read about children described as having “Chris’ blue eyes” or “Steve’s blonde hair”. You are making it very apparent that you aren’t writing with POC in mind and that you only write for the white readers in the fandom.
Same with writing for “y/n” and writing about messy buns, silky straight hair, and white features. (Yet you all have no problem writing that y/n has ‘plump’ lips) Stop cherry picking features that are palatable to you, when you claim to be writing for everyone.
Maybe try writing original characters instead of reader insert if you want to describe a character/family as having specific features, but don’t project your white beauty standards on a whole fandom because not all of us are white and again, you are making it pretty clear that you aren’t writing with the intent of the reader possibly being a POC.
(And pls don’t use the excuse ‘some POC have blue eyes/blonde hair’, while that is in fact true, it is still not accurately representative of ALL POC, so just don’t do it??)
I have no idea why some of you have issues writing reader characters with ambiguous features or simply not describing their features at all?? It’s truly not integral to the story to specifically describe hair colors/eye colors/skin colors if it is reader insert.
Anyways. This has been on my mind for YEARS and I’m putting it into the universe because this shit is getting tiring and there are really no excuses for it.
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sweetfictionalworld · 9 hours ago
Tumblr media
Fanfiction Masterlist. All stories are female reader inserts
Tumblr media
Pedro Pascal Characters:
Din Djarin 
Yours Forever (Smut)
Shameless Pleasure (Threesome smut with Boba Fett)
This Is The Way (Smut)
Love In Stereo (Threesome smut with Cobb Vanth)
Creed Of Love (Smut)
If I Lost You (Smut)
In Your Eyes (Smut)
A Place To Call Home (Smut)
Can't Take My Eyes Off You (Smut)
Somewhere With You (Smut)
Javier Peña
If You See Her, Say Hello (Smut, Series) [Chapter 1], [Chapter 2], [Chapter 3]
Black Veil (Smut, series) [Chapter 1], [Chapter 2], [Chapter 3], [Chapter 4], [Chapter 5] 
Trapped in a snowstorm (Smut)
Javier taking care of you when you`re sick (Fluff)
Like Fire In The Rain (Smut)
Frankie Morales 
At Last (Smut)
Broken Promises (Angst)
Wicked Appetite (Smut)
Spending Time With You (Smut)
Marcus Moreno
Temptation (Professor AU, Smut)
Dulce Amoroso (Smut)
Stand By You (Angst)
Agent Whiskey 
Sinful (Smut)
Date Night (Smut)
Max Phillips
Spellbound (Smut)
Dave York
Tease (Smut)
Maxwell Lord
Birthday Cake (Smut)
Tumblr media
MCU Characters:
Thank You, Sir (Smut)
Cold Play (Smut)
Hidden Pleasure (Smut)
Under A Spell (Smut)
Library Rendezvous (Smut)
World Gone Mad (Smut)
Edge of Pleasure (Smut)
Pearl of Euphoria (Smut)
A Place For Lost Times (Smut)
Only You (Smut)
A Night of Pleasure (Smut)
An Unexpected Evening (Fluff)
Bridge Over Troubled Water (Smut)
Eternal Salvation (Smut)
Satisfying Proposal (Smut)
Divine Torture (Smut)
True Belonging (Smut)
Reflection of Passion (Smut)
Steve Rogers
Atonement (Smut)
Good Morning (Smut)
Degrading Passion (Smut)
Impatience (Smut)
Essential Necessities (Smut)
Bucky Barnes
Radioactive Rain (Smut)
Fueled (Smut)
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idy-ll-ique · 11 hours ago
Just Peachy.
Pairing: Ransom Drysdale x F!Reader
Genre: Fluff
Warnings: mentions of injuries and blood, overall very fluffy and cute
Requested: nope
Summary: in which Y/N gets hurt and Ransom is the perfect fiancé.
Author's Note: hiya peeps! ok im gonna say it,,, im a hoe for soft!ransom idc idc. enjoy!
"If anything happens while I'm at work, if you get hurt, don't hesitate to call me, alright? I'll be home in 15 minutes. Just call." Wise words by Ransom Drysdale, her fiancé.
Was she going to do that? Nope! Y/N grumbled from her position on the ground; she was walking down the stairs when she had tripped and fallen, ending up in a heap on the floor with one ankle definitely broken and a cut on her temple. Slowly, as the pain got too much to bear, she started crawling to the best of her abilities towards the bathroom to get the first aid kit.
As she neared the bathroom her hopes went up, until she saw the cupboard above the sink on top of which the first aid kit was kept. "Who fucking keeps it so high up?" she cursed under her breath as she grabbed the sink, slowly standing up, praying the sink wouldn't break under her as she applied her full body weight on the poor thing. She was successful.
Now putting her entire weight on her good foot, she reached up and, severely underestimating the weight of the kit, yanked it up, causing the heavy box to come crashing down on her. "Damn it, fucking son of a—" she cursed loudly as the box knocked her off her already weak feet. She fell on her back with a grunt and the heavy box landed on her chest, forcing her to exhale a breath. "Fuck."
Y/N forgot to hear a painful crunch.
She started lifting her hands to push the kit away when a sharp pain shot through her left wrist, causing her to wince. "Oh, great, another broken limb? Just what I needed. Great. Fucking peachy," she muttered and shoved the box away with her right hand, moving to sit up. She tried to crawl out of the bathroom but this time, with only one hand to support her, the task was perilous.
Ransom tapped his fingers on his desk at work in the tune of his favorite song, frowning at the blank open document in front of him. He was working on his second book, but today, inspiration was nowhere to be found. No ideas were coming to his head on how to proceed with the next chapter. I wonder what Y/N is doing, he thought and smiled softly at the thought of his fiancée.
Ransom and Y/N met at a party thrown by a mutual friend. He was being his usual, bitter self in the gardens outside the lavish mansion (yes, a mansion) when Y/N had approached him first. "Hi there, I'm Y/N. I noticed you were being too quiet and you slipped out, and wondered if you wanted to talk to someone?"
He wanted to push her away for talking to him like that, especially since he left the house for a reason, but instead he just smiled at her. A genuine smile. "I'd like that a lot." And so, they talked. Ransom was proud to announce that he had first fallen for her nature, her personality and her demeanor instead of her looks, which was what made their relationship special.
At least for Ransom, given the type of man he used to be.
Y/N was extremely gorgeous in his eyes. That was simply an added bonus. By the end of the party, both of them had walked into the house again and Ransom had put on quite a show about asking her out to dinner, which she readily agreed to. She knew what kind of a man he was; spoiled, full of himself and had a big attitude problem but that one talk with him changed her perception of Ransom Drysdale.
He was truly nice to the people he cared about, one of them being her. They talked for a short while and he was nothing short of polite, sweet and funny at times. He flirted endlessly since that was part of his personality but she didn't mind, she liked it, even. Ever since that day, they were inseparable and now, 4 years later, engaged.
"Fuck shit, fuck shit, fuck shit…" Y/N chanted as she slowly crawled to the living room, the pain in her body increasing by the minute. Finally putting her pride aside, she grabbed her phone off the couch and called Ransom, falling to the floor with deep breaths. Ransom's eyes snapped away from his laptop and landed on his phone when it started ringing.
Grinning, he picked up the call when Y/N's smiling face came into view. The moment she spoke, though, his grin dropped. "Hugh…" Y/N choked out, eyes filling with tears when the pain finally caught up to her. "Y/N? Bubba, what's wrong?" he asked worriedly, immediately leaping to his feet. He shut the laptop, grabbed his coat and stormed out of his office, towards his car. Work be damned.
"It's— it's nothing. I'm sorry for calling, I know you're busy—" He nearly scoffed. "Babe, listen to me. You're more important. I'm coming home, I just left the office. Speak to me, bub, tell me," he insisted as he drove like a madman towards his house. "Just got hurt a little bit," Y/N mumbled and Ransom's heart broke. "Darling, I'll take care of it when I get home."
Thankfully, 15 minutes later, he reached home. Ransom hurriedly parked his car and threw open the front door, freezing when he saw his fiancée lying near the couch on the floor, the phone still in her hand as her eyes snapped away from the ceiling towards him. "Ransom," she stuttered and he walked towards her, kneeling next to her. His thumb swiped the blood on her temple.
God, did he want to punch her on her stupid, beautiful face for telling him she was just a little hurt. "Bub, what's this?" He picked her up and placed her on the couch, moving to take her hand but it fell limp… in a weird angle. His eyes widened. "Is your wrist broken?" he whispered and Y/N nodded, turning away from him. "And you had the fucking audacity to tell me it was nothing?!" he screamed.
She kept silent as he checked the rest of her body, finding out that her ankle was broken as well, the skin around it swollen black and blue. "You're a fucking dumbass, you know that?" he muttered as he called a doctor, sitting on the floor next to the couch. "I didn't want to disturb you." She was wheezing and he turned to her, only to see her clutching at her chest with a pained expression on her face.
"Hurts." He sat up and ripped the t-shirt off her, eyes darkening when they landed on the bruise forming on her chest and between the valley of her breasts. "What the fuck happened when I was gone?" he hissed as he covered her up again. "I… I fell down the stairs first and broke my ankle," she began, fidgeting. "Well you should've called me then!" he insisted, exasperated.
"I didn't want to be a burden," she admitted in a small voice and Ransom's resolve broke. He teared up a bit and pressed his lips to hers, shaking his head. "You're not a burden, Y/N. I told you, if you're hurt at home, call me. I meant it. Even if it's a paper cut, call. Even if it's a skinned knee, call. I'm always here for you, and I always will be here." Y/N sniffled under him.
"Ransom…" He gently sat her up and sat next to her, only to pull her on his lap as he held her close. "Don't you dare think you're a burden ever again. I signed up for this. A burden is something you're not willing to carry. This? I'm willing to carry this to the end of the world," he whispered, squeezing her body as tightly as he could without crushing her. "I love you, Ran."
I love you, too.
"I know, sweetcheeks." And he grinned when her head shot up and she promptly slapped him on the cheek. "You're so full of yourself, Drysdale," she huffed. "You still love me," he hummed as she snuggled into his arms. "Fortunately for you, unfortunately for me, yeah, yes I do," she sighed.
Soon, the doctor arrived, patched her up and said the worst thing she had ever heard in her life.
"Bedrest for 2 weeks till the ankle heals."
And seeing Ransom's shit-eating grin had caused her to glare so viciously at him that even he had cowered. "Babe, doctor's orders, can't help it." After the doctor left, they were now laying side by side on their bed, staring at each other. "I can't just sit here with nothing to do!" she whined, snuggling closer to him. He put an arm around her, sighing.
"Well, face the reality, kitten. You're staying here and that's an order."
"Funny you think you can boss me around, sweetheart."
"I know I can't but this time, I will. I'll strap you down to the bed, mark my words," Ransom said with a roll of his eyes. "Kinky," Y/N snickered and Ransom kissed her nose with a smirk. "You are not getting up, Mrs Drysdale," he whispered and she pouted, jutting her lower lip out as far as she could along with giving him puppy eyes. "Please, Ran?" Ransom laughed.
"No." She groaned loudly. "Ugh, fine! I'll just get up when you go to work," she spoke smugly and Ransom turned to her, eyes wide. "Oh no you don't." He leaped up from the bed, making her whine. "Where are you going?! I need cuddles, Ran, I'm hurt!" she insisted and he got back into bed, taking out his phone. "I'm making calls to work. I'm gonna work from home now."
"You don't have to do that!" she insisted vehemently but Ransom refused to hear it. "I have to! To make sure your cute, dumb little ass stays in bed like the doctor said," he huffed. After one phone call, he sighed in relief and relaxed against the bed. "Pays to be a Thrombey, ya know," he chuckled, ruffling Y/N's hair as she snuggled into his side.
She was a mess. Her left hand was in cast, and so was her right ankle. After the doctor left she had taken off her t-shirt, leaving her in her sports bra, the wound on her chest a deep purple with flecks of red. There was also a bandaid on her temple for the small cut. "I figured." It was quiet for some time. "You never finished the story, babe. How did you get so hurt?"
"Well, first the stairs incident, I told you. After that, I was going to the bathroom to get the first aid kit but it was too heavy. I didn't know that so when I lifted it, it fell on me. I broke my wrist from hitting it on the floor too hard and the first aid kit fell on my chest," she huffed, "The pain was too much so I called you." Ransom frowned. "You should've called earlier."
"I know. Sorry."
"It's okay, baby, I'm here now," Ransom smiled, giving her a loving kiss on the top of her head. "I'm getting tired," she yawned as the adrenaline started wearing off. "Sleep." Ransom adjusted himself so he was now half-lying on the bed, back resting against the headrest as he gathered Y/N in his arms. She fell asleep a few minutes later.
Y/N touched his side of the bed, only to be met with cold sheets instead of his warm body. She blinked the sleep away and sat up, rubbing her eyes and letting out a yawn. Running a hand through her messy hair, she stood up and limped towards the stairs. 2 weeks had passed and as the doctor said, her bedrest was over.
Her ankle had healed but not fully, while the wrist was still in a cast. The wound on her chest was also feeling loads better. She walked down the stairs and entered the kitchen area only to see Ransom cooking breakfast. "Ran," she whined and he turned around. "Y/N! Get your ass in bed, why are you here?"
"It got lonely." She wrapped her arms around him from behind, pressing a soft kiss to his bare back. "Alright, fine." He spun around and grabbed her waist, lifting her and placing her on the kitchen counter. "Sit here." Y/N smiled lazily as she placed her head on his shoulder, watching him cook. He was making eggs. Omelettes.
"How did you sleep?" he questioned when the silence stretched on. "I slept well. The ankle doesn't hurt as much, nor the wound on my chest. But the wrist…" She sighed and Ransom looked at her with a sad smile, pressing a quick kiss to her lips. "It'll get better, I promise. I'm not going to stop taking care of you."
"I'd like that very much," she replied shyly and he grinned. It was true, Ransom had truly taken care of her well. Breakfast, lunch and dinner in bed everyday for 2 weeks, he worked in their room and they had cuddled more in the two weeks than they had in their entire relationship. Y/N was super happy with their arrangement.
Of course, sometimes Ransom would be too busy, leaving her alone in the room while he worked downstairs or had a meeting with someone. But then he'd make it up to her by offering more snuggles and kisses. "My best girl," he murmured, placing the omelette he was making on a plate. He then carried the plate to the dining room, leaving her on the kitchen counter.
He returned just as fast, gathering her in his arms and pressing a kiss to her temple as he carried her to the dining table as well. "You're strong," she teased and he huffed. "I better be, or all that working out will be for nothing." She laughed and he placed her down on a chair. "Eat well, I'll be back." With another kiss dropped to her head, he went back to the kitchen area.
Y/N wondered how she became so lucky to have him as her fiancé. Yeah, sure, Ransom wasn't a very nice person in general but to her, he was the best. The man who once called his aunt unsavory things punched someone in the face when they had the audacity to call her the same things. "You better watch your fucking mouth or I'm gonna break all your teeth."
It hadn't affected her much anyway but seeing Ransom's reaction had sent a pleasant tingle down her spine. He was ready to do anything for her. And she had to admit, lately, he was being very soft. She had noticed the changes in him around a year ago; he'd become… domestic, almost. It was fun to see him like that.
His family, well, they were less than pleased when Ransom had first introduced her to them. They thought she wasn't good enough for him and had even tried to break them down. But that had only made them stronger. Ransom was in love with her and nothing his family said was going to change that. "Y/N?"
She snapped out of her thoughts and blinked at Ransom. "Yeah?" He laughed and sat in front of her with his own plate of food. "You were lost in thoughts; the food's getting cold, honey." She cursed softly and laughed along, finally finishing her food.
How had she gotten so lucky?
A/N: Thanks for reading! Show some love, likes and reblogs will be appreciated <3
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barnesdogtags · 11 hours ago
hi everyone, just wanted to say that my requests are open! i do; headcanons, playlists, drabbles and one shots. i mainly write for steve, sam & bucky, but am open to trying other marvel characters! please don't hesitate to send some in. 😊
note: i don't write smut or anything with underage characters. i would be willing to make a playlist for peter (if requested), but wouldn't include any love/romantic songs like i would for other characters.
tagging some mutuals who may be interested (no pressure though): @midnightf - @mickey-henry - @certainaesthetic - @blackberrybucky
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fallinforevans · 12 hours ago
hi besties! today is librarian thursday (probably my favorite au ever hehe) take a look at my weekly schedule ༉‧₊˚✧
scan through my request guidelines to see who i write for. send in your asks! <3
THURSDAY’S ; let’s talk about our favorite librarians! #𝐥𝐢𝐛𝐫𝐚𝐫𝐢𝐚𝐧 𝐭𝐡𝐮𝐫𝐬𝐝𝐚𝐲 ₊˚✩彡.
18+ only are allowed to interact with my blog. please respect my boundaries.
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dabis-bunny · 12 hours ago
Marvel Masterlist
Loki laufeyson
A Life of Luxury ☁️ - A small glimpse into what its like sneaking off with Loki during a break in your work as a palace maid. Is Loki tired of sneaking around?
Thor Odinson
Spiderman / Peter Parker
Iron Man / Tony Stark
Winter Soldier / Bucky Barnes
Captain America / Steve Rogers
Peter Quill
/ Key ~ ☁️ = Fluffy / 🌷 = Smut / 🌱 = Angst / 🧁 = Headcannons \
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bonky-n-steeb · 14 hours ago
Alright so I need a poll for my series, BREATHE ..!
I want to know if you guys are Team Steve or Team Bucky. 😉
Also if y’all have any ideas, send in..!
DM/ send an ASK/ REPLY on this message, but let me know.
Tumblr media
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