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#Steve Rogers x reader smut
vivid4am · 22 minutes ago
Life Goes On (Chapter 9)
Tumblr media
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader
Summary: Y/N is left in a hotel room and is not happy about it
Warnings: Language, Y/N yells at Bucky (yes this needs a warning cuz she's scary as fuck when she's mad), TFATWS spoilers
A/N: i just wrote this today and i think this is my favorite chapter
Chapter 8
Y/N discovered very quickly that when rescuing your ex-vigilante friend from jail, you needed to pack a bag of clothes. Thank god she had forgotten her passport in her car after her trip to Mexico with friends.
Sam and Bucky were not happy that Raynor insisted on Y/N going with them. When Raynor told her to keep an eye on Bucky, she thought she was just teasing, not actually being serious. After Raynor threatened to report suspicious activity to those in charge of handling Bucky’s case, Sam felt no other choice but to drag Y/N along.
Even after Bucky said to just let the government come after him again. He knew Raynor had given him an empty threat, but Sam wasn’t taking any chances.
So here Y/N was, wrapped in the white, soft sheets of a bed in a hotel room in Germany. Sam and Bucky had snuck out earlier, leaving Y/N alone in the hotel room. How did she know? Sam kindly left a note for her, basically telling her that they’d be back later and to just stay in the hotel room. Sam had also mentioned that Bucky surveyed all entrances and exits to ensure no one was getting in and out. With the note was a plate of breakfast (that was still warm, so she had just missed them) and a bottle of water. With breakfast being the only meal they left for her, she assumed that they would be back around noon. The time as of a few minutes ago was 10:57 A.M., so she didn’t think they would be much longer.
Y/n huffed out a breath as she stared up at the popcorn ceiling of the hotel room. She had absolutely no clue where Bucky and Sam could be and that made her anxious. She also couldn’t believe that they left her alone in a hotel in Berlin, Germany. Not to mention, locked, as well. She found herself counting the white kernels of the popcorn ceiling. She recalled reading an article that these ceilings contain asbestos, which was odd considering how nice this hotel was.
She also found it odd that on a secret mission, Sam chose to stay in a nice hotel. She wasn’t really complaining about that though. The shower had plenty of hot water and the bed she slept on felt like heaven.
Y/N felt her eyelids give out. Counting these kernels was exhausting. Her back was well supported by the mattress, which made her lull even more into a sleepy trance. She was tired and bored. She had tried to walk around the hotel room earlier, even put on her favorite Beatles song to dance to. But she just wasn’t feeling it. Which was weird for her, because that song always made her dance. She even tried some 80s songs, but even those groovy beats couldn’t make her tap her foot on the carpet, even if she was held at gunpoint.
Y/N slipped deeper into her slumber. Her body relaxed, the wrinkles between her brows unfurrowed. Sleep, she told herself.
However, her relaxation was cut short. The sound of someone banging their fist against the door caused Y/N to jump right up from the bed. With eyes widened and her heart hammering out of her chest, her mind came to one thing only.
An intruder.
Sam and Bucky were found out and someone was now coming to get her.
She turned her head over the porcelain door, pounding still coming from the outside. Voices were behind the door, but she couldn’t make it out what they were saying, let alone who it was. Anxiety filled her chest, constricting her lungs and squeezing her heart with a fist. She searched around the room for a weapon. There was nothing portable enough to use. The T.V. was too big, the dressers wouldn’t do any good. She had no clue where the remote was. She searched around the room desperately, trying to find something, anything. Her eyes landed on her dirty breakfast plate.
Would a plate really protect you in an intruder situation? Y/N really didn’t know, but she was about to find out.
The door handle jiggled. “Fuck,” Y/N mumbled to herself, looking for yet another thing. This time, a place to hide and attack her intruder. Of course, it was near the door, her impending doom, but Y/N quietly tiptoed to the bathroom, closing the door behind her, not fully, of course, but just enough to let a sliver of light into the bathroom.
She heard the click of the door unlocking, making her breath hitch in her throat. She heard the door creak open. A soft footfall entered the room, the carpet softening the intruder’s boots. She still listened closely. She had counted a total of three pairs of footsteps, all small, quiet and succinct.
A girl with a fucking breakfast plate versus three intruders. This was going to be great on her tombstone.
As soon as she saw the outline of a person, she attacked, a small war cry escaping her throat. She lunged out of the bathroom, porcelain plate raised high above her head, ready to smash it into the intruder’s head. Unfortunately for her, her intruder was fast. Very fast. Before she knew it, her intruder spun around and immediately grabbed her raised arm, keeping it at bay from smashing the plate into their head.
“Y/N, hey, hey, it’s me!” The voice exclaimed, causing Y/N to open her eyes. She didn’t even know that she closed them. Her eyes met Bucky’s terrified expression, causing her panic-stricken face to relax. Her chest was heaving, adrenaline pumping through her veins. Bucky still had her plate-hand above her head.
She gritted her teeth and knocked him square in the chest with her spare arm. “You dick!” She yelled, the furrow back between her brows. Her anger must’ve really driven her punch because Bucky stumbled back a bit, dropping her arm from his grasp. “You take me to fucking Germany and leave me by myself in a hotel room, without telling me?” Y/N was just angry now and she had every right to be.
Bucky’s eyes softened. “But Sam left you a note.” Bucky replied, trying his best to defend himself. “That doesn’t make anything better!” She yelled back. “Where the fuck could you guys have gone anyway?” She huffed out, crossing her arms and looking over to Sam for an answer.
Sam moved himself out of the way to a man in a long fluffy coat. Y/N felt her eyes widen. In anger or shock? She couldn’t tell you.
She looked back over to Bucky, mouth agape, brows furrowed in confusion. “The guy who framed you for killing T’Chaka? Are you fucking serious?” Y/N felt herself getting even more angry with Bucky by the second. She turned over to Sam, who looked very nervous. “And you,” she pinched the bridge of her nose. “You just went along with it? You guys helped break a criminal mastermind out of a high-security German prison?” She motioned over to Zemo, who just looked awkwardly between Bucky and Sam.
“Technically we didn’t break him out, he broke out himself-”
“It doesn’t matter! We’re now harboring a fugitive!”
“If I may?” Zemo said, lifting his hand up, asking permission from Y/N to speak.
“No!” She yelled, her teeth almost bared at him.
She was now livid. She couldn’t believe it. It was one thing to accompany Bucky on this mission, but it was another that he was helping a well-known criminal, which she definitely knew was against his terms and conditions with the United States.
Bucky sighed. “We need his help, Y/N.” She met Bucky’s pleading eyes. “With what?” She asked, stepping towards him, challenging him almost. “You never even explained to me why we’re here in the first place.”
“Those Flag Smashers you’ve heard about on the news,” Sam spoke up, saving Bucky from explaining it to her. “We fought them a few days ago, and they were super strong. Bucky-strong.” Y/N gulped.
“Super soldiers?” She asked, receiving nods from both Bucky and Sam. She sighed, “And I’m guessing he’s the expert on super-soldiers? Some special intell?” She asked. Bucky nodded again. Y/N pinched the bridge of her nose. She was in too deep now. She finally understood why Bucky didn’t want her to accompany them on the mission in the first place. It was too dangerous. Too messy. Too much. Too much for someone like her to process.
“Give me five minutes and we’ll be on our way then.”
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agentofbarnes · 39 minutes ago
𝒉𝒂𝒄𝒌𝒆𝒓'𝒔 𝒉𝒆𝒂𝒓𝒕𝒉𝒂𝒄𝒌𝒆𝒓'𝒔 𝒉𝒆𝒂𝒓𝒕𝒉𝒂𝒄𝒌𝒆𝒓'𝒔 𝒉𝒆𝒂𝒓𝒕𝒉𝒂𝒄𝒌𝒆𝒓'𝒔 𝒉𝒆𝒂𝒓𝒕𝒉𝒂𝒄𝒌𝒆𝒓'𝒔 𝒉𝒆𝒂𝒓𝒕𝒉𝒂𝒄𝒌𝒆𝒓'𝒔 𝒉𝒆𝒂𝒓𝒕𝒉𝒂𝒄𝒌𝒆𝒓'𝒔 𝒉𝒆𝒂𝒓𝒕𝒉𝒂𝒄𝒌𝒆𝒓'𝒔 𝒉𝒆𝒂𝒓𝒕𝒉𝒂𝒄𝒌𝒆𝒓'𝒔 𝒉𝒆𝒂𝒓𝒕𝒉𝒂𝒄𝒌𝒆𝒓'𝒔 𝒉𝒆𝒂𝒓𝒕𝒉𝒂𝒄𝒌𝒆𝒓'𝒔 𝒉𝒆𝒂𝒓𝒕𝒉𝒂𝒄𝒌𝒆𝒓'𝒔 𝒉𝒆𝒂𝒓𝒕𝒉𝒂𝒄𝒌𝒆𝒓'𝒔 𝒉𝒆𝒂𝒓𝒕𝒉𝒂𝒄𝒌𝒆𝒓'𝒔 𝒉𝒆𝒂𝒓𝒕𝒉𝒂𝒄𝒌𝒆𝒓'𝒔 𝒉𝒆𝒂𝒓𝒕𝒉𝒂𝒄𝒌𝒆𝒓'𝒔 𝒉𝒆𝒂𝒓𝒕𝒉𝒂𝒄𝒌𝒆𝒓'𝒔 𝒉𝒆𝒂𝒓𝒕𝒉𝒂𝒄𝒌𝒆𝒓'𝒔 𝒉𝒆𝒂𝒓𝒕𝒉𝒂𝒄𝒌𝒆𝒓'𝒔 𝒉𝒆𝒂𝒓𝒕𝒉𝒂𝒄𝒌𝒆𝒓'𝒔 𝒉𝒆𝒂𝒓𝒕𝒉𝒂𝒄𝒌𝒆𝒓'𝒔 𝒉𝒆𝒂𝒓𝒕𝒉𝒂𝒄𝒌𝒆𝒓'𝒔 𝒉𝒆𝒂𝒓𝒕𝒉𝒂𝒄𝒌𝒆𝒓'𝒔 𝒉𝒆𝒂𝒓𝒕𝒉𝒂𝒄𝒌𝒆𝒓'𝒔 𝒉𝒆𝒂𝒓𝒕𝒉𝒂𝒄𝒌𝒆𝒓'𝒔 𝒉𝒆𝒂𝒓𝒕𝒉𝒂𝒄𝒌𝒆𝒓'𝒔 𝒉𝒆𝒂𝒓𝒕𝒉𝒂𝒄𝒌𝒆𝒓'𝒔 𝒉𝒆𝒂𝒓𝒕𝒉𝒂𝒄𝒌𝒆𝒓'𝒔 𝒉𝒆𝒂𝒓𝒕𝒉𝒂𝒄𝒌𝒆𝒓'𝒔 𝒉𝒆𝒂𝒓𝒕𝒉𝒂𝒄𝒌𝒆𝒓'𝒔 𝒉𝒆𝒂𝒓𝒕𝒉𝒂𝒄𝒌𝒆𝒓'𝒔 𝒉𝒆𝒂𝒓𝒕𝒉𝒂𝒄𝒌𝒆𝒓'𝒔 𝒉𝒆𝒂𝒓𝒕𝒉𝒂𝒄𝒌𝒆𝒓'𝒔 𝒉𝒆𝒂𝒓𝒕𝒉𝒂𝒄𝒌𝒆𝒓'𝒔 𝒉𝒆𝒂𝒓𝒕𝒉𝒂𝒄𝒌𝒆𝒓'𝒔 𝒉𝒆𝒂𝒓𝒕𝒉𝒂𝒄𝒌𝒆𝒓'𝒔 𝒉𝒆𝒂𝒓𝒕𝒉𝒂𝒄𝒌𝒆𝒓'𝒔 𝒉𝒆𝒂𝒓𝒕𝒉𝒂𝒄𝒌𝒆𝒓'𝒔 𝒉𝒆𝒂𝒓𝒕𝒉𝒂𝒄𝒌𝒆𝒓'𝒔 𝒉𝒆𝒂𝒓𝒕𝒉𝒂𝒄𝒌𝒆𝒓'𝒔 𝒉𝒆𝒂𝒓𝒕𝒉𝒂𝒄𝒌𝒆𝒓'𝒔 𝒉𝒆𝒂𝒓𝒕𝒉𝒂𝒄𝒌𝒆𝒓'𝒔 𝒉𝒆𝒂𝒓𝒕
hacker’s heart random headcanons #2
warnings || just little headcanons about Steve and Hacker, including Hero, the rescue dog, and Bird, the peacock.
Tumblr media
You get a Polaroid camera specifically to take pictures of Steve shirtless to hang on your wall. You have an entire wall of just your boyfriend shirtless and every time he sees it, he gets extremely flustered. You like to show it off to people too, like it’s a piece of artwork.
Steve is in charge of feeding Bird, the compound peacock because for something reason the bird really likes him??? You always forget Bird exists too because she likes to run around wildly and sometimes you don’t see her for hours
You slowly move Steve’s clothes into turn room because you want to wear his clothes all the time, but you do as sneakily as possible. He doesn’t realize until almost all his shirts are gone.
“Have you seen my shirts?”Steve asked you curiously, peeking into your room with only sweats. You glanced over him with a sly smile.
“Nope!” You reply, pulling him by the string of his sweats into your bed to lay over you. You do eventually tell him, but not until he’s fucked you into the mattress.
Steve always changes his passwords to fuck with you. He always makes them something towards you like “babepleasestophackingus”or maybe something very sweet
Your screen savers are all Steve. One of your laptops is a picture of you, Steve, Hero, and Bird — a very hard photograph to take.
Sometimes when you feel needy, you will hang on Steve like a koala and he just lets you cause he can easily hold you up with one arm around your waist while you cling to his front. It never lasts long because you end up wanting to kiss on him and he gets so distracted.
You once got caught on camera straddling Steve while on a date, much to Steve’s dismay. You have the news article plastered on your wall by all your Polaroids.
“Do you have to display that?”Steve whined, seeing the new article amongst all the shirtless photos.”Aren’t your little photographs enough?”
“No,”You answered easily, taking out your camera while you laid in bed.”Take off your shirt, Captain.”
Steve rolled his eyes at your antics,”You are insatiable, you know that?”He stood at the end of the bed, his hands resting on his hips.
“Yeah, what are you gonna do about it?”
Steve sighed out, staring down at you. He admired how you looked in just a little tank top and a pair of cotton panties.
His hands slipped to the hem of his shirt, peeling it off and as soon as he gazed down at you, you snapped a photograph.
“ So hot,”You whispered, taking the photo and laying it out to dry. You crawled up towards him, reaching up to pull him into kiss. Steve grabbed your waist, falling onto the bed over you with a smile.”You could always take some of me, if you want...”
“Oh yeah?”He smiled, kissing over your jaw.”What kinda of photographs?”
“I could think a few shoots we could,”You smirked, biting on your bottom lip.”You could ones of me like this, laid out on the bed for you, my face while you stuff me full of your cock...”
Steve groaned into your neck, nipping at the base when it met your shoulders. You blushed at the way that seemed to effect him.
“Or while you fuck my throat, or how when you come me in cum,”You teased, feeling Steve grow harder under you. His large hands left your body, going to find your camera with a smirk.
“Better get to work then, shouldn’t we?”
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loveaffaire-recs · 48 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Hello,lovies. On this blog, I share every fanfiction I’ve read and absolutely loved, one which was too good to not share.
I encourage everyone to reblog and share the wonderful work of Tumblr writers— reblogs and feedback go a long way!
⁀➷ Main Blog - I write fanfictions for Peter Parker, Bucky Barnes & Tom Holland here.
⁀➷ Fanfiction Recommendations Masterlist - All the fanfic recs in one post— gets updated every single time I reblog a new fanfiction.
⁀➷ Monthly Recommendations - Monthly fanfic recs which gets posted at the end of every month.
⁀➷ Submit Your Fanfictions - If you have a work you’re super proud of and you want it added to my huge list of fanfic recs then submit it to me!
⁀➷ For Gender Neutral Readers - Fanfic recs, tumblr writers who write for gn!readers, tag help.
Tumblr media
I’ve tagged all the fanfics I’ve reblogged, this will help you navigate through them.
Minors DNI with NSFW tags
Tumblr media
Peter Parker
NSFW Peter Parker
Bucky Barnes
NSFW Bucky Barnes
Bucky Barnes series
Steve Rogers
NSFW Steve Rogers
Loki Laufeyson
Steve R. x Reader x Bucky B.
NSFW Steve R. x Reader x Bucky B.
Steve R. x Reader x Bucky B. series
Tumblr media
Tom Holland
NSFW Tom Holland
Chris Evans
NSFW Chris Evans
Tumblr media
Ransom Drysdale (Knives Out)
Tumblr media
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zaddy-cevans · an hour ago
Icy Winds - Part 5
| *°~•♡•~°*||*°~•♡•~°*||*°~•♡•~°*||*°~•♡•~°*|
Tumblr media
| *°~•♡•~°*||*°~•♡•~°*||*°~•♡•~°*||*°~•♡•~°*|
A/N - Angst, but make it comedial 😃. Also, surprise surprise Slutz 💞💞.
| *°~•♡•~°*||*°~•♡•~°*||*°~•♡•~°*||*°~•♡•~°*|
|| WARNINGS || Language, Explicit themes, Sexual themes, Unprotected sex, Threesome (M x M x F), Oral (both M and F receiving), fingering, overstimulation, multiple orgasms, squirting, insane sensitivity, Professor Kink, Double penetration (in vagina only), Hair-pulling Kink, praise kink, sub and dom complex (reader switches often), spitting kink, choking kink, Rough sex, BDSM (very light), Angst Galore, pet names, Age gap (reader in her early 20s, Steve and Bucky in their late 30s),
|| PAIRINGS || Dark!Professor!Steve x Dark!Professor!Bucky x Dark!Student!Reader
1.2k Words (This one's a little shorter. It's a workup chapter to part six)
Main Masterlist
Stucky's Masterlist
Previous Part
| *°~•♡•~°*||*°~•♡•~°*||*°~•♡•~°*||*°~•♡•~°*|
"It's strange. Usually, in a coma, patients can't react much. Although it's uncommon, sometimes they can hear and feel everything, but they can't talk or be responsive at all." "So what does that mean, Doc?" "It means that unlike Steven and James, Y/N isn't in a coma."
You snorted, "James. Hah. That's funny. That's like those names that those boomer fuckboys have." The dark-skinned man in your room's eyes went wide. "Watch your mouth, Sweetheart. Here, sleep for a while." You frowned, "I don't even know you, who are you?" The man blinked, "Sam, I'm Samuel Wilson, your best friend..."
You sighed, looking the man that was apparently Sam, up and down, "I think I'd remember having a bestfriend this hot." Sam turned towards the doctor, "I don't know how to take that." You smirked as the two men moved aside to talk a little more privately, "A compliment, babe."
Sam watched as you reclined back in your bed and brought your fingers up to dance delicately on your bandages before wincing and pulling away. "Memory loss, Doc?" The doctor sighed, "Yes. She's suffered quite the blow to her head in the accident and then she tried to cauterize herself. It should come of no surprise that she suffers brain trauma, which inadvertently affects her memory as well."
Sam sighed as he tapped his fingers on the table standing next to him. "Well, what does she remember?" "I'm afraid other than any academic details, she remembers nothing." Sam paused, pursing his lips, "That means she remembers nothing of her personal life?" "That's right." The doctor left Sam and you to have some privacy as you watched Sam lean onto the table and take heaving breaths. Was he crying?
"Hey, don't be sad I don't remember you. The doctor said I could be suffering from memory loss. But if you say your my best friend, then I believe you." Sam turned around, eyes red and wet and you gave him your bravest smile, despite the fact that you were both in physical and emotional turmoil and pain yourself. "Thank you, Sweetheart. Now, sleep. Seriously." You nodded as you sunk into the semi-soft gurney and let your eyes close.
| *°~•♡•~°*||*°~•♡•~°*||*°~•♡•~°*||*°~•♡•~°*|
"Hey guys. The doc said you could hear me so I thought I'd put your minds to ease and make sure you know that Y/N's alright. She's resting." Sam looked over at the heart monitors to see the previously scattered heart rate relax a little. So they could hear him. "Y/N... well she suffers from memory loss. Guess you guys could get that restart you always wanted with her, huh?" Sam joked as he sat down on the bed beside Steve.
Bucky was on the gurney a few feet away from his husband. Both of them looked utterly fucked up and so did Y/N. Baggy eyes, black and blue marks all over their bodies, bloody gashes adorning their faces. Sam was enraged, he couldn't think straight. All he knew was that he had to kill off the rivaling gang that had killed both Wanda and Pietro, and had almost killed Steve, Bucky and Y/N.
So Sam brought in the most dangerous and reckless person he could think of, because that's what Sam needed to be right now, dangerous and reckless. If he was in his senses, he might have thought of the complications and risk, but he didn't. He called the one man who would fix this, the one man who had ran away so many years ago.
| *°~•♡•~°*||*°~•♡•~°*||*°~•♡•~°*||*°~•♡•~°*|
You slapped Sam's arm, your face portraying such raw shock that Sam had trouble stiffling his laugh. "Shut up! You're telling me the Earth isn't flat!" Sam rolled his eyes, "I thought the doctor said all academic memories will still be intact. Guess you have a loose nut up there." You chuckled as you leaned back and relaxed in the bed. "Man, I'm glad I have a bestfriend like you, even if I don't remember you."
Sam frowned slightly, he wasn't a good friend, at all. Nevertheless he was glad he got a second chance with you. Suddenly you sat straight up in bed like an excited chihuahua. "Do I have... a boyfriend?" Sam grimaced. How could he explain your situation. Like, no Y/N, you don't have a boyfriend, you have two psychopaths who kidnapped you and force you to fuck them...
Luckily, Sam was saved by having to answer that question as someone knocked the door. "C'mon in." You shouted.
A man with a sharp black suit, black sunglasses resting in the front pocket, long dress shoes and salt and pepper hair walked in. He made his way to your bedside as he smiled down at you. "Hey baby. I'm back." You furrowed your brows, "I'm sorry... who are you?" The man looked over at Sam with an incredulous expression.
"I did mention that she lost her memory, right?" Sam asked and the man shrugged, "Yeah, because this is the face of a person in the know." Sam sighed, "Maybe don't drop this bomb on her just yet." You narrowed your eyes at the man as you assessed his dark brown eyes, they unnerved you, they made you feel... angry yet secured.
"I'm not going to lie to my daughter." You gasped in shock, "Dad?" The man smiled over at you, "It's me baby. Daddy's back."
| *°~•♡•~°*||*°~•♡•~°*||*°~•♡•~°*||*°~•♡•~°*|
Sam chewed on his lip nervously as he paced Steve and Bucky's room. A million questions flood his head.
How will Sam tell them about Y/N's dad being back when they wake up? Will they wake up? How will they react when they find out who Y/N's dad is? Will they kill Sam for hiding this from them? Was all this really worth it?
"I can hear your brain noise from here. What's up?" Sam looked over at the owner of the scratchy and dry voice. "Steve... you're up?" "You don't sound so happy, Wilson." Sam chuckled, "I'm ecstatic." Steve sighed, "I feel like there a but coming." "I have to tell you something." "What did you do now, Wilson?"
"N-nothing. I might have... called... Y/N's dad..." Steve shrugged, "So? Why are you so scared to tell me that?" Sam took a deep breath as he turned to Steve, his whole body trembled and shook. He knew he had fucked up, real bad, he remembered 5 years ago...
"Tell them I died. Fake my death somehow." "But, what about Y/N?" Sam's closest friend and Y/N's dad looked over at the young woman practicing throwing knives at the dartboard. "She'll be okay." "You've got a lot of loose ends here." "Then tie em up." "You know I've never been good at this shit." The man grabbed Sam's shoulders. His eyes were crazed.
"They're all after me, Sam. They're all after me and if they're after me then they're after Y/N. Do you understand that I'm doing this to keep her safe?" "What about Steve and Bucky? They're going to be crushed if you die." "They'll find a way to survive. Everyone eventually does."
And so Sam helped him fake his death, escape from the country and live his life anew somewhere else. But now he was back and he was the main link between Y/N, Steve and Bucky and that was bad... really, really bad. It could reveal Y/N's past and if that happened, it would be the end of her...
"Jesus, you look like you're about to pass out. What's wrong?" Sam looked into Steve's eyes, "Y/N's father isn't just anyone..." Steve scoffed, "Alright, who is it?" Sam bit his lip as he found his courage to look into Steve's blue eyes. "Y/N's father is Tony."
| *°~•♡•~°*||*°~•♡•~°*||*°~•♡•~°*||*°~•♡•~°*|
|| Permanent Taglist || @bucksfucks @marvelfansworld @speechlessxx @ladydmalfoy @babyboibucky
|| Series Taglist || @vicmc624 @wicked-mind
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Way Down We Go: Part 14
She stopped before the double doors that would lead to the part of the building reserved for the law office in which he was partners.
She dug into her bag and wrapped her hands around a pocket mirror in her purse. As she pulled out the round object, she popped open the top and gazed at her reflection in the mirror. She pressed her lips tight together and moved them against each other, fixing the red stain that coats her plump lips. She brushed her hair off her shoulder before she rolled it, watching herself make a face that was sexual.
As she became pleased with herself, she closed the pocket mirror and shoved it back into her bag before opening the door and stepped inside like she owned the place.
“Miss-“ the receptionist tried to stop her. However, she raised her fist and sent a middle finger to the woman behind the desk and continued on her path.
“Mr. Rogers is busy!” The receptionist stood up and reached for the phone, scrambling to dial his number to warn him. Not that it would change her course, not that it would dismay her from arriving unannounced.
“I don’t give a shit,” she rolled her eyes, “Steve always has time for me.
She walked as if she owned the air around her as if she was the end all be all for the man she was seeking out, even though she knew that he had his obsessions geared toward someone else.
She didn’t bother knocking on the door; she didn’t bother asking for permission as she slipped into the office. She closes the door and locked it, her arms crossed over her chest as she gazed at the man behind the desk, his blue/green eyes staring at the screen in front of him.
“Are you going to say hello, Steve?” She crooned in a sultry voice, drawing his attention from the computer to her image.
However, the result of having his eyes on her wasn’t one that she wanted. Instead of having an appreciation for how she looked, for the effort, she placed into her appearance, from her flawless makeup and the lip tint he always loved, to the designer pumps that elongated her legs and the miniskirt that showed off the strength of her thighs and the smoothness of her skin, Steve looked irritated.
“What are you doing here?” He spoke dismissively, turning his attention back to the computer in front of him. “Why are you here?”
“I came to see you, Stevie.” She stepped closer, the short end of her skirt flouncing against her thighs. “It’s been so long since we’ve seen each other.”
She came around to the back of his chair and reached for his shoulder, her fingertips barely grazing upon his broad, strong shoulder before Steve shrugged her off and stood. He moved from his desk and strode toward the door of his office, and immediately unlocked it.
“You need to leave.” He stood, imposing and large by the door in a finely crafted suit that cut a perfect image that she wanted to be a part of.
“Don’t be like that, Steve,” she crossed her arms over her chest, “I want to have a conversation. Maybe share a drink.”
“Out.” He was growing impatient, wanted her out of his space. “Before I throw you out.”
“Oh Steve,” her voice was sultry, a certain seductive husk as she moved toward him with her hips sashaying and her hands toying with the end of her skirt, “I would love to feel your big strong hands on my body.”
She stopped before him and snaked her hands on his chest, her palms flat and flushed against his broad and robust pectorals. His natural heat rose from his body, through his dress shirt and suit jacket to her palms. She closed the distance she leaned in in an attempt to kiss him.
“I heard you found yourself a little jailbird. Wonder what she would think if she knew you had a habit of fucking your clients.”
Steve grabbed her arm and shoved her back against his office door, his blue-green eyes flashing with impatience and anger, his jaw clenched.
“Listen to me, you little whore,” he grunts as he slammed his fist against the wood to the left of her head, “I don’t know why you’re here, but if you go anywhere, my girl-“
“Your girl? Come on, Steve.” She laughed, her eye greening with amusement. “I never pegged you for a man who liked to rob the cradle.”
“Shut the fuck up,” he drew closer, his typically light eyes darkening under the influence of his short temper.
“I remember when you used to keep me spoiled and full of your cock. Are you still letting the seed dry up on the bedsheets?” She mocked him, lifting her knee to brush against his crotch, a pout on her face when there wasn’t a single twitch from his cock.
“You wanna know the truth, you little bitch?” Steve’s lip curled in anger. “I wasted my…seed on you. But Y/N, I would spend every god damn minute pumping her full of my seed.”
“Even if she-“
“I wasn’t finished.” He snapped and grabbed her throat, squeezing lightly. “If she wanted me to. You were just a little toy, some holes to fuck with, but Y/N…she is everything. She is going to be my wife.”
“And the mother of your children?”
His hand tightened. “Only if she wants to. But that’s none of your god damn business. Now get out.”
He let go of her neck, opened the door and threw her out of his office.
** **
He walked through the door and set his keys to the left, in the bowl on the wooden storage bench inside the entranceway. He put his briefcase down by the shoe rack after discarding his leather dress shoes and lift his head, gazing upon the suite that seemed empty and quiet.
“Sweetheart!” Steve called, unbuttoning his suit jacket before hanging it in the closet to the right. “I’m home!”
He should’ve heard you, he should’ve listened to any movement or motion of you in your shared home, but it was quiet. It was soft enough to make Steve suspicious.
With his suspicion came a panic rise. His ex visiting him at the office today was hardly a coincidence, and it raised more questions than it answered.
But his main concern was you. It was always you.
“Y/N!” Steve ran toward the stairs and called up. “Y/N, honey?”
He kept his quick stride to your room, and when he threw open the door, his heart stopped. There was no trace of you, not a single touch of yours in the room. Everything was gone.
Steve entered the room and saw the pile of photos on the bed; the images were taken without his knowledge, a year before he met you.
They’d been doctored and altered to appear like they were taken when he met you when he had a relationship with you.
They had been doctored and altered to look like he had a side piece.
Or rather…making it appear as if YOU were his side piece.
Steve stepped toward the bed and picked up one of the pictures. The picture in his hand was him, and a woman he had a one-night stand with, the woman beneath him had her mouth drawn open in a moan, her eyes screwed shut in pleasure while Steve had his wrapped around her throat.
“DID YOU THINK YOU WERE SPECIAL?” Was written in thick, red ink across the bottom.
Another picture was taken in his office, a woman on her knees in front of him. “DID YOU THINK YOU WERE THE ONLY ONE?”
Picture after picture. Message after message.
“GUESS WHO HE WANTS?” The last picture was a hand beating a ring on it that was meant for you.
The ring with a massive diamond, coloured rose and surrounded by tiny jewels meant for you, was on the other hand.
Steve flew into a fit of rage. He started grabbing the pictures and throwing them off the bed. He held whatever he could throw to ease some of this anger and chucked it against the wall while feeling the lack of you.
Every glass that shattered, every object that crashed into the wall or the floor was doing little to ease his anger.
The loss of you.
And as he stood there amongst the destruction and the wreckage, he knew that he would stop at nothing until that bitch burned.
** **
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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Broken Promises
Tumblr media
pairing: steve rogers x fem!reader
summary: dating an avenger came with occasionally dealing with a stressed out boyfriend. part of you always thought the frustration that was plaguing him was due to his career, another part thought he might have found someone else. one night after drinking with thor, steve comes home and confirms your suspicions.
word count: 3.3k
warnings: fluff, insecurities, angst, alcohol & mead consumption, smut, slight dub/con (tagging just to be safe, though all parties are willing) oral (f receiving), fingering, rough sex, dumbification, captain kink, spanking, choking, unprotected sex, cream pie, infidelity, cursing, yelling !!! 18+ minors do not interact !!!
notes: hello! this is my submission for @sweetlyscared #SweetlySad1KChallenge, congrats love 💗! i'm truly a sucker for angst. for some reason i love breaking my own heart when reading so i hope you all enjoy!
Steven Grant Rogers is the love of your life. Even after being together for two years, you were still in shock that America's poster boy had chosen you to be a part of his life.
You were a photographer, always choosing to hide behind the lens instead of in front of it. The day the two of you met, you were walking through the park while the sun was beginning to set. Trying to get the perfect shot of the sun hitting the skyline, you suddenly plunged to the ground due to a massive weight smothering you.
The mass didn't overwhelm you for long though as the gentlemen who ran into you raised up to his full six foot, two inch stature. Extending a hand to you and rambling apologies to you in the process. You grasped the rough appendage which hoisted your being up. When you finally registered the intruder, you suddenly got lost in his eyes, almost immediately recognizing the Avenger.
“I'm so sorry ma'am,” he apologized, “I wasn't looking where I was going. Are you okay?”
You tried to keep your composure towards the super soldier, but responded like a stuttering mess. “Y-yes, I’m fine Captain Rogers. It's alright.”
Taking a quick look over to make sure you weren't injured, he noticed your camera lens was cracked due to the fall.
You looked down and saw the damaged device and a frustrated sigh left your lips. It was your favorite film camera, a Mamiya RZ67 II. A gift you received last year from your father for your twenty-fifth birthday.
“I didn't mean for that to happen, miss. I can buy you a new one-”
“No it's alright,” you quickly dismissed him, “Don't worry about it, I have plenty of others at home.” You don't know why you lied to him at that moment. Maybe it's because you didn't want to inconvenience the man, another part was due to not wanting him to pity you.
“Well at least let me make it up to you. There's a coffee shop around the corner, may I buy you a drink?”
Smiling up at the captain, you softly responded, “Sure I’d like that.” This time you were the one to extend a hand out.
“I'm (Y/N).”
The two of you walked side by side to the coffee house while conversing with one another. When you two reached your destination, he pulled out your chair for you like a gentleman and sat across from you. After ordering your desired items, the two of you ended up lost in conversation. You told him about your job as a photographer and he told you all about his love for the arts.
After an hour of discussing interests with one another, Steve noticed it had gotten dark and offered to walk you home. Accepting his invitation, you two went the 15 minute path towards your apartment.
Walking you to your door, Steve looked down at you with longing in his eyes. Constantly having to defend the Earth, he never had the chance to find love again. But after meeting you, he knew you were too special to let slip past him.
“I know this might be a little too forward, but would you be interested in accompanying me to dinner sometime? I promise I won't break anything else of yours, including your heart,” he quipped jokingly.
You felt your heart beat erratically in your chest, which you were almost certain his super soldier hearing could detect.
“I would be honored.”
Tumblr media
A little over two years have gone by since your first encounter with the blonde. The two of you had been going strong and it seemed as if you were a match made in heaven. So when did you start to feel so alone in this relationship?
Dating an Avenger, you quickly realized the toll that saving the world took on the man. In the beginning, Steve would head to your apartment after a mission, deflated. He would shut you out, particularly after a tough mission, not wanting to release any tension and frustration out on you. Though you understood, you just wished he would let you be there for him.
After an intense discussion with him about his behavior, he realized how much his attitude was affecting you and promised to be more open and understanding of your feelings.
The two of you proceeded to live a healthier life together. He stopped leaving you in the dark, and it worked for a while, until it didn't.
For the past few months, the stress had been getting to him more and more. He'd be quick to snap at you for the most mundane things, grabbing his coat and walking out the door. You figured it was just work that was affecting your boyfriend's mood again.
One evening, after another argument fell upon the two of you, he did his usual escape routine, leaving you to stew in your frustrations by your lonesome. You were starting to feel helpless. Steve stopped opening up to you. He started spending more nights at the compound, instead of wrapped up in your arms.
There was a small part of you that thought he was cheating on you. You never tried to confront him about it because you never wanted to believe your boyfriend could commit such an act towards you. So you kept your doubts in the recesses of your mind. But every time a fight would break out and he'd leave, those suspicious thoughts kept growing and growing till it was constantly on the forefront of your mind. Deciding that you would talk to the blonde in the morning, you got ready for bed.
Tumblr media
You were deep in sleep when you heard the front door open and close. Heavy footsteps trudging to your room, Steve entered the bedroom. Quickly sitting up, you noticed that the time on your alarm clock read 3:47 a.m. You looked and made out the features of your boyfriend with the help of the moon shining through your apartment window. His eyes were glossed over, and slightly red. But you could not miss the way his pupils were lust-blown.
“I'm sorry, princess. Let me make it up to you.”
Stalking towards the bed, he removed the covers of your body revealing your bare legs. You had nothing but his t-shirt that practically swallowed your whole being and a pair of blue cotton panties which were tightly covering your mound.
Steve quickly removed his clothing before crawling up the bed and residing right in front of your clothed heat. He hooked his thumbs into the sides of your panties and slowly dragged them down the expanse of your legs. A string of your arousal connecting your cunt to your panties made him groan in desire.
“Always so wet for me,” he moaned, “Always so good for your Captain.”
Steve dove tongue first into your cunt, swirling his tongue against your clit and sucking it with ferocious hunger. Sitting back on his haunches, he manhandled your body to where he was holding your lower half in the air allowing him to feast on your pussy, while your shoulders and head were the only thing connecting yourself to the bed.
Sticking two fingers into your sopping heat, he dragged the rough pads alongside your walls making sure to reach the spongy spot that he knew all too well. Your breathy moans filled the room, music to his ears.
You could feel yourself on the brink of your orgasm, as could he, so he ate you through it. Your juices coating the lower half of his face like a second skin when you came. He continued to lap you up, only stopping when the overstimulation got too much and you pushed his head away.
Chuckling to himself, he gripped your waist, flipping you on your hands and knees, giving him the perfect view of your ass. Steve gave you a few hard spanks to your right cheek, feeling the area warm up due to his assault.
Pumping his already hard shaft, he didn’t even warn you before plunging deep within your confines. You both loudly groaned at the pleasurable intrusion.
With the Asguardian liquor flowing through his veins, he began to pummel deep into you. Repeatedly slamming the head of his dick against your g-spot, it had you seeing stars.
Sex between the two of you was always soft and gentle. Being used to the languid strokes, Steve was showing a new side to you. Animalistic grunts escaped his throat as he continued to use your body as he saw fit.
“Who’s your Captain?” his authoritative voice boomed in your ears.
Never being talked to like this in the bedroom, you didn’t know how to respond.
Growing impatient, Steve grabbed you up by your neck still driving himself in and out of you. He was choking you while your back was pressed against his sweaty chest. Without skipping a beat, he practically growled in your ear. “I asked you a fucking question, who the fuck is your Captain?”
There was a warning bell sounding off in your head, telling you that this was a completely different Steve that you fell in love with and made love to. But the rough ministrations being performed had you in a lust driven daze. You became so overwhelmed by his pounding that the only sound leaving your lips were various babbles and moans.
“Aw,” he cooed, “Look at you getting all stupid on my cock.”
He pulled out his dick, admiring the wet sheen you left behind on it before delivering rough, quick pumps to your dripping hole.
“Getting all cock drunk just for me. You missed this, didn't you? Me fucking you hard and rough just how you like it.”
Suddenly, you were brought out of your trance. Missed this? The two of you never went this aggressively in the sheets. You tried some more to collect your thoughts, but the more he rutted into you, the more out of touch with your senses you became.
“That’s right you whore.”
“You kept begging for my dick all night. Now. Take. It. Like. The. Dumb. Whore. You. Are.” he accentuated every word with a snap of his hips.
You were on the precipice of your second orgasm of the night, and you could tell Steve was close by the way he was losing control over his thrusts.
“Oh fuck Sharon, I’m ‘bouta cum. Fuck!”
Your body instantly froze. Part of you thought you were hallucinating. What did he just say? Did he just call you Sharon? The sudden rush of realization hit you like a truck. Every ounce of arousal left your system, while you stoically remained perched up on your hands and knees waiting for him to finish behind you.
With a shout of her name for the second time, Steve unloaded inside of you. Ribbons of cum were pumped, coating your walls.
The addition of the mead plus the sudden rush of dopamine to his brain caused him to pull out of your core and flop down on the bed. Within seconds he fell asleep and all you could hear were the soft snores escaping him.
You stay crouched there, looking at your boyfriend with a mix of emotions. Confusion, puzzling you about what the relationship was like between him and Agent 13. Anger caused you to shake due to the betrayal you felt. And finally sadness took over you last. Did Steve leave you every time after a fight to go to her? Did he fuck her like that whenever they were together?
Though shock was starting to form and take over your brain, you slowly stood up off the bed, trying to ignore the pain that was produced by his assault. Making your way to the shower, you turned on the hot water, not even caring about the rising temperature. You stood with your back facing the shower head, the scalding temperature that was burning your back delivered a pain that wasn’t even in comparison to the agony you felt in your chest.
Steve, the love of your life, the man who promised you the world, was cheating on you, and he thought he was fucking his coworker while in bed with you.
Thankful for the sounds of the water droplets hitting the floor, you allowed the noise to mask your own sobs.
After standing in the shower until the water turned cold, you stepped out and dried yourself off. Your body in autopilot mode, you dried your hair, applied lotion to your figure and threw on a pair of sweats you found in the nearby hamper, not even caring that they were dirty.
You walked out of the bedroom and stared at the super soldier sleeping. Your brain couldn’t process which emotion to feel, so you dragged yourself to the kitchen to get away from the man. Pulling a bottle of Jack Daniels off your bar cart, you decided to forgo a glass and enjoy the auburn liquid straight from the container.
Though you were drinking, your brain was going a mile a minute making you immune to succumbing to slumber. So you sat there and waited. Waited for Steve to wake up to see if he had the balls to come forward with the truth.
Tumblr media
It was around 8 in the morning when Steve woke up. Though he was not plastered drunk after meeting up with Thor, he still had some difficulty remembering the night prior.
Registering that he was back at your place, Steve reached out to his right in search of you but found your side of the bed cold. Climbing out of the bed in search of you, he called out your name. Pulling on his underwear and t-shirt, he walked out of the room and was met with the sight of you nursing a bottle of liquor and sitting at the kitchen table, your eyes bloodshot as if you had been crying for hours. Steve started to march towards you but once you noticed his presence, you put your hand up, stopping him in his tracks.
“Hey shutterbug, what’s going on? Did something happen?”
You laughed at his concern. With three-fourths of a bottle of Jack dancing in your bloodstream, it somehow made you remember the events of last night even clearer.
“I should’ve known something was up when you called me ‘princess’ last night. You’ve never called me that. It’s always been, shutterbug.”
Steve was trying to figure out what was plaguing your mind, but you stood up and continued.
“And then- oh god. Then you asked me who my fucking Captain was, as if I fucking work for you?” you exclaim incredulously. Wobbling back and forth, Steve tried to help balance you but that just made you move away from his touch.
“I should’ve realized something then. I mean I did for a while. The fact that you started staying more at the compound instead of here with me. How you’d always leave after every argument. Fuck- is that why for the past 3 months you’ve only been fucking me doggystyle? You can’t get off by thinking about her if you’re stuck looking at my face?” Your drunken state of mind causing you to ramble.
The Avenger stood stuck in place. There was a twinge of guilt and fear creeping up on him. How much mead did he drink last night? Did you find out the truth? He tried to speak again but a flash of rage across your face made him immediately close his mouth.
“And then there was the dirty talk. When have you EVER called me those names in bed before Steven? Huh, when? You wanna know what the crazy part was? I started to like it. It was new and kinda exciting. But guess what happened that ruined it? Guess what it was that came out of your mouth that made me want to vomit? Made me want to shut down and hide as far away as possible from you.” You looked at the man standing across from you and could see guilt etched all over his face.
Anger got the better of you, making you throw the bottle in his direction. But due to his super abilities, he side-stepped in time to dodge it. The glass container shattering against the wall, decorating the floor with shards and remnant droplets of bourbon.
“FUCKING ANSWER ME! GUESS WHAT IT WAS THAT YOU SAID?” You were past caring about keeping your composure anymore.
Deciding it was the best time to respond, “I don’t know.”
The second those words left his mouth, you screamed back at him. “SHARON! Agent fucking 13. TWICE, you moaned her name while inside of me. You moaned another woman’s name while you were inside of your girlfriend of two years!” you said incredulously.
The tears started to flow freely down your face. Steve slowly stepped towards you, and since you weren’t moving away he went ahead and pulled you into his arms. He was muttering apologies into your ear while rubbing your back. You were so numb, his voice started to sound muffled as if you were underwater.
After five minutes of him traping you in his embrace, you pulled away, your face devoid of all emotions. Your eyes were cold, distant, something in the past two years of your relationship he had never seen before.
“How long?” you asked coldly. You just needed to know the truth.
“Steven. Grant. Rogers. How long have you been cheating on me?”
He looked like a guilty animal. Eyes downcast, shoulders slumped, he was guilty, you both knew that. The least he could do was have the decency to admit the truth.
“5 months. When she came with me on a mission to Madripoor. We were laughing, and having a good time and one thing led to another and-,” you didn’t have the stomach to be able to listen to him finish.
Stalking over to your apartment door, you opened it and pointed towards the hall.
“(Y/N), you gotta understand she means nothing to me. You’re the one I’m in love with.” He pleaded with you, but you just held that same expressionless look on your face.
“Captain Rogers, it would be for the best if you left. Now.”
There was no malice or sadness in your tone, you just sounded exhausted. It was at that moment, Steve knew how badly he ruined his life. Heading back into your bedroom, he stepped into his jeans and slid on his jacket and shoes before heading back to your foyer.
Looking at you one more time, hoping to ask for one more chance, you avoided his eyes like the plague. Taking the message, he stepped out of your apartment and the door was slammed shut before he even had the chance to turn around.
Deciding it was best to leave you alone, he walked down the flights of stairs, tears falling down his eyes. Steve knew he had no right to feel sorrow, he was the one who cheated. He was the one who broke your heart.
Back inside of the apartment, you stumbled over to the couch, deep in thought.
You thought the world of Steve. He made you a better person. He cheered you up when times were bad. He boasted about your photography skills to anyone who listened. He made you feel like the most important woman in the world.
You thought back to the first day you two met. How he ran into you at the park that day, offering you coffee as a way of saying sorry.
You laid down on the couch and thought about how besides breaking your camera when you first met, he also broke the first promise he made to you as you cried yourself to sleep.
“I promise I won't break anything else of yours, including your heart.”
Tumblr media
A/N: okay… so i broke my own heart and started tearing up when i was writing this.
make sure to like, comment and/or reblog if you enjoyed this work, feedback is always appreciated. thank you !
* dividers credit to the lovely @stargazingfangirl18 *
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Not to brag but the playlist I made for my story "Love in the suburbs" is pretty good 😍 but maybe I'm biased 😂
If you want to check it out, go to my Ig carrot.writes 💜
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Tumblr media
anything is up for discussion & like any other sleepovers i have had you can send in fmk (kiss or kill), would you rather, & headcanon/moodboard requests. #slutty sleepovers
bonus -> i am also adding pov moodboards! so an example would be requesting “pov your wedding day with chris” and i would make a moodboard of that so send in a request if you’d like! (make sure to add pov because it will be in a different format than my normal moodboards)
take a look at my weekly schedule and request guidelines ༉‧₊˚✧ 18+ only are allowed to interact with my blog. please respect my boundaries.
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agentofbarnes · 5 hours ago
First I just want to say your masterlist is the stuff of dreams 🥲 I want to live forever in each of your AUs. 🥰
Can I request a trinity au idea? Maybe one of the trio (reader?) is feeling a little left out and at like a gala or party someone is flirting with them and because they’ve been in weird headspace they entertain it a little and the other two are just like oh heck no this one is ours thank you and just picks them up and carries them out
left out — stucky
warnings || angst, flirting, sad!reader, fluff
Tumblr media
You didn’t often felt left out, but for some reason, Bucky and Steve seemed to be playing favorites with each other. It had started when you went on mission with Natasha. You had been gone for two weeks and the boys had seemed to get in this routine of just being them.
Maybe you were just being insecure, but when you found them cuddled up in Bucky’s small bed with no room for you, you felt sadness wash over you. You guys always slept in Steve’s room, his bed was the biggest and fit you all perfectly. Why had they fallen asleep without you?
What you didn’t know was that this was purely an accident. Steve had gone in to get Bucky and they had just fallen asleep talking about what they wanted to get you for the upcoming anniversary.
Then there was shower sex they had the next morning, or how they went shopping the next couple days without you. They went on a whole date without you and you were just...depressed at this point.
Steve had been the first to notice you had been distant. It was the night before the gala and you had slept in your own room in a mess of blankets. Not that Steve knew this since you had locked your door. Bucky had asked where you were when Steve had come to bed.
“Something’s wrong,”Steve said with a frown, eyebrows pressed together.”FRIDAY said she’s asleep, but her door is locked. Did..did something happen?”
“I dunno, she hasn’t been very talkative since she got back from the mission,”Bucky sighed, worry now racking through his body.”You think FRIDAY would let us in?”
“No, I already asked.”
Neither of them barely got any sleep, and where morning finally came, you stayed locked in your room with only Natasha helping you getting ready for the gala. They didn’t see you until that night.
Tumblr media
You dressed in a dark blue dress with red lipstick staining your lips, the smooth fabric curved over your assets perfectly. Bucky had caught sight of you by the bar with a faint smile on your lips.
His brows scrunched together, watching you carefully while you seemed to be nursing a fruit drink given to you by the PR agent for the Avengers. He was nice looking man and he was flirting with you.
“You are by far the prettiest of all the avengers, by far, you are my favorite,”The man, Josh, had gushed over you, hand stroking your arm gently.
Bucky nudged Steve with a clenched jaw, and when Steve laid his eyes on you, he thought he might see red. Out of the three of you, Steve was by far the most possessive of you. He puffed out his chest.
“Oh fuck no,”Steve grunted, shoving his drink into Natasha’s hands who had been talking to him. He started towards you with no hesitation, Bucky follow him to make sure he didn’t start too much trouble.
“Oh my god, you have no idea how much I needed that,”You smiled, a blush creeping on your face.”You aren’t too bad yourself, definitely my favorite PR agent..”
“Oh, now you’re just flattering me...”
You felt Steve’s chest against your back, hands gripping your hips harshly. He knew how much you liked it, but it was more to keep you close and have you in his arms. Your breath hitched, taking in the aroma of both your boys.
“What do you think you’re doing, bunny?”Steve asked, picking you up by your waist in a very possessive manner. Bucky stared down the man in front of you, striking fear in the innocent guy who just thought you were pretty. Josh had quickly scurried away when the super soldiers had crowded you, intimidated by their blunt strength and dominance.
“I dunno, he was just being nice,”You bowed your head in shame, frowning at yourself. You had liked the attention the boys had seemed to be depriving you of, or you had depriving yourself of.”What does it matter to you?”
“What’s goin’ on with you, peaches?”Bucky asked, his demeanor changing as soon as you were out of public eyes. He softened, more touchy as he tilted you chin up. Your back was pressed against Steve’s chest, his strong arm holding you close. It was the first time in a week that you had been so close to both of him.
You shrugged, tears welling up in your eyes. You didn’t know how to tell them about all the things you had been thinking. How you didn’t feel good enough or how they seemed so happy without you.”Just noticed how happy you guys are when I’m gone.”
Steve never spun you around so fast, his movements much faster than Bucky’s due the perfect serum. He had you caged under the wall , staring down at you with disbelief. Bucky wore the same expression. You felt overwhelmed by both of them being so close, craving the touch of your boys. You just wanted to be in their arms again.
“What would you make think that?”Bucky asked first, leaning against the wall next to where you were caged in. His hands coming to take one of yours.
“You guys have’s just be you two since I got back, you slept in Bucky’s room without me the other night, you went on a date!”
“You think we’re happy without you? That we don’t miss you every second you’re away, Buck barely sleeps without you. He doesn’t sleep until he knows your safe, he’s so exhausted when you get back, he practically passes out, it was accident,”Steve tried to explain, his strength getting the better of him as his hand accidentally sunk in the drywall behind you.
“It wasn’t a date, baby,”Bucky added, eyes soft on you. It made your heart break a little,”We were getting some stuff for our anniversary.”
“You were?”You asked, feeling embarrassed at how you had gotten in your head. You held onto Steve’s arm, making him easy his grip.
“I thought...I thought you were mad at us, you lock us out, bunny, you’ve been so distant, and I’ve missed you so much. I hate not having you around, you ease me, I’m my best when I have both of you,”Steve told you, hands coming to cup your face.”We love you, we can’t survive without you.”
His lips molded against yours perfectly, his sweet kiss making you forget every insecurity you ever felt. This was what you needed, reassurance that your boys loved you.
Bucky pulled Steve away from you, tugging at your waist so he could embrace you. After a moment, he leaned away and hooked his finger under your chin to look at him.”Next time you get in that pretty head of yours, you tell me, okay? All this could have been avoided if you had just communicated. We should have realized sooner, okay? We’re all fault here, but we’ve got you now.”
You nodded, smiling at him faintly before kissing his lips too. Bucky held you close, made you feel safe and loved. They were right, you should have gone to them. Maybe then you wouldn’t have spent this week so alone.
It didn’t matter now. You knew you would never be alone, not as long as you had your boys.
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captainapple · 14 hours ago
Whatever It Takes
Pairing: Dark!Andy Barber X Fem!Reader X Dark!Steve Rogers
Word Count: 1k+
Warning: 18+ MINORS DNI, non-con, rape, smut, unprotected sex, fingering, vaginal sex, explicit language, explicit sexual activity, manipulation (please add another warning if I miss something)
A/N: An entry for @stargazingfangirl18 5K Soft Dark Challenge. I never write explicit smut and dark fics, I'm sorry if my writing is confusing. Dialogue prompts in bold. Divider by @firefly-graphics
Tumblr media
“Morning, doll. What’s up with that frown?”. Steve stretched after getting up from the bed. He looked at you in the mirror. “Aren’t you excited to go back to work?”
“Yeah. I am. It’s just Monday, ya know?”
Steve kissed your temple and wished you good luck. Then, he went downstairs to make you breakfast. How could you be so lucky to have him as your husband. He is the nicest and sweetest person you ever met. He always promises you to keep you safe from any harm. But he cannot save you from Andy Barber.
How can you tell him? Your workplace has become hell for you since you were assigned working with Andy. He is known as a reputable DA, respectable man with a cute little perfect family. Little that people know, he also likes to give you “extra treatment” in his office. You wish you could tell your husband, Steve, what he had done to you. But you feel like you are cheating on him. Besides, Andy is also Steve’s best friend. There is no way Steve is going to believe in such story.
Tumblr media
You make sure to arrive at the office late. You do not want to spend dreadful minutes trapped in a room only with Andy. It must be your lucky day. Looking over, Andy is not at his desk, nor his bag found on the table. Standing on his desk, you peak at his calendar. It is full of appointments, but not today. He supposed to be here at this hour. You never wish for something bad happen to people. Maybe just today, you hope he gets sick badly.
“Miss me?”, a deep voice greeted you from the door. You freeze. His heavy steps get closer to you. You jolt when his arms snake around your waist. He rests his chin on your shoulder and nibbles behind your ear. “You smell good today. No! I’m sorry, you smell good every day.”
You shiver at his praise, goosebumps spread all over your body. “Th – thank you Mr. Barber”.
“You never learn, don’t you”, he tsked. “What should you call me, sweetheart?”
“Sorry, sir.”
“Good girl”, he praised you. “Now, bend over.”
You have no choice but comply. You bend over his table, eyes looking at the ring on your hand. Tears roll down your cheek as you remember how you could do this while your husband patiently waiting for you at home. His hands roaming around your body, exploring every curves as you sob quietly. Then, he lifts your skirt until you could feel the cold air in your bare thighs. One of his hand travels to your upper body and plays with your breast. The other hand playfully circles your clit. His actions make a burning sensation inside you. You do not even realize that you are soaking wet.
“So wet already. You’re good sweetheart”. He pulls down your panties and stops for a second, taking a view of your wet cunt.
“Andy, please don’t.”, you interrupted.
“Big mistake, sweetheart”. He slapped your ass. “What did you call me?”.
He steps closer. You could feel his bulge as he leans closer to you. He puts his hand along your jaw and moves your chin to face him. “I repeat, what did you call me?”.
“I’m sorry, sir. But I don’t want this.”
He lets out a heartless laugh. “Your body tells otherwise, sweetheart.”
You are silently cursing at yourself. This is not what you wanted, yet you could feel warmth dripping down your thighs as his fingers toy with your clit. Without a warning, he shoves two fingers inside you. You whimper and moan. It takes him a short time to find your spot and hit it couple of time. His thumb is still circling your clit harder. The tension is building up in your core. Your whole body is trembling. He knows you are close, so he quickens his tempo. Minutes later, you come undone.
He pulls out his finger and licks it clean. You are catching your breath and trying to stand on your wobbly legs.
“Not yet, sweetheart”, another hard slap landed on your ass. His hand grabs the back of your neck and forces you to bend over again.
You could hear the metal of his belt drop on the floor, along with his pants. Knowing what will happen, you brace yourself and do not dare to look. Just like you predicted, he forces his cock enter your slit. Without warning, he grabs your waist hard and pumps you mercilessly. His hands will leave a bruise on your waist later on.
“So tight and wet”. He keeps pumping hard and fast. The sound of skin slapping echoes in this room. “You know how much I miss this cunt. I can’t stop thinking about you when I pounded Laurie this morning. That slut is always hungry with my cock. You should be grateful I give it to you right now.”
You cannot feel more guilty after this. Not only you betray your husband, but you also betray Laurie. You promise not to give him satisfaction as you hold your moan, but his thrusts become harder and harder. Your nails scrape the cold table, your eyes roll back, and a loud cry escapes your mouth. Your whole body is convulsing, and your walls tighten as you come hard. Andy could feel you milking his cock. His movement gets messier as he is close to his release. The next thing you know, his warm seed filling you up and some of it drips down your thighs.
Tumblr media
You sob uncontrollably as you drive home. You know Steve is away around this time, meeting his friend. There is no need for you to hide your cry. As soon as you reach home, you jump into the shower, cleaning yourself. You scrub hard, hoping it would erase Andy’s trace around your skin. You could not even see clearly as your tears cannot stop blurring your vision.
You look at yourself in the bathroom mirror, bruises on your body and puffy eyes. You just wish Steve does not notice when he goes back. When he does, you pretend to fall asleep on your bed.
“Doll, are you okay?”, Steve asked you with concerned voice. He saw your puffy eyes even when you are asleep. “Have you been crying?”
You open your eyes and force a smile, “I’m okay”.
He sits down next to you and puts his hand around your shoulder. “You know, you are bad at lying.”
The tears roll again. This time you cannot put a smile anymore. You do not even know how to tell Steve about it. You just hug him, burry your head in his chest, and cry hard.
“I’m just tired from working, that’s all.”
“You know, you can always stop working anytime”. He soothed you. “I get paid enough for our family. You don’t have to work hard, you know that.”
“I guess you right.”
Tumblr media
“I got a job!”, you scream loudly as you received call from the DA office. Finally, a dream came true. Having a job and earned your own money was really your goal.
But Steve had different plan for you. He dialed a number as soon as he heard that news.
“That’s a big favor you’re asking for, I think you need to make it worth my while.”
“I don’t care. You do whatever you want to do, Andy.”
“Fine. Glad having this conversation with you, Steve.”
Steve grinned. He finally found a way to make his obedient little wife stayed at home. Whatever it takes.
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sableseb · 17 hours ago
Hi I love your writing so much 🥺 Can I request a stucky x reader where no one knows the three of them are together and the boys tease her separately where they know the team will see so the team thinks she’s dating one of them but when they see her with the other they think she’s cheating until someone goes to confront her and maybe are being mean to her and she just kind of freezes because it’s supposed to be a secret so the boys have to come to her rescue
Thank you so much!😭❤️ Now, this oneshot could’ve either went the sfw route, or the nsfw route…I did nsfw. Cause, it’s sorta my thing. If you wanted fluff instead of smut, please shoot me a message and I’ll be more than happy to write another one involving playful teasing instead!💕 
word count: 2.5k
warnings: smut, fingering, exhibitionism, oral m receiving, nudes, marking/biting
tags: @meetmeatyourworst @stucky-my-ship @greeneyedblondie44 @harrysthiccthighss
a/n: @fuckandfluff went over this for me, always a special thanks to her.🥰 This is a a bit fast paced, just like my other requests. I swear I have original content coming out soon. Bear with me💀 These requests have just been toooo good to not dabble in. Ly all🥺
Tumblr media
It started a while ago, this thing between you and the two super soldiers. Steve and Bucky wanted you from the moment they laid their eyes on you, Stark’s newest recruit. They’d see you walking around the compound in shorts that barely covered your ass complimented by a shirt that was always a little too tight, outlining the swell of your breasts perfectly. 
Coming to agreements are sort of their thing. Ever since they learned to walk they’ve been able to work things out with one another, always coming to a compromise. So, when Bucky came to Steve gushing over you, he was a little heartbroken. He wanted you. But, his best friend seemed to want you just as much. 
After a long talk and setting rules and boundaries, they got the courage to ask you to be theirs. When the question left their lips at the same time, you were in shock. You always day dreamed about having one or the other between your legs, it didn’t matter which. But, the prospect of having both? You couldn’t have been more elated, more empowered, or more turned on. 
The rules they spoke of pertained more to them than you. They promised they wouldn’t get jealous, just as long as you kept both of them entertained an equal amount. And any time you were ready to take both of them at the same time, they would be more than willing to comply. 
You tried not to be conspicuous about your relationship with both men. Each of you prefers to keep it a secret, fearing what the other teammates would think. But, as time went on, they got bolder with what they said and did in front of you. 
You're in the kitchen as Clint and Natasha go over mission reports, fixing a little midnight snack. They don’t pay you much attention as you munch on your chips and sandwich. But, a mop of brown hair catches your attention. Bucky waltzes in with no shirt, sweatpants slung low on his narrow hips, accentuating his deep v. 
“Wonderin’ where you went off to. Bed got cold.”
He makes his way to stand behind you, hands reaching out to pull you against him. He’s always so warm, even the metal has a hint of heat emitting from it. You almost lose your wits, seemingly drawn to the man that’s behind you, trying his best to get you to rub against him just a little bit. 
“Buck,” you whisper, “stop. They’ll see us.”
Your eyes dart over to the two Avengers sitting on the couch across from the kitchen, papers strewn about the coffee table, occasionally holding heat in their conversation. They’re clearly stressed. Their profiles faced you, if they were to turn their heads, they’d easily see Bucky’s attempt to get his hand down your sleep shorts.
“Not if you’re quiet, doll.”
His vibranium arm glides up the apex of your thighs. You have to hold in your whimpers and try to keep your body in control as his fingers go under your shorts. He’s met with an already soaked cunt. Now it’s his turn to hold in his groans of approval.
He chuckles against your neck. “Didn’t you get your fill earlier tonight, baby?” 
Smug. That’s all he ever is. He’s a complete contrast to Steve. Bucky knows exactly what he does to you and he uses it against you every time his dick shifts. It’s embarrassing how easily he can make you fall apart. 
“You should be asking yourself that, Barnes.”
The vibranium rubs drawn out circles against your swollen bud. You wince against his hand, a bruise formed from the harsh suction of his mouth from your earlier activities. You try to move away, but you're met with a hard body and an even harder cock blocking your path. 
Bucky grinds his front into your ass, finding a snug place to relieve the ache that’s settled in his leaking member. Without much warning, he places two fingers inside your clenching channel. You jerk forward, the only thing holding you up is the counter digging into your hips. You raise your eyes toward the living room, Clint and Nat are still struggling with reports, seemingly oblivious to the activities taking place just a room away.
“We’re gonna have to speed this up a bit, doll.”
Bucky’s fingers jerk rapidly inside you, causing your chest to shake slightly from his force. Your control is starting to slip as he works you into a frenzy. The feel of his cool fingers hooking in your pussy just right brings a shake to your knees. His palm hits your abused clit with each pump of his wrist. 
There’s a slight squelching sound surrounding the kitchen that you pray they can’t hear. The heat forming between your legs is too much. Leaning against him, you come undone. You’re on your tiptoes as the pleasure wracks your body. Your mouth hangs open in a silent scream as you ride his fingers through your orgasm. 
Bucky removes his hand from your shorts and licks his fingers clean from the mess you made. Reaching past you, he takes your half eaten sandwich. Through a mouth full of turkey he says, “Hurry back to bed. You can return the favor.” 
And with that, he turns and makes his way through the corridor with your sandwich in if he didn’t just make you cum in less than a minute.
Your phone has been going off ever since you sat down in the leather office chair. It’s getting increasingly harder to listen to Bruce go over the layout of his latest on field creation with your curiosity peaking with each vibration. 
Slowly, you pull your phone out of your pocket, glancing down to see that Steve has been sending you message after message. “I need you.” “Don't you want to help me out?” “C’mon, answer sweetheart.” flash across the screen, along with a picture that makes you gasp and your cheeks redden, 
It’s his hand wrapped around the base of his dick, the tip glistens with wetness, the veins along his shaft protrude. All of a sudden you find yourself craving to be on your knees for him, wanting to take him down your throat until you couldn’t breathe. His lower stomach shines with sweat from the workout he must have just finished. He’s almost as insatiable as his partner in crime, especially when he exercises.
He’s convinced you. You slip away from the meeting to make your way to the gym. Passing through the double doors you search for him. He isn’t in the main room, so you assume he’s in the locker room.
Your assumption is correct as you feel a large hand wrap around your arm and jerk you into a corner. 
“There’s my pretty girl. Knew you couldn’t resist, honey.” Steve says as he plants kisses along your neck, grasping a hand full of hair and yanking your head back to gain better access. His constant bites cause you to let out a whimper, craving more from his mouth.
All of a sudden, he pulls away. He glances down towards the base of your neck and sees the deep purple spots left along your clavicle. With a smirk he says, “Buck really marked you up good...Let’s see if I can do better.”
From the moment you bedded each man, you could tell they have a competitive nature lurking under the cool, stoic expression they always have. They always try to see who can mark you up more, who can make you cum the most in one session, and who can get you to beg until you’re crying.
Without another moment, he’s back to biting the expanse of your skin, except it’s a lot harder. His teeth dig in, making you bite your lip to try and hold back the pained gasps. He licks over each bite before kissing them, sucking the skin to make sure his bruises have more of a harsher tone than Bucky’s.
You secretly love the way each one tries to hold more dominance over you than the other. It makes you feel wanted, makes you want to be used for their pleasure. They could be so sweet, so gentlemanly, but when lust lit up in their hearts and groins, chivalry went out the window. And that didn’t bother you one bit. Not when they left marks in remembrance of how they practically owned you. Each time they left their signature, your thighs clenched when you’d look at their creation. 
“On your knees, honey. Give your Captain what he wants.”
 You sink to the ground, never one to disobey your Captain’s orders, and pull his gym shorts down. He hisses above you as the cool air hits his sensitive erection. Grabbing him, you start to stroke. Feeling the velvety skin against your palm, you grip him tighter, bringing his weeping tip up to your mouth. You kiss and lick the slit, causing him to buck up, chasing the warmth of your mouth.
Irritation starts to grow in Steve. “Stop teasing and put that mouth to use.”
You sink all the way down on him, not wanting to upset him further. His tip hits the back of your throat causing you to let out small gags much to the super soldier’s pleasure. You repeat your actions, bobbing your head up and down, sucking on his crown each time you pull back. 
You look up at him with tears spilling down your cheeks from taking his size. He loves seeing you stuffed full of his cock. It could be your mouth, pussy, ass, it didn’t matter. Seeing you take all of him made something primal build up in him each time. 
Suddenly, you stop sucking. You clearly heard the door to the locker room open, men laughing about something in their conversation. Your eyes are wide as you try and scramble up to stand, but Steve doesn’t let you.
“Did I say you could stop? Keep going.”
Keeping an awareness of the men that could see you with Steve’s dick in your mouth at any moment, you go back to work. This time, using your hand to work his shaft while your lips focus on his swollen head. You’re twisting and pulling, trying to coax him to release himself in your mouth. 
“Open that pretty mouth. Gonna paint that tongue, baby.” he grunts out while holding your cheeks between his fingers.
You hold your mouth open, still keeping your hands pace. You can see he’s close by the way his thighs tense and cock jumps. A few more pumps and he’s a goner. Steve leans his head down, watching with half lidded eyes as his cum covers your tongue. It’s a sight that makes him hard all over again, how you’re on your knees, thighs rubbing together, glassy, doe eyes looking up at him with admiration. 
“Swallow every drop, baby...good girl.” he praises as you show him your empty mouth.
As soon as you get yourselves situated and looking somewhat presentable, Sam cuts around the corner, a quizzical look etched onto his face. Your heart drops, and suddenly, anger bubbles up in you. You wouldn’t be in compromising positions in public if the two men could keep it in their pants for more than a night. 
“Hey,” Sam starts, “what’re you doin’ in the men’s locker room, y/n?”
“Oh, Steve said he wasn’t feeling well after his workout. So, I dropped by to see if I could be of assistance.” you smile.
You hated yourself as soon as the words left your lips. Sam Wilson is one Avenger you never liked being dishonest to, even over the most mundane things. So, lying to him over something as big as having his best friend’s dick down your throat, made your gut clench and heart ache.
“Yeah,” Steve chimed in, “I’m feeling much better now. She works wonders you wouldn’t believe.” 
Stupid. That’s all Steve and Bucky are. It’s only a matter of time before you three fuck up and out your little triangle to the whole compound. 
“Oh, alright.” Sam says a little hesitantly. “I’m glad you’re feeling better, man.”
He pats Steve on the back as he heads to the showers. You both watch as he disappears down the hallway before turning back to face each other.
“We have got to stop having these little games in public.” you seethe, trying to make a point to Steve, who clearly finds all this quite amusing.
“It’s okay. Just calm down, will you? You know you love the thrill.”
He rubs your arms trying to get you to cool off. Now, you’re upset for a whole other reason. He’s right, you do love the thrill. It’s a whole different kind of rush, and you swear you climax harder when you have to be careful about it. Damn him and damn Bucky. They seem to always know what you need, even when you don’t.
You’re walking down the hall, ready to meet Bucky and Steve for lunch when suddenly you collide with a firm body. Looking up you see Sam’s dark eyes boring into yours. He looks like he’s not too happy over something. With a worried look, you say, “Hey, Sam. What’s wr-”
“You know exactly what’s wrong, y/n. You think you can double dip in the super soldiers around here and nobody would notice? Who’s back you going behind, huh? The golden boy’s or the machine’s?”
You flinch at his words, Sam has never talked to you like this. His harsh, condescending tone makes tears brim around your eyes. You were more sad about the fact he’s treating you in such a way than being questioned about your relationship.
“No. Sam, it’s not like that. We-”
“Oh, please. I’m not gonna let the new girl go behind my friend’s back. That’s not how things work around here.”
Before you can choke out the reason for being with both men, the two approach you from the hallway. They went searching for you when you didn’t show up on time, always being so punctual, they got worried.
Bucky takes immediate notice of your pained expression and Sam’s scowl. “Hey, Wilson. What’d you do to her?” He asks while taking a forceful step towards Sam. 
“She’s a cheater, that's what.” Sam tries to shove Bucky away, but he doesn’t budge.
Steve steps in before things get out of hand, knowing how the two fight over any slight discrepancy. “Buck, that’s enough. Listen, Sam. She’s not a cheater. We agreed to share her, okay?” he states bluntly, not really knowing how to sugar coat it.
Sam’s taken back. Not really processing what his friend just told him. They...share you? And you let them? For men from the 40s...they sure are into some very 21st century things. What’s even more shocking is that you choose to be with the bionic, staring machine. 
You can see the thoughts flying through Sam’s mind. “I know it’s a bit...different. But it works for us.” you explain to him.
Sam finally blinks at your words. He’s actually okay with this situation. As long as you guys are happy, so is he. Collecting his thoughts he tells you, “Yeah, no. That’s my bad. I’m sorry for being hostile. It’s just I didn’t wanna see one of them hurt, ya know?”
You smile at his words. That’s one reason you like Sam Wilson so much, he’s loyal through and through. He’s good to your boys. 
“I just worry about you with the cyborg here.” he gestures to Bucky, and if looks could kill, Sam would be six feet under right now. “You can never be too careful, he has a tendency to snap.”
Well...good to one of your boys that is.
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theweasleyslut · 19 hours ago
Tumblr media
prompts // requests // taglist
Tumblr media
notes: I am just starting to get into writing marvel fics, so the characters I have are very limited at the moment! Once I get writing more marvel content, I think I’ll stick mainly to steve rogers, bucky barnes, peter parker, natasha romanoff, thor odinson, loki laufeyson, & tony stark. However, feel free to send in requests for other characters! I will happily give them a chance.
Please keep in mind that I have not yet seen everything marvel - I’ve watched all but one of the movies, and I’ve yet to watch any of the series. I’m currently watching loki as it comes out, but I haven't been able to start wandavision or the falcon and winter soldier yet. So i’d appreciate if you could keep that in mind when requesting specific scenes or for a character I have not yet met.
Lastly, please keep an eye on my bio to know when requests are opened or closed!
Steve Rogers
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theweasleyslut · 19 hours ago
Tumblr media
⚜ - smut  ღ - fluff  ✧ - angst  ☑ - complete  » - on going
Tumblr media
prompts // requests // taglist
notes: I do take requests (check bio to see if they’re open), but it may take awhile for me to get to them. I try to get them done asap, but I also have my own personal life going on outside of here & I can’t always write when I want to. I hope you all can understand that, & can be respectful of it. I very rarely, if ever, turn away a request so unless you’ve gotten something saying I won’t do it, know I do have it & it will get done eventually Xx
That’s not to say you can’t check up and see if I did get your request because I know tumblr can be iffy on asks sometimes. Just don’t be demanding or rude about it, please. That’s all I ask.
Tumblr media
+ Series;
- none yet 
+ Oneshots;
• O’ Captain, My Captain  ღ ☑
A stealth mission gone wrong leads to some injuries and an accidental sharing of feelings. // 2.8k
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buppybucky · 20 hours ago
ex!dilf!bucky coming home after his daughter recital and fucking you in the kitchen
PAIRINGS! ex!dilf!bucky x f!reader
SUMMARY! in which bucky can’t handle how you look in that tight dress.
WARNINGS! cheating, 18+ minors dni, unprotected sex, public sex, almost got caught, breeding kink, bucky uses his fingers to shut reader up.
Tumblr media
your daughter had invited you and your boyfriend, steve, to her dance recital at her school. you were ecstatic that she was finally pursuing something she loved, so of course you said yes without hesitation.
what she didn’t tell you, was that her father, james, would be going also. you had to find that out the hard way. both you and steve went all out, you wore nice clothes and wanted to bring her for ice cream afterwards.
you were in a tight dress that wasn’t too tight for it to be uncomfortable. steve was in a navy dress shirt, rolled up to his elbows, and black slacks. “c’mon, we’re gonna be late.” steve said.
you waved him off and continued with your lipstick. you hummed as you threw the rest of your makeup in the bag, just in case you needed a touch up.
“you look beautiful.” steve smiled, kissing you. you smiled and held his shoulders. “thank you baby, c’mon.” you said, taking his hand and walking to the car.
you two arrived at the school and walked inside, hand in hand. your face, that once had a wide smile, dropped at the sight of your ex husband, james. you knew he was dropping your daughter off, not that he was staying.
“mom! steve!” your daughter, stella, yelled, running up to you two. you hugged her tightly and lifted her. “my baby! we’re so proud of you.” you said, kissing all over her face.
she squealed and got down, hugging steve. “hey princess.” he smiled, kissing her head. james walked over with a smirk, sticking his hand out. “hi, we haven’t met, m’bucky.” he said to steve.
steve took his hand. “steve, you must be stella’s dad.” steve said, wrapping his arm around your waist. “yeah, he is.” you said, pulling steve away to the seats. steve chuckled at you and sat down.
“stop being jealous babe, i find you more attractive than bucky.” he joked, kissing your cheek. you giggled and shook your head. as if the devil wanted to ruin your day, bucky squeezed in, sitting on the other side of you.
you sighed and placed your head on steve’s shoulder. you felt a hand on your thigh. you were confused because it wasn’t on the thigh next to steve, and why would he reach all the way over to grip your other one?
you looked down and saw bucky’s hands slowly gripping and releasing your thigh. you scoffed and slapped his hand away. bucky smirked and looked over at you.
“hey, steve? m’having a barbecue today f‘stella’s recital if y’two wanna join?” bucky reached over, talking to steve. you rolled your eyes and leaned back. steve smiled and nodded.
“yeah! that would be great, thanks boinky.” steve said. you snorted and hid your face in his shoulder. you knew that was purposeful, because he knew bucky’s name.
bucky looked at you before nodding and sitting back. you smiled and held steve’s hand. the hall lights turned off, signalling that the recital was about to start.
after the recital, you and steve walked out with bucky. “jus’ follow me, i’ll see y’guys there.” bucky smiled at you both. “thanks binky!” steve returned the smile, walking you to the car.
“bucky seems great.” steve nodded as he started to drive. you shook your head and sighed. “you’re going to aggravate him.” you said, fixing your makeup in the small mirror.
steve turned over to you before looking back at the road. “oh yeah? and what’s he going to do?” steve asked, flexing his giant biceps. you smiled and kissed his cheek. “my knight in shining armour.” you teased.
you arrived at bucky’s house after a while driving. “hey bonky!” steve said as he got out, walking in with bucky. stella walked up to you and hugged you. “does steve not like dad?” she asked.
“no, love, he does like him, he just likes jokes more.” you pet her head, walking into the kitchen. bucky put his hand on the small of your back. “he’s a dick.” he whispered into your ear, before moving beside you.
you turned to him with a scowl. “i must have a type then.” you sassed, walking out to the garden with the food for the barbecue. bucky watched you leave with a smirk.
about two hours later, each adult was drunk while all the children were passed out upstairs. “i’m going in to get another drink.” you said, getting up and walking inside.
you walked to the kitchen, being greeted by bucky’s wide smirk. “hey dolly.” he said as he moved away from the fridge. you scoffed and opened the fridge, taking out a drink.
“y’know i hate people mixin’ up my name.” he whispered, pushing his erection against your ass. “i guess m’gonna have t’hit stevie where it hurts.” he bit your shoulder softly.
you hated the affect bucky had on you, he was like a virus. “gonna have t’show him how fuckin’ weak you are.” he spat, moving your hair over and kissing your neck.
you couldn’t believe it, bucky was teasing you while you were standing in the fridge. “you’re mine, forever mine.” he whispered, biting your earlobe. you whimpered slightly, feeling your legs go weak.
bucky smirked and gripped your waist, pulling up your dress. “no panties? t’your daughters recital?” he chuckled. “it’s almost like y’wanted me to fuck ya.” he shook his head.
bucky massaged your ass, earning a small moan. “is stevie touch starvin’ ya?” he smirked, pulling down his pants just enough for his cock to pop out. “y’gotta tell me you want it, petal.” he whispered.
you whined and turned back to look at him. “want it so bad.” you cried. he smirked and slid his tip into you. “who am i t’deprive ya of such a pleasure?” he asked.
you rolled your eyes to the back of your head and wiggled your hips. bucky complied, sliding into you deeper. “fuck.” bucky hissed, enjoying your tightness. you threw your head back into his shoulder and grabbed the shelves in the fridge.
bucky’s hand fell over your mouth, his middle and ring finger shoving into your mouth. you felt something cold hit your cheek. you were too cock drunk to even care.
“i’ll be back in a sec!” steve’s voice sounded from the backyard. bucky cursed under his breathe and shoved you into the tiny broom closet, not caring that the fridge was open or that there was barely any space in there.
bucky continued to thrust, making you gasp. “shh, shh, don’t wanna get caught, pretty.” he smirked, biting on your shoulder again. you whimpered and felt the knot in your stomach slowly form.
bucky bottomed out, finally, hitting off your sweet spot without any effort, continuing to assault it with every thrust. you wanted to scream and cry out in pleasure, but his fingers down your throat stopped you from making any voice.
the knot in your stomach was tightening. you felt yourself clench over bucky, making him moan out. “oh god.” he whispered, resting his forehead on your shoulder as he continued his sloppy thrusts.
your toes curled and you gripped anything you could, coming loose all over bucky. “that’s it, such a good girl.” he whispered. bucky wasn’t far behind, cumming inside of you almost immediately after.
“gonna make you my mommy again, huh? how’s that sound?” he asked, thrusting his warm seed into you. you groaned and pushed him off. “i have no fucking panties you ass!” you whisper-yelled.
bucky chuckled and shrugged. “have fun, i guess.” he said, tucking himself away and walking out. “dick.” you shook your head, trying your hardest to clean yourself up with anything you could find.
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poisonbeauty · 21 hours ago
You having to pick up your drunk ex, Steve, because you're the only one that has been able to reason with him. He, of course, makes a move on you once you get him in your car.
classic steve.
he's mumbling something about brocolli are just tiny trees when you get him -- after much fighting for his right to stay at one of tony's parties, drinking with thor.
your hands grip the wheel, as you focus on the road -- and steve is eyeing you lovingly.
"pretty" he mumbles "very pretty... so pretty ____, you're so pretty"
you smile slightly -- which fastly becomes a frown, once you stop at a red light. you turn around to face steve, and he's looking at you with bright eyes and a wolfish smile.
"i don't even remember why we broke up when i look at you." he mumbles against your ear, lips brushing against your soft skin. "just... miss you, miss your body... miss your tight perfect pussy... wish i could have you one last time"
who are you deny america's golden boy a wish?
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buckysbabydolldude · a day ago
ok so i’m kinda new to the whole bucky fic world in terms of writing it. BUT i would really like to hear some suggestions! i have a few ideas already but i want to know what you guys think so please, please, PLEASE send me some requests!
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onlyjamesbarnes · a day ago
Golden Boy - Steve Rogers x Reader
Tumblr media
a/n: how is it already friday?? wwhattt? it's been an amazing week, and this is my fifth submission for @theweasleyslut's 2k challenge. don't forget to join by this sunday!
also... had to grace y'all with our favorite, frat boy!steve :)
pairing: frat boy!steve rogers x reader (AU)
word count: just over 2.5k
warnings: pet names, language, possibly underage drinking (ages are not set), super toxic fratboy!boyfriend (OC character), jealous!steve, angst + fluff, one kiss.
(also i know that syracuse is like four and a half hours from NYC so pretend Y/N goes to college in upstate NY too i guess)
prompts used: all of them!! best friend's brother + college + "are you going to hate me forever if i do this?" + "i thought things were going great."
sneak-peek: when your boyfriend drags you to another college's frat party, you're met with a familiar face from your past.
Tumblr media
“Are you going to hate me forever if I do this?”
A tear threatens to escape as you look up at Steve. He towers over you, carrying a bouquet of flowers. As if that could magically make everything better.
Your silence saddens him, making him pause to look around your room. Countless nights spent together, sneaking him in and hiding from your parents, definitely not telling his sister, Lily, where he was. Definitely not giving away that her best friend was dating her older brother.
“Do you really have to go?” Your biggest nightmare was coming to reality. You had thought you could make it work, that even a one-year age gap didn’t matter in the grand scheme of things. Boy, were you wrong.
Your words hit him like a ten-ton truck, and he swallows hard. “Yes, doll, I’m afraid so. My mom’s right; I can’t pass up this opportunity. I wish I could just take you with me, but…”
“I know, I know,” you sigh, looking away from him. “I’ve got to finish high school.”
He takes one of your hands in his and uses the other to gently grab your chin. He moves your face to look at him. “Listen, I’ll wait for you. You’re so incredibly worth it, and I love you.”
The words bring a smile to your face. You squeeze his hand in yours, believing the words as you say them. “I love you too, Steve.”
Tumblr media
In the passenger seat of Charlie’s Jeep, you’re off to the fourth party this week.
“Babe, where are we even going? We’re at the edge of campus,” you sigh, eyeing the nameplate for the university as he blows through a stop sign.
“Just chill, we’re heading to another campus just a little further upstate. My buddy said it’ll be the party of the year, and we can’t miss it.”
You roll your eyes, still regretting joining the sorority Lily had begged you to sign up for with her. These types of parties were definitely her style, not yours, yet you were the one who ended up with a frat-boy boyfriend.
Your purse buzzes wildly, and Charlie glances over at you. “I’ll get that,” you say quietly, pulling out your phone. Lily’s name lights up the screen.
“Y/N! Where are you? I’ve been looking for you everywhere, you kinda just… I dunno, disappeared!” She sounds buzzed already, and part of you wishes you were there to keep her safe. She was always a lightweight, even before she could convince you to have a sip with her.
You smile as you look out into the night. The soft glow of the streetlights is the only thing illuminating the dark freeway, and the rolled-down windows bring gusts of wind into the car. Your hair was probably already a mess, but it was no use trying to convince your boyfriend to roll them up. “Charlie’s taking me to this big party upstate, so we’ll be there for the night,” you tell her as he smiles over at you. He places a hand on your thigh, squeezing it a little.
“Be careful! You know how much I hate that guy, he’s such a jerk! Are you sure you want to go to a party with him in an area that you don’t know?”
Her words make perfect sense, but you know there’s no turning back now. What would you do, tell Charlie to turn the car around and speed back to campus? Let him have his own fun without you? That wouldn’t go well at all. “Don’t worry Lily, I’ll be fine. I’ll see you when I get back.” You hang up the phone, sighing a little. “Which campus are we going to anyway?” you ask Charlie, who is now swerving between cars on the highway.
He suddenly gets off the freeway, and you already see the name of the offramp he’s going towards. “Syracuse, their football team’s having this big blowout party with one of the biggest frats in New York. You know me, I’m always game for that typa shit.”
You freeze as the memories come rushing back. All those years ago, you had bid Steve goodbye as he headed to Syracuse University. He had received a scholarship, a huge scholarship, to play football for them for four years. Syracuse had taken everything from you; you couldn’t go back.
“Charlie, I can’t go. Y-You need to take me back home,” you start to stammer, shaking your head. You eye the nameplate as he continues to drive, your head spinning when you see the buildings you saw when moving Steve in.
He chuckles, gripping his hand on your thigh. “Oh stop, Y/N, you’re so shy. Don’t worry, I’ll introduce you to plenty of people there. I’m sure they’ll love you.”
You give him a fake smile back. Lily’s proposed plan to you didn’t seem so bad now.
As the Jeep pulls up to the large frat house, you can already tell that it’s the party of the year. Orange and blue streamers litter the lawn in front, along with red plastic cups and beer bottles. The booming music practically shakes the ground, and cheers and shouts fill the stillness of the night. Even for a large house, crowds of people fill the areas around it, and more people continue to pour in from the sidewalk. Before you can look around any longer, Charlie takes your hand and leads you out of the car.
He’s already eyeing other girls as you walk up to the house with him, flashing smiles and waving down friends. The worst part about dating a frat boy was this, how he’d leave you in a corner to dance with another girl, get completely wasted, disappear for hours, and then come crawling back to you by the end of the night. He would swear up and down that you’re ‘the only girl for him’ in a plea for a ride home. He’d then crash on your couch, you’d nurse his hangover, and you’d do it all again. And there was no escape.
“Babe, I’ll be right back, don’t move!”
You watch Charlie run towards the party, and there you are. You’re stuck in the corner again.
You had gotten used to observing the frat parties you’ve been to, studying the drunken dancing and utter carelessness for any amount of dignity. You feel like you’re the only sober one in the room. Until you lock eyes with a man across the room.
He’s wearing a white tank top, one that you had seen before. One that you had definitely seen before. His golden hair is tousled in all directions, and his blue eyes stare into yours through the chaos of the party. No. It couldn’t be.
Suddenly you don’t see the man anymore. You look around frantically, trying to find Charlie to take you home. You push through the crowd, through the sea of buzzed idiots, until you hit a wall.
“Charlie said you’d be here.”
Breathlessly, you look up at your ex-boyfriend. Steve. It’s him, the man you thought would be the love of your life, but he looks so much bigger. So much more muscular. He was the team’s star quarterback, what did you expect. “Steve, I can’t do this…” You hadn’t even had a drink, but your head starts to spin even more.
He catches your arm, looking into your eyes. “It’s okay, doll, let’s take this outside. Get you some fresh air.”
Tumblr media
“It’s been so long, doll, I’ve missed you so much.”
Sitting on the lawn chair outside, the party was just as chaotic in the backyard. Music loudly playing through the speakers, White Claw cans littered everywhere… “How did you know I’d be here?”
He smiles, leaning back in his own chair. “Your little boyfriend hinted me in. He’s in the same frat as me, you know that? Different chapter, obviously. We had a meeting last week when he mentioned your name.”
You swallow hard as his eyes stare back into yours still. You had moved on; you had told yourself that you were done with him. You waited for two years, and it was two years too many. How were all those feelings suddenly rushing back? “And you convinced him…”
“I convinced him to bring you all the way up here. Clever, isn’t it? I figured he wouldn’t turn down a party for anything, and I wanted to talk to you. Especially after you turned down my invite to Thanksgiving two years ago.”
You grimace. Lily had invited you to their family dinner, telling you all about Steve’s new girlfriend. How pretty she was, the way Steve would look at her, how much the family liked her… you weren’t interested in doing that. “Because you moved on so quickly. Steve, I was hung up on you for two years.” His eyebrows raise at your words, a small smirk lighting up his face.
He chuckles a little, taking a sip of the beer in his hand. “Are those feelings still around, doll? Still hung up on the best you’ve ever had?” He had gotten cocky in college, but part of his words started to turn you on.
Yes. “No,” you lie to him, but it’s as if he can see through everything you’re saying. “I have a boyfriend, remember? I’ve loved him for a whole year…”
He scoffs, looking towards the house before his eyes dart back to you. “Charlie? That manchild over there doing body shots? You can’t be serious, Y/N, he’s definitely not your type.”
“How do you know what my type is, Steve? You haven’t been around for three years. You know where I live, I’ve lived with your sister all this time! Where have you been?”
“I’ve been obsessing over you, doll,” he responds in a more hushed tone. “Not a day has gone by when I’m not thinking of you, your lips on mine, finally getting to tell my family, tell the whole world that I love you. I love you, doll, can’t you see that?”
Tears threaten to fill your eyes. Again. As much as you wish you could be honest, just leave Charlie for the man you’ve always dreamed of, it’s not that simple. “Steve…” you breathe out, swallowing hard. “You can’t just walk back into my life like you didn’t break my heart. You tore my heart in two and I couldn’t even tell my best friend. That hurt. You can’t just pretend like you didn’t do that.” His face softens as he realizes what he’s done. “I’m with Charlie now, and you need to accept that. Things are going great, and it’s not fair for you to just ruin everything I’ve built up.”
He sighs, looking into your eyes. “I-I’m so sorry, you know I never meant to hurt you. I filled my life with people I thought would replace my own sadness, replace you, but it was never the same.” He looks away. “I understand that you can’t just drop everything and run away with me… but could I please, doll, just have one dance with you? Just one.”
Your eyes look up to meet his own, and you can tell he’s serious. “Okay, just one.” You crack a small smile, standing up and bringing Steve with you. “Just don’t fall in love too hard, okay?”
His eyebrows raise at that, and he smiles back. “Too late,” he says under his breath, too quiet for you to hear.
Tumblr media
Just one dance. That was what you had told Steve. An hour later, you still found yourself giggling and wrapping your arms around him as the music sounded through the house. It was like the two of you were the only ones on the dance floor; you had completely forgotten about everyone else in the room.
Until an arm snakes around your waist, pulling you against a chest.
“Sweetheart, what’s going on? Why are you dancing with this guy when you’re mine?” you hear Charlie ask you, his breath hot on your ear. You look up to see him glaring at Steve, who instantly notices your absence.
Steve chuckles before you can answer. “Charlie, so great to see you again. Looks like she’s done being the little puppy dog that you sit in the corner, she wants someone who doesn’t leave her alone for three hours.”
Your boyfriend’s eyebrows raise, and his grip on you tightens. “Shut your fucking mouth, golden boy. You have no clue what my girl wants.” No, Charlie, he knows exactly what you want. He starts to back up, pulling you off the dance floor. Steve follows.
“It didn’t feel like that a few minutes ago, the way she was dancin’ on me.” Charlie’s fingers practically bruise your hip. “Just face it, kid, you’re jealous because I’m better for her than you’ll ever be. Now take your hands off her…” He narrows his eyes at the man behind you. “... or we’re gonna have a problem.”
“Maybe we are, because you barely know her! We’ve been dating for a year, who do you think you are?”
This time, you cut into their conversation. “Charlie, this is Steve. Steve Rogers. My ex-boyfriend. Remember?” When he looks back into your eyes, you try to escape his grasp, but he pulls you in against his crotch.
He snarls at Steve. “My my, the infamous Steve Rogers. Looks like you’re three years too late. She doesn’t love you no more, she probably didn’t want to dance with you in the first place! Just waiting for her boyfriend to come back to get here, that’s all!”
“She agreed to dance with me, you imbecile,” Steve mutters, taking a step forward. “Now get your fucking hands off my girl.”
A moment of hesitation passes by until you feel Charlie’s hands move to your back. He pushes you forward, right into the man in front of you, but Steve catches you instantly. “Fine, you whore, he’s yours! Don’t act surprised when he leaves you for some other bitch, and you’ll come crawling right back to me. I’ll see you then, princess,” he scoffs, and you get to your feet.
“I thought things were going great,” Steve teases sarcastically, and you give him a little shove with a small smile. “Don’t worry, doll, I’m gonna beat the shit out of him,” he growls, but you hold him back with your hand. “Such a tool, he doesn’t deserve you.”
“C’mon, Steve, let’s just get out of here.” You try to pull him along with you out of the frat house, so tired of the scene. Desperately wanting to go home. Before you can, you feel Steve’s hands around your waist.
Before you can say anything, his lips are against yours. Oh, how you had missed his soft lips, meshing with yours. He pulls you against his body, and you can feel him deepening the kiss even more. His tongue darts out to part your lips, and you instantly let him in as your hands move towards his messy hair. He pulls away for just a moment.
“You know, we should probably tell Lily.”
a/n: like, comment, reblog, share your thoughts and feelings, love y'all, see you next time!!
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boxofbonesfic · a day ago
guys like me
Tumblr media
Title: Guys like me
Rating: Explicit
Pairing: Soft Dark Skinny!Steve x Reader
Warnings: Dark!Steve, a very light sprinkling of era appropriate misogyny, noncon, breeding kink, unprotected sex, overstimulation, squirting
A/N: i literally saw a Skinny!Steve photoset and this came out of me. please let me know if i’ve missed any warnings! a little dark smut to get your weekend started off right 😂 what can i say? i just… really wanted some Dark!Skinny!Steve, and apparently my muse wasn’t going to take “no” for an answer. kind of like steve in this fic.This is a work of FICTION, and it is Dark, so I assume once you’ve clicked through the link that you are comfortable with that. I do not give consent for my work to be copied, translated, or posted elsewhere, even if I am credited. This work is entirely mine, and unbeta’d, so read at your own risk! Minors, DNI! 
anyway, enjoy! 😘
 Girls like you don’t look twice at guys like him. That’s why Steve just gapes at you as you offer him your hand. You’re so beautiful and he’s so nervous he can’t even speak, so he just…stares.  
“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to bowl you over,” your voice is apologetic, and you smooth an errant curl out of your face. He’s never seen hair like yours—not up close, anyway. It wouldn’t be proper. But this is one of those secret-type jazz clubs, and he knows the social rules don’t apply here, so he gingerly takes your hand and you help him to his feet. 
 “Thank you.” His face is beet red, he knows because his cheeks are flaming hot, and his breath is coming in short pants. “I, um—” Bucky slings an arm around his shoulder. 
 “Easy tiger,” he jokes, giving Steve’s shoulder a playful punch. He can hear the grin in Bucky’s voice, and when he looks over at his friend, he hates the way his eyes slide appreciatively over your pretty pink sundress, the tops of your shoulders just exposed. He hates even more the way you smile bashfully and look away. 
 Always guys like him.
 He loves Bucky, he’s more than a brother—Steve pointedly tries not to think about the stolen kisses in alleyways, the feel of Bucky’s hand in his—but it would be nice if for once, pretty girls like you paid attention to guys like Steve. He knows he’s short and skinny and weak, but he could be a good man if someone would let him. 
 He wants you to let him. 
 He tries to stand a little taller, and you smile softly at him. “Well, y’all have fun.” he hears your friends tittering as they lead you away, and you cast one last look at them over your shoulder before turning away. Buck gives Steve another little cuff on the chin. 
 “Aiming high tonight, huh?” he chuckles. “You want a drink?” Steve nods, his eyes still following you through the crowd as you begin to dance. It’s hot and crowded, and bodies mash together with no sense of propriety, so with liquid courage burning in his gut, he asks you to dance. You wipe sweat from your forehead and nod, grinning. 
 It’s like you’re the only two people in the whole club. He never wants this moment to end—but of course it does when Bucky butts in, sweeping you away with his charm and good looks, and for the first time, Steve hates him for it. 
 But even that can’t erase the feel of your hand in his, the warmth of you underneath that pretty dress, the smell of your skin. 
 It’s worth the tightness in his lungs when he lays down to sleep that night, reefer smoke staining his clothes and alcohol on his breath. 
 Every Saturday. He sees you every Saturday. It’s worth the long train ride up to Harlem, worth the line he waits in outside just to see you. Bucky tries to get him to go to different clubs, but this is the only one Steve will agree to—
 It’s the only one you go to. 
 And when he finds you in the crowd again, a little piece of him shatters when you light up at the sight of Bucky—before your eyes slide kindly over to him. “Hey guys.” Steve wants to pound his best friend’s face in as he grins cheekily at you. 
 “Hey doll. How’s about a dance?” 
 Worst of all, he knows Bucky doesn’t care. Doesn’t want you like Steve does, won’t take care of you. 
 Not like Steve can. 
 He broods and broods all night, getting progressively drunker as he watches you dance tirelessly. He almost drops his glass when Bucky brushes his lips along your cheek—can’t wait any longer—and he stands abruptly. He can’t wait any longer, can’t wait for you to see how good he is—
 He’ll just have to make you see. 
 He waits until Bucky slips outside for a smoke, and he approaches you. “Hey, um, you wanna dance?” He can barely keep up with you, but you’re sweet and you slow down for him so he can match your moves. In return, Steve buys you a drink. And then another. And another, until you’re swaying in his arms. 
 “I-I feel dizzy.” 
 “Let's go out for some air,” he suggests, knowing he has no intention of bringing you back in. He hasn’t seen Bucky, which is good because he doesn’t want to have to explain himself. You’re leaning against the brick wall outside, catching your breath. It’s January, but you don’t feel the cold—you’re sweaty and overheated from the dancing and the drinks, and Steve can’t help but stare at your flushed face. 
 “I should find James…” Steve scowls. 
 “No, stay here. W-with me.” he says softly, catching your hand as you wobble. “He’s… I mean, Buck’s my friend, but… between you and me, he’s not exactly on the straight and narrow.” The vitriol slips out of him before he really knows what he’s doing, but the venom on his tongue won’t let him stop. 
 “What?” you say in a small voice. 
 “I mean… I saw him leave with someone else. You deserve better than that.” you sniffle. “Let me take you home, at least.” 
 He holds your hand the whole walk home, and when you reach the building where you rent a room, he helps you up the stairs, your knees weak and wobbly. He locks the door behind him as you kick off your shoes. 
 “Thank you, Steve.” you give him a tired smile as though you expect him to leave, confusion growing in your eyes when he doesn’t. “Steve?” 
 “Why do you like him?” he asks, and you scrunch your face at the question. 
 “What? Steve, I-I think you should go—”
 “He doesn’t give a damn about you, so why? Why him?” Why not me? He hates the little fearful look that flits across your pretty features, and he immediately apologizes, putting his hands on your shoulders and rubbing soothing circles onto your flesh through the fabric. “I’m sorry, sweetheart. I’m sorry. I just… I like you so much, and Buck, he… he’ll just use you!” you whimpered at his harsh tone. 
 “Steve, you’re scaring me.” your plump lower lip trembles, and tears are gathering in your beautiful eyes. 
 “I’m sorry sweet. I’m sorry. I don’t want to scare you. I want to make you happy. Will you let me?” He pulls at the straps of your dress, and your hand comes up to push him away, but you’re drunk and sloppy and uncoordinated, and Steve catches it easily with his own. He presses his mouth to yours and he tastes the gin, but underneath it is you, soft and sweet like he knew you would be. 
 He can’t believe he’s finally kissing you and you let out a frustrated little mumble as your hands fist in his shirt. For once he’s the bigger one, he’s the stronger one, and it sends a rush to his head as he pushes you backwards onto the bed. 
 “S-Steve, wait—”
 “No! I don’t want to wait anymore. Why? So you can run back to James?” he spits his friend’s name out like a curse. He’s working feverishly at the buttons of your dress, and you push at his hands. Anger fuels his movements, and a button pops off, rolling under the bed. “What’s the matter, sweetheart? If I was James, you’d let me, wouldn’t you?” he says accusingly, and you shake your head quickly, tears spilling out of your wide eyes. 
 “N-no. I like you, Steve.” he knows you’re just trying to placate him, but it works, and his features soften. “I—I don’t want you to hurt me.” 
 “I’m not going to hurt you sweetheart.” He wipes your tears away with the pad of his thumb. “I’m going to make you feel good. You’d like that, right? Dames like it when guys make ‘em feel good.” He pulls aside the two halves of your dress, and he groans at the sight of your lacy black bra and garters, and God your fucking stockings. He thumbs at your nipples through the fabric, pleased when they stiffen under his touch. 
 Steve tugs the cups down and goes hot at the sight of your breasts, buoyed by the lace. “You’re so pretty, doll.” he breathes, running his fingers down your trembling stomach to stroke the curve of your vulva through your panties. “First time I saw you, thought I was gonna die, you were so pretty.” He drops his face to the space between your breasts, rubbing his nose along your skin before turning to suck a pert nipple into his mouth. You moan reluctantly and the sound is small, but it echoes in the quiet room. 
 Steve releases your nipple with a pop, watching with satisfaction as it pebbles in the cool evening air. He repeats the action on your other breast, all while rubbing his fingers against the dampening crotch of your panties. He smiles triumphantly, before he kisses his way down your belly, feeling the muscles jump and flex under his touch. 
 He hooks his fingers underneath your panties, and the fight seems to come back to you, and you try to squeeze your thighs shut around him. He sinks his teeth into your thigh in response, hard enough to draw blood. You cry out, sobbing. 
 “See, doll? I don’t want to hurt you. Shh, don’t cry.” Steve reaches up to stroke the side of your face. “Let me make you feel good.” he repeats, laving the sluggishly bleeding bite on your thigh with his tongue. Your legs fall open after that—defeated. He’s never done this before, but he knows he can make you feel good if he tries hard enough. He’s good enough for Buck, isn’t he?
 He peels the damp fabric of your panties down your thighs, and groans at the sight of you. Your thighs twitch with the urge to close again, but Steve settles you with a stern look. He drags one finger up your slit, collecting your juices before wrapping his tongue around it, moaning. “Taste so sweet, doll.” he follows the same path with his tongue, and your hips arc up off of the bed. Steve grins against you. “Told you I would make you feel good.” 
 He sucks your throbbing clit into his mouth, rolling it with his tongue. He doesn’t care that your walls are thin, that the neighbors can certainly hear what he’s doing to you as you cry desperately underneath him. He licks down to your tight hole, and groans at the thought of his cock in you, squeezing him so good. “Buck ever make you feel like this doll?” he slides a finger into your tight center and marvels at how soft and tight you are, every slick sound like music in his ears. 
 “Good.” he suckles your clit as he curls his finger inside of you, and you wail, your thighs trembling as you soak his chin with your release. Steve’s so hard it almost hurts, and all the nights he’s spent fucking into his own hand aren’t preparation enough for this. “Oh God, doll, you don’t know what you d-do to me,” he mutters, fumbling his pants down just enough for the weight of his cock to spring free, bouncing against his stomach. It’s red and angry, veins throbbing hotly on the underside as precum gathers at his tip. “I can put it in, r-right sweetheart?” he asks, though he isn’t really asking.
 “Wait, Steve, I don’t—”
 “It’s okay, doll,” Steve mumbles feverishly, his eyes rolling to half mast as he slides against your slick folds with a squelch. “Shhh. If you get knocked up, that’s okay, right?” he’s not even really talking to you, the mumbled words falling from his lips before he can process them. He pushes against your entrance, and it only takes a little force for the head of his cock to pop inside and he hisses. “I’ll take care of you, sweetheart…”
 He tries to remember what Buck’s taught him about this, about how to make it good for her too, and he pushes in slow as your heels dig hard against his thighs. There are tears on your cheeks even as your pretty pussy welcomes him inside. “What’s wrong, sweetheart?” he pants, and he has to force himself to stop. 
 “You’re… bigger. Than I’m used to.” It’s funny how those words fill him with rage and pride all at once. He can’t keep still anymore, not with your cunt sucking at him and throbbing all around him, and the knowledge that his cock is stretching you so much—“Oh, oh, God, Steve—”
 He looks down at the place you’re both connected, watching mesmerized as the length of his cock disappears into you over and over, glistening with your wetness. You’re so tight, he can see you stretching around him as he fucks you open. It’s so perfect—he can see why Bucky’s sweet on you now, more than the others. Pathetic. Never even licked her out, he thinks angrily, reaching up to cup your breast and tweak your nipple. You squeeze around him and he gasps, choking for air. 
 “So fucking good, doll, so fucking good, so—” he can’t stop. Steve knows he’s like a broken record, but his brain is on autopilot. All he can do is try to get as deep inside of your soft, pliant body as he can—and he’s trying to. He forces your thighs down to your chest, and slams his hips down into yours. That’s all it takes before you’re cumming again, and Steve doesn’t know how he stands it; the clenching wetness and warmth gushing around him as you keen and claw the sheets below you. He powers through it, his cock sinking into you as you come crashing down. 
 “Steve—Steve please,” you wail, your hands pushing at his shoulders as the words come through your sobbing moans. “I can’t, I can’t again—”
 “Shh, yes you can baby.” He cups your face as he continues rutting into you, chasing his own end. “It’s okay. It’s okay. It’s okay—” you’re crying again, tears leaking down your cheeks and he kisses them away before resting his forehead against yours. He wants you to forget the feel of anyone else inside you, wants you to only remember his face, his cock. 
 “Oh shit, doll,” he’s breathless and his chest is burning from the exertion of holding you down, of fucking you so hard, but he has to—how else will he make sure you’re his otherwise? “Gonna fill you up. You want that, right? You want to be my girl, right? Fuck, gonna make you my girl. Gonna—” It’s better than it’s ever been, and as he comes apart so do you, clenching and squeezing around him. It’s like you’re fucking milking his cock with your velvety walls, and he’s never going to get enough of this feeling. 
 He rests on top of you for a moment, catching his breath. It takes a while for his chest to expand properly, and he knows he’ll pay for these exertions later, but as he pulls out slowly, the sight of his cum spilling out of your well fucked cunt makes it worth it. Steve lays down next to you in your bed, and frowns when you stiffen. 
 “What’s wrong?” 
 “I—” you glance nervously at him. “I w—what if I get pregnant?”
 “P-people won’t… it won’t be accepted. We’re not even married!” your panicked voice makes his heart clench.
 “Then we’ll get married.”
 Six years. You’re free for six glorious years. Calvin likes it in Queens, and your aunt doesn’t mind you staying with her as long as you pay your share of the rent on time. No one says anything about you being a single mother—there are plenty of women whose husbands are gone in the war, and plenty more whose husbands aren’t coming back at all. 
 You hope you’re the latter. 
 You work as a receptionist downtown, and while it’s not much, it’s more than enough to provide for Calvin. You love him, in spite of everything, even though sometimes when you look at him, all you can see is Steve. The name sends shivers down your spine, and you clutch the handrail tighter as the train wobbles. 
 It’s when you’re halfway up the block from the train station that the distinct feeling of wrongness hits you, spreading through your chest. Calvin is usually outside playing under your Aunt’s watchful eye, but today your son is nowhere to be seen. You rush into the house, your throat tight.
 “Cal? Cal where are you—”
 “Mama! Daddy’s home!” your son crashes into your legs, barreling in from the kitchen and cold dread dawns on you as you parse out his words. In the sitting room, you see a man. Tall, leaned against the wall by the fireplace. He’s holding one of the pictures of you and Calvin, studying it. Your breath unhitches. This can’t be Steve. 
 “Sir?” you ask tentatively, and he stiffens and turns and—oh God.
 “Don’t tell me you don’t recognize me, sweetheart.” he smiles at you softly, and you force yourself to smile back, even though you’re shattering into a thousand thousand pieces. He pulls you into his arms, and you raise your own to rest stiffly on his shoulders as he buries his face in your hair. He’s so big now, taller than he’s ever been—the size of him is claustrophobic, weighing down on you. “God I missed you. Thought about you every day. Did you think about me?”
 “Yes.” you answer honestly. “I did.” he leans back to trace your lips with a soft finger. 
 “And you missed me, right?”
 “I missed you so much.” 
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