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#Steve Rogers x reader angst
imaginedreamwrite · 54 minutes ago
Way Down We Go: Part 14
She stopped before the double doors that would lead to the part of the building reserved for the law office in which he was partners.
She dug into her bag and wrapped her hands around a pocket mirror in her purse. As she pulled out the round object, she popped open the top and gazed at her reflection in the mirror. She pressed her lips tight together and moved them against each other, fixing the red stain that coats her plump lips. She brushed her hair off her shoulder before she rolled it, watching herself make a face that was sexual.
As she became pleased with herself, she closed the pocket mirror and shoved it back into her bag before opening the door and stepped inside like she owned the place.
“Miss-“ the receptionist tried to stop her. However, she raised her fist and sent a middle finger to the woman behind the desk and continued on her path.
“Mr. Rogers is busy!” The receptionist stood up and reached for the phone, scrambling to dial his number to warn him. Not that it would change her course, not that it would dismay her from arriving unannounced.
“I don’t give a shit,” she rolled her eyes, “Steve always has time for me.
She walked as if she owned the air around her as if she was the end all be all for the man she was seeking out, even though she knew that he had his obsessions geared toward someone else.
She didn’t bother knocking on the door; she didn’t bother asking for permission as she slipped into the office. She closes the door and locked it, her arms crossed over her chest as she gazed at the man behind the desk, his blue/green eyes staring at the screen in front of him.
“Are you going to say hello, Steve?” She crooned in a sultry voice, drawing his attention from the computer to her image.
However, the result of having his eyes on her wasn’t one that she wanted. Instead of having an appreciation for how she looked, for the effort, she placed into her appearance, from her flawless makeup and the lip tint he always loved, to the designer pumps that elongated her legs and the miniskirt that showed off the strength of her thighs and the smoothness of her skin, Steve looked irritated.
“What are you doing here?” He spoke dismissively, turning his attention back to the computer in front of him. “Why are you here?”
“I came to see you, Stevie.” She stepped closer, the short end of her skirt flouncing against her thighs. “It’s been so long since we’ve seen each other.”
She came around to the back of his chair and reached for his shoulder, her fingertips barely grazing upon his broad, strong shoulder before Steve shrugged her off and stood. He moved from his desk and strode toward the door of his office, and immediately unlocked it.
“You need to leave.” He stood, imposing and large by the door in a finely crafted suit that cut a perfect image that she wanted to be a part of.
“Don’t be like that, Steve,” she crossed her arms over her chest, “I want to have a conversation. Maybe share a drink.”
“Out.” He was growing impatient, wanted her out of his space. “Before I throw you out.”
“Oh Steve,” her voice was sultry, a certain seductive husk as she moved toward him with her hips sashaying and her hands toying with the end of her skirt, “I would love to feel your big strong hands on my body.”
She stopped before him and snaked her hands on his chest, her palms flat and flushed against his broad and robust pectorals. His natural heat rose from his body, through his dress shirt and suit jacket to her palms. She closed the distance she leaned in in an attempt to kiss him.
“I heard you found yourself a little jailbird. Wonder what she would think if she knew you had a habit of fucking your clients.”
Steve grabbed her arm and shoved her back against his office door, his blue-green eyes flashing with impatience and anger, his jaw clenched.
“Listen to me, you little whore,” he grunts as he slammed his fist against the wood to the left of her head, “I don’t know why you’re here, but if you go anywhere, my girl-“
“Your girl? Come on, Steve.” She laughed, her eye greening with amusement. “I never pegged you for a man who liked to rob the cradle.”
“Shut the fuck up,” he drew closer, his typically light eyes darkening under the influence of his short temper.
“I remember when you used to keep me spoiled and full of your cock. Are you still letting the seed dry up on the bedsheets?” She mocked him, lifting her knee to brush against his crotch, a pout on her face when there wasn’t a single twitch from his cock.
“You wanna know the truth, you little bitch?” Steve’s lip curled in anger. “I wasted my…seed on you. But Y/N, I would spend every god damn minute pumping her full of my seed.”
“Even if she-“
“I wasn’t finished.” He snapped and grabbed her throat, squeezing lightly. “If she wanted me to. You were just a little toy, some holes to fuck with, but Y/N…she is everything. She is going to be my wife.”
“And the mother of your children?”
His hand tightened. “Only if she wants to. But that’s none of your god damn business. Now get out.”
He let go of her neck, opened the door and threw her out of his office.
** **
He walked through the door and set his keys to the left, in the bowl on the wooden storage bench inside the entranceway. He put his briefcase down by the shoe rack after discarding his leather dress shoes and lift his head, gazing upon the suite that seemed empty and quiet.
“Sweetheart!” Steve called, unbuttoning his suit jacket before hanging it in the closet to the right. “I’m home!”
He should’ve heard you, he should’ve listened to any movement or motion of you in your shared home, but it was quiet. It was soft enough to make Steve suspicious.
With his suspicion came a panic rise. His ex visiting him at the office today was hardly a coincidence, and it raised more questions than it answered.
But his main concern was you. It was always you.
“Y/N!” Steve ran toward the stairs and called up. “Y/N, honey?”
He kept his quick stride to your room, and when he threw open the door, his heart stopped. There was no trace of you, not a single touch of yours in the room. Everything was gone.
Steve entered the room and saw the pile of photos on the bed; the images were taken without his knowledge, a year before he met you.
They’d been doctored and altered to appear like they were taken when he met you when he had a relationship with you.
They had been doctored and altered to look like he had a side piece.
Or rather…making it appear as if YOU were his side piece.
Steve stepped toward the bed and picked up one of the pictures. The picture in his hand was him, and a woman he had a one-night stand with, the woman beneath him had her mouth drawn open in a moan, her eyes screwed shut in pleasure while Steve had his wrapped around her throat.
“DID YOU THINK YOU WERE SPECIAL?” Was written in thick, red ink across the bottom.
Another picture was taken in his office, a woman on her knees in front of him. “DID YOU THINK YOU WERE THE ONLY ONE?”
Picture after picture. Message after message.
“GUESS WHO HE WANTS?” The last picture was a hand beating a ring on it that was meant for you.
The ring with a massive diamond, coloured rose and surrounded by tiny jewels meant for you, was on the other hand.
Steve flew into a fit of rage. He started grabbing the pictures and throwing them off the bed. He held whatever he could throw to ease some of this anger and chucked it against the wall while feeling the lack of you.
Every glass that shattered, every object that crashed into the wall or the floor was doing little to ease his anger.
The loss of you.
And as he stood there amongst the destruction and the wreckage, he knew that he would stop at nothing until that bitch burned.
** **
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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sohosteve · 57 minutes ago
Broken Promises
Tumblr media
pairing: steve rogers x fem!reader
summary: dating an avenger came with occasionally dealing with a stressed out boyfriend. part of you always thought the frustration that was plaguing him was due to his career, another part thought he might have found someone else. one night after drinking with thor, steve comes home and confirms your suspicions.
word count: 3.3k
warnings: fluff, insecurities, angst, alcohol & mead consumption, smut, slight dub/con (tagging just to be safe, though all parties are willing) oral (f receiving), fingering, rough sex, dumbification, captain kink, spanking, choking, unprotected sex, cream pie, infidelity, cursing, yelling !!! 18+ minors do not interact !!!
notes: hello! this is my submission for @sweetlyscared #SweetlySad1KChallenge, congrats love 💗! i'm truly a sucker for angst. for some reason i love breaking my own heart when reading so i hope you all enjoy!
Steven Grant Rogers is the love of your life. Even after being together for two years, you were still in shock that America's poster boy had chosen you to be a part of his life.
You were a photographer, always choosing to hide behind the lens instead of in front of it. The day the two of you met, you were walking through the park while the sun was beginning to set. Trying to get the perfect shot of the sun hitting the skyline, you suddenly plunged to the ground due to a massive weight smothering you.
The mass didn't overwhelm you for long though as the gentlemen who ran into you raised up to his full six foot, two inch stature. Extending a hand to you and rambling apologies to you in the process. You grasped the rough appendage which hoisted your being up. When you finally registered the intruder, you suddenly got lost in his eyes, almost immediately recognizing the Avenger.
“I'm so sorry ma'am,” he apologized, “I wasn't looking where I was going. Are you okay?”
You tried to keep your composure towards the super soldier, but responded like a stuttering mess. “Y-yes, I’m fine Captain Rogers. It's alright.”
Taking a quick look over to make sure you weren't injured, he noticed your camera lens was cracked due to the fall.
You looked down and saw the damaged device and a frustrated sigh left your lips. It was your favorite film camera, a Mamiya RZ67 II. A gift you received last year from your father for your twenty-fifth birthday.
“I didn't mean for that to happen, miss. I can buy you a new one-”
“No it's alright,” you quickly dismissed him, “Don't worry about it, I have plenty of others at home.” You don't know why you lied to him at that moment. Maybe it's because you didn't want to inconvenience the man, another part was due to not wanting him to pity you.
“Well at least let me make it up to you. There's a coffee shop around the corner, may I buy you a drink?”
Smiling up at the captain, you softly responded, “Sure I’d like that.” This time you were the one to extend a hand out.
“I'm (Y/N).”
The two of you walked side by side to the coffee house while conversing with one another. When you two reached your destination, he pulled out your chair for you like a gentleman and sat across from you. After ordering your desired items, the two of you ended up lost in conversation. You told him about your job as a photographer and he told you all about his love for the arts.
After an hour of discussing interests with one another, Steve noticed it had gotten dark and offered to walk you home. Accepting his invitation, you two went the 15 minute path towards your apartment.
Walking you to your door, Steve looked down at you with longing in his eyes. Constantly having to defend the Earth, he never had the chance to find love again. But after meeting you, he knew you were too special to let slip past him.
“I know this might be a little too forward, but would you be interested in accompanying me to dinner sometime? I promise I won't break anything else of yours, including your heart,” he quipped jokingly.
You felt your heart beat erratically in your chest, which you were almost certain his super soldier hearing could detect.
“I would be honored.”
Tumblr media
A little over two years have gone by since your first encounter with the blonde. The two of you had been going strong and it seemed as if you were a match made in heaven. So when did you start to feel so alone in this relationship?
Dating an Avenger, you quickly realized the toll that saving the world took on the man. In the beginning, Steve would head to your apartment after a mission, deflated. He would shut you out, particularly after a tough mission, not wanting to release any tension and frustration out on you. Though you understood, you just wished he would let you be there for him.
After an intense discussion with him about his behavior, he realized how much his attitude was affecting you and promised to be more open and understanding of your feelings.
The two of you proceeded to live a healthier life together. He stopped leaving you in the dark, and it worked for a while, until it didn't.
For the past few months, the stress had been getting to him more and more. He'd be quick to snap at you for the most mundane things, grabbing his coat and walking out the door. You figured it was just work that was affecting your boyfriend's mood again.
One evening, after another argument fell upon the two of you, he did his usual escape routine, leaving you to stew in your frustrations by your lonesome. You were starting to feel helpless. Steve stopped opening up to you. He started spending more nights at the compound, instead of wrapped up in your arms.
There was a small part of you that thought he was cheating on you. You never tried to confront him about it because you never wanted to believe your boyfriend could commit such an act towards you. So you kept your doubts in the recesses of your mind. But every time a fight would break out and he'd leave, those suspicious thoughts kept growing and growing till it was constantly on the forefront of your mind. Deciding that you would talk to the blonde in the morning, you got ready for bed.
Tumblr media
You were deep in sleep when you heard the front door open and close. Heavy footsteps trudging to your room, Steve entered the bedroom. Quickly sitting up, you noticed that the time on your alarm clock read 3:47 a.m. You looked and made out the features of your boyfriend with the help of the moon shining through your apartment window. His eyes were glossed over, and slightly red. But you could not miss the way his pupils were lust-blown.
“I'm sorry, princess. Let me make it up to you.”
Stalking towards the bed, he removed the covers of your body revealing your bare legs. You had nothing but his t-shirt that practically swallowed your whole being and a pair of blue cotton panties which were tightly covering your mound.
Steve quickly removed his clothing before crawling up the bed and residing right in front of your clothed heat. He hooked his thumbs into the sides of your panties and slowly dragged them down the expanse of your legs. A string of your arousal connecting your cunt to your panties made him groan in desire.
“Always so wet for me,” he moaned, “Always so good for your Captain.”
Steve dove tongue first into your cunt, swirling his tongue against your clit and sucking it with ferocious hunger. Sitting back on his haunches, he manhandled your body to where he was holding your lower half in the air allowing him to feast on your pussy, while your shoulders and head were the only thing connecting yourself to the bed.
Sticking two fingers into your sopping heat, he dragged the rough pads alongside your walls making sure to reach the spongy spot that he knew all too well. Your breathy moans filled the room, music to his ears.
You could feel yourself on the brink of your orgasm, as could he, so he ate you through it. Your juices coating the lower half of his face like a second skin when you came. He continued to lap you up, only stopping when the overstimulation got too much and you pushed his head away.
Chuckling to himself, he gripped your waist, flipping you on your hands and knees, giving him the perfect view of your ass. Steve gave you a few hard spanks to your right cheek, feeling the area warm up due to his assault.
Pumping his already hard shaft, he didn’t even warn you before plunging deep within your confines. You both loudly groaned at the pleasurable intrusion.
With the Asguardian liquor flowing through his veins, he began to pummel deep into you. Repeatedly slamming the head of his dick against your g-spot, it had you seeing stars.
Sex between the two of you was always soft and gentle. Being used to the languid strokes, Steve was showing a new side to you. Animalistic grunts escaped his throat as he continued to use your body as he saw fit.
“Who’s your Captain?” his authoritative voice boomed in your ears.
Never being talked to like this in the bedroom, you didn’t know how to respond.
Growing impatient, Steve grabbed you up by your neck still driving himself in and out of you. He was choking you while your back was pressed against his sweaty chest. Without skipping a beat, he practically growled in your ear. “I asked you a fucking question, who the fuck is your Captain?”
There was a warning bell sounding off in your head, telling you that this was a completely different Steve that you fell in love with and made love to. But the rough ministrations being performed had you in a lust driven daze. You became so overwhelmed by his pounding that the only sound leaving your lips were various babbles and moans.
“Aw,” he cooed, “Look at you getting all stupid on my cock.”
He pulled out his dick, admiring the wet sheen you left behind on it before delivering rough, quick pumps to your dripping hole.
“Getting all cock drunk just for me. You missed this, didn't you? Me fucking you hard and rough just how you like it.”
Suddenly, you were brought out of your trance. Missed this? The two of you never went this aggressively in the sheets. You tried some more to collect your thoughts, but the more he rutted into you, the more out of touch with your senses you became.
“That’s right you whore.”
“You kept begging for my dick all night. Now. Take. It. Like. The. Dumb. Whore. You. Are.” he accentuated every word with a snap of his hips.
You were on the precipice of your second orgasm of the night, and you could tell Steve was close by the way he was losing control over his thrusts.
“Oh fuck Sharon, I’m ‘bouta cum. Fuck!”
Your body instantly froze. Part of you thought you were hallucinating. What did he just say? Did he just call you Sharon? The sudden rush of realization hit you like a truck. Every ounce of arousal left your system, while you stoically remained perched up on your hands and knees waiting for him to finish behind you.
With a shout of her name for the second time, Steve unloaded inside of you. Ribbons of cum were pumped, coating your walls.
The addition of the mead plus the sudden rush of dopamine to his brain caused him to pull out of your core and flop down on the bed. Within seconds he fell asleep and all you could hear were the soft snores escaping him.
You stay crouched there, looking at your boyfriend with a mix of emotions. Confusion, puzzling you about what the relationship was like between him and Agent 13. Anger caused you to shake due to the betrayal you felt. And finally sadness took over you last. Did Steve leave you every time after a fight to go to her? Did he fuck her like that whenever they were together?
Though shock was starting to form and take over your brain, you slowly stood up off the bed, trying to ignore the pain that was produced by his assault. Making your way to the shower, you turned on the hot water, not even caring about the rising temperature. You stood with your back facing the shower head, the scalding temperature that was burning your back delivered a pain that wasn’t even in comparison to the agony you felt in your chest.
Steve, the love of your life, the man who promised you the world, was cheating on you, and he thought he was fucking his coworker while in bed with you.
Thankful for the sounds of the water droplets hitting the floor, you allowed the noise to mask your own sobs.
After standing in the shower until the water turned cold, you stepped out and dried yourself off. Your body in autopilot mode, you dried your hair, applied lotion to your figure and threw on a pair of sweats you found in the nearby hamper, not even caring that they were dirty.
You walked out of the bedroom and stared at the super soldier sleeping. Your brain couldn’t process which emotion to feel, so you dragged yourself to the kitchen to get away from the man. Pulling a bottle of Jack Daniels off your bar cart, you decided to forgo a glass and enjoy the auburn liquid straight from the container.
Though you were drinking, your brain was going a mile a minute making you immune to succumbing to slumber. So you sat there and waited. Waited for Steve to wake up to see if he had the balls to come forward with the truth.
Tumblr media
It was around 8 in the morning when Steve woke up. Though he was not plastered drunk after meeting up with Thor, he still had some difficulty remembering the night prior.
Registering that he was back at your place, Steve reached out to his right in search of you but found your side of the bed cold. Climbing out of the bed in search of you, he called out your name. Pulling on his underwear and t-shirt, he walked out of the room and was met with the sight of you nursing a bottle of liquor and sitting at the kitchen table, your eyes bloodshot as if you had been crying for hours. Steve started to march towards you but once you noticed his presence, you put your hand up, stopping him in his tracks.
“Hey shutterbug, what’s going on? Did something happen?”
You laughed at his concern. With three-fourths of a bottle of Jack dancing in your bloodstream, it somehow made you remember the events of last night even clearer.
“I should’ve known something was up when you called me ‘princess’ last night. You’ve never called me that. It’s always been, shutterbug.”
Steve was trying to figure out what was plaguing your mind, but you stood up and continued.
“And then- oh god. Then you asked me who my fucking Captain was, as if I fucking work for you?” you exclaim incredulously. Wobbling back and forth, Steve tried to help balance you but that just made you move away from his touch.
“I should’ve realized something then. I mean I did for a while. The fact that you started staying more at the compound instead of here with me. How you’d always leave after every argument. Fuck- is that why for the past 3 months you’ve only been fucking me doggystyle? You can’t get off by thinking about her if you’re stuck looking at my face?” Your drunken state of mind causing you to ramble.
The Avenger stood stuck in place. There was a twinge of guilt and fear creeping up on him. How much mead did he drink last night? Did you find out the truth? He tried to speak again but a flash of rage across your face made him immediately close his mouth.
“And then there was the dirty talk. When have you EVER called me those names in bed before Steven? Huh, when? You wanna know what the crazy part was? I started to like it. It was new and kinda exciting. But guess what happened that ruined it? Guess what it was that came out of your mouth that made me want to vomit? Made me want to shut down and hide as far away as possible from you.” You looked at the man standing across from you and could see guilt etched all over his face.
Anger got the better of you, making you throw the bottle in his direction. But due to his super abilities, he side-stepped in time to dodge it. The glass container shattering against the wall, decorating the floor with shards and remnant droplets of bourbon.
“FUCKING ANSWER ME! GUESS WHAT IT WAS THAT YOU SAID?” You were past caring about keeping your composure anymore.
Deciding it was the best time to respond, “I don’t know.”
The second those words left his mouth, you screamed back at him. “SHARON! Agent fucking 13. TWICE, you moaned her name while inside of me. You moaned another woman’s name while you were inside of your girlfriend of two years!” you said incredulously.
The tears started to flow freely down your face. Steve slowly stepped towards you, and since you weren’t moving away he went ahead and pulled you into his arms. He was muttering apologies into your ear while rubbing your back. You were so numb, his voice started to sound muffled as if you were underwater.
After five minutes of him traping you in his embrace, you pulled away, your face devoid of all emotions. Your eyes were cold, distant, something in the past two years of your relationship he had never seen before.
“How long?” you asked coldly. You just needed to know the truth.
“Steven. Grant. Rogers. How long have you been cheating on me?”
He looked like a guilty animal. Eyes downcast, shoulders slumped, he was guilty, you both knew that. The least he could do was have the decency to admit the truth.
“5 months. When she came with me on a mission to Madripoor. We were laughing, and having a good time and one thing led to another and-,” you didn’t have the stomach to be able to listen to him finish.
Stalking over to your apartment door, you opened it and pointed towards the hall.
“(Y/N), you gotta understand she means nothing to me. You’re the one I’m in love with.” He pleaded with you, but you just held that same expressionless look on your face.
“Captain Rogers, it would be for the best if you left. Now.”
There was no malice or sadness in your tone, you just sounded exhausted. It was at that moment, Steve knew how badly he ruined his life. Heading back into your bedroom, he stepped into his jeans and slid on his jacket and shoes before heading back to your foyer.
Looking at you one more time, hoping to ask for one more chance, you avoided his eyes like the plague. Taking the message, he stepped out of your apartment and the door was slammed shut before he even had the chance to turn around.
Deciding it was best to leave you alone, he walked down the flights of stairs, tears falling down his eyes. Steve knew he had no right to feel sorrow, he was the one who cheated. He was the one who broke your heart.
Back inside of the apartment, you stumbled over to the couch, deep in thought.
You thought the world of Steve. He made you a better person. He cheered you up when times were bad. He boasted about your photography skills to anyone who listened. He made you feel like the most important woman in the world.
You thought back to the first day you two met. How he ran into you at the park that day, offering you coffee as a way of saying sorry.
You laid down on the couch and thought about how besides breaking your camera when you first met, he also broke the first promise he made to you as you cried yourself to sleep.
“I promise I won't break anything else of yours, including your heart.”
Tumblr media
A/N: okay… so i broke my own heart and started tearing up when i was writing this.
make sure to like, comment and/or reblog if you enjoyed this work, feedback is always appreciated. thank you !
* dividers credit to the lovely @stargazingfangirl18 *
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buckysbrattybug · 5 hours ago
yayyy bratty saturday !! what if reader found daddy!steve laughing and messing around with nat and they were very touchy so reader gets really sad and jealous and hides from steve and when he finds her she’s in a full on meltdown
“you’re so funny!” nat laughs at steve, running a perfectly manicured hand across his arm and leaning into him. he chuckles back as though you’re not even in the room with him.
your face falls and you push yourself up from your place on the couch, tears already stinging your eyes. you stagger through the compound, as far away as you can get from steve as tears begin to pour down your cheeks.
about ten minutes later, steve decides to come away from nat and traipses through the compound in search of you.
“baby...” he coos as he finds you curled into a ball, a sobbing mess. “what’s the matter?”
“go ‘way, daddy.” you sob, pushing his firm chest although you know it won’t do anything. “you don’t wan’ me anymore.”
it then dawns on him what you’re talking about.
“baby, i don’t want her. i only want you.” he promises but you shake your head fervently.
“bubba, please. you’re the only one for me, pumpkin.” he begs and you sniffle.
“but you looked happier. ‘m so stupid.” you cry, burying your head in your hands.
“baby, you’re not stupid. i am. c’mere, please.”
“go ‘way!” you croak.
“sweet pea.” he mumbles, pulling you into his lap against your will. you sob into his chest, breaths coming in ragged pants and heaves.
“‘m so stupid. you looked so happy. ‘m so dumb. stupid baby.” you berate yourself, every syllable filled with venom and self hatred.
“shhh, i’m sorry. i’m so sorry.” he apologises over and over again and eventually, your sobs die down to whimpers.
“d-daddy.” you mumble, clinging to him even though he’s the cause of your hurt.
“it’s okay. i’m sorry, i only want you, bubba. just you.” he says over and over like mantra until you start to believe him. you don’t even care if it’s true or not.
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theweasleyslut · 18 hours ago
Tumblr media
prompts // requests // taglist
Tumblr media
notes: I am just starting to get into writing marvel fics, so the characters I have are very limited at the moment! Once I get writing more marvel content, I think I’ll stick mainly to steve rogers, bucky barnes, peter parker, natasha romanoff, thor odinson, loki laufeyson, & tony stark. However, feel free to send in requests for other characters! I will happily give them a chance.
Please keep in mind that I have not yet seen everything marvel - I’ve watched all but one of the movies, and I’ve yet to watch any of the series. I’m currently watching loki as it comes out, but I haven't been able to start wandavision or the falcon and winter soldier yet. So i’d appreciate if you could keep that in mind when requesting specific scenes or for a character I have not yet met.
Lastly, please keep an eye on my bio to know when requests are opened or closed!
Steve Rogers
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theweasleyslut · 18 hours ago
Tumblr media
⚜ - smut  ღ - fluff  ✧ - angst  ☑ - complete  » - on going
Tumblr media
prompts // requests // taglist
notes: I do take requests (check bio to see if they’re open), but it may take awhile for me to get to them. I try to get them done asap, but I also have my own personal life going on outside of here & I can’t always write when I want to. I hope you all can understand that, & can be respectful of it. I very rarely, if ever, turn away a request so unless you’ve gotten something saying I won’t do it, know I do have it & it will get done eventually Xx
That’s not to say you can’t check up and see if I did get your request because I know tumblr can be iffy on asks sometimes. Just don’t be demanding or rude about it, please. That’s all I ask.
Tumblr media
+ Series;
- none yet 
+ Oneshots;
• O’ Captain, My Captain  ღ ☑
A stealth mission gone wrong leads to some injuries and an accidental sharing of feelings. // 2.8k
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buppybucky · 19 hours ago
ex!dilf!bucky coming home after his daughter recital and fucking you in the kitchen
PAIRINGS! ex!dilf!bucky x f!reader
SUMMARY! in which bucky can’t handle how you look in that tight dress.
WARNINGS! cheating, 18+ minors dni, unprotected sex, public sex, almost got caught, breeding kink, bucky uses his fingers to shut reader up.
Tumblr media
your daughter had invited you and your boyfriend, steve, to her dance recital at her school. you were ecstatic that she was finally pursuing something she loved, so of course you said yes without hesitation.
what she didn’t tell you, was that her father, james, would be going also. you had to find that out the hard way. both you and steve went all out, you wore nice clothes and wanted to bring her for ice cream afterwards.
you were in a tight dress that wasn’t too tight for it to be uncomfortable. steve was in a navy dress shirt, rolled up to his elbows, and black slacks. “c’mon, we’re gonna be late.” steve said.
you waved him off and continued with your lipstick. you hummed as you threw the rest of your makeup in the bag, just in case you needed a touch up.
“you look beautiful.” steve smiled, kissing you. you smiled and held his shoulders. “thank you baby, c’mon.” you said, taking his hand and walking to the car.
you two arrived at the school and walked inside, hand in hand. your face, that once had a wide smile, dropped at the sight of your ex husband, james. you knew he was dropping your daughter off, not that he was staying.
“mom! steve!” your daughter, stella, yelled, running up to you two. you hugged her tightly and lifted her. “my baby! we’re so proud of you.” you said, kissing all over her face.
she squealed and got down, hugging steve. “hey princess.” he smiled, kissing her head. james walked over with a smirk, sticking his hand out. “hi, we haven’t met, m’bucky.” he said to steve.
steve took his hand. “steve, you must be stella’s dad.” steve said, wrapping his arm around your waist. “yeah, he is.” you said, pulling steve away to the seats. steve chuckled at you and sat down.
“stop being jealous babe, i find you more attractive than bucky.” he joked, kissing your cheek. you giggled and shook your head. as if the devil wanted to ruin your day, bucky squeezed in, sitting on the other side of you.
you sighed and placed your head on steve’s shoulder. you felt a hand on your thigh. you were confused because it wasn’t on the thigh next to steve, and why would he reach all the way over to grip your other one?
you looked down and saw bucky’s hands slowly gripping and releasing your thigh. you scoffed and slapped his hand away. bucky smirked and looked over at you.
“hey, steve? m’having a barbecue today f‘stella’s recital if y’two wanna join?” bucky reached over, talking to steve. you rolled your eyes and leaned back. steve smiled and nodded.
“yeah! that would be great, thanks boinky.” steve said. you snorted and hid your face in his shoulder. you knew that was purposeful, because he knew bucky’s name.
bucky looked at you before nodding and sitting back. you smiled and held steve’s hand. the hall lights turned off, signalling that the recital was about to start.
after the recital, you and steve walked out with bucky. “jus’ follow me, i’ll see y’guys there.” bucky smiled at you both. “thanks binky!” steve returned the smile, walking you to the car.
“bucky seems great.” steve nodded as he started to drive. you shook your head and sighed. “you’re going to aggravate him.” you said, fixing your makeup in the small mirror.
steve turned over to you before looking back at the road. “oh yeah? and what’s he going to do?” steve asked, flexing his giant biceps. you smiled and kissed his cheek. “my knight in shining armour.” you teased.
you arrived at bucky’s house after a while driving. “hey bonky!” steve said as he got out, walking in with bucky. stella walked up to you and hugged you. “does steve not like dad?” she asked.
“no, love, he does like him, he just likes jokes more.” you pet her head, walking into the kitchen. bucky put his hand on the small of your back. “he’s a dick.” he whispered into your ear, before moving beside you.
you turned to him with a scowl. “i must have a type then.” you sassed, walking out to the garden with the food for the barbecue. bucky watched you leave with a smirk.
about two hours later, each adult was drunk while all the children were passed out upstairs. “i’m going in to get another drink.” you said, getting up and walking inside.
you walked to the kitchen, being greeted by bucky’s wide smirk. “hey dolly.” he said as he moved away from the fridge. you scoffed and opened the fridge, taking out a drink.
“y’know i hate people mixin’ up my name.” he whispered, pushing his erection against your ass. “i guess m’gonna have t’hit stevie where it hurts.” he bit your shoulder softly.
you hated the affect bucky had on you, he was like a virus. “gonna have t’show him how fuckin’ weak you are.” he spat, moving your hair over and kissing your neck.
you couldn’t believe it, bucky was teasing you while you were standing in the fridge. “you’re mine, forever mine.” he whispered, biting your earlobe. you whimpered slightly, feeling your legs go weak.
bucky smirked and gripped your waist, pulling up your dress. “no panties? t’your daughters recital?” he chuckled. “it’s almost like y’wanted me to fuck ya.” he shook his head.
bucky massaged your ass, earning a small moan. “is stevie touch starvin’ ya?” he smirked, pulling down his pants just enough for his cock to pop out. “y’gotta tell me you want it, petal.” he whispered.
you whined and turned back to look at him. “want it so bad.” you cried. he smirked and slid his tip into you. “who am i t’deprive ya of such a pleasure?” he asked.
you rolled your eyes to the back of your head and wiggled your hips. bucky complied, sliding into you deeper. “fuck.” bucky hissed, enjoying your tightness. you threw your head back into his shoulder and grabbed the shelves in the fridge.
bucky’s hand fell over your mouth, his middle and ring finger shoving into your mouth. you felt something cold hit your cheek. you were too cock drunk to even care.
“i’ll be back in a sec!” steve’s voice sounded from the backyard. bucky cursed under his breathe and shoved you into the tiny broom closet, not caring that the fridge was open or that there was barely any space in there.
bucky continued to thrust, making you gasp. “shh, shh, don’t wanna get caught, pretty.” he smirked, biting on your shoulder again. you whimpered and felt the knot in your stomach slowly form.
bucky bottomed out, finally, hitting off your sweet spot without any effort, continuing to assault it with every thrust. you wanted to scream and cry out in pleasure, but his fingers down your throat stopped you from making any voice.
the knot in your stomach was tightening. you felt yourself clench over bucky, making him moan out. “oh god.” he whispered, resting his forehead on your shoulder as he continued his sloppy thrusts.
your toes curled and you gripped anything you could, coming loose all over bucky. “that’s it, such a good girl.” he whispered. bucky wasn’t far behind, cumming inside of you almost immediately after.
“gonna make you my mommy again, huh? how’s that sound?” he asked, thrusting his warm seed into you. you groaned and pushed him off. “i have no fucking panties you ass!” you whisper-yelled.
bucky chuckled and shrugged. “have fun, i guess.” he said, tucking himself away and walking out. “dick.” you shook your head, trying your hardest to clean yourself up with anything you could find.
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writersbuck · 22 hours ago
pineapple soda over affairs
another old work from my old blog. i hope you guys enjoy. i apologize for the angst... it's kind of a mood right now. 💔
A/N: I would say this is mostly a platonic Bucky x Reader fic. It's sad, but Bucky is there to comfort reader. Perhaps there will be more parts if anyone wants that. <3 Could use some wholesome romance in my life. Let me know!
Summary: You and Steve break up after a year-long secret relationship. It takes time to heal, but a new discovery breaks you even more.
Word Count: 1.4K
Warnings: Angst, mentions of cheating, secret relationships.
A powerful way to dismantle someone’s self worth is to take away the power they possess to seek comfort in traumatizing situations. You never thought about the hurt that you would feel if Steve ever broke up with you. You had been in a year-long, secret relationship, and didn’t think it would end so abruptly. Maybe all the negative thoughts in your brain leading up to the break up shouldn’t have been there. Who was there to know about it anyway? Less embarrassment, less of a problem, right?
At first you thought that no one knowing was a good thing. After all, no one knew what had happened therefore, there were no awkward silences when you two would be in a room with a group of your friends. The only awkwardness came when you and Steve were alone, which with all the power granted to you, you tried to avoid.
You thought you could handle the sorrow of losing a relationship that none of the world knew about, but somehow what you thought was going to be a blessing ended up being a curse. There were no friends rushing to your side to comfort you; No encouraging words to get you through the moments of doubt. And There was definitely no one to confront Steve when a week later he showed up to the tower with a pretty bartender on his arm. The girl’s name was Mariah, and as nice and naive as she was, just being in the same room as her made you feel sick. It was so painfully obvious that Mariah had no clue about anything you and Steve had. She was kind, sweet, innocent, and in no way did she feel discomfort when you were in the room. This woman was a bright ray of sunshine that at the moment Steve Rogers in no way deserved.
No one noticed the change in your behaviors, at least to your knowledge. A week after Steve publicly started dating Mariah you had hardly expected a knock on your bedroom door and Bucky Barnes to be standing on the other side. But there he was, holding a few takeout containers from your favorite Mexican restaurant and two bottles of pineapple soda.
If there was another person you had grown even closer to than Steve over the past year, it was Bucky. It seemed to be a side effect of dating the man. While no one knew of your romantic affair, Bucky appeared more and more in your life as you started spending more time with Steve. There were even weeks when you would spend more time with him at the gym compared to your ex boyfriend.
As he stood in the doorway, you tried your best to fake a smile, taking one of the sodas from his hand and twisting it open. “What’s all this, Barnes? Going back on that diet thing you were talking up last week?”
“Please Y/N, don’t act like I’m stupid.” You blinked at him for a moment before Bucky brushed past you, walking into your room with a sigh. Immediately your tummy went into knots.. Was he upset with you? What had you done wrong?
Gently you close the door to your bedroom, watching as Bucky sat down at the foot of your bed, resting the take out and his own soda next to him. Normally he would start chowing down right away, but today was different. He had a hard time even looking you in the eyes.
Never once had you looked at Bucky and thought him to be a dumb man. He was highly intelligent and had way more life experience than you could imagine gaining in a millennia. For certain reasons that scared you. Most of your life you had kept to yourself and kept all things, feelings, tragedies a secret for the fear of burdening those around you. Though Bucky Barnes, being the master of problem solving and behavior analysis, was an obvious threat to the walls you had so painstakingly created.
He was always there for you, even when you didn’t want him to be. Every time you and Steve would have a fight, somehow, out of nowhere he would show up with the perfect thing to make your heart flutter. Often making you swoon more than your (now) ex-boyfriend ever could. Steve had always sworn to you that he hadn’t told Bucky anything and you knew for a fact that your filter was impeccable, even after a few drinks. It was only through the soldier’s intuition that he knew something was wrong, and because of his massive heart that he felt the need to do something about it.
“Bucky… if you wanted to have dinner you could have just asked, you know? Most weekends you know I literally have no life. No need to come aggressively barging in like this.” You tried to remain casual with the brooding soldier, plucking the top container of food from your bed and sitting down next to him, opening it. Enchiladas with some extra queso drizzled on top, just how you liked them.
“What happened between you and Steve?” He asked, making your blood run cold. It wasn’t as if it was an unexpected question, you just thought that maybe avoidance would keep him off your back as it had the entire time you had been dating Steve. But apparently, something had switched in Bucky’s brain; he was taking no prisoners on his quest for answers.
You stab a plastic fork into your food, your chest feeling a similar stabbing sensation. “What makes you think anything’s going on between us?” Desperately you tried not to sound defensive and give yourself away.
“The punk’s been seeing that girl for months… Mariah, right? And when he finally brought her over you shut down…” Bucky’s eyes widened in realization at what he just said. “you had feelings for him this entire time, didn’t you?” Bucky’s fists tightened while you felt as if you were going to pass out. Months? You had only broken up less than a month ago and he had been seeing this girl for…
A whimper escaped your lips involuntarily as your vision went blurry. A mistake, that’s what the last year of your life felt like now, one giant mistake. Sirens went off in your brain and your senses went into overdrive. Your take out tumbled to the floor as your hands covered your face as you ugly cried.
In all the time you had known Bucky, he had never witnessed you crying. You didn’t know how he would react, but the last thing you had expected from him was to have his arms wrapped around you, cradling you against his chest. It came as an even bigger surprise to you how safe you felt against his body and how the warmth of a person could manifest itself into an emotional comfort that was so eerily unfamiliar to you that it burst the walls of the emotional dam you built, flooding your eyes with even more tears as you sobbed harder.
It was unclear how long you had been crying in Bucky’s arms or how you two had made it to the over end of your bed, rolled up in your covers. Bucky’s fingers were brushing through your hair, preventing it from becoming damp with tears. Though you were both sweating from sharing so much body heat, there weren’t signs that you would release each other anytime soon, not until the secrets you kept were finally gone.
You looked up at Bucky through puffy eyes, shocked to see that his own eyes were tired and red. Gently you caressed his face, wiping away his tears with the pads of your fingers, and finally, with a broken and shattered voice, told him everything. You told him about your secret relationship with Steve, your fears, insecurities, and how you felt silenced when he brought back Mariah. You felt as if you would be shamed for being part of a broken and unhappy relationship. You thought no one would care because you never spoke up about it before. And now that you knew that Steve hadn’t been completely faithful to you, you felt even more embarrassed. By no means were your words coherent, but from the broken dialogue, Bucky got the information he so desperately wanted and for another half hour you both cried together.
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neptunefangirl · a day ago
One night stand...happened twice
• angst, fluff
• reader x Steve Rogers
• you can listen to
Justin Timberlake - mirror,
Melanie C - never be the same again,
leona lewis - better in time
Tumblr media
Just one mission with Natasha. You trusted Your Captain and you trusted Black widow as well. That one time they went too far...
Steve left New York with Nat. Tony booked a hotel room for both of them. Rogers and Romanoff went that night for the banquet because they needed to spy someone for Tony. Banquet was at the hotel’s restaurant so they wore their best suits and went on the party. Sadly they didn’t find what they wanted to, so Nat ordered a glass of wine for her and for Steve. And that was it. He woke up next to her in the morning.
„ What time is it? Oh...“ Natasha asked. The sun was up.
" Well it’s 10:52 Nat. And yeah I agree, oh is a great answer” Steve said quietly. Nas got up quickly when she realized that her head had been on Steve’s chest. He looked confused.
„ What happened, just happened. We were drunk okay?“ Natasha started to get dressed.
„yeah but it was wrong. I have a girlfriend Nat. We were too drunk, Oh God“ he said with a guilt in his voice.
„ Don’t worry cap, This is our new secret “ she blinked.
But Steve adored you too much to treat it like a „secret”
A few days later he was back at Stark’s tower.
„ look who’s here!“ you said and hugged him as tight as you could.
„ hey doll, did you miss me?“ steve asked you.
„ Of course I did! Did u have fun?“ you were trying to mess with him a little.
„ What?! No y/n i swear....“ he started to speak in a weird way. Too weird for you.
„ Sweet Jesus Steve, calm down I know it was a mission. Don’t worry I’m not jealous even though YOU HAD AN AMAZING COMPANY I WAS WITH HULK ON MY LAST MISSION“ You said louder and Tony rolled his eyes and started to laugh.
„ Yeah i heard that y/n!” Tony laughed.
„ okay. I’ll finish making dinner with Pepper. Sit down and wait for something delicious.“ you kissed his cheek and the wave of guilt came back to Steve. He was literally drowning.
„ Gosh, why are you so weird Cap? She’ll find out if you don’t stop. Just act you know... like you. Normal.” Natasha smiled and went to the dinning room.
„ How was the mission?” Bucky noticed Steve alone in a living room where you left him.
„ Good, Good.” He said and hugged Bucky.
„ I guess it wasn’t good. I know you Steve.“ he looked at Steve and he already knew the answer.
„ Maybe we can talk about it later?” Rogers tapped Bucky on the shoulder and went to the dinning room where you were waiting for him with his favorite pasta and wine.
Steve sat next to you, but the fact that Natasha was in front of him wasn’t helpful at all.
„ Are you guys mad at each other or what? You both are more like sibling that enemies. “ you noticed. Steve coughed and Pepper gave them a strange look. You looked at Bucky but he only smiled.
„ No we are not mad at each other“ Nat tried to fix the conversation.
„ then what happened?” Pepper continued a took a sip of wine.
„ I swear nothing happened. We were on a mission and everything is great, right Nat? We are fine“
„ He’s always weird y/n! You must be so in love with him that you haven’t noticed that yet” natasha gave you her perfect smile.
„ Yes I am so in love with Captain!“ you laughed and kissed Steve. He felt horrible.
After the dinner Steve and Nat stayed in the kitchen because they wanted to clean up everything.
„ You are stressed like a kitten on the tree aren’t you?” Nat broke the silence.
„ Are you surprised? I cheated on my girlfriend with my... my best friend! And my girlfriend literally confessed her love for me! I am definitely alright Natasha!”
„ hey bucky can we talk?” You walked in to Bucky’s room. He was reading a book or he just started it.
„ what’s up y/n? How can I help you?” Sweet Bucky. He was always ready to help you. He swore to Steve when you started dating that you will always have a friend in him.
„ Have you talked with Steve? I mean he’s stressed so I thought that maybe he wants to propose to me? I mean omg forgot I said that omg” you felt embarassed.
„ No but i really hope he do this. Actually I can talk to him and don’t worry, you can always talk to me. Even when Steve is annoying as fuck!” He laughed and hugged you.
You went to the living room where Pepper and Wanda were watching a movie.
Bucky went to the kitchen where he found Steve and Nat.... kissing.
„ See?? Now we kissed so you can be worry about the kiss not the night. Kiss is more innocent okay?“ She rolled her eyes and came back to the dishes.
„ What the fuck just happened here? My God, y/n asked me a few minutes ago about your proposal and you’re kissing Natasha here?! Are you out of your mind Rogers?!” Bucky asked.
„ Shut up Bucky! Yes we did something wrong but We have a problem here so...” steve started to explain.
„ We?! What the fuck are you doing“
„ Oh My God, Rogers Shut up! Yeah Bucky We, we have a problem because we were drunk and we had sex so now Rogers is out of his mind!” Nat started to yell as well.
„ You know you fucked up? Both of you.“ Bucky sat down on the chair and he closed his eyes for a moment.
„ I know. I s-swear we were drunk a-after our mission at the hotel. We woke up next to each other and....." Steve once again drank too much so he was crying.
„ And what?” You walked in to the kitchen in the worst possible moment.
„ y/n! Y/n we need to talk.” Steve said. He was scared when he saw you. Bucky turned around. Nat took a sip of wine.
„ No. You need to. You need to explain yourself. Right now. I know you Steve.” You were totally serious.
„ Sam! Sam come here, y/n wants to kill Rogers!” Bucky yelled.
„ darling. I swear it meant nothing! You know that.” He started. You shook your head.
„ you kissed Nat? It was just for a mission? Please tell me I’m right. If i am, then nothing happened. Nat is my friend, you are my man and i trust you with my heart.” You started to cry. You know deep down in Your heart that he did something bad.
„ Yes I did. But....y/n we... we slept together.” He finally said it and came closer to you.
„ Fuck, Steve just say it! You fucked Natasha!” Bucky yelled.
„ and you knew?” You were crying.
„ No i didn’t!” Bucky defended himself.
„ I thought you want to propose me when you cheated on me with my best friend!” You bit your lip.
„ what’s going on here? Morgan fell asleep and you guys are screaming here like possessed people!” Tony walked in to the kitchen. He was very mad. And surprised.
„ Well, Captain America fucked Black Widow. Nothing happened.” Bucky started to explain and you left the kitchen.
Bucky followed after you. You were crying like crazy.
„ Y/n, doll. You’re gonna be okay. You forgive Steve and I’ll be your i don’t know, bride of honor? And you’ll give a birth to wonderful five little Rogers. „ Barnes tried to make you happy and save the bad situation.
„ No Bucky. I will never forgive him. I can’t even look at him” you were crying in his chest.
Steve heard that. Bucky gave him a sad look and he whispered „ you’ll win her back”.
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1-800-barnes · a day ago
Tumblr media
pairing: detective!bucky x detective!reader
summary: When you and bucky go undercover to catch an identity thief, the investigation brings both of you closer.
word count: 1.7k
A/N: This is my first fic ever, please be nice<3 English is not my first language so if you see any mistakes please contact me!
Warnings: fluff, like one curse word, slight mention of a gun, B99 AU.
After Captain Fury assigned you and Bucky to go after an identity thief, Bucky seemed to be reluctant of being your partner, and that left you confused the whole morning. So when lunchtime came, you decided to ask him about it, “Buck, did I do something to you?” you asked him while entering the break room.
“What? No” he answered quickly, but it didn’t convince you “Then why are you trying to keep me off this case?” you whisper-yelled.
“All right” he started “Remember when you told me that you didn’t want to date cops? That bummed me out because I was thinking about asking you out,” he told you “Oh, okay” you hesitantly said, his words definitely caught you off guard, when you first started on the precinct you developed a crush on the blue-eyed man but couldn’t bring yourself to admit it, and now he tells you that he was thinking about asking you out?
“I know that’s not what you want and it just took me a while but I totally get it” you were confused about everything that’s going on “Bucky, I don’t know what to say…” before you could finish he interrupted you “Let’s just not make it weird, this is a case, we’ll work at it together because we’re professionals” before you could say something he rushed out of the room.
After not seeing Bucky for the whole day, you, him, Steve, and Natasha were in a van observing the guy you’re looking for “Why is he getting out here? I thought your C.I. said the drop was happening in a park.” you told Bucky. “Rumlow has the laptop with him. We should just arrest him right here.” you suggested “No, the buyer's the bigger collar. We've got to follow him in and wait for the handoff, let’s go inside,” he said in a demanding tone. “Wait, we look like cops. We're never gonna blend in dressed like this” you put your hair down and adjusted your shirt “How’s this?” you asked Bucky. Natasha turned to look at you “You look fine. Here, wear this” she hands you a jacket.
You and Bucky got out of the van and went into the restaurant, as soon as you got in you were standing next to Rumlow “Hi. Table for two, please.” bucky says. “I'm so sorry. There's nothing available. We're booked up.” the hostess said looking not interested at all, then you had an idea and decided to barge in “Oh, no, that's horrible.” you start “Tonight's a really important night for us. Johnny and I just got engaged, and this is where our first date was.” It took a couple of seconds but Bucky caught up with you “Oh, yeah, it would mean so much to Dora and me. I would have made a reservation, but I didn't know if she was gonna say yes” after he finished you kissed him on the cheek.
The hostess finally looked at you two “You are just so sweet together. You know, I'm sure I can find room for two young lovers.” she said. “Yeah, we are lovers... together... in beds” Bucky stated awkwardly and you just glanced at him giving a ‘don’t fuck up’ look.
When both of you got to the table, you break the silence “ Sorry about springing the engagement and romantic stuff on you.” you gave him an apologetic smile “No, no, no. That was great. I mean, it's what got us in here. Cheek kiss was a bit much. Very wet.” you looked at each other and laugh. You looked to your side and there was Rumlow and maybe his girlfriend? You didn’t know exactly, the only thing you thought about was how you and Bucky were screwed, they put you right beside the guy you were keeping an eye on. His girlfriend turned to you both and started talking.
The night couldn’t have been going worse, Rumlow’s girlfriend, whose name was Lucy, didn’t stop talking to you and Bucky the whole night. Although Rumlow seemed a bit skeptical he talked too.
After some time Rumlow and Lucy leave the table, but he sends the girl to get the car and he went to the kitchen, you turned to Bucky “He took the laptop case with him, he’s gonna make the drop, let's go.” Both of you went to the kitchen door but then, Rumlow saw you. “Damn, he saw us,” Your partner said worried but then he pulled you into a kiss. You couldn’t even process what’s happening, did he really just kiss you? Brock passes you two and Bucky pulled away “Good, good, we kept our cover intact, nice work,” he said rather quickly “Quick professional thinking out there. Very quick. Very professional.” you couldn’t get the kiss out of your head “Detective,” he said reaching his hand “Detective” you shook his hands “Let’s get back on the case” he instantly pulled you to get to the car.
You were back in the van with Natasha and Steve, following Rumlow. “How was the restaurant?” Steve asked quietly “Such a normal time” you squealed “Why are you being weird?” he said curiously. “We kissed” Bucky calmly said. “What?” Steve and Nat screamed together “To keep our cover from being blown, okay? We didn’t have a choice!” you exclaimed. Steve was going to say something until Natasha started uttered “He’s pulling over. It’s going down”.
You saw Rumlow leave the package by a tree “Guys, it’s not a handoff, he’s leaving it there” Bucky told Steve “You and Nat follow Rumlow, we’re going to stay with the package and get the buyer” the blonde agreed and right after, you and bucky left the car.
While waiting near the package, he was feeling perplexed due to the event that happened in the restaurant but it didn’t matter what he thought about, it was always you in the end. “Hey” he turned to you “We’re cool right?” he was worried about your answer, he couldn’t handle you being mad at him “Yes” you started “We’re fine, totally fine” but you weren’t, the kiss kept replaying in your head. “You know what? I’m actually really hungry, never got to eat at that fancy restaurant”. Now that he mentioned it, you actually were hungry as well “You know what I’m getting on my way home?” you asked him rhetorically. “Yeah, you’re gonna go to that cafe near your house, and get a cinnamon roll and a cup of hot chocolate,” he said casually “That's exactly what I’m gonna get,” you told him, you were going to tell ask him how he knew that but you felt another presence there “Bucky” you whispered, “He’s looking at us”. You could see the confusion on his face. “What?” the guy seemed suspicious so you had to be quick. “Well, this is happening,” you said more to yourself than him “Huh?” he hummed. Before he could say something else you grabbed his face and pulled him into a kiss, it was like you were made for each other, it felt so passionate and real, but you couldn’t forget that it was all an undercover act.
As you saw the guy start to move away with the case, you push Bucky away “NYPD! Freeze” you yelled “We are police colleagues” you said pointing your gun at him. “You’re under arrest. This is a work event” he quickly said. You both handcuffed the guy and brought him back to the precinct.
You were alone in the break room, the events of the evening running through your mind until Bucky comes in “Hey, could you sign this arrest report for Rumlow and the buyer?” he asked calmly. “Sure” you answered. How could he be so calm, did everything that you went through today not affect him the same way as it affected you? Maybe he just forgot about the idea of asking you out and didn’t want anything related to you in that way. “Man, I forgot how long your signature takes” he joked. “This whole night was really weird wasn’t it?” you question him “Yes, it totally was. I just want everything to go back to how it was”. You didn’t know why but his words hurt a little, wasn’t he willing to try to go out with you? “You're right y’know?” he continues “We shouldn’t date cops, ‘cause we make a great team, we work great together, doll” Doll? During all your years working side by side, he has never called you that, but maybe it was just a slip-up. “I don’t want anything to change.” you said “Me, neither”. Well, at least now you knew that he didn’t want anything more. “Okay, then that’s that detective Barnes” you whispered. “See you around the precinct” was the last thing he said before leaving the room.
Later, doing some paperwork, you went to the files room to get a file for your new case, everything was quiet there until you heard the door open. “Hey,” the person said, you could recognize that voice everywhere, it belonged to the person whose piercing blue eyes couldn’t leave your head “How are you holding up?” He asked. “I’m fine, just tired, today was a long day” you turned around, and there he was, standing right in front of you “what about you?” you returned the question. “Same” he starts “but I feel like something’s missing”. You looked into his eyes, not understanding what he meant, he stared right back at you, but then his eyes went to your mouth and next thing you knew, you were kissing again but know it didn’t involve an undercover it was just you and bucky, no one else. His hands were now warm, holding onto your waist, while yours were on the back of his neck, the kiss was everything you could’ve asked for, you felt like you were on a movie until you heard something.
“Hey, Bucky” It was Steve shouting from the other side of the door “I need your help here, pal”.
You both pulled away from each other, panting heavily, cheeks flushed and a smile on both faces.
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buckyhoney · a day ago
𝐚 𝐥𝐢𝐭𝐭𝐥𝐞 𝐬𝐞𝐧𝐬𝐢𝐭𝐢𝐯𝐞, 𝐜.𝐞
a/n: it's 3:25 am and i wrote this half asleep, so please don't let it flop lmaooo
pairing: chris evans x reader
reblogs/feedback/likes are greatly appreciated & highly encouraged! however, DO NOT repost/steal ANY of my fics!
18+ warning
warnings: 18+, language, light daddy kink, light overstim, light praise kink, somnophila, dub-con, fingering, breast play, sorry for any missed typos
words: 826
Tumblr media
chris walks into the bedroom to find the tv off and you asleep on the bed. the lamp sits on the end table, allowa him to catch a glimpse of your body- that the blanket only covers half of.
he kicks off his shoes and places his wallet and keys on top of the dresser. after, he tugs his shirt over his head and shimmies out of his jeans- leaving him in only his briefs.
before he could reach for the handles on the dresser, the sound of your body shifting catches his attention. chris looks over at you and his cock twitches and his mouth waters.
in shifting your body, your shirt twisted- causing your breast to spill over the side of the tank top. your nipple pebbles from the cool air hitting it. chris pauses for a moment, just staring at the breathtaking sight in front of him.
licking his lips, he makes his way to his side of the bed. lying down next to you, his hand can't help but snake over your torso- landing on your exposed breast. your body shifts again, rolling onto your side, facing chris.
chris's hand slides the strap down your arm, freeing your breast. his thumb rubs your over your nipple, chris groans- his briefs becoming tighter with every second.
pinching your nipple with his thumb and pointer finger, you whimper in your sleep. he grins, watching your hips squirm into nothing. chris slides down on the mattress, just enough to come eye to eye with your breast.
in a matter of seconds, his mouth is on you. sucking harshly at the flesh. tiny whines and whimpers slip past your lips- feeling the pleasure even in your sleep. chris moans into your chest, nipping at your nipple and soothing it with his tongue.
there is his hand pulls the blanket away from the rest of your body- nothing but your sheer panties.
"fuck, you're killing me," chris mumbles against you as he feels over your covered pussy.
your body shifts again, laying back on your back- giving chris more access to you. the pleasure from your breast (and now your pussy) causes you to stir.
"even in your sleep you know my touch, don't you?" he pulls open one leg, allowing him to push aside your panties.
the moment his fingers slipped inside your hole, your eyes opened, and you choked out a moan.
when you look down, you see the grown man attached to your breast- and feel the slow thrusting of his fingers. you dig your hips into the mattress and arch your back when he pauses to rub your clit.
"goddamn, sweetheart, this just from me playing with your tits?" you reply with a moan.
the unexpected pleasure left you helpless and hips rolling into his fingers- meeting them halfway with every thrust. your breathing is inconsistent. every time you try and steady it, you're interrupted by a moan.
chris continues his assault on your breast- sucking and nipping, leaving them raw and sensitive.
chris's cock is throbbing and leaking at how worked up you are.
"chris, please i wanna cum," the whine causing him to chuckle.
"i can feel it, sweetheart, i can feel you clenching around my fingers." curling his fingers, you buck your hips.
contracting around him rapidly, sparks fly through your body- overwhelming you. your hips squirm and you grip the blanket in your fists.
"there you go, cum all over my fingers. good girl, y/n." your chest is heavy and your breathing is unsteady.
"m'too sensitive!" the desperate plea to halt his thumb's works your clit.
"oh, i think you can give me one more- just one more, for daddy?" there was no moment to cool down- his fingers continue to pump themselves inside you.
chris's free hand releases himself from his boxers- he could cum just watching your body squirm and how desperate you sound.
your eyes roll back and your head pushes back into your pillow- blabbering incoherent words.
the stimulation pushing you closer into your second orgasm. sweat collects in your hairline and your face heated up.
"come on, sweetheart, you're right there, i can feel it." chris coos.
your clit is raw and swollen, your walls clench around him once again- and your eyes squeeze shut.
"you can do it, just one more- oh there it is! cum for me, make a mess on my fingers," the praise pushes you over the edge, the pornographic moan rings through the room.
your cunt is pulsating around his fingers and your hips jerk in sensitivity. cooling your body down, chris's palm covers your cunt.
regaining the ability to form words, you look over at him- he's beaming at you, but you can't keep your eyes off of his cock. the head is swollen and leaked a pool of precum on his pelvis.
licking your lips, you reach down and wrap your fingers around his throbbing length.
"your turn daddy,"
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loveforaugust · a day ago
sour writing activity!
chose a song from sour and an avenger from this list for me to write from! first come first serve
most of these will be times reader. be aware, that with your requests, i may get one that is easier to write for me!
i took out brutal, jealous, jealousy, and hope ur ok because they would be tricky to do breakup wise which is sort of what i’m going for.
message me or send an ask with your request
drivers license
1 step forward, 3 steps back
deja vu
good 4 u
enough for you
favorite crime
avengers i will write for:
steve rogers
bucky barnes
sam wilson
peter parker
loki laufeyson
carol danvers
wanda maximoff
natasha romanoff
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buckyblues · a day ago
storybook ; steve rogers & misc.
Tumblr media
a masterlist of all my chris evans characters one shots and series, drabbles are located in my masterlist ii. [all smut is marked with an asterisk *]
one shots
very first time (bestfriendsdad!chris)* / he’s awfully attractive, funny, manly, and unlike any guy you’ve ever been with... he also happens to be your best friend’s dad.
onscreen lover (avenger!steve)* coming soon!
mellow time (ca:tws!steve)* coming soon!
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stcveskent · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
illicit affair; steve rogers
pairings: best friends dad! steve rogers x reader (steve is also reader's teacher)
warnings: smut, and kinda fluff (idk you count it) and also, awkardness and tension between the two
request on tumblr
It was raining, it was very unusual, to rain on such a sunny day, but we gotta expect the unexpected. After your lectures you went to a library to get some book for your upcoming test, and it started to rain pretty bad.
So you started walking because your best friend, Melissa, wasn't gonna pick you up. The only place close to this library was Melissa's place, and you decided to go there for a while.
There wasn't any problem except one, Steve Rogers, Melissa's Dad, and also, a professor in your college. It was strange how young he lookef when he was a father of a girl who was your age.
So like usual, you walked to  Melissa's place, and knocked. Again, expect the unexpected. You expected Melissa to great you on the door, but it wasn't, It was Steve Rogers, the handsome, and ridiculously hot man, you had dreams about.
"Y/n? Hey!" He greeted, and you just stopped looking at him.
"Uh—M-Mr. Rogers? Is Melissa here?" You asked, still standing outside, and you were soaking wet, from the rain. He looks at you, from up to down.
"Melissa isn't home." He says, and you nodded.
"Alright, i-i'll leave, see you on Monday, Mr. Rogers—"
"Its still Raining Y/n, i think you should stay here, Melissa would be here soon, don't worry."
"I don't really wanna disturb you, Mr—"
"I can really use your company, Y/n, stay." He says, his voice calm, and demanding, which made you take a deep breath.
"S-sure." You replied as he let you in. You had a huge crush on this man, he was your Teacher, alongside was your best friend's dad. But love is love.
Steve, on the other hand, too had a crush on you, and he always used to backout thinking of his daughter and also, thinking that you were his student, and you probably don't feel the same.
a shiver ran down your body, you were cold, and wet from the rain. This grabbed, Steve's attention, and he looks at you, your arms closely wrapped around your body.
"I'll get you some fresh clothes, and a towel okay? You can go and take a shower, in Mel's room." He offered to you and you nodded, walking upstairs to Melissa's room.
You walked to the bathroom, and stripped down to shower. Warm showers were your favorite during these times. Meanwhile, Steve keeps a pair of fresh clothes, (his clothes) and a towel, while you fresh up, and decided to give you the towel.
He knocks on the bathroom door.
"Is it Mel?" You asked, your voice soft, and he melted when you spoke like that.
"No, Y/n, it's me, Steve, i wanted to give you you go." He says, a weird feeling between the two.
"Mr. Rogers, thank you, uh.." you tried to talk, but couldn't form words. He too was in the same form when he was around you.
"I'll see you, downstairs." He says, before leaving, and closing the bedroom behind him, sighing, pushing his hair upwards, thinking of what's wrong with him, and you do the same.
After getting dressed you walked downstairs, to where he was sitting, with a cup of coffee, near the heater, at how cold it was getting, and so were you, so cold. His attention turns towards you, as you walked in his clothes, his shirt, and his sweats.
"I hope you won't mind wearing these, you know, I don't touch Melissa's closet —" he waits to gather words, but couldn't.
"I-i understand, Mr. Rogers, and thank you for these clothes , they're very comfortable." You thanked him, and he smiles, unable to take his eyes off you.
"Would you like a cup of coffee?" He asked, and you looked at him.
"—yess if it doesn't bothers you." You replied and he shook his head.
"Ofcourse y/n, why would it bother me?" He says and asks at the same time while he walks in the kitchen, getting a cup of coffee ready, for you.
He gives it to you, and sits infront of you, while you're shivering, and he turns the heater to your side.
"So, what were you doing outside?" He asked, and you smiled at him before answering.
"I-i was just getting books from the library for the upcoming test, you know." You answered, and he nodded, and smiled.
"Studying i see, I really am proud of your results Y/n, you did great, the past semester." He appreciated you, and you smiled at him.
"Thank you, Mr. Rogers!"  Just then, Melissa calls him, and he sighs, and picked it up, you take a deep breath, as he answered.
"Melissa, where are you?" He asks, trying to calm his anger and stress towards the fact that his daughter hasn't returned home.
"Dad, I am with jacob! I already told you, now look at how bad it's raining, I won't step or drive." She explains, and he sighs, keeping his free hand on his torso. Your eyes not stuck at him, as he talked.
"Are you planning on staying the night there? Gosh! Y/n's here waiting for you too." He says, and looks at you, and you quickly look away from him.
"Y/n's there? Then you two can give company to each other. Dad, i have to stay the night here, you have to look at the way it's raining today."
"Fine, take care, be back early tomorrow." He says and hangs up, seeing you.
"Mel's not gonna be home tonight, it's raining very bad." He said and you nodded.
"Well, i guess i should leave Mr. Rogers, I-"
"Steve, Call me Steve, no one's around here.." steve said and you nod
"Mr. R—Steve...i think I should leave, see you—"
"Stay here for a while Y/n, its still raining heavily." He insisted, and you couldn't say no to that face ofcourse. He looked like he needed company and even if you get home, you wouldn't do anything, so you wouldn't mind spending time with him.
"Alright, Steve." You said, and he smiles. You sit back, shivering like hell. You were a very cold person, I don't know how should I describe it. But back in the days, you always were found in sweaters or blankets wrapped around you.
"Still cold?" He asked, and you shook your head.
"I am done with my work, would you mind watching a movie? I also have food and i hope you like it." He offers and ofcourse you say yes.
"Ofcourse, Mr.Rogers — i mean Steve." You said and he nods going to the kitchen, getting some snacks, while you get comfortable on the couch.
He comes back, playing some random movie, which you're trying hard to pay attention to, but its getting so hard, because Steve was hella attractive and seeing him with a formal wear, made you go crazy.
He comes closer to you, as you were cold, wrapping you in a blanket, and holds you close to him.
"Mr. Rogers..what are you doing?" You asked pulling away from him.
"Y-you were cold Y/n, i was just trying to help nothing else.." he says and you look away.
"Sorry...i—thank you.." you whispered and he nodded, as he still kept you close to him, it was very difficult to keep the eyes on the tv and watch it or pay attention to it now.
The female lead in the movie kisses the male lead, and it was just getting intense, and your heart was racing, and so was Steve's. This has been the closest he has been to you...and he was losing himself.
You didn't know how, but something came over you, and you looked at him, and he turned to look at you, this was very different.
"Everything ok—" you cut him off by pressing your lips on his. He was shocked but, kissed you back. He now pulled you closer to him, arms freely on your waist, as he pulls you closer. You pull away, resting your head on his, and both of you pant.
"I've wanted that for so long." He says, and you look at him.
"Me too." You replied, kissing him again, now it was so unholy, that he got an idea of. Pulling him closer, tangling your legs on his torso, kissing which was full of teeths and tongues.
He pulls away, looking at you , breathing heavily, and asks you.
"Do you want this, Y/n? Because if you do, fuck i will give it to you, and if not I won't lay a finger on you, ever!" He says and you smile at him.
"Ofcourse i want it." You said, before he kisses you again, you now laying on the couch, he's on top of you. Your hands on the hem of his shirt, as you rip it off him, and smirked at your eagerness.
His hands pull your shirt off, and you both try to get rid of the clothes you were on throwing it on the floor, somewhere, none of you cared about.
He kisses you, on your neck, his fingers roaming around your body, resulting moans falling from your lips, he left marks, just then he picks you up, takes you to his bedroom, not leaving your lips for a second.
The kisses keeps getting hotter, you both fell on the bed, you were on top, but he rolls, and he's on top now.
"I need you!." You whinned.
"I know!." He says, kissing your inner thighs
He goes down and leans to your clit, smirking as he felt your wetness.
"So wet for me, and i've barely touched you." He said and you moaned. His lips attach to your clit and he started licking it slow, and teasing you
"Oh fuck! Steve! Don't tease!!" You moaned and he smirked. He kept doing that until you were close enough for him.
"Baby.." you tried to say and he switched his mouth with his fingers. His eyes starring deeply into yours, and when you moaned, he growled lightly.
"Fuck i'm going to cum!" You said and he kissed you, as you came on his fingers, moaning loudly,arms around his shoulder.
He sucks his fingers clean, and seeing that made you go crazy. I mean he looked like a sex god.
"Baby, you taste so good." He said and you blushed. He smirked looking at you.
"Ready for me baby?" He asked and you nodded. He lines himself at your entrance and pushes into you, gasps and moans leave your mouth. He moans at how tight you were.
"Oh god." You moaned as he started thrusting in you, slowly. Sweating, and moaning was the only things you two do. Steve grunts, as he thrusts again.
"Just like that baby, just like that oh god yes." You moaned, he literally is a sex god, now you were sure
Steve's one hand on the headboard and the other near your body, for his balance. He thrusted harder into you, and your moans and his grunts were loud.
He continued doing that until you both were close, moaning eachother names like its the only thing you know.
"Oh god, i'm gonna cum." You said
"Cum on me, i know you want, give me one more, baby." He said and kissed you, before you screamed, cumming all over his cock, as he moaned at how you clenched around him. He felt how close he was, and then came in you, both of you heavily breathing.
He collapsed next to you, while you tried to catch your breath.
"That..was...amazing!" You said, and he smiles at you.
"I know, now get some rest, i'm not leaving you that early." You said and he kissed you.
Oh boy you were in for a longgg night, and no you weren't complaining. What you & Steve had, was illicit and wrong, but none of you cared because that's what both of you wanted it from so long. You were just worried about facing Melissa, and on the other hand Steve would have felt the same, but for now, none of you care about the future, other than living the present, with each other.
so bad omg😭😭
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holylulusworld · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Summary: Steve Rogers doesn’t like you - right?
Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader
Characters: Tony Stark, unnamed OC’s
Warnings: angst, self-doubts, violence, mentions of death of a loved one, bullying, Steve seems to be a douche
Divider by @firefly-graphics
Tumblr media
“Aw, are you about to cry?” one of the recruits’ coos. “Look at you, so pathetic. Do you want to call Captain Rogers for help? We all know he will not help you.”
“I know,” slammed into the wall behind you, struggling against the enhanced recruit you try your best to keep a straight face.
“You don’t belong here! You’ll never be a hero. Only enhanced people can become more than you can ever imagine! That’s the reason Captain America hates you. Hell, you should finally realize you are a failure and quit.”
“At the end of the day, a hero is only human. They fall, they break, they grief, they lose, they cry and get back up like everyone else,” you choke out when the recruit presses his forearm against your throat.
“Nonsense,” he growls now, eyes a half-lidded he enjoys when you struggle to breathe right. “Go, hand in your letter of resignation.”
“I will, asshole. Not as I believe I can’t be a hero,” this time you push harder against his shoulders and he’s surprised by your strength, “but as I could never work with you or Captain Rogers. None of you would have my back. In the field, my life would be in your hands, and I can’t trust one of you to not risk my life.”
“W-what?” the recruit steps away, stutters as you rub your throat. “We are a team; we would protect you.”
“No, you wouldn’t,” you sneer. “Just like Captain Rogers, you hate me. I don’t know why but you bring your hatred and antipathy toward me into every training session. It would be the same in the field. Captain America can hate me as much as he wants to, but it makes him look like a failure, not me. He doesn’t help me improve or corrects my mistakes, he wants to break me, that’s it.”
You storm out of the training hall, ignore Steve almost bumped into you. He heard every word and doubts his technique to push you to your limit. “Captain Rogers, Sir,” the young recruit stutters. “How much did you see?”
“Enough to make sure you’ll never become an Avenger,” Steve grits out. “I tried to push her to her limits, not make her leave. She’s better than anyone I ever trained. Y/N just doesn’t know it yet.”
“Well, we both failed her…huh?” the recruits huffs before turning to leave.
Tumblr media
“What are you doing?” watching you throw random clothes into one of your suitcases Tony furrows his brows. “Y/N, what’s wrong? Where do you want to go?”
“Captain Rogers wanted me gone, so I will go. I’m just done playing his punching ball,” you sniff. “Last week he invited everyone but me to his birthday party. He told the recruits they can call him Steve outside of training. Everyone but me, Tony. Your friend hates me, and I don’t know why.”
“Rogers hates no one,” Tony wonders. “He didn’t invite you to the party. What did you do instead?”
“Rogers told me to clean his office and run fifteen rounds at the training hall afterward. Everyone laughed about me when I walked back toward my room. They knew I was the only unwanted person at his party,” while you slam your first suitcase shut Tony tries to make you stay.
“I’ll talk to him. He can’t act like a douche around you.”
“No! I don’t want to be the teacher’s pet. Everyone already believes I suck your dick or something,” you roll your eyes when Tony chuckles darkly. “Hey, I’ll tell dad you had dirty fantasies about me.”
“I was thinking about making you my assistant, give them something to talk about.”
“That’s not funny at all, Tony,” you sit on your bet, burying your face in your hands. “I left Shield and Fury to become an Avenger. I’m getting too old to start all over again. Hell, I’m not twenty-two anymore.”
“Darling, you are not old.”
“Everyone else is much younger than me, they just don’t know it,” you groan. “I look younger for my age.”
“At least you got your mom’s good looks,” Tony snickers. “Imagine you had your father’s nose or his bad attitude.”
“You don’t have to always protect me, Tony. I know you believe you owe my dad, but you paid back your debts years ago. You are even now,” whispering the words you pat Tony’s thigh. “Mom said you should come around with Pepper. Maybe visit dad’s grave one day.”
“I-I’m not ready,” swallowing thickly Tony looks at the pictures on your wall. “I still miss him too much. That bastard had to die before me. He always beat me in anything.”
“Believe me, this time he would’ve gladly lost,” you whisper, pushing the tears away. “He was so proud of me, Tony. What would he think about me now? It’s the first time I give up.”
“Why do you want to give up, Y/N?”
“I can’t trust them, Tony. They won’t have my back and I don’t want to end like dad, killed by one of his most trusted men. I won’t repeat history, that’s for sure…”
Tumblr media
“Gone? On a mission? I don’t understand,” frowning deeply Steve looks around the training hall. “I didn’t get a memo.”
“Well, she quit thanks to you and your little stunt,” Tony grunts. “I moved heaven and hell to get her on the team. Y/N didn’t want to leave Shield, Steve. I begged and pleaded knowing she will be the perfect addition to our team.”
“Why didn’t you inform me? Who made you the boss, Tony?” Steve retorts, angrily clenching his fists. “As far as I remember, I’m still the leader.”
“Oh, I forgot,” snorting Tony steps closer to Steve, “I’m only the billionaire buying all the nice things you need for your missions. Not a person anyone listens to. Y/N had enough of your behavior. That’s the reason she left for good. Live with it.”
“I only tried to make her stronger. Y/N seemed to hold back, and I wanted her to see her full potential. Maybe I was too hard on her,” looking at his hands Steve sighs deeply. “I didn’t want to lose another agent only as she wasn’t prepared enough.”
“It was not your fault Murphy didn’t make it out of the building,” Tony argues. “You told her to fall back and leave the building. It was her running toward the office to get the flash drive. No one told her to do so. The problem is, every recruit tries to impress you, Steve.”
“I don’t want all the attention, Tony. I’m still the same guy from Brooklyn trying to find a place in this new world. I saw myself in Y/N. She trains harder than anyone to prove she doesn’t need special powers or equipment to become a hero.”
“Ouch,” laughing Tony looks at an image of himself on the wall. He’s wearing one of his Iron Man suits and feels like a fool. “Maybe it was my fault too. I encouraged her to push herself to her limit.”
“No, it’s mine, Tony.”
“Y/N only wanted to make her father proud. If you want to fix things, I know where you can find her. But don’t try to hit on my friend’s daughter,” Tony warns. “I made a promise to him to always protect Y/N from any creepy guy. This includes tall blonde super soldiers.”
Tumblr media
“Hey, dad,” you choke out. “I guess you are disappointed in me now, huh? I failed. Shit, dad, Captain America thinks I’m not good enough to be an avenger. Maybe I shouldn’t have tried—”
You place the flowers you bought onto the grave, looking at the picture of your father on the gravestone.
“You look good, dad. Seems like you didn’t age one day,” you joke, slowly sitting in front of his grave, crossing your legs like you used to do as a child when you sat in front of the sofa to listen to your father’s stories. “Do you think I should go back to Fury? He said I can come back.”
Looking in the distance you watch other people bring flowers to their loved ones, smiling as they talk to them just like you do.
“I know that you would never be disappointed in me. And I know you would have tried to give Steve Rogers a piece of mine, or a punch to his face...
Tumblr media
Steve stops his bike, a bit further away from your father’s grave. He doesn’t want you to see him yet, nor does he want to disturb your conversation with your father. 
Well, it’s rather a monologue but Steve is old-school, so he will wait for you to leave the cemetery and not stop you from talking to your father.
“Do you think he’s right? Maybe I reached my limit. I knew being normal, not enhanced, could turn out to be a problem, but I had faith in me,” you sniff, wiping your eyes. “Shit, dad. I wish you were here to tell me he’s a douche or not to let him fuck with my mind.”
“Agent,” Steve couldn’t wait any longer. He heard the sadness in your voice and the self-doubts he planted into your mind. “I heard you left and came to check on you.”
“How’d you find—” rolling your eyes you watch Steve walk toward your father’s grave, a single white lily in his hands. “Tony, that treacherous bastard.”
“He meant well, Y/N,” he clears his throat but doesn’t step closer. There is an awkward silence between the two of you for a moment. While you hold his gaze Steve nervously clenches and unclenches his fists. “I didn’t just come here to check on you, agent. I came to apologize.”
“I’m gone, no need to pretend you don’t hate me,” you wave him off, turn your face back toward your father’s grave. “My departure speaks volumes, Captain. I’m not good enough to join the Avengers, I got the message loud and clear. Next recruit, please.”
“Y/N, fuck—” Steve crouches down next to you to place the flower onto your father’s grave. It looks dead as Steve strangled it with his strength, but you don’t dare to tell him to throw it away. “Doll, I’m sorry. I believe you are strong, fast, and hardworking. I wanted you to achieve more than becoming a field agent.”
“What else would I want to achieve, Captain?” you whip your head toward Steve to meet his gaze. “I don’t think I can build flying suits like Tony or something.”
“I don’t want you to become one of our random agents, Y/N,” he sits next to you long legs stretched out, “I think you should be a core member, one of the Avengers. I imagine you will wear a suit like Natasha.”
“One of her tight leather suits?” you frown, wondering why Steve wants you to wear one of Natasha’s suits. “I don’t think it’s comfortable to fight in. At least not for me.”
“Tony could help design one especially for you. Maybe blue or dark blue,” he says, watching you relax next to him. “I wanted you to see your potential but failed you. All I wanted you to see is that you can be more than an agent, Y/N.”
“More than an agent,” nodding thoughtfully you look at your father’s picture again. “Dad, he always told me to not let anyone stop me. He didn’t fear anything, not even death. He faced death like a champ, fighting for his life.”
“A strong man,” Steve whispers, watching you wipe a tear off your cheek. “If you want me to, I’ll ask Sam to train you from now on.”
“The enhanced recruits, they are the reason I left. They made clear none of them would have my back. I can’t work alongside a team that can’t be trusted, Captain. When I still worked for Fury, someone always had my back.”
“They will never bother you again, promised. If you give me the honor, I promise to always have your back,” Steve holds out his hand, giving you a hopeful look. “I know that my methods were wrong, but I can do better.”
“I can do better too—” you shake Steve’s hand, promising to yourself at the same time to not give up ever again. “I will start with training at 4 am. You are welcome to join me, Captain.”
“Steve,” he coughs to get your attention. “Call me Steve.”
“No,” holding his gaze you smirk. “Not yet, Captain Rogers. Maybe one day, you earned it—"
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Steve's Vision - (Steve Rogers x Reader)
Tumblr media
a/n: happy wednesday, friends! this is my third submission for @theweasleyslut's 2k challenge, and hope you enjoy it! go to this page right here before june 20th to sign up for the challenge! :) dividers by @firefly-graphics
pairings: steve rogers x reader
word count: exactly 3.6k
warnings: language, fluff, angst, kissing, manipulation, forced relationship/marriage, wanda is a real jerk in this one.
prompts used: "did you know you talk in your sleep?" + fake dating
sneak-peek: steve is your pretend boyfriend on a mission to stop wanda from keeping westview, but your partner starts to fall for the illusion.
Tumblr media
“Did you know you talk in your sleep?”
Your eyes open to the bright morning, birds chirping as the sunlight pours in from the window. You rub your eyes a little to see Steve, your loving boyfriend, staring back at you. You don’t remember moving the two twin beds together during the previous night, but Steve lays next to you on the single queen bed that now occupies the space. “Were you watching me, Stevie?” you ask him, your voice having a slight rasp before you clear it.
He chuckles, turning away to look up at the ceiling. “Of course not, doll, not until a few minutes ago,” he smiles. “Wish I could’ve recorded that. It was so adorable.”
You roll your eyes, smiling back. You lift your hands out of the covers, glancing around. You look at Steve, still unable to make out the bright blueness of his eyes. Sighing, you shake your head. Still in black and white.
You had been working with Darcy Lewis when she was called in by SWORD to help with an anomaly: the disappearance of an entire town in New Jersey. As one of her best friends from college, she had asked for your help with the case. Little did you know that she needed you for something much more important.
Once Darcy identified that Wanda Maximoff had stolen the town to create her own reality for her and Vision, the SWORD team decided to place someone who Wanda would recognize and trust to talk her down from the way she was treating the citizens of Westview. Steve Rogers, the Captain America, was called in for one last mission to save the town.
However, he needed a distraction, a cover; something that would keep him hidden until the last possible moment. When the SWORD team found you, you were simply untangling wires for Darcy in the back of the tent.
Now you had entered ‘The Hex’ and were acting as Steve’s girlfriend. He was off to work from 9 to 5 every day, while you tidied around the house and gathered information around the town. It was the perfect cover. A perfect plan.
But you never knew when Wanda was watching or listening in, so Steve recommended that the two of you play your parts at all times. Even when the other wasn’t around, or when there was no one else around but the two of you. A fake girlfriend, at all times.
Pressing a small kiss to his cheek, you start to pull the covers off yourself. “I should start getting breakfast ready. A busy day at work, I’m guessing?”
You feel his hand grip your arm as you try to sit up, but he pulls you back down to him. “C’mon, Y/N, just stay a little longer. I know you’re not busy today, and I can just call in sick or something.”
“Honey, I can’t,” you sigh, gently pulling your arm out of his grasp. “I’m having Wanda and Agnes over for tea in the afternoon, remember? You just started this new job a week ago, you can’t just waste it to have a day with me.” As much as you try to maintain your hold on reality, you can feel Steve starting to slip away. He was getting very serious in his role as your boyfriend.
He rolls his eyes, sitting up with you. “Fine, but promise me you’ll spend Saturday just with me.”
You smile back. “Of course,” you press one more kiss to his cheek, but he turns his head to catch your lips. You keep smiling, figuring he was playing the part just in case Wanda was watching. What a good actor, you think to yourself, pressing your hand against his white undershirt before standing up.
Opening your closet, you feel happy to find that your frilly little dresses seemed to be mostly gone. Blouses, sweaters, pants - oh, how you missed wearing pants - and simpler dresses fill the hangers, and you run your hand through them as you decide what to wear.
“This one would look breathtaking on you.” You jump as you hear Steve’s deep voice in your ear, and his arm brushes past yours as he takes out a sleeveless dress with flowers on it. You can’t make out the color of the pattern, but you smile.
As he hands it over to you, you run your hand over the fabric. “I do like this one, I’ll try it on,” you look up at him, and he’s beaming back at you. “Now run along, you’ll be late for work!”
Steve huffs, backing up and moving over to his closet. You start to change out of the nightgown you had decided to wear, feeling his eyes still on you as you slip the flower dress over your head. You find a pair of heels that looks to be the same color, though you can’t be entirely sure.
By the time Steve is downstairs, you’ve already made eggs, bacon, and toast for him, along with a few of the strawberries that Agnes gave you from her garden. They had been a bit too tart for your liking, but Steve seemed to like them when he tasted one the other day. “Wow, doll, this is incredible! You really will make an amazing wife.” He wears a white dress shirt under a dark grey suit, along with dark grey slacks to match. You walk over to adjust his tie, which appears to be yet another shade of grey as well, and he pulls you in for another kiss. “What did I do to deserve you?” he smiles, looking up at you as if the two of you had been married for years.
You blink for a moment as you look at him. He must be very passionate about this role. “Well, you signed up for it, Stevie,” you pull away, going back to the counter as you hear a ding, and your own toast pops up.
“Best decision of my life,” he sighs, sitting back in his chair. A small thud sounds outside the door, and Steve stands up to check it out. “Thank you!” you hear him call out, followed by the ringing of a bicycle bell. “The Westview Daily. Honey, can I take this to work with me?”
“Of course, could I check something for a moment?” He hands you the paper, and your eyes scan the top of the page. Yesterday you were living in the 50s, but today… it said the 1960s.
“It is such a gorgeous day out, don’t you think? The second I get back from work, we should have a nice night on the town. Maybe go catch a movie, go to dinner, have a stroll through the town… maybe I can meet your friends!”
You look back at Steve, even more confused. “Steve, that all sounds like a wonderful idea, but don’t you think Wanda would recognize you?”
He furrows his eyebrows, cocking his head “I’m not sure, doll, do I know her from somewhere?” Your eyes widen at his response, wondering why he’s playing so far into his part. You’re alone with him; why would he have to pretend at this point? “Anyway, I have to get going. I’ll see you when I get back. Have a great day, Y/N, don’t have too much fun without me!” He takes his briefcase and an extra strawberry, popping it in his mouth with a smile. He kisses you gently on the lips before opening the door, heading out with a wave.
Tumblr media
“Wow, Y/N, what a lovely home you have! All this just for you and your husband?”
You smile as Agnes looks all around, sitting next to Wanda on your couch. You had taken a seat across from the two of them. “Boyfriend,” you correct her politely, pouring three cups of tea. “And yes, I told Chris that it would be a bit much for just us, but he insisted on such a large home. Something about raising kids here,” you told her. It was all a lie; you had found an abandoned home just down the street from the house Wanda had taken over, and, the moment you walked in with Steve, it transformed into a fully furnished home.
You had to force the name ‘Chris’ to come out of your mouth, as you knew Wanda’s aware who Steve Rogers is. It was the name that SWORD recommended you call him around ‘the hostile force,’ just in case she found out too soon.
Wanda raises her eyebrows as she takes a sip, setting it back down on the small plate. “That is so sweet, I was wondering where your ring was! I bet he can’t wait to tie the knot,” she smiles, her eyes gazing around the house as well. You nod a bit.
“I’m excited about it too, but the two of us are taking it slow to start. I mean, we moved in just recently, and I’m not sure if-”
“Oh, and you could have a few little guys running around here too! How cute would that be?” Agnes sighs, smiling at you. “We could take care of all the baby clothes and the toys, you wouldn’t have to lift a thing! You’ll love your time in Westview, I promise!”
You nod again, forcing a smile. They were moving so quickly with all their ideas for your life when you didn’t even have an actual boyfriend. “That would be amazing, and I know Chris is dying to have a few little ones of his own.” That was not a lie; Steve would go on and on about starting a family and maybe even staying in Westview. You were the one to try and crush his dreams, just for the night, so he could focus on the mission at hand.
Wanda smiles, looking around again. “It looks like you found yourself a real keeper! When are we going to meet this mystery man?” Before you can speak up, Agnes starts to point out all the photo frames hung with pictures of you and Steve. Ah, yes, the photos that mysteriously popped up the second you walked into the house. The two of them stand out, practically investigating in your living room. Wanda turns to you. “He looks familiar, do I know him from somewhere?”
You shake your head instantly, almost too quickly. “I don’t think so… I mean, he gets that a lot. Common features, I’m guessing…”
“Are you sure? I could have sworn I’ve seen this man before, maybe not in the town but somewhere else…”
Agnes eyes you suspiciously, and you glare back at her for a moment. “I have a great idea,” she suggests, not taking her eyes off of you. “Why don’t you and your boyfriend - Chris, was it? - go to the talent show in the community park tomorrow afternoon? It’s a great fundraiser for the children, and Wanda’s performing with her husband!”
Your eyes turn to Wanda. “That’s right! Me and Vis are doing an exciting magic show, you won’t want to miss it.” She glances at her watch, her eyes widening. “Agnes, we should head out, the planning meeting’s in a few minutes. It was so nice to spend time with you, Y/N, and if you ever need any help, I’m right down the street.”
“As am I,” Agnes cuts in, pulling you in for a hug. You hug her back, giving her a few pats before she lets go. “And we’ll see you at the park tomorrow, bye love!” They walk hand in hand out the door, turning left to head to the community pool. You sigh once you’re able to close the door, glad you didn’t have any slip-ups during your meeting with the two of them. Your biggest fear has become Wanda finding out who you are and casting you out of the Hex.
But a familiar voice has you nervous again.
“Afternoon, ladies, how’s it going?”
You open your door back up to find Steve pulling into the driveway, both Wanda and Agnes still on your sidewalk. He has his window rolled down as he smiles at them, but then he smiles even wider at you as he notices you. “Ste- Chris! What are you doing home so early… It’s barely three!” you call out, closing the door behind you as you walk outside.
He chuckles as he parks in the driveway, stepping out with his briefcase. He walks up to you and pulls you in for a passionate kiss, right in front of your friends. They giggle and squeal, and you try not to roll your eyes. “I had to come home and see my girl, plus Vision and I decided we’d take the two of you out for a fun night! So we both got off work early, and we’ll pick them up at around six.”
Wanda smiles a bit, but she studies Steve’s features. You can already tell that she is starting to figure out who he is, so you usher Steve into the house. “That sounds like a lot of fun. Well, they have a meeting to get to, and I’ll see you later, Wanda!” You shut the door quickly as Steve looks at you, a bit confused.
“Is everything okay, sweetheart? You seem frantic, you could have talked to Wanda for a little longer-”
“Steve!” you suddenly say quite loudly, and his eyes snap to you. “What the hell are you doing?! I’m supposed to be the one gathering intel, getting close to Wanda… you’re supposed to be laying low until the right moment when you can convince her to shut down this whole operation! Taking Vision and Wanda out for dinner is not the plan!”
He raises his eyebrows, setting his briefcase down. “I’m just trying to make a name for myself in his town and make some friends! Vision is a great man, a brilliant worker! And Wanda wants to be your friend, I can tell.” He puts his hands on his hips. “That is no way to talk to your future husband.”
You feel like you’re out of air as his words punch you in the gut. “Future husband?! Steve, you’re not even my boyfriend! Stick to the plan, we can’t let Wanda find out.” Something’s off, very off.
He sighs, loosening his tie as he heads towards the bedroom. “I don’t know what to tell you, honey. We’re not passing up this opportunity to make some friends, and you’re going to dinner with us.”
You shake your head. “No way in hell.”
Tumblr media
Sitting next to Steve in the diner, you feel his hand rest on your thigh. You try to keep the menu over your face as you blush, trying to slap it away.
“Agnes told me this place has the best milkshakes… should we get a few for a table?”
Steve nods before you can say anything. “I’d love to share one, does that sound good, sweetheart?” You look at him, as he’s already been looking at you, and you nod a little. The waitress walks by at the right time. “Perfect, one vanilla milkshake….”
“And a strawberry one for Wanda and me,” Vision says politely, placing the menu down. “So, Chris has told me so much about you. He said you went to college in Virginia, where he met you, and that you love painting.
Steve’s hand on your thigh tightened, and you found yourself nodding along with Vision. How did Steve know you went to Culver? How’d he know about how much you love painting? You hadn’t mentioned that, had you? “Yes, I remember it like it was yesterday,” you smile, leaning your head into Steve. He kisses it softly, almost as if he was waiting for you to lean in further before his hand moves from your thigh to snake around your waist.
“How adorable,” Wanda coos, setting down her menu as well. “Now, back to what I was saying…” She points a finger at Steve. “You remind me of someone I know…”
Steve just chuckles, not at all concerned about the situation. “Maybe I do know you, I was just having this conversation with Y/N this morning. She figured you’d recognize me... I don’t remember why, though.”
Wanda glares at you for a moment, much more serious than when you were having tea earlier. You stutter for a moment, nervous under her stare. “H-Honey, I remember saying you have a very common bone structure, so many people might recognize you.” You turn to Steve, then back to Wanda. “I’m sure it’s nothing, I can’t imagine the two of you have ever met…”
“Yeah, yeah, I bet it’s nothing,” Wanda sighs, getting up out of her seat. “Y/N, why don’t you come with me to the restroom, let these two guys talk about boring work stuff!” It sounds light-hearted, but you can see something red glowing in her eyes.
Steve instantly stands up out of his seat to let you through, taking your hand before you can walk away. He kisses your lips gently, smiling when he looks into your eyes. “Don’t be gone too long, doll,” he tells you as he lets go of your hand. His hand is replaced by Wanda’s as she practically drags you to the restroom of the empty diner.
As soon as the door is closed shut, you see a burst of red energy come from her hands. You’re thrown against the wall as she stomps towards you. “Why is Steve Rogers here?” she booms at you, and you curse under your breath. How did she find out so quickly? “And who the hell are you?”
You swallow hard, worried she’ll kill you or throw you out of the Hex. “Wanda, I don’t know what you’re getting at, that’s Chris, my boyfriend…”
“Don’t play dumb with me, don’t insult me like that!” she yells, just loud enough to make you flinch but not loud enough for the guys to hear. “I fought alongside him, four times, I know what he looks like. Why are you here?”
You feel your feet come off the ground as she starts to raise you, getting very angry now. “Okay, okay! Let me down!” You come falling with a thud, but you’re raised to your feet again. “I’m working with SWORD, we came into Westview to try and stop you.” Her eyes glow bright red as she listens, but you keep going. “Steve was supposed to be my partner, to maybe talk you down from doing this, but he’s getting sucked into the illusion. He thinks we’re getting married, having kids, living here forever, but I met him just a week ago.” She raises her eyebrows, a small smirk coming to her face. “Now you can kick me out of the Hex, throw me right out, torture me all you want, or just kill me if you really want to-”
“No,” she cuts you off, her eyes going back to grey as she moves closer. You can hear her voice change, her Sokovian accent coming through “That wouldn’t be enough. Steve is clearly becoming a part of Westview, and I wouldn’t want to take that away from him.” You narrow your eyes, confused at what she’s getting at. “You will stay inside Westview, without any way of escaping it, aware of everything that’s going on. Steve will be your husband,” she ignores you as you shake your head, “and you’ll stay my neighbor. You’ll keep your role, just like the rest of us.”
You’re speechless as you look at her. She’s right; that truly is the ultimate punishment. “Wanda, just please… let me go.”
She smiles, shaking her head. “Never. You mess with me and my family, you pay the price.”
Shocked at how terrifying Wanda had gotten, you nod a bit. She opens the door for you to step out of the bathroom, and you step in front of her. As you make your way back into the diner, the booth you had been sitting at is covered in candles. You make your way over to the booth to see Steve on one knee, looking up at you with a smile. You glance at Wanda, shaking your head, but she just smiles.
“Y/N,” Steve breathes out, and you snap your head back to him. “From the moment I saw you, I knew that you were the one.” You met me a week ago, Steve, in a tent, you think to yourself. “I could never love someone the way I love you, and I want to grow old with you. I love you, Y/N, will you marry me?” He opens a small satin box, which holds a simple yet beautiful engagement ring.
You swallow hard, walking towards Steve. “Is this really what you want?” you whisper to him.
He nods, pushing the box towards you. “Of course. I want to spend the rest of my life with you, here in Westview.”
You sigh, incredibly torn. If you said no, would Wanda just rewind time to force you to say yes? “Yes,” you tell him, trying to sound convincing. Clearly, it works, as he stands up and pulls you into a passionate kiss. He wraps his arms around you before pushing you back into the booth, the staff of the diner clapping and smiling.
“Congrats, you two! Chris is a lucky man,” Vision compliments you, but Wanda’s hand presses against his chest.
“Vis,” she speaks up, looking right at you, “it’s actually Steve.”
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egcdeath · 3 days ago
for old times’ sake
Tumblr media
summary: steve stands trial in the TVA. you are not pleased.
word count: 2.5k
warnings: implied cheating and abandonment, endgame, inaccurate court procedures, angst, hurt/comfort
author’s note: this was supposed to be a crack fic. i don’t know where things went wrong. anyway, huge thanks to @syntheticavenger for helping me organize my thoughts.  **this was written after episode one, so if information changes about the tva sorry in advance! 
you can find my masterlist and taglist here
When you began your day, you hadn’t expected it to end in this position.
Not in the past, revisiting the moments your teammates had stolen Infinity Stones from. That, you’d expected. In fact, you and Steve had been preparing for the journey back for a solid few days— planning rendezvous points and backup routes if absolutely necessary.
What you hadn’t expected was to be sitting in the courtroom of some sort of cosmic bureaucracy, watching an animated clock giving you a brief rundown of the very nature of time while you anxiously awaited the trial of your fiancé for ‘crimes against the Sacred Timeline’.
You cracked your knuckles while observing the ternary of obscenely large, beige statues, trying your best not to look at the woman to your right, the woman you’d only seen on old black and white film footage, and in the pocket compass of your lover.
You could feel the slightest hint of sweat beginning to precipitate on your palms as your mind ran wild with hypotheticals that could’ve led to this very moment. You ran through the events that preceded your abduction by the Time Variance Authority.
“Are you sure this is the best idea?” you asked, holding the suitcase containing only the Tesseract closer to your body. 
“I’m sure. I know my way around Camp Lehigh, and I really don’t want to risk putting you, or the mission in any more danger than I have to. Besides, you’ve got Nat. Worry about getting her home safely.”
“Steve-” you began to protest.
“Hey, trust me,” the look in his eyes practically ordered you to put your faith in him. It was the same look that he’d given you before hundreds of risky missions, the look that convinced you not to sign the Sokovia Accords, the gaze that had always seemed to be able to melt away your fears and insecurities. Steve reached for your hand, and the knot in your stomach loosened. “This was my Plan A. I promise I’ll be back before you know it.”
You allowed your shoulders to drop while you squeezed his hand, taking a deep breath as you mulled over Steve’s words. “Fine,” you conceded, “but I’m gonna be pissed if something bad happens to you.”
“I love you,” Steve spoke with a hint of finality that you could only catch with the wisdom of hindsight. He kissed your interlaced fingers before pressing his lips to yours, a moment you wished you’d savored just a moment longer.
“I love you too. Seriously, don’t do something stupid in the past,” you quipped with the hint of a smile, attempting to mask the sense of dread creeping onto you.
“I’ll try my best,” Steve suited up along with you and Nat. Before you even had the chance to utter another word to Steve, he was gone.
Pressing the buttons on your suits, you arrived back at the platform in the back of the Compound.
You only really had a moment to celebrate, pulling away from you hug with Sam only to be met with a reflective rectangular prism along with three rather displeased looking agents. 
“Y/N L/N, on behalf of the Time Variance Authority you are being summoned as a witness for crimes against the Sacred Timeline.”
“All rise,” the voice of some sort of officer forced your mind to stop wandering, pulling you back into the moment as you rose to your feet. “You may be seated.”
“We’re here today for Case 7-20-91 regarding crimes against the Sacred Timeline. Mr. Rogers, how do you plead?”
“...not guilty?” Steve said, clearly unsure of exactly what had gone wrong.
Judge Renslayer nodded, looking down at her files, then back up to the courtroom, “alright. Shall we take a look at your file?”
The question was certainly rhetorical, as she was already producing a small projector and working on displaying the footage to the rest of the room.
You watched with wary curiosity as the tape went through a play-by-play of Steve’s misdeeds in creating a branch timeline. Picking up with him bidding you farewell, you watched as he made his way through Camp Lehigh in a cool and calculated manner. He managed to get into the basement, returning the Tesseract to its proper place within the basement of the facility. 
You took a deep breath and hoped that was the end of the tape. That Steve had taken a wrong turn and was about to run into someone, and that had caused a minor branch timeline. But the reality was much, much worse.
Steve looked into the container, then back at the appendage on his suit that determined the time as if he were making a final decision. After a beat, he set the date on his suit, then pressed down on the button that took him away from the Seventies.
But instead of showing up at the compound, he arrived in front of a quaint, unfamiliar house. 
It had to be some sort of mistake. The tape had to end here, right? Steve set his time and place wrong, and that would be it. But the projection continued.
He knocked softly on the door, and after a minute a soft pattering against the floor could be heard before the slab of wood swung open. 
There Peggy Carter stood, eyes wide and teary, brows raised in surprise, and hands covering her mouth in shock.
Your heart dropped into your stomach. You almost swore you could feel you could feel the acid within it beginning to eat away at your quickly breaking heart.
As much as it hurt to look at, you couldn’t tear your eyes away from the scene. 
“I believe I still owe you that dance,” Steve said with a shy smile. You weren’t sure if you wanted to bolt out of the building or crumble into a puddle in the middle of the otherwise empty benches and sob until your tear ducts gave in.
The rest of the tape was a blur to you. Although you couldn’t seem to look away from the projection, your brain seemed to refuse to process the new information. Your vision blurred and your ears rang, turning the dialogue between Steve and Peggy into nothing more than radio static, finding that it hurt less that way.
The tape came to an end after the two shared an all too meaningful kiss, and you were grateful that you’d decided on a light breakfast that morning. Your heart was moving at a hummingbird pace, and you felt as if your whole world was collapsing in on itself. 
Despite your inner turmoil, you held your composure when you were called up to the stands in order to recall the events leading up to Steve’s crimes.
“Please state your first and last name for the record,” Judge Renslayer ordered, and you complied.
“Ms. L/N, give us a little context for the crime. Where were you this morning?”
“Well, before we… travelled through time we were at the Compound. I mean, Avengers Compound,” you paused for a moment, scowling to yourself in thought. “Is Steve being arrested for time traveling? In that case, we’re both guilty.”
“No, the time traveling was supposed to happen. It was necessary for the stones to return to their proper places. However, going to Ms. Carter was not.”
You tried to ignore the feeling of your heart dropping further down your body. Hearing your worst fears verbalized made your head spin, “oh, okay.” You took a deep breath, trying to prolong the maintenance of your composure. 
“Can you tell us what you two did on Vormir?”
“Well, we travelled to.. 2014 I think, and we had to talk to this weird red skulled dude. Steve knew him. We bargained with him and by giving him the soul stone, he gave us back Nat… Natasha Romanoff,” you seemed to be rambling on, nerves manifesting in an outpour of words from your mouth. 
“Did Mr. Rogers mention anything about going back to see Ms. Carter?” 
“Uh, no. Not to my knowledge. He just said he was going to the past alone because he wanted me to take Nat home, and didn’t want me getting hurt. I wasn’t too worried because we pl-“
The judge cut you off, “Okay, that’s enough. Ms. L/N, do you believe that Mr. Rogers had no ill intent in creating a branch timeline?”
You glanced between Steve and Judge Renslayer. The small red lipstick stain on his cheek seemed to be glaring at you. Your heart pounded against your ribcage as if it were trying to escape. You simply shook your head, “no.”
“Ms. L/N, do you believe that Mr. Rogers had planned in advance to live in the past with Margaret Carter?”
The words rattled in your brain. The simple question became distorted by the endless loop of Steve’s words before his departure. 
This was my Plan A. I promise I’ll be back before you know it.
Deep down, you know that Steve is a decisive person. You don’t doubt that he had planned his desertion days ahead, if not months. Your stomach churned as you considered the possibility that from the moment he got out of the ice, he had wanted to find his way back to the past. That every special moment you shared was tainted with the presence of another woman, one who hadn’t truly been in the picture for years.
“I’m sorry, can you repeat the question? I just, uh, zoned out for a second,” you forced out a chuckle and twiddled your thumbs as you looked at the Judge, trying your best to make eye contact with her. 
Judge Renslayer sighed before repeating herself, this time in a more drab tone. “Ms. L/N, do you believe that Mr. Rogers had planned in advance to live in the past with Margaret Carter?”
You hesitated before speaking, carefully contemplating the words on the top of your tongue that you truly didn’t believe. 
“No, I do not.”
Steve was let off easy, no repercussions at all from the TVA when they considered the weight of his ‘accidental’ branching of a reality compared to the heft of him returning all of the Infinity Stones to their proper location, effectively trimming the branches that needed to be dealt with.
The TVA sent the three of you on your way, Peggy back to her time, and you and Steve back to 2023.
But you weren’t the TVA, and Steve’s venture to the past had far more consequences for the both of you.
You spent the rest of your day at the Compound avoiding Steve like the plague and trying not to think too long about your partner so as to not spontaneously burst into tears. That night, you struggled to find sleep. With Steve seeming to take the memo and not bothering to enter your shared room, you were met with a far too large bed that hadn’t been that empty in months. You tossed and turned restlessly, at times almost achieving sleep before falling victim to your own thoughts.
Sometime around 3AM, you made your way to the common room. You heard the soft chatter from the television as you rounded the corner, and figured that someone had left the TV on before heading to bed. You truly hadn’t expected to see Steve under a thin blanket, leaning against the arm of the couch as he watched a rerun of an old show. 
He looked up, and his eyes briefly lit up at the sight of you before returning his stare to the screen ahead of him. 
You somehow understood what he was thinking without him having to say it. Hundreds of sleepless nights had ended in this manner for you two, even before you began seeing each other. 
The soft hue of blue light against his face was oddly comforting and nearly nostalgic for you, and as you sat down at the opposite end of the sofa, you had to stop yourself from falling into his lap and allowing him to hold and console you.
You chewed your lip as you half paid attention to the program in front of you. There was so much you wanted to say, but a knot seemed to be caught in your throat, preventing you from both crying and speaking your mind. 
“Is it bad that I think I would’ve felt better if you cheated on me with someone else?” you finally spoke. The floodgates had opened, silent tears slipping down your cheeks before you could stop them. “I guess you never really stopped pining after her. Those memories of someone you kissed once were more promising than the five years of our relationship, right?”
There was no malice in your voice, only hints of hurt. Steve looked over at you, frown deeply imprinted on his face as he listened to you speak, “I’m so sorry, Y/N.”
His apology made it seem all too real, as if the trial and the tape of his actions weren’t tangible enough. Hearing Steve himself admit aloud that what he had done, what he had planned to do, was wrong enough to warrant an apology, and the tinge of regret laced in his tone made your heart break all over again.
The desire to be comforted was no longer just a want. You needed to feel Steve, feel his body radiate heat onto you while he wrapped his big, protective arms around you. You could barely stop yourself from standing up and approaching him, getting close enough to collapse next to him, laying your face on his legs and taking in a shaky breath.
“You don’t have to apologize to me,” you whispered, “just tell me you weren’t going to stay there with her,” you paused and looked up from your place in his lap, “please.”
Steve frowned as he looked down on you, clearly having some sort of internal conflict over telling you the truth or not.
“I just want to hear you say it,” your voice trembled as the foundation of floodgates holding back your tears began to crumble. “Please, just tell me it was a mistake.”
“It was a mistake. It’s you, Y/N. It’s always been you.”
It should’ve hurt because you now knew it wasn’t true. That you’d been playing second chair in a relationship where you’d believed you were the first. That you wouldn’t ever be able to change it, despite how hard you tried to be the perfect partner, you would constantly be in the shadow of an idealized Peggy Carter. 
Yet, his false words consoled you. You buried your face further into his thigh, desperate to indulge in the feeling of comfort that you had so deeply longed for. You shallowly inhaled the scent of his pajama pants, as his hand came down to massage your scalp. It felt familiar, safe. Steve didn’t even mention how your tears were beginning to seep through the fabric of his pants. 
You should want more for yourself, to get up and tell Steve that he won’t ever have the chance to throw you to the sideline again. That he can’t treat you and everyone else in his life like pawns in his sick game of Chess.
But for now, all you want is Steve, and his artificial, comforting words
And somehow— that’s enough.
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buppybucky · 3 days ago
Idk if you take request but if you do then maybe a one bed trope thing with bucky and he gets morning wood and you wake up like what is that and he's like it's the morning and he's not embarrassed and then sex and fluff pls thanks ❤️
morning wood
PAIRINGS! avengers!bucky x avengers!f!reader
SUMMARY! in which bucky is too tired to be embarrassed of his morning wood.
WARNINGS! unprotected sex, 18+ minors dni, pet names (candy), one sided feelings, sleepy sex kinda, cocky bucky, fingering, oral (f)
A/N! i’m sorry for not making it clear but i am taking requests! currently, i have no works but if i do then my requests would be slightly delayed!
Tumblr media
“i am not working with that disgusting man child!” the loud voice rang through the small room. bucky looked up at the girl with a smirk. “c’mon, it’ll be fun! great bonding time.” he teased.
you rolled your eyes and sat in the seat, crossing your arms with a huff. “well, it’s either that or you resign.” tony said, pulling out the letter of resignation. you pulled the pen from his desk and started to write.
“it’s not that bad!” bucky yelled, grabbing the pen and throwing it away. you looked at him and scowled. “okay, well, there’s a motel booked, you two better enjoy.” tony smirked as he walked out.
that night, you had finished packing your bag and you were ready to go. “hi candy.” bucky’s voice sounded through your room. you sighed and turned to him. “what?” you asked.
bucky shrugged and walked towards your bed. “was bored, knew i could annoy you.” bucky smirked, laying back and watching you pack your small bag. “well, you can’t, i have stuff to do.” you said.
you walked into the bathroom and took off your shirt. “shower? i’ll join.” bucky teased, making you scoff and lock your bathroom door.
after your shower, bucky was still in your room so you had to change in the bathroom. you walked out and brushed through your wet hair. “y’look so good right now.” bucky bit his lip.
you scoffed and rolled your eyes, grabbing your skincare and starting it. “wanna do some f’me too, candy?” bucky stood up, sitting next to you. you put some moisturiser on your fingers and slapped his cheek.
bucky sighed and rubbed it in before getting up. “i’d be nice, girlie, we’re going t’be together for a while.” he spat before walking out of the room. you smirked and went back to your skincare.
the next day was completely hectic, you wouldn’t recommend it to absolutely anyone. you and bucky made it to the motel, and to make matters worse, someone thought that the signing under stark was a joke.
it was deleted and now there was only one room with one bed, one single bed. “it’s fine, he can sleep on the floor, bucky pay.” you said, wanting to sit down immediately.
bucky paid and got the key, bringing you to the room. you took the shower first, knowing that if you sat down you wouldn’t get up again. you walked out, seeing bucky wrapping up his wounds.
he went into shower and you took over with wrapping up the small wounds scattered all over you. bucky quickly came out, wrapped in only a towel around his waist.
you looked up at him before looking back at the bed. “y’know you were supposed to use the towels as a blanket.” you spoke as you jumped back, getting under the blanket.
bucky rolled his eyes and changed into his pyjamas. “i can’t sleep on the floor without a blanket.” bucky said, standing next to the bed. you shrugged and opened your phone.
“there’s a lot of space in the bed, are they sure it’s a single?” bucky asked, looking around you. you sighed and move over, opening up the covers. bucky smiled and got in, making himself comfortable.
you sighed and turned off your phone, as well as the small lamp beside the bed. “bucky i’m falling off the fucking bed.” you groaned, your ass cheek literally falling from the bed.
bucky lifted you up, now you were almost sitting on him. “night, candy.” bucky smirked, placing his head into your neck. you sighed and tried to fall asleep.
you were rudely woken up a few hours later by bucky’s leg falling over your own legs and something poking your lower back. “bucky.” you said, hitting his hip. he groaned.
you did it again, and again, and again, until finally, he lifted his head. “what the fuck is poking me?” you asked, looking back at him. “huh? oh, it’s my dick.” he mumbled, putting his head back.
“your dick?” you asked. he nodded and pulled your into his chest. “yeah, it’ll go down later, j’come back to sleep.” he whispered, kissing your shoulder. you jerked your shoulder, hitting him in the nose.
he groaned and moved back quickly. “fuck!” he yelled, holding the bridge of his nose. “don’t kiss me.” you said, shaking your head and going back to your original position.
you tried to deny it, but you felt a certain shock through your body when bucky kissed your shoulder. bucky got out of the bed to clean his, now bloody, nose.
bucky got back into bed, and pulled you close into him. “it’s the least y’can fuckin’ do.” he said, pulling you into him, the feeling of his boner against him made your panties dampen.
“i know you’re wet, can smell ya.” bucky mumbled, moving your hair away and kissing your neck. you whined and pushed him off. “c’mon candy, we’re both horny, might as well relieve some pressure.”
you moved your hand from him and let him continue to kiss your neck. “fine, but in this position i don’t want to look at you.” you mumbled. bucky nodded and pulled down your pants.
he pulled down your panties before slapping your ass. “i’ve fuckin’ dreamed of this moment since i met ya.” he whispered in your ear. you bit your lip and looked down at his hand on your waist.
he pulled down his pants and boxers before sliding his tip through your slit. you gasped quietly and gripped his hand. bucky smirked and slid into you.
you moaned and your hand on his hand tightened. “there y’go.” he groaned, slowly sliding in and out of you. you whined and wiggled your hips.
bucky but his lip and pressed his thumb into your ass. “y’feel s’fuckin’ good, candy.” bucky grumbled as he continued at his painfully slow pace. you slapped his hip and whined.
“faster, harder, anything.” you complained, gripping at his naked hip. bucky complied and thrusted faster, the sound of their skin slapping was slightly muted by the sheets.
bucky whined and lifted you up. “candy, i’m gettin’ no where in this position, let’s change, hm?” he mumbled. you nodded and sat on his lap, turning around the face him.
“gonna look at me, candy?” he teased, gripping your hips. you sighed and rolled your eyes, sliding onto him. “shut up bucky, i’m using you for your dick.” you moaned.
you felt bucky’s tip bounce off all the right angles, hitting your sweet spot. “fuck! oh god!” your legs squeezed around his waist, crying out in pleasure. “ya look s’fuckin’ good takin’ my cock like a good girl.”
you rolled your eyes to the back of your head as you felt the knot in your stomach fall onto the verge of snapping. “oh my god i’m gonna cum.” you moaned, gripping his shoulders.
your nails dug into his skin and left crescent shapes as you released all over him. your body curled up and you fell back. bucky pulled out and finished on your lower stomach.
instead of getting back into bed, bucky bent over and rubbed your clit, sliding a finger inside you. “what are you doing?” you asked, looking down at him. he shrugged and started pumping his fingers in and out.
you moaned and arched your back. “i wanna see if this pretty cunt can squirt.” he moved his fingers from your clit, connecting his lips instead. your eyes were sat at the back of your head.
bucky pulled his fingers out and soon replaced it with his tongue. “bucky.” you dragged out in a whine. bucky smirked and pulled away, sliding his fingers inside you again.
“c’mon, candy, squirt for me.” he moaned, continuing to suck on your clit. you felt an unfamiliar knot form in your lower stomach. “fuck, fuck, fuck!” you moaned out.
bucky curled his fingers and practically assaulted your sweet spot. “holy fuck!” you yelped, feeling yourself come loose. you squirted all over bucky’s face, making him moan quietly.
“that’s it, candy.” he smirked as he pulled away, cleaning you up with his tongue. you tried to regain your breath as bucky went to clean his face.
bucky came back and sat down in front of you. “so, still hate me?” he asked, helping you with your pants. you sat up and nodded. “yup, night buck.” you said as you crawled back into bed.
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captainwans · 3 days ago
credit to the owner of this gif!
Tumblr media
pairing: chris evans x teen! fem! reader
y/n got a role on marvel and she’s about to shoot her first scene, but her nerves are kicking in. luckily, chris evans is there to ease her anxiety.
word count: 401
warning: not really angsty, just lots of fluff
Tumblr media
Y/N sat on her chair as she read her script, her eyes gazing down her lines and muttering to herself. She was currently on set memorizing a few of her lines before she was sent to shooting with others, and she was nervous because she didn’t want to mess up in front of Robert Downey, whom she will shoot a scene with. She was too caught up in her head that she didn’t notice Chris Evans taking a seat next to her waving up his hand in front of her, looking at her with a grin. 
“Earth to Y/N!”
Snapping out of her thoughts she looked at him, a crimson painting her cheeks. She shyly smiled at him, “Oh, h-hey, Chris.” she greeted with a soft smile, her heart fluttering at the sight of him. He returned the smile and gazed down to her hand holding her script. “You ready to shoot your scene for the first time?” he asked her, his smile reaching his eyes.
She nodded her head, “I think so.” she answered, shoving a few hair strands away from her face and gave him a shy smile, “Just nervous since I’ll be shooting a scene with Downey, who’s amazing by the way, and I hope I won’t mess up my lines because I-'' she brought her hand to her mouth, mentally cursing for ranting. 
She giggled, “I’m sorry, I rant when I’m nervous.” Chris chuckled and laid a hand on her shoulder, giving it a light squeeze. “There’s nothing to be stressed about, Downey is a huge softie. You’ll be fine, Y/N,” he reassured, making her cheeks burn as she nodded with a flustered smile. 
Y/N hummed, fiddling with her hands while trying to distract herself from her beating heart and a flushed face. She was about to open her mouth to say something but was cut off when one of the crew members told her to show up at the set. 
“Time’s up, Y/L/N.” 
She gave them thumbs up and stood up from her chair, leaving her script on the chair, and went to a vanity mirror to check herself. She turned to Chris and pointed at her outfit, “How do I look? Will this capture heart eyes?” she asked him with a cheeky smile, making him laugh, his hand resting on his chest. 
“You look great, sweetheart. You’ll do amazing.” 
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