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#Steve Rogers x plussize!reader x Bucky Barnes
imaginedreamwrite · 8 days ago
The Auction: Part 11
The event was being held outdoors, and despite your initial protests, you let Tony take the reins of the party planning, with the clear message to keep the event in a style that Steve and Bucky and yourself would like. With the promise that the theme wouldn’t be outrageous or an eyesore, or something that would even be jabbing toward Steve or Bucky, the event was planned under strict promises.
When you arrived at the estate Tony had rented out for the night, the first sight that caught your eye was the row of Edison string lights that were hung from the gate separating the entrance to the estate grounds, from the large wooden doors that granted access to the inside of the home. The light emits a soft glow that encapsulated the fairytale aesthetic of the building; the faded grey stone exterior had almost looked like a castle in New York.
“Wow,” you gazed wide-eyed at the mansion and the light and pastel-coloured roses that spun around the stone support pillars on the front steps and the red carpet that rolled down the broad steps into the building beneath the closed front doors, “this is beautiful.”
The car that picked you up and drove you from the city to the rented mansion had stopped just short of the staircase. As the car came to a stop, the driver got out of the car and walked around to your side. He opened the door and held his hand out for you to take, which you did, and when you stepped out onto the red carpet-covered stone, your attention was drawn toward the two wooden doors that had now since opened, and the two men standing in the threshold.
You lift your head and made eye contact with them both, Steve on the left dressed in a dark blue suit that matched his eyes, and Bucky dressed in a black suit that made his entire figure seem more imposing.
“You look good.” You stood on the landing, speaking to both of them. “You look outstanding.”
“So do you,” Bucky came to your side and wrapped his left around your waist, tucking himself against you.
“You think so?” You tilt your head and turned in his embrace, chest to chest. You leaned in and kissed him softly, your hands running up and down the lapels of his suit. “We could leave.”
“We could,” Steve spoke from behind you, “but do you want to hear Tony whine about it for the next month?”
You turned from Bucky and cast an appreciative gaze upon Steve. His suit not only brought out the colour of his eyes, but it also made his eyes look brighter and more captivating than they already did. His suit, like Bucky’s, made him appear larger and more foreboding, which in turn made you feel comfortable between them. They made you feel normal, despite being a plus-size woman, and that was only a part of what drew you to them.
“I’d rather not,” you laughed under your breath.
“I hope you’re ready to dance, dame.” Bucky slid his arm back around your waist.
“Don’t think you can steal her all night, punk.” Steve followed behind you, his eyes burning holes into your back and lower, as he checked you out shamelessly.
“You gonna make me share, Stevie?” Bucky flashed him a grin.
“Damn right I am.” Steve stopped you two before entering the garden before other people would consume the whole night. He closed the distance and placed his hand against your cheeks before he dipped his head and brushed his lips against your own.
Your hands grabbed onto his suit and pulled him closer, trapped willingly between Steve and Bucky. While you were delightfully pressed against Steve, with your back to Bucky, you felt his hands slipping around the front of your waist and back to your hips.
“Come on, love birds!” Nat broke the moment; she interrupted the kiss and the small touches with a smirk on her face and a look in her eyes that spoke to her pride.
“We could slip out the back,” you mumbled into Steve’s shoulder when you rest your forehead against him, “Tony be damned.”
“Come on, doll,” Bucky whispered into your ear, “anyone who looks as good as you needs to show themselves off.”
You laughed and shook your head. You all indulged Tony because he wouldn’t let it go. You all just went along with it because that was how Tony showed his love for his friends, but when it came to the actual engagement party, it would be much smaller. This was more of a PR stunt, a public celebration.
“Fine,” you pulled away from Steve and sighed, “but you two owe me.”
You cracked a half-grin, walking behind Steve and in front of Bucky as the three of you finally made it to the garden.
The flashing that immediately followed the three of you stepping out was blinding. The ear-splitting chaotic mess of people trying to speak over one another was irritating, it was grating, and you fought against your instinct to turn around and go back inside.
“You’re okay,” Steve mumbled into your hair, wrapping his arm around your shoulders and shielding you with his large frame as he helped you down the stairs and away from the shuttering cameras.
“That was too much.” You frowned, feeling like you’d just had your privacy invaded, despite being in a public space. “Tony owes us all.”
“Damn right he does.” The statement was unanimous. It was felt by all three of you who had indulged Tony because he would either whine about it most condescendingly or because he was a friend and he was only trying to help.
“We can still have fun, sweetheart.” Bucky wove his fingers in with yours. “We can spend all night on the dance floor.”
“I’m a terrible dancer.” You countered.
“Bucky’s a great dancer. Just let him lead.” Steve kissed you silently and quickly, pulling back as Bucky swept you away. “I’m coming to steal her soon, Buck!”
He didn’t stop until you both were on the dance floor. As the band started a tune known to Bucky, but not yourself, his arm moved higher up your waist while his hand held yours firmly yet not painfully.
“Eyes on me, gorgeous.” He grinned. “Don’t look away and let me lead.”
“Bucky-“ you squealed when he started moving to the beat, moving to the tune. He was flawless; he carried himself with ease unknown.
“You’re doing great!” He complimented you and then threw you into a dip before he pulled you back up, your laughter the only incident that caused you to slip up, though Bucky was quick to recover.
“How did you learn to dance so well?” You giggled, leaning flush against him.
“I was a lady’s man, honey.” He stole a kiss in the middle of the dance, completely ignorant, you both were, to the other bodies on the dance floor.
“Should I be jealous, Mr. Barnes?” The beat changed, the song changed to something slow and sensual, which was meant to be loving and tender.
“Any of the dames I ran with are either dead or old,” Bucky moved his hand again, his palm resting against the small of your back, heat penetrating and radiating from his hand through your dress, “you have nothing to be envious of, Mrs. Barnes.”
You rest your head against the crook of his neck, your eyes fluttering closed. You hummed to the tune that you didn’t quite know and let yourself be embraced by the scent of his cologne and his warmth, by the strength in his arms and shoulders.
“Mrs. Barnes,” you beamed, “that sounds amazing.
“Or Mrs. Barnes-Rogers.” Bucky’s rumbled against your ear, the vibration bringing you a sense of peace.
“Bucky…” you pulled away and looked up at him, your eyes searching his. You opened your mouth to speak again, to say something to him, only to shut it again when his PA called his name.
“Mr. Barnes,” Courtney came through the crowd with two champagne glasses in her hands, one for you and one for him, “Mr. Rogers wanted me to let you know that Mr. Stark said you’d make a speech. The three of you.”
You sighed and hung your head back against his shoulder. You didn’t want to make a speech; you didn’t want to get up in front of all these people and say something. That wasn’t your job as a PA, and you didn’t want to do it now.
“It won’t be that bad, sweetheart.” Bucky kissed the top of your head and grabbed the drinks from Courtney, nudging one of them against your arm. “One speech, and then we can spend the rest of the time dancing.”
You pulled away and sighed. You took the drink from Bucky and lift it to your lips, downing the alcohol inside in one swallow. When it was emptied, you rolled your shoulders back and cracked your neck.
“Feel better, Y/N?” Courtney asked, taking the glass from you once more. “Feel a little more relaxed?”
“Enough to make a speech,” as the champagne settled in your stomach, Bucky reached for your waist again. He pulled you into his side and kissed into your hair, leaving behind his PA, who only let her guard down when your backs were turned, and you were out of earshot.
“Won’t be long, bitch.”
** **
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imaginedreamwrite · 15 days ago
The Auction: Part 10
The headline read a positive however you knew that not every headline and critic would be enthusiastic about your engagement to the two men. You knew that critics and those critics would focus on one thing specifically that you head dealt with all your life as a ‘bigger’ woman. The comments and statements made about why those two men would want to be with someone who didn’t care about herself or her appearance would undoubtedly be circulating and filling the spaces between the positivity. The cries of injustice from young women who vowed that they could be better would be better than themselves, for Steve and Bucky would be at the forefront of many people’s minds.
You weren’t naïve when it came to how people looked at you and what they thought, and when the articles started circulating about how the ‘plus-sized community’ didn’t need an ego boost like this, or how the ‘plus-sized woman’ who won the hearts of the two bravest soldiers must’ve been conniving and manipulative, still affected you.
You were used to the comments made by people you knew, but having the world look at you and judging you for your appearance, not something you were used to. It was the constant flashing of the camera’s anytime you went out, and the threats of death by underage girls and young women who thought you stole something from them was entirely new to you.
You had announced with Steve and Bucky, you had done the interviews and told the story of your love, albeit sweet and short, that led to the engagement.
The ‘short and sweet’ had fired another rumour that the engagement was purely meant to be a way for them to ‘save face’ because you must’ve been pregnant.
For every positive review and congratulations, there were four negative reviews and scathing comments about you, not Steve or Bucky, but you personally.
It had gotten to the point that you could no longer work with Natasha as her PA because you would soon require your own. It had gotten to the point where so many people wanted to unfold the pages of your relationship with Steve and Bucky and had become so invested in the events and the engagement itself that you were having a hard time handling both Natasha’s personal life and your own.
“Sorry, sweetie,” she apologized before giving you the news you knew was coming, “for the time being, you’re no longer my PA. You can’t handle both your booming social life and my shit-“
“And you shouldn’t have to.” Colbie was ever-present around you when she could be, threatening anyone or anything which dared cross the line emotionally and physically.
“I understand, Nat.” You knew the ‘why,’ and you wouldn’t argue. You didn’t think you wanted to do both jobs right now, not when you were so consumed by your engagement and the flurry of craziness that surrounded it all.
“You need your own PA,” Nat dug her phone out of her pocket and unlocked the device, scrolling through some app on her phone, “the world seems to be obsessed, whether it be good or bad, and your schedule, should you want to make appearances, could be very busy.”
“I know,” you chewed the inside of your cheek, “I expected it but not really…ya know?”
“I know,” Nat nod her head, “Colbie offered-“
“I would be your kickass PA sidekick-“
“-but you need someone with a more level head.”
“I wanna know what Steve and Bucky are going to do about their little slutbag PA. I know you told them not to fire her, but she can’t be around forever. What if she tries to poison your coffee or something?” Colbie ran her thumb across her neck, mimicking the act of being killed.
“I told them not to fire her so she could wallow in it. She’s been oddly silent lately.” You told your shoulders and let your head fall back, extending your neck. You closed your eyes and took a slow, deep breath before exhaling and lowering your head.
“Visitors,” FRIDAY’s AI voice announced before the door opened, and the two men you couldn’t get enough of walked into the room.
“Talking about us?” Bucky teased, moving directly toward you. He didn’t wait for you to answer before he bent down and slipped a hand behind your neck, securing your lips against his. He kissed you softly and tenderly, his lips moving against yours in a slow dance that picked up in intensity and speed when your hands gripped the front of his shirt.
“Hey,” Colbie interrupted, “keep that up, and those rumours about you being pregnant won’t be false.”
You had pulled away and slowly licked your lips, your eyes moving from Bucky toward the small box in his hand that was wrapped in crushed velvet with a slight bow on the top. He was holding onto the box rather tightly while Steve moved around the back of the couch. He stood behind you, and like Bucky, had leaned down to kiss you softly, though his lips were moving in a slow trail on your neck, his hands reaching for and grabbing your shoulders.
“What’s in the box?” You asked with an airy voice, Steve’s kisses stealing your breath and captivating you through simplicity and building eroticism.
“That’s your ring, sweetheart.” Bucky came to sit beside you and opened the box, giving you a first look at the ring they had chosen.
The ring had two separate platinum bands, yet each held on the pear-shaped statement diamond surrounded by smaller diamonds that enveloped the central jewel. The ring bands were also encompassed with smaller diamonds that accentuated the shape and the platinum bands that made the whole ring sparkle and catch the light in such a beautiful and breathtaking way.
“It’s amazing,” the ring mystified you, the dazzling ring that was representative of Bucky with one band and Steve with the other, “the ring doesn’t matter, though.”
“We know,” Bucky plucked it from the box and slid it on your finger. Despite that, adjusting it, so the narrowest part of the pear-shaped diamond was pointed toward you, “but now it’s official.”
You gazed at the ring on your fingers with delight. It was official, it was happening, and you were engaged. Truly. You were hired by two of the most amazing and brave, tenacious men you’d ever known. They weren’t perfect, but they were good.
“I love it,” you held out your hand and studied the beautiful ring with bubbling and boastful admiration. “And I love you. Both of you. I love you so much.”
Steve hummed into your neck, starting the process of kissing up and down your neck, leaving small little love bites on your flesh as he trailed up and down.
“You need a kickass PA,” Colbie broke the slowly building affection between you and Steve, “apparently not me-“
“You’re a little too mouthy, babe.” Natasha grinned, a quick flash lighting up her green eyes, “but I am going to start interviewing PA’s for you, Y/N. If you don’t mind?”
“Go ahead,” you waved her off, “Tony wants to throw an engagement party for us, but I don’t know how much planning I want him to do….”
“His parties are a little crazy..” Bucky continued,
“And we’d all like a little privacy.” And Steve finished.
“I’d rather have an event, maybe, something separate from the actual party.” You hummed and leaned against Bucky, melting when he kissed into your hair. “I don’t want everyone diving deep in our personal lives.”
“You mean more than they already are?” Colbie questioned, collapsing onto the adjoining couch.
** **
There was no turning back. Her emotional range had gone from jealousy and envy to a twisted and dark need for vengeance. The entire time she had been working for Steve and Bucky, she had been planting herself into their lives.
She had been the one who handled everything they needed when they needed it. She was the one who had worked tirelessly, and had she was the one who had worked tirelessly; she is the one who knew everything there was to know about them.
She should have been the one they wanted; she would have been everything they needed. She was beautiful; she was perfection.
They wanted her until you came along. They wanted her as much as any other man did, however unlike those men, all Courtney wanted was Steve and Bucky. All Courtney wanted was to have the two men who were just as equally perfect as she was to love her. God knows she loved them.
“Are you sure you want to do this?” The only voice of minimal reason came from her partner, the man she dug her barbs into.
“I have to,” she teared up, her bottom lip quivering as she put on a show for the man so easily manipulated, “Y/N took everything from me. She…”
“It’s okay,” he squeezed her shoulder, “I promised to help you.”
He slid a jar across the lab desk toward Courtney, the warning labels on the jar painting a grim fortune for anyone who would mishandle what was inside. It was lethal and slow, but what it lacked in speed was quickly made up for pain caused once enough was built up in the body. It was only a matter of time.
“I have to ask again,” he was nervous, his hands shaking and his voice cracking, “are you sure you want to go down this road?”
“Don’t you want to be happy?” Courtney asked, her eyes moving from the jar of poison to the man caught under her spell. “This is the only way that we can be happy.”
He stuttered and stumbled, hesitating just enough to give himself a chance to back down. He had even reached for the jar to take it back before Courtney swooped in and pressed her lips delicately to his.
The kiss deepened the spell; the kiss solidified the plan and returned him to the palm of her hand. He melted into her touch and she found her pawn again, the good little pet that would do whatever she wanted.
“It’s slow acting and it takes some build up to see the results. You have to make sure the plant is ground up as fine as possible. If you want it to work well, it needs to be a steady dosage.” He warned, his eyes searching her face as she studied the plant.
“And it will cause pain?” There was too much glee behind her eyes, her smile too wicked and tainted.
“It’ll be agonizing.” He swallowed thickly.
“And untraceable?”
“If it…” he paused to gain traction again. “If it is used correctly, there should no known source.”
Her grin widened and the darkness in her light eyes in aged a dangerous and vengeful beast. The prospect of enacting revenge while simultaneously being so innocent was perfect.
It was a perfect plan, and no one would see it coming.
** **
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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imaginedreamwrite · 25 days ago
The Auction: Part 7
The first time you met Steve and Bucky, you happened upon them when their shirts were off.
It was only your second day working with Natasha as her assistant, and after running errands all day, you were almost free and clear for the night.
Of course, the last task she had for you was to track down Captain America and the Winter Soldier to return a portable electrocution device that she had leant them.
You had been trying to track them down for an hour before you had finally gotten the location from their part-time PA that pointed you in the direction of the training facility that was on the 20th floor.
You made your way to the floor immediately, hoping to finish the task so you could be done for the night and return to your small suite in Stark Tower and have a glass of wine. It was one task; it was simple.
All you had to do was find them and grab them, return them to Natasha. It was simple, yet the circumstances surrounding you retrieving the device were not.
You had made it to the correct floor and had managed to find the training facility. However, when you walked into the padded base, you found the two men taking a breather after sparring, with neither of their shirts on.
“Captain Rogers and Sergeant Barnes-“ you had only picked up on their half nakedness too late to back away, and as your eyes landed on their bare chests, the sheen from their sweat, your reaction was swift.
“Shit!” You shielded your eyes with your hand and began apologizing profusely. “I am so sorry!”
You heard them approaching. You listened to the sounds of their footsteps coming closer. Just as quickly as you could pick up on their footsteps, so too could you pick up on the hammering of your heart.
“I-I’m just h-here to grab….” You flexed your fingers and frowned. “I’m-“
“You’re Nat’s PA, right?” The question had been met with a silent and rapid nodding of your head as your cheeks started burning beneath your flesh.
“I-I’m here to get the…device..” you mumbled and stumbled over yourself.
It was the first time you had met them, the first time you had even come across them in Stark Tower. And true to your luck, the first time you see them, they happened to be shirtless.
“You okay?” You nearly jumped out of your skin when one of them touched your cheek, and your heart almost stopped when you felt another in your proximity.
“I have it here.” It was placed into your hand, and when your fingers flexed around the metal, you dropped your hand, shielding your eyes, only you have your attention lance solely on the bare-chested, muscled and powerful super soldier’s standing close to you.
Too close.
“Stop looking.” You hissed under your breath and turned away, hurrying out of the facility, or at least halfway before you stopped and spun on your heel.
“Thank you,” you cleared your head and stared at a piece of the wall that was behind their heads. “good luck with your…never mind.”
Your first time meeting them had stuck in your head for weeks, reliving the moment where you honestly out embarrassed yourself and found yourself on their radar.
** **
You had to give it to Natasha. She indeed had an eye for fashion, and that skill had resulted in the clothes she packed for you being both flattering and not too revealing and starkly sexy.
The dress she chose for you that you had worn that first night felt as smooth as silk against your skin and made you think ethereal, like a modern Greek goddess.
The same softness of the dress was carried through to one of the three swimsuits she had packed for you, though the one you had chosen to wear today was quite revealing compared to the dress.
Yet it was flattering.
The one-piece black bathing suit you decided to wear was strappy, with cutouts starting from your waist and ending just below your breasts. The neckline of the swimsuit was a sweetheart that accentuated the fullness of your breasts while keeping them supported with well-stabilized boning built into the cups. Attached to the sweetheart neckline were four traps, two straps that connected the cups to the straps that kept the swimsuit on yourself.
You never felt more attractive in a swimsuit than you had today. Despite the softness of your arms, your stomach, thighs and ass, you looked good.
You had no qualms about standing in front of the mirror and analyzing yourself with newly appreciated beauty.
“Don’t make me come in there and drag you out,” Bucky knocked on the door, his voice carrying through the outdoor bathroom and changing room attached to the house.
You gave yourself a final adjustment and looked over before you placed your hand on the cool metal handle and turned, pushing the door open slowly.
“Y/N,” Bucky whined from outside, even with the door opening.
“I’m done.” You stepped into the sand and almost instinctually covered yourself up.
You stood there with your hands limply hanging by your side while you wait for Bucky to do something, to say something.
“Sweetheart,” his voice was strained, and his eyes were raking you up and down. His Adams’ apple bobbed as he gave you a second once over.
“So?” you asked, raising your hands a few inches. “Is it goo? Bad?”
“You should be glad we’re alone here, ” Bucky took three calculated steps toward you before his hands reached for you to grab your hips, “it won’t bother anyone when I rip into pieces with my teeth.”
You snorted and laughed under your breath, lightly smacking his cheat.
“Damn!” Bucky cursed and gently spun you around so he had free access to your ass. With your back to him, he stepped flush behind you but not before he got two handfuls of your ass.
“Bucky!” you jumped and tried to scramble out of his embrace, but he was too fast.
“I don’t think so!” he scooped you up and started stalking toward the beach. “You’re not getting away from me before I can see you soaking wet.”
You kicked your legs with a laugh and attempted to grab at Steve when you both passed him. Your hands reached for this, but he stepped out of the way with a wide smirk on his face.
“I’m with Buck on this, doll.”
“You’re supposed to help-” your body hit the water, and you had no time to react as you fell into the cool water, your arms and hands failing pathetically as you went under and then came back up a moment later.
“I’m gonna kill you!” You started storming toward the beach as quickly as you could, the swimsuit you were wearing accentuating every inch of your body in the best way possible.
“You already have, babe.” Bucky groaned, and your eyes were temporarily drawn toward the growing erection trapped in his swim trunks.
“Lame,” You grinned and stepped out the water, smiling from ear to ear.
“You okay, honey?” Steve called, and you nod your head, slowly closing your eyes and taking a deep breath.
“I never want this moment to end,” you exhaled slowly. “I never want to leave this place.”
** **
Light eyes brimming with jealousy and envy, hate and spite stared at the velvet box with disgust. The light eyes were starting at the velvet box with hateful wishfullness, as if their stare alone could make the entire travesty disappear by willpower alone.
“It’s beautiful, isn't it?” the box was being shown to the PA’s, the ring being flashed around to get input that shouldn't have mattered.
Only her say counted. Only her opinion was needed.
“Theyre proposing?” her sneer was barely manageable and containable. “They didn't tell me anything.”
“You're their PA. They don't relay personal information to you.” one of the other PA’s cool snippiness had sent her into a fouled mood.
“You know Y/N better than most people,” Natasha showed the ring around once more, ignorant to her poignant jealousy, “do you think she’ll like it?”
“They hardly know each other.” she added, trying to dissuade the situation and give herself some solid ground to stand on.
Why would they have chosen you over her? Why did they choose the ugly, fat beast over someone who was fit and tall and modelesque?
“Steve and Bucky have known for a while now. And this weekend will really change things for them.” Not that Natasha owed them an explanation, she was just seeking approval over the ring.
“Y/N will die!” Peter Parker's PA piped up, the smile on her face was wide and bright.
“We can hope,” she mumbled under her breath as she slipped from the room and left without a trace.
She would've been with them. She should've been in Mexico getting dicked down and railed by the two hottest avengers. It should've been her who was receiving and engagement ring and the title of Mrs. Rogers or Mrs. Barnes.
“Bitch!” she slammed her hand into the wall, her light eyes filling with hatred and contempt.
That ring would not be on your finger, it would be on hers. She would guarantee it.
** **
Isn’t it beautiful 😍
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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imaginedreamwrite · a month ago
The Auction: Part 5
A/N: There is smut toward the end of the chapter so if you’d like to skip it, please do
** **
Stark was nothing if not a man who enjoyed living in lavish luxury. The private runway that housed the private jets, was far enough outside New York to look completely untouched by the rat race in the big city. The hangar of the private runway was almost as big as the hangar on the proposed Avengers Compound design and layout.
The lavishness Stark enjoyed was carried over to the jet itself. When the three of you had first stepped on the private jet, with your bags already stored in the undercarriage, the interior looked nicer and bigger than most people’s apartments.
From the front of the plane, there was the captain’s cockpit that was sealed off in a black door, with sleek metal trim that had LED lights trimming the silver. The theme carries throughout the rest of the jet, or at least the portion you could see, with the black details carried throughout the headspace and the leather furniture set against the left and the right side of the jet.
The floor was made of soft geometric patterned carpet and carried from the front of the jet to the back. To your left was a series of deep reclining seats with side tables set beside them holding a bucket full of ice and champagne.
Just beyond the two leather reclining seats was a long white leather couch with two fluffy pillows sitting against the armrests. As you moved further into the jet, you saw a set of four leather chairs with a small dining table in between, and across from the arrangement was a minibar with a drink mixing station, a sink and a larger than average mini-fridge and wine cooler.
“It’d going to be a fairly long flight,” Steve followed behind you, placing his hand onto the small of your back as he slipped by you toward the back.
“Can I know where we’re going?” You questioned, slowly shuffling your feet as your wide eyes took in every possible detail.
“Where’s the fun in that?” Bucky came up from behind you and slipped an arm around your waist to pull you flush against him, “it’s all a surprise, doll.”
With his arm around your waist and your back to his chest, you were made hyper-aware of how strong and built Bucky was. His chest was almost twice as wide as yours, and his arm was thick like the root of a tree and likely carried twice its strength. His arm around your waist and his chest against your back had made you aware of his strength, but it had also made you aware of his warmth.
He was like a space heater, the warmth from his body penetrating your clothes and radiating to your flesh, giving you pleasant tingles that spread throughout your entire body. The warmth and the tingles had spread to your lower regions and you were at odds with how wetness began to pool between your thighs.
“Would you like to sit with me?” Bucky’s nose brushed against the shell of your ear, his voice and his warm breath bringing rise to shivers that caused your body to temporarily convulse. “Are you cold, sweetheart?”
The first pet name he had given you, sent another ripple of warmth to shoot through you. It caused more warmth to pool between your legs, which would surely affect your panties.
“I’m just a little nervous about flying.” You tried not to flinch when Bucky slid his hand up the loose-fitting shirt you wore, his thumb brushing against the softness of your stomach that you were so conscious about. Yet he seemed entirely unbothered, Bucky hadn’t ceased his gentle touches of the strokes of his fingers against you and you hadn’t tried to stop him.
Maybe it was just too nice, having someone’s hands on you slowly feeling you up with the radiating wanting that was usually reserved for women smaller than yourself.
Maybe it was a boost that you needed, feeling his reaction to being pressed so tightly against you. You could feel it, you could feel the hardening of his penis through his jeans, you could feel the erection pressed against your lower back, the almost throbbing tip poking into you.
“You are so beautiful,” Bucky whispered in your ear, trailing his lips down the shell of your ear to your neck, “there are so many things I want to do to you.”
You were helpless to protest, helpless to move as his hand snaked further up your stomach to the underside of your plain and rather boring bra. You were helpless to do anything but whine when his fingers gently grabbed the cloth-covered wire of the bra and tugged gently.
“You said you were going to wait, Buck.” Your eyes snapped open, your mouth part in a small gasp when Bucky turned his soft closed-mouth kisses to open mouth nips at your flesh.
“I can’t wait, Steve.” Bucky grabbed the wire and snapped it in his fingers, easily and without warning. “God, I can’t wait…”
Steve walked toward you with his eyes locked onto yours, his lips tugged into a smile. You watched every step he took, in a trance. You were so taken and so mesmerized by him, by his natural and ethereal beauty.
“Did he even ask?” Steve asked, slipping his hands on your cheeks, cupping them softly.
“It’s okay…” You rubbed your thick thighs together, the wetness between your legs becoming too much to handle, the warmth becoming too intense and too hot.
“Sorry to interrupt, Captain Rogers,” the pilot’s voice broke through the speakers, “but we’re about to take off and we need you three to be sitting.”
“Do you want this?” Steve pulled away, his eyes searching yours. “Do you want us to continue?”
You knew what he was asking, you knew exactly what he wanted and you couldn’t say no. You didn’t want to say no.
“Yes,” you gasped when Bucky’s hands cupped your breasts, his fingers squeezing your flesh ever so lightly, just enough to make your nipples harden in his palms, “yes I want this.”
Your admittance, your approval of what would happen, had been all they needed to hear. It was Steve who made the first move after your approval. It was Steve who had slid his hands around your lower back to your ass. It was Steve who had felt every part of your ass that was neither tight nor small, with a nearly unhinged groan in his throat.
“You have no idea what you do to us,” Bucky still has his hands on your breasts and he gave them one last squeeze before he let them go.
“There’s a bedroom in the back,” Steve trailed his hands off your ass to your thighs, and he had given you a quick tug, effectively pulling you into his arms as if you weighed nothing. He pulled you into his arms as if you were nothing but a feather, despite you protesting and mumbling that you were too heavy for him.
“If you keep that up, I’ll spank you.” Steve looked down on you in his arms with desire and lust unleashing. “You’re not too heavy for me, doll.”
“Neither of us.” Bucky followed the two of you to the back bedroom, and when you were set on the bed, Bucky pushed a button near the speaker on the wall, informing the pilots that you were secured.
“Are you sure? Because I don’t want-“ Steve cut you off with his lips, kissing you silently. Steve cut you off by pushing on your shoulder gently until your back met the mattress.
“You are nothing but perfect,” Steve mumbled against your lips when he had to pull away, his hand snaking up your shirt in the same manner as Bucky’s was.
“We want you,” Bucky approached the left side of the bed, his hands fiddling with his belt on his jeans. The clinking of the metal prong as it was pulled out was the melodic tune that distracted you enough from the private plane taking off.
“Are you sure you want this?” Bucky asked again, dropping his belt to the right side of the bed.
“Yes,” you couldn’t turn back now, you didn’t want to turn back now. “I want this, I want you.”
Steve had moved down your body, his hands running over every ridge and bump every curve and softening of your body with care and grace and love. He trailed his hands down your body as well as his lips, every delicate kiss bringing you further toward a place of great and vibrant need.
“We’ll start slow,” the bed dipped when Bucky sat upon it, his eyes running down your body with great appreciation while Steve was busy tantalizingly removing your pants inch by inch, kissing his way down your legs, “we won’t have your first time with us be in a plane.”
“We’ll still have fun,” Steve promised you after you instinctually sighed in slight disappointment, “and I promise that you’ll cum.”
While Steve was ridding you of your pants, Bucky’s hand slowly started pulling at your loose-fitting shirt to get it off your body. You pushed yourself up into a semi-sitting position and allowed Bucky to pull your shirt off and then your bra. As you fell back down to the bed, you felt your pants getting pulled off the rest of your body before you felt Steve’s lips on the inside of your upper thigh.
“We want you more than anyone,” Bucky came to lay by your side, his hands lazily stroking and playing with your hardened nipples. You moaned and whimpered in small cycles, thrown for a loop when Steve had to part your legs and swiped his fingers against your panty-covered pussy.
“You’re soaked, baby.” He crooned into you, two of his fingers stroking your swollen oust lips through your panties.
“Oh, God!” You already felt like you were being overstimulated just Steve’s fingers and Bucky’s hands.
“Shh,” Bucky cooed into your ear, silencing you with his soft and tender kisses. He was rolling your nipples between his thumbs and index fingers, occasionally tugging at your sensitive buds, “it’s okay.”
Steve’s hand grabbed your thighs with his hands, holding your legs apart. He had leaned in and brushed the tip of his nose against your sensitive clit after ridding you of your panties, leaving you exposed for him.
“You’re so wet,” Steve part his lips and started sucking on your clit, his tongue lapping at the hard nub causing your back to arch wildly and your hands to grip the mattress below you. Your whines and whimpers had turned to full blown moans that verbalized exactly how they were making you feel.
Steve was sucking on your clit and Bucky was playing with your tits with his hands and his mouth simultaneously and they were both going to drive you crazy.
“Are you going to cum for us, baby?” Bucky pulled his mouth off your breast to tease you, a devilish smirk on his face.
“I think she is, Buck.” Steve switched from sucking on your clit to lapping at your swollen pussy lips, sucking your sweet juices that were dripping down your cunt.
Steve had doubled down on his grip on your thighs as you started bucking your hips against his tongue. You were going to cum, you were going to cum all over him although you imagined that is what he wanted.
He wanted you to cum on his face.
“Give it to him, sweetheart.” Bucky half whispered, half ordered in your ear. “Cum all over his face, he wants you to. Give him all you have.”
His tongue pushed past your pussy lips and you came undone. Your cunt tightened around his tongue, the building and expanding coil in your belly was leading you to an orgasm you had never felt before.
Your leg shook as you reached your peak. Your whole body shook as you came, as your cum gushed from you.
“The first of many,” Steve pulled back and licked his lips, “you have so many more in you.”
** **
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Tumblr media
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imaginedreamwrite · a month ago
The Auction
Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8 Part 9 Part 10 Part 11
** **
Summary: As a personal assistant for Natasha Romanoff, you are used to being near the spotlight but not in it. And that’s how you preferred it.
You were a plus sized woman in an industry where most people around you were fit and thin, and you were neither. After Natasha convinces you to volunteer for a charity auction, you find yourself bid on and ‘bought’ for a weekend getaway with Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes.
As you’re swept away for a weekend with the two super soldiers, you are made aware of just how they feel about you, and how they want to prove their love.
** **
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imaginedreamwrite · a month ago
The Auction: Part 4
“You don’t need to be nervous,” He whispered in your ear, his hand brushing against your knee under the table, “we won’t hurt you.”
Caged between Steve and Bucky, caged between two super soldier bodies made of muscle snd undeniable strength, was the most nerve-wracking situation you’d ever been in. Being trapped between them at a dinner table, with Steve’s hand on your knee and Bucky leaning into you to tell you some tall tale about a giant, you were a ball of jumbled nerves.
“I know you won’t hurt me. I mean based on your reputation for self-sacrifice, it’s likely that you’d hurt yourself before you hurt me…” Your voice trailed off as the two men stared at you with growing intensity.
“Why are you so nervous? You’ve had dinner before with men, haven’t you?” When glasses of wine were set on the table, Steve grabbed one for you and Bucky, leaning over the table to set them before you both.
“Yeah, but they haven’t exactly been stellar. The last time I went on a date with a man…well it was online dating which my friend pushed me to start which is the start of everything that could’ve gone wrong-“
“Relax.” Bucky rubbed your upper back with his right hand while he used his metal hand to cup your chin and make you look at him. “You don’t have to be scared of us, darling.”
He was beautiful. His eyes were bright and so blue, they almost looked crystalline. His jaw was well defined and he was ‘classically handsome’ with the charm and charisma that could’ve romanced the pants off any woman, in the ’40s or the modern age.
Steve had the same ability, the same beautiful robustness that would’ve drawn any woman to him. Only, if history was correct, and his dating experience was what it was when Steve was the shyer of the two. Steve was the man who had less luck with women because of slight awkwardness and the sickly man he was before the serum.
“I don’t have a lot of good experiences with men.” You admit abashedly. “The few dates I’ve been on in the last few years have been awkward and uncomfortable and the kind of men who are attracted to…”
You shook your head and reached for your glass of wine with urgency. You recoiled your hand and lift her glass to your lips, downing almost the entire glass before you set it back down. The wine produced warmth in your mouth and throat down to your belly, the warmth was pleasant and enduring yet even that wasn't a comparison to Steve’s hand on your knee.
“Bucky and I went on a double date to Coney Island this one summer weekend. He went with this redhead he called Dot, and spent all our money for the train ride home trying to win a stuffed bear for her.” Steve cracked a grin, speaking about Bucky but talking to you.
“It was 3 dollars.” Lucky added, draping his arm across the back of the chair you were sitting on, his fingers brushing against your shoulder.
“Spent the rest of our money on Coney dogs.” Steve inched closer to you, ignoring the rest of the people at the table.
“I suppose Coney Island is famous for its hot dogs.” There was laughter at the tip of your tongue, your smile building.
“Had to hitch a ride in the back of a freezer truck,” Bucky spoke with fondness and nostalgia.
“Can’t even get a hot dog for $3 anymore.” You added, the laugh slipping from tout tongue before you could stop it.
“I think you could get all the…hotdogs you wanted.” Bucky shot a smirk your way, blatantly and boldly flirting with you.
“Shameless!” You wad up a napkin and tossed it his way as you picked up on the euphemism for ‘hotdog’, the flirtations bringing another flash of warmth to your belly, as you truly settled into comfort between the two men.
Comfort and ease as they made you feel like you were the only woman in the world who mattered.
** **
You were stirred by a steady knock on your door that had you striding toward the wood separating your apartment from the rest of the floor. As your bare feet shuffled across the wooden floor, you wiped your hands down the front of your dress, the water on your hands temporarily darkening the colour of the cloth, as you dispelled the remaining droplets of water.
“Just a minute!” You were just about to leave your apartment to do some last-minute errands before you were supposed to leave with Steve and Bucky.
However, when you opened the door, you knew those errands were not going to happen. When you opened the door, electric blue eyes made brighter by the smile on his face, bore into you. He was leaning against the doorframe with a coffee cup in one hand and a thick envelope in the other.
“Bucky..!” You were surprised by more than just his arrival at your door, but given the circumstances that were revolving around this weekend and your nervousness at being alone with the two super soldiers, you chose to focus solely on his sudden appearance at your door.
“I brought you a coffee,” he handed you the cup and wait until you took it and thanked him before he mentioned the envelope, “Nat wanted me to give you this.”
When he stretched out his hand with the envelope, you slowly grabbed it and turned it over. Your name was scrawled in black ink across the middle of the plain white envelope, with only the initials N.R in the top right corner.
“Right,” you were puzzled, “Natasha left for a mission in Lagos…”
You were hoping you could speak to her before you left for your weekend away with Steve and Bucky, however, Natasha left in the early hours last night with the promise that she would call at some point during the weekend.
“Do you know what it is?” You asked, lifting your head.
“I have no idea,” Bucky’s attention moved past you to the bags you had behind you, “need help with those?”
You looked over your shoulder to the luggage tags that were already added and the contents unknown to you, somehow packed by Natasha before she left. She had kept your destination a mystery and you’d be foolish to think you could get anything out of Steve or Bucky.
“You know I have no idea what’s in those?” You pursed your lips and furrowed your eyebrows.
“Nat’s trying to throw you for a loop, isn’t she?” Bucky questioned with mild amusement.
“She thinks I need spontaneity.” You lift the cup to your lips, catching the sweet scent of vanilla and caramel, and slightly burnt sugar. “You know my coffee order?”
Bucky was the one to look a tad nervous now. He had shifted his weight from the right foot to the left and you could see that he was biting the inside of his cheek ever so slightly.
“Nat gave it to me,” Bucky spoke of your coffee order, your usual sweet pick-me-up you rewarded yourself with when you got Natasha’s order. “She also told me you have an aversion to flying.”
You part your lips and sipped lightly on the coffee that was still a little too hot, yet was incredibly pleasing to your tongue and tummy. When the delicious concoction of coffee and sugar mix had hit your tongue, you felt a little more eased and normalized despite not working today or the weekend.
“I do have a slight fear of flying.” Anytime you had to fly, your stomach would be unsettled and your mind would race with every possible outcome that could be devastating.
And that was nothing to say about the way people looked at you when you flew or the whispers behind your back. The quiet comments about how your weight would've been enough to bring the plane down on its own.
“You can hold my hand, ” Bucky offered, his brilliant blue’s looking you up and down appreciatively.
“It’s not like that, it’s…” You frowned and decided to move past the topic altogether, “what airport are we leaving from? And what time do we have to be there?”
You moved toward your luggage, ticking the envelope under your arm while grabbing one of the bags.
“I can take them,” Bucky was quick to offer, quick to sidle up to you and take the other bag by the handle, “let me take them for you. Just enjoy your coffee.”
With his instance, you let Bucky take them both. When he started to move out of your apartment, you hid your smile behind your coffee cup and followed him out the door.
“So the airport,” you started speaking as you followed him toward the elevator, “I’m guessing by your lack of an answer that it’s private?”
“The plane and the runway belong to Stark.” Bucky glanced over his shoulder making sure you were still behind him, “Steve and I thought you’d like to fly private if you had the chance.”
Realistically, that would have eased a lot of your worries and anxieties. Flying private would-be a once in a lifetime opportunity, who knew when you would get another chance to fly in a private jet on a private runway?
“You’re pulling out all the stops aren’t you?” You stepped into the elevator and pressed the designated button to take the elevator down to the underground parking.
“This is our once chance to impress the pretty dame,” Bucky was only separated from you by the thickness of your luggage, “every other time Steve and I have tried to flirt or show our interest, someone hasn’t caught on.”
“Sounds like this person is a bit of a blockhead.” You played along, your lips twitching as they threatened to form a smile.
“No,” Bucky sighed, “but God is she gorgeous. Beautiful inside and out. Eyes so captivating they put the stars to shame.”
You wanted to laugh and sob. You wanted to laugh at the romantics that seemed atypical yet heart-stopping and cry at how spectacular he made you feel by his words alone. You wanted to cry by the tone of voice and the lack of any joking matter, the lack of any scorn or disgust.
“Must be special to have stolen your attention.” The elevator stopped and the doors opened to the underground parking, yet neither of you moved.
“You are, Y/N,” Bucky spoke with genuine and deep truth rooted at every word, “you have no idea how badly we want you.”
To hear that from him, to hear the wantonness behind his voice and the certainty in his eyes had created a momentary shift.
Bucky and Steve wanted you.
They wanted you. They wanted you for everything you were and nothing you weren’t.
“Where are we going anyway?” you questioned to distract yourself from crying.
“Sorry sweetheart,” Bucky stepped off the elevator with your luggage in his hands, “I promised Steve I'd keep it a secret.”
** **
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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imaginedreamwrite · a month ago
The Auction: Part 3
“The metal box only works if you press the button.” The baritone and thick voice that came from your left had embraced an English accent, or something the like, and had briefly stolen your attention away from the buttons built into the elevator and onto the person behind the voice.
The moment you turned your head you recognized him. If any Avenger was easily recognizable from their image it would’ve been Thor, the God of thunder. He had changed quite a bit, with the loss of his eye and him cutting his hair short, yet the sheer size of him and the strength rippling in every fibre of his being was infamous.
“I know how the box-“ you stopped and chewed the inside of your cheek. “-I know how the elevator works I’m just…”
Thor was the exception to the PA rule. Thor was here and then he was gone, he was on Midgard and Asgard at random times. He didn’t need a PA, which was refreshing in a sense because it lessened the unspoken competition between the PA’s.
“Do you want me to press the button for you?” He reached his thick finger out to press the button, only hesitating as you emit a sound that was a cross between a shriek and a scream, strangled and tight. “Did I cause you distress? Or is that sound common in Midgard?”
“No,” you sighed, “I’m just trying to build up the courage to press the button.”
“Is there something you’re afraid of?” He gave you a once over, the corner of his mouth upturned in a smirk. “I’m guessing you’re going to one of Stark’s famous parties.”
“The auction. I’m…in…” You felt your stomach flip. “I’m in the auction this year…I’m being… it’s for charity and-“
“You are in the auction this year?” Thor questioned, shoving a hand into the pocket of his black pants.
“Is it that surprising? Someone like me being auctioned off for charity?” You shouldn’t have asked, mentally preparing yourself for scorn.
“You are a beautiful woman,” Thor turned his head and fixed his gaze on you, “back on Asgard, women like you would be the reason great men fight each other.”
Your eyebrows knit together, your lips pursed as you stared at him in wonderment. Was he taking jest at your expense or was he being genuine and serious?
“Women like me?” You glanced down at the dress you chose, the way it fit you like a glove and flattered your larger figure and soft stomach, “you mean women are-“
“Has no one on Midgard praised you? Has no one on this planet told you how perfect of a woman you are?” He sounded offended like he was personally attacked by this prospect.
“This is a joke right?” You tilt your head slightly to the right. “Women like me are not looked at as beautiful.”
“Midgardian’s are fools!” He shook his head and turned his icy blue eyes back to you. “Well if you say you are on the auction tonight then I will be your first bidder.”
Heat burst in you when you realized how serious he was about this. There wasn’t scorn or ridicule in his voice, there wasn’t any mirth of amusement in his eyes. There was no discernible reason to believe that he was taking cruel shots at you, so perhaps he was genuine?
“Are you serious?” Your frown deepened and so had your confusion, but you had no time to react because the moment you wanted to, the elevator stopped at the floor you needed.
You didn’t have time to process much before Natasha and two super soldiers approached the elevator the moment the doors opened.
“Y/N!” Natasha greet you with a beaming smile. “Damn, you look good! Are you ready for the auction?”
“As ready as I’ll ever be.” You moved to step off the elevator, however, your progress was stopped when Thor held out his arm for you to take.
“Lady Y/N and I were discussing the events tonight,” Thor stepped out after you had, “I promised the lady that I would be her first bidder.”
“A gentleman,” Steve Rogers spoke up with a tight-lipped smile on his face that didn’t meet his eyes, “I didn’t think you would be here for this, Thor.”
“Neither did I,” he spoke with a laugh, “though I am damn glad I had.”
“You look beautiful, Y/N,” Bucky stole your attention and caused your breath to hitch in your throat, his eyes slowly looking you up and down.
The attention you were receiving from the three men, the three ‘alpha males’ was simultaneously causing your stomach to flip over end and your hands to shake.
The dress Natasha had chosen was flattering in the best possible way that made you feel as if you were the star of your movie. The dress itself was red and vibrant, with thick straps that gave you and your heavy breasts support. The neckline dropped down into a low ‘V’ neckline that was both tasteful and tantalizing, and that whole image had carried throughout the rest of the dress.
Especially to the high thigh slit that showed off your freshly waxed legs while still keeping the privacy of your lady parts.
You felt like a million dollars in the dress and the matching heels, and for a moment or even a night, you could fully embrace your confidence without feeling insecure.
“Thank you.” You chewed on the inside of your cheek, shifting your weight from one heel to the next. “I’m going to get a drink.”
“Let me escort you, lady Y/N. I would prefer some ale as well to start the night off right.” Thor had slipped his hand onto you, resting it on your upper back.
“Uhh…” You opened your mouth to protest, snapping it shut quickly when it appeared that Steve would interject.
Thor only taken a step before Steve had angled himself between yourself and Thor. His large imposing figure had all but obscured Thor from your vision as you looked back over your shoulder. When you glanced back, all you saw was the smooth and firm suit jacket that covered broad shoulders.
“I think you’ve done enough escorting for the night, Thor. After all, you wouldn’t want your fiancée to get jealous. Maybe you should let someone else escort the dame.” Steve was nothing but courteous, maybe his voice was pressed and strained, however, there was no real animosity behind his message.
“Ah the fiancée,” he bummed, “we seem to be at odds.”
“You’re still engaged. You shouldn’t be entertaining women when you have one at home.” Steve’s voice took a deeper turn as he further closed you off from Thor.
“What is going on?” You mouthed to Natasha as she passed, her eyes bright with amusement and pleasure.
“Ya wanna join me for a drink, doll?” Bucky had sidled up to you on the left, effectively blocking you in between his body and Steve’s.
“Am I allowed to drink at this thing? I thought all volunteers had to stay sober until it was over?” You were looking for an escape route, an excuse to get you out of the trap they seemed to be setting for you.
Between Steve behind you and Bucky to your left, you felt as if you would soon be caught in a vice of muscles and strength that was making your thighs quake and your heart drum.
“One wouldn’t hurt.” Bucky’s voice was softer and smoother than usual, his eyes almost in constant motion to glance you up and down.
You looked at Natasha for help, pleading with your eyes for her to save you from the attention you were not used to getting. You were out of your comfort zone and having three perfect specimens giving you the entirety of your attention was foreign to you.
You were never the centre of attention when you were around Natasha. You never had such attractive and gorgeous men giving you every ounce of respect they possibly could. You never had their eyes constantly on you with them being filled with disdain and disgust and now…you didn’t know what to do with yourself. How were you supposed to react to this?
“Alright boys,” Natasha had grabbed your hand and pulled you away from them, “Y/N is feeling uncomfortable with all this testosterone hanging around and she needs to get ready for the auction?”
“Its now?” You whipped your head around, staring at her with wide eyes brimming with anxiety and panic. “Like right now?”
Natasha nod her head while leading you toward the designated stage area and the auction site.
“They always have the auction before dinner. It drives higher prices plus it gives the auction volunteers and the bid winners a chance to talk over food and discuss what or where the dates will take place.” Natasha explained as she led you to the backstage area.
“I don’t know if I can do this, Nat.” You stood near the back of the group of volunteers, arms wrapped around yourself. “What if no one bids? What if I end up looking like a fool?”
Nat was quick to comfort you and provide assurance. “You won’t be, trust me Y/N. I think you’ll be surprised. Now, have fun.”
She squeezed your shoulders and kissed your cheeks before she left your side and moved out from the back. When she was gone, you had nothing to do but wait your turn and listen to the start of the auction as each volunteer slowly went out before you and was bid on.
The bids went anywhere from one thousand dollars to nearly 30 thousand dollars but hardly any had gone above. You listened to each word spoken, each bid that was placed and matched or beaten while you were entering a state of deepening anxiety.
This was like your worst fears, every single one of them rolled into one. These other volunteers, women and men, were thinner than you were with more muscle and strength in their pinkie than you felt like you had in your whole body. They were beautiful in a societal approved way with the features that were deemed acceptable while you were not.
“It’ll be okay.” You mumbled under your breath, in a time blind haze that kept you busy and unaware until it was your turn to go on stage.
You walked without thinking, autonomously. You walked onto that stage and fixed your eyes on a set of lights on the back, focusing on them as if your life depended on it. You studied the shape of the light fixture and the way the lightbulbs inside has cast the light.
It was only when the first bid of five thousand dollars was cast that you had turned your eyes toward the crowd. You watched as more than one person placed a bid, only it was the bids that were placed by Steve and Bucky and Thor that you were most interested in.
“10,000.” It was Bucky who spoke, and it was Bucky who flashed you a smile that had surprisingly eased you. Natasha was right about the whole event, you weren’t being made a fool of.
“15,000.” Thor bid higher, casually smirking toward the two super soldiers, egging them on.
“20,000.” Steve was the next to bid, his blue-green eyes fixed on Thor and narrowed into a steely glare.
“25,000.” Thor raised the bid again, sitting in his seat higher with his paddle raised above theirs.
“The bids keep climbing!” the auctioneer called, pointing back toward Steve and Bucky, “do I hear 30,000?”
They had stared at each other pointedly before Bucky nodded and Steve raised his paddle, cutting off Thor’s sense of accomplishment.
“50,000 thousand.” His gaze shift from the auctioneer to you and his lips were quickly tugged into a half-smirk.
You tell back into that haze while your eyes locked. You were in a haze until the banging of the gavel and the announcement that the bidding was over for a total of 55,000 thousand after a small bid was made by Thor.
“55,000…” You mumbled in shock as you left the stage and dipped backstage. “Oh my God…”
“I told you!” Natasha had come bursting sound the corner with a wide smile on her face and ride in her eyes. “The highest bid of the night!”
“I can’t believe they bid that high!” you exclaimed with surprise. “I didn’t know they even had that kind of money. I didn’t know I was worth that much.”
Natasha nudged you in the ribs with her elbow, smiling at you with pride. She had reached for your hand and squeezed your palm with her thumb, using her other hand to brush your hair behind your ear.
“You don’t see what we see.” Her voice took a sombre tone, “you don’t see what Steve and Bucky see, and it’s heartbreaking. If only you could see yourself how they do…”
Your heart skipped a beat when the imposing frames of two super-soldiers were spotted at the edge of the backstage area.
“Excuse me, ma’am, ” Steve cleared his throat and came closer, “but we’d like to collect our date now,”
Your heart skipped a beat and it was almost impossible to smother the feelings rising in you. It was almost impossible to stop the wide and bright smile that was forming on your face.
“They’ve been waiting a while, ” Nat leaned in, speaking in hushed tones, “we’ll talk before you leave for the night.”
“Boys, ” she tapped their shoulders giving them wanting glances before she left, “behave and handle her with care. She means a lot to me.”
“Us too, Nat.”
You meant enough for them to spend 55,000 just to have a weekend away with you.
** **
The dress
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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imaginedreamwrite · a month ago
The Auction: Part 2
Exhaustion was seeping from every pore on your body as you drug your feet through the quiet and pristine lobby, a series of black zipped and enclosed bags held in your left hand and some pink and white bags in the other. Balanced in your right hand along with the pink and white bags was your cellphone which had been buzzing from the moment you stepped out of the car and into Stark Tower.
The itching under your skin to check on the phone call was only outdone and outweighed by Natasha Romanoff’s quick strides as she moved throughout the lobby toward the elevator. You struggled to keep up with her while lugging your haul and the dresses in the closed bags that she made you buy with the bonus she gave you.
You took as large of strides as you could, and when you stepped into the elevator you huffed and leaned against the cool metal wall, hooking the hangers built into the closed dress bags on the metal railing. Without the bags in your hand, you were able to grip your phone with both hands and finally answer the buzzing that had caused the itching anxiousness.
As you leaned against the cool metal wall of the elevator and answered emails and arranged the next week’s schedule, a rough outline anyway. You were quickly made aware of the elevator doors opening, by the sound of the doors parting like the Red Sea. The approach of two more people onto the elevator had not been enough to pull your attention away from your phone and your task of fixing and skeleton scheduling Natasha’s ‘life’ but the greeting she had tossed out was enough to steal your attention and cast it on the two men who were as wide as they were tall and built like solid mountains.
“Hello boys,” the message of Natasha’s greeting was friendly and neutral yet there was something about the tone of voice that made it seem like a jest at their behalf, “are you excited for Stark’s charity auction? A few days away. Do you have your eyes on anyone?”
You busied yourself with your phone, tapping away at whatever mindless game you could find, trying to make yourself appear ignorant to the conversation they were having. Despite your ears burning and their blue and blue-green eyes, respectively, on you, you kept your head down and your feigned naivety about what they were speaking about.
“You’re not in the auction this year?” The rumble of their voice, Steve’s you figured, had stirred the conversation and kept it alive, while you were trying not to be seen.
You found yourself shifting your weight from foot to foot with anxiousness. It was a tick of sorts, being so self-conscious when you were around people like Natasha and Steve and Bucky. When you were around beautiful and fit people that were ethereal in their nature and the picture-perfect vision of health and fitness and you…weren’t.
Given the mean-spirited nickname of ‘thunder thighs’ in your youth had stuck with you, mentally at least. You always felt as if you were hyper-aware of your soft stomach snd your heavy breasts that went along with your plus-sized figure. Your ass was neither tight nor small, and that made it difficult to feel confident in yourself, let alone your physicality’s when you had to meet with others under the guise of being Natasha Romanoff’s PA.
“Not me,” Natasha smirked, “but Y/N is.”
Though it didn’t necessarily show, you felt your cheeks burning from the near-constant and penetrating gaze that was cast on you. Your cheeks burned beneath your skin while the familiar souring of your stomach settled in as you prepared yourself mentally and emotionally for some sharp and snide comments about what a waste that would be.
You were preparing yourself for the jabs and the jests made at your expense. The little jokes and statements made that would bring laughter to space while you wallowed in your inability to ‘take a joke’ or the blatant offence you felt.
“Not entirely willingly…” You mumbled the lie, hoping that it would make you feel better about whatever they would say next.
“Is that what the bags are for?” Bucky asked, his blue-eyed gaze landing on the bags hanging on the metal pole attached to the wall of the elevator.
You turned your attention back to your phone, waiting for that eventual shoe to drop. You didn’t want them to see your weakness, though you were sure enough that they could sense it. You were sure they could sense your knees knocking and your stomach churning with anticipation of the inevitable.
“A few options for Y/N, ” Natasha had also cast her gaze upon your, though it was short-lived, “and a few surprises.”
Surprises being killed heels that made your legs good great and a pair of jeans that somehow seemed to flatter your body as it was without some hideous flower pattern on the ass cheeks to accentuate or some hideous cut that drew attention to yourself while simultaneously making you look as if you were by a jean covered blob.
Because that’s a lot of what fashion for plus size women was, a covering or a pattern or fabric that was meant to simply be on your body instead of embracing it.
“A dress for the auction, ” Natasha added.
“Since Natasha’s not allowed to be a part of it, ” you licked your bottom lip and prayed that the elevator would hurry its incontinence self up, “I was voluntold.”
“It’s for a good cause.”
“That’s why I said ultimately said yes.”
“A woman like yourself up on that stage, ” Steve cracked a half-smile, “I’m sure you’ll get bid up real high.”
“Who wouldn’t want to spend a weekend with a dame like you?” Bucky added, pointedly looking you up and down.
The doors finally opened to your floor and you couldn’t have gotten out fast enough. You had all but ripped the dress bags from the railing and threw them over your shoulder, with the other bags beating against your leg as you power-stalked away from the doors and the three perfect people in the metal box.
You didn’t stop your power stalking until you were at your room door and had the door halfway open. You had unceremoniously thrown the bags away from you, not caring where they landed or how.
You kicked your shoes off next and with the same lack of haphazard care, you strode throughout your small apartment to your room, throwing the door open.
You threw yourself onto the bed and sighed, feeling a day’s worth of anxiety slowly seeping from your shoulders. Shopping with Natasha was pleasant enough if you ignored every single scrutinizing look. If you could ignore every comment under shop attendants breaths or the way their eyes followed you with thinly-veiled disgust at how a person like Natasha Romanoff could be seen with a person like you.
A person like you – a woman who was plus sized and not worth the attention of any man who had eyes.
A woman like you who was the brunt of every joke and who could only land a man if that man lost a bet.
The day of shopping produced high-end and beautiful clothes that made you feel like a million bucks, but all that confidence cracked when you saw the look in the shop attendant's eyes.
It was the silent judgement and looks of odium and the snide remarks about how one could let themselves feel good in that body.
And now, because you felt as though you were a pushover, you were going to be on stage in front of rich men and women who were among the most beautiful and elite.
“It won’t be bad, ” you sighed and rubbed your hands down your face, “it’ll be fine. It’ll be fun.”
You could choose to wallow in your displeasure, or you could choose to keep your head high.
“Fuck it,” you mumbled, “it’s for charity. Natasha promised it would be fine.”
You sat up quickly, enough to make yourself dizzy. You shift yourself to the end of the bed and pressed your palms flush against the bed. You placed your feet on the floor before standing and moving with purpose toward the dresses that you had haphazardly thrown.
“Im going to look good.” You snatched one of the bags from the floor and draped it on your couch. You reached out and pulled the zipper down, revealing the dress within that was a favourite of Nat’s.
“I may hate the whole evening but damn, ” you looked at the dress with fondness remembering how it looked on you, “I’ll look good.”
** **
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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imaginedreamwrite · a month ago
The Auction: Part 1
Summary: In which Natasha pushes you to be auctioned off for a weekend for charity, and the opportunity arises for two super soldier’s to have reader at their mercy for a full weekend
** **
The Avengers were akin to celebrities and that created a need for personal assistants to help support and create ease in their lives while they fought off the threats that faced the world.
As a person assistant, your job revolved the most basic errands such as getting fresh coffee or picking up their dry cleaning, making their day to day as seamless as possible, to making sure all preparations were made for any and all trips that they would have to go on to save the world.
Being a personal assistant wasn’t a glamorous job, and the hours proved to be long and draining, but the pay was incredible. Not only was the pay incredible but the benefits of being a PA had vastly outweighed the negatives. Yes, you worked long hours and had a hectic schedule, but when your assigned avenger was on a mission overseas or on vacation, your free time grew exponentially.
As long as the basics were handled, you had quite a lot of time on your hands when they were in another country.
Your assigned avenger was Natasha Romanoff, and given her skill as an assassin and spy, your free time was on the higher end than someone who stuck closer to home like Peter Parker or Bruce Banner or even Tony Stark.
The hours that those PA’s worked we’re almost double your own, but that could also boil down to the privacy Natasha Romanoff required. Peter Parker, while he was in his senior year, had a PA who was nearly run on her feet after trying to keep up with Peter and his forgetfulness.
Bruce Banner’s PA was always tired, always had dark bags under her eyes after being kept late in the labs while Banner worked.
Tony Stark used his PA almost too much, which has caused his PA to put more miles on her car in one year while working for Tony than the 2 years prior.
One disadvantage of being Natasha Romanoff’s PA was the incessant looks you’d received when you were in her presence. Natasha Romanoff was a beautiful woman, she was completely breathtaking and she knew it. She knew she was a deadly woman with her fists and her physical appearance and that drew questions whenever you were introduced as her PA.
If Natasha Romanoff was such a bombshell, then why did she choose a PA who was not? Why did Natasha Romanoff have a PA who was ‘pretty for a big girl’, who’s thighs had been rubbing together since you were 13. Why would Natasha Romanoff have a PA who looked as if she had swallowed two of her?
You were a woman who was plus-sized, and spent the greater amount of your time working for a woman who was the epitome of men’s fantasies. It was enough of a contrast to draw comments under breaths or snide looks. It was almost a constant reminder that no matter what, you wouldn’t fit well into their world aside from working for them.
Despite the comments and the snide looks, the depreciating hand signals that would be fired toward you for a ‘few good laughs’ Natasha treat you no different than she treat anyone of her team mates.
Natasha was a woman who had put in the effort to make you feel as comfortable as possible while working for her, and in your defence, had told the commentators, usually men, how quickly she could dismember them without leaving evidence behind.
You may have been verbally bullied about your size as a plus sized woman, but Natasha would never treat you with so much disrespect. Natasha had treat you as if you were her little sister rather than her PA, and that meant talking you up from the low places you would sometimes notch yourself in.
Natasha was an amazing woman and you admired her.
Even if she had pushed you out of your comfort zone toward new unchartered waters.
“You’re attending the charity auction.” She told you, handing you an invitation. “I need you there.”
She was constantly trying to push you toward a place where you could see your own value.
“Charity auction for the sick kids foundation?” You read the invitation twice.
“They’re auctioning off weekends spent shadowing avengers or weekend dates with volunteers for the auction.” Natasha explained while adjusting and fixing her eyeliner.
“So you need me to go and make sure everything is sorted out?” You behind her, tapping on the tablet in your hands.
“Not exactly, kukla.” Natasha locked eyes with you in the mirror. “I can’t volunteer this year on account of what happened last year on the ‘date’, but you can.”
The tablet in your hands has nearly fallen to the floor. It had nearly slipped from your grips to the soft carpet below your feet as the registration of what she said had gave way to shock.
“What?” You frowned and furrowed your eyebrows. “I’m sorry..:what did you just say?”
Natasha smirked in the mirror, adjusting her stance after she reached for a metal container of mascara. She hadn’t given you an explanation of elaborated on what she had said right off the bat. She had coat her eyelashes with mascara until she was satisfied, then she pressed her lips together.
“I said you can. I put you down on the docket to be auctioned for a weekend of fun. It’ll do you some good.” While Natasha had been unbothered by her decision to offer you up as a volunteer for the auction, you were not.
“Why would you do that?” You hissed. “No one will bid!”
“Are you sure?” She questioned, crossing her arms over her chest and raising an eyebrow. “I think there are more men attracted to you than you think.”
Your snort and derision was a precursor to your eyes rolling. You had mirrored her stance by crossing your arms over your chest and cocking your hip out. You were having two different reactions that were each battling for control, first was your mental reaction that was akin to a nuclear meltdown in your head and the other was your emotionally pressed yet coolness snippiness that had taken over.
“I’d like to believe that, but there’s a better chance of seeing pigs fly.” Your comment had rolled off Natasha like water off a duck’s back, she didn’t even acknowledge your comment or your dig at yourself.
“As a friend,” Natasha asked with a tone of voice that was more telling, “I am going to put you on the volunteer list. As a friend, I am doing this because there are men out there who are attracted to you and have even tried flirting with you-“
“I’ve been flirt with?” Your irritation turned to general confusion.
“-and they feel like this is the best way to get your attention. So will you please-“ she didn’t even need to twist your arm before you caved.
“-it’s for a good cause.” There was a bubbling in your belly as butterflies sprung to life, “what the hell. I’m in.”
“Good.” Natasha stride toward you and pinched your cheeks, “now let’s get you a dress that’s show-stopping.”
** **
Tumblr media
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March Reading List
Tumblr media
March 2020′s masterlist for @beccaanne814‘s Reblog Challenge  will be updated every Friday.
PLEASE heed the warnings for all stories. These writers are all amazing and talented and BRAVE. Enjoy them and have fun loves, that’s what we’re all here for. :) 
2020 Reblog Challenge Masterlist 
1. Lies by Omission by @outside-the-government Prompt: “Just’re okay, I promise, just breathe.” Reader has asthma. Star Trek | Leonard McCoy x Reader Warnings: doctor!Bones, fluff, small explosion, asthma attack
2. Truth be Told by @outside-the-government Non-sequel to Lies by Omission where reader gets acute bronchitis that exacerbates the asthma.  Star Trek | Leonard McCoy x Reader Warnings: severe asthma attack, descriptions of medical procedures, needles.
3. Power and Treason by @your-highnessmarvel Request: Could you do a reader telling Loki she’s pregnant fic where it’s a little angsty MCU | Loki x Reader Warnings: angst, mentions of manipulation
Just Like This: A Birthday Drabble by @winchester-fantasies It’s your birthday, and Dean surprises you with the perfect morning. SPN | Dean Winchester x Reader Warnings: fluff, some swearing
Pancakes and Breakfast in Bed: A Birthday Drabble by @winchester-fantasies You and Sam share a perfect morning together on your birthday - despite a minor hiccup. SPN | Sam Winchester x Reader Warnings: fluff, some swearing
4. Love is Destructive (I Need You) by @kylorenvevo Les Mis | Enjolras x Eponine
5. Here to Stay by @xetoilerouge When a reunion is more sweet than bitter... MCU | Bucky Barnes x Reader Warnings: Death mentions. Angst. Tiniest but biggest amount of fluff.
6. Steve Rogers Drabble by @xetoilerouge Prompt: First Kiss MCU | Steve Rogers x Reader Warnings: Fluff. Falling in love. You know how he do.
7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12. The Good Witch Series by @softhairbarnes After your coven is attacked, you teleport to New York in search of the one person who could be able to help you. But convincing him won’t be so easy. MCU | Stephen Strange x Reader Warnings: provided at the beginning of each chapter
13. Say Cheese by @reigningqueenofwords Day Prompt: Camera MCU | Thor x Reader
14. Imagine...Dean Debating Asking You Out by @luci-in-trenchcoats SPN | Dean x Reader
15. You Don’t Even Take History by @fictionalabyss SPN | Dean x Plussize!Reader, Sam, John (mentioned in passing) Warnings: High school, bullies, lies, shy awkward Dean, happy ending
16. Glad You’re Here by @impala-dreamer Request: Sam x Reader comfort smut while he’s sick from the trials. SPN | Sam Winchester x Reader Warnings: Hurt/Comfort, Trials!Sam angst. Light smut.
17. Compliance by @impala-dreamer Request: Cas x Reader, all the angst, Naomi wants Cas to prove his loyalty to Heaven by killing the reader. Cas resists, Naomi is unhappy. SPN | Castiel x Reader Warnings: Angst, Show level violence and blood. Mind Control.
18. You’re Home by @impala-dreamer Request: Dean x reader, waking him from a nightmare about purgatory, maybe calming smut? SPN | Dean x Reader Warnings: NSFW. PTSD. Nightmares. Dissociation. Light smut.
19. Back by @impala-dreamer Request: You and Dean’s first reunion after his return from purgatory. SPN | Dean x Reader Warnings: Angst, Suspicion, Feels. SFW.
20. Drabble by @softhairbarnes Prompt: Lesson MCU | Stephen Strange x Reader
21. Baker!Bucky Drabble by @reigningqueenofwords Request: a chubby baker Bucky who crushes on reader and makes her special treats in attempt of flirting??? MCU | Bucky Barnes x Reader
22. Suptober: Motels and Love by @julesthequirky​ The reader and Castiel in a will they, won’t they relationship. SPN | Castiel x Reader
23. Nothing Good by @impala-dreamer​ Request: Based on All Hell Breaks Loose parts 1 and 2 the reader watches as Sam gets stabbed and Dean runs towards him. Then flashforward to dead!Sam on the bed and the reader along with Bobby tries to help Dean but he blows up at her and then says he’s sorry. SPN | Dean, Sam, Bobby, Reader Warnings: Extreme Angst.
24. A Human’s Emotion by @winchesteratheart13​ Rules are made to be broken, at least as the saying goes. Heaven’s rules, however, held a special place of fear in Y/N’s heart. Breaking them by falling in love with an angel was never part of her plan. SPN | Castiel x Reader, Jack Kline, Winchesters briefly Warnings: angst, talk of near death experience, heavy kissing and implied smut (not graphic!)
25. Same (1/6) by @companionjones​ Through the many dimensions Dr. Strange showed you, you meant Sherlock Holmes. Over time you grew very close to the two men. BBC Sherlock x MCU | Stephen Strange x Reader and Sherlock Holmes x Reader
26. This Bad Boy’s Excuse by @guardingstarlord​ Song Inspiration: ‘Does She Know’ by Astrid S MCU | Peter Quill x Fem!Reader Warnings: Angst, Smut, Foul Language
27. Bedside Manner by @writtingsofspn​ Request: Cas not leaving Y/N hospital bedside when you’re in a coma. SPN | Castiel x Reader Warnings: Angst
28. Shoulder to Cry On by @impala-dreamer​ Meeting up.with dean after the croatoan stuff. Getting drunk and horny. SPN | Dean Winchester x Reader Warnings: Smangst. Feels. Angst. Drinking, Sexy Times. NSFW   
29. The Smut at the End of This Book by @impala-dreamer​ The Monster at the End of This Book. Dean stumbles across some Sam x Y/N smut. SPN | Sam Winchester x Reader Warnings: Smuttiness, PG13
30. The Lucky Ones by @squirrel-moose-winchester​ In a world where finding a soulmate has become extremely rare, Dean and Y/N are lucky to have found each other. SPN | Dean Winchester x Reader Warnings: Fluff
31. The Fight Parts 1 & 2 by @wickedsingularity​ MCU | Steve Rogers, Reader
Dark!Steve Drabble by @darkficsyouneveraskedfor​ My request (!) : “You married the wrong man.” MCU | Steve Rogers x Reader Warnings: Dark fic
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Ambers Masterlist
Tumblr media
(made  by @the-soulofdevil​. I love it, thank you.)
Hi! Welcome to my Masterlist, mostly there is Chris Evans Characters listed here, but I have a bit of others as well. Please feel free to send Asks about any series or one shots that come to mind. I do requests, but they are sporadically done and I might pass on some should I not really have any ideas for a story. This list does include NSFW 18+ content. Fics should have approptiate warnings on them, if not, please let me know. Happy Reading. 
Bucky Barnes/Winter Soldier- 
Tumblr media
Sam Wilson/Falcon/Captain America- 
Tumblr media
Life After Snowpiercer (Curtis Everett Series and One Shots)-  (complete)
Curtis Everett x Y/N- series and drabbles/shorts. Curtis decides its time to get all of you out of the tail end and live a life free. Warnings- Smut, violence, mentions of pregnancy, Non Con moments. Moodboard made by @angrybirdcr​. Go check out her work, its STUNNING.
Tumblr media
Wilfords Demands and other Darkish!Curtis fics- (ongoing)
Wilford uses men like Curtis to sire children for his use, and has issued Curtis his own permanent companion, You. But can he keep you? Others seem to have eyes on you as well. (Darkish Themed) 
Tumblr media
The Perfect Life-  A Dark Series with Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes (ongoing) 
Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes are tired, tired of not having what they have longed for all these years. Modern time dating is hard. Its just easier to take what they want. 
Tumblr media
Rose Red All Hallow’s Eve- (complete) 
Welcome to Rose Red, the famously haunted mansion in New York State thats open for one night a year, Hallow’s Eve. Come for a visit, stay a while. We promise that you will not want to leave. 
Tumblr media
Home Sweet Home- (Andy Barber AU) (complete)
The Barbers are just starting to settle down into a new life and a growing family. Its time for a bigger and better house, a place they can call home. But they might not be the only ones to call Amityville Home. 
Tumblr media
The Pack/Shifter Series- 
Alpha of the Mountain Pack Steve Rogers welcomes a shifter in need of sanctuary. The Alpha finds out she’s so much more. (A/B/O AU)
Tumblr media
Ransom Drysdale Advent Calendar- (complete) 
24 days of Ransom trying to do everyday tasks. Written with @what-is-your-backupplan-today​ and @ohthankevans13​ Moodboard made by what-is-your-backupplan-today.) 
Tumblr media
Feeding The Flames: Johnny Storm Smut Series (Ongoing)
A series of shorts done for @imanuglywombat​ “Is that even a sex position?” Weekly Challenge featuring our favorite Fantastic Four member, Johnny Storm. 
Tumblr media
Going Off Script- Playing It Cool AU (Ongoing)
Mike (Renamed from Me) are doing the whole Couple lifestyle. With all its ups and downs that go with it. 
Tumblr media
Owned Sinfully Sweet- Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes Mob AU (ongoing)
Club Owners and Mobsters Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes claim you as their Doll. Now everything you do is for them and them alone. 
Tumblr media
Chris Evan Characters- 
Characters such as Steve Rogers (Captain America), Ransom Drysdale (Knives Out), Colin Shea (Whats Your Number) Paul Diskant (Street Kings) Johnny Dobyne (Loss of a Teardrop Diamond) Ari Levinson (Red Sea Diving Resort) Mike Weiss (Puncture) Robert Pronge/Mr.Freezy- (Iceman) 
Tumblr media
Chris Evans- (One Shots)
Tumblr media
Randomness Things- (One Shots) 
Characters that I dont normally write for (Peter Quill, Deadpool, Loki) and just open interpretation kind of writing with a picture attached.
Sweaters Any Fucking Fic Challenge- my first challenge submission pieces. 
Sweaters Birthday Celebration- masterlist of all writings done for my birthday on July 23rd.
Sage and Sweaters Winter/Holiday Festival Challenge- (on going) 
Sensory Prompts with Random Characters- Open Requests
Triple Frontier AU- 
Tumblr media
Supernatural Verse- (One Shots) 
Tumblr media
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