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#Steve Rogers x parker!reader x Bucky Barnes
simpforthemcu · 5 hours ago
Tony: You know how you always wanted a new Rolex watch?
Tony, opening the door: That's right, I got a llama!
Pepper, simultaneously: What?!?!
Y/n, simultaneously: YES!!
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idy-ll-ique · 16 hours ago
Not Just A Hug.
Pairing: Chris Evans x F!Reader
Genre: Fluff
Warnings: none
Requested: nope
Summary: Y/N Y/L/N is touch-starved. One friendly hug from Chris Evans leaves her wanting more, and him as well.
Author's Note: Hiya peeps! I was high in my feels when I wrote this 🤡 I'm the touch-starved one here lol n e ways... Enjoy!
Y/N didn't want to feel this way.
She watched as the couple in the movie hugged, her own arms tightening around herself. Why didn't she have that? A hug. Heck, it didn't even have to come from a significant other, all she needed was a hug. Just to feel something. Cared for, maybe. Groaning in frustration, she turned the TV off and trudged to the stairs, ready to get some sleep. She was sure the yearning would pass off by tomorrow.
It didn't.
In blunt words, Y/N Y/L/N was touch-starved. She grew up in a household where no affection was ever shown, and in her 24 years of life, she had never even been in a proper relationship. And so, the poor dear was longing. Longing for someone's touch, someone to hold her close, someone that could make all her pain go away. But oh well, one can't have all good things in life. Getting into bed, she switched off the lights and as soon as her head hit the pillow, she was out cold.
"Good morning, Y/N!"
"Good morning, sir, how are you doing?" Y/N smiled tiredly, keeping her backpack down on a nearby chair. "Splendid. How about you?" her kind-hearted boss smiled back, ruffling her hair. The simple act of affection made her knees go weak and she gripped the back of the chair she stood behind. "I'm doing well," she answered curtly.
Her boss made her feel like he was her father, even though her biological one was still alive.
"Great, great. Let me give you a few minutes to adjust, then I'll introduce you to the actors, okay?" He went away and Y/N sat down on the chair, taking a deep gulp of water from her bottle. Get yourself together! She had been feeling uneasy and miserable for the past week. Nothing helped; watching comedy didn't help, watching movies didn't help, and reading fanfictions certainly didn't calm her nerves.
Y/N even touched herself one night, that helped for a tiny bit before her nerves took over. And from that, she concluded that she was simply touch-starved. One familial hug would solve everything. But where was she even going to get one? Who would want to…? Not her family, she didn't have very many friends, and certainly not a stranger. Her boss, though amazing, wasn't big on hugs. "Y/N, come here, love!"
"Yes, sir!" she shouted back and stood up, making her way to her boss. He was chatting with three men, whom she instantly recognized. And she almost stopped in her tracks. "Y/N, I want you to meet Anthony Mackie, Sebastian Stan and Chris Evans," her boss, Mr Sean, smiled. "Hi," Anthony spoke first, holding his hand out. She took it with a weak smile, shaking it.
"I'm Y/N Y/L/N, nice to meet you." Sebastian shook her hand next. "Hey," he smiled as well. She nodded in acknowledgement and turned to the last man, Chris Evans. Instead of shaking her hand, he pulled her into a friendly hug. Y/N's entire body froze at how easily he enveloped her in his arms, squeezing gently. She couldn't even hug back and continued staring at the floor, paralyzed when he pulled away.
All four men noticed her rigidity. "Y/N?" She startled badly, jerking out of his touch when Mr Sean placed a hand on her shoulder. "I— uh, I— I'm sorry— it's nice to meet you," she stammered, speaking to Chris without looking at him. Chris, meanwhile, frowned because while being used to fans freezing up in his presence, Y/N's frigidity implied something else. "Nice to meet you too," he replied cautiously.
Y/N blinked away the sudden tears that formed in her eyes and whirled around, running to the bathrooms. Mr Sean, Anthony, Sebastian and Chris stared after her, confused. "Um… did I do something?" Chris drawled. "Oh no, no, it's probably just nerves. She loves meeting new people, maybe she likes you or something," Mr Sean teased jokingly and Sebastian and Anthony snickered as Chris flushed.
"Still, I should go check up on her. Be right back." He went in the direction where she had gone, stopping outside a bathroom door. He could hear sniffling coming from inside and his heart shattered. Chris knocked on the door twice, and she opened the door, her eyes going wide when she saw him. "Hi," he smiled as warmly as possible. Y/N stepped out of the bathroom, wringing her hands. "I'm sorry," she blurted out.
"For what?"
"I, uh, I'm sorry if I made you uncomfortable…"
"No, no, I was here to ask you the same thing! I hope I didn't make you uncomfortable, I didn't know you didn't like hugs—" She stopped him by shaking her head. "God, it's the opposite problem," she chuckled in a watery voice, wiping away stray tears. "What do you mean?" Chris cocked his head to the side in question. "I, um… I've never… I've never been hugged before, it, um…" She gulped on air.
Chris waited for her to continue. "It felt… foreign but nice. I forgot how to react, I'm… sorry. On top of that, I was basically in a shitty mood all week and the hug was absolutely welcome, it's just— I've— well, you know…" Chris blinked in surprise before smiling softly. "Come here." He pulled her into his arms again, this time hugging her tighter than before. She needs this. Y/N wrapped her arms around his middle, her face buried in his chest.
"Everyone needs a hug once in a while, I get that," he whispered, resting his cheek on her head as he pulled her flush against him. "Thank you, that was really appreciated," she breathed out when she pulled away 5 minutes later. Chris smiled at her, wiping the tears on her cheeks with his thumbs. "Why don't we go back?" She agreed and he put an arm around her, walking back to where Mr Sean, Sebastian and Anthony were.
"All okay, love?" Mr Sean asked worriedly, smirking a bit when he saw Chris' arm around her. "I'm doing well, sorry about the breakdown. Just a shitty week I've had…" she apologized profusely and he shook his head. "No worries. I'm glad you're okay." With that, Chris left her side, following the three other men to wherever Mr Sean was leading them. And before turning around the corner, he turned to look at Y/N one last time.
He found her already staring at him and smiled to himself, butterflies fluttering in his stomach. He waved at her and finally turned his attention to Mr Sean.
"Chris, I'm eat—" Y/N groaned loudly when Chris took her in his arms, pressing a smooch to her cheek. "Shut up, I missed you," he whined childishly but let her go. She sat back down and rolled her eyes at him as he plopped down in front of her, stealing a fry from her plate. He poked his tongue out at her when she pouted at him. "It was just a week." She had taken a break from work.
7 months had passed since they met. They had become very good friends, and Chris made sure he provided her with physical affection every chance he got. Not only for her sake, but for his as well. He was quickly falling for the pretty lady, and holding her in his arms felt therapeutic. "So? No one on the sets is as fun as you are." She laughed heartily at his words. "I would beg to differ, Anthony and Sebastian are awesome!"
"Ha, suck it!" Sebastian exclaimed from where he was sitting a few feet away, busy on his phone. "Really, darling?" Chris rolled his eyes. "Yeah. Look at them. Perfect body with a perfect smile," she sang, laughing when the frown on Chris' face deepened. Sebastian was shaking with laughter on his seat. "And what about me?" Chris decided to tease her. Y/N faltered, but only for a second. Truth was, she liked him too.
But she didn't want to tell him; not many people can say they were great friends with Chris Evans and she didn't want to lose that. "Was I talking about you? Nope. I was talking about them! Where is Anthony, anyway?" Chris crossed his arms, leaning back on his seat. "He is filming a scene," Sebastian answered her, "Hey, who's the most handsome actor you've worked for?"
Y/N blinked at his question but smiled coyly. "Hm, let's see, I got to work with Jason Momoa once… Idris Elba too… you're in the top 5..." she listed, counting on her fingers. "And what about him?" Sebastian smirked, glancing at Chris. She turned to him, squinting her eyes as if studying him. Chris unconsciously preened under her gaze. "I'm not sure…" Sebastian laughed loudly as Y/N finished her food.
"Come on now, we both know I top that list," Chris smirked, catching her joke. "And what if I told you you do?" she challenged, raising an eyebrow at him. "Then I'd simply be honored that I top the the most handsome actor I've ever worked with list of the most beautiful woman I've ever met in my life," he smiled softly and Y/N froze, staring at him with her jaw dropped. "Now that's smooth," Sebastian commented.
"Wha— I— huh?" she stammered, blinking at him. "Really, I'm not kidding," he shrugged, thanking the Lords above for the sudden boost of confidence. "I'm— that can't be true," she scoffed. "How about I take you out on a date to prove it?" he smirked, loving the way her eyes bulged out of their sockets. "Me? You really wanna take me out on a date? Why?" He dramatically slapped a hand to his forehead.
"Just say yes, Y/N, I don't think he's gonna budge any time soon. He's been wanting to do that ever since we met you," Sebastian told her, laughing when Chris sneered at him. "What?! If I find out you're kidding, you're dead," she hissed, glaring at Chris. "I'm not kidding, I do want to take you out on a date," he sighed, raising his arms in surrender. Without another word, Y/N got up and hugged him tightly.
"Yes, oh my God," she whispered and Chris grinned, readily hugging back. "Get ready to go on the best date ever. Today, 6:30, don't be late," he whispered in her ear, pressing a chaste kiss to her lips when she pulled away. And all of a sudden, a flash went by. "Stan!" Chris shouted as Sebastian howled with laughter, holding his phone up. "Delete the photo, bitch!" Sebastian got up from his seat when Y/N stormed towards him.
"No!" he whined, starting to run. Y/N followed him, both of them running around the room like little kids.
"Delete it!"
"I look horrible—"
"I mean, kinda…"
"Hey now, that's rude!"
"I'm kidding. But I'm not deleting the photo!"
"Ya know, *huff*, you look cute when you're angry. Like a little puppy."
"I'm nothing like a puppy."
"Sebastian! Give me the phone!"
"It's mine, I'm not giving it to you!"
Chris only watched their banter with a smile. Sebastian was right, he had wanted to ask her out since the day they met. And now, he was finally going to go out with her. Mark him as the happiest man on planet Earth. "What the hell is going on here? I leave for 2 minutes…" Chris snorted and turned to look at Anthony, who entered the room with a confused look on his face.
"Delete it, please!"
"I'm not deleting shit, Y/N."
"Come on, Seb, pwease…"
"No, no no, you know that— pronounce your L's properly!"
Chris hid his guffaws behind his hand as Sebastian faltered. His girl was cute and he knew it. When Anthony sat down next to him, Chris told him everything and Anthony also laughed, watching Sebastian and Y/N with a smile. "Y'all keep fighting like that and everyone on the set is going to think that y'all are dating," he yelled and Sebastian and Y/N turned to him. "I mean, hey, look at me," Sebastian wiggled his eyebrows.
Chris frowned and got up, stalking over to them. "Back off, she's mine," he chided, pulling Y/N into him. "Ha, see? All you, sweetheart. Would anyone believe it if you told them you met each other 7 months ago?" Y/N went limp against Chris, tired after running so much. Chris held her up easily, pressing his lips to the top of her head. "Probably not." Chris dragged her back to her chair and she slumped on it.
The last thing she heard before passing out was Chris saying, "...Go find someone else…" to Sebastian. When she fell asleep, Chris turned to see Sebastian smiling down at his phone. "Are you ever going to delete that photo?" Sebastian looked up. "I just sent it to you. Look at it and tell me to delete it again." Chris blinked in confusion but opened his chat with Sebastian, his eyes going wide with awe when he saw the photo.
It was adorably candid; Y/N's hair was slightly tousled as both she and Chris smiled into the kiss. "Thanks for not deleting it," Chris muttered, saving the picture on his phone. "Anytime, pal."
A/N: Leave a like if you enjoyed! Thanks for reading!
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imaginedreamwrite · a day ago
Everything Has Changed: Part 13
Days spent in the state of the art lab preparing for the first attempts at the experimental synthesis of medication and DNA modifications that would ignite those receptors that drew omega’s to alpha’s and vice versa. It was the first day of the experiment and the entire lab was buzzing with excitement and hopefulness that this would further limit the repercussions of the Snap and Blip.
With the volunteers already checked into the lab, you were in the midst of preparing for your part in the experiment, when the approach of Dr. Banner had stopped you in your tracks.
On his approach, your stomach tightened as you recognized the face of bad news. You didn’t know what he was going to tell you or what would become of the rest of your day, but you knew that something was going to change.
You could feel it in your bones, you could see it clearly in his eyes and the way he carried himself that there was something unspoken that was bothering him.
You moved away from the core of the lab toward the far left side that was much quieter and would allow for a hushed conversation. When you came to stand in front of him, you shoved your hands into your lab coat pockets, fiddling with the pen to keep your nerves at a low.
“Dr. Banner, what’s the bad news?” You asked even if you didn’t want to. If you could’ve remained ignorant, you would have. However whether you wanted to know or not, Dr. Banner would tell you.
“Y/N,” he crossed his arms over his chest, hesitating to speak, “I know that you’ve spent countless hours preparing for the launch of this procedure-“
“-but…?” You felt the preemptive sting of tears.
“You can’t be a part of the experiment itself. The conditions to be part of the actual testing of the procedure are very clear-“
“What did I do wrong?” Tears blurred your vision, the airy gasps that left your mouth were the tip of the emotional iceberg.
“Nothing, Y/N. You did nothing wrong. You’re brilliant and talented, however the conditions do not allow pregnant women to partake in the procedure.”
“Pregnant?” Your eyebrows furrowed and you wrapped your arms around yourself. “I’m not pregnant…”
“I had to do a final test on the blood we’d taken and on every sample you’d given us to confirm your readiness. When I test your sampled and your blood, I got the confirmations.”
To prove the point he was trying to make, Dr. Banner handed you the tablet in his hands with all the data already loaded snd ready for you to see. On the tablet screen was the clear image of your hormone levels that has shifted as well as the sharp spike in estrogen and progesterone that proved not only were you pregnant, but the levels in which they’d increased had opened the possibility up to their being more than one baby.
“There’s no symptoms.”
“You know as well as I do the symptoms of pregnancy’s may not show up within the first month. Based on the hormone levels, I’d say you’re just under a month.” Dr. Banner placed his hand on your shoulder snd squeezed.
“I’m sorry, Y/N. But in my good conscience I can’t allow you to be one of the constant’s in the experiment. You can still run the trial and head it up if you would wish, however being part of it is no longer an option.”
“Pregnant.” You stared at the tablet while mentally being a mile away.
Kids. You’d always wanted kids, but later on in your life. You were only 22 and you’d just started your career.
You heard Dr. Banner speak yet you couldn’t take your attention off the numbers on the screen. You couldn’t take your eyes off the hormone spikes and the clear data that damned you from your own trial.
“You should tell Steve and Bucky-“
“Excuse me.” You handed the tablet back to him, more like shoved it into his arms, and pushed past him.
“Y/N, talk to Steve and Bucky. Tell them before you-“
“I need air. I need-“ you slipped your lab coat off and tossed it toward a desk chair. Before it could even land on the chair, you were headed toward the door of the lab. You placed your hand against the biometric lock and wait the half second as it scanned your DNA before it let you out. You slipped through the door and moved in a haze, completing everything action that would take you from the lab, to the elevator and then to the lobby of Stark Tower. You moved by autonomy, while your head was reeling and you were consumed by a constant barrage of questions aimed at yourself and your situation.
“Y/N!” Your name was called but you kept moving. “Y/N, stop!”
You kept moving until you collided with a body made of muscle snd strength. After colliding with the body, you craned your neck and studied the man hovering over you, relief and insignificant anguish at the pair of blue eyes watching you.
His brown hair, thick and luscious, was cut short. It was a new look for him after having his longer hair for a while. He was clean shaven too, it looked as fresh as his haircut. His blue eyes were caught between concern and caution, his hands reaching out to grab your arms.
He was your alpha, you should find comfort in his touch and yet…
“What’s wrong, sweetheart?” He was holding your arms in gentle grasps. “You didn’t hear me calling your name. What’s wrong?”
Pregnant. You were pregnant.
“I need air. I need to get out of here. I need…” Your eyes dart around the lobby of Stark tower, your stomach churning the burning acid inside.
“You’re okay.” Bucky cupped your cheeks. “You’re going to be okay just-“
“No!” You slapped his hands away. “No im not going to be okay! I’m not okay! I need air!”
“You’re having a panic attack,” he reached for you again, “let me help you.”
You stepped back, your eyes widening as the sting of bile rose in your throat. The word PREGNANT has been at the forefront of your mind, repeating on a record.
You wanted kids, but not yet. You’d worked so hard to get where you are now.
“Baby please-“
You were going to be sick. You couldn’t breathe and you were going to be sick. You felt the bile rise in your throat, the stinging acid that burned as it crawled, the fresh wave of bushes tears making it hard to see as you nearly collapsed from the shock of what had just conspired.
“Are you okay?” Bucky was on you in an instant, an arm wrapped around your waist to steady you. “You’re flush.”
“I need air…” You mumbled under your breath, settling into a panic attack that was sever enough to induce nausea.
“Let me help you upstairs, doll.” Bucky started to help you stand and while his touch was comfortable, it was almost smothering.
His presence as an alpha gave you comfort you knew you needed yet it had also made you feel as if your breathing was even more restricted than it had been. It made you feel as though you were truly gasping for air.
“No!” You pushed him off of you with unknown strength. “No! I need air! I need to be alone!”
You rebuffed him and ran with all you had in you to the exit. You burst through the doors of Stark tower and pressed on even further. You ran until your lungs were burning and your heart was beating like a war drum in your chest and when you finally stopped, you sunk.
You sunk to your knees and wrapped your arms around yourself as you cried, as you screamed your frustrations.
You wanted to be a mother and you wanted your career.
You wanted a baby and you wanted your own mother back.
You wanted a family with Steve and Bucky, and you wanted to see the fruits of your years of hard work.
You cried until you couldn’t anymore. You cried until your voice was horse and your eyes were puffy.
You don’t know how long you were out there, wherever you were. You didn’t know how long you’d spent curled into yourself, crying until your voice was weak. You’d spent your energy running from your anxieties, running from the news that flipped your world upside down.
“It’s okay.” Steve’s voice hit your ears, the suffocating comfort was replaced with gentility. “You’re okay, doll.”
He came to your side and held you, he came to your side and embraced you as you broke down in his arms. You clung to him with as much might as you could gather, silently accepting the shift in comfort as he pulled you into his lap in whatever alley or on whatever street you’d found yourself on.
“You’re going to be okay, sweetheart.” Steve mumbled into your hair, he pressed his lips against the side of your forehead and soothes you with the gentle rocking of his body. “Let me take you home. Please.”
“Take me home.” You went lax in his arms, knowing that you had a lot more processing to go through but it would be better to do it in the comfort of their presence, with them being part of the conversation.
** **
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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vivid4am · a day ago
Life Goes On (Chapter 2)
Tumblr media
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader
Summary: Bucky's therapist talks him into going to Y/N's apartment
Warning: Language
A/N: Thank you guys so much for the support on chapter 1, I'm so overwhelmed with joy. As a treat, I decided to post chapter 2!
Chapter 1
“I made a friend yesterday. I think.”
Dr. Raynor’s ears perked up. “You think?” She asked as she adjusted her glasses. Bucky was in Dr. Raynor’s office for his federal mandatory therapy sessions. And mandatory meant one missed appointment meant another appointment in jail.
Bucky nodded his head, “Yeah, I met her last night.” He said. Dr. Raynor started to pick up her notebook. Bucky sighed. “Please, do you have to do this?” Bucky asked, motioning towards her notebook. She ignored him. “A her?” She asked, jotting something down on her notes. Bucky clenched his flesh fist. “Yeah, her name’s Y/N.”
“How’d you meet her?” Raynor questioned. Bucky took a breath before speaking. “She lives next door. Was playing some dumb song on repeat. Something about life going on, or whatever. It doesn’t matter. What matters is that song was annoying.” He rambled. All Bucky heard in reply was the scratch of pen on paper. “Songs and conversations about ‘life going on’ get you upset?” Raynor asked, looking up from her notebook.
Bucky sighed and rubbed his face, feeling his stubble on his single calloused hand. “No, it’s just annoying.” He replied with annoyance in his voice. Dr. Raynor gave him a look. “We’ll save that conversation for another session. Right now I wanna hear about Y/N.” Dr. Raynor leaned forward. “All I did was knock on the wall, which caused her to stop the song. She then asked about the band and I didn’t know who it was. She came over pissed.” Bucky explained, shrugging his shoulders. He was getting a little agitated with Raynor today. But then again, he always grew agitated with her every session. “What was the band?” She asked. Bucky shrugged again. “Something with a bug, I don’t know.”
“The Beatles?”
Bucky snapped his fingers with his flesh hand. “That’s the one.” He exclaimed, pointing at Raynor. She chuckled to herself. “What next, Bucky?” Bucky cleared his throat. “Well, she ripped me a new one for not knowing them, then came into my apartment -unwelcomed, by the way- and started looking around for my ‘shitty taste in music'.” Bucky did the little quotation mark gesture as he spoke. He went on, “I then told her that I don’t listen to music. She didn’t yell or anything after that. Just told me to come to her apartment today at 8. To do what, I have no clue. She then just left.” Bucky trailed off after saying ‘left’, which drew Raynor’s attention.
“Sounds like you like her already,” Raynor said, adjusting her position in her armchair. “You should go. I know you may think you don’t want to, but you do. Go.” Bucky rolled his eyes at her words. “Of course I don’t want to go, I don’t know her.” He did want to go. Goddamn, he wanted to go so badly. Why won’t he let himself go?
“You’re just saying that. You do want to go. This is the first person, other than-” Raynor stopped and flipped in her notebook. “Mr. Nakajima that you’ve had a connection with. Actually a first one outside of your list of amends.” Raynor was right. Bucky hasn’t spoken to anyone from the team in a while.
He’s been avoiding Pepper and Morgan because he still feels terrible about not being able to apologize to Tony about his parents. Thor’s doing whatever the fuck the God of Thunder would do. Sam’s in Louisiana with his sister and nephews. Clint’s trying to get over the guilt of Natasha’s death. And Bruce is doing “Brucey” things.
Bucky has no one. Just himself. Just like it’s always been.
He sucked in a breath. “Okay, I’ll go.”
“You better, Barnes. I’ll find out one way or another.” Raynor said, closing her notebook.
Bucky was sitting on his living room floor, staring at the clock in the corner of the room.
He still sat, his back against the wall, listening to the ticking of the clock on the wall. “C’mon, Buck. You gotta go.” He mumbled to himself, rubbing his gloved hands together. He screwed his eyes shut. He didn’t understand why he was so nervous.
“This is the first person you’ve ever had a connection with outside your list.” He said, remembering Dr. Raynor’s words. Maybe that’s why he was so nervous. He just didn’t want to fuck it up. Didn’t want to lose the chance to live a normal life. Whatever normal meant nowadays.
A knock on the wall shook Bucky out of his small pep talk. “You coming over or what?” Y/N’s voice sounded muffled through the wall. Bucky took a deep breath before getting up and walking over.
Before he could even knock on Y/N’s door, she opened it. She had a white t-shirt on, paired with a pair of plaid black pants, matched with a maroon leather jacket. Her feet were covered in her white socks. The only makeup on her face was some eyebrow gel and mascara. Bucky thought she looked pretty.
He shook that thought out of his head. Just be my friend, he thought. Y/N gave him a small smile. “Never thought you’d come.” She said, moving out of the way to let Bucky into her apartment. He stepped in. It did look similar, structure-wise. The kitchen was in the same place, as was the living room. But Y/N had it more decorated than him.
She had posters of bands and artists framed on her wall. Plants littered the corners of her apartment. She had a nice couch and another nice armchair in her living room. She didn’t have a T.V. though. Where Bucky had his T.V., she had a long shelf full of records, new and old. Sitting on top of the shelf was a record player accompanied by two speakers on either side. And of course, above the record player, hanging on the wall was a poster of The Beatles.
“I didn’t know people still used record players,” Bucky said aloud. Y/N shot him a smile. “It’s the best way to listen to music.” Y/N chuckled and walked over to her fridge. She opened the refrigerator door and pulled out two bottles of beer. Kicking the door closed with her foot, she gave one to Bucky.
Bucky watched as Y/N popped the lid off with her finger and took a sip. “Hope you like Stella Artois.” She said, nodding towards his drink. Bucky gave her a small smile. “I do, thanks.” He said, cracking the beer open with ease.
Y/N strolled over to her record player and then turned around to face the leather-clad man. “So, got a favorite decade?” She asked, crouching down to search through her records. Bucky cleared his throat before speaking. “The ‘40s.” He mumbled, just loud enough for Y/N to hear.
“Hmm,” Y/N sat down on the floor, shuffling through her records. “I have Frank Sinatra, does that sound good?” She asked, looking back and showing Bucky her copy of Frank Sinatra’s Greatest Hits.
“Yeah, I think I’ve heard his stuff before,” Bucky said, the name jogging his memory. He watched as Y/N carefully took the record out of its case before putting it on the record player. She pressed the start button, making the record spin. The girl grabbed a brush-like object and carefully swept the record with it. She then picked up the needle and placed it on the record. As Y/N walked away Sinatra’s All of Me started playing through her book-end speakers.
Bucky gave her a look. Something about this felt too good to be true. “So, what is all of this for?” Bucky questioned, motioning to everything around him. Y/N shrugged. “I decided to be charitable because you don’t seem to know anything about music. You come over, we drink, listen to some tunes, talk about life and whatnot.” She said, walking towards her kitchen table.
“Few rounds of rummy, while we listen to Sinatra, Buck?” She asked, holding a deck of cards in her hands.
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Hey everyone, so I have like...2 weeks left of school. Official last day is the 26th, but I can be done as soon as the 18th. So, I may take even longer to write because I’m wanting to get all of my crap done for school. But I’ll try to write as often as I can.
I am currently working on a request (and I’ll start the other once I’m finished) and Part 9 for Through The Years (and I’ll start on Part 10/the last part once I’m done) as well as a little Charles fic I randomly thought of (it’s pure fluff). Charles fic should be out today and the other two any time from today to next week.
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cuddlemen0w · 2 days ago
random prompt list 1 ;)
you can send requests from this (from one up to three lines)
characters u can choose from
“why the hell is your phone on light mode?”
“my stomach hurts, my head pounds and you’re talking too loud!”
“will you please watch howl’s moving castle with me?”
“go on, make a fool of yourself.”
“ladies and gentlemen, may i present to you-“ “who?” “well, i didn’t think of it that far.”
“sorry, do you mind if i punch him in the face?”
“it’s for the aesthetic.”
“sorry, i’m busy.” “doing what?” “making my pinterest board.”
“how in the hell did you get in here?”
“i’m a bad bitch you can’t kill me.”
“sorry is my existence bothering you?”
“for fuck’s sake please kiss me.”
“so do i put my hand here?”
“who ate my blueberry cake?”
“it was my grandma’s idea.”
“stop looking at me like that.”
“hi! my name is — and i’d like to meet your cat.”
“you?” “what’s so surprising about it?”
“i told them you’re my gay cousin.”
“that’s not the worst of it.”
“she’s been sitting on that couch for four hours, i’m starting to get worried.”
“double homicide.”
“why would they do this to me?”
“i just want a dragon.”
“miss/mr —, please get to the information center, we’ve got your boyfriend/girlfriend.”
“don’t mind him, it’s not your fault you’ve got body like a greek god.”
“pee break!”
“are you on drugs?”
“sheesh” “what does that mean?” “i don’t know”
“someone’s grumpy today”
“we’re adults.” “and?”
“i don’t like you like that”
“it’s not likely he’d be as stupid as he’s tall but here he stands.”
“would you kiss me if i was a toad?”
“my only friend is death.”
“isn’t he/she cute?”
“it’s not my problem you don’t like chocolate!”
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I Don’t Dance (A Request)
Tumblr media
Requested: Anonymous
Word Count: 1658
Pairing: None, Platonic Avengers X Teen!Female!Reader
Warnings: slight swearing
A/n: Sorry for the long wait guys! I’m going to try to get back into writing steadily again but I don’t want to get your hopes up too high! so be patient with me please! Requests will still be closed until I am caught up with the requests I currently have sitting in my google docs.
Ps: Do you like my play on the title? :) If you know where it’s from then I hope you got the song stuck in your head now!
Request: Could I request an imagine with the avengers where teen!reader plays softball (shortstop maybe??) and they all watch?? Maybe it can be a close game. It’ll be up to you if reader’s team wins or not. But if you don’t want to write this thats ok too. I really enjoy reading your stories!! :)
You breathed out deeply, focusing on the white noise surrounding you and the feel and weight of the metal bat in your hands.
Your eyes met the piercing gaze of the pitcher and you smirked, egging her on.
Time seemed to slow as the pitcher wound up and then released, right away you could tell it was a curveball. But unluckily for her, you were one of the best batters’ in the league and with a well-timed swing, hit the ball straight out to the far outfields. 
“Yes! Go [Y/n]! That’s our girl!” The loud voice of one Tony Stark rang out over the field as you raced around the bases, getting the final home run and winning the game for your team with a score of 7-5.
Dropping your helmet in your bag once back inside the dugout, you wiped the sweat from your forehead as you accepted the congratulations from your teammates and captain.
“Amazing as always [Y/n].” Your coach caught you before you could leave, patting you on the head, before she smirked and looked behind you for a moment, “Though maybe next time your friends can show up incognito and not distract your teammates, the score shouldn’t have been that close together.”
You laughed, looking over your shoulder at the Avengers who were all in their suits, covered in dirt and other questionable stains and bruises.
With a final good job, the coach sent you on your way and you jogged over to the Avengers, “Did you guys finish the mission? I thought you wouldn’t be able to make this game?” 
Steve ruffled your hair, his smile lighting up the sky it seemed, “We wouldn’t miss a single of your games [Y/n]. Don’t worry about the mission.”
Wanda sighed, but she was smiling as she moved to your side, “What Steve means is that we finished the mission just in time. But until you're officially an Avenger, you should just stay focused on school.”
You laughed along with the Avengers. Ever since you had been a child, they had been your friends, like older brothers and sisters, as they helped raise you. You had been found alone as a baby wandering the streets without any memory of parents or a home when Clint Barton and Natasha Romanoff had stumbled across you. A normal child by all standards, but they must have seen something in you because they never turned you into 
Taken in by the Avengers, you never imagined you would have a normal life. And that was true to some extent. From the time you were a toddler to a pre-teen, you had been homeschooled and taught advanced science and mechanical engineering from Bruce Banner, Vision and Tony Stark. You had been given martial arts lessons and defence from Steve Rogers, Bucky Barnes, Natasha Romanoff, Clint Barton and Wanda Maximoff. 
Then you met Peter Parker, the spider-man and Tony Stark’s apprentice. He was close to your age and you grew close to him, the first contact you had with someone young. Together you convinced the team to let you go to a normal highschool. So you entered Midtown high alongside Peter and soon discovered your joy and affinity for Fastpitch.
A beast at shortstop and a hell of a batter, you rose through the team until you were the youngest and apparently fastest player to hit Varsity.
“Hey [Y/n]! Oh!” Peter skidded to a halt beside you, a red flush on his cheeks as he rubbed the back of his neck, “Hi Mr. Stark!”
You punched the boy’s shoulder causing him to yelp, “What is it Peter?”
Peter jumped and then smiled, “Oh! I was going to ask if you wanted to play a quick round since the field is now clear.”
The Avengers immediately perked up and looked at you excitedly causing you to giggle and point at their suits, “Aren’t you guys tired from the mission? We can play on another day.”
Tony swung an arm around your shoulder and gestured wildly, “Today’s a perfect day though [Y/n]! And we’re the avengers! If we couldn’t handle an easy game of fastpitch what type of protectors would we be?”
You smirked, “Easy you say? Alright, let’s pick teams. Peter and I are captains.”
Everyone shifted uneasily, seeming to sense the shift of tension and your smirk grew wider. They may be the Avengers, but fastpitch was where you shone the brightest.
“I’ll take Bucky.” You started off the nominations.
By the end, the teams were decided with you as the captain alongside your players, Bucky, Steve,  and Natasha, while Peter had Tony, Bruce and Wanda, and Vision deciding to be the referee with Clint as the catcher for both teams.
“We’ll take the field first.” You made the executive decision, deciding not to leave it to a coin toss. “One inning outfield and one batting for each team, the one with the most homeruns wins.”
Tony preened, “You already know who’s going to win.”
You tilted your head and asked, “Do we?” Before turning away and walking back into the dugout you had just occupied for the past several hours. 
Your team took the field first, and you took your spot as shortstop. Steve took first base while Natasha stood in the far outfield and Bucky took up position as the pitcher. 
Tony sauntered up to bat first, his Iron Man suit almost completely off except for the gloves and shoes. 
He smirked as he swung the bat back and forth before taking up a stance, eyeing Bucky who took a deep breath and then wound up for the pitch, using his metal arm to pitch.
The ball moved so fast, you couldn’t track it with your eyes. The crack from the bat hitting the ball was as loud as thunder and you couldn’t hold back the flinch.
“Would you look at that!” Tony laughed, but he was interrupted by Peter shouting, “Run you old man!”
Tony looked back, affronted with a hand to his chest,  “Who are you calling old?”
And then Vision called out, “Mr. Stark, you are out.”
Tony flipped around, “What?”
You laughed, pointing to where Steve stood on first base, a ball in his hand from where Natasha had caught it and thrown it to him. “Next time you should run around the bases before trying to brag.”
Peter’s team finally managed to get a homerun after Wanda manipulated the ball a bit, which caused a bit of a stir about whether abilities should be allowed or not. 
Finally it was your team’s turn to be at bat and you started off strong with Bucky. Wanda pitching for Peter’s team as he stood on first, Tony was at shortstop and Bruce was out in the outfield looking distinctly uncomfortable holding the glove on his hand.
You went through your roster and finally it was your turn up at bat. The teams were tied and you were the last to bat, with two strikes against your team. 
Taking up a stance, you breathed out deeply and focused on the weight of the bat in your hands, the sand under your feet, the sun on your face and the look Wanda gave you as she wound up the pitch.
You shouted out, “Don’t go easy on me guys just because I’m not an Avenger!”
The others exchanged looks and then nodded at you, making you pleased.
When Wanda released her pitch, your eyes tracked the ball. You didn’t have super strength, or flight, or were a trained assassin, but Fastpitch was your lifeblood and you knew from the bottom of your heart that you could hit this ball out of the park.
You mentally spoke to yourself, not yet, not yet….now! And swung with everything you had. 
The ball made contact and though it didn’t create a thunderous crack, it did ring in your ears and hands as the bat vibrated from the force of the connection. 
You dropped the bat and ran like the devil was licking at your heels. Your mind focused on the bases in front of you as you rounded them, but half an ear out listening as Tony yelled for Bruce to ‘Throw the damn ball already!’
You internally smirked, breathing evenly as you pumped your arms, getting to the last stretch towards home base.
A flash of red energy and Wanda stood over home base with her hand outstretched, ready to tag you.
But being the best batter wasn’t simply just about hitting the balls. With a short leap, you fell to the ground, the momentum carrying you forward still as you slid underneath the surprised witch.
“Safe!” Vision’s voice shouted out and broke the calm that had befallen the field at your slide.
“Yes!” You jumped up and fistpumped the air.
Your team came streaming from the dugout and Peter’s came in from the field. 
Tony shook his head, sweat flinging from his hair, “Hate to say it kid, but you won.”
You smiled at the man, “Fastptich not that easy now, is it?”
Tony laughed, “Nope, definitely proved me wrong kiddo.”
You sighed, running your hand through your hair, “I don’t know about you guys, but I’m beyond tired now and ready for some greasy food.”
“Hell yeah!” Peter jumped up with a grin.
Clint gasped and slammed a hand over Peter’s mouth, causing everyone to look at him. Clint just looked around at everyone with a grave look, “Who taught the baby to cuss?”
Everyone stared a moment longer and then everyone broke down laughing. Even Clint broke his composure and laughed, releasing Peter.
As you all began walking back to the tower, you thought about your life. The abnormalities and the people in it. And realized you wouldn’t trade a thing about it. Your life may not be exactly normal, but with your friends and family, you knew your life would be amazing. 
FOREVER Taglist:
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Avengers Taglist:
@jadepc @marvel-is-a-mood @brynnloh
 Bold and crossed means I couldn’t tag you!
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imaginedreamwrite · 4 days ago
Everything Has Changed: Part 12
A/N: Smut in this chapter. Please don’t read if you’re not comfortable reading smut
** **
The door smacked against the wall with a heavy thud, the knob threatening to crack the drywall, though neither one of you was too worried about the damage it may have caused. Steve held you firmly in his arms, able to balance you by his hands cupping your ass alone, freeing you to tug on the hairs at the back of his neck while your lips were attached.
The garnished passion between you two was rising exponentially, the warmth in your belly growing with intensity as Steve took one step and then another toward the bedroom in his suite. There were no words that had to be said, the action alone spoke volume.
Your date had went incredibly well, with the two of you enjoying the aquarium to yourselves. You would tell Steve stories about your parents, what they would teach you whenever they brought you here, how scared you were to touch the sting ray as a child, pushing Peter into a shallow touchable exhibit.
You ended the aquarium portion of the date with the taste of wine on your tongue and Steve’s hands teasing your flesh with the simple strokes of his thumb back and forth.
“Steve,” you moaned his name when he dropped you onto the massive and luxurious bed, your head hitting the pillow in the centre at the top, “I want you to mark me.”
The look in his blue-green eyes was breathtaking and exhilarating, it had sent an electric shock straight through you to the apex between your thighs.
If you weren’t wet before, if you weren’t soaking wet and completely drenched, then the look on Steve’s face now would’ve done it.
The look on his face and the way his lips were tugged into a smirk, the way his dress shirt hugged his biceps and his chest, accentuated the strength in his shoulders, all added to the causality of you being so damn horny snd ready for the alpha in the room.
You felt like prey, trapped against the bed by his stare alone, by his sheer will alone. It was as if there invisible cuffs or ties keeping you held down, available for him to consume.
“Do you, omega?” He teased, trailing his hand against the bed, his fingertips barely grazing against your body as he spoke, his eyes raking you up and down. “What do you want?”
You were trapped in your own throat, unable to breathe let alone garner the ability to speak. You were already at an all time high, already getting driven to the point of no return and you weren’t even undressed.
“I want you,” your voice was a whine as your fingers moved to the straps of your dress, slowly pulling the soft material down your shoulders.
“I know you do.” Steve hovered over you, helping you pull your straps down your shoulders, however he hadn’t stopped there. He grabbed the front of your dress and gave it a quick tug, pulling the neckline of the dress down over your strapless bra and even further yet to your stomach. As you lay partially exposed, your chest rose and fell quickly, your nipples hardening under his gaze and his fingertips as he stroked your peaks through your bra. He tweaked and lightly pulled at your hard numb through the material of your bra, luring whines and moans from your mouth.
“Poor ‘mega.” Steve crooned, slipping his hand behind your back, grabbing the back straps of your bra and effortlessly twisting it to unhook the eyes, allowed the bra to fall free. As it fell, it was removed and tossed aside, before he descended upon you and graced your body with his tongue.
The first stroke of his tongue on your hardened nipple had ripped another rhythmic set of whines and moans at the pleasure he was giving you. Your back arched and your hands flew to his shoulders, fingers digging into him as you pulled him closer.
When you had slept with Bucky, it was heat and rut fevered that begged for ruthlessness to cut through the fire that would consume you both.
This was another fire that was burning hot, however this wasn’t as all consuming and smothering.
“Steve,” you lift your hips and rubbed your thighs together, the baser part of you begging internally to be filled, “I need you.”
He pulled his mouth off your nipple with a loud pop, small saliva beads rolling down his chin. He lift his hand and wiped the saliva from his chin, and drew his attention further down your body to your thighs where you were rubbing your thighs together.
“Don’t worry, sweetheart.” Steve grabbed the right and left side of your dress and slowly shimmied it down your stomach, hips and thighs, tossing it behind him haphazardly as it slipped from your legs.
With yourself almost completely bare, it had only made sense for Steve to start kissing a trail down from your collar bone, between the valley of your breasts and to the start of your abdomen.
As his lips met your stomach, butterflies burst in your belly as you were hit with new overwhelming sensations that extended beyond just lust and eroticism. These new sensations that grappled with the deeply intensive feelings of future love and future commitment.
The gentleness behind this act of affection was all Steve Rogers; the man stealing your breath and your heart. And every stroke of his plump lips against your goosebump flesh was another mewl, another vocal sound of your pleasant approval.
“You’re gorgeous, Y/N.” his fingertips stroked your hip bones, in time with his kisses to your stomach. Every softly spoken word was matched with soft touches that furthered you toward a place of inescapable want and need.
“Please,” you whimpered, reaching for Steve’s idle hand, “please I’m going…I need…”
He slipped his hand off your hip and placed a finger against your lips, quieting your whimpers and your pleas. After a moment, he shifted his position on the bed before he slid a hand between your thighs and gently spread your legs.
His arms quickly became the borders in which you were trapped, his blue-green eyes holding you captive. He was a man of pure muscle, a man of such strength and capabilities who had shown such mercy and tenderness. He was an alpha who was in the top tier, along with Bucky, yet he had shown you such gentleness.
Both of them had.
“I’ll give you what you need.” Steve lowered himself down, releasing you from the barricade of his arms. “I know what you need.”
He started another trail of his lips on your abdomen, only this trail had extended down past your belly button to your inner thighs. Steve had quickly hooked his hand around your thighs to yank you closer while simultaneously keeping your legs spread.
He dipped his head and nipped at the skin of your inner thighs, bringing another round of shiver and shudders. You had shift from one to the other, then you were hit with the immense feeling of Steve’s tongue brushing against your dripping, throbbing pussy lips.
Your hands shot to the sheets to grab them with all your light, your head thrown back as strangled shrieks left your throat. He had simply lapped at your swollen lips like a dog taking to water, yet you were losing your mind.
Such a simple act shouldn’t have warranted such a reaction, however Steve was talented with his tongue.
He had so easily lapped at your juices and played with your clit like it was his second nature, like he had been an expert all his life.
“Steve!” You shrieked, bucking your hips against his mouth, nearly grinding your cunt against his face as your internal pleasure well was about to overflow. “Shiiit!”
He held you down and changed his tactic, using his tongue lick and lap at your clit while two of his fingers slipped inside your awaiting cunt.
He was driving the heat in your belly, your pleasure further than it had ever been, save for when you were with Bucky. Ever higher he pushed, ever more he demanded until…
“Fuck!” You grit your teeth and arched your back, the sound of your orgasm bouncing off the walls of his room. It was a tidal wave of ethereal pleasure that made your mind go blank and your eyes water from the intensity.
“Keep riding that high.” Steve had kissed you passionately, mumbling against your lips while he pushed the head of his thick, seeping coco into your cunt.
You weren’t aware of when or how he had removed his clothes so quickly, and it don’t matter.
You were split apart by one of your alpha’s his thick, being cock stretching you just as Bucky had. Only, given the circumstances, Steve was being more tender than Bucky because you weren’t in your heat and he wasn’t in his rut.
“Feel good?” He questioned, whispering in your ear as he pushed his cock further into your pussy. When he had bottomed out, you were sure the tip of his cock had touched your cervix, the seeping tip twitching in your heat.
“God,” you groaned and pushed your hips toward him, “yes! It feel so good!”
His thrusts started slow, his intentions to take his time with you. However, when you had hooked a leg around his waist Steve’s thrusts had picked up.
He fucked against you, he filled you with his cock only to pull out snd slam back into you. It was pleasurable, viscous cycle that left you with no other thought process other than how good you felt.
“I’m going to mark you,” Steve grunt into your neck, “I’m going to mark you as my little omega.”
His lips grazed against the portion of your neck that had yet to be marked. With his kisses becoming more like hips, you turned your head to the side to give him more access.
“I’m ready.” You spoke your confirmation.
Steve pulled out and slammed back in again, drawing small squeaky noises from your lips. “Please just-“
A startled scream drowned out the sound of the bed creaking, causing Steve to double down.
He had bit you and marked you as his, the act that would seal you completely to Steve and Bucky.
“Good girl,” Steve whispered into your ear, “good omega. You’re so good.”
He whispered and spoke endless affirmations and words of love and affection, while came again on his cock.
** **
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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shadow-dixon · 4 days ago
Y/N : So , I kind of like someone. I don't want to tell you because-
Tony : Just rip the bandage off, it cant be that bad.
Y/N : It's Bucky.
Tony : If you don't put the bandage back on, RIGHT FUCKING NOW-
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randomfandomimagine · 4 days ago
They See Your Scar (Marvel Preference)
Characters: Steve Rogers, Tony Stark, Bucky Barnes, Clint Barton, Natasha Romanoff, Peter Parker
Fandom: Marvel
Warnings: Injury, scars, mild descriptions a big scar
Requested by @charlieremake​​: Could i please request a Marvel preference of how Steve, Tony, Bucky, Clint, Natasha and Peter (Spiderman) would react if the reader accidentally showed them her really ugly, but healed scar on her face (ripped cheek, visible teeth)?
A/N: I hope this was okay and that like the result of your request! Please let me know what you thought of it!
Tumblr media
Steve had grown so used to the prosthetic piece on your face that he never really stopped to think about what was underneath it. One day, however, when he passed by to say hello to you, he caught you. Now that you had taken the piece off, your healed scar was revealed to him. As shocking as the sight was, seing the flesh torn like that, he recovered quickly. Steve just carried on with what he had to say and he wouldn’t ask about your scar unless you began talking about it, knowing he had seen it.
Tumblr media
Tony had just been with you, brainstorming for his neck project, when he remembered he had something to ask you. When he returned to the room, he saw that the mask you always wore was now off. “Wow, Y/N!” He exclaimed in startle, not expecting to see that. He just couldn’t hide his surprise, but he quickly tried to remedy the damage done. “I mean... I... had never seen your face completely uncovered”. After that, he kept on talking about the project and would only interrupt himself if you wanted to tell him about your scar.
Tumblr media
You were talking to Bucky, suddenly immersed in a conversation about what you both had gone through, when the idea struck you. He had showed you his bare arm, where the metal joined the flesh on his shoulder, and you wanted to show him your bare cheek too. Bucky winced at the sight, more with sadness than pity. He knew what it was like to live with the reminder of your past, and he was very sensitive on the subject as you two continued talking.
Tumblr media
Clint froze for a moment when he saw your wound revealed, with your cheek ripped and your teeth showing. He felt horrible for having caught you in that intimate moment, just when you felt safe enough in the loneliness of your room  to let your guard down. “So sorry, Y/N, I should have knocked” “It’s alright”. He blinked for a moment, and you could almost see the gears moving in his brain. You kindly smiled at him, which he knew was an invitation. “Crap, that must have hurt like hell” Was all he added before brushing it off and behaving like he normally would.
Tumblr media
Natasha was no stranger to having horrible things done to her, and when she accidentally saw your scar she was suddenly filled with a burning anger towards whoever or whatever had caused you so much pain with that terrible injury. She kept that anger deep inside, outwardly behaving nonchalant instead. “I have one too” Was all she replied, lifting her shirt to show the big scar around her stomach. That way, you could talk about yours if you wanted to or leave it at that if you didn’t feel comfortable.
Tumblr media
Peter had wondered many times what was under that small prosthetic piece that you always wore on your cheek. It was partially curiosity, but it was also concern about your past. He hoped it didn’t hurt still. When he accidentally saw your scar, tears immediately arrived to his eyes. His stomach churned. It wasn’t only that the sight was harrowing to him, but he had to shut his eyes tight when he imagined how you obtained that scar. “I’m so sorry you had to go through that, Y/N” was all he told you, not even asking how you got it but being ready to listen if you wanted to tell him.
Tag list: @call-me-harley-quinn / @wonderlandfandomkingdom /  @xionroxas​ / @dancewaterdance02​ / @spilled-almond-milk​ / @elllie-does-the-posts​ / @c-taylor-wanna-be-a-glader​ / @fortheloveofbenyandtom​ / @suenami3 / @caswinchester2000​ / @bitchingpretty​ / @lookinsidemyhead​ / @danietoww04​ / @x-joie-x​ / @locke-writes​ / @trunks-kiwi​ / @andreasworlsboring101​ / @goldenhoney-cas​ / @sinister-sleep​ / @lxncelot​ / @its-just-kit​ / @anxiouslyreckless​ / @qtmeryr​ / @captainshazamerica​ / @24-stilinski​ / @okay-j-hannah​ / @under-the-clouds​ / @everyday-imfangirling​ / @timeladygallifrey​ / @swanimagines​ / @imaginationismykingdom​ / @hhmmmmmmmm​ // If you want to be added or taken off the tag list for these fandoms or characters, send me an ask!! // Feedback and reblogs are appreciated!
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ackermanbitch · 4 days ago
i wanna write for marvel, like ong, send me marvel requests >:(
my only rule is no smut! im bad at writing it and i also mostly write for minor characters so like 😃obviously no smut
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tinymalscoffee · 5 days ago
sneakpeek of a upcoming fic...
pairing(s): college!peter parker x reader, dark!steve rogers x reader, dark!sam wilson x reader, dark!bucky barnes x reader
warnings: DARK!FIC, SMUT 18+ (unprotected sex, foursome turned fivesome, gangbang, non-con, daddy kink, oral M and F-receiving, hair-pulling, spit kink, degredation kink, praise kink, creampie), age-gap (reader is in her early 20s), cheating, angst, there’s like zero fluff
“You’re a bit of a slut, don’t you think?” Sam mocked. He kneeled on her right, his eyes fixated on her panty-clad pussy, a wet patch already forming on the soft silk. It really didn’t help that three of her teen celebrity crushes were eyeing her nearly naked body like a piece of meat. “I mean, look at you, already growing wet and needy for three cocks. Is that what you want, honey? Parker not treating you good enough?”
She hesitated. Goosebumps rose across her skin at the sinister tone of his voice, like he already knew it was true. And it was true and she hated that Sam was right, but as amazing as Peter was a boyfriend, it was clear from the vibrator hiding in his apartment’s bathroom that he was not amazing in the sheets. Every time, she held hope that it would be better, that she would finally get to stop faking an orgasm before he rolled out of the bed with a filled up condom, but she knew deep down inside of her that it wasn’t happening anytime soon. Y/N forced herself to nod weakly at Sam’s questions, and Bucky chuckled. “Oh, you poor dolly, we’re gonna have so much fun with you. Treat you better than that little boy ever could.”
All it took was a whimper, a nearly audible, deadly silent whimper that managed to squeak its way past Y/N’s throat, and the three men took it as permission to ravage her body however they pleased.
a/n: i’ve been working on this bitch of a wip for two months now lord help me. all the inspo is from a nonnie from @mypoisonedvine’s saturday sleepover so long ago, but ill post the screenshot of that later whoops. hope to have this out soon, there’s just a bit more i need to write and edit before i’m done. thank y’all for being really fucking patient with me as i finish up school <3
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WE DID IT! For my 🎉1k Followers Celebration🎉 send me a dialogue + a character & I'll write a short story around it!
Thanks for your support, I appreciate every single one of you! ❤
Preferred characters: Helmut Zemo, Sam Wilson, Bucky Barnes, Steve Rogers, almost everyone from Marvel, Malcolm Bright, ... (ask if you're not sure)
I have a Ko-fi page if you wanna support me there ✨ (no pressure sweeties)
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buckysharmony · 5 days ago
Tumblr media
a/n: welcome to my main master list! excited to share my work with you, open for love and support <3 
please respect that I do not give permission for my work to be re-posted on any other form of social media - if you like it that much, come chat to me about it.
much love <3
requests: open
Bucky Barnes
— the way in which you talk to me [fluff]
Steve Rogers
~ coming soon ~
Sam Wilson 
~ coming soon  ~
Peter Parker
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Send me a name and I’ll pick a letter from the unsent project under that name and turn it into a fanfic. Also if you have a specific character you want put it in the request. I mainly wrote for Loki, Peter, and Bucky but would be willing to try most of the other characters. Results may vary lol. And all fics will use (Y/n) the name is only to find a prompt. If you have specific pronouns you want used please specify
Also just in case that didn’t make sense I meant first name. Example: Sara, Alexis, Michelle Etc.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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marvel-ousnesss · 8 days ago
MCU CAST AND CHARACTERS RECS (will be updated as I reblog)
Tumblr media
(Now that you’re at it, PLEASE read and help spread this post , my country’s in the middle of a massacre . Literally takes two minutes)
Birthday (The Avengers x reader) by @yourmcu
Why Don’t You Put On The Suit? (MCU cast x reader) by @itsallyscorner
Steve Rogers/Chris Evans x reader
Love her for me (S.R) by @visionspaprika
Here again (S.R )by @marvelinsanity
Mini America (S.R+ platonic!Tony) by @cas-kingdom
Moment(s) by @carpediemm-18
Sam Wilson x reader
Favorite Cake by @buckybarnes101
Smooth Talker (x fem!Rogers!Reader) by @shmaptainshada
Beneath The Stars by @aerynwrites
The First Time by @barnesnroses
Blindsided Sam Wilson x reader by @itsallyscorner
Bucky Barnes x reader
Sunflower by @softlybarnes
Little Star by @the-goddamn-queen
Double Blind by @wkemeup
Hold my hand by @chaoticarson
Upper Hand by @eurynome827
Friday Night Dates by @angrythingstarlight
Safe keeping by @mallowswriting
Bandit like me (criminal!bucky) by @summergrls
Where she is an ex-avenger, and his closest friend left after Steve’s gone by @modern-vellichor
Green by @itsapeterthing
Liability by @buckyblues
Bruises by @baroquebucky
Deeper wounds by @cunaeparker
A mutually assured attachment by @cacoetheswriting
by @buckybarnesdiaries
All good boys go to heaven, but bad boys bring heaven to you (Mob!Bucky) series
A cup of coffee for your head by @saint-bvcky
Deserve You by @sunny-reys
by @xbuchananbarnes
About last week
by @celestialbarnes
new adventures
right here waiting
Peter parker/Tom Holland x reader
Soulmate AU (P.P) by @glossybarnes
Take care of you (P.P) by @peterspideyy
Starlight (P.P) by @that-sokovian-bastard
It still hurts (P.P) by @issa-me-addy
Tough Love (P.P) by @peterandtheparkers
Not Your Average Field trip (P.P x Stark!reader) by @spideykaiparker
Sexy (T.H) by @waitimcomingtoo
Happiness is a butterfly series (Mob!Tom) by @blissfulparker
mob!Tom x reader angst by @mrs-hollandstan
Domesticity hc (avengers x reader, peter parker x reader) by @spdersilk
by @ptersmj
Caught in the act (Teacher!Tom)
just you and me (P.P)
by @itsallyscorner
Patience (x little mix!reader)
Fanboy (x little mix!reader)
by @waitimcomingtoo
Swedish Fish (T.H)
The hint (P.P x Stark!reader)
Where We Start Again (P.P)
by @arvinsescape
Getting mobbed. (T.H)
His wife (Mob!Tom)
Thor x reader
Look at me by @marvelousmarvelimagines
the glorious gift of stir fry by @peachyteabuck
Fluff by @boop-le-snoot
(Loki x reader)
The sorcerer’s apprentice by @ridiculousn3sswrites
(Pietro Maximoff x reader)
Unexpected (Stark!Reader) by @faylor
Dyed hair by @pitubea1910
(Tony Stark x reader)
Did You Get My Memo? by @rosewrites
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