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#Steve Rogers smut
savemesomenachos · 5 hours ago
Writing Update!!!
Since I’ll be doing the 200 followers drabble list for a short time (Undecided), I will be giving those drabbles priority. I have 2 pending fics in my ask box which I will complete at a later time but I have seen them. Thank you for all the love lovelies!!!🌸✨
You can find the link to my drabble list here
You can find my other works on my Main Masterlist
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imaginedreamwrite · 5 hours ago
Hellfire: Part 2
The heat felt unbearable, even in the early hours of Sunday morning. The heat was creating this thick density that made you want to strip down to your bare flesh and drench yourself in cold water, letting your skin turn prickly from the chill to escape the depravity of the hottest June on record.
“Please,” you begged Peter as you FaceTimed him, your body stretched out on the bed, your hands tucked under your head, “tell me you’re coming to church today. Its-“
“-Father Rogers first time preaching? I know. My aunt has been going on about how attractive the new priest is and how he can still be single.” Peter rolled his eyes and tucked his hand under his chin, his brown eyes twinkling as he studied you through the phone, his attention specifically focused on the gap between your cropped, fitting pyjama shirt and the loose, short cotton shorts you were wearing.
“I’d ask if you were going to wear something nice for me, but-“
“-my parents are making me dress up to impress the new guy on his first Sunday service.” You rolled your eyes and gritted your teeth.
“You and every other single woman in this town.” Peter chuckled and shook his head, his deep brown hair getting into his eyes.
“My mom said the hair salon was booked three weeks in advance to him arriving. And the boutiques-“
“-The three we have-“
“-were picked clean of every new article of clothing available.” You shift your body, bringing your right leg up as you bent it, closing the gap of your bare midriff but bringing more attention to the curve of your right asscheek.
“Would you take me seriously if I proposed to you?” Peter grinned, leaning forward with a wicked, playful look in his eyes.
“Peter,” you licked your bottom lip, preparing to speak when you heard the sound of footsteps coming up the stairs, “I have to go!”
You ended the call and shoved your phone into your nightstand before you flipped the blanket back over yourself and curled inward. You feigned sleep as the door opened, and your mother walked in, making her way to the closet with a quick worded hello, tossed your way.
“You should be up by now,” she scolded, the sound of metal hangars on your metal curtain rod making you wince, “we’re going to make a good impression today, aren’t we, Y/N M/N?”
You rolled your eyes behind your mother’s back and slowly withdrew the covers. You pushed yourself into a sitting position and rubbed the fake sleep from your eyes, giving your mom the impression that you’d just woken instead of speaking to your boyfriend in the early hours of Sunday morning.
“Y/N….” her voice was a warning as she started pulling clothes from the racks.
“Yes, mother,” you pulled your knees to your chest and wrapped your arms around your legs, watching your mother pull clothes to set them out on the end of the bed, “I’ll behave as I should meet the new…father….”
“His name is Father Rogers, and I think you’d quite like him. All the single women in town are awestruck over him. To be honest, if I were your age-“
“But you’re not,” you mumbled under your breath, “and I’m not single.”
“-I would be just as awestruck as those women.” Your mom seemed to slip into a temporary daydream as she held one of your skater skirts in her hands, bunching the black fabric.
“Mom,” your eyes narrowed, and your eyebrows furrowed at the sight of what she was pulling for you to wear, “it’s like 100 degrees outside. I’m not wearing leggings, a skirt, a tank top and a sweater.”
“You need to dress modestly when you officially meet Father Rogers-“
“I met him at the camp-“
“Not when he was in charge of the church. This will be like a new, fresh start. A new introduction.” Your mom pursed her lips, studying your pyjamas scornfully.
“I don’t need a new introduction; I’ve already had one.” You sighed as you stood. “All the single young women can trounce around in their dainty church dresses; I’ll wear jeans.”
“You will not!” She shrieked, slapping your hand when you tried to grab the skirts and put them back. “You will get dressed in a nice Sunday best outfit; make yourself up to meet our new Father.”
“Mom,” you placed your hands on your hips, “it is 100 degrees outside. If I wear a skirt, my legs are going to stick together, I’m going to sweat everywhere, and I will be cranky.”
“Y/N M/N L/N,” your mom matched your stance, “I am asking you one small favour. I didn’t make you attend bible study with the single women, I didn’t make you attend the single women’s seminar, but I will make you look appropriate and put together.”
You were at a standoff. You knew that if you caved now, you could get on her good side and potentially ask to go out with Peter tonight. You could give her what she wanted; you could put on the dress and turn up the charm and skip dinner tonight with your parents to join Peter.
“Mom-“ she cut you off before you could even finish.
“You wear a skirt or a dress, you doll yourself up, and you can go out with Peter. But I want real effort, Y/N.” She used a stern warning, a slight twitch of her lips and your promise before she left you to your own devices.
** **
Steve stood by the door of the church to greet people as they climbed the steps to attend. His hands were clasped behind his hands as he welcomes the members with a small smile and a ‘good morning,’ waiting for them to come and go so he could move on to the next one.
He was bashful still when mothers of single women pointed out their daughters were available to be courted. He would smile and nod his head; his interest was purely kept at a level of niceties.
He was a man who wanted to be a husband and a father. He was a man of God who was waiting for the right woman, the woman with who he could secure his future. He was in his early to mid-thirties, a veteran of the army, an ex-captain who had seen horrors of the war. He was now a priest, a man who was dedicated to bringing people to God.
However, his desire to be a husband and a father would go hand in hand with his calling to be a priest. He was waiting; he knew that the right woman was on the horizon. He believed that this town would be the place where he would meet his darling wife.
And when he saw you at the camp, the young woman wearing far too revealing clothes who needed a firm hand, his strong hand and his discipline, Steve knew that you had to be the one.
“Good morning, Mr. L/N.” Steve, greet your father first, studying him before his attention turned to your mother. “Good morning, Mrs. L/N.”
Then he looked at you, and he felt his heart stop. The moment he saw you standing slightly behind your mother wearing a cream-coloured skirt, the end far too short for what he would’ve chosen for you, but your saving grace was the black tights you wore, tucked into black boots. You wore a maroon-coloured long sleeve blouse with lace near the ends of the sleeves and a black belt that accentuated your waist.
You were a picture of beauty and loveliness, a picture that was worth ten thousand words for one still image.
“Good morning,” Steve’s smile grew, his attention solely on you, “Y/N.”
You smiled tight and kept silent until your mother nudged you and shot you a look. You dropped your hands to your sides and licked your bottom lip, giving him your briefest attention, your eyes meeting in a moment that was electrifying for him.
“Good morning, Father Rogers.” Your voice was quiet as if you didn’t want to be there, speaking to him.
“It’s half melted!” Your half shrieked laugh rang throughout his head as the recent memory of you playing with your miserable-looking smores around the campfire at the retreat was playing out in his mind.
“I thought you liked sticky white stuff between your fingers?”
One of the other women your age jest, making you snort in laughter.
“Belle!” You hissed playfully. “Shut up!”
“Are you looking forward to the service today, Y/N?” He was quick to observe you, quick to follow the apparent discourse between the image you conveyed for your parents and the idea you got in moments when they were not around.
“Oh sure,” you nod your head, “of course, with how hot it is now, I feel like I’m already in hell.”
“Y/N!” Your mother gasped; her eyes widened in disbelief.
“Hell is nothing to joke about, Y/N.” Steve had to hide his amusement at the look in your eyes, the spark and the fire from getting a rile out of your mom.
“I am so sorry, Father Rogers.” Your mother apologized profusely, her hand reaching for your arm. “We will be going to sit now.”
“Y/N,” he reached for your wrist and stopped you from walking further into the church, “could I speak to you for a moment?”
Your mother and father went ahead, leaving you alone in his presence.
“If this is about the whole skimpy clothes thing at camp, Mrs. Humphrey makes a big deal out of nothing.” You crossed your arms over your chest.
“No,” Steve fought against that memory for the desire it left him with, “but I do believe that young women should save the sanctity of their bodies for their husbands.”
You made a noise in your throat, and he caught you rolling your eyes.
‘A lesson in discipline,’ Steve thought, ‘a scolding would suffice, but if not, there’s always the hand.’
“Well, that is the consensus among older people,” you cocked your hip, and his eyes briefly flickered to your bent leg. “Did you need anything else, Father Rogers? I want to go sit now.”
‘Impatience,’ Steve pursed his lips, ‘a lesson in waiting would be needed. Another reward for good behaviour and a spanking for bad behaviour.’
“Of course, Y/N.” Steve nods his head. “I would like to let you know that I am here for you. If you need anything at all, please don’t hesitate to come to me for guidance.”
He watched you turn and walk away. He watched your hips sashay, albeit probably unwittingly, as you moved throughout the church to the same aisle that your parents were in. He watched you shamelessly, his mind briefly wandering to a place in the future.
A place in which you had a beautiful diamond ring on your finger and a tiny baby bump protruding. Or perhaps a place in the future where you had a small bundle in your arms sitting in the front row while your husband was speaking to the congregation.
He could see it. He would revel in it.
** **
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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rainydayathogwarts · 7 hours ago
Second person p.o.v Warnings: Slightly dirty, mentions of s e x Umm enjoy! The characters are: Tony, Steve, Bucky, Natasha, Pietro, Sam, Peter, Pietro and Clint! Tell me if you want Wanda, Thor, Loki and Bruce, I'll make a second part. I'm low-key just craving some Wanda content. She's the reason I'm questioning my sexuality
Tumblr media
-Tony Stark: Tony had woken you up by pressing kisses on your neck. He knew that if he had let you sleep in for any longer, you'd both be late to your meeting with Pepper and the rest of the Avengers. However, Tony being Tony, decided it was a good idea to not only kiss your neck, but cover it in hickeys. As you were obviously rushed, you didn't notice your forming hickeys in the mirror and immediately headed over to the kitchen for a coffee before rushing to conference room number three.
You took a seat next to Natasha who was surprisingly the only person there. You thought you'd be late but it turns out the others were. Natasha's lips curled up into a smirk and you tilted your head as to ask 'what?' "What's that thing you got there?"
She pointed to her neck and you furrowed your eyebrows in confusion. "What do I got there?" You repeated, touching your bruising skin lightly. Natasha laughed at how oblivious you were to the fact that your neck was sporting two hickeys. Her hand dived into her pocket and she pulled her phone out, opening the front camera and turning it towards you.
Your jaw slacked when you took a good look at your neck. "Fucking hell Tony, when did you manage?"
-Steve Rogers: You and Steve have a habit of getting intimate after long, tough missions. Especially if they didn't go as planned. Last night was one of those nights and maybe you both got just a little bit carried away. When you woke up to an empty bed, you assumed Steve had gone to get the papers from Clint to fill out from the day before's mission. You groaned and made your way to the living room after having gotten dressed only to be welcomed by laughter.
You furrowed your eyebrows, ignoring the conversation going on between your teammates and headed over to Steve for a hug. Steve hugged you back without second thought but you could feel how tense he was. You finally looked up. Steve's face was all red with embarrassment, you turned around, zoning into the conversation.
"Damn (Y/N) how wild does it get in there!?" Laughed Clint, clutching his chest. "What?" That only caused the others to break into another laughing fit. You felt one of Steve's hand graze the side of your neck and your eyes widened, remembering the marks you left on your fiancé.
"Oh shut up!" Your voice went an octave higher as you spoke and you really thought the others would die from the lack of oxygen they were taking in. Tony clapped a hand onto your shoulder and gave you a look of approval.
-Bucky Barnes: Bucky was always shy when it came to leaving marks on each other. He thought it was too 'out there' but that it was still cute. He loved leaving hickeys on you back in the 1940's but things have changed after the HYDRA fiasco.
He used to give them to you in bars and clubs when Steve wasn't around to third wheel, not caring who would see you. Now, he was starting to become himself again, gaining more and more confidence as time went by and with that, old habits were starting to resurface. Last night, he had taken his time leaving love bites on your neck and along you collarbone. You doubted that he's ever left so many hickeys on you before.
You walked into the training room, adrenaline pumping, ready for a few intense and long hours of training. "So what are we doing today Cap?" You asked, leaning on the wall in front of him. His eyes darted over to your collarbone and neck. A blush made its way onto his face when he realised what must have happened between you and Bucky.
"Steve?" "Hmm? I'm sorry, what - what did you say?"
-Clint Barton: Training was tough. Training was always tough. God, you're an Avenger, who are we kidding? So you and Nat were doing your daily morning sparring, throwing kicks and punches and trying to tackle each other and not be the first on the floor.
The both of you went at it for a couple of hours until you were completely drained of energy. Natasha slammed you onto the mat one last time and you eventually tapped out. She straightened up, putting a hand on the floor so she could stand up but her second one went to her mouth to stifle her giggles.
Her eyes were wide as saucers and they quickly darted from your thighs to your face. You looked down to see what the problem was and gasped when you saw your exposed hickeys. Usually your shorts would've covered them but they had ridden up during practice.
Natasha stood up and went to drink some water, a smirk never leaving her face as she teased you about it.
-Pietro Maximoff: All of the Avengers were sitting together for a movie night after an awful battle against Ultron. Pietro and Clint had almost been shot to death, you'd nearly fallen off the flying city and Natasha had been captured by the robot.
You sat next to Wanda who was your best friend and was gossiping with her quietly when a much louder voice was heard. "Hey Pietro, do you need some ice?" That captured everyone's attention in less than a second.
"For what?" Tony poked Pietro softly and he jumped. "Ow!" You and Wanda leaned over to see what was going on. Your boyfriend was rubbing his neck roughly and sending a glare to Tony.
"No, I'm fine." You and Wanda gave each other a look before getting comfortable in your seats again. You were about to open your mouth to speak to Wanda once more but were interrupted by loud laughter. "What's going on?" You asked.
"(Y/N), (Y/N), your boyfriend here told us that he fell today, I don't believe him though." You shot up from your seat at sat next to Pietro on the other side of the room. "What? Is everything okay, are you okay?"
You held his face in your hands to check for injuries when you noticed the large hickey you had left on the side of his neck. Your face flushed a dark red and your hands fell to your side, trying to ignore the fact that the majority of your teammates were making fun of you.
-Natasha Romanoff: You and Natasha has gotten a little bit carried away in the showers after training and you may or may not have ended up with a few love bites.
Natasha loved leaving marks on you, so it wasn't exactly a shocker to the rest of the team when you showed up to dinner that day wearing a tank top that showed off all your hickeys. Bucky smirked, so did Tony and Clint but Steve choked on his food, going into a coughing fit.
Natasha grinned widely at his reaction, wrapping an arm around your shoulders and pulling you in to press a full kiss on your lips. Your cheeks went red when Thor gave you a teasing smile and Sam wolf-whistled.
-Peter Parker: "Wait a second, let me just get my bag!" You yelled, already rushing back to your bedroom. Peter smiled, leaning on one of the walls. The both of you were having a "Young Avenger not Avenger night." Which was a night where you both went out that was strictly for having fun.
No superhero business whatsoever.
In other words though, it was also kind of like a date since the both of you were in a relationship. You trotted back to the area Tony used as a party, waving your bag in the air frantically. You grinned at Peter and he did too, pulling you in for a short kiss and holding a hand out for you when you separated. You ran a hand through your hair, pushing it out of your face, and reached out to take Peter's awaiting hand.
"Wait, hold on a minute. What in the world is that?" Tony asked, pointing at you as he plopped another blueberry into his mouth. Natasha smirked and stood up, walking over to the both of you. "Tony I'm pretty sure you've slept with enough people to know what a hickey is."
Your eyes widened and you glanced at Peter then back at Tony and Natasha. "Um, I-uh? I-well, please don't tell cap? I don't want to have that talk with him. Thank you, I love you, have fun drinking!" And with that you shoved Peter the other way, running to the elevator behind him.
"Hey hold on-!"
"No- Peter run!"
-Peter Quill: A kiss on the shoulder. "Breakfast." Another kiss. "G'mora made breakfast." A third kiss. "I do'wanna have t'drag you." You turned over. Smiled. Cupped your boyfriend's cheeks in your hands. Pulled him in for a kiss. He made a satisfied sound. "Look I'd love to go for another round-" he joked, "But after last night, I am absolutely starving."
You laughed, opening your arms wide as a sign for him to pick you up. He hauled you up into the air and groaned under your weight before settling you in his arms comfortably. "I love you Pete." You muttered into the skin of his neck as he settled you down onto one of the couches in the small resting area of the ship.
"How long has it been since we've had an actual breakfast?" Rocket boomed, happily taking a seat somewhere next to you. "I don't know but-" "Okay here you guys go." Gamora said, shoving a plate of pancakes in your hands. "I'm so happy we made a pit-stop on earth." Peter said. Groot also told you something that consisted of his usually vocabulary and Drax and Mantis just stared at their plates.
"How did you hurt yourself this time you idiot?" You heard rocket say. Your eyes trailed  over to Peter, joyfully eating his syrupy pancakes. His eyes were wide and he was chewing on a piece of the goods. He finally swallowed, making an odd noise in confusion. "Wha-" "That thing on your neck, stupid."
You looked over to Peter's neck and heard Gamora cough and make a choking sound. When you saw what Rocket what talking about at last, you almost did the same. Peter glimpsed at you and when he saw the expression on your face, a look of realisation dawned on him. "Oh-um, mosquito bite. I get allergic."
"A what bite?"
"A (Y/N) bite. He got a (Y/N) bite."
-Sam Wilson: "Morning runs with Sammy and (N/N), morning runs with Sammy and (N/N)!" Bucky chanted, jumping on the spot in the doorway. Sam walked out of the  bathroom, now in his running gear. He shot you a look and grinned, looking back at Bucky and shrugging. "Nooo." You whined from under the bed sheets. "No runs with Sammy and (N/N). (N/N) tired. Bucky and Sammy take Steve."
Bucky barked out a laugh and a clapping sound was heard. You turned around to see him and immediately frowned when you saw him approaching you. "Sam are you going to do this or am I actually going to have to drag your girlfriend out of your bed." He cocked an eyebrow when Sam shrugged. "Not knowing what she's wearing under these covers?"
Sam's eyes widened and he frantically shook his head. "No no no, it's okay. Maybe if you wait outside we can join you afterwards." You groaned, throwing your head into the pillows. "No, it's fine. I'm dressed." A small 'huh' escaped Sam's mouth and Bucky smirked. "Wow, not even remembering if what happened last night was true, are we?" Sam punched Bucky in the arm, and sat down next to where you laid down.
You rubbed your eyes sleepily and sat up, your head instantly falling onto Sam's shoulder. "I'm tired though." A whistle. "Yeah, I wouldn't be surprised. I mean, look at that. I mean, I'll leave you guys alone-who am I kidding, no I won't. Get out of bed, we're running! I don't care if you fucked last night come on!"
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carrotfantasimp · 11 hours ago
Marvel fans! I call upon you to read my seggsy fan fiction, it's not shitty and I would really appreciate it if you could check it out 😂🙏🥺
Let me know what u think 💜
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thisisarcanereverie · 12 hours ago
Should’ve Known Chapter 17
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
A/N: I know, another short chapter. I promise the next one will be longer. I do plan on doing another time skip next chapter so be warned. 
DISCLAIMER: I don’t own Wanda or Steve they are owned by Marvel, I don’t own the gif either.
WARNINGS:Angst, Swearing, the stages of grief, loss, dark themes, 18 + from here on out.
WORDS : 1,171
SUMMARY: Fears and and doubts are put to rest as a new threat looms over the horizon. 
In case you missed last chapter
series masterlist
Silence echoed throughout the room. Steve had paused, his hand which held a forkful of dinner hung in the air. Wanda and you have yet to inhale the breath you took in. 
In honesty you knew you should have expected this. The twins had always been abnormally observant, especially of people. It was only a matter of time before they put two and two together. 
The pair of innocent blue eyes that were inherited from their father looked around at the table curiously. Realizing they were waiting for an answer you took the time to release the breath you had been holding. 
“What makes you ask that?” You said vaguely, neither confirming or denying anything. 
“Lettie and I were talking and she pointed out that we have the same eye color.” Stevie replied and you all furrow a brow in confusion. The twins were silent most of dinner, except when they directed questions at Steve. 
“When did you and Lettie talk about that?” You asked slowly, confusion still plaguing your mind. 
“Well we didn’t talk with our mouths,” Lettie explained, “We used our secret voices.”
“Lettie!” Stevie exclaimed, “it’s not a secret if you tell them.” the small boy huffed and crossed his arms. Although oddly mature at times, the kids were just that, kids. 
“What do you mean secret voices?” You asked, reaching for Wanda’s hand underneath the table for comfort. Wanda had practically turned to stone beside you. 
“Are we in trouble?” Lettie asked nervously, her bell-like voice timid. 
“No,” Wanda assures finally, “you’re not in trouble baby, Mommy and I just want to know what you mean by secret voices.” 
Stevie and Lettie looked at each other for a second, seemingly having a silent agreement before turning to their two moms. The blonde man sat there, not knowing if he should let them have privacy. When Steve went to leave the table, he caught (E/c) eyes looking at him, silently pleading him not to leave either. Without a second thought Steve readjusted himself in his seat before intently listening to the two blue eyed children. 
“Lettie and I can speak without moving our mouths.” Stevie explained plainly. 
“How long have you been able to..speak to each other without moving your mouths?” You asked, still processing the fact that the twins seemed to be able to telepathically communicate with one another. 
“Since we were babies, I think.” Lettie revealed, “Although Stevie and I don’t remember being babies.” 
A mixture of fear and pride swirled in you as you realized that the twins were very capable of keeping secrets. The lack of snitch made you proud, however, fear still crept into your heart as you silently let go of the faint hope you had that they were going to live very normal lives. 
You knew deep down that it was a very silly dream to have, considering who you and Steve and Wanda were. But still, it’s all you ever wanted for them, for them to live as normally as others do. 
“You didn’t answer our question.” Lettie said, breaking you out of your train of thought bringing you back to the here and now, “is Uncle Steve our dad?”
You tore your gaze away from the twins and to the witch and super-soldier. Without words you could see that Steve wanted so badly to say yes, but he wouldn’t do so without your permission, and Wanda... Wanda was afraid, it wasn’t like the fear she had known before, it wasn’t life threatening, but it shook her to her core nonetheless. But she knew the kids wouldn’t forgive you if you lied to them now only to tell them the truth later on. Wanda mustered up all the strength she had in her and nodded to you, giving you the ok that you needed to proceed. 
You slightly shook as you tore your gaze away from the wordless conversation and to the two children at the other end of the table. 
“Yes,” You responded simply, “he is your father.” 
Silence swept through the room as the twins looked at each other before turning their eyes to Steve. Who sat there across from them, looking terrified and excited. 
“Do we still have to call you Uncle Steve?” Stevie asked the burly man, Steve let out a shaky laugh as he responded. 
“We can figure that out as we go along,” Steve responded before looking down at his plate which has long since been abandoned, “that is if you want to.”
“That sounds good.” Lettie responded before turning to Wanda, “Mama can you pass me the rolls please.” 
Wanda passed the buns to Lettie silently saying ‘here you go’. Lettie grabbed a roll off the top. 
“Thank you Mama, love you.” Lettie said with a wide smile on her face. 
“I love you too Mama.” Stevie joined in. The twins would never know how much Wanda had needed to hear them say that. All at once it felt like she had been winded but yet so much anxiety and fear that plagued her heart and mind seemingly evaporated. Wanda had been so afraid and anxious since Steve’s unexpected return weeks ago, so scared of the what if’s that she hadn’t considered the possibility of the kids not caring. That the twins were still children and viewed the world as such, with such innocence and goodness. The twins didn’t love Wanda any less than they did before now that their father was there. 
Wanda let out a shaky breath as she responded with “I love you too.” 
You looked at her and kissed the soft skin at the back of her hand. The happiness and relief you felt as the twins didn’t treat Wanda or Steve differently than before. You knew there were more questions to come as the years passed but that didn’t matter, because right now, everything was as it should be. 
“Director,” the balding man timidly approached the grey haired man in front of him. 
“You better have good news.” The gray haired man warned as he wiped the remaining blood off his hands with the rag beside him. 
“We’ve located them.” 
“Are you certain?” 
“It’s taken us three years and many failed attempts sir, but we are certain it’s them.” The balding man confirmed as he handed the picture of two children and a close up of two women holding hands. The gray haired man snatched the photo from the timid man’s hands and grinned a sickening grin. 
“Perfect,” He responded, “keep surveillance on them at all times. Make sure they stay out of sight and out of rage of Maximoff’s abilities.” 
“Sir,” the man asked as the other man went to go through the door beside them, “may I ask what we plan on doing once your plan goes accordingly and the assets come into our position?”
The gray haired man paused, one foot already out the door and looked behind him to the balding man. 
“It’s quite simple,” he laughed, “we begin phase three.” 
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dbnightingale24 · 13 hours ago
Hey babes,
Sorry for the lack of posts. I promise I’m still writing and all that fun stuff, but I’ve been really drained as of late. It’s just taking longer than usual to crank them out. Not because I don’t have an idea, just because of lack of energy. Y’all have chapters and a one shot coming your way soon!!
I love you and pls be kind to yourselves. Remember to drink water and eat meals. Okay, that’s all, bye.
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thesecretwriter · 13 hours ago
Mines to keep
Disclaimer: I write content that is for an 18+ audience. Should you be younger than this, please do not interact with this blog as there is adult content apart of it.
Pairing: dark!Steve Rogers (kinda) x female reader
Summary: Steve was always your favorite avenger, he had all you attention, although he would brush you off and basically ignore you when he could because to him doing his job was more important than seeing to you. So, when you finally get the message and start to become friendly with a certain demi-god, his attention is on yours immediately.
Warning: dark!steve rogers – first time writing a dark fic, angst – as read in the summary, certain moments will be angsty, fluff – kinda? Idk, smut – be 18+ to read, age gap – kinda, I mean y/n is younger than Steve but is well over the legal age.
Side note: It’s my first-time writing a dark fic, if it isn’t perfect, please do spare me. I’m still learning. Also, as stated next is a Wanda fanfic and then I will be taking requests. Send them in. 
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Tumblr media
“Hope you don’t mind me tagging along. Fury said it would be okay.” You smile at Steve as he looks straight ahead and focus’ on the building in front of y’all.
“Glad you told me that as you came onto the jet.” He mumbles and reaches to take out his wallet from his pocket.
You frown at his words, as well as his tone which didn’t seem to be too pleased. You dismissed it to him being upset that you didn’t notify him about coming along.
“I’m sorry, I can always go back if that’s what you want.” You say cautiously.
“You made it this far, might as well stay.” He didn’t wait for you to reply as he opened the door to the motel. You followed closely behind and looked around the front desk area.
It wasn’t the best-looking motel, but then again, Fury did say you both needed to stay off the radar.
“Good evening, I need two rooms next to each other please.” Steve spoke in a sort of polite tone.
The motel clerk, who clearly didn’t know who Steve was, threw two room keys onto the counter and took the cash that Steve offered him.
“Settle in and stay in your room, don’t come out until I tell you too.” H hands you the key and the moment you take it from his hand, he walked away.
It’s like he didn’t want to part take in any conversation with you.
“Well y/n, one step at a time.” You whispered to yourself and walked in the direction he headed to. When you arrived at the door matching the number on your key, you opened it and locked immediately after entering.
For the rest of the evening, you stayed in your room and settled in. You did a quick look around the room to make sure it was safe and once it was you fell onto the bed with a sigh.
Fury had only wanted Steve to stay in this nearby hotel and try and monitor a nearby facility with the Stark equipment Tony organised.
A knock interrupted your train of thought, you grabbed your gun from the nightstand and went to open the door. When you looked through the peephole, you saw Steve standing there and looking down the hall.
“I brought food.” He simply said, once you opened the door.
“Thanks.” You smiled and opened the door wider for him to come in.
“I already ate, eat and leave the dishes outside the room door.” He hands you the tray and turns back around and into his room.
You stand there clutching the tray and trying not to drop it with your gun in your hand.
So much for trying to get the attention of your favorite avenger.
Tumblr media
The next few days go on with silence and barely any words being exchanged. At some point you contemplated reaching out to someone at the tower to send a jet for you, but being the determined person you are, you didn’t want to give up.
So, here you were outside Steve’s room, with a tray of his favorite food in your hand. Thank goodness the motel had a decent chef who made good food.
You knocked on the door waiting for him to open the door, he opened it with an angry expression.
Someone seems to be in a bad mood.
“Didn’t I tell you not to leave your room?” His brows were furrowed up in anger.
“Yes, but I thought I would bring you some food. You’ve been doing it for me, and I didn’t want to take time away from you with the task.” You explain with a smile.  
“I’m very capable of doing that myself, in fact, I don’t think I would be an avenger if I couldn’t do it.” He said angrily and took the tray of food away from you.
“Stay in your room, we’re leaving tomorrow morning.” He slammed the door in your face, leaving you there sad.
“Can’t believe I have to babysit while on a mission.” You heard him grumble from behind the door.
You stood there shocked and hurt, never would you have thought Steve Rogers could be that harsh.
Sure, he was a righteous and determined man who took everything he did seriously, but you didn’t think your presence could make him that upset.
After a moment you take a deep breath and walk over to your motel room, going into the room and locking it. Getting ready to try and sleep off the sad feeling in your chest.
Tumblr media
The next day you barely said a word as Steve knocked on your door informing you that you needed to leave soon. Your bags were already packed, so you took them and walked outside waiting for Steve to give the motel clerk the keys.
Once he stepped outside, you started to walk ahead of him and in the direction that you came from just a few days prior.
You could hear his footsteps behind you, and even feel his eyes on your form as you walk with your head down.
When you reached the pickup point that an agent told you and Steve to wait at, you stood a fair distance away from Steve.
“You don’t have to write up a report on the mission, I’ve done it already.” He said you stood there in silence.
You merely nodded to him in response and went back to staring at your feet.
A few moments later and the agent arrives, and you both go on and you’re off to the avengers tower.
When you make it to the tower, you take your bag in hand and walk off the first opportunity you get.
You weren’t exactly giving up your little mission, you just needed a little break from the previous exchange you had with Steve, but there were doubts in your mind.
Steve watched as you walked off, this time his brows were furrowed in anger, rather in concern, since you didn’t turn back and wave to him like you usually did when you left him.
Tumblr media
“It’s a pleasure to meet you lady y/n, thank you for showing me to my courters.” Thor kisses your hand and smiles at you.
“Y/n is just fine.” You laugh at his politeness.
“I’m shocked that Stark didn’t not mention you when he called for my assistance.” He sat down at the counter of the kitchen, where you were previously washing the dishes.
“I just joined a few months ago.” You explained and took a sip of water.
Thor certainly was a sight, you wouldn’t deny it, but his personality was one you label as ‘the perfect friend’. He was so easy to talk to, even if you had just met him. Usually, it would be a bit of a challenge for you to talk to such a big-time avenger, you would fumble over your words, just like you did when you first met Steve.
Speaking of Steve, he just walked into the kitchen and carefully watched you and Thor interact with one another.
He had seen you interact with many male agents/avengers before, but why did he feel the sudden urge to stake a sort of claim on you? He continued to watch on, but then Thor noticed him.
“Ahh Steve, its good to see you after all this time.” Thor got up from his seat and went over to Steve.
You stayed in your spot and watched as Steve looked in your direction. You had been limiting your interactions with him recently. After much thought, you decided maybe you were doing a bit too much to gain his attention.
“Agent y/n.” He acknowledged you with a nod.
This was the first time he ever greeted you first, normally you would smile his way and greet him with a soft ‘hello Steve.’
“Y/n is such a welcoming person; I haven’t met many Midgardians who are this nice upon first meeting.” Thor boasted as he walked to you and settled his hands on your shoulders.
Steve’s eyes immediately followed his hands and then looked back up to your, but you were smiling at Thor who was looking at Steve.
“You’re quite the friendly person yourself Thor, very polite.” You compliment him back.
Steve stood in place and watched you two with observing eyes, his chest slowly filling with a dark feeling he couldn’t quite label yet. Thor had obviously found you to be attractive, who wouldn’t, you were polite, friendly and a sight many would admire.
“Very polite indeed.” Steve mumbled and walked to the fridge and took out a bottle of water.
“I haven’t had a good… beer in a while.” Thor said randomly as he went to sit back in his seat.
“I know a good place that serves the best beers, usually I don’t drink them, but this place is really good.” You chime in.
“You must take me there, I don’t have to help Tony until Monday, I don’t think he would be upset if I went around the city, and of course with such a beautiful being.” He complimented and motioned to you.
“Really? We could go tonight-“
“Not tonight y/n, you have to help me with the mission report. Fury told me there are some things that need your point of view and opinion on them.” Steve interrupted in his best strict tone.
“But I barely did or saw anything?” You said confused.
“The motel staff was said to be involved, seeing as you spoke to some of them, I need your words to conclude the report. Meet me in my office tonight, when you’re ready. I’ll be there waiting.” His tone left no questions to be asked, and if that didn’t get the message through, then his gaze that dared you to go against his words did. With nothing more to say, he walked away.
You remained looking in your seat a bit baffled.
Tumblr media
A few hours passed but soon you found yourself standing in front of his office door, completely aware that he was inside waiting for you. As you were about to knock on the door, it opened with Steve’s tall form almost pressing against the edge of your nose.
“Come in.” Is all he said as he stepped back.
You did as he said and stepped into the office, it was quite spacious and had two chairs in front of it for visitors to sit at.
As you go to sit at one Steve’s voice stops you, “I need you to sit beside me.”
He came to you again and took the chair you were going to sit at and picked it up to put it next to his one behind the desk.
“Take a seat and write down everything you can remember from your stay.”
He gave you a pile of blank pages and a pencil.
Like a little child doing as they’re told, you sit on the chair and start to write down whatever you remembered.
“There’s not much I can write; I wasn’t exactly roaming around the motel.” You explain and put the pencil down.
Steve took a moment and put down his own pen and he briefly took a moment to think.
“You know, that’s the most you’ve said to me since we got back from this mission.” He explains and looks to you.
Your eyes watch his movements as he turns to you, he himself watching your own movements.
“I didn’t think you’d want me around?” You ask confused.
“I never said anything about not wanting you around.” He stated.
“You seemed pretty upset whenever I was around.” You shrug your shoulders as a way of explaining things.
“You seem to take a lot of notice in body language.” He actually smirked at this, and then turned back to his table.
“Yes, I do.” You state softly and also turn back to his desk.
“I myself am also observant you know, in fact today I picked up quite the observation… “
The silence that came after his words were an indication for your to ask him what it was.
“And what might that be?” You asked not looking up from the paper in front of you.
“Well, you’re very friendly with Thor, and this was your first time meeting him. I don’t recall you being like that with anyone else.” He says this like its just any other usual sentence he would bring up in a conversation.
You stop writing and stare at him, he doesn’t even look your way. He just continues to write. This amplifies your anger.
“I can assure you that you have no idea what you’re seeing.” You say and stand up.
“Where’re you going?” He asked and watched as you walk to the door and hold the handle, your back facing his.
“I’ve written all that is necessary, now if you’ll excuse me. I’m leaving since I have enough time to take Thor to that bar I was talking about.” You press down on the handle, but the door doesn’t open.
“I don’t think so.” You hear his chair scrape against the floor as he makes his way around the table and comes to stand behind you.
His chest brushing against your back.
“Excuse me?” You ask turning towards him.
“You heard me, now be a good girl and go and sit back down… or do you want to be taught a lesson?” He asked cheekily.
“I don’t know who you think you’re talking to, but I will ask you one more time to open this door.” You warned him with your best mean voice.
You could open the door if you could, but the key was missing from the lock.
“It’s cute how you think I’d do what you say, now do I need to repeat myself.” His mean voice to shame.
You looked up to him and he looked back to you with this emotion in his that you couldn’t make out.
“Why should I? you haven’t exactly been the nicest person?”
“I could show you just how nice I can be.” He smirked again and stepped closer to you.
“Where is this all coming from? Steve this isn’t like you.” You asked worried, the Steve you sort of knew would not be this forward with you, he wasn’t even this forward with Sharon, the woman he boldly kissed at some point.
“You see y/n, when I see someone being too nice with what is mine, then this is what I’m like, and last time I checked, you have been wanting to get to know me and gain my attention. Well, you have it all now doll.” He puts his arms on either side head and pushed you against the door gently.
Your mind was running crazy with what he just said, why in the world would he feel like this after months of you trying to gain his attention and him not even acknowledging you. You had spoken to lots of other men, and he didn’t even batter an eyelash.
Could he possibly feel competition towards Thor? Certainly seems like it.
“Steve listen, we can discuss this some other time. I’m tired and would like to go now.” You explain calmly.
“You weren’t too tired a minute ago when you were going to look for Thor.” He laughed and placed his hands on your waist, and before you could open your mouth to reply, he hoisted you up and instinctively, you wrapped your legs around his waist, feeling all of him.
Your eyes widen and look between the two of your before looking back up to him.
“Shh, relax doll.” He says more gently, for a moment it’s like you’re talking to the Steve who attended to you when you got injured on your first mission. His kind eyes making you know he would take care of you. Your arms wrap around his neck, this makes him come closer to you if possible.
“That’s it.” He whispered and glanced down to your lips.
He turns around, with your legs still wrapped around him tightly, he goes to the desk and sits you down, his hands finding their way to your ass.
“You always had a perfect ass, fitting so well in the palm of my hand.” You look at him in surprise.
“What? You didn’t think I’d notice this sexy ass when you would train? It was basically the reason I was in the gym all the time. Watching you work yourself up like that… “ He could imagine the little grunts and groans that left your lips every time you chose to do a heavy work out.
“Please… “ You beg as he leans in closely and feather kisses your neck.
“What do you want?” He asked with a ghost smile on his lips.
“… you.” You mumble with your eyes closed, and mind hazy. The feeling of him so close to you, and his words hypnotizing you.
“Is that a yes or no?” He pulled back and looked to you. He may have been in an unusual state of mind, but he was still gentlemen enough to ask for consent.
You nod to him and he smiles, “I need to hear your words baby, or I’m not going to touch you any further.”
“Yes, please. I want you to touch me.”
Self-control? You don’t know her, not right now at least.
You begging him the way you did almost broke poor Steve, his own self-control slipping through.
He pulled your body flush against his, with you still sitting on the desk. His lips slammed against yours in a hunger filled kiss.
You always imagined him being gentle in the bedroom department, but of course what he is currently doing to you debunks that little theory of yours.
“Clothes off, give me a little show.” He said and pulled back, his hands and body now away from you. He took a seat on the remaining chair in front of the table.
His smile widens when you start to unbutton the jeans you were wearing eyes on him the whole time, next to go was your shirt, which Steve would’ve loved to rip off you.
“That’s it baby.” He said as his eyes watched your body, his own hands trailing on his thighs and lightly brushing against his clothed cock.
You could see the bulge of the hardened cock. The thought of what he would do to you making you grow wet and confident that you made the Captain America hard.
“Aren’t you going to undress too?” You ask indicating to him.
“Yes baby, I am.” He chuckled and stood up from the chair to walk to you.
He stood a hand length away from you before he started to undress himself. He was watching you the entire time.
So, you decided to tease him and gently started palming your breasts. You heard a growl come from Steve as he quickly got rid of his clothes before stepping forward and stopping your movements.
“You feel that baby? You do that to me.” He murmured and guided your hands down his chest and to his very much expose cock, which you are gawking at.
You clenched your thighs together at the thought of taking him. The things you would love for him to do to you.
“Steve, touch me. Please.” You plead and step further into his arms.
He chuckles and does as you say. You are now once again sat on the desk, bare and at the will of Steve, the man you’ve wanted since paying eyes on him.
He spread your legs and stepped between them, brushing the tip of his cock against your soaked pussy lips.
“I would love to taste you baby, but I have to be inside you baby. Look at how soaked you are. Practically dripping on the desk.” His dirty talk was turning you on even further.
“Then do something about it Steve.” You state boldly trailing your hands down your body.
You have no idea where this confidence was coming from, but you were enjoying it, especially when it made Steve almost animalistic.
He looked into your eyes as he positioned his cock against your heat and slowly sank it. Basking in the moment.
“Oh fuck.” You whimpered and watched as his eyebrows furrowed together.
“So fucking tight.” He muttered and pulled you towards him by the hips.
He was so big, but made you feel so good as he thrusted slowly into you. Taking his time and savoring the moment. He liked the way you looked into his eyes as he thrust into you. Silently pleading with him to go faster.
“Please Steve, faster.” You finally said and gently moved your hips forward.
Steve hissed as you clenched around him.
“Baby, if you keep doing that then I’m going to come, but I want you to come first.” He said and started to do as you requested.
He fucked you faster.
The fast motion of him moving making you a moaning mess. Small whimpers leaving your lips as he edged you closer to your release.
“That’s it baby, being so good for me. You’re only mine. My good girl, taking me so good. Look at you taking my cock so well.”
His words were making you go crazy, the little praises doing something to you.
Soon you felt yourself feeling heaven, your orgasm hitting hard and nearly knocking your unconscious.
Your orgasm triggered Steve to cum, he groaned out your name saying how good and tight you were clenching around him.
His form slumped against you for a moment, he was breathing heavily, face buried in your neck, hair falling over his forehead and making him like absolute art.
“Fuck y/n, such a good girl. Fucking so tight I couldn’t control myself from cumming.” He chuckled and pulled away from you.
He had a smile on his face and watched as your tried to hide yourself away from him. His praises making you feel shy.
“Don’t hide away from me, you look beautiful like this. With my cum dripping out your pussy and down your thigh.” He murmured and looked between your legs.
The man still managed to talk so dirty, and it had you feeling some kind of way.
“Steve that was… “ You breathed a sigh and took in a deep breath.
“I know, you took me so well baby.” He placed a kiss on your forehead making your blush.
“We uhm… we still need to talk about what just happened.” You said motioning to him and you.
“There’s nothing to talk about baby, you’re mine and I’m yours. This is more than just a fuck. Once we get back to my room, I’m going to make love to you. I just needed to show you who you belonged to.” He gathered yours and his clothes from the ground and handed yours to you.
You were left speechless.
He wanted to do what now?
“C’mon, get dressed. Unless you want to have another go here?” He said suggestively.
You quickly scrambled to get dress as he chuckled and buttoned up his shirt.
Tumblr media
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girl-of-many-fandoms · 14 hours ago
Forbidden 5
Tumblr media
Pairing: Steve Rogers x Stark!Reader
Summary: You're Tony's sister and you just so happen to be very attracted to the one man that gets on your brother's nerves, Steve Rogers. Unknowingly to you, the older man also has his eyes on you despite your circumstances
Warnings: none
Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5
The man whom you shared your DNA with plopped down in the seat next to you at the kitchen island. The past couple days you’ve been keeping to yourself now more than ever and Tony was determined to find out what’s wrong with you
“You’ve been MIA for a while now, what’s going on?”
Liar, you knew exactly why you haven’t been your usually sarcastic, annoying self and it all had to do with what almost happened with Steve. You couldn’t tell your brother that the man he has a love/hate relationship with is the reason that you haven’t been yourself lately
“Good morning”
Speak of the devil and he shall appear
Steve strode into the kitchen looking handsome as ever with Sam and Bucky following closely behind, he quickly glanced at you both as he maneuvered his way around the kitchen making his breakfast. Bucky patted you on the back, pulling out the chair on the other side of you
“I should get going, Thor’s waiting for me in the gym” sliding out of your seat you took your phone and water bottle up off the counter quickly removing yourself from the crowded room
Why are you like this Y/N?
You can’t keep avoiding him all the days of your life
Groaning you leaned against the wall of the elevator as you recalled the memories from that night. The way that his scent evaded your senses, the feeling of your smaller hands in his larger ones, the feeling of his stubble brushing against your fingertips, the way his hot breath fanned against your lips as you both leaned into each other’s touch
Closing your eyes, you envisioned being back in that same position with Steve
The doors slid open and you stepped into the hallway that led to the gym. Thor’s grunts could be heard as well as the punches he’s dishing out on the punching bag. Pushing the door open you were pleasantly surprised to see Thor’s sweaty, shirtless torso. His back was positioned to you so every flex of his back muscle was visible to you and it was indeed a magnificent sight to witness
“Thor it’s way too early for you to be looking this good”
Upon hearing your voice Thor paused his workout to smile over at you, his chest rising and falling as he regained his breath
“I could say the same about you”
Placing your things down on the nearest bench you made your way over to the treadmill to start your warm up. He resumed abusing the poor punching bag as you picked up the pace a bit. Steve hadn’t only benched you from going out on missions but he also banned you from over exerting yourself when it came to training. Usually, you would be sparring with Nat or doing hand to hand combat with Bucky or Steve but seeing as you were recovering you were now stuck with the treadmill
Increasing the speed, you began jogging. The AC/DC blasting through the gym speakers gave you the push you needed to change your pace. You despised cardio with a passion, one time you chose to go running with Steve, Sam and Bucky, that was the stupidest decision you have ever made in your entire life as you gave up after hitting mile two. Bucky slowed his pace so that you could keep up, at one point he slung you over his shoulder as he caught up to the others, in times like that, being manhandled by a super soldier isn’t as bad as it sounds
Sweat coated every inch of your body as you pushed yourself, droplets landed on the machine every stride you took. You weren’t keeping track of how long you’d been on the treadmill but you knew that it had to be a good while because Thor now stood in front of you with an annoyed look on his face
“I’m bored, let’s get to the fun stuff”
Thor reached over and hit the off button and you quickly came to a stop, confused you tilted your head to the side waiting for him to elaborate more on ‘the fun stuff’. His bright smile only made you more skeptical as you worked on regulating your breathing
“Let’s do some sparring” helping you off the machine he led you over to the mat where you all used for combat training
“Thor I can’t remember?” bending down you reached for one of the clean towels on the rack when suddenly you were flipped onto your back, Thor stood over you with a shit eating grin on his face
“You can’t or won’t?” he knew that you hated when he taunted you especially when it came to training, you knew what he was trying to do and you knew that you were not about to back down from a challenge
“Game on then”
Smirking you hooked you kneed him in the back of his thighs and quickly swiped his feet from under him. You both began throwing punches at one another, you knew that he was mainly doing this for your benefit because he knew just how much you missed the action. Thor got a hold of your hand and pinned you down on the mat beneath him, his long blonde hair fell from the pony he had it in, framing his face
“Yield you puny human”
“Not today” hooking your leg around his waist you used your strength to flip you both over so now you were the one on top. Rolling his eyes, he couldn’t help but smile up at you proud to see that you’re still capable of holding your own
Still straddling Thor’s abdomen, you both caught up on a few things that’s happened. He told you about his nonexistent relationship with Jane and you told him about the almost kiss you had with Steve. You both had been so caught up in the middle of your conversation you both hadn’t noticed Steve’s presence
His heart dropped seeing the position that you and Thor were in, he hadn’t bothered to work out anymore instead he turned on his heels and headed up to his room
Guys should I do a Steve POV next chapter? Let me know!
Tag list:
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imanadultvirgin · 17 hours ago
Birthday Boy: Chris Evans x F!Reader
Tumblr media
↳ PARING || Chris Evans x Female!Reader
↳ SUMMARY || You and Chris have been best friends forever but when you can’t hide your feelings for him anymore on his birthday party something good comes out of it. 
↳ WARNINGS || SMUT!, 18+ minors DNI!, fluff, very poorly written. (Mayor warnings below cut)
↳ WORD COUNT || 2K (porn with plot)
↳ (A/N) || This one unlike my other shot was fast! Maybe cause I’m in need of Daddy Evans, but also because I wanted to write something special for his birthday. I’m a date-late for this but wooo! Here goes the first time I ever write for Chris. I like this one, is sweet. Hope you guys like it too :D. 
BTW! Taglist open :) , comment if you want to be add or you can also DM me or send in an ask. 
↳ EXTENDED WARNINGS || oral sex (f receiving), penetrative sex, dirty talk, sort of vanilla (last time I swear), fingering (???). 
You and Chris have been friends for more time that you actually have memory of, being child actors together. You have been through thin and thick, always there for each other even when things get ugly. You’ve been there for every broken heart, every important moment and so has he. He was family to you and he said you were his, almost like a sister to your disappointment. Even though everyone around you both always wanted you to date or thought you were dating neither of you have ever even kissed. Not that you were ever opposed to it. 
Yes, you loved Chris way more than a friend, way more than a brother. Chris had no idea, in all this time he has always seen you as one thing only, a friend. This reality was something you were awfully familiar with, you would have more Academy Awards than Meryl Streep if your relationship with Chris Evans was a movie. Always hiding your broken heart in fake smiles whenever he would introduce you to a new girlfriend or talk about a fling. 
June 13 was almost like a holiday to you, Chris’ birthday was a national holiday in your household, always has been. He, in contrast to you, actually enjoyed celebrating his birthday and you always made sure to make it a party of the century. This one was particularly special being his 40th birthday and you were going to make sure it was going to be the greatest birthday party yet. Last year that wasn’t possible because of the pandemic but now most of your acquaintances were vaccinated and you were good to go. 
It was almost midnight and everyone was having a good time which made you content being always an amazing host, but still in all this time you haven’t had the chance to spend time with the birthday boy and it was the only thing you wanted to know. You walked through the crowd trying to find Chris everywhere going in your fingertips to look for the tall man. You almost tripped because of your high heels luckily near Sebatian who quickly grabbed you. 
“Whoa! Already tipsy (Y/N)?” he asked through the music. You chuckle. “Haven’t even had the chance to drink Stan, have you seen Chris?” you asked, still looking over his shoulder for your best friend. Sebastian shook his head. “No, I’ve actually haven’t seen him...oh wait, yes, saw him go upstairs a few minutes ago, maybe he’s still there” he mentioned. “Thank you so much,” you say. “No problem, maybe when you get back we can dance a little bit” he said flirting with you. You blushed at his comment and just giggled at his comment going to look for Chris. 
That’s how it was with Seb and you ever since you met, always flirting never actually doing anything. Chris in fact has tried to get you together more times than you can think of, it never works. Seb is too afraid of commitment and you too in love with his best friend. 
You approached the door of Chris’ room and before knocking a horrible sinking feeling filled you. What if he’s inside with another person? It wouldn’t be the first time you walked in on Chris having sex with another girl, but you would rather not doing it again. You took a big breath and knocked on the door and wait for an answer. 
“Who is it?” you were relieved to hear him and sounded quite calm. “It’s me,” you said. In seconds the door was opened by Chris smiling at you. “Hey” he said softly. You reply with the same tone and same words. “What are you doing here? You are supposed to be out there having fun” you said while getting inside the room with him. Chris shut the door and sigh. “I know, I know…” he complied. He sat on the bed, his shoulders dropping. Something was up. 
“What is it? You are not having fun?” you asked a little worried of perhaps overstepping a bit too much this time. “No! No! I just that…” he grew quiet, something very unlike him. “ can tell me” you reminded him sitting down beside him. He sighed and nodded. 
After a long pause he finally tells you. “I’m...old”. 
He hides his face in his hands and drops to the bed. You try hard not to laugh. “Are you kidding me? That’s what made you so upset?” you asked, smiling. “Yeah! I MEAN I’M 40!” He exclaims. You shake your head. “Chris, you’re not old. Old is 80” you mention putting your hand on your knee. “Which is half-way for me now” he replies. You chuckle. “You’re making it a big deal and it isn’t” you dropped in the bed to look at him. 
He scoffs. “Being 30 was hard enough and now I’m 40, like that’s only 10 years away from having a midlife crisis” he continues. “I think you are exaggerating. You are Chris Evans, the one and only. You are a beloved actor, you are successful and all before even becoming a 30-year-old” you tell him. He smiles. “I just don’t want to look old, you know,” he says looking at you. Your eyes roll. “Please, you don’t look 40, you are as handsome and sexy as you were 10 years ago” you say. He smirks and you turn your head, helping the embarrassment to be unnoticeable. 
“You think I’m sexy?” he asks, having a shit-eating grin. You push his face. “Shut up, I’m just trying to make you feel better” you mention. “Bullshit! You think I’m sexy. In fact, you think I am the sexiest person in the whole party” he teases you. You groan. “Don’t be so cocky” you say crossing your arms. “And you don’t be so damn adorable” he says leaning over to you. “You think I’m adorable now?” You challenged him. He, unlike you, nodded his head. “I’ve always thought you were adorable, and cute...beautiful” he goes. His voice went lower and deeper. You blinked. 
“You think I’m beautiful?” you asked, grinning a little bit too much for your liking. Chris smiled too. “I think you are gorgeous,” he remarked. You bit your lip nervously. The courage you never had for the past years was recollecting and you thought it was now or never. “Chris…” you stopped. Your heart rate is increasing. He raised his eyebrows waiting for you to say something. “I’m going to tell you something, something I never told you because I was too afraid of ruining our relationship, but I can’t keep it anymore” Chris already looked stunned by your words and you were kind of regretting ever opening your mouth, but it was too late to turn back. 
“I love you, more than your friend, or your sister. I love you in the way of making you birthday parties kind of way, I love you staying all night wide awake waiting for your text message, love you in the feeling butterflies in my stomach, and I have for a long time, I love you I do” you finished. The air in your lungs barely keeps up. Chris could only blink. “I love you in the way that if you don’t love me I will still be by your side if you want me too because I care about you more than I can explain-” Chris then pulled you to kiss your lips. You gasped in the action, almost wanted to pinch yourself. Were you only dreaming? 
“I love you” he said in the kiss. You pulled away and looked at him. “You do?” he nodded. “Since the start. I love you so much” he said and the two of you kissed. It was the starstruck kiss, fireworks, explosions and more surrounding you in this moment, a moment you have only dream about. 
He got on top of you kissing you softly, barely picking your lips. His hands caressing your sides. “I want to make love to you” he whispered, pecking your lips once more. You feel your skin grow cold and you exhale. Lost of words you could only nod your head. Chris kissed your cheek and down your jaw. You were in bliss. 
He helped you take off his clothes and he easily took off your dress. He couldn’t stop saying how beautiful you were caressing your body and kissing every inch of your neck and below. “I’ve been wanting to do this for a long time, and now I finally get the chance,” he whispers. Your legs press together at his comment. You’ve been waiting for this too. 
He took off your bra and then your panties leaving you completely naked before him. You were almost trembling. The look on Chris’ face was something else. 
He grabbed your ankles gently, almost massaging the bones before pulling them apart slowly, opening your legs. You wanted the mattress of the bed to swallow you whole at that moment. Chris groaned softly. “I haven’t even touched you and you’re glistening” he said to himself out loud. He crawled his way to you and you looked away feeling the pressure of his face so close to where you wanted him the most. His huge hands massaged your thighs and he started kissing them, almost biting them. You were having a real hard time trying to keep your legs open and yourself steady. His breath hit you and your head dropped, chest rising. 
“What do you want me to do beautiful? Tell me” he asked. Your breathing was heavy trying to find the words. “P-please…” could only come out of you. Chris smirked. “Please what?” he asked while the pad of his index finger traced a line down your pussy lips making you whimper and jump. “Please eat my pussy, please” you almost cried, hands hiding your face. He growled. “My pleasure” he said before licking you long. You slammed your hands down grabbing the sheets in your fist. 
He waved his tongue between your folds making you moan out loud, the sound going straight into Chris hardening boner. He continued doing that knowing you were liking it before moving over to do quick flicking licks in your clit. Your hands going over to Chris’ head making him groan at the feeling of you pulling his hair. His beard against your thighs makes the sensation elevate. He sucked on your folds and clit, his tongue flat on you. It was a sure thing you were going to cum hardly in any minute. Your moans, whimpers and more going crazy. You thanked god for having the music downstairs loud enough. He circled your clit with the tip of his tongue and before you even noticed, two of his fingers started fucking you. You almost screamed. “Fuck! Chris! I’m cumming” you screamed almost sitting up from the pleasure. This only made Chris push his fingers deeper and faster and his lips to suck on your clit at the same time. You screamed hard and came down his face. Chris moans in satisfaction drinking you all. With one last pop he lifted his head and pulled his fingers out. While looking at you he licked his fingers and hummed approvingly. “So tasty my love” he kissed you sharing your taste and you moaned softly, your high still riding. 
“Chris fuck me, please” you said. He shook his head. “I’m not going to fuck you, not yet. I want to make love with you first” he said softly. You felt your cheeks going warm. 
He took off his underpants and you grew a little insecure looking at his size, his impressive size. Chris noticed your worry as he said “I’ll be careful and slow, if at any moment you wish to stop tell me” he whispered and pecked your lips. You nodded your head and wrapped your legs in his waist. He growled at your action. 
He slipped in a condom from his night table and jerked himself only a few times before lining below you. You two looked at each other adoringly, neither of you believing this was happening. Chris slowly started to push in. You pressed your eyes feeling the sting of being opened. Chris let out a huge exhale. “Fuck...:” he said under his breath. Your arms wrapped around his back. He pushed in more and you groaned. “Want me to continue?” he asked, worried you were feeling too much pain. You shook your head. “Please keep going,” you said and he smiled. 
In just a few more pushes Chris was finally all the way in and you were slowly getting used to the stretch of your walls. Both of you breathing too heavy. “Fuck baby, you are so tight” he said under his breath. “You can start moving…” you approved. He didn’t wait for another second before starting to move slowly, going in and out. Both of you moaned. “You feel amazing” Chris continued praising you. His body touching yours almost, both bodies warming up. 
His pace little by little started to be more firm, faster and deeper. You became once more a moaning mess below him. Chris also started to moan and grunt. 
“You are so perfect, so beautiful, baby kiss me, come on, kiss me” he said and you did. Your lips crashing together as Chris snapped his hips against yours. The tingly feeling in your stomach starts to grow stronger. “I think I’m gonna cum baby” you said between whimpers. “So am I, cum on me gorgeous” he whispered and started kissing your neck. With two more deep thrusts you came once more. Your nails digging in his back and you screamed his name. While riding your orgasm Chris came down, groaning and moaning your name. 
He dropped in on you, resting on your shoulder. Both of you are sweaty and exhausted, your breath calming down. “Fuck” he breath out and you nodded. “That was amazing” you said and he nodded. “I love you” he whispered, pecking your lips. “I love you” you answered, kissing him back. 
The door of the room swing open making you both shriek and hide yourselves from the intruder that was not other than Sebastian Stan who smirked leaning over in the door frame. He sighted. “Well, fucking finally. When you two are done, the cake is here” he said, turning around and closing the door. You and Chris laughed. 
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hi besties! today is #𝒎𝒂𝒓𝒗𝒆𝒍 𝒎𝒐𝒏𝒅𝒂𝒚 ༉‧₊˚✧
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scan through my request guidelines to see who i write for. send in your asks! <3
MONDAY ; let’s discuss some of our favorite superheroes. #marvel monday
18+ only are allowed to interact with my blog. please respect my boundaries.
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nsfwsebbie · 23 hours ago
salvatore. | vi.
series summary. | Bucky Barnes doesn’t believe in love anymore. Especially after the tragic, unknown death of his wife, Natasha. He thinks it’s stupid and a waste of time and- oh my. Hello there, you. There you were, with your notebooks and your novels, writing your heart away. He’s hellbent on saving you from this nasty world, his elusive neighbor that has him under the stupid spell of love. You soon find yourself trapped in a tragic love story with Bluebeard, not Prince Charming.
warnings. | NONCON/DUBCON, dark themes, manipulation, gaslighting, arguments, toxic relationships (reader and steve), cheating, nightmares, violent behaviour? (no actual hitting), spying, voyeurism, stalking, use of cameras, angst, fluff, soft!dark!bucky, protectiveness, obsessiveness, creepy bucky, perversion, + more. 18+, MINORS DNI.
word count. | 2.5k
pairings. | Dark!Bucky Barnes x Reader, Steve Rogers x Reader, Natasha Romanoff x Steve Rogers.
a/n. | i know i haven’t updated in a while i’m really sorry!! please enjoy and don’t forget to reblog!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
“Doll, please calm down. You’re scaring me,” Steve begged, sitting on the bed. “How can I calm down, Steve? Huh? You only just came back, and now you’re going away again,” you spat, crossing your arms. Your stance was almost adorable, but Steve knew that if he made a comment, he’d just push you further away. He couldn’t let that happen. “Why can’t you ask for a vacation, Stevie? We haven’t done anything romantic since my birthday, and that was six months ago.” You turned your back to Steve, and he sighed.
“I’m sorry, Doll, but I have to go save the world,”  he solemnly told you. His voice carried a faux sadness that shouldn’t even be there in the first place. “Bullshit, you have so many more people to do it. Sam, Wanda, Tony—don’t lie, Steve. Why are you going to Sydney? There’s no way you have to travel to another continent to mess up some sort of drug deal. Isn’t that what the police are for?” you questioned him.
Tears stung your eyes. They were ones of anger, but you couldn’t lie. In the midst of them, were sad ones ready to leak, too. Steve stayed silent. “For fucks sake, Steve, you can’t even give me an answer?” you asked in disbelief. You gasped as the tears began to fall. “I knew it, I knew it the whole time,” you whispered under your breath. “Knew what?” he asked, walking up to you. You backed up into the corner of the room.
“That you’re cheating on me,” you mumbled quietly. “What? Baby– no, listen.” He paused to take a deep breath, meant to calm his nerves down. “I don’t want to hear anything, Steve. I know about you and Natasha. All those trips? Those text messages? God, the only person I feel bad for is myself. How could I be so blind to it all?” you shook your head as you spoke. You walked around Steve’s strong figure and headed towards the door. “Where are you going?” He called out, following you behind.
“For some fresh air, I can’t handle this,” you yelled back, but Steve only sped his steps up. “You’re not leaving me, Doll,” he growled, stepping in front of you. “I never said I was, but now you’re tempting me,” you snapped back. “You’re not leaving me, Doll. You never can.” Steve gripped your shoulders tightly, and you winced in pain. “Even if you did, I’ll go to the ends of the Earth to get you back.”
Your eyes shot open. Gasping, you struggled to catch your breath. Your heart pumped like no tomorrow. Each time your chest raised to the highest point, you felt like you had a heart attack. You fell back onto your pillow, and you couldn't care enough about the slightly painful thud that came with it. Nightmares were never pleasant. Though they give amazing writing inspiration, they still were not nice.
Unfortunately, your nights seemed to be filled with them. Every time you fell asleep for the past week, you’d wake up in a panicky mode. At that point, you were okay with settling for a weird dream that resembled surrealistic art. Who wouldn’t want to have a Dali-inspired dream? You rubbed your eyes roughly and could feel the exhaustion in your every movement.
Your phone rang loudly. The sound made you jump in shock, and you reached to your bedside table for it. The screen read Bucky’s name, and you sighed. You answered the phone and brought it to your ear. “Hey, Bucky,” you croaked tiredly. He laughed, and you could hear the exhaustion in his voice. But the sound of tiredness differed from yours. “Did I wake you up?” he asked, and you moaned. “No, I just woke up,” you told him. “Why would you wake up at one in the morning, Doll?” he asked.
“Nightmare,” you breathlessly told him. You could swear on the daisy that began to bloom two weeks ago that you started to feel a weight being lifted off your shoulders. “Talk to me, Doll. Was it bad?” he questioned. “Yeah, it was worse than the previous ones.” You hadn’t even realized that you just spilled your secret. “You’ve been getting them for the past few nights? Doll– I’m so sorry, but you know you can always talk to me, right?”
His words were more reassuring than anything Steve ever said. “I know, it’s just… The nightmares—they’re very personal. You might not understand how scary they are. Plus, I don’t want to bother you,” you sheepishly admitted to him. He sighed heavily. “I understand, Doll, but you can never bother me, okay? I’m the one who’s supposed to feel that way, not you,” he chuckled, just to ease the tension.
“Now, I’m gonna be there in the next twenty minutes. Do you think you can sort yourself out by then?” he asked, and you started to stutter. “Uhm, sure, yeah, sure,” you agreed obediently. “Good girl, I’ll be there in a few.” And with that, he hung up. Your eyeballs bulged out of their sockets at those two words he uttered. Steve never said anything like that. He’d always just nod, even if you couldn't see it.  You simply wrapped yourself in one of your most favourite blankets because changing seemed pointless to you.
There was no way he was not in pyjamas… right?
You turned the lamp on next to you before you could convince yourself that your chair was a monster. Your back was cold but also covered in sweat. You hated that feeling, and your mother always had the best way to describe it. “It’s like heating something in the microwave but failing nonetheless. The outside of it is warm, but the inside is still cold.” She’d tell you as she’d wipe down your back with a towel.
That was before everything went downhill. Before you turned thirteen and before she married him.
You sighed and got out of bed, willing yourself to put the kettle on. Maybe you’ll make some hot chocolate, or perhaps some tea… In your mind, twenty minutes always seemed like a long time. It sounded as though you could get quite a lot done in a third of an hour. The reality always felt like getting ice water poured on you as a method for waking up.
Unless your life was significantly put together, those one thousand and two hundred seconds are equivalent to five minutes. The ceramic lid for the jar clinked as you set it down on the counter. You grabbed two chamomile tea bags and closed the pot with a ‘ping!’. You grabbed two cups from the cupboard and then groaned loudly when you realized that you hadn’t turned the kettle on.
With a flick of your finger, you turned it on and leaned onto the counter. You sighed pretty loudly. Your head fell into the cup that your hands made, and you closed your eyes. You didn’t have a headache, and your eyes didn’t hurt either; you were just exhausted. You sighed once again, and the kettle clicked, telling you the water was done boiling.
Timing was everything, as always. And sometimes “timing” is just a coincidence, just like how Bucky rang the doorbell as soon as the water stopped boiling. You rubbed your eyes and walked to the door slowly, not caring that he may have been standing out there for thirty seconds too long. You opened it—not all the way—but wide enough for him to catch a glimpse of your tired form. “Hi,” he greeted, letting himself in.
Bucky looked around your home as if he was waiting for someone to round the corner with a knife and shotgun. “Nice place,” he said with an awkward smile on his face. “Thanks, even though our homes are formatted the same way,” you chuckled. He nodded, and then a few seconds after, he let out a forced laugh. You looked up at him and gave him a meek grin, and then went back to making the tea.
“I’m so glad I have two bags of chamomile left. It’s like the universe has decided to bless me again,” you breathlessly said. “What was the blessing before?” he curiously asked. “You.” You poured the hot water inside the cups, and then the bags of tea followed. “Honey or sugar?” you asked, and he pointed at the sugar. You passed it to him wordlessly, and the only sounds that filled the room were from your lungs and cups of tea.
“So… Do you want to talk about it?” he asked after a few more wordless moments. “S- sure, thank you once again! You’re so kind,” you sighed as you brought the cup of tea to your mouth. Bucky copied your movements, but just a bit slower. “It was about my ex,” you admitted once you set your cup down. Bucky struggled to keep his eyes from popping out of their sockets at your mention of him.
“It was so similar to an argument we had a few months before I broke up with him… The only difference was that he wasn’t as… terrifying. And yet he still scared me,” you solemnly spoke. Bucky stretched a hand across the counter and placed it on your shoulder. He pleasantly squeezed it a bit, and you were tempted to lean into his touch.
But you just can’t, because Steve is in the back of your mind, taunting you.
“What really happened in the dream?” he asked, and you took another sip of tea. “Well… We were fighting. He had to go away for a while, even though he just came back. He’d always do that; it’s what helped destroy our relationship. He valued his job over me, and also, someone else,” you sadly recounted. Bucky listened in carefully, because he wanted to help out his best girl in any way possible.
“I caught him in his lies because his excuses became so… Inexplicable. I always had that nagging feeling that he was cheating on me with his friend, his coworker. That argument confirmed everything. I couldn’t handle it all being true, so I tried to leave for a walk,” you paused to take a shaky breath. “He got angry and stopped me, and then he threatened me,” you bluntly finished.
Bucky was so glad that his hand was no longer resting on your shoulder because Goddamn was his fist clenched tightly. You brought the cup of tea up to your mouth, and Bucky just watched you as you diverted your eyes away from him. Once you set the cup down, Bucky grabbed your hands. In contrast, his were extremely hot, and yet the flesh one was dry. Yours were a bit cold, but they were soft and a bit dewy. You looked up at him, only to lock eyes.
“It’s just a dream, doll, okay? And it’s in the past, it won’t happen again, our minds can be crazy sometimes, so try not to worry about it,” he whispered lowly, bringing both of your hands up to his mouth. He pressed a kiss on both sets of your knuckles. You nodded softly, and you leaned down to press a kiss on his flesh knuckles in return. You smiled against his skin, even though it was bruised and slightly red. You wanted to ignore the weird feeling of his metal arm against your sweaty skin, but you couldn’t help it.
“Can- Can I do the thing to your metal hand?” you asked him, hopeful that he would say yes. Bucky nodded, with a slight smile on his face, of course. You closed your eyes and puckered your lips just a bit, pecking the metal. His breathing hitched, unbearably so. It was something he would always catch himself doing whenever he’d think about you or whenever he was simply just in your presence. You opened up eyes and looked back up at him, and you could see the way his eyes glazed over.
He let go of your hands abruptly, allowing them to fall onto the marble countertop. His fingers slotted themselves against your cheeks, and he grabbed your face gently. Bucky pulled you close to him, and he smashed his lips against yours. The kiss was messy, but it was full of passion. You kept your lips locked against his, and your fingers carded through his long hair. There was no other movement apart from the way Bucky kept trying to pull you closer and closer.
It was almost like he wanted to merge bodies, minds, and souls with you.
A few more seconds passed, and Bucky eventually pulled away. He rested his forehead against yours, and you exhaled a shaky breath. “Steve… His name is Steve, and I hate him,” you admitted to him, and Bucky kissed your nose. “And I hate him too, doll,” Bucky said before parting ways from you. There was a bit of tea left in his cup, but you had finished all of yours. “Get some rest, okay? Or just close your eyes for a bit. You need it,” he advised, and you nodded. “Thank you, Bucky. I really appreciate you being there for me,” you expressed to him.
“Anything for you, doll, now go tuck yourself in,” he urged once again before walking past you to the door. You placed the cups in the sink, and neither of you looked back at each other. You heard the door shut with a loud echo, and you sighed heavily. Maybe you were going to listen to him. Sleeping in isn’t that bad after all.
Bucky always believed that being vulnerable was stupid. He also believed that opening up was stupid. But, to be fair, he believed that anything involving emotions was stupid. But when it comes to you, he felt the opposite. Maybe vulnerability was good. Perhaps it was exactly where you needed to be for him to finally be able to love you.
And it was then when he realized that he hadn’t been loving you properly. He hadn’t been loving you the way he wanted to love Natasha, and that just ended up with her six feet deep with flowers growing above her body. He needed you, but you clearly needed him more than anything else. Bucky was desperate for you at times, of course, but you matter more to him than anything else.
Bucky looked down at his desk, staring at the single plane ticket that would take him all the way across the state of New York. He hadn’t been there in over a year, and that was when he first learned of Natasha’s promiscuity. Philandering around with his best friend, fucking said best friend in the most memorable locations he had taken her.
He honestly wouldn’t have been surprised if he found out that the reason why Natasha showed up to the wedding venue late was that she was too busy lifting up that poofy white gown for Steve. He thought that by emptying out Pandora’s box when she passed, everything would be okay. That he’d be able to move on without a care, and he wouldn’t have to shed any more tears for her. Bucky won’t. He promised himself he wouldn't.
He just had a few loose ends to wrap up before he made you his. That was all.
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jurassicbarnes · 23 hours ago
sunshine steve rogers is the type of man to blush when you sit in his lap on group movie night in front of all of your friends — only to finger fuck you as soon as the lights dim low, and the blanket is thrown over your lap 😌
two can play this game
Tumblr media
pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader
a/n: mae, you're so right.
warnings: 18+ ONLY, steve is a finger fucking tease, poorly edited
When you thought plopping yourself down on your boyfriend's lap and giving him a raging hard on in front of everyone would be a good idea, you didn't think of the consequences.
You thought, he'd blush and wriggle under you, accidentally push you on the ground, apologise and make you sit next to him, all while sneaking a glance at the team sitting around you.
But Steve said fuck movie night. And fuck everyone else. He made you sit on his dick, the sweatpants didn't do shit to hide the raging hard on in them. It only dug in between your butt, making it uncomfortable to sit. He chuckled when you tried to move to sit between his spread thighs, there wasn't enough space but now you've leaned your lesson. Not to tease Steve.
Although he's not having any of it. Doesn't let you move. Instead, he pulls the knitted blanket over both of you and massages your thighs, both his hands rubbing soothingly. Kisses placed on shoulders. Lips tracing your cheek, then your ear.
“Two can play this game, babe.”
“What game?”
“Oh, you know the game.” he says with a pinching squeeze to your thighs. “You started it.” And he jerks his dick to tell you exactly that.
A delicate press of his finger over your core has you gasping. Your hands curls around his wrists, chest rising and falling in order to steady your breaths. He just touched you once, it shouldn't leave you as breathless as it does.
“Do me a favour and stay quiet while I fuck you with my fingers, hmm?” he widens your legs. Slips the sleep shorts down until your pussy is accessible by his hand.
A quick scan of the room. Everyone's blatantly oblivious of the fact that you're about to be fucked by your boyfriend. Good thing he chose a corner to sit.
Palm cupping your cunt, the heel of it pressing and rolling over the bundle of nerves. Then two fingers stretch you open. He places his other hand over yours on your lap. When you cover your mouth with your free hand to stop the moans from spilling, he nips at your ear.
“Let's see if we can do this without you covering your mouth.” All while pumping his fingers in and out, careful with his pace, keeping you in the edge. See how long you can go without coming. You hesitantly place your hand on his lap, nails digging immediately. Thumb tapping on your clit and you add a languid roll of your hips, against his hand and his dick.
You turn your face to bury it into his neck, biting your lip to the point of drawing blood because it feels so good and you're not allowed to make a sound to tell him that. It's so unfair. How does he always have the upper hand in these kinda situations?
You try to close your legs around his hand but he hooks his own feet at your ankles. Fucking keeps you wide open for him, and just to taunt you, he fucks you a little faster. Your mewls are strangled in your throat. You're shaking and squirming, gasping when it all becomes too much. Your head lolling back on his shoulder, as you buck yours hips into his hand.
“You gonna come?” he asks, voice a raspy whisper. You frantically nod your head, tilt your head to kiss him and keep him placed there with a hand in his hair. “But what if you make a mess? How will cover it? I think I should stop...”
You rip your mouth from his, roughly pulling at the roots of his tresses. “Don't you dare stop. I will scream if you stop, Steve.”
“I would like to see you scream in a roomful of people, honey.” A cocky smile on his lips. He's right, you would die of embarrassment. Just then he pinches your clit, shoves those thick, long fingers knuckles deep, dragging your sweet spot deliciously, rapidly.
“Steve—” Breath hitching, cunt throbbing. You're helpless.
You jaw hangs open in a silent moan, eyes rolling back into your head when you drench his hand not long after.
He pets your stomach, and kisses your cheek. Helping you come down from your high. When you finally sit straighter after adjusting your shorts, you take a look at him. Those same fingers are shoved inside his mouth, licking off your release. Eyes on yours, a cheeky smile on his shiny lips. You roll your eyes and swat your hand on his chest.
“Absolutely divine.” Steve states.
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jurassicbarnes · a day ago
thinking about steve throwing u over his shoulders and onto the bed… then grabbing ur ankles to pull u close to him… makes me absolutely feral
blooming crimson
Tumblr media
pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader
a/n: and i oop—
warnings: 18+ ONLY, spanking (ass & pussy 😏) oral (f receiving), hands tied up with leather belt, dirty mouth of steven grant rogers, poorly edited
God, the moment he said, “That's it.” and threw you over his shoulder, you knew you were done for.
Back in his bedroom, he didn't bother turning on the lights, blindly carried you to his bed and threw you down. Your landing wasn't very graceful. A yelp parting your lips as he removed his shirt in a haste and then his pants too. While you try to crawl back to the headboard, Steve clicks his tongue and grabs your ankles. The sheets rustle sharply, burning the back of your thighs, your dress gathers around your waist when he roughly pulls you to the edge and flips you over.
The slip dress you wore remains on your body. But the matching lacey lingerie, you should have known he wouldn't have any mercy on it. He flips the dress up to reveal your lace adorned ass, grips the two sides by your hips and tears it to shreds.
“You are such a fuckin' tease,” By his tone you could tell he's angry, clicks his tongue. Pushes your head into the sheets and grabs your hands to place them at your lower back. Then binds your wrists together with his leather belt. Breathing hard, looking down at his handy work. “You're so needy. I fucked you in that bathroom not even ten minutes ago, honey. You already want more? Such a greedy little thing...” He cups your pussy, directing his words at her.
“I gotta teach you some manners. Hmm, whaddya say?” he caresses one globe of your ass, his palm warm and gentle. But you know what's coming. Hands tightly in a fist, ass wiggling in the air.
You giggle and it's the last straw.
“You'll be crying tears by the end of the night.” he warns you.
Each blow delivered to your ass hits harder than the previous one. When your legs give in and you start to shake and wiggle way, Steve roughly pulls you back up, presenting your burning ass to him before he's slapping it once again.
The tender grasp of his palm, squeezing there before it comes down to brand you cheeks with the imprint. Then the quick succession of claps no breaks, unrelenting thwacks. One after the other. You're glad he didn't ask you to count them, because with the way you're gasping and crying, staining your face and his sheets with your makeup and tears, you're so far gone into the pleasure and pain, you don't think you can keep up with blows he lands on your sore ass.
“What have we learned?” he asks, mockingly.
“Not to be greedy...” you whimper. But the moment words fall from your lips, you accidentally roll your hips in the air, when his touch vanishes from your body.
“Tsk,” plump bottom lip pushed between his teeth, “I don't think you've learnt anything.”
He licks his palm, all the way up to his fingertips. And when he slaps you this time, the sting of a wet hand hits different. You flinch, pussy clamping around nothing.
The wetness is seeping out of your cunt, trickling down your thighs, gushing and drooling all over the sheets. And he's done nothing to tame the tremendous heat growing there.
“Steve, please—” you try to wiggle out of his touch.
“You want me stop?” He says, “I'll stop everything. I won't touch ya, I won't even edge ya. You'll take what I give like the good girl you are, you hear me?”
You make a mistake by nodding and not voicing your agreement. That obviously earns you another slap, straight between your folds, clit throbbing and begging for more.
“Yes, understood.” you gasp.
“Good girl, my sweet girl.” he kisses your tailbone, licks the tight ring of your ass before his tongue dips lower, collecting your wetness, cirlcing the tip over your clit. One palm spreading your ass while his fingers thrust into you without meeting with any resistance.
“Fuck, you're so wet, you could drown the entire city, honey.” he chuckles.
You choke on a sob, relief flooding you when he pumps his fingers in and out, giving you some reprieve. The sounds your pussy makes are obscene, wet and so dirty. You should be ashamed but don't find an ounce of it in your body.
It's not a surprise when in seconds you're about to come undone, Steve removes his fingers. You anticipate his next move and try not to cry in protest when he leaves your pussy empty. Then another clap of his palm on your ass, and there's a sticky mess from his fingers spreading all over your blooming crimson skin.
“You're in for a long night, babe. How can I let you come so easily?”
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jurassicbarnes · a day ago
I feel like sunshine boy Steve is like suuuuper tactile and cuddly. Like loves being big spoon and holding hands while cuddling. 🥰
love him in the morning
Tumblr media
pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader
a/n: bruh i wanna wake up next to him every single day 😭
warnings: fluffy and lil' nsfw.... stevie i can't help it, poorly edited
No one, absolutely no one should look that gorgeous waking up in the morning.
Sleep-puffy eyes and tousled golden hair. Lazy smile on his plump lips. And the higher points of his cheeks shine due to the rays of the sun streaming through the wide open blinds of your room.
You've just stepped out of the bathroom, shoulder leaning on the door frame, hands across your chest. Donning one of his button ups, white loose. Hem dancing atop of your thighs. Two buttons done in the middle, rest of them undone. Giving him an ample peek of your breasts and the smooth skin beneath. The marks the litter your neck and disappear down your collarbones.
“Come back to bed, babe.” he motions by removing the duvet that covered your side of the bed, patting the space with his hand. Covering his modesty but does he really need to?
Shoulder pushing yourself away from the frame, you maneuver slowly towards the bed. It's a bright Sunday morning—well mid-day—since you both took your time waking up. Neither of you had plans, besides being with each other.
Settling yourself against him, he tucks you closer and builds the warmth right back into your skin by placing the blanket over both of you. He kisses your shoulder, humming in content to have you back in bed once again. His hand on yours, on your belly, lacing your fingers together. He brings it up for a quick kiss, before cuddling harder.
Sleep won't take over now, so you both talk about things you'd want to do on your day off.
Do you wanna go at that pancake house?
Maybe we can take a walk in the park after?
And shop for some home decore?
Make a day out of it?
“Or...” Steve mumbles, nuzzling into the space between your neck and shoulder, kisses feather-light, a slow drag of his mouth on you. “We never leave and stay in bed all day. We're makin' a day out it, anyway...”
“You lazy bum,” Your tease is accompanied by a giggle when his slight scruff scratches your skin. You turn around to face him, knuckles grazing his cheek, then guiding him for a kiss.
“I don't understand why you're complaining. I think you'll my suggestion better.” He says in between kisses.
“Well, to tell you, a lot of it involves me spending all my love between your legs,” he noses at your own nose, kissing right there, too. “Then for breakfast I'll make you pancakes myself, and we don't need a walk in the park. We have another cardio session right here after... As for home decore? I think this shirt you're wearing will decorate the floor better than your body. Sound good, honey?”
You bite your lip, shaking your head in dismay. It is so easy to love him in the morning. When his guard is down and there's no worry of tomorrow. No weight of the world weighing down on him.
Just him, with his sweet eyes, sweeter on you. Secrets and dirty promises, just for you, made to you.
“Sounds good, Stevie.”
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jurassicbarnes · a day ago
Steve sunshine boy Rogers can you like fuck me against a wall or something? Idk just saying 🤚🏻
sunshine boy
Tumblr media
pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader
a/n: well, you came for my blood.
warnings: 18+ ONLY, sex, fingering, sunshine boy steve's dirty fucking mouth, poorly edited
Tumblr media
You make him follow you out of the party.
Hips swaying, and smudged smoky eyes stealing a glance over your shoulder as you turn a corner. The living room has lost two people but it's okay, no one noticed that you and lover are gone.
The door of a bedroom shuts close behind him and you're cornering him in a haste, the alcohol running through your veins providing you with even more confidence. His back hits the hard wood, lips desperately on his, sucking and licking. No room for tenderness right now. Not when he looks so fuckable in his tight blue button up, sleeves rolled all the way up his elbows. Those strong forearms and thick veins on display. Gosh, you want him to hold you tight, rough you up.
Who could blame you for being so turned on? You're only a woman?
Your hand goes to his hardening cock, brushing over the dress slacks he wears. Lips attached to his neck, and jaw, tongue licking a long stride up the column of his throat all the way up to his earlobe, biting the soft bit. Breath hot and damp and needy.
“Fuck me, right now.” Comes your heated whisper and he chuckles deeply, head back against the door, large palms on your satin adorned waist. The slip dress you wore, ruby red, glimmering on your body, shows all the curves you've got to show. Your breasts look immaculate, nipples intact and hard underneath. Telling him you skipped the bra tonight. Easier for him to deal with you later on.
He holds your jaw, a pure look of ravage set in those darkening blue eyes. Smudged red lipstick, the blush you wear on your cheekbones, the slightly mascara stained eyes. By God, you're fucking perfect.
In an instant, he has you pressed up against the door. A hand at the nape of your neck, while the other runs down the back until it reaches the hem of your dress. Fingers tickling the sensitive skin of your thighs and you squirm, trapped between the door and his hard body—you're not planning to move away, anyway.
When he teases the seam of your underwear, lacey and satiny, too, he bites your shoulder. Warm lips ghosting up the blade until he reaches your ear and adds a delicious roll of his hips into your ass. Fully hard and straining the fabric of his pants.
And then your golden boy, your sweet, sunshine boy, whispers—
“You want me to fuck you right here? Against this door? When there's people right on the other side of it? You're that desperate for my cock, aren't you? Your sweet little pussy is begging for it, isn't that right? Want me to fill her up? Ruin her? I won't let you clean up after I'm done. Make sure you know what you're asking for, honey. I'll make you walk around the party with my mess dripping down your legs.”
Heat prickles at your skin, palms placed on the door as you push your ass back, rubbing yourself. He grunts, pushes you, squeezes his fingers around your neck, silently commanding you to stay still.
“I'm pretty sure about what I want.” You assure him, “But are you willing to go back out and look everyone in the eye knowing what you did?”
Because no matter how confident Steve is behind closer door, no matter how much of a dirty fucking mouth he has, he still blushes like a prude amongst others.
He gives your ass a harsh squeeze before his hand lands a sharp blow on one of the fleshy globes. Fingers roughly pushing your panties aside, running between your drenched folds, once twice, three times before he's pushing in. Thick fingers, knuckles deep. Only preparing you for what's to come. Because Steve is a man of his words, he will most definitely do what he said.
“Oh, honey, I think, I'll take my chances.”
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savemesomenachos · a day ago
Tumblr media
*credits to gif owner*
So, I’ve hit 214 followers as of today and I’ve got so much love here😌 and so I’ve decided to have a prompt list to celebrate my 200+ followers!!!!!!!🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽 (limited time)
Tumblr media
AN: These will all be reader inserts!!! EVERYTHING IS 18+, minors DNI
Characters I will write for:
Bucky Barnes
Steve Rogers
You can choose 1 or 2 prompts from any 2 genres at a time only.
While sending your request, you can refer to the prompt with the name of the genre and the number. E.g., Fluff #1, Angst #5
Likes & Reblogs are not compulsory but would be thoroughly appreciated!🤌🏽💋
The same is with feedback. It’s one of the most important things to a writer coz it does help me write other stuff and improve.
Drabbles will be between 500-1000 words depending on my motivation🤷🏽‍♀️
It might take some time for me to reply but I will eventually!!!!
Anons are welcome to request stuff too!!!
If you want to be tagged in the Drabble or my permanent taglist, specify which taglist you want to be in and drop your username in the request.
There will be prompts for fluff, angst and smut down below.
Credits to @creativepromptsforwriting for all the lovelllyyyy promptssss!!!!
1.A-“Stop staring at me to distract me!”
B- “Oh, I’m not staring at you to distract you.”
2.A - “Why are you blinking like that with your eyes? Is everything ok?”
B- “That was supposed to be a wink!”
3.A- "Wow, I never thought you'd be stupid enough to try and do this.”
B- "Well, you're here with me, so that makes you stupid too.”
4.“You’re saying that you’re only attracted to someone’s brain, but I totally caught you checking out my butt.”
5.A- “You’re smarter than you look.” 
B- “Is that a compliment for my intelligence or an insult for my looks?”
6.A- “You flirt in the most awkward situations.” 
B- “You know you love it.”
7.A- “Are you trying to flirt with me?” 
B- “Yes. Is it working?”
1. “Is everything a joke to you?”
2. “It’s my fault, I didn’t listen to everyone saying this would be a mistake!”
3. “Why does everything have to be a struggle with you?”
4. “I can’t believe you sometimes!”
5. “Maybe you should just leave now.”
6. “Stop! Just stop it!”
7. “Maybe, this is it coz I can’t do this anymore!”
1. “Stop looking at me like that or my knees will not hold me any longer.”
2. “My tongue still remembers the way you taste.”
3. “Jealousy seems to be a great motivator for you.”
4. “Oh no, there is only one bed, what will we do now?”
5. “Later you will definitely need to tell me where you learned this.”
6. “I want to please you.”
7. “Your hand feels much better than my own.”
Tumblr media
*credits to the gif owner*
Permanent: @julyvegan @tenaciousperfectionunknown @mysweetlittledesire @bbl32 @noshame-bb @cece5 @white-wolf1940 @marvelfansworld @jassiejj2118 @sohosteve @sia2raw @honeymarvel @hart-failure @Clints-worldavengers
Stucky: @spookyparadisesheep
The link to my main Masterlist is here.
If you wanna be tagged in my works, lemme know here.
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stansupremacy · a day ago
[NOTE] English is not my first language, sorry for the mistakes. Very excited to share this story with you, I originally posted it on wattpad, but it was really frustrating to note that it didn't seem to attract attention. Let's not focus on that, but on the now, new beginnings in Tumbrl (I still don't know how works lmao)
[COPYRIGHT] All rights reserved, copying or adaptation of the novel without prior notice to the author is PROHIBITED.
Traveling the world with a six-month-old was not an easy job, but you took the risk.
Chris was turning 40, you flatly refused to spend that special day away from him.
They were both actors, so their schedules were always very tight. Unfortunately, the idea of ​​the surprise party with the whole family in Boston had been completely scrapped because Chris was filming in France for his next project and you were in Canada giving a press conference promoting your new movie.
The chances of celebrating her birthday together had been reduced to zero, worse you being the stubborn woman you are, you did not give your arm to twist. So after several fights with your representative and several scolding from your personal assistant for having disorganized your entire schedule. You had managed to escape for seven days, so that you and your daughter could surprise her father on her birthday.
You knew there was no better gift than to take Luna to her father, it had been a few long weeks since they last saw each other. Separating from his daughter was something that destroyed Chris, it had been a very difficult decision, but being a sensitive one. Luna had to be with you, she was breastfeeding, she couldn't be away from you for long.
After two plans, more than 16 hours of travel and a lot of stress, they had reached their destination. Paris Charles de Gaulle airport. The first part of the plan was complete, without wasting time, you settled Luna in her baby carrier on your chest, she cried in protest, she wanted to keep looking around her.
"I know, I know honey ... But you have to understand, mommy can't carry you in her arms, she has to carry the luggage" you murmured kissing her little head. You took the two suitcases and without wasting time you left the airport.
Luna had started to fidget, you understood her. The journey had been long, the two of them urgently needed rest. "Honey ... It was a short time, we just have to wait for Uncle Scott to come pick up us and we can go to sleep, preferably in Daddy's arms."
You took the phone from your backpack unlocking it to enter the chat with Scott, you sent the location and put it back in your pocket, without holding on any longer, you took off your chinstrap, a sigh of satisfaction left your lips when you felt the fresh air on your expensive. You removed little Evans from the carrier baby when you noticed that she kept complaining. Her small and expressive blue eyes looked around curiously.
"Do you need a ride?" A car pulled up on the street in front of you, the driver's window opened revealing Scott's face.
"Finally!" You exclaimed, he laugh getting out of the car, his arms wrapped around you affectively I returned the gesture for a few seconds.
Luna stretched her arms as she recognized her uncle waiting to be carried. Scott did not doubt it, and took her in his arms as he helped you store your bags in the trunk of the car.
You opened the back door, to throw your backpack there before entering and stretch your arms towards your daughter, who hesitating for a few seconds, accepted the change of arms.
"Sorry for the delay, your boyfriend is a pain in my ass. He asked me a thousand questions trying to figure out where I was going" Scott commented making sure the door is closed, he walked around the car and got back on as pilot, beginning to lead. "Tired?
"You have no idea" you sigh closing your eyes, a small smile adorns your lips knowing that they had achieved it, they would see Chris. "I swear that this is the only time that I cross half the world alone with a baby, next time I will bring someone to help me."
"Well, they are here, that's the important thing"
"Yeah, you're right." You answered, you look Luna who was beginning to close her eyes, it seemed that the dream was beginning to overcome her, you rock her lightly by kissing her plump cheek
Luna played entertainingly with the TV remote while you circled the hotel room, eager to see Chris.
You had to turn off your phone because he had not stopped calling and sending messages, your last message to him had been minutes before boarding, telling him that you were going to take a nap. More than 20 hours have already passed, so it was normal for him to worry, but you had decided not to answer him, it was not in your plans to ruin the surprise.
The clock said twelve o'clock at night, officially it was Chris's birthday, who should arrive at any moment.
Half an hour later, a message from Scott warning that he has already arrived at the hotel was what got you going. The suitcases were in Scott's room because if Chris came to see them he would instantly notice that they were there, you took your girl out of bed and ran to the bathroom but not before turning off all the lights.
Seconds after closing the door, the room door was heard opening. Chris's voice and Scott's laugh reached your ears.
"Don't laugh, idiot, this is serious. Y/N doesn't answer me, I think she's angry, but I don't know what I did." Scott made fun of his brother again, you smiled amused when you heard Chris's concern about the lack of messages. Luna, taking advantage of the fact that they were near the shower ledge, took a bottle of shampoo to drop it, making a great bang.
"Luna, you give away our position! You whispered indignantly, mini Evans babbling in amusement.
The door slammed open revealing a surprised Chris. Scott came in behind him, recording the reunion.
"Surprise!" You exclaimed, Luna shouted excitedly when she recognized her father. Chris wasting no time, drew them into a hug. "Luna and I decided that Daddy couldn't spend his 40th birthday away from us, right sweetheart?" The baby smiled stretching her hands to touch her father's face.
"Oh my girls, I missed you so much" Chris sighed still without letting go of the hug, he placed a kiss on Luna's forehead before turning her face and kissing you tenderly on the lips.
"Happy birthday darling, we love you very much, I hope you liked the surprise"
"I couldn't ask for a better thing" he smiled kissing your lips again.
"Don't say that, I have others that I'm sure you will love" you whispered with a mischievous glint in your eyes, Chris smirked. "We must put on day".
"For the love of God, you two are disgusting, talk about sex in front of the baby? Gross" Scott exclaimed in disgust.
Chris chuckled coming out of the bathroom with Luna on his right arm while his left was on your waist. He couldn't think of a better birthday start.
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