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#Steve Rogers imagine angst
zaddy-cevans · an hour ago
Sneaking into the Enemy's Heart - Part 3
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Tumblr media
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A/N - I felt like being a horny bitch... I might’ve gone a little overboard. Sue me. Also, this chapter broke me, so sorry guys.
| *°~•♡•~°*||*°~•♡•~°*||*°~•♡•~°*||*°~•♡•~°*|
|| WARNINGS || Language, Explicit themes, Sexual themes, Unprotected sex, Oral (both M and F receiving), fingering, overstimulation, multiple orgasms, squirting, insane sensitivity, Hair-pulling Kink, praise kink, sub and dom complex (reader switches often), spitting kink, choking kink, Rough sex, BDSM (very light), Angst!!
|| PAIRINGS || Avenger!Steve x Avenger!Reader
2k Words
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| *°~•♡•~°*||*°~•♡•~°*||*°~•♡•~°*||*°~•♡•~°*|
You pushed Steve against the closet, the stacks of papers falling down and his back hitting the cabinet with a thud. "Fuck, what's gotten into you?" He asked, breathless.
Indeed, what had gotten into you? You pinned his arms on either side of his body as you leaned in close and kissed him. Your tongue rolled over his as you explored his entire mouth.
Your teeth clashed with his and you decided to let your teeth wander elsewhere. So, you sunk them into his bottom lip and pulled it out, sucking on it.
You didn't think his cock could get any harder, but the moment it started to poke your thigh uncomfortably, you knew he was turned on. By your roughness.
You pulled away from him to admire his tousled locks and kiss-swelled, ruby lips. You licked your own looking into his eyes, he seemed so helpless, like a little boy afraid of the unknown. You were the unknown.
Your hands still painfully dug into his wrists, creating little crescent shaped cuts behind, drops of scarlet slithering down from them.
Your eyes were completely focused on him and it unnerved him to see you ravel him apart with just your gaze. You could tell he was rattled and you smiled... you liked that.
"Who do you belong to?" You growled. Your thigh slotted between his legs as you guided him to relieve some of his sexual tension by rubbing on your quad.
He bucked his hips up slightly when you tensed the muscle as he still hadn't responded. A needy whine left his lips as you leaned in, biting his neck and letting the taste of his blood overpower your senses.
The smell was so sweet, the taste was heavenly and the liquidy yet thickness of it made you melt as you licked your lips.
"I asked a question, boy. I expect an answer." He gulped. He wasn't sure what had gotten into you. Sure, the sex had always been rough but not this rough.
You pressed your body against his, making the cabinet really stick into Steve's back painfully. Your sneer scared his to no ends and the look in your eyes could only be described as one thing, power-hungry.
"You. I belong to you." You leaned back, allowing him to shift his body so that he was resting comfortably against the cabinet.
"Was that so hard?" You purred as you licked the drop of blood that had managed to escape from Steve's bite wound on his neck. He licked his lips.
Sure your demeanor terrified Steve to no ends, but it also turned him on. How protective and dominant you were of him and he knew it was wrong, but the pain you caused to his body turned him on.
You leaned into Steve and closed your eyes as you listened to his rapid heartbeat. "Is Captain America scared of a little girl like me?"
Steve didn't answer but his blue eyes clouded over at the implied mocking. You stared into them for what seemed forever, noticing the green flecks floating around in them.
Finally, you pushed him down. And this time, you had enough strength to overpower him. You pushed Steve onto his knees as he fell to the floor with an "oof".
He stared up at you and you unbuckled your pants letting them fall to the floor. You raised an eyebrow at him and he understood immediately.
He took off your panties and then you grabbed his wrists, pinning his hands up, way above his head. You stared down at him and he saw something flicker in your eyes that he hadn't seen before, insecurity.
What did you have to be insecure. As you pushed Steve's head towards your dripping cunt, Natasha's words ran in your mind on repeat.
"Hey, Y/N/N!" You hummed in response to the redhead, engrossed in your Instagram feed and sipping on black coffee.
"Ugh, I don't know how you can drink that." You faced your friend to give her a wide smile, "It's because the coffee resembles my black heart."
Natasha snorted, "Right, gotchya. A "No feelings" kinda girl." You shrugged. "Lately-" but before you could say much else, Sam and Bucky came rushing into the room.
It seemed like those two were always together and in a constant competition of gaining Natasha's attention and having her all to himself.
You rolled your eyes at their antics, if they really liked her that much, why didn't they just tell her? Why didn't you just tell him?
"Get ready to congratulate us." "You two are idiots, so I'm assuming scolding is more appropriate." Bucky rolled his eyes at you.
"Listen, Peach, you needa get laid, come to me. I'll gladly help you with all that frustration." You snorted, "Yeah. Ok."
"Yeah, she's more into me, anyways, dumbass." You bit your lip, trying not to smile at those two. It was impossible! They were just so cute, yes an ex assassin and an army men were cute...
"So why should we congratulate you?" Natasha asked. Her tone held a tinge of jealousy and you smiled to yourself. Dumbasses.
"We're about to get Steve laid." Immediately thr coffee sputtered out of your mouth onto the marbled island you all were sitting at.
"Jesus, Y/N/N." You apologized profusely to Bucky who ended up dripping in your coffee. Getting a few papertowels, you began to clean him off. "Hmm, this isn't so bad."
You rolled your eyes at him, "Shut it, Barnes." He nodded, "This is the most sex I've had in weeks now." You chuckled, "Dry spell?" "Dryer than that."
You wiped him off and gave him a kiss on the cheek for assurance and then you dumped the papertowels into the trashcan.
"So, how're we getting Steve laid?" Natasha asked with a glare directed towards you. You shook your head, chuckling lowly.
"Tinder. We set up an account and he has matches already. Apparently chicks dig big, blonde guys." "Maybe we should get Thor on there too." Natasha joked, but your mind was preoccupied.
Steve, with someone else? Your Steve... he wasn't yours yet... could he be? You still hated his guts despite the mind-blowing sex, right?
You couldn't possibly be in love with him... he was... well he was, Steve. Steven Rogers. Golden Boy. He needed a woman that matched up to his reputation, not an ex con like you...
"Look at her." "Oh, she's pretty. Just his type too." You peered over Natasha's shoulder to see a beautiful woman.
With sun-kissed skin that shone, ruby lips, bright blue eyes and luscious blonde locks, she looked ethereal. Someone that was perfect for Steve.
You quietly slunk away from the group to your room. Thinking over what a mess Steve Rogers had made you and your heart.
Now, with his face buried in your cunt as he drew out an orgasm from you, tears pricked at your eyes. Was sex all that this was? Just fucking? Was this what you wanted?
With a breathy moan, you released all over his face and he wiped you clean of your juices, standing up and towering over you.
"My turn." You smiled, although it didn't reach your eyes.
You dropped onto your knees, taking off his pants hastily. Like you had to prove something.
Immediately your mouth took his as deep as it could inside of you and Steve fell back, unprepared for it with a moan that rumbled deep from his chest.
The area that couldn't be covered with your mouth was covered by your hands. You spun them around easily, his cock covered with your saliva.
The sounds you elicited from him made you feel like maybe he needed you as much as you needed him. Maybe he wanted something more than just a 'fucking around' relationship.
The more moans that came from him, the more you tried. Your tongue covered every inch of his cock, your mouth sliding on him. Your saliva dripped down, your tears streaked your cheeks, but you didn't care.
You sucked him off until you felt all his muscles tense up more than before as he shot loads of his cum into your throat, which you happily swallowed.
He relaxed and you got up, pressing your lips to his neck as you jerked him off in your hand to get him hard again.
He brought his shaky hands up to hold your face in his hands as he pulled you off his neck to look into his eyes.
"What are you doing to me?" He spoke softly. And this might’ve been the first time he had spoken this softly and with such sincerity to you.
"What do you mean?" You asked, gulping. "I mean... what are you doing to me? You're making me go insane."
You chuckled as you shook your head, inside your heart was screaming. You didn't deserve him, he deserved someone way better than you.
"Don't be melodramatic, just fuck me." Steve sighed. He pushed you down onto the table that held various office supplies, your upper half lying on the table. He stared at your quivering pussy.
He aligned his half-hard cock with your entrance and pushed in. Immediately your walls clenched around him and he fell ontop of you.
You always felt such security when Steve would enter you, you'd feel filled and safe. "Fuck." You cried out as you gripped his forearm.
Steve didn't give you much time to adjust as he rammed into you. Your teeth clattered with each thrust, your body shaking.
You threw your head back into Steve's chest, your breathing quickening. Your chest heaving and your eyes closed to focus on just Steve's cock.
His hand reached around to rest on your lower abdomen as he thrusted mercilessly into you. "Look at that bulge." You looked down to see the bulge that was there in your tummy due to Steve's cock.
"Now that... is hot."
Steve continued to thrust into you and you reached down to rub fast and messy circles on your clit. You were close and then in a matter of second, you squirted. But Steve wasn't done with you.
He pulled out and turned you around so that you sat on the desk while he positioned himself between your legs and resumed fucking you. His hand closed around your throat tightly.
You cried out in sensitivity, tears escaping your eyelids and he shushed you, licking off your tears.
Making you a whimpering, blubbering mess only turned Steve on more. "I want you to cry my name out."
He pounded into you, stroking your sweet spot each time. "Steve." You cried out. "Keep going until I say stop."
Although your throat was raw from the oral sex, you cried out his name on repeat until that was the only word you could remember in your mind.
Steve brought you in close as he kissed you roughly and drilled into you harder. The table shook with his hard thrusts, it creaked under the pressure.
You felt Steve's cock twitch in you. As he came inside of you, and you came on him, he leaned in close.
He whispered into your ear, "I love you." He stilled inside of you after cumming, the both of you just still at his words.
You pushed him away, you couldn't do this to him. You were bad for him, you couldn't ruin his life like this.
"Did I... did I do something wrong?" His voice held such ache that it broke your heart. You wore your pants and turned around to stare at him.
"I don't love you and I never will." He blinked, "But-" "Not done." You spoke. You knew you had to break him completely for him to leave you forever, for his own good.
"Truth is, I'm in love with Bucky and I think of him while I fuck you." The crestfallen expression on his face was too much to bear.
"You're lying. Why are you trying to hurt me? To push me away?" Dammit, he knew you too well.
"I'm not lying. I'm telling you the truth. I wanna fuck Bucky, ok? I'm in love with Bucky. I will never fall in love with you because under that Captain America persona, it's still just that ugly, skinny kid from Brooklyn."
Steve stilled at those words. Tears fell down from his eyes like waterfalls. He bit his lip hard enough to draw blood.
"Leave." He asked you and you knew better than to stay. So that's what you did, you left.
Left so that Steve could have a better life, a more fulfilling life with someone he deserved and who deserved him back.
| *°~•♡•~°*||*°~•♡•~°*||*°~•♡•~°*||*°~•♡•~°*|
|| Permanent Taglist || @bucksfucks @marvelfansworld @speechlessxx @ladydmalfoy @agentofbarnes @babyboibucky
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noshame-bb · 9 hours ago
Chris and the reader and some friends are playing truth or dare. (Both like each other but are not together).
The reader gets dare and she has to give Chris a lapdance 😭😭😭😭😭😭
oooooh shit nonnie, it's getting spiiicccyyy in here
pairing: chris evans x reader
rating/warnings: fluff, lap dance, admitiing feelings
Tumblr media
(holy shit, look at this man-)
You sat around with some of your MCU castmates, while they all acted like 12 year old girls. You and Chris laughed at their antics. Chris, oh sweet Chris. You were so in love with him, not just with his looks but, he was the most kind hearted, compassionate, loving, human being you'd ever met.
RDJ clapped to get everyones attention. "Okay I propose we play truth or dare." Everyone cheered. You looked to Chris and whispered, "I feel like I'm in highschool again." He giggled. God, making that man laugh was the highlight of your day.
RDJ got the game started. He asked Scarlett, and she chose dare. So, she had to wear a bucket on her head for the rest of the game. Next was Anthony, who asked Chris, and he chose truth. "Is it true that you are seeing someone and haven't told us?" Everyone held their breath as he looked around. "No it's not true" Hoot and hollers all around. Then, Paul asked Elizabeth and she chose dare. "I dare you to-oh! text your ex saying 'i miss you' " Everyone cheered again. "Your cruel Paul so cruel." RDJ pointed out.
Now, Elizabeth asked you, and you chose dare. Big mistake. She knew the crush you harbored for the man sitting next you. She was going to use it. "Okay Y/N I dare you tooooo," She tapped her chin with her finger as if she was thinking. That's when you grew nervous. ", hmmmm I dare you to give Chris a lap dance." Oh fuck.
"Well I don't think that's-"
"Ah a dares a dare l/n" RDJ sassed
"Yeah Y/N if you don't do it, your a chicken." Anthony egged on. You figured everyone had caught on to what Elizabeth was trying to do.
You took a deep breath in, "I'm game if you are." Chris's eyes almost bulged out of his head. "I have one condition," You faced the group.,", I want it to be in the other room" You demanded.
They all looked at one another before they gave a collective nod. You stood up and held your hand out to the man in question. He looked to you, grabbed your hand, and let you lead him to the next room. You opened the door to a random guest room, and closed the door.
"Listen we totally don't have to do this if it makes you uncomfortable. It's a stupid dare we 100% don't have to do it" You wrung your hand nervously. He gave a sligh smile. "No Y/N I'm not uncomfortable. In fact I'm overjoyed that I get a lap dance from the girl of my dreams." That made you pause. "I'm sorry what?"
"Y/N I've been in love with you since I met you." You sih=ghed.
"Oh thank god, I was really hoping I wasn't the only one. That would be embarrassing." You both laughed. He walked towards you, getting into your space. He cupped your face and planted a kiss on your lips.
It made your mine blank. Your hands grasped the hair at the back of his neck, and pulled. The moan he let out was sinful. You had to pull away, due to the lack of oxygen. You both were panting. "So how about that lap dance?"
*time skip because I know nothing about lap dances*
You both came out, flushed. Chris was sporting the biggest boner and you, you were pratically dripping down your legs. Between the grinding, praise,, and dirty words, you both were a mess.
"So how was it?" Was the first thing RDJ said when he saw you both. 'Uuuuuh, great?" Chris answered in the form of a question. "yeah, great" You said with a smile. Everyone eyed your state, and Chris's noticing the sexual tension.
"On that note, I have to go and Chris offered to take me home so" Chris grabbed his and your coat and ushered you out the door.
a/n: so uuuuh, i was gonna put smut but it's very late and i'm a tiny hooman who is very tired
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noshame-bb · 10 hours ago
Hehe since I just saw your latest Stucky post, I've had this idea brewing in my head. So imagine the boys having to deal with a drink avenger!reader. Like this woman is a boss bitch, takes no nonsense, can kick some serious ass but drunk she is a flirt, and softie who just wanna cuddles and kiss her beautiful Beaus. Does she spill some spicy secrets at the party to the rest of the team who knows 🤷 maybe Sam tricks her into playing never have I ever adult version 😂
Idk where this so going, but I would love to read your take on it 😂♥️♥️
awwww nonnie this is-this is gonna be great
pairing: stucky x reader
rating/warnings: fluff, drunk!reader, swear words?
Listen, you didn't mean to get this drunk. Natasha just kept feeding you drinks as the night went on. When you drank you tended to get a little, touchy? You wanted to be cuddled and loved, and praised. During the day, you were a fucking warrior. You were a badass in the feild, fighting peole left and right, always got the job done. You were the teams best technical anylist (besides jarvis of course), in simple terms you were a boss bitch.
"Pssst Natasha!" You whisper yelled to the woman at the bar. "You see those fiiiiiiine men over there?" You point 10 feet away to your super soldier boyfriends chatting with Sam and Tony. "Yeeaaaah I get to go home with them and there gonna sex me so goooood mmhm" You flopped your head onto the bar. Natasha waved Sam, Wanda and Vision over to witness this.
"Oh yeah, what else?" Nat egged on. "Oooooh their such great cuddlers. Having two boyfriends is great because when we cuddle, it's like a big super soldier sandwhich and it's just uuuuuuuuh" At this point Bucky, Steve and Tony walked over to see the comotion.
'Hey! There they are! Hi guys!" You flopped yourself into their arms and hummed. "Hi darlin' " Bucky said with a drawl. "God you guys are warm, kiss please" You looked up at them and puckered your lips. Everyone was trying to hold in their laughs, including Bucky and Steve.
Steve leaned in first and gave you a quick peck, which you pouted at. Then Bucky leaned in and gave you a longer, more forcefull kiss. "Alirght alirght, there's people." Steve asserted as he nudged you both. You pulled away with a angry look, "First you don't even cuddle me properly," looking at how Steve had an arm around your waist, and an arm around Bucky. Bucky had one arm around your shoulders, the other around Steve's waist. ", then you take away my kisses rights! not fair." You yelled as you stomped your foot.
"Yeah boys give her some love" Sam joked. "Shut it Sam" Steve wasn't big on pda. It's not that he didn't want to love on you, he just prefered to keep it private. Bucky started to rub and scratch at your head, making you hum and push your head onto one of their shoulders. Steve's big, warm hand started to rub up and down your back, making you pull away, and grab his hand.
You held it up to your face, examining it. "Watcha doing Y/N?" Wanda questioned with laughter. "Look how big it is! It's like the size my face. UUUh guys! You know what this hand does?" You waited for a response. When no one gave one, you continued. "This hand, wraps around my neck sometimes and then he puts his big fingers-" Bucky put a hand over your mouth. "Alright sweetheart that's enough."
Everyone was stunned. Shocked even. Golden boy, Steve Rogers, kinky? "No Y/N go on, what about Bucky?" Tony asked. Bucky took his hand away, also curious about what you were going to say.
"OOOOOh Ton's you have no idea. His lips, my gooooood he does this thing in my pus-" This time it was Steve that cut you off. "Y/N, love, that's enough." He looked at you with THE look. And with that tone? Oh fuck.
"Uh oh, he's using his daddy tone, I think I'm in trouble." You whispered the last part as if they couldn't hear you. Steve was beat red, and Bucky was laughing his ass off like the rest of them. He looked to Steve, so serious, that means he had to be too.
"Y/N, stop, that's enough" He tilted his head, to let you know he meant buisness. "oooooh he also likes to be called daddy, which is greaaaaat because I like calling them daddy because their amazing and they take care of me and give me amaaaaaaazing orgasms" People couldn't breathe from how hard they were laughing. And that made you laugh.
Steve grabbed your cheeks by one hand and moved your head towards him. "Baby" He said in a low tone. Bucky turned you to look at him as well, "Enough"
You hung your head, "sorry" you once again flopped into their chests, as they continued their minstrastions from ealier. "cuddles now?" You asked in a sweet, innocent tone, complete 180 from ealier. Everyone gawked, h-how did they just-
"Of course darling." Bucky answered. "kissy's too?"
Steve smiled down out you, seeing your innocent doe eyes he loves so much. "Mmm course bubs, lets go to bed hmm?" You hummed. Bucky picked you up but your thighs, you wrapped your legs around his waist. You reached an arm out to Steve, wanting his hand to hold. "Alright little love, I'm coming," He turned to the group. ", night everyone"
"night night!" You yelled out before falling asleep on Buckys shoulder.
Everyone just stood there. Not knowing what the hell just happened.
Vision spoke up, "I did not find any of that amusing"
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spideyhexx · 17 hours ago
Tumblr media
bucky x tva agent!reader aka agent x
will time heal all wounds or deepen them?
summary; 18+. Bucky is arrested by the TVA and if that isn’t enough trouble, he’s assigned to assist a rambunctious agent on her mission to capture one of her longtime foes.
*in this, we’re deviating a little from canon on the TVA’s mechanics and steve's ending (he stayed!)
talk to me about bucky x tva agent!reader here
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savemesomenachos · 20 hours ago
Love & Other Desire - Chapter 10
Alternate Universe
AN: I can’t at this point…
Pairing: Steve Rogers × Reader, (Future) Stucky × Reader
Warnings: Fluff, smut and angst are continuous themes in the whole series
For this chap: ANGST
Word Count: 1028
The main Masterlist for this series is here.
Previous // Next
Sex & Sadness
Y/n’s POV:
We shuffle into the living room with Steve leading the way. Me and Bucky exchange an uneasy glance and watch while Steve tosses a bouquet of lavenders on the table. Bucky opens his mouth to say something but is immediately cut off.
“Don’t. Just don’t,” Steve hisses, slipping out of his suit. Bucky’s mouth snaps shut, and he looks to me for help, but I only stare forward.
“What’s your plan exactly James?” Steve asks and Bucky winces at the angry use of his name.
“I just bought flowers Steve. And I came to check up on her,” he says, his gloved hand slipping into his pocket.
“You do that for all your patients?” Steve asks, rolling up his sleeves which would’ve seemed totally hot if I wasn’t getting chided like a child.
“Hey, that’s exactly what I said,” I say, making both their heads turn toward me. Bucky looks betrayed and Steve doesn’t look particularly amused.
I shrug and mouth a ‘what’ while shuffling toward the couch and throw my feet up once I get there.
“What do you want from us Bucky?” Steve asks and the tension in the room reaches its peak. Bucky looks to me for help and I melt.
“Steve, he’s telling the truth. There’s no secret agenda in coming to visit me, he really did bring flowers. Lavenders too,” I whisper the last sentence and look at Bucky with a grateful smile.
“So where have you been?” Steve asks, getting up to pour himself a drink.
“Steve, it’s the middle of the goddamn day, are you seriously drinking right now?” I ask, annoyed.
“Yes, I am. You know why? Because I came home to find my wife just ‘hanging out’ with our ex-lover,” he hisses while stalking towards Bucky. He stops within an inch of Bucky’s face, and I watch with bated breath. Both their eyes flick down to each other lips and I console myself in the knowledge that I’m not the only one with weird feelings.
“Well, where have you been?” Steve hisses against Bucky’s face who gulps in response.
“I-I was in MSF for about 4 years after my residency. I came back recently,” he says as he drops his gaze to the floor.
‘Why are you wearing a glove?” Steve asks, his attention snapping to Bucky’s covered hand.
Bucky’s hand shoots out to clasp his gloved hand as he slips out from beneath Steve’s piercing gaze.
‘U-Um n-nothing,” he says unconvincingly.
“Are you hurt?” Steve asks, his stance softening at Bucky’s nervousness.
“Just an accident. Nothing serious,”
“Then why are you hiding it?” I ask as I lean forward, eager for his answer.
“No reason,” he says, hiding his hand behind his back.
“Show me,” Steve says, walking toward Bucky.
“Show me. Please,” Steve coaxes, his gaze concerned.
“No,” Bucky screams in retaliation while his hands shoot to his hair and almost pull out some strands.
“Hey, don’t do that,” Steve says as he steps forward and pulls Bucky’s hands away. He pauses to turn Bucky’s hands over in his.
“Wha-,”he cuts off as he slides the glove off.
Black metal glints in the sunlight. The metal flexes underneath mine and Steve’s gaze. I stand abruptly from my seat and hobble towards Bucky.
“Don’t look at me,” he says as he turns away and his shoulders rock in silent sniffles.
“What happened?” I ask as I support my weight on Steve and hesitantly wrap an arm around his waist. His fingers search mine in comfort that I readily provide.
“It happened during MSF. We were building a hospital when a bomb dropped. A part of the scaffolding fell on my arm. They had to amputate. The arm is new tech. Some rich dude with lots of tech, Tony Stark I think, donated the tech and the arm,” he says casually.
Steve and I stare at each other, and I almost burst in tears. I step toward Bucky and tentatively grab his metal arm in mine. I stroke the cold metal digits in between mine.
“I’m sorry,” I whisper as I hug his waist and tears spill from the corner of my eye.
He turns around in my arms and hugs me back while Steve only stares. Bucky abruptly pulls away and starts to tug his jacket on.
“I should go,” he says and turns to leave.
“Wait! I…” Steve begins but I stop him with an arm on his hand.
“You were right Stevie,” Bucky says, marching to the front door. “I didn’t just come here for the flowers. I honestly don’t know why I came. I guess I just had to see for myself that you both are happy together and that me coming back here would ruin everything. And I know now. That you are happy, I mean and that I’m ruining it. So, you won’t have to see me again.”
He pulls the door open and with a last soft smile, he turns and walks out. Steve sighs heavily and goes to pour himself another drink. I can only stand and stare at the door.
“Come here,” Steve whispers from where he sits on the sofa. I shuffle over to him with my mind still processing his words.
“I don’t even know what to say anymore,” I say, dragging a hand down my face.
“Don’t say, drink,” he replies, handing me a scotch. I down it in one big gulp and settle back against Steve’s side.
“You think we were the ones that drove him away?” he asks after a beat of silence. I pour myself another drink and think about it. It’s possible but I know that’s not the reason. But I also don’t think Steve is ready to know the reason.
“No, I don’t,” I whisper as I shift to cuddle deeper into his side. He wraps and arm around my shoulder and I rest mine on his thigh.
“Yeah?” he asks, his voice genuinely curious.
“Yeah. If we did, he wouldn’t have been here so,” I say as I shrug.
“I guess so,” he says hesitantly.
“We’ll be ok,” I murmur against his cheek before dropping a kiss there.
“I know.”
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July, 2017
Warning: Pregnancy(?), pregnancy-related discomfort, a wee bit of angst
My darling Stevie,
The weather is killing me!! Turns out that the sweltering heat of mid-July isn’t conducive to a comfortable eighth month of pregnancy, at all. I long for one moment of reprieve, one moment of relief… Just one single moment… And on top of that, mom keeps telling me about how it was when she was pregnant with me, and it drives me absolutely crazy, Steve! Thank God, you aren’t here though! Even usually, your body temperature runs high; you would’ve frustrated me to no end were you here, what with your need to fuss…..
But otherwise, I’m fine. Our little bug is doing great, too! They’re very healthy, though they still won’t let me sleep. Now they’ve taken up a really bad habit of sitting on my bladder. At times like these, I fervently wish you were here. Your voice would’ve definitely soothed them, and then they wouldn’t have tormented their poor mama so much.
Oh, what is going on with me, Steve? One moment, I’m glad you aren’t here and the next, I’m angry…. So angry that you aren’t here. I know why you can’t be here and yet, I can’t help but feel utterly peeved. And the thoughts….. I have so terrifying dreams, Stevie….. Please, please tell me that you’re alright. Please.
I’ve been pleading you for almost eight months now to let me know that you’re alright, and you haven’t responded yet. What am I supposed to think? Are you not responding because you cannot truthfully say that you’re alright? (Oh, Stevie, please let it not be so…..) Or have I made you mad in some way, done something to displease you? Or…. Or is it because you’re not getting my letters at all? Steve, please don’t leave me hanging like this. Please, darling, for the sake of our child, if not yours or mine, tell me whether you’re alright, whether Bucky, Sam, Nat are alright. Please. I beg you.
I’m feeling quite tired now, so I’ll leave it to this. Please take care, sweetheart. Be safe. I love you.
Hoping to hear from you soon,
Yours till the very end,
P.S.: What should we name them, Stevie? I was thinking of James Samuel for a boy and Sarah Adaira for a girl. What do you say?
A/N: So, what did you think? Do let me know! And most importantly, thank you so much for reading :)
@austynparksandpizza: I'm afraid you'll have to wait for quite a bit... At least 10-15 more letters from Y/N's perspective.
@kalopsia-flaneur: Thank you so much 🙈
August, 2017
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imaginedreamwrite · a day ago
Baby Girl: Part 15
A/N: (MILD) Violence toward the end. Be warned
** **
“Will you remove it? Can you please remove it? Can you take it out?” You were well aware that they were getting annoyed, the nurses who worked in the hospital side of the medical floor, but so were you.
“It hurts.” You pouted and turned your head, making your best attempt to give Bucky and Steve the puppy dog eyes. “It hurts so bad….”
“Baby girl-“
“No.” The nurse answered more forcefully. “You know better Y/N L/N.”
She scolded you as she reached for the saline solution drip bag that would soon be hooked up to your IV. The IV that was in your hand, was more uncomfortable than you realized. It was a dull ache, one you could almost forget about if it weren’t for the tube attached to the IV that was a constant reminder.
“Can you take it out? It hurts. Please? Please take it out.” You tried again.
“You know I can’t, now stop asking.” The nurse scolded you again, in what was probably the 20th time that hour.
“Steve,” your bottom lip protrudes and quivered, your voice hitting that specific place that you knew they were weak too, “it hurts….”
There was a moment, a split second, where he looked like he would cave. His eyes softened, and he rubbed his hands on his jeans, his fingers digging into his kneecaps. You knew Steve well enough to pick up on that little quirk, the one that he only did when he was a little nervous.
Captain America was afraid of needles and nurses.
“Steve…” you added a glimmer of tears in your eyes for effects, watching him nearly crumble.
“Bucky,” you turned your attention to him, attempting to break the ex-assassin, “can you please-“
“Y/N!” The nurse hissed. “You already pulled your IV out once, now if you do it again, I’ll sedate you.”
“Really?” You shifted on the bed and faced the nurse. “You would?”
“No!” She rolled her eyes. “Keep the IV in!”
She set the saline solution on the hook and then fixated her eyes on Steve and Bucky. You recognized the look on her face, and it was the exact look you’d given patients and their company. It was a warning to behave, a notice to comply with the nurse's orders.
“Good god, man!” The nurse placed her hands on her hips. “You are a world war two veteran! You are Captain America! And you’re going to cave to crocodile tears and a pout? Pull yourself together!”
“Yes ma’am.” He sat upright.
“If she takes her IV out again, it's on you, Captain Rogers. The doctor will be in soon.” Another warning, the last one before the nurse left.
You huffed and crossed your arm over your waist, your broken wrist resting on the bed against your left thigh.
“Baby…” Steve leaned in and grabbed your hand, “can you please just leave it in?”
“It hurts.” You huffed again.
“I know it hurts-“
“Listen to me, Y/N.” Bucky stood and walked around the bed to the other side. He crouched down on the left side of the bed and brushed your hair behind your left ear. “If you don’t keep that damn IV in-“
“Hardass.” You grumbled before he could even finish.
“Don’t,” Bucky warned with a grin, “make me spank you.”
“Keep your IV in, Y/N.,” you mocked. “Don’t try and leave before seeing a doctor, Y/N. Don’t threaten to steal sedatives to knock yourself out, Y/N.”
“Damn it.” Bucky broke and shook his head with a laugh. “Why are you so fucking cute?”
“You want a dog?” Steve squeezed your hand. “If you follow the doctor's orders, we’ll buy you a dog.”
“A dog?” You hummed.
“You can’t buy her a dog, Steve.” Bucky countered.
“Come on, Buck,” Steve was growing soft again, “look at her…she’s so sad….”
You turned your head and returned the pout to your face, your bottom lip trembling like it was before. Steve was easy to break, you knew that. You knew he was the easiest to crack, but Bucky…
You didn’t know if you could do it.
“If you give in every time, Y/N’s-“
“Good morning.” The doctor came through the privacy curtains with your chart under his arm and one of the nurses responsible for your care behind him. “I’ve heard you’ve been difficult, Y/N.”
You remained silent, unwilling to confirm your stubbornness while unable to deny it. If you stayed silent, you could contest them both.
“Well, unfortunately, I wish I could have better news for you.”
The doctor sighed and set your chart down on the table before he tapped the screen to the left of your bed twice, bringing up your x-rays.
“How bad is it?” You gazed at the X-RAY, your mouth becoming dry when you saw what you wished you hadn’t.
“You have eight bones in your wrist, and Mr. Parker broke all of them. Although they are clean breaks and should heal well, that’s not the actual problem.”
Steve didn’t just squeeze your hand; he got up from his seat and came to lay beside you. His arm wrapped around your waist, your head is resting against his shoulder. He was holding you comfortably, making you feel as safe as you possibly could before the doctor could deliver the bad news.
“The three primary nerves on your hand are the ulnar nerve, the radial nerve and the median nerve. Not only did Mr. Parker break all 8 of your wrist bones, but he crushed your nerves. So…we’re going to have to book you for surgery. Usually, this would be a quick in and out procedure but given the damage that Mr. Parker had done to your wrist-“
“12-week recovery with no heavy lifting.” You mumbled.
“Miss L/N, I’m sorry, but that 12 week recovery period is for a broken wrist. Your wrist is…your recovery process could take at least six months.” The doctor glanced from you to Steve and then to Bucky. “And then physiotherapy on top.”
“So…” you weren’t putting on an act anymore; you weren’t trying to gain favour with Steve or Bucky. You were approaching a devastating emotional state. “a year…a year without work….”
“Y/N, you know that Stark has money allotted for “
“That isn’t the point!” You screamed. “That’s not-“
You raised your working hand to your head and covered part of your face with your palm. You inhale of breath was shaking, your tears rolling down your cheeks were genuine. You loved your job; you loved being able to help people. You worked your ass off for this job, for the promotion to charge nurse and now…
“I’m sorry, baby girl,” Steve mumbled into your hair, wrapping his arms around your back and waist when you turned into him. “I’m sorry, sweetheart.”
“I’ll schedule the surgery.” The doctor told Bucky, the doctor conferred with Bucky while you genuinely broke down in Steve’s warm embrace.”
** **
Bucky grabbed his shoulder and threw him against the farthest wall, the stumbling drywall laying at his feet was just the beginning. He didn’t give him a chance to get up before he was grabbed again by the collar of his shirt.
“You really couldn’t leave it alone, could you, Parker?” Bucky’s jaw clenched, his eyes blown rage.
“Mr. Barnes, I’m-“ Bucky grabbed Peter’s wrist and twisted.
“That’s one,” he counts, after breaking the first bone, “you broke 8 of her bones and crushed her nerves. Did you know that?”
Peter stuttered and stumbled, kicking and fighting back against Bucky, but it was useless. Bucky was too far gone with his rage, and Peter couldn’t have to combat that.
“I tried to say-“
Bucky threw him against one of the pillars, breaking another bone in his ankle. Peter groaned with pain; he moaned as he tried to push himself to stand.
“That’s two.” Bucky stalked toward him, but it was Steve who grabbed him instead.
He lifts him over his head, his blue-green eyes glaring daggers into Peter’s brown irises. He knew this was coming. He knew he would get it just as bad.
“A year,” Steve slammed him into the floor, the wood cracking beneath him, “you set her back a god damn year!”
“Captain Rogers-“ FRIDAY tried to interrupt, only to be shut off, no doubt by Natasha.
“I’m sorry!” Peter tried to beg; he tried to apologize again.
“We saw the video, kid.” Steve slammed his fist into him, throwing everything he had at him. “She begged you to stop!”
Again, and again.
“She told you that you were hurting her!” He raised his fist and slammed it down again, blood coating his knuckles.
“That’s four, kid.” Bucky crossed his arms over his chest, slowly stalking toward Peter. “You got four more.”
“I’m sorry!” Peter tried again to reason with them. “Please!-“
“You’re not sorry.” Steve picked him up, threw him against a wall of glass separating the hallway from the offices. “You’ve never been sorry.”
“6.” Bucky held up two of his fingers, switching off with Steve. “8 bones, kid. Eight bones and three nerves.”
“Mr. Barnes-“
“Stark isn’t going to help you, kid. No one is coming to help you.” Bucky knelt beside him, placed his hand on his shoulder and started pushing down, hearing another snap, another bone.
“You fucked up, Peter.” Steve slowly walked around the two of them, his bloody knuckles and hand resting on his hips. “There are laws against attacking someone’s soulmate. There are laws about the constant pursuit of another person's soulmate to cause harm.”
“Last bone, fucker. At least you’ll heal quickly.” Bucky stood and slammed his heel into Peter’s face, breaking his nose and finally knocking him unconscious. “Unlike Y/N.”
** **
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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noshame-bb · a day ago
Chris Evans imagine
Female reader, the reader loves TikTok and saw some pranks you can do with your partner. For example: Chris and the reader are with friends and she whispers in his ear daddy....
nonnie omg yes, i'm going to do exactly that, or like maybe reader moans in his ear?
pairing: chris evans x reader
rating/warnings: moaning, flustered!chris, turned on!chris, SCOTT!!, fluff
join the sleepover!
Tumblr media
You and Chris were hosting a party at you house, everyone was here. The whole, MCU cast some select family members, and some of Chris's friends. Dinner, you cooked, was in the oven while you and friends enjoyed beer and wine in the living room.
What Chris didn't know was that, you had a prank up your sleeve. You see, he pranked you ealier this week by, scaring the shit out of you. So, you needed to get him back and luckily, tik tok gave you the greatest idea. You just needed Scotts help.
You texted him saying to meet you in the kitchen. "I'll be right back," You said to Chris as you got off his lap. You ran to the kicthen to see a confused Scott. "What's up? Why are we in the kitchen looking like we're about to plan somehtin disbolical?" You gave him a giddy smile. "Oh god, what do I have to do?" He said with a roll of his eyes.
"Okay so, all I need you to do is film Chris's reaction." He raised his eyebrow. "That's all?"
"That's all" He shrugged and got his phone ready. You did a little fist bump in the air. Your plan is a go.
You walked in after Scott, as if nothing happened, and he gave you a thumbs up, telling you he was filming. You rounded the couch, seeing Chris with a wide smile. "Hi babe" You hummed and plopped yourself sideways on his lap. His hand went around your waist, and gave it a little squeeze. "Everything okay?"
"Yeah! I just uh, need to tell you something" He shook his head, telling you to go on. You cupped his jaw with one hand and leaned down to his ear.
"Daddy" You moaned out quietly, just enough for him to hear. You pulled away to Chris's red and confused face. He titled his head, blush spreading to the tips of his ears. Scott snickered in the background, still filming. Chris snapped his head over and gave him a death adorable glare.
RDJ turned to Chris in a panic, "Chris are you alright? Your as red as a tomato?" That got everyoned attention, making him even redder. You and Scott were laughing your asses off and everyone was left confused.
Chris cleared his throat, "No- no uh I'm okay, just a little hot is all." He gave you some side eyes. Everyone went back to their conversations.
This time it was Chris's turn to grab your jaw and look you in your eyes. "Your gonna pay for that later baby" He let you go and started engaging with Scarlett, leaving you dumbfounded.
Later that night you recieved a text from Scott
video attachment
got EVERYTHING on video, including your reaction
a/n: it's super short but I wanted to get straight to the point because this was an amazing concept
tags!: @white-wolf1940 @randomuser0917 @sea040561 @patzammit @chvntelle-99 @sebsbrokentoe
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noshame-bb · a day ago
Stucky x Reader
The boys can be sometimes pretty jealous when it comes to the reader. It’s like a competition who kiss her more? Who makes her more laugh? ....
nonnie, stucky makes me want to wrap them in a hug and never let them leave
pairing: stucky x reader
ratinf/warnings: jealousy, doubt, sad!stucky, jealous!stucky, relationship competition, fluff at the end
join the sleepover
Tumblr media
Being with 2 super soldiers was great. Sure you worried everytime they left for a mission, worried they would come back battered and bruised. But, being with them made you feel safe, and secure and loved and cherrished. You honestly could go on forever. 
You, Bucky and Steve have been together for almost a year, and it’s been amazing. They were both so atnentive, caring, compassionate, loving. Except, lately it’s been a compitition between them. I can’t compliment one without making the other mad. You try to divide your time equally between them-you even started sleeping in the same bed because Bucky claimed ‘you sleep with him more!” with the biggest cutest pout. 
You all were at one of Tony’s party, havibg a great time. You and Nat were at the bar, you were wearing a little black dress, while she was in a strappy red dress. You could feel the boys eyes on you, they both sat away from each other..... wierd? Bucky got up from his seat and started to stalk towards, like he was on a mission. 
“Hey Buck-” You were cut off by his lips. His hands cupped your face, and yours went to his huge biceps. This kiss felt......rushed compared to other times he’s kissed you. He eventually pulled away, smirk on his face as he looked to Steve across the bar. What the hell?
“Bucky what’s going on between you two?” You questioned. 
“Don’t worry about it doll” He said before he bopped you on the nose and walked away. You looked to Natasha, she gave you a ‘what the fuck just happned’ look. Waving it off, Wanda came up and started chatting. “Hey loves!” 
“Wanda! Hey!” You guys hadn’t seen Wanda for awhile, her and Vis went on vacation together so, you were excited she was back. She talked about how peaceful it was, and how she can’t wait to do it again. “We’re happy for you Wanda” Natasha said with a sweet smile. 
“Yeah we are! Seriously you guys-” Steve came up behind you and wrapped a arm around your middle, beer in the other. “-are uhm the uh cutest couple here.” You stuttered. God, what the hell is happening? They usually aren’t into so much pda. 
Time went by without anymore hiccups when, suddenly a slow, sensual song came on. Still deep im conversation with your girls, you started to slowly sway your hips to the beat. (instert freak by doja cat) 
“Hiya doll” Bucky whispered in your ear from behind. You nearly jumped out of your skin “James! You scared me!” He only laughed. “Sorry sorry,” He held his hand out “, dance with me?” How could you say no? You took his hand and he led you to the crowded dance floor. 
Bucky held your hips, while you held onto his shoulders as you swayed to side. He pulled you closer, so your head went just under his chin. “You look beautiful doll” You giggled. “Are you trying to butter me up or something Barnes” He turned you around so your back was against his front, still swaying grinding,”Maybe” 
Unbeknown to you, Steve was watching the whole interaction, squeezing his beer glass tighter and tighter. “Hey man, you alright?” Sam asked, as he put a hand on the super soldiers shoulder. At that moment, Steve broke the bottle, and glass went everywhere. You and Bucky looked at each other before rushing over to him. “Steve! Are you okay? What happened?” You grabed his hand that had blood running down it. “I’m fine sweetheart.” Steve said before he rudely snatched his hand from you, and gave Bucky the nastiest look. Oh that’s it.
“Alright I’ve had enough.” You grabbed Steve by his right ear, and Buck by his left and drug them into your room. “Sit down, now” You demanded as you pointed to the bed. They did so with a sigh. “Now I don’t know what the hell has gotten into you two but, someone better start talking.” They looked to each other. Trying to comunicate who was going to talk. You snapped your fingers in front of their faces, “Hey!” That got their attention. 
“Sweetheart it’s not what-” 
“No you don’t get to ‘sweetheart’ me Steve! You both have been acting like our relationship is a compitition for WEEKS, so what.the.hell?” Bucky sighed. 
“I think we just got jealous of one another. I think we-I mean I know i felt like, Steve was getting more love than I was.” 
“Yeah and I felt like Bucky was getting more.” That made tears spring in your eyes. You knelt down so you were smaller than them. 
“I’m sorry that I made you feel that way-”
“Doll you didn’t make us feel that way we were just being id-” You put your hand up to stop him. 
“Regardless, I’m sorry. I love you both, so fucking much. So much it’s like I have no more room in my body for it. I promise not to let you guys feel like that, ever again, okay?” You gave them a sad smile. 
They grabbed you by the arms and pulled you into their laps for a hug. 
“Yeah bubs, we got it.” Bucky said quietly into your shoulder.
“Course baby, love you” Steve murmered
You let a tear fall
“God, I love you guys” 
a/n: writing this made me sad :(
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buckyhoney · a day ago
𝐣𝐮𝐥𝐲, 𝐜.𝐞
a/n: im sorry for the angst.. i just had an idea and couldn't shake it so please don't let it flop this is loosely based on "july" by noah cyrus
pairing: chris evans x reader
reblogs/feedback/likes are greatly appreciated & highly encouraged! however, DO NOT repost/steal ANY of my fics!
warnings: angst, failed marriage
words: 820ish
Tumblr media
Memories flood your brain- desperately trying to find a shred of evidence of where it all fell apart. Racking your brain for a time or place where the love shifted.
There is nothing that stands out, frustrating you further.
Cheeks burn from the tear stains, and your eyes are puffy and red. The pounding in the front of your head is becoming more apparent and harder to ignore.
The only comfort you find is that you weren’t alone in your thoughts about the current state of your marriage.
An uncomfortable chill covers the two of you. The chill sends shivers through your spine, bringing you back to harsh reality- reminding you of the room you’re in and who you’re in it with.
It is well into the night. Soon the sun will be peeking over the skyline and through the blinds- but neither of you can seem to build enough courage to call it.
The ‘picture-perfect couple’ you laugh to yourself, remembering what the tabloids and headlines always read.
If only they could see that you now.
It’s been at least an hour since either of you have said a word or made a noise. He’s scared to move- he stays put- in hopes that if he doesn’t move, then maybe the last six hours would disappear from his memory.
Praying that it'd be wiped clean, and you two can go back to pretending the life you were living together were the ones you both want.
The pictures that hang on the wall, display a life that is so far from reality. The kids who fell head over feels for each other can’t bring themselves to admit what they have both thought for years.
“I can’t keep pretending, Chris. I’m exhausted.” You whisper, still looking at your fingers.
His head hangs in disappointment, and his jaw clenches; there is nothing he can protest or comeback with.
He knew that you were right.
The longer it went on, the two of you lose your ability to hide from each other- but man, did you have the whole world fooled.
The “Power Couple” of Hollywood. The relationship everyone swooned over. The one fans gushed over and created art for and wrote letters about- it all fake.
Everyone had fallen for the timeless love story: boy meets girl in high school, falls madly in love, boy moves away, girl falls for another boy, boy finds out- does romantic gesture, wins the girl back, marries early and lives happily ever after.
“We can’t keep lying to ourselves.” The words fell, cutting your lip with every word.
The real truth? Neither of you wants to be alone- neither of you knows how to be alone.
Chris is scared that if he calls it- he’ll never have kids and the white picket fence.
In staying, you're submitting to a life you didn’t want- but the two of you stayed.
Scared that you'll never find anyone else, but not realizing you've wasted your best years on each other.
So, now the two of you sit at opposite ends of the bedroom; that feels like someone else’s, not wanting to make it official.
It’s not that you didn’t love him, or he doesn’t love you. Loving each other is the least of your worries.
The love that you for each other is what kept you together all this time.
The issue with this ‘love’ is that it’s selfish- you love the youthful nostalgia you bring each other. The feeling of safety and stability- an addicting feeling for people who don’t know how to embrace change.
“I don’t want us to end, but-“
“-we have too,”
“Yeah,” You murmur; it felt a dagger is tearing through your chest.
Pain surges through every bone in your body, overwhelming your body- your head falls in defeat.
This is it.
He sits on the edge of the bed as his fingers brush the hair back, tears swelling in the corners of his eyes.
There is a part of you that wishes this was messy. There is a part of you that wished he cheated or told you he didn’t love you anymore- wishing that it was so undeniably clear that it needed to end.
Chris wished the same thing.
It would have been easier to digest.
This is worse- knowing that you two love each other so much- but you have remind yourself that you love different versions of each other that don’t match up to reality.
Sniffing, you look up at the man sitting on the bed. As you look up through the tears, you see the canvas behind him.
It's a canvas of the moment after they officially announced you husband and wife.
Your hands are around his neck and his around your waist, foreheads touching- those two twenty two year old’s unaware that those were the last time those smiles would ever be that wide.
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loove-persevering · 2 days ago
Do you all wanna see a Bucky x Reader , Steve x Reader where the reader gets taken by the TVA for messing up a timeline???
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buckyhoney · 2 days ago
what about chris being sick & the reader taking care of him? i think he’d be a baby about it!!
𝐬𝐢𝐜𝐤 𝐛𝐨𝐲, 𝐜.𝐞
a/n: i love this idea, he would for sure!!
here is the version of chris taking care of you: sick day, c.e
reblogs/likes/feedback is greatly appreciated & highly encouraged! However, do NOT steal/repost ANY of my fics!
Warnings: fluff, needy!chris, sorry for any missed typos
Tumblr media
chris would be the biggest baby in the world.
in the beginning, chris would try and muscle through the first couple days- not making a big fuss over it. subtly blowing his nose, doubling down on vitamin c, and blame the congestion on allergies. not wanting you to worry or believe he is sick.
it wasn't until the third day that his muscles ached and his head clouded with fog that you knew something was more serious than allergies. his typical morning routine was slower than normal and he skipped out on his morning run. the hyper man becoming slow and groggy.
"are you feeling okay? you look pale." the concern intertwining in your words. "yeah, i just don't feel too good,"
when offering to take his temp, the numbers read back in the triple digits. "chris you have a fever, you need to go lay down." he'd put up a small fight, but eventually tumbled into bed. the clothes he once wore, in a pile on the floor next to the bed. his body temp fluctuating up make it impossible for him to get comfortable.
the moment you ask him if he needs anything, you are constantly hearing your name in the softest mumbles and whines. "baby can you..." "baby if you wouldn't mind..." "baby it's a little too..." the requests making you chuckle as just a day ago, he was playing it off like no big deal.
once he was full off of the crackers, ramen and he drank all the gatorade- you look at him with the softest eyes you could manage. "anything else?" you coo, he just opens the bed sheet (because a blanket was too hot). "cuddles please" he croaked, pretending to cough. "it'll make this cough go away," you laugh, slipping next to him.
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imaginedreamwrite · 2 days ago
Toy Soldiers: Part 1
There it was. Your name written on the page attached to the cork with black pushpins. The seasonal singles mixer being held in one of the conference/ballrooms in the lower levels of the building had your name under it.
“What the hell is S, RTM?” You questioned, tapping the paper with your right index finger, studying one of your co-workers from the corner of your eye.
“Single,” she grinned and nudged you, “and ready to mingle.”
“Oh god,” you groaned and lowered your hand, “seriously? I’m not the only single woman in the building, let alone HR.”
“I know, but,” she hooked her arm in with yours, “you are the funniest to tease.”
“I hate these things.” You scoffed. “Why would you sign me up for this?”
“Because,” she nudged you again, “I think it would be good for you.”
You sighed and walked with your co-worker from the corkboard in one of the common areas of the building before the two of you would return to the HR office. You would deal with minor cases and pray that you could avoid ‘The Losers’ or ‘The Howling Commandos,’ although the track record would suggest that you’d be paying a special visit to them at least once today.
‘The Losers’ and ‘The Howling Commandos’ were groups of men, and a few women, who were trained soldiers. They had unique skills that allowed them access to some of the most dangerous missions they would or could come across.
‘The Losers’ led by Clay were a team of special ops that weren’t exactly on the record. Cougar, as he was known, was the long-range emissions expert, Pooch was an expert driver, pilot and sailor, and Jake Jensen.
Jake Jensen felt like that bane of your existence. Jake Jensen, or Corporal Jensen, was the intelligence specialist and the hacker of the team. He was also the one you had to reprimand the most.
It was like he went out of his way to get complaints filed with HR.
“Good for “ you were cut off by your phone dinging in your pocket, the specific sound that gave you anxiety every time you heard it. “Please don’t be Jensen….”
You stopped walking and dug your phone out of your pocket, unlocking the dreaded device. You tapped the notification and felt your stomach drop at the alert.
It was Jensen; it was always Jensen. Jensen was the only one who belonged to ‘The Losers’ who regularly needed to have talks with HR.
“Jensen,” you gritted your teeth and shoved the phone back into your pocket.
“What’s the little nerd do this time?” Your co-worker laughed under her breath.
“He…” you chewed the inside of your cheek, “he exposed himself on an elevator.”
“He did not!” She squealed and smacked your arm. “The whole thing?”
“From sack to tip,” you felt a headache building are the base of your skull, “the whole….”
“The whole thing!” She laughed and squeezed your shoulder, approaching the elevator while you stood where you were, glaring at her. “Good luck, hon! Maybe if you’re loud, he’ll let you have a sneak peek too.”
“Shut up,” you whined, “you wouldn’t consider taking this one, this time, would you?”
She shook her head and reached for the panel on the side, pushing the button that would take her to the HR office.
“I hate you,” you crossed your arms over your chest, “why is it always me? Why don’t you ever get ‘The Losers’ or ‘The Howling Commandos’?”
“Maybe corporal Jensen has a thing for you.” She jests with you and winked moments before the elevator doors shut.
“Why would you say something like that?” You yelled after her, knowing that she likely wouldn’t have heard you.
After a moment of standing there by yourself, you sighed and turned on your heel to head toward the headquarters for ‘The Losers’ readying yourself to deal with another Jensen incident.
** **
“Should be here any minute,” Jensen drummed his finger against the desk, his eyes glued to the doors of their headquarters.
“You’re gonna strike out again,” Aisha commented as she walked past him, clipping the back of his head with her finger and thumb.
“Not this time,” Jensen exhaled sharply, “not today.”
“Hundred bucks,” Aisha leaned against a metal work table, her arms crossed over her chest while she gazed at Clay from the corner of her brown eyes, “says HR chick turns him down again.”
“Not today, Aisha.” Jensen shook his head. “Today’s the day. I have a good feeling.”
He rocked on his heels where he stood, glancing at the security monitor on the computer to his right. The security feed was pulled up, and he could see the moment the doors opened, and you came through the first set of doors that would grant access to the small hall before you would reach the second set of doors.
“She’s gonna kick your ass, man.” Pooch squeezed his shoulder, a smirk on your face. “We ain’t helping you.”
The doors opened, and you appeared in their headquarters, your eyes roaming the space until they landed on him.
Jensen stood up straight and tried to look you up and down inconspicuously. His blue eyes tucked behind a pair of glasses were trained on the slit in your black skirt that showed him glimpses of your smooth legs, of your soft-looking thighs. The black heels you wore made your legs look longer, adding to the whole aesthetic of you being a goddess among mortals.
“Please,” you groaned upon his approach, the sound stirring his dick in his jeans, “tell me you didn’t expose yourself to women on the elevator?”
Jensen tried to speak; he did. But he was too busy staring at you with parted lips and this amazement that left him unable to form words, let alone react to your questions.
“Jensen,” you shift your weight from your left leg to your right and rest your hands on your hips, “are you even listening to me?”
“You’re beautiful when you’re mad,” he tilts his head to the side, “you wanna get dinner sometime?”
“Oh!” You groaned and held your hands up, your fingers curled in anger. “I could just-!”
You turned around and started walking away from them, only to turn back. You started stalking back, your heels clicking against the floor. You came to stand before him; your arms crossed over your chest, the action pushing the swells of your breasts up, your cleavage unintentional.
“You can’t expose your dick to people on the elevator, Jensen!” You scolded him, though he still wasn’t listening.
He was distracted by the black material of your skirt wrapped around your hips and the slit in your skirt exposing your legs and your cleavage that made his mouth water.
You were so gorgeous.
“Jensen!” You snapped your fingers in front of his face, drawing his attention away from your body and back to you. “Can you repeat anything I just said?”
“About that dinner-“
“Impossible.” You rolled your eyes and turned around for the second time. “I’m gonna quit. I’m gonna quit my job and move to the Bahamas. Or Alaska. I’ll get eaten by a whale.”
He watched you walk away, his eyes burning into your back as you moved. He couldn’t look away.
“You owe me a hundred bucks.” Aisha pushed her finger into Clay’s chest when the door closed, and you were gone again.
“I was close this time.” Jensen pushed the bridge of his glasses up his nose. “I didn’t get a warning.”
“She almost strangled you, Jensen.”
“But she didn’t.” He was hopeful for that.
** **
“Is this stupid decision day?” You massaged your temples as you rode the elevator up to the ‘Howling Commandos’ headquarters, preparing to have yet another conversation with a man who should’ve known better.
“I was wondering when you were gonna show up.” You were greeted the minute you walked through the door by icy blue eyes and a half-smirk on his face.
“I’m going to die young, I hope they know that.” You stepped forward and let the door close behind you, before you turned your head and glanced at Sergeant Barnes.
“Well,” he shrugged, “at least you’ll die knowing you tried to make two idiots smarter.”
“Oh, well, consider me a hero then.” You rubbed the back of your neck and hung your head. “I need a stiff drink.”
“Heard you’re going to the mixer.” Bucky nudged you, then walked beside you as you moved throughout the space to Steve’s office near the back.
“I got signed up for it against my will.” You sighed and bit your bottom lip. “Did he really throw someone off the building?”
“For a training exercise-“
“-which doesn’t matter. You can’t…” your fingers met your temples again. “Okay.”
The door was before you, closed with the moniker of ‘Captain Rogers’ written on a plaque attached to the wood. You raised your hand to knock, glancing over your shoulder toward Bucky, who was smirking at you with a little amused twinkle in his eye.
You knocked twice before a ‘come in’ was heard from behind the door. You turned the handle and pushed the door in, stepping into his office. He was sitting behind the desk, his eyes glued to a folder in his hands.
“You’re causing trouble too.” You approached the chairs in front of the desk and slowly sat down on one.
“If I didn’t cause trouble, you wouldn’t have a job, doll.” He lowered the file and cast his eyes on you, studying you.
“You pushed someone off the roof.” You crossed your right leg over your left. “That’s not just trouble; that’s potential murder.”
“It was a training exercise,” Steve argued, his gaze lowering as Jensen’s had.
“So you said, but if something happened….”
“But it didn’t.”
“And it could’ve.” You frowned. “What is it with you army guys, huh? You all gotta be fearless.”
“Jensen had an incident today.” Steve crossed his arms over his chest and smirked. “That’s why you’re so uptight, sweetheart?”
“I’m not your sweetheart.” You dug your heels in. “And you are barred from throwing any more people off the roof.”
You made your point and stood, righting your skirt before you approached the door again.
“Is that an order?” He turned in his chair, exposing his jean-clad legs. “Are you ordering me around, ma’am?”
You sighed and slowly turned around to face him. First Jensen and now Rogers, you were going to snap one day.
“Yes, Captain.” You placed your hands on your hips. “I am ordering you to stop throwing people off roofs.”
His eyes roamed down your frame and back up again, a glint in his eyes. His smirk built before he tilts his head and drummed his fingers against the desktop.
“Alright then,” he spoke with finality, “I won’t throw anyone off the roof anymore, ma’am.”
“Good,” you moved toward the door and grabbed the door handle, “and for the record, you still don’t have as many complaints as Jensen.”
“I should step up my game then.”
You whipped your head around and hurled your glare in his direction.
“I’m kidding, sweetheart.”
“Not your sweetheart.” You exited his office and closed the door behind you.
** **
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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demonsandmischief · 2 days ago
I'll Do It...For You
Marvel- Captain America POV Imagine
Steve Rogers x Reader, 350 Words
Tumblr media
-I'll Do It...For You-
What was going through Steve's mind when he faced Thanos alone during Endgame?
He was exhausted. He was beyond exhausted. His friends were scattered, laying beneath layers of thick dust and debris. He was thinking of them. Death was inevitable. He knew that, he did, but that didn't make the instinct to help each and every one of them die along with it.
His whole body ached as he struggled to move. If only he could just close his eyes and wish it away, yet his thoughts were filled with you. You, who had been blipped and gone for what felt like a lifetime.
And in that moment, he had never felt closer to you. You would want him to get up, to keep going. You believed in his strengths, his heart, more than anyone he knew.
It took him a moment to stand, to face Thanos and his army as they taunted him. His legs nearly crumpled under his weight and his arm bled deeply.
The pain would be worth it You would be proud of him, you always were, and that was his true source of power.
He would do it, for you.
Facing them alone should have been terrifying. In a way, it was. He could hear his heartbeat over the silence of the battered land. Yet, Steve thought of Tony who had been through hell. He thought of Natasha who sacrificed her entire life, for this moment.
His mind was flooded with all of the people he had the honor to fight alongside. There were so many who had believed in him - Bucky and Sam, but most importantly, you.
You were always on the forefront of his mind. Everything he did reminded him of you in some way. He missed you like hell. He missed your smile and your laugh. He missed the way you cared about him, more than anyone else ever had. That's why he was okay with the way things were going.
He strapped the broken shield onto his injury, but the pain was dull as the adrenaline coursed through his veins.
His limp was vicious, and he knew if you were around, you would be pissed he was walking on it. The thought nearly made him smile, but he kept his features schooled.
Thanos watched his every move. He could handle that. Steve's whole life had been nothing but doing what everyone had expected him to.
He didn't have a plan. He didn't know what else he could do. He was all alone.
"On Your Left."
Tags: @drayshadow @leyannrae @alexabarnes17 @sohosteve @bklynxbaby @jerseynatural-enthusiast @nyx2021
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noshame-bb · 2 days ago
Jimmy Fallon Interview
let me know if I should do a part 2?
Tumblr media
Pairing: Chris Evans x reader
Rating/Warnings: fluff!, mentions of sex
You and Chris sat on Jimmy’s navy blue couch as he welcomed you on.
“Welcome welcome Mr AND Mrs. Evans” At that, the whole crowd hooted and hollered while you blushed and hung your head in embarrassment. Chris chuckled and rubbed your back. 
“Thank you thank you, great to be here again.” Jimmy smiled.
“Great to have you both, so, both of you have new movies out, correct?” Jimmy questioned. 
“Yep yep, I think mine came out first and then hers” Chris answered as he looked at you, giving him a firm nod. “Now you both were filming at the same time s-so was that hard for the both of you? Considering you had just got married?” 
Chris let you answer. “Well, yes and no. We both always kept in touch, whether it was little texts throughout the day, or a phone call, whatever it was we always were checking up on one another.” The crowd awwed. Chris looked over to you with a sweet smile “Yeah it definitely was a difficult time for the both of us. Being separated for so long wasn’t something that uh we are used to so” 
The interviews went on like normal, Jimmy asked us questions about our relationship, and talked about our movies. “Okay so, last time Chris was here, we showed a clip of his movies but today, we have a clip of Y/N’s. You want to tell us a little about the movie first?” You shifted in your seat, unprepared to explain your movie. 
“Yeah! So, for those of you who haven’t seen ‘All about you”,  it’s not your typical fifty shades of grey movie.” Your face went red, you could see Chris eyeing you. 
“The movie dives deeper into the dynamic of a bd/sm relationship. The characters aren’t in a romantic relationship but end up developing feelings for one another. They have to go through the heartache and dynamic change throughout the movie. It was hard mentally because I had never uh, been put in that situation. Where I had to be in this headspace, if you will, and kind of, submit to everything my love interest said.” Liar. 
“Alright, here’s the clip from “All about you” Jimmy said before the lights dimmed and your voice rang out through the room. You cringed and covered your face. 
“This feel okay?” Your love interest asked. You gave a nod, too scared to voice anything. “Doing so good for me” You whined as he nipped down your stomach. The camera panned out to see your whole body, boobs and all. Your hands were tied to the bedpost, your love interest covering your intimate parts, as he moved farther and farther down. You made eye contact, your eyes glossed over, before he slowly licked you up and down. 
Your back arched, eyes rolled back, as he worked your body. 
The crowd started to clap. “Wow” was all Jimmy said. “A good wow I hope?” Everyone laughed 
“Yes a good wow. So Chris, how did you feel about Y/N doing this movie?” Chris tsked. “Her body her choice. Was I excited that the whole world was going to know what she looked like, beautiful obviously? No. But, it’s not my decision.” You grabbed his hand and pulled it into your lap with a smile. “So I’m assuming you also saw the whole movie then?” Chris nodded, ears turning pink. “Oh yeah, I saw it.” 
“It was embarrassing! He made me sit down and watch it with him! He said ‘I feel weird watching it alone!” You exclaimed. 
“Alright alright, and how did you feel Y/N, about his movie?” You looked at Chris. He kept his long hair, and kept up beard, which you loved. “Oh boy, uuh yeah it was amazing as always but uh, I mean I really fell in love with the character because you know he, he looks like this!” You put your hands out and motioned to his face. 
“He does look good doesn’t he?” Jimmy questioned 
“Oh stop it you guys!” Chris said, always gets shy when he gets complimented. 
“Just stating facts my love” At this point you tuned out Jimmy’s talking, and just stared into Chris’s eyes.
“Okay when we come back we’re going to play ‘Know your Fiance’!” 
That’s when you both came out of your lover's trance and waved to the crowd. Turning to Jimmy for the commercial break small talk. 
Part 2?
@tanyaherondale @white-wolf1940 @randomuser0917 @sea040561​
heres a link for the taglist form
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Making Time With Steve's Girl | Teammates Nothing More C.4
Tumblr media
Summary: You're first training session with Bucky is a smashing success but you have no idea what's starting to brew between Steve and Bucky
Warning: Minor angst, some light choking (though not sexual)
Word Count: 970
Please do not repost my writing anywhere. If you like this reader imagine, please feel free to like, comment, re-blog, and follow for new posts and updates. <3 Also DM me if you would like to be added to my tag list.
Tag List: @littlebirdofrivia @smile-sugar @ughdontbeboring @peachatori @daddys-littlewhitegirl @wheretheriversrunintothesea
Master List | Coming Soon | Support | C.1, C.2, C.3,
One hour later you’re standing in the gym, leggings and sports bra warming up when Bucky walks in.
You’ve never seen him train without a shirt on. He’s trained in t-shirts, sleeveless shirts, never shirtless. It’s a bit of a stunner. Of course, it took you a little while to stop staring. Steve aside, there was something to admire about Bucky’s wash board abs. Those shoulders and back muscles?
Holy Moly.
Okay, maybe this wouldn’t be awful. You hate working out; you hate training, but it was what you were training for that mattered the most. Sometimes we have to do things we don’t want to so we can achieve what is important. You don’t want to be just another geek in the lab, no shade to them. They were a massive part of the team. To the Avengers, to SHIELD–but you couldn’t help feeling like there was a lot more you offered than just being the voice in someone’s earpiece.
Bucky moves around you, and it’s unmistakable. This is what it’s like to be caught in the Winter Soldier’s cross hairs. You know Bucky won’t hurt you, but the sensation that creeps into the pit of your stomach is difficult to control. His baby blues are assessing everything from the way you stand, to the way you hold your shoulders.
“Move onto the mat.”
You inhale quickly and Bucky comes to stand in front of you, coming at you with no hesitation and you haphazardly block his attempts. This makes Bucky smile.
“That’s very good, I like that but try this.”
Bucky motions for you to attack him and while he’s blocking you, he catches your arm and twirls, spinning you away and brings his forearm to your throat, pulling back as he keeps one of your arms locked behind your back.
“Feel the pressure I have on your arm?”
Bucky gives your arm, the one twisted behind your back, a small tug. Not enough to hurt you, but enough to show what he was doing.
“I could snap your wrist and dislocate your shoulder if I wanted to. This is a good move to have in your arsenal if you ever need it. With this and the pressure applied to your throat, if you squeeze any harder it will restrict air supply. You’ll start getting dizzy and pass out. If you are trying not to kill your opponent, this is ideal for incapacitation.”
Bucky releases you, and you start all over sparring together. Now and then he stops to show you something, encouraging even joking a time or two. Every time he comes at you, and you do something wrong, he corrects you.
By the end of the hour, you’re feeling more confident than you have in months' training with Steve and the two of your hits the weights. You talk, you ask him about before–before he came back. Before it was one of Stark’s super soldiers. It feels good; it feels like you are part of a team. The way you always thought it was supposed to feel, not because you wanted so badly to be recognized as one of the world's heroes, but because it would mean you were a part of something.
A family.
As you rise from the weight bench, you feel your head suddenly swim and your knees wobble, throwing your hand out to catch yourself, Bucky is there before you hit the floor. His arms pulling you up close.
“Hey, look at me, you okay, YN? I didn’t think I pushed you that hard.”
Bucky tries to laugh it off, but he looks genuinely concerned as he helps you stand up, making sure that your balance is okay now.
“Yeah, I think I just stood up a little too quick.”
You tell him, laughing off your light-headedness, but then you feel another wave hit you, and Bucky guides you down to the weight bench, instructing you to put your head between your knees as he grabs a bottle of water.
Taking it, you sip some of it and after a few more swigs, your head clears and you sigh.
“I’m such a dumbass.” You say, refraining from shaking your head.
“No, you aren’t, YN.”
Bucky is searching for your face, the back of his fingers moving to gingerly touch your forehead. He didn’t feel any fever.
“Yes, I am. I ate nothing this morning. You know how Steve is always chanting about breakfast being the most important meal of the day.”
You look at Bucky and frown at your own stupidity.
“That’s easily remedied and I won’t tell Steve you skipped breakfast.”
Bucky has seen how Steve treats you, and he also knows the truth too. He turned then, going to the cabinet that kept extra towels and grabbed a crinkling package before crouching in front of you again.
“Crunchy Peanut Butter. I know you like that one the best.”
You look at the Cliff bar and slowly take it from Bucky’s fingers, splitting the wrapper in half.
“Thanks, Buck.”
Inhaling slowly, you take a bite as Bucky stands once more, glancing at the clock. “Better get back to work, I’ll see you later.”
“What the hell are you doing?”
Steve stops Bucky in the hallway as he’s heading from the gym, grabbing his shirt and tugging it over his head. He needs to get back to his room, shower, and then get to work, but Steve’s accusatory tone makes Bucky stop in his tracks and look at him.
“Doing what you couldn’t.”
Bucky breezes past Steve, leaving him standing in the hall before Steve clinches his fists together, his jaw tightening.
He shouldn’t be angry. Bucky was only doing what was right, but he couldn’t stop the boiling anger that knotted in the pit of his stomach.
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agentofbarnes · 3 days ago
hackers heart is now on my mind fuck so here’s a request
reader gets jealous at a gala with a lot of girls flirting with steve so she starts to act up but he puts her in her place 😉
captain’s princess — steve
au: hacker’s heart
warnings || smut, spanking, size kink, brat behavior, degradation, steve’s got a big cock, marking, tiny!reader, throat fucking, rough sex, slight hair pulling, dom!steve, captain kink, platonic!bucky x reader
word count || 3k
note || this was supposed to be short and then turned into a whole fucking fic....anyway, happy 4k to me! here’s absolute filth for you
Tumblr media
Something Steve hadn’t realized until this very moment is that you were a jealous woman. He would have suspected it, really. You were clingy to him, wild and unashamed. But more importantly, you liked showing the world you were his girl.
He doesn’t know why he’s surprised you started to misbehave when some girls seemed to crowd around him. You had promised to behave and you were doing so good until the girls started flirting with him.
You really had been so good up until you saw that girl’s hand on Steve’s chest and how he smiled sheepishly at the touch. He was yours, you had thought with a clenched jaw. You huffed out, hand clutching the wine glass in your hands. Another girl had grazed her hand over his bicep and you swear you turned feral.
You felt the glass of wine in your hand disappear, making you turn to find Bucky Barnes in front of you with the glass between his fingers.
“Look like you’re gonna go ape shit, figured you didn’t want to break the glass and cut yourself.”
“Oh I’m gonna cut somebody,”You grumbled, shoulders scrunched together grumpily as you glared at the women surrounding your boyfriend.
“He doesn’t realize they’re flirting,”Bucky told you, looking at you pointedly.”You know you’re his girl.”
“Yeah, but they don’t,”You mumbled, crossing your arms.”He isn’t an idiot, Bucky, he knows they’re flirting, he’s letting them touch him.”
“He doesn’t notice,”Bucky tried to persuade you from doing something stupid,”All he’s probably thinking about is when he can get back to you.”
“Yeah, right,”You murmured, taking the glass of wine and downing it quickly.”I’m gonna hack them.”
“Of course you are,”Bucky sighed, glancing down at your hand which you held out to him. He looked at you with a puzzled expression.
“Phone, Buck,”You explained, motioning for him to hand over his phone.
“Where’s yours?”
“Steve has it, he wanted me off screens for the night,”You told him with shrug.
“I really don’t want to get in the mid—hey!”
You reached your hand into his pocket and got out his shiny new phone,”Oooh, finally upgraded like I told you,” You commented, quickly jailbreaking his phone and linking into your code to get a look at all the screens in the room. You sent a virus into both their phones, while also making one their phones blow your with notifications about the device over heating when you overloaded. You didn’t need to look up to know Steve knew what you were doing. You just ignored his glare.
Just as you were about to continuing hacking into the phones, Bucky took it back with a frown,”You made your point, you got his attention. Why can’t you be normal and just flirt with other guys to get his attention, you always gotta break the law?”
“Why didn’t I think of that?”You replied, a little smirk on your lips. You can feel your boyfriend’s eyes on you,”Oh, where’s Thor? I’m gonna have him bench press me.”
“That’s a terrible idea, why am I helping you?”
“You’re bored ‘cause Nat isn’t paying attention to you either,”You said like it was the most obvious thing in the world.
“Maybe I should flirt with Thor...”
“Bet he could bench press you too.”
Bucky laughed at that, rolling his eyes,”Why don’t we just ignore them and have fun?”
“I stress you out.”
“That’s...true, but hey, fuck it, I could use a little wild energy.”
“Wanna dance?”You asked curiously, tilting your head at him.
“Oh now you’re using me to get him jealous?”
“Bet it will Nat jealous too.”
Bucky took your hand in his immediately, making you laugh and you guys just danced ridiculously around the room. You almost forgot about the jealously seeping into your chest, just having fun with one of your best friends.
He showed off some old moves, playfully spinning you around until you collided against Steve’s chest. The blond capturing you with a hard stare, frown etched across his face. His hands tore you away from Bucky just as Nat finally found the brunette soldier.
“You think I haven’t noticed you ignoring me, huh, princess?”He towered over you easily, his hands clutching your waist tightly. You rolled your eyes at him, pushing out of his grip. You knew since you were in public he’d be less rough and would let you go.
“I haven’t been ignoring anyone, just figured you were busy,”You shrugged, taking a step away from him and going towards the bar. You have Captain America stalking after you with an annoyed expression, and you just really loved getting on his nerves.
“You said you’d behave,”Steve whispered into your ear, close behind you as you got another glass of wine.
“I am behaving, not that you would notice, too busy getting felt up by all those pretty girls, or did you think I wouldn’t notice?”You snapped, jaw clenching after taking a long sip of the red liquid.
“Is that what’s got you acting like a brat, dancing with my best friend and hacking into innocent girls’ phone?”Steve asked, taking the glass from your hand and seizing your arm to pull you towards the corridor.
The party noise got quieter as Steve dragged you down the hall until he reached the elevator. With a gentle shove, he pushed into the uncrowded space.
“It’s not my fault you’d rather get fangirled over than dance with me,”You bite back, pulling away from his grip and standing on the other side of the elevator with a dramatic huff.
“Oh, you’re really going for the whole brat act, aren’t you? Something doesn’t go your way and you always have to act up, baby, I don’t know how many times I can tell you that you are the only one I want,”Steve tried to get across, his arms coming to cage you against the wall.
“You let them touch you,”You said softly, looking up at him with sad eyes. Steve softened at the sight of you, but it was short lived as you tried to evade the conversation once again by trying to slip under him to get away. You almost succeeded.
“Can you stop running away from me and have an actual conversation?”Steve scolded, gripping you tightly by your waist now. You avoided his gaze until he hooked his finger up your chin.”You’re my girl, my princess, I didn’t realize how they would effect you, okay? I’m sorry, but your behavior was inexcusable and you know that, you wanted me to pay attention, didn’t you? I’m right here, baby, and I’m all yours.”
You chewed on the inside of your cheeks and he can tell you are contemplating whether you’re gonna give in to him. Steve can tell you’ve forgiven him, but you had a twinkle in your eyes. A look he knew very well, you wanted to be tamed. You wanted him to claim you as his and vice versa.
“I dunno,”You rolled your eyes,”Think I might like hanging out with Bucky more or maybe...just maybe I’ll go drink with Thor, bet he could show me a fun night.” The words made Steve growl, picking you up and throwing you over his shoulder when the elevator doors open. He carried you to your room easily, naming you grin at you hang from his broad shoulder.
Steve threw you onto the bed, your stomach hitting the soft bedding. He grabbed your ankle, pulling you down so you were towards the end of the bed. He forced on your hands and knees while he ripped the dress from your body.
“That’s was really expensive,”You hissed out.
“I don’t care,”Steve grunted out, his hand smacking at the flesh of your ass.”Brats don’t get nice things.”
“Fuck off.”
Both of his hands came down on your ass, the flesh jiggling and reddening under his blows. You let out a wanton moan, pushing your ass up towards him. Steve smirked, shaking his head at you.
“You’ve got such a mouth of you, I oughta fuck that pretty throat till it’s raw,”Steve rasped, pulling you back by your hair until you were up on your knees. His lips are on yours, his rough kiss went straight to your core. He positioned you to lay down with your head hanging over the bed. Your view of him was upside down and you know what’s coming.
Steve unbuckled his slacks, ridding his body of all his clothes until he was standing over you tiny body. His cock slapped against your face, his size making your mouth water at the feeling. His heavy member was so big compared you, the head of his cock ending mid-throat with him lined up to your pretty face.
“Gonna fuck my throat, Captain? Think you can handle me?”You taunted, licking at his thick cock.
“Open your mouth, princess,”Steve demanded, spitting onto his cock and your mouth. You held your jaw open, moaning when Steve’s cock stretched past your lips. He wasn’t gently, slowly easing into your throat all the way until he could see the outline of his cock down your neck.
Steve groaned, taking in how you choked around him. He pulled out quickly, his hard dick coated in your salvia.”Fuck, Captain.”
“Shut up,”He commanded, thrusting back into your mouth to see how you accommodated his massive length. You closed your eyes, your jaw wide and tongue sticking out to lap his cock up. His balls hit your face with every thrust, his hips moving back and forth. The squelching noises of you choking around him only encouraged him further, determined to fuck the attitude out of you.
“You look so fucking good like this, princess, taking my cock like it was meant for you,”He uttered with a whine, fucking into your throat with no mercy. You took his like a good girl, eagerly sucking on him until you could feel the way he throbbed over your tongue. One more thrust, his cock bulging in your throat as he shot his seed down your throat. He held you there, copious amounts of thick ropes into your pretty mouth.
Steve pulled out, slapping his cock against your face and then pushed into you one last time before stepping away. He leaned down to kiss you sweetly, his taste lingering in your lips. You whined against his lips, panties ruined with how wet you were for your boyfriend.
“Please,”You croaked against him,”Need to touch you...”
“You gonna be a good girl, follow your captain’s orders?”He asked carefully, grabbing ahold of your body and bringing you into his grip. You wrapped your arms around him, nails digging into your biceps while he laid you on the bed. His weight draped over you, his body pinning yours into the bed.
“Yes, yes, just please,”You begged, head dipping into the crook of his neck to leave kisses against his hot skin. You licked up his neck, feeling his vein pulse against you befor you bit harshly at his tough skin. You sucked and nipped until there was a large purple mark showcased on him.
“That’s it, princess, ‘m all yours, mark me all you want,”He encouraged, feeling you move on to another spot. You left bruises in your wake, attacking his shoulders, his collar bone, and he chest. You were possessive, he realized that now and he liked it. His cock jumped at the feeling of you claiming him, making him rut his hips against your wet cunt.
He dipped his fingers between your thighs while you kiss every part of his body, whimpering and whining as he fucked you open with two fingers, then three. He rubbed his thumb against your clit, encouraging you to cum for him quickly so he could stuff his cock inside you. You quivered against him, moaning out his name as you clawed at his chest.
“Need your cock, Captain, want you to destroy me,”You whined, spreading your legs for him.
“My pretty princess, gotta fuck all thought negative thoughts from your head, don’t I? Is that what you need? That dumb baby brain of yours has been making you act out, hasn’t it? Just need me to fuck the brat out of you.”
You’re nodding under him, capturing his lips with need. He grabbed your face gently, kissing you with such love and dominance.”Please, Captain...”
Steve nodded back at you, lips staying on yours as he grasped his cock in his hands. His dick was already hard again, his stamina and drive superior to literally any other man on the planet.
The bulbous head prodded against your entrance, walls stretching around the large member as he pushed in slowly. Steve swallowed your whines, gasping into your mouth when you squeeze tightly around him. He held your thighs open, his hips rutting into you. He sank inside you, sheathing his sensitive cock fully into your sopping cunt. You were so wet for him, squelching as his cock thrusted into you.
“Can you hear how wet you are for me?”Steve uttered, lips trailing down your face to the sweet spot on your pulse. He sucked another mark onto your skin, groaning when you rocked your hips against him.”So warm and tight for me.”
“‘s all for you, Captain,”You mewled, arms wrapping around his shoulders to press his chest down against you.”’m your princess.”
Steve smirked against your jaw, his heart preening at that. You were his princess, his best girl, and the love of his life. The fact that you thought anything different earlier today made him desperate to show you.
“Yeah, you are, Captain’s little princess, so perfect and gorgeous,”He drew his hips back, his cock nearly all the way out of your clenching pussy. He slammed back in one smooth motion, causing your back to arch off the bed into him.”You were fucking made for me, weren’t you? Made to take this cock, made to be mine.”
You can barely utter out any words, just a soft uh-huh of agreement while he pounded into you with his brute strength. His cock bulged in his belly, protruding slight in your small frame. You feel so fucking full and good with his cock stuffing your cunt. The bed rocked with every harsh thrust, the headboard banging against the wall carelessly. Steve didn’t care who heard, he needed you to know you were his and he was yours. He wanted everyone to hear. The banging against the wall is loud and it only encouraged him to fuck you hard as you turned into a mess of whines underneath him.
You scratched down his back, nails leaving red marks down his back. It made him moan out, his mouth attacking yours in a class of tongue and teeth. He loved how you marked him, his hand squeezing the flesh of your thigh. He moved one of your legs to hang over his shoulder while he fucked into you. With this angle, he hit that spot that made you tremble. He didn’t let up, his thrusts rocking the bed underneath him. His hand went to brace himself on the headboard, pounding into you as your moans echoed off the walls. He wanted everyone to hear.
His grip tightened around the wooden frame, the headboard and frame cracking under his strength at the same time. You gasped out, you body jerking when the frame collapsed underneath you. Steve wasn’t even phased, his pace never faltering into your welcoming cunt.
“Fuck, Captain!”You cried out, the fact he had broken your entire bed made you gush around him. Nails clawing into his back to the point that you actually break skin, making Steve groan.
“You gonna cum, princess, know you’re close, can feel your tight little pussy squeezin’ my cock, so go ahead, cum for your Captain, be a good girl for me,”His forehead head in against yours, hands holding himself up over you. His fists grasped the sheets, broken bed rocking and squeaking under your passionate fucking.
“Steve!” You sobbed out, tears leaking from your eyes from the incredible pressure releasing from your tummy. You felt like you were floating almost, nerves vibrating at incredible speeds as your body quivered underneath him. With your walls tightly wrapped around his cock, Steve spilled inside you. He pumped his hot cum into your eager pussy, a guttural groan emitting from his throat.
Steve nearly collapsed onto you, careful not to crush you. He flipped onto his back, the bed cracking more when he pulled you against his chest.
You heaved out heavy breaths, kissing him slowly and gently before giggling at the state of your room.”You broke my bed.”
“Yeah, I did...”He grinned at you,”Guess you’ll just have to sleep in my room, princess, gonna have to stay with me indefinitely.”
“Mhm, how about forever?”You whispered, hands resting against his chest. You smiled at the marks that cover his body, knowing you claimed him put you at ease. The possessive feeling subsiding now that you now that everyone will see your bruises and scratches on him.
“Sounds perfect...”Steve looked at you with such love and admiration,”You’re not gonna make me hang up all those picture on our wall are you?”
You glanced over to your little collage of shirtless Polaroids of Steve and a gossip article with you straddling him at restaurant displayed in the middle,”Oh definitely, can’t not have my wall of hotness.”
He shook his head, holding you close to his chest. Steve just can’t stop smiling when he looks at you,”I love you, princess.”
You beamed at that, chewing on your bottom lip,”Even when I’m wild and a brat?”
“Yeah, even then,”Steve kissed you gently once again, peppering your face with loving kisses. He drank up your giggles and smiled,”’m not gonna stop till you say it back...” His fingers danced along you waist, making you squirm and fall to his side. He moved over you again quickly, the bed falling completely on the ground with a loud thud.
Both of you laughed out at that, holding each other close and just enjoying the love you shared.
“I love you too, Stevie, forever,”You uttered with a huge grin, another laugh escaping your lips when he molded his lips against yours sweetly.
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imaginedreamwrite · 3 days ago
Baby Girl: Part 14
The Avengers had officially moved out of the city and upstate New York, creating a formal ‘Avengers Compound and Training Facility. A few Avengers retained residency there, but Tony Stark, Peter Parker and Clint Barton were not those who did.
Peter remained in NYC with his aunt; Tony had his place away from the compound to raise his daughter, Morgan, and enjoy married life with Pepper. Clint had his business out west somewhere, or maybe it was Midwest, where he resided, and he wanted to keep it that way.
Sam lived at the compound, Natasha and Wanda lived at the compound, and of course, so did Steve and Bucky.
As the charge nurse overseeing the free clinic in the city, which would now remain a free clinic two days a week to the surrounding areas, you also needed permanent residence.
Only instead of having a place in the nurse’s quarters, you found yourself in Steve and Bucky’s quarters. It made sense, you’d spent most of your time there anyway, but the news that you’d officially moved in with them hadn’t dissuaded the teasing.
“Moving fast, huh?” Natasha cornered you one day after you’d finished your shift. “Moving in, getting a dog, becoming a taken woman.”
“There’s no dog.” You countered, not refusing the claim that you were a ‘taken’ woman or that the relationship was moving fast.
“At least it’s healthy,” Natasha added.
“You’ll be the next to get married and start a family.” Wanda tilted her head and claimed you and Steve and Bucky were the most stable of the couples.
“Marriage, yes. Kids, not for a while. I’m only 21.”
Sam wouldn’t let the two super soldiers live without some comment made about the two of them catering to a ‘cute nurse’ who had them wrapped around your stethoscope. The teasing was lighthearted and made in good nature, but the truth lingering behind it was blinding.
Steve and Bucky represent a healthy relationship, a happy connection between three soulmates, yet it didn’t start like most.
Your relationship was rooted in friendships, which made the shift from company to a physical, emotional connection so easy.
And yet it was like you were still waiting for that other shoe to drop.
** **
You saw him coming down the hall, his brown eyes searching and a frown on his face. You saw him and wished you could duck for cover or eliminate for yourself from the surrounding space. However, he saw you first.
He raised your hand and waved through the glass wall of the clinic, and while he was out of sight, you winced and reached for your phone in your pocket.
You turned your back to the glass and unlocked your phone, immediately going to your text messages, aiming to send Bucky and Steve a quick-fired note to let them know that it was Peter who was approaching you.
You slid your phone back into your pocket just in time for him to slink into the clinic to speak to you. He moved around the nurse’s station to the bed you were fixing, a sheepish look on his face and his hands shoved in his pockets.
“Hi Y/N.” his voice, which had used to be your comfort, was now your anguish. “Happy belated birthday.”
“Peter,” you crossed your arms over your chest and glanced him over, “what are you doing here?”
“Can we talk?” Peter looked hopeful; he looked optimistic about your reaction.
He was delusional.
“You can’t be serious right now.” You stepped away and crossed your arms over your chest. “Now you want to talk? I tried talking to you, Peter, and you called me a liar. You told me I was a manipulator.”
“I know, and I’m sorry but-“ you turned your back and walked away from him toward the nurses station near the front of the clinic.
“No, Peter. There is no ‘but.’ You were an asshole.” He followed you from the bed to the desk, despite you wanting him to be far from you.
“Can you at least let me apologize?” He stood behind you, his eyes boring into your back. “You’ve been avoiding me.”
“Because I wanted to. Because Bucky and Steve told me to.” you rolled your eyes.
“Do you always do what they want?” Peter’s voice deepened.
“Don't fucking start with me!” you raised your voice and turned on your heels toward him. “Don’t you dare start that barrage.”
“I’m taking my break.” You left your stethoscope with the nurse before you continued your path out of the clinic.
You knew he was following you when you heard his sneakers squeaking against the floor. He was following you, giving mild chase in an attempt to speak to you on a matter that you thought had been closed.
By him.
“Y/N, please. I’m trying to apologize.” His long stride was closing the distance between you and him. “Can you stop?”
“No, Peter.” You turned the corner and had gotten halfway down the hallway when he reached out and grabbed your wrist, yanking you into a dead stop.
You whipped around to face Peter, your ex-boyfriend who called you a manipulator, who called you a liar, who cheated on you. You whipped around to meet him, and every transgression came back to the surface. Every minor detail that led to the destruction of your relationship came floating from the depths of Marianas Trench.
“Let go of me!”
“Listen to me!” He yelled, his hand squeezing your wrist. “Please!”
“Peter, let me go.” You tried yanking on your wrist to pull it away. “Peter-“
“I want to apologize, Y/N.” he ignored you; he ignored your protest while keeping his grip on your firm. His brown eyes that were so captivating at one point in your year-long relationship, now seemed as dull as dishwater and triggering.
“Let me go, Peter. Now.”
“You were right, and I want to tell you how sorry I am-“
His hand tightened around your wrist, his ears closed off to your protests of pain. He was going to break your wrist if you didn’t get away from him. You knew it from his brute strength.
“Peter, you’re hurting me.” You grunt, your wrist starting to throb while he was continuing with the rant he found himself on. “Peter, let me go.”
“You’re not listening! Just…please…” He spoke, and you winced at the fire that started rushing to your wrist.
“Peter, it hurts!” Why didn’t he realize what he was doing?
“Y/N, just listen!” He came closer, his hand squeezing your wrist with growing strength the angrier he got until you heard a pop.
“Peter, you’re hurting me!” You shrieked and yanked on your wrist as his eyes widened, and almost like second nature, he squeezed harder.
Your shrieks turned to a scream, a mix of pain and surprise.
And then a solid body was between you and Peter, a mess of brown hair and electric blue eyes that glanced briefly toward you before they had turned away.
“Mr. Barnes-“
“Get your hands off her!” Bucky grabbed the front of Peter’s shirt and threw him to the ground, his vibranium fist digging into his breastbone to keep him on the ground. His eyes were wide with fury; the veins in his neck and bicep were popped while he battled with the urge to punch Peter into the floor.
“I didn’t mean to! I was trying to apologize!”
“Shut the fuck up!” Bucky nailed a hit with his vibranium fist, the blow knocking the wind out of Peter, yet that didn’t feel like it had done you any justice.
“Y/N, honey,” Steve reached for your wrist, turning over your hand to see the damage. “let me see your wrist.”
The bruise was formed, and your hand was swollen. The bruising was near-instant, a testament to the damage he had done.
The black and blue shades creating a sick looking patch on your flesh from the broken blood vessels and the trauma that came from Peter.
“It’s broken.” You mumbled, tears threatening to fall but not yet doing so. “Steve? Its broken?”
You were a mix of facts and questions. You didn’t know what to believe. The pain was sharp and searing.
“I think so, sweetheart.” He cupped your cheeks and brushed some of your tears away.
You couldn’t look at it. You couldn’t look at your own wrist, not for more than a few seconds to see the bruising and the swelling.
“It hurts.” You weren’t able to hold back tears anymore. Not when the pain was throbbing like a hot poker was being dug beneath your skin. You let loose your tears, your bottom lip pressed between your bottom and top teeth, gritting as the radiating pain nearly stole your breath. “It hurts so bad.”
“I know, baby girl.” Steve brushed his hand against your cheek, wishing that he could’ve inflicted that pain on himself to spare you. “I know it hurts. We’re gonna take you to the clinic.”
“Steve…it hurts,” you pressed yourself into his chest when he scooped you from the ground, your voice shaking and constrained from the pain surging to your wrist. “…shit…”
“I know,” he walked with urgency, somehow able to keep you from being jostled, “you’re going to be okay though, sweetheart.”
Your head was tucked between his shoulder and his neck, his arms holding you gently as he walked back toward the clinic. You raised your head and gazed upon Peter being thrown against the wall with Bucky in his face and the animosity that befit the Winter Soldier.
A part of you wanted to tell them all that it was an accident, and yet seeing Peter about to get his ass handed to him, had overruled.
** **
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Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
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agentofbarnes · 3 days ago
hey angel! I’ve got a trinity au idea. Steve loves to bruise reader’s hips (and so does she) BUT what if one day steve goes too far and really hurts her during sex (not on purpose of course). and then he starts to feel really guilty and then reader realizes that maybe they need to come up with a safe word to prevent this from happening again???
too far — stucky
note || i really almost went too dark with them where he accidentally breaks her wrist or something but decided against it
Tumblr media
Steve was devastated when you cried the next day, Bucky holding you when it hurt to move your hips. You can’t walk at all and Steve literally would punish himself.
Like you had to get pain meds from Bruce because your hips are nearly purple with handprints from Steve’s grip.
You had both gotten caught in the moment, and you had been a little spacey. You couldn’t form a whole sentence to tell him to stop and you guys didn’t have a safe word.
You did love being hurt, the pain made you excited and Steve and Bucky’s strength always turned you on. But he had really done a number on you.
When you get back from the medbay, you look for Steve, but you can’t find him and he’s not answering your texts.
You needed to talk to him because you knew he would not want to hurt you again, but you wanted to tell that you always wanted him to bruise you, but you both had communicated terribly. He just forgets sometimes, and you had forgotten to remind him.
“Where’s Stevie?”You asked with a frown, wincing as you curled up in the blond’s bed with Bucky helping you.
“He’s really upset with himself,”Bucky told you, sighing out.”He didn’t sleep last night, been in the gym all day.”
“Will you carry me to him?”
“After you take your meds.”
You did as he said, scooping you up gently and took you to Steve. He was in the gym, punching a bag with teary eyes.
“Can you put me down, let me talk to him?”You whispered, kissing his cheek before stepping towards Steve. Bucky nodded, giving you guys the room.
“Stevie, baby,”You whined, making grabby hands for him. The blond looked at you with a frown, shaking his head.
“No, you...I can’t touch you.”
“Yes, you can,”You teared up, pouting at him.”Please, I love you. I like when you bruise me, we just...we were irresponsible last night. Just please, come here.”
Steve sighed out, slowly inching towards you. You walked with an wince, making Steve bow his head with shame.
You wrapped you arms around him, relaxing against his firm chest.”I’m sorry, fuck, I’m so sorry...”
“It’s okay, we just...we need to be more careful.”
“We should have a safeword, specifically for when you want me to hurt you. I can’t risk harm you in a dangerous way, I could have—“Steve had to look away,”I could have broken something...”
“But you didn’t, and you won’t cause we’ll communicate,”You assured him,”You being distant from me hurts far more than any bruise you could leave.”
“Oh, bunny...”Steve leaned down to kiss you softly, sighing out when you both kissed each other tearily.”Been causing you so much pain...”
“It’s nothing some kisses and a lazy day can’t fix,”You smiled tiredly,”My pain meds are starting to kick in, can you carry me and cuddle me?”
“Of course,”He gently picked you up, your face buried in his chest.”You sure you aren’t mad?”
“At my perfect captain? Never.”
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