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#Steve Rogers imagine
girl-of-many-fandoms · 57 minutes ago
Hey guys, just announcing that requests are closed for a few days, I have a bunch to work on atm and I’m currently working on a few that would be posted tomorrow. Thank you all for your patience and understanding love you guys ♥️
Tumblr media
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wednesdayadams228 · an hour ago
Imagine - Steve Rogers
warnings - none
Wrote this while listening to I Love You by Billie
First time writing for Steve lol
Steve was supposed to return from his mission today. It had been 2 agonizing months since Steve had left for his mission with Tony, Bruce, Peter, and Bucky. The only thing you were told from any of them was that Hydra was up to something and they to take care of it. There had been no phone calls, no text messages, no updates about anything. You didn't even get to know where he was in the world or if he was even okay. For all you know he could be hurt or worse dead.
You eventually get tired of the thoughts swirling in your head and decide to go get some food. On your way to the kitchen, you walk around Wanda and Vision binge-watching another sitcom on the couch. You pass Nat who is sitting at the kitchen table looking out the window.
"Hi." she says in a calm voice still staring out at the rainy city.
"Hey." You quietly say back. You wish you could be at peace like she at least seemed to be right now.
"How do you do it?" You ask.
"Do what?" she replies.
"Be okay with Bucky being gone. I try to not worry every time Steve leaves but I can't. It's impossible. I just know how much you love Bucky and you guys are always apart so much on missions. I guess I just want to know how to be okay with Steve being gone all the time."
"Well to be honest I don't know." She replies "We have always been apart so much that it's normal now. I still wonder if he's okay every now and then but I try to avoid the topic and distract myself. It's too painful to worry about the worst possible situations."
You go and sit next to Nat and look out the window with her. You guys stay like that for the next couple of hours waiting for your lovers to return home. You hear the doors slide open from the elevator and see Bucky, Bruce, Tony, and Peter but no Steve. Nat goes to give Bucky a hug and you look around and wait a few minutes for Steve to come through the door... but he doesn't.
"Where is he?" You ask quietly
"Hydra has him" Bruce says.
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summerofsnowflakes · an hour ago
If you you could please sort out the tags situ, my new fic won’t show up on the tags and this is like the second time in two weeks 🥺🥺
Please I worked really hard on it and I want people to see it. I’m gunna repost the link here hoping it shows up this time! 🤞🏻
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imaginedreamwrite · an hour ago
Way Down We Go: Part 6
A/N: Smut in the beginning. Skip to the break if you don’t want to read it
** **
You were all-consuming. You were all he could think about, even as he was balls deep in his date, this woman he was set up with. This woman who had artificial tits that weren’t fooling anyone, this woman who was only good for sucking cock and taking it up the ass.
While she was moaning like a street whore, Steve thought of you. While she was begging him to fuck her harder, calling him ‘sir’, he thought of you.
Instead of seeing some artificial cunt he took home to relieve himself with, he saw you. He saw your beautiful eyes staring up at him as he fucked you how you wanted, as he took what he needed from you and gave you everything he had.
He saw you, he felt your hands gripping his shoulders and your mouth part in pleasured praises for everything he was doing to you.
Instead of the tired and aged, perfected yet meaningless moans of the whore under him, he heard your voice. He heard your gasps and whines, your pleads for Steve to make you cum, to let you cum.
He had envisioned it more than once, he had spent a great deal of time thinking about you in the late hours of the night when he was stuck in his office. He would think about the probabilities of after the trial, taking you under him. He thought about how great his life would be with a hot little wife like you to come home to every night, instead of the empty penthouse.
He thought about you strolling through the doors while he was still working, wearing nothing but a pair of strappy heels and a silk robe. Steve pictured you getting on your knees to suck him off right in his office, or bending over his desk so he could take you from behind right where he first came upon your picture.
“Steve,” his date moaned his name and arched her back.
“Shut the fuck up,” he growled and smacked her ass, making her shriek, “take it like the slut you are.”
She was ruining the moment. She was ruining the illusion he’d built in his head.
In his mind, it was you under him. In his mind, he was fucking you senseless while a choker necklace was wrapped around your throat, a little charm with his initials on was smacking against the ring that held it there. In his mind, he was fucking you full of his seed, of his cum and you were taking all of it like a good girl.
Like his good girl.
“I’m going to cum-“ Steve grabbed a fistful of her hair and yanked her back to his chest, his lips brushing against the shell of her ear.
“What the fuck did you just say?” He growled in her ear, pausing his thrusts.
“Please!” She begged him, tears rolling down her cheeks, “please, sir! Let me cum! I need to cum! I need-“
He shoved her back down to the bed and reached for her panties that he’d ripped off. He balled them up and shoved them into her mouth to get her to finally shut up.
“You’re lucky I’m feeling patient,” Steve continued pumping his cock in and out of her, the carefully crafted scene in his head was poisoned by her.
The carefully crafted image was slipping into obscurity and Steve was scrambling to get a hold of it.
“Fuck,” he grunted as his thrusts became sloppy, “fuck you, bitch.”
When he finally got close to cumming, he pulled his cock out and used his hand to pump himself. He used his hand to coax the cum out of the head of his cock, not wishing to waste any of his seed on the whore on the bed.
Finally, he reached that peak but only when he heard your voice. Then, and only then, did his cum spurt from the head of his cock, staining and colouring the bitch’s back.
“Get yourself cleaned up and get out.” He ordered her, moving from the bedroom to the bathroom to wash his hands.
After his hands were clean and he heard the woman gathering her clothes, Steve swiped his phone from the counter and unlocked it, immediately set about to buy an entirely new bed and mattress.
You were his and he wasn’t going to let your body be tainted by someone else’s ghost.
You were going to have a clean, fresh start with him.
** **
“You haven’t been sleeping well?” Steve posed the question after you got settled, and saw the black bags under your eyes.
“There’s not much comfort to be found in a cage.” You spoke your discomfort and exhaustion with a sigh, resting your elbow on the table and your chin in your hand. “The beds are lumpy with very little padding.”
Despite being exhausted and drained, you were still inexplicably taken and mystified by Steve Rogers. The very sight of him in the interview room was refreshing. The sight of his blue-green eyes and his megawatt smile, the strong build of his body as he filled out the suit he wore remarkably well, had you feeling weak.
You didn’t get much pleasure while being in jail, and yet seeing Steve was the closest you could get. Seeing him and hearing him speak could carry you out for weeks.
You were a virgin, that much was true, but you weren’t entirely innocent when it came to sex and sexual fantasies. You’d been untouched by a man, but you certainly had some experience in touching yourself. And lately, it seemed as if Steve was the motivation.
“And..?” Steve hadn’t believed your answer was the only reason you were losing sleep. He knew there was more to it than just the bed, though that was as good a reason as ever.
“The trial starts in two days,” you finally answered, you finally muttered while looking at your hands and the dirt on your fingertips from you tracing shapes and images in the dust in your cell, “and I don’t want to be punished for…I didn’t have a choice it was him or me and he was…”
Your throat tightened as a visceral reaction to the overcoming emotions that made it hard to physically breathe. You were so scared, you were so hopeless that you would never feel the natural warmth of the sun on your skin without seeing chain link fences or barbed wire in your direct view. You were afraid that your life would be over before you had a chance to live it, and all you wanted was to have your freedom.
“I know,” Steve stretched his left arm out and rest his hand upon yours. As his palm made contact with the backside of your hand, he squeezed gently. The action made you raise your head and lock eyes with him, his beautiful ocean blue-green eyes searching your face, “you had no choice, Y/N. It was you or him, and he was a predator. He was taking advantage of you, they all were. They were all taking advantage of you as a woman, and I’m going to get justice for you.”
The promise was nice enough in theory, but he couldn’t control the jury snd the judge. He couldn’t control what the prosecution said or how they presented their case. They were all against you, everyone was against you and had already vilified you in their minds.
“I have something for you darling,” Steve squeezed your hand once more before he let go, not hesitating for a moment when he used a pet name when he used verbal affection, “but first, I want you to tell me what you want to do the minute you get out of this place.”
Your answer was immediate, your answer was basic and typical, yet it screeched with freedom.
“I want the saltiest, greasiest fries I can find,” you admit shyly, “I want food that doesn’t taste like regurgitated, mouldy cardboard. I want fresh, greasy, salty fries.”
“Fries,” Steve’s plump lips twitched and were pulled into a smirk as his eyes flashed, “you’re so fucking adorable.”
“I know it sounds stupid but…you don’t know how much you miss being able to eat fast food junk when all you eat is eat food.”
“The moment you get out,” Steve promised again while digging in his briefcase, “you can have whatever you want. You’ll deserve it.”
When he finally stopped rummaging in his briefcase, you saw a small red crushed velvet box in an organza bag. The box was small, likely some kind of jewelry and while it had certainly made you curious as to why he had it, you didn’t fixate on it.
“I want to go to the movies. I miss watching movies in a dark theatre for two hours. I miss stuffing my face with popcorn that is overpriced and leaves grease stains on the bottom of the bag. I miss going to dinner, even if it’s in some steakhouse with bottomless margarita’s. I miss being able to choose what I want to wear when I want to wear it…” You were getting emotional again, you were finding it hard to breathe without crying.
“Honey,” Steve crooned, squeezing your hand again, “I know you do.”
Your legs quaked with the second use of a pet name and warmth shot straight to the apex between your legs. Warmth spread and wetness started pooling, creating this constant burning need to have something or someone touch you. You felt desperate, and you swore Steve could see it. You swore he could sense how turned on you were and how desperate you were to feel something in you or on you.
“I know how desperate you are, darling.” Steve tugged at the ties holding the organza bag secure. “I know how desperate you are to have your freedom.”
Your eyes were glued to the box in the bag. Your eyes were glued to Steve’s massive hand and his long fingers as he pulled the box out of the bag and slowly opened the velvet to reveal the prize within.
“It’s beautiful!” You scooched to the edge of your seat and crossed your ankles under the chair before you studied the breathtaking piece of jewelry inside.
The charm on the platinum necklace was a lily made of shining, impressive and small diamonds that formed every petal, save for the bright sapphire in the middle of the flower, completing the look of the awe inspiring jewelry.
“Steve…I don’t think I can have this…” You protest while looking between him and the jewelry tucked in the box.
“Yes you can,” He rose from his chair and moved around the table, setting the box down to your right. As he came to crouch beside you, his left hand snaked on your lower thigh while his right hand rest against your back, “you can have the whole world, honey.”
You snapped your head around to stare at him. You couldn’t look away, you didn’t dare look away from him. Not while he was staring at you with burning intensity and deepening want that left you reeling.
“Steve I don’t think the prison will let me have this-“ He moved his hand from your back to your chin. He cupped your chin with his index finger and his thumb, brushing the pad of his thumb across your bottom lip.
“You’re so beautiful, baby.” He crooned, ignoring your concerns. “How could any man put his hands on you with the intention of pain?”
You couldn’t think. You were enraptured by him, by everything he was.
“Thank you,” you finally broke eye contact and looked back at the necklace.
He followed your eyes and made a small sound in his throat, his hands making quick work of the box to loosen the necklace. When it was free, he came to stand behind you and with your hand up and out of the way, he was able to slip the cool chain around your neck.
After clasping it, he rest his hands on your shoulders and squeezed gently. He leaned down and brushed his lips against the shell of your ear to deliver a whispered message.
“You’re going to be okay, honey.” His voice brought goosebumps to your skin and caused you to shiver. “I’m going to take care of you, from here on out, you don’t have to worry about a thing.”
Your eyes fluttered closed when he took the chance to kiss your neck with possessive tenderness. “I’m going to take such good care of you.”
** **
Steve’s gift
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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stargazingfangirl18 · 3 hours ago
About safewords, how would steve reacts to it? (because he is so soft!)
I think Steve would react very similar to Ari tbh. Because they are both innate protectors and big, strong beefcakes who are soft for you at the end of the day. 🥺
Tumblr media
Steve would probably take it a step further and there would be a lot of fretting over you. Curling up beside you in bed. Facing each other so he can see you and make sure you really are okay. He’s gonna be touching you a lot, soft caresses and silent apologies on top of lots of whispers like: “I’m sorry, sweetheart, I love you so much.” 😭
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agentofbarnes · 4 hours ago
I haven’t decided which NSFW ABCS to do next, I have three in my drafts and I will have one out anyone have any preference. The choices are : Loki, Steve, or Nat. I might be willing to do other characters if y’all suggest them.
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marvellovegalore · 4 hours ago
Hurting you
Chris Evans
Part Une - Loving You
Synopsis: You encounter your lost love Christopher and you talk about how you've broken his heart.
Word Count: 1,954
Author note: This part is the follow-up to my latest write up, which I realise didn't garner much attention, but a second part was requested. Strongly advised to read part one.
Warning: Explicit Language, Mention of Drugs
Tumblr media
Champagne showers your throat, its cool bubbles rippling inside you and all the way down your body. Your hips sway as you make your way through the tightly packed group of people. Laughter surrounds you as you re-join the dancing fray. A green-eyed model grabs you around the waist, his hands grabbing the thin material of your dress. The end of your dress dances over your high-heeled feet, you twist in the model’s arms and sway against him. Your back presses against him and he holds you tighter.
He whispers something in your ear, something or another about leaving with him to ‘fuck’ on the beach. You barely hear it over the music. Your eyes scanning over your friends that are sprawled around the room, all of them dressed in their finest threads. You would have taken him up on the offer, had it not been for the fact that you have been dating a particular Hollywood leading actor. You’d rather not have any outright fight at a party you’re enjoying because of ‘cheating’.
You move away from the model’s tight hold; you can almost hear his sigh. You dance over to a friend who beckons you to come with her to the bar. You gladly follow, reaching the bar takes a few minutes due to the crowd clambering over their drinks. You finally reach the bar; you lounge on the mirrored countertop. The barman approaches you, “Death in the Afternoon.” You wink at him, he smiles politely.
You turn and scan the room your eyes glazing the room, you catch sight of your date, hiding in a nook. He raises a glass to you, and you turn away from him. Drinking the sight of the partying people fills your stomach, many of them can’t help but stare at you, your presence like a diamond in the rough.
And there he is.
Your breath catches in your throat.
His arm draped across the shoulders of a tanned brunette; her eyes unmoving - glued to his. His lips ghost over hers, they way they used to do to your lips; giggles are whispered through her lips. Wearing a full suit with an undone bow tie strung around his neck - he looks like a drunken dream.
You want him.
He hasn’t noticed you. Or is pretending that he hasn’t.
It’s been six months since that night. You barely remember it; you were so intoxicated - on alcohol and Diazepam. An entirely irresponsible mixture, you try to pretend to yourself that you don’t know why you took what you did; but you know why. It was the only way that you had the courage to do what you did. Otherwise, you’d be with—
“One Death in the Afternoon.” The muscular barman places the crystal flute in front of you, you let a smirk grace your lips. If you weren’t in the same room as your date, you’d fuck him. But you’re trying to change.
You turn back in his direction, your friend also spots him, she promises that she’ll do everything to keep you guys apart. Your friends and family were informed of an amicable break-up with tears shed on both sides - by him. The media reported something similar - both PR teams sending well wishes to the other party and asking for privacy for those involved.
You weren’t aware of the amicable breakup until the email was forwarded to you by your PR head. You had blocked his number, but he had blocked you in every other way possible; you won’t pretend that it was unwarranted. Nor will you pretend that it didn’t hurt, but you couldn’t begin to imagine how much he was hurt.
You’ve done worse, but you don’t think you’ve ever done it to someone you actually loved.
You find yourself back in the folie of dancing, your dress billowing around your legs, its silky touch caressing your skin. You catch sight of the tanned brunette entering the dance floor; he’s following her, his hands toying with her waist.
They dance closely, his eyes roaming her body hungrily. You feel like vomiting. This isn’t fair. You close your eyes and knock your head back, willing the horrible sight away. The songs change twice before you open your eyes properly, your eyes immediately lower to where he is. Their lips are locked, their eyes shut off from the party, his hands dance on her arse.
You are most definitely going to throw up.
You rush away from the crowd, attracting concerned gazes, brushing off the offers of help, you finally manage to leave the house. You edge towards the pool and double over, you dry heave over the grass. You will the vomit up, but it is to no avail. You move away from the tennis style grass and make your way through the garden. Your walk leads you to the sea just beyond the expansive garden. The sky is a warm umber, the setting sun barely visible.
You don’t know how long you’ve been stood there, but you feel a presence behind you. You pray it’s not your date - demanding you keep him company.
You turn and feel your heart stop.
He looks beautiful. It’s the most undeniable beauty you’ve ever seen. He makes your heart throb.
Your heart swells, a feeling you’ve only ever felt once blanketing your heart.
“I don’t think I’ll ever be able to trust someone so much ever again.” His voice is husky, his accent very noticeable. “I couldn’t figure out whether speaking to you would be a good idea, but I really wanted to understand,” he sighs deeply, his fingers whisking out a pack of Marlboros out of his pocket, “even a slither of your psyche.” He lights one cigarette and exhales.
You watch him intently but divert your gaze when he looks at you. “What do you mean?” You whisper. Your courage has left you, and your confidence has set itself on fire.
He nudges the cigarette towards you, “I know you’re more of a vogues girl, but you’re going to have to forgo that right now.” You take the offered cig and pop it in between your lips. It tastes of him somehow and you want to die. “I’ve been fucked up since I left Massachusetts, unbelievably so. I don’t think I’ve ever felt this way.” He takes a tremulous breath.
You’re frozen. The cigarette needing to be ashed, he takes it from your fingers. He takes a swift inhalation. “I may have developed a mild dependency on alcohol… and on you. I can’t go to parties without thinking of you. I can’t get out of bed without thinking of you, I can’t breathe — without thinking of you.” His breathing is steady, his words stronger than the wind carried by the sea. You can’t breathe, his words taking the majority of your oxygen, he hands you back the cigarette.
“If I hadn’t done it then, you would have done it first.” You shiver with the cold breeze from the surf. If you could choose between kissing him or dissipating, you would choose to dissipate right into the sand.
His eyes flash across to you, his irises seething with anguish and droplets of anger. “It’s not a race, it never should be.” His hiss cuts across your chest, almost shattering your pearls. “I loved you, like I’ve never loved anyone.” His words make you look at him. The eyes that haunt your dreams are there, right there, less than a step away. The wind brushes his tendrils of golden hair across his face, he looks like a kaleidoscope manifested into flesh. “But I hate you now, in ways I have never hated someone.”
You feel like you’ve been stabbed in the neck.
You can feel a tear slip past your eyelashes, and you almost curse the skies. “That’s fine.” You choke quietly, your voice on the cusp of being drowned by the waves.
“I’ve moved on. I’m happy.” He sighs, he dashes the cigarette stub into the ocean, his hands going back into his pockets. His eyes don’t shift away from yours. “But you haunt me.” He looks away, towards the darkened horizon. “If I could choose between you dying or the Boston bomber - I would choose you.”
Your eyes widen with horror.
You’ve never been confronted with the pain you’ve caused. It’s never bothered you that men would desperately try to tarnish your image in salacious magazines. But this, this hurt you. Finally.
You can’t stop the tears now. You sink into the sand. The water washes against the borders of your legs. You choke a sob back.
“I’m sorry.” Your voice is small and dejected.
“That’s alright.” He’s lit another cigarette. He sits down next to you, offering you a toke. You take it, peaking at him from under your eyelashes.
Looking up at him, you’re met with a longing gaze.
You’re going to wonder forever what’s possessed him, but his lips find yours. They’re the light at the end of the tunnel and following the path to it guarantees his survival.
The embrace is bittersweet, sprinkled with pleasant familiarity. The taste of smoke tendrils dances between your tongues. His fingers swim in your hair, greedily pulling you deeper into his kiss. You want to die in his arms, it would be indeed the heavenliest way to die. You grab his shirt and hold on for dear life, his wine-soaked tongue intoxicating you further. Fireworks explode behind your eyelids and you sink further into him.
He breaks away from the kiss. His eyes riddled with unspoken secrets.
He stands up, his hand extending towards you. Lifting you to your feet and taking your hand in his, he begins to sway with you to the muffled music coming from the house. His hand rests above your bum, comfortably leading you in this dance. You lean your head against his chest, inhaling the smell of cologne and Marlboro Reds. The smell that used to wake you up on holiday weekends. A tear slips from your eye, a manifestation of your longing and your need for him.
Why do hurt people, hurt people?
You recall the day your father left your mother for dead.
“Where’s mum going, daddy?” You look up at the towering figure of your father.
His stern gaze remains on the distressed woman being handcuffed to the gurney. He brushes off your question with a glare embalmed with stone. You gulp and return your stare to your screaming mother; you rush to her, but a paramedic stops you in your tracks. Your mothers begs your father to let her go, her cries echoing around the front garden. Her roses seemingly wilt in sympathy for their weeping creator. She screams and fights against the paramedics, your father doesn’t wait until the doors of the ambulance have been closed before he closes the front door.
You rush to the living room window, standing beyond the curtain with your face pressed against the glass, you watch your mother being driven away.
You’ll never see her again and never know where she took her last breaths; and you’ll be transferred to board at your school. You see your father annually and eventually he leaves you for retirement in South Africa, you’re alone and unloved.
So, you steal hearts so that your own can heal.
Chris breaks your dance, his hypnotising spell diluted by the distance imposed by his now hardened glare. He turns and leaves, his shadow furthering away from your own. You watch in astonishment as he leaves you, cigarette smoke billowing away from his receding figure.
You can’t help the stream that washes your cheekbones.
He’s done the impossible - broke you.
Part 3 - Coming soon.
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amberderose · 5 hours ago
Stick to the Schedule
| *°~•♡•~°*||*°~•♡•~°*||*°~•♡•~°*||*°~•♡•~°*|
Tumblr media
| *°~•♡•~°*||*°~•♡•~°*||*°~•♡•~°*||*°~•♡•~°*|
A/N - Requested by one of my best friends, @ladydmalfoy and tbh, I'm glad she asked me to wrote this because it did things to me 😭. I so hate being single, like I love it, but at the same time I hate it. Anywhooo, enough about my boring life, enjoy my hoes! Also, I'm going to start put the "pairings" things so you guys know who the fics involve.
| *°~•♡•~°*||*°~•♡•~°*||*°~•♡•~°*||*°~•♡•~°*|
|| WARNINGS || Explicit themes, Language, Sexual themes, Choking, Breeding kink, Unprotected Sex, Daddy kink, Dom and sub kink, Threesome (2 males, 1 female), Anal, Double penetration, Angst (just a teeny bit. Blink and it's gone), Violence, Bloodshed, Bloody descriptions, 18+ ONLY, MINORS DNI||
|| PAIRINGS || Bodyguard!Steve x Bodyguard!Bucky x Drug Cartel Leader!Reader
2.9k Words
| *°~•♡•~°*||*°~•♡•~°*||*°~•♡•~°*||*°~•♡•~°*|
Stick to the schedule. That was always the plan. You had to cater your daily routine to match Steve's strict regimen exactly. Each time frame was monitored closely until the very last minute. Bucky was a bit more free. He was more the "get you into trouble and then have Steve yell at him for 2 hours straight" guy. He was your escape and Steve was your safe place. Both were inexplicably twisted so heavily into your life that at this point, you didn't think it would be possible for you to spend even one day without them by your side, catering to your every need and saving you when you needed it.
Mind the readers, you were no damsel in distress, but after getting shot and barely surviving, your father deemed it necessary for you to have bodyguards by your side 24/7. The first three didn't go so well, what with their constant disgusting behaviour and sexual remarks. But these two... they applied together... and even though Bucky flirted, they were respectful, they were kind and they knew how to fulfill your needs... although they didn't exactly fulfill one of your desires.
Today started like any other day. Insistent knocking on your door woke you up as you huffed and shouted, "Leave me alone!" You heard Bucky’s familiar chuckles on the other end of your closed door and Steve's annoyed sigh. The door opened and you threw your blanket over your head, hands gripping the soft material. "You have swimming at 10. Up you go." Steve's stern voice rang out. You groaned, "But Stevieeee, it's a leisurely activity, I can be late for it." "Uh, no. No you can't. Stick to the schedule, remember?"
You felt the bed dip beside you as Bucky’s hand rested on your thigh ontop the blanket. At this point, you had gotten so close to both Steve and Bucky that they were more friends than bodyguards. "Aw, c’mon punk! Let her sleep." You peeked from over your blanket, pulling it down just slightly as you nodded frantically. Steve growled, "I swear, sometimes I don't know what to do with you two. Y/N, hop up and get into the bathroom." "And we know you're gonna take a shower afterwards because your hair gets messed up due to the chlorine."
You smiled at Bucky, "I swear, sometimes you know me better than I do myself." Bucky grinned, shooting you a wink, "Course Darlin'." You pulled back the blanket and got up, stretching your limbs. Steve gasped and immediately his gaze glued itself to the floor. You furrowed your brows and glanced down, chuckling as you saw yourself in just your underwear. It wasn't like you were wearing lace panties, no, you needed to be comfortable to sleep so you were wearing cotton panties, but even those were too much for Ol' man Rogers.
"Steve, you've seen me in less." Steve gasped, gaze remaining on the floor. "I have not and Oh God, don't say that so loud." You shook your head, giggling to yourself, "I think you look smokin' Doll." You glanced over at Bucky as he leaned against your dresser, eyes roaming across your body. The feral look in his eyes made you want to jump on him, but you couldn’t possibly do that. That would be wrong. "Remember when I fell in the shower and you helped me get dressed to take me to the ER?" Steve cursed, "Yeah, but that was different." You rolled your eyes, you were fed up with him... mainly for not fucking you, but he didn't need to know that.
"Steve, for fucks sake, just look up." He peeked up, like a child during the scary part in a horror movie. His eyes traveled the expanse of your body, cheeks slightly flushing as he looked away again. Was he... did he like you? No, he couldn't possibly like you... right? You walked over to the bathroom, deciding to do something productive to get your mind off of the two oblivious dumbasses in your room. "So what's after swimming?" You asked loudly as you closed the door behind you and walked over to the toilet. "According to your father... you've been stressed so he booked you an at-home massage."
You bit your lip, truth be told, with your business you had been stressed lately. It didn't help matters that one of your business rivals, Stark Industries, was portraying you as a "naive 20-something" in the media. God, Tony wasn't a bad man when you got to know him, infact you two were good friends, but when it came down to business he spared no expense in making sure his always rose to the top. "Ok..." you washed your hands and started to brush your teeth. "I suggest you speed up as we're getting late!" "I suggesht you calm the fuck down befowre I puncsh your head throughsh a wall." You struggled to speak with your toothbrush still in your mouth. You heard Bucky’s rambunctious laughter from your room and you smiled.
All freshened up, you walked outside and into your closet to find your swimsuit. "Oh shit." "What? What's wrong?" You could hear the panic in Steve's voice, "My swimsuits in the laundry. That's ok, I'll just wear my bikini." You heard a harsh intake of breath and you assumed it was Steve. "No. No, no. You always wear your swimsuit. This is unacceptable." "Relax Dad. I'll be fine." You grabbed your plain, black bikini and walked out, purposefully staring down both men until they blushed and turned around. Steve facing your door and Bucky facing your window. You stripped and pulled on the bottoms of your bikini bottom then your top, except you struggled with the ties. "Awe Fuck. Buck, can you help me tie this shit? If I ask Steve, he might just have a heart attack."
Bucky turned around, shooting you with finger guns and grinning, "I've got you, don't worry." He walked up to you, turning you around as you grabbed your clothed boobs so that the bikini wouldn't fall off. "Like holding your boobs, huh? I could do that for you sometime." You chuckled at Bucky, "Oh, stop it! I'm doing this so that I don't accidentally flash you." "Well, Steve got to see your boobs, it's only fair that I do too." You shook your head. Bucky’s hands found way to your ties, his fingers gently caressing your skin and it took everything in you not to moan loudly. His hands felt so good on you, so warm and pleasant.
The simple touches that barely ghosted over your skin had you shivering, an action that did not go unnoticed by Bucky. He knew you wanted him, he knew you wanted Steve, he knew you wanted both of them and if he was speaking the truth, so did he. But he couldn't... due to rules and protocols set in place by your father. He couldn't even kiss you on the cheek on your birthday without being worried about his impending doom if your father found out. He would be dead. Simply dead. So he and Steve talked about it and decided to keep their feelings under the rug until they found a way to work around your father's rules.
Bucky couldn't help himself as his hands rested on your waist lightly, your breath hitching in your throat. His cool, metal hand rested lightly on the curve of your hips and you let your eyes flutter shut. "Uh, everything cool?" Steve asked and you could hear the apprehension in his voice. Bucky immediately removed his hands and walked back to the window, you looked over at him, his eyes were avoiding yours. "Y-yeah, everything's fine."
"Then get the fuck out, we're already late." You and Bucky chuckled, the normalcy returning from the sexual tension that had previously encaptured the room. "Alright, we're going. Jeez, Dad." "I'd prefer Daddy, but alright then." Steve mused with a slight teasing smile. Even he flirted sometimes with you. You shook your head, grabbing your purse and phone and skipping down to the door. Steve, of course, had to go outside and check first if it was safe for you and then him and Bucky walked you to your car, them on either side of you.
The three of you sat in the car, you in the front with Steve driving and Bucky at the back. The car ride was normal too, music blasting and you and Buck annoying Steve until he snapped at both of you. Finally you had made it to your favorite pool. You had a pool at home, but this one was Olympic size and you much rather preferred it to your own regular-size one.
Getting into the pool, you did a few laps as the boys watched you with a small smile on their face. You swam up to where they were standing and placed your hands on the floor to hoist yourself up. Your face was aligned with their crotches and the small gasp that left the both of their mouths made you smirk. "You boys wanna come in?" Steve chuckled, "Can't Sweetheart, got strict rules to watch you." You sighed, "The room is only booked for me, right?" Both men nodded. "Steve, can I have your gun for a second." He hesitated, but he knew you could fire one easily.
See, your legitimate business was a front for a dangerous drug cartel that you ran. That's why, one of your rivaling gangs had you killed, almost. Steve handed you his gun and you aimed at the security camera, shooting it as you saw it fall limp to the ground. "What did you do?" Steve growled. You looked at him innocently, handing him his gun back. "I'm helping you break the rules. In my purse, you'll find both of your swimming trunks. Get changed and jump in." You smiled angelically at Steve while he glared at you and Bucky laughed his head off. "Count me in!" Bucky grinned.
Within the next few minutes, the two were changed and were hopping in alongside you. You threw water at their faces and watched them playfully trail their way towards you. Slowly they approached you, a look that could only be described as hungry in their eyes. "Uh, guys?" You whispered, the sexual tension once again rising. Steve gave you a small smirk as Bucky licked his lips, looking you once over. They reached you, trapping your body between the edge of the pool and their own, well-built ones.
You timidly raised a hand, lightly touching Steve's bare pec and then blushing and lowering your hand. Steve turned to look at Bucky, an eyebrow raised, "See that Buck? Can't keep her hands off of us. We might wanna relieve some of her tension, no need for a massage." Steve whispered the last part and you gasped in surprise at the sexual remark, Steve had never said anything like this before. "I think we might have to, you know, to relieve her tension." Bucky added with a small smile. "I'd like that." You whispered under your breath, but loud enough for both men to hear as they gave you a smirk and their hands found their way to your body.
Steve's hands rested on your neck, slowly trailing his hand up and down your shoulder and neck while Bucky had his hands pressed onto your waist, fingers digging into your wet flesh. Your breath hitched, waiting in anticipation for what was to come. Suddenly Steve's eyes went wide, he pushed you back, your back digging into the edge of the pool as he covered his body with yours. "Watch out." He choked out before he caught the gun Bucky threw him that was on the floor by the edge of the pool. Steve shot outside as another bullet pierced the widow, shattering it and sailing over your head. Your eyes widened. "Fuck." You whispered under your breath.
"Thanos sent his men?" "Most likely." Bucky agreed with a growl. Your eye twitched, "Gimme a fucking gun, Bucky." Bucky and Steve both spun to look at you, incredulous looks on their faces. "No way. Bucky’s getting you out of here and I'm holding em off." "I'll be damned if I can't help. Also, I'm not letting either of you die before I get to fuck you, yes I fuck you, until you both see stars so hand me a fucking gun." "I say we hand the woman a gun, Steve." Bucky said with a gulp. Steve hesitated, but the murderous look in your eyes told him you'd be alright. He nodded at Bucky as he handed you a spare gun they had. You unlocked the safety and cocked it, holding it out at arms length as your eyes found your target.
A man with blue-painted skin was holding a futuristic looking gun. Yup, that was Thanos’s man, alright. You cocked your gun and were about to fire when the man shot a bullet directly at you. Steve jumped infront of you, it all happened so suddenly that pretty soon, you saw Steve's blood pouring into the pool and sheer rage boiled over you. Bucky could feel the waves of anger radiate off of you and at that moment he had never been more turned-on yet terrified in his life. Your eyes burned holes into the shooter as you took aim and killed him, a single bullet piercing through his forehead.
"Steve." You cried as you waddled to him and held him in your arms. Tears escaped your lids and your whole body trembled from fear. It was a total change in what you were before and now. Now that you had taken your vengeance on the shooter, you were terrified for Steve because... well, because you realized you loved him and Bucky. "No! You can't die! I love you. I love Bucky. I love both of you!" You sobbed and you heard a faint gasp, "Honey, stop being so dramatic. I'm pretty sure it just skimmed my arm." Immediately your sobbing died, the anger was back in your eyes as you saw Steve struggling to contain his laughter.
"You asshole! You think fake dying like that is funny?" "No, but I knew you wouldn't admit the fact that you loved us if I didn't. By the way, we both love you too." Steve gently got up, holding your waist and you felt another pair of hands, pull your rear into their crotch. "So much." Bucky mumbled against your skin, his cool breath making you shiver. "Right. Well, first I'm patching you up and then... I wanna sleep." You smirked as you watched Steve blink I disbelief and heard Bucky scoff. "Can we join you?" Steve asked with a small smile.
"Depends on whether or not you behave, Daddy." You heard the two groan under their breath and you smiled, walking to the edge of the pool, leaving their hands behind and getting out slowly. You made sure to add hip sways and a few bends as you got your towel to dry off and wrap around your hips. You turned around, "You comin' or will I have to punish you boys?"
| *°~•♡•~°*||*°~•♡•~°*||*°~•♡•~°*||*°~•♡•~°*|
They did not take your teasing well. They were turned on by your dominant complex, but they'd never admit that. No, they wanted to be in charge. Which was precisely why you were sandwiched between both of the strong men. Their arms holding your weak and overstimulated body up as they thoroughly fucked you. Bucky ramming into you from behind, the generous amount of lubricant he applied dripping down your thighs and onto your silk sheets. Steve was mercilessly pounding into you from the front, his previous cum mixing with your own to create a natural sort of lubricant, which was also dripping down onto your sheets.
But, you couldn't scold the two boys for ruining your sheets when they were fucking you senseless. Your head dropped forwards onto Steve's shoulder as a guttural moan escaped from your chest. The sounds you were making were straight pornographic, out of a porno. Steve's hand played with your clit, while the other was wrapped around your throat. Bucky’s flesh hand ontop of Steve's on your throat and the metal one playing with your sensitive nipples.
The pleasure that you felt, the overstimulation, your nerves felt on fire, your body felt amazing because of the congenial job your two new boyfriends were doing at pleasing you. Pretty soon, you felt the familiar shaking of your legs, the familiar expanding of your bubble until it popped and for the fourth time that night, you squirted uncontrollably on Steve's chest, his abs gleaming with your juices. After seeing your juices on him, he couldn't hold back and cummed into you, Bucky doing the same. You felt their warm seed painting your insides and you moaned loudly.
You fell exhausted onto the bed, Steve and Bucky falling down beside you. "So I guess you two can't be my bodyguards anymore." You spoke and Steve chuckled lowly, "And why's that?" "C'mon! Being my boyfriends and my bodyguards, too overprotective." Bucky shook his head, "I think we can work something out. Oh, and by the way, we aren't done with you yet, Sweetheart." You sighed loudly, well you have to stick to the schedule!
| *°~•♡•~°*||*°~•♡•~°*||*°~•♡•~°*||*°~•♡•~°*|
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Steve Rogers - never me pt. 2/2
Warnings: none
Summary: y/n leaves stark tower to get away for the drama but a uninvited guest shows up at her friends house.
Y/n rang the doorbell to her friend's house. Someone opened the door and Y/n presumed it was her friends roommate.
“is Y/F/N home” she asked. He replied with a curt nod and he let her in. I dragged my suit case inside. "Hey (Y/N)!" Her friend said excitedly
Her friend took one look at her and her smile vanished. Her eyes were red and swollen from crying.
"Are you alright?" She asked. "(Y/F/N) can I stay at your place for a week? I'm looking for a place and I found one today but till then I need a place." She asked her straight up.
"Sure. But I thought you were living with captain hotness." She said pouring me a cup of tea while we sat smirking at me
"Yeah. We...we had a fight and I don't think we are friends anymore ." She said.
Her heart felt like it was cracking in two. "I'm so sorry Bebe" The girl sat sat down beside her to wrap her arms her sobbing friend.
She cried more as She talked to (Y/F/N) about what had happened. She walked into the spare bedroom and fell on the bed.
Did I say something I shouldn't have?
Is that why he doesn’t love me ?
Was it my fault? She asked her self
She didn’t even realize that the sleep took over her.
The next morning She was awakened by loud voices. She got up from the bed and out of the room. She saw that (Y/F/N) and her roommate were talking to someone at the door.
Actually that was an understatement she her friend was yelling and her roommate was holding her back.
"Please Y/F/N!" She heard Steve's voice. The girl walked out the room. "Steve!" She called out and he instantly looked at her with soft blue eyes. "Y/N please listen-"
"No! Go away!" She screamed."I'm not going away”
“for once, open your eyes and listen to me please god please” She begged "I always tried to hold on Steve. I always tried to keep our relationship even when you acted like a jerk I can’t do this friend ship any more.” She said
The next thing she knew his lips were on hers she tried to push him away at first but she kissed back once they pulled a part she open her mouth to talk and he cut her off “Y/N I... I'm sorry.. I don't know what happened. Please. Don't do this! Don’t give up on us please” He ran his muscular hand through his blonde hair.
"I don't want to do it either, Steve but I can't live like this."
“Just give me a chance to-"
"No! This has to end! I-" before She could finished he leaned in and kissed her again.
"I love you Y/N. I can't loose you. I'll be devastated! I'll loose everything." She sighed
"I love you too." She said hugging him.
“I’m only giving you one chance, okay if you compare me to Peggy again were done forever the no chances after that” she said seriously “okay I promise I won’t y/n I love so much okay I want to be with you only you” he said kissing her.
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Dear Steve, Love (Y/n)
Prompt: you write a letter to Steve ( post FATWS )
Warnings: mentions of death, Sad
WK: 700 +
Pairing: Platonic Steve Rogers x Reader
Meanings: (y/sh/n) = your superhero name
The first one in the letter series ( you can send in a request for this! )
Tumblr media
Dear Steve,
I hope you’re okay wherever you are.... Sam and Bucky seem to be the only two who know what really happened to you but they won’t tell me..... not just me though it’s like their little secret but- I can’t help but think it’s unfair they know and I don’t when I was by your side all those years
Speaking of Sam and Bucky- I think you’d be really proud of them..... Bucky went to therapy for a while and I think it really helped him- he’s a different person now. He smiles more... is easier to talk to and most of all is finally taking the steps to acknowledge what he was forced to do as the winter Solider. Everyday he’s getting better and better Steve.... I just wish you were here to see it.
And Sam- he’s doing amazing! You should see his suit it’s so cool- much cooler than any of yours ( no offence ) it’s red, white and blue and it has wings! I’m gonna be honest with you Steve.... there is no one better you could have picked to take up the mantle. I don’t think I’ve ever told him this but- he is the best man I know. He is honest and kind and brave and willing to stand up for what’s right.... he’s kinda like you but in his own way. He’s the perfect captain America and I’m proud to stand by his side.
But with all that being said.....
I’ve been keeping a secret Steve..... one that’s made me very angry with you. Over the last ten years that we’ve know each other I’ve forgiven you for almost everything without a second thought but I can’t forgive this as easily- I know we’re all somewhat at fault but you had five years to find her and get her pardoned. We all got pardoned but not Sharon.... she’s spent the last seven years on the run doing things she would have never done if we protected her. She’s gotten herself into something- she either is the power broker or is working for them as the highest rank and it’s our fault Steve and I don’t know how to help her.... how could you leave her like that? She gave up everything for you? For us and we all just abandoned her.
Pushing all that aside I miss you Steve..... I miss you and I miss Nat and I miss Tony- I miss my family. I fear that with the mission over Sam and Bucky won’t need me anymore and I’ll just fade into the background like I had for all those months until Sharon called.
Sharon called.... isn’t that funny. Not Sam or Bucky but Sharon. Now that it’s all over maybe I’ll go back to being (y/n) (y/l/n) instead of (y/sh/n ) which is weird but.... the world seemingly doesn’t need us anymore. Everyone’s happy and everyone’s found peace but I just can’t seem to do the same.
Why did you leave without telling me? You should have said goodbye.... after all the years of standing by your side I think you at least owed me that.
I think you all owed me that.
It kills me not knowing where you are- if you’re still alive or if you’ve passed..... I don’t know why they won’t tell me but they just won’t.... it keeps me up at night you know? Not knowing if you’re still out there or not often has me staring at my ceiling wondering if one day you’ll just show up and I’ll get to see you one last time.
You know that Bruno Mars song? The one about talking to the moon? Sometimes I do that.... that’s where they say you are- on the moon. So sometimes when I really miss you I’ll sit outside and just look up and talk to the sky hoping that you’ll hear me and come home.
It’s hard.... because all the people who loved me as much as I loved them are gone. I’ve bonded with the others over the years but not like I did you and Nat and now that the two of you are gone- I don’t really have anyone at least not like I used to.
Anyways enough of me crying over everything..... I hope wherever you are that you’ve found peace.... if you’re still alive then please drag your old ass to visit me but if you’re not then- please look over me.... look over me with Nat and Tony by your side and ask loki if he misses me like how I miss him? Heimdall too?
It’s crazy how one day you’re all here and the next you’re just-gone..... I love you Steve and I miss you more than I can ever really put into words.
Love, (Y/n)
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Waves (III)
Summary: Thor’s on a mission to be with you and once he accomplishes, a new play is in motion...
Relationship: Nomad!Steve x black!reader x Thor
Warning: smut, graphic language, teasing, threesome action, tag team, oral (male rec), voyeurism, tension, angst, 18+
A/N: Here it is. The concluding chapter to my attempt at writing a Steve/Thor fic. Definitely didn’t know where this would take me but it was fun to write nonetheless! Hope you guys enjoyed this little series!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Animosity’s stewing between Steve and Thor. You couldn’t ignore it. When your stuff did finally arrive from the states, those two took turns showing who could carry the most boxes inside, clipping each other’s massive shoulders as they passed by. You watch in awe, fighting back a laugh as they marched to and fro. Anytime you tried to lift something too heavy, Thor would swoop in with a heroic smile and take it from your hands, asking where do you want it to go. Steve would just snort a laugh at him. He found Thor’s acts of kindness worthless now that the two of you connected. More than once. There were the few occasional late night creeps; Steve using his key to come in sleep with you or play in your wetness until you both passed out from pure bliss.
But Thor wasn’t oblivious to what was going on; the thing is you still didn’t know that there was some sort of challenge. Without a doubt something more going on than their usual back and forth banter. Especially in the way they would cut their eyes at each other. Anytime you and Steve got a little flirty or close, Thor would try to break it up with an outrageous story to distract you or find his way to physically insert himself between you guys. Oh Thor was bitter, way in his feelings about Steve getting the chance to be inside you. He was really hoping it would be him. And now you guys are constantly making eyes at each other. Steve sneaking kisses when Thor’s back is turned. Your combined hormones driving him insane sometimes he’d have to go to the beach just to breathe. Always watching, listening, calculating his next move with you. Just waiting for a moment Rogers is busy.
There were still these tiny moments with you though, mostly when Rogers would leave the room or when you two would run into each other outside in the yard. Your eyes lingered on his giant arms and voluptuous chest a lot, nibbling down on your lip like you wanted to bite him instead but you couldn’t help it. Thor’s so damn hot. Your mind couldn’t help but wander. Those tiny shorts sometimes revealing enough. Steve is enough, and the best cuddler. But there was something about Thor you couldn’t you tried to keep your distance from him. All of this already so mixed up you didn’t want to make it even more complicated by succumbing to your desire to choke on his cock. Just a little. So unaware that Thor is gunning for you he appreciates your longing looks. Just further let’s him know that he still has a door cracked open with you peeking through it. Oh he sees you alright.
When it comes to him and Steve though, they’ve been barely making it in the same house. Barely mumbling a few words here and there to one another, they mostly stuck to their rooms unless it was time to eat. They both know it’s silly, but Thor couldn’t look past his damn bruised ego. Pitting himself against Rogers in the silliest challenges just to redeem himself. Men.
“Are you done yet?” Steve strains and struggles, teeth grinding and veins protruding.
“Not even close,” Thor grunts back, adjusting in his seat to get better leverage, “give it up Rogers.”
Hands locked, biceps tight, these two dummies are arm wrestling for their lives seems like. Neither winning or losing, just stuck in the middle, fighting to be the stronger one but they’re leveling out. One having more to prove than the other. They sit, arms and hands locked, muscles red and bulging, jaws clenched and grunting, waiting for the other to give in. Sharp blue eyes glaring each other down they’re so determined to win they don’t even hear you coming in through the front door. Entering the kitchen, witnessing Steve and Thor looking like they’re about to shit themselves, tangled in a lose/lose arm wrestling match.
“What...the...shit?!” Confused but laughing, you announce yourself and those two fly away from each other, completely embarrassed that you’ve busted them dead middle of a dick measuring contest. “You guys what’s goin on?!” There you stood between the two giant dorks dangerously quiet but huffing frustrated breaths, shuffling around in opposite corners of the kitchen. Steve ruffling his hair and stroking his beard. Thor filling a glass of water and chugging it down. You standing with your arms out like what. Both of their backs turned. “SERIOUSLY!” The volume of your shout startling them both to face you, surprised to hear you get that loud.
Thor exhales a deep cleansing growl, turning to face you and Steve, who still has his back turned. “Nothing Y/N. Right Rogers?”
Standing in his traditional fed up Captain stance, hands resting on his hips, Steve shrugs his shoulders. “Yeah. Just...Thor pushing my buttons.”
“And winning.” Thor backhands quietly with an arched eyebrow and smirk but Steve doesn’t react the way Thor wants. Just shrugs again, pushing the the back door open.
“Sure okay.” He chuckles with a wave of his hand and walks out into the sunshine, barely acknowledging you standing there still insanely baffled by their actions. Turning to Thor, looking for a real ass answer, he’s already walking by you, grazing his simmering body across your backside but not saying much else as he goes to his room. Leaving you alone slightly tingling and hissing to yourself,
“What. The fuck?”
Yeah these two were becoming unbearable to be around. Over the dick measuring contest you decide to take a day off from them. With Steve busy all morning around town, and Thor most likely sleeping in like he usually does, you take it as an opportunity to lay out in the backyard to enjoy the peace and quiet. With your favorite drink, you soak in the sun in your favorite bikini, finally feeling a bit at peace. You hardly had time to yourself with these dudes living next door so this moment felt like heaven. But even with them not around, you couldn’t help but think about them. Thor, your sweet but sexy bundle of laughs you couldn’t help but fantasize about. You’re starting to notice his advances even more lately, really fuckin with you when Steve wasn’t around. The surf lessons getting a little more intimate; you can’t count how many times you’ve busted Thor with a hard on watching you come out of the water drenching, unzipping your wet suit, revealing your tits practically busting out of you bikini top. Every single time you both changed in front of one another, your eyes would linger just a little too long. Sneaking a peek of his fleshy thigh when he was putting on shorts or your side boob when pulling on a shirt. Thor knew you wanted him just as bad as he wanted you but you’re trying not to hurt Rogers’ feelings. Such a nice girl but he knew how nasty you could get. He’s heard you with Steve and now it’s his turn.
Stumbling sleepily into the kitchen, Thor goes to the sink to get a glass of water. Completely out of it, scratching at his voluptuous chest, he gulps the water down in a second with a deep sigh. Reaching back for the faucet you catches the sight of you from the window. Suddenly awake Thor rubs the sleep out of his eyes, noticing you’re looking sexy in a bikini. Obviously, he should leave you alone but it’s like you’re calling him over looking like that, knowing that he can see you. Splashing some water on his face and fixing his hair a bit Thor heads out the back door.
“Good afternoon sweetheart.” Thor calls out to you coming through the gate. Although you wanted be left alone you smile over to him looking hot in a cut off shirt and board shorts. With that charming smile you can’t help but squirm.
“Hey Thor. Just waking up?” You ask up his giant body shading you. His shirt loose and baggy flowing around his chiseled chest. His shorts riding so low on his hips angled towards your face. Just him standing over you like this has you tingling.
“Ah yeah...long night. How are you this morning?”
Thor can’t stop staring at your glistening browning tits practically falling out of your top, tiny beads of sweat prickling all across your stomach. You smelled so fuckin sweet to him, like sweet honey nectar. Thor drools, wanting to lick the sweat off your belly button.
“I’m good, vibing out. Care to join me?”
You go and make Thor a drink and his smitten eyes watch you go, smiling at your ass cheeks jiggling as you saunter inside. Oh this is so his moment. He could smell the heat coming off your midsection when you came back with his drink. Dropping it in his hand in passing. Your thigh barely grazing his stubbled cheek. It’s those little instances...
Times are always good with Thor, full of laughter and silly ass jokes that kept you giggling. Watching his abs flex and fold each time he hit a hearty laugh along with you. Thor admires the way the sun has your skin so golden, almost goddess like which is what really drew him to you in the first place. So hot and red he wanted to touch it, run his fingers along the smooth hills of your arm.
“You’re not afraid of getting burnt?” He comments when you notice him staring too long, licking his lips. You shrug, looking down at your toasting brown skin.
“Never worried about it before.”
Sitting up Thor dips his fingers in his empty glass, digging for a piece of ice. “Your skin’s so hot...come here...”
The ice cube is already melting in between his fingertips when he drops it at the top of your arm, watching several streams water drip down. It felt so good you softly moan, connecting with Thor’s dazzling eyes.
“Does that feel better?” They blink, his voice is thick and tender and you nod, nibbling at your bottom lip. Not entirely sure how you two got here, you really felt drawn to Thor, almost forgetting about Steve in the process.
“Thor...we really shouldn’t...”
But he ignores you, picking another piece of ice and dragging it across your chest, rising to the cool sensation. Your skin freckled with goosebumps.
“Yes...we really should,” smirks Thor who’s now dropping the melting ice down between your tits. Damn near trembling under his touch you curse yourself for being so weak. You can’t fuck the both of them that’s weirdly fucked up, isn’t it? Your conscious warns you that it is. Somehow you find the strength to stand away from him, gently panting and squirming before charging inside. You need to cool off.
“Thor. We can’t. I’m sorry.” You shout back at him throwing your screen door open, fanning at yourself. Suddenly you felt light headed.
“Oh like I don’t know about you and Rogers.”
You spin around with a quiet gasp, not expecting Thor to be so closely behind you backing you onto your kitchen table. “I don’t care. I have feelings for you too Y/N. I can’t help myself.” His thumb brushes your cheek so hot from the sun or from Thor’s hard on pressing up against your left thigh.
“Yeah but Steve was first.” Fuck, how juvenile did that sound. “And it’d be wrong.” You whisper jerking away from his hand but Thor guides you back by your chin.
“I know you want me, Y/N. I can fuckin smell it, how wet you are for me. Stop fighting it.” Thor takes your lips with a groan, relieved to finally taste you. Your fat tongues wrestle against one another. Quickly the room fills with you and Thor’s mewls and moans, furniture legs scraping across the floor as you both scramble to untie shorts and bikini bottoms. Panting and cursing you both reveal yourselves to each other.
“Holy fuck!” You gasp at his girthy cock.
“Oh fuck yes.” Thor moans at your dripping wet slit.
No more time to waste; seeing you wet for him has Thor carnivorous. Quickly spreading you wider on the table, he grips his cock and shoves it inside of you a groan. “Oh my god!” Thor chokes struggling to fit inside of you but you fit him like a glove. Dripping more and more the more he pumps you.
“Oh fuck Thor!” You sob, breaking your neck back. Holy shit he’s bigger than Steve. You always wondered but wow, not like this. Leaning back on your hands, Thor’s got you by the hips, taking his time to let your slippery walls adjust to him but rolling those tight hips of his effortlessly. He sucks and nibbles at your clammy chest, biting back your bikini top to kiss and lick at your nipples.
“Fuck you feel so amazing,” Thor mutters between your fleshy bouncing tits, picking up speed to really make you holler, “No way possible Rogers’ can handle this pussy.”
As a matter of fact, Rogers can and he does pretty fuckin well. Steve knew the moment he left Thor alone long enough he’d get his way. So he wasn’t exactly too surprised when he heard the two of you at your front door. Coming to see if you were hungry he could hear you the moment he pulled up in the driveway. Thor’s chorus of praises had you so weak, whimpering out “yes Thor” each time he asked you something.
“Do I make you feel good love?”
“You want this pussy to be mine?”
He only asks because he knows Steve is standing there listening to Thor getting after it for once finally and shit, you sound so fuckin heavenly. How could he not tease Rogers just a little bit? Well good for fuckin him, Steve rolls his eyes with a frustrated sigh, imagining the conversation they’ll be having about this later. Thor rubbing it in his face like he isn’t doing that already. But damn, you did sound absolutely sexy getting fucked into by Thor. So fragile and cock drunk, hearing you whimper and moan each time Thor filled you up has Steve rock hard.
“Oh my god Thor,” you sigh, “oh my god I think I’m gonna...”
“Then come on gorgeous. Cum all over me so I can wear it on me the rest of the day.”
Steve would rather not hear this part but no matter how far he’d run, he wouldn’t be able to escape the sound of you squirting all over Thor with happy squeals and moans. Then Thor pulling out of your fluttering walls to paint your torso with his load panting and laughing with joy. Good, he’s glad he got it out of the way. Maybe now the worst part is over. But the way Thor looked down at you all sweet and lovingly, tits covered with his hot cum, this is just the beginning of craziness to come.
“Fuck sweetheart. That was...” Thor smiles with a deep infatuated sigh, pulling you up then going for a towel. Shit he wasn’t lying. You can’t think of the last time you came that fast and so damn hard too. Definitely not with Steve. Thor cleans you up in between sweet, sensual kisses then helps you to your feet. You feel completely thrown, spinning still from your intense climax that you have to hold onto his monstrous bicep for a second.
“Uh yeah...yeah exactly.” You sigh still winded but grinning up at his pink face. “Um, I need to shower.”
Thor takes his cue with a nod. “Okay love.” He kisses you softly on your cheek before heading to the back door, stopping to look back at you with that charmer. “Um...see you later.”
Once the door slams closed behind him, you smack your palm against your forehead. What just happened really hits you. Fuck. Steve...
God wasn’t Rogers about to be pissed off with him! Thor nearly bounces in the door with a proud smile, damn near vibrating with joy. He felt amazing. His dick felt amazing. You’re so perfect Thor could fuck you all day. The image of you cumming all over him etched into his brain for eternity.
“You real proud of yourself aren’t you?” Steve seethes from behind him as he comes into the kitchen from his room.
“Yeah.” Thor heaves a big happy sigh. “You heard her mate. She had a ball.” Steve wishes he could forget. His cock has been throbbing so hard since, raising questions Steve didn’t want to even think about. He figured he was in the clear, that Thor was just chasing after you for a thrill. Not that he would be actually falling for you too.
“This isn’t fun anymore Thor...I’m falling for her.” Steve pleads at Thor’s back.
“Well I’m falling for her too. So what are we gonna do about this?” Thor shrugs facing a frustrated Steve.
“Just back off.”
Thor scoffs a laugh at Rogers’ threat with a careless wave of his big hand. “Nah that’s not happening mate. You’re not the only one connecting with her. And what just happened in there, that was fuckin magical. She fit me perfectly, the little minx. I want my shot at her too Rogers.”
Huffing an annoyed sigh, Steve rolls his eyes and mumbles, “you just had a shot at her.”
“Pffft, you know what I mean Rogers. This is far from over. Now, if you excuse me, my dick’s getting hard just thinking about her moans. So I’m gonna...” Thor points and turns away with an amused smirk to leave Steve pissed about this growing shit show between the three of you. Something needed to be done before it either mutated into this sick relationship or tore everyone apart. A very, very uncomfortable conversation’s going to have to be had and soon.
After a soothing shower and nap, you anxiously pace your bedroom, wondering how you’re going to tell Steve what happened between you and Thor. It’s not like you regret it, but this is getting weird right? You didn’t intend for the both of them to like you...and in a way, yeah, you kinda liked them both back. Both had their redeeming qualities, both offering two different sides of the coin’d be wrong to have them both...right? You weren’t too sure anymore, almost envisioning a silly world where all three of you existed peacefully. Like before you fucked them both. That could be possible...right?!
Steve’s wondering why you haven’t appeared at his front door yet. With Thor gone for the night, out with his surfer buds, Steve’s really dying for some time alone with you. He thought you two could talk about what happened earlier, that you two were close enough for that but the longer he waited for you to come over, the more he started to question his feelings. Maybe you did want Thor more now. Maybe you were over there trying to find the words to say to end it all with him.
Steve’s driven himself down an anxiety hole by the time you knock on the door. As soon as Steve swings the door open, you throw yourself onto his sturdy body, flinging your arms around his neck. Grinning to himself, he sighs a chuckle and firmly wraps his arms around your waist. You’re feeling guilty. Steve thought that was sweet. It means you did like him more than Thor and that warmed his heart.
As you release him, you both say, “We gotta talk,” looking into each other’s eyes. Steve nods taking you to his room by your nervous hand. Steve’s plan is to tell you about his feelings before you spill the beans about Thor fuckin you, mixing you all up. You had different plans though, opening your mouth as soon as you stood by Steve’s bed.
“Steve I did something stupid.” But he cuts you off with a thought stopping kiss. Holding you by the small of your back, Steve kisses you all slow, alternating between sucking your plush top and bottom lip. The tip of his tongue playing with yours, his full lips lock with yours, leaving you absolutely stuck.
“I missed you.” Steve mumbles breathlessly against your gasping mouth, nuzzling his nose against yours. “I feel like I haven’t kissed you in days baby.”
Fluttering your eyes closed with a sigh, you steal a kiss from his pink lips with a smitten grin.
“Steve...” you steal another peck, completely forgetting the idea that you were about to tell him about Thor. “You’re so sweet.” You go back in for more of Captain America’s sweet mouth. Steve’s such a good kisser you could get lost in his mouth for hours.
“Mmm babe,” he muffles into your wet lips trying to break away, “I wanna show you something. Sit down.”
Steve sits you down on his bed before turning for his sketch books sitting on his desk. Shuffling through a few of them he finally finds the one that holds some sketches of you. Sometimes when you fell asleep, Steve would sketch you or sometimes, going based off images he kept in his mental. Like the way you looked at the horizon. Or how you looked up at him after he made you cum. Sitting beside you he handed over the navy blue notebook to you with a shy smile.
“What is it?” You ask in a small modest voice as you flip through the pages, stumbling upon the few pages dedicated to you. The charcoal sketches a little rough but so beautiful. “Oh my god Steve...” you sigh in awe, brushing your fingertips over the pages.
“You’re so beautiful when you’re sleeping...” he softly nudges your side with a gentle laugh, so happy to see that beautiful smile on your face.
“You’re really talented babe. These are amazing.”
And it’s true. You knew he sketched here and there but there’s a true talent in those superhero hands. You do have first hand experience in the matter. Steve blushes at your compliment, wrapping an arm over your shoulders.
“It’s easy when I have such a gorgeous muse to look at all the time.” He muses pulling you into a hug, nuzzling his beard into your hair. “A muse I’m starting to fall for...” Steve mumbles into your scalp, kissing you where he confessed his feelings. What was supposed to make you happy made you ache a little. What happened with Thor this morning all of a sudden rushing back to you. You fist his shirt, ignoring the sharp pain in the pit of your stomach. You gotta tell him or it’s gonna eat you up.
“Steve...but I...I fucked up.” You whine closing the sketchbook, sitting it next to you. “I...”
Steve didn’t want you to say it. You didn’t have to because it didn’t matter right now. You’re with him, not Thor. You guys can worry about all that later. Right now Steve wanted you all to himself before Thor came back home to brag some more.
“Ssshhh...” Steve shakes his head holding you closer, his hair blanketing your tearing eyes, “just shutup and kiss me like you missed me.”
Pouncing Steve with a longing kiss, you follow your orders because mostly, you want to ignore the gnawing ache in your stomach that’s growing the longer you keep your secret. Maybe he could fuck the guilt out of you. At least, that’s what you’re hoping for the more you two hungrily kiss each other while pulling at each other’s shirts. Steve just felt so different, sensual and rough. Always kissing you like it’s all ever he’s ever wanted for years. Like he could taste you til the end of his days. His passionate hold lighting a fire deep inside of you.
“Fuck Steve...” you gasp rocking your hips over his dick bulging against the zipper of his jeans. “Fuck I want you so bad.”
Moaning and grinding his hips into your hot crotch, Steve reaches down to undo your pants then his. “Then take me baby. I’m all yours...fuckin take me.”
Scurrying, yanking and pulling at each other’s clothes Steve get you out of your pants as you tug his hot dick out, spitting on it before you drop your palpitating hole all around his pre cum dripping head. Two of you crying out as you take each inch until you’re feeling him deep. Right where that aching guilt sat. As if he knew, Steve slams the first stroke right there, replacing it with a different kind of ache.
“Oh god yes,” you sigh out on the next deep impact, “fuck me harder baby.”
Steve’s slipping already since he’s been throbbing for you since he heard you with Thor. Sounding all sweet and sensitive for him now had him ready to cum all in you but he has to keep going. Gripping your tits together, Steve huffs as he works his hips into you, trying to fill your every need. Not that he wanted to be better than Thor. It’s just that he wanted to be different...fuck you like he knew you wanted him to. That’s all he can give you and by the way you drown his dick, it’s more than enough.
“Oh fuck yes Steve.” You moan bouncing up and down on his lap, every cell in your body electric.
Hours ago, you were just moaning Thor’s name and now that you’re all alone with Rogers again, he’s the one you’re going crazy over. Swaying by the bedroom door, Thor’s drunk, covering his snickers with both hands. Absolutely giddy that he came home to the two of you fucking. God maybe it was all the beers but he definitely wanted in on this. Might as well since they’ve both been inside of you. Your moans and sighs are so fuckin angelic Thor couldn’t sit and listen another second.
“I’m up next Rogers.” Drunk Thor enters, damn near scaring you off Steve if he wasn’t holding you down by your hips. Steve doesn’t miss a beat, as if he knew Thor had been standing there the whole time.
He rolls his eyes and grips your hips, “get the fuck out Thor,” as he keeps pumping you staring at Thor like what the fuck.
“Oh don’t look at me like that sweetheart. He already knows we fucked this morning. And that it was the best time of your life.” With a sloppy drunk grin, Drunk Thor plops down in Steve’s desk chair for a front row seat to the show. “Now he’s trying to prove a stupid point, but you don’t have to Rogers. I’ve been thinking...we can just share her.”
Steve could feel how incredibly wet you got at Thor’s offer. You couldn’t be serious. Thor barks a laugh.
“Seems like Y/N is okay with it. She damn near came at the idea...didn’t you love?”
Looking down at Steve, you didn’t want to admit it but unknowingly you nod at Thor’s question, still rocking up and down on Steve’s softening dick. The two of you can’t be serious.
“Don’t you think we’d have a lot of fun together love?” Thor purrs, resting his elbow on his knees, loving the way Rogers’ freaking out under you right now. Nodding again you whimper at the thought of getting passed around between the two of them all day. A shudder travels across your shoulders as your walls pour again. Steve can’t help but get stiff in your wetness but he didn’t want it like this. You getting off to the idea of the three of you fucking like it’s normal.
“Oh get out of your head Rogers and fuck her so I can fuck her next.” Thor snaps, throwing his back into the chair. “Either’re gonna have to accept this...”
So tired of hearing Thor’s voice, Steve starts to pound into you, grunting each time the tip of his dick reached deep inside. Fuck, now you’re gushing and Steve is really about to lose it.
“Squeeze his dick.” Thor instructs softly from the corner of the bed and the moment you do, Steve slams his hips hard, stilling out into your trembling hips.
“Oh fuck.” Steve grunts behind grinding teeth, cumming so hard inside you. Thor’s already up and naked behind you, pulling you up off Steve still spurting his load. Motioning for Rogers to move, Thor shoves your face down into the bed.
“My turn love.” Kneeing your legs further apart, Thor arches you down, holding you exactly how he wants you. All spread and exposed. Lubing his big ass dick with you and Rogers’ fluids still oozing out of you. Your head’s spinning beneath Thor’s giant heavy hand, his fingers locked into your roots. Slipping right inside of you since you’re already a mess from Rogers. Thor feels like he’s ripping you open in this position, bouncing your perfect ass off his pelvis. Holding on to do dear life, you shrill and yell obscenities, taking Thor like a pro. No matter how much it hurt, you spurt all around him. Making the bed wet underneath you. Thor chokes on his moans, fascinated at how your pussy takes him.
“See. This is perfect already. Everyone’s satisfied.” Thor grunts, pressing your back lower so he can dig deeper into your weeping pussy. Steve’s watching from his door, cock swelling up again, amazed at how Thor’s fucking the shit of you. Your legs violently shaking into the mattress, muffled howling fills the room. You think you’re cumming; you can’t tell every cell of your body is warm and vibrating. Drooling and panting, you squirt down Thor’s dick that’s tearing into you faster now.
“Fuck that’s beautiful.” Thor huffs, grazing his fingers down his shaft to collect some of your cum on his prints to taste. Humming to himself once his fingers are on his tongue. “Mm that’s addictive. I get it now Rogers.” Thor slaps his damp hand against your ass cheek, making you yelp and shudder under him. Steve dying to get back in on this, thrilled to see you so small and pitiful. He might as well and stop being so close minded. Thor’s right, it could be a lot of fun. At least it seems like that so far. Might as well find out.
“Let her up Thor.” Steve demands stroking his dick, beating his stare into your pleading eyes sitting up on your hands. “Suck my dick baby.” He snaps shoving his fat dick in your face.
Thor roars a grumbly laugh. “There you go Rogers. There you go mate. Let’s fill her up.”
A pathetic whimper falls from your parting lips ready to take Steve as Thor still worked your swollen slit. Steve exasperates a sigh of relief as his shaft glides over your tastebuds, falling down into your throat with ease.
“Goddamn she swallowed me whole,” Steve marvels with an infatuated grin, holding his dick in your tight throat. “Holy shit baby suck my dick.” He palms the back of your head guiding you deeper down his shaft. The tip of your tongue grazing his balls to really tease him. The vibrations of your groans humming around his girth really has him shaking.
“Fuck you can’t tell me this wasn’t a good idea Rogers.” Thor shakes with a breathless sigh, buckling a bit, terribly turned on by the sight of you taking them both with no complaints. Ready to fuck his load into you as he cums so hard you look so good between them.
“Ugh fuck...shutup Thor.” Trying to focus Steve’s practically fucking your face, about to lose it all down your throat moaning like a madman. How were you not gagging amazed Steve; that excited him so that before he realized it he was hissing, spurting down your esophagus. Holding on to your head, emptying out, until he got ahold of himself.
“Christ.” He sighs collapsing down, caressing your cheek, watching your eyes roll in the back of your head to Thor stretching you out. “I didn’t know you could do that baby.” Steve dips his thumb into your open mouth. Thor really pounding you and gripping your ass, getting ready to finish up with growing moans.
Resting your head between Steve’s thighs, you clamp your walls around Thor’s throbbing dick. “Oh fuck! Oh Thor!” You shout out with a elongated whine. Growling like a wild animal, Thor pulls himself out and shoots his load all down your back before jumping back in to pump you a few more times, then pulls out to cum some more on your ass.
“Wow,” is all Thor could huff at that moment, obsessed with how much of a mess you look on Rogers’ bed like that. Lightheaded but tickled, he smiles to himself. Using you like this needs to happen again. Covered in his cum and exhausted but so pleased, panting and trembling between Rogers’ legs. You’re such a pretty sight to see. Taking a towel Thor cleans you up so you can rest comfortably. Curling up in Rogers’ lap, you sigh as he pets your hair, closing your eyes under his touch. Thor’s getting dressed to go back to his room. Rogers can have you tonight since he’s the one who interrupted. You guys can figure out the logistics later. Before walking out the door, Thor turns and says,
“So we’re all agreed then...”
Steve huffs a chuckle, shrugging his shoulders, still afraid to commit to this idea. It all still felt too weird but oddly, it makes sense. But he couldn’t find the words to say,
“Yes.” You moan, answering for him. How were going to pass this up? “Please.”
Steve and Thor exchange looks between you in his lap and each other, wondering if you actually heard them or just talking in your sleep. Even if Steve felt a little weird about it, he’s overruled and better get on board.
“Think we’ve got our answer Rogers.” Thor snorts a chuckle walking out the door, leaving the two of you alone for the evening.
Steve repositions you so he can lay beside you, draping an arm over your hips. Cuddling close into the nape of your neck.
“Baby...are you sure...” his lips dance against your skin as he whispers the words but you shush him,
“Just go with it Steve. Sometimes, that’s just the wave...”
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demonsandmischief · 6 hours ago
106 (Part 2)
Marvel - A Captain America Imagine
Steve Rogers x Female Reader
800 Words
Here's Part 1
Tumblr media
-Part 2-
The future becomes more certain.
"I am in need of some calm," Steve said, taking a bite of his sandwich. "Space, time travel, losing people I loved, it was all a lot to handle at once."
You sympathized with his confession. "My mom died a few weeks before I blipped, but my dad supposedly got sick while I was gone."
"I'm sorry," he said genuinely. "I can't imagine how that feels."
"I can't imagine what you've seen, what you've gone through," you shook your head. The last few years seemed to be nothing but pain for the world. It was a heavy burden to carry.
"And yet, right now, makes it all seem worth it," he said with a soft whisper, the same slight smile brightening his solemn features.
You could feel your face heat at his sweet words. His deep drawl healing away all of today's problems.
"You said you had a place outside of the city?" Steve asked.
"Just a small apartment. Where do you live?"
He gave a deep sigh, a crooked smile on his face as he soaked you in, "I don't know that I have a place. I crash everywhere. I was on the run after the Sokovia accords, and then I was so busy after."
You knew what he was getting at and you smiled. "You could always stay with me, if you'd like?"
"I'd never want to put you out."
"You wouldn't be. I would enjoy having someone around."
He reached out to run his rough, calloused hand down your face. It was almost like he couldn't believe you were real.
It had been a few weeks. Steve stayed at your place with you. Even for what little work he did have, he didn't stray far.
You still couldn't find a job, and you were quickly eating through your savings and the money your parent's had left you.
The two of you were eating a quiet dinner when Steve spoke up, "If you could live anywhere, where would it be?"
You hummed, swirling your spoon around, "I'd like to have some land, have some animals and a garden or something."
"Sounds like a quiet life," he whispered, and you looked up, wondering where he was getting at. "I thought the guy who wanted all of that went in the ice, but then..."
"Where are you going with this, Steve?" you asked him.
"The government has offered me a pardon for what happened all those years ago, and they're also offering to pay for my retirement."
You reached for his hand across the table and he laced your fingers. "But you don't want to retire, do you?"
"Retirement wouldn't mean I stopped working. I could accept this money, and still do my own thing privately."
You stacked your dishes and carried them to the sink. "That would probably mean giving up the Captain America mantle though."
He shrugged, and you could tell what he was thinking. He had already parted ways with it.
"I want to be more than Captain America," he said it so softly that the clanging of dishes nearly covered it.
He held out his arms and you tucked yourself into his chest.
"You are more than that," you mumbled, rubbing his back. "Especially to me."
He kissed the crown of your head. "We would be set with this money though. It's a very generous amount. We could get that little farm you want."
You pulled away, finding his haunted blue eyes. "Steve..." you whispered.
"I want to buy a home with you."
You reached up to cup his face, "You're so sweet, you know that? But I don't want you accepting the offer because of me. We can figure something else out."
He leaned down to brush his lips with yours, "I don't want to figure anything else out. You're all I want, honey. I mean maybe, later on, I'd like a kid or two." He grinned cheekily.
"Or three," you smiled.
Steve kissed you fiercely, "Or four."
"I'm going to stop you there," you chuckled, kissing his cheek and nuzzling his neck.
Your thoughts started to run with dreams, dreams with Steve and dreams of family. The future had always been uncertain for you, but maybe things could look up.
He gave a wistful sigh, "Besides, I know the perfect man for taking up the mantle. I think I deserve this, the simple life, with you."
"You know I'll support you no matter what. Whatever you choose, it doesn't make you any less of a person."
He rested his head on top of yours, a soft I love you floating from his lips and swelling your heart.
The End
Tags: @bklynxbaby @sammyirwin24
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angrythingstarlight · 6 hours ago
wait! i had the wildest dream i had to tell you about! i was like a housewife in old hollywood and the town sherif was steve and bucky (they kind of merged and would switch between idk) but while my husband was at work they would pretend to do security checks always visiting me and ended up railing me i woke up shooketh
Tumblr media
The studio hired them to patrol and protect the neighborhood full of directors, writers, executives, and movie stars. Your husband was a lying, cheating bastard who hadn’t touched you in months.
Too busy “mentoring” the new star of his upcoming show.
She even had the nerve to stop by your house with so-called homemade pie. You recognized the container from the supermarket, laughing to yourself when John gushed over it, saying he’s never tasted anything better.
He quickly turned to you, stammering that he meant nothing better besides your cooking of course.
You didn’t care, you’ve been deliberately fucking up his meals for months. He’s not going cheat and get your delicious food.
You think the fuck not.
No, you’ve been saving it for the duo in the uniforms.
You kept running into them when you explored the neighborhood. You met Steve first, the tall, charming blond while at the grocery store, then Bucky at the post office. Each one breathtaking, always so helpful, carrying your bags, walking you to your car.
Then one day, Steve offered his personal services when you had made an offhand remark about being alone in your house at night. You thought he was joking until he showed up with Bucky.
“We’re here for you.” Steve smiled, his hooded eyes undressing you from the porch.
Bucky chimed in. “Maybe we should come inside and ensure you’re all good in there. You know all sorts of things can happen to a woman left all alone in this area.”
You look around your gated community, then back at them. “That's very true.”
They followed you inside. “How long has it been, sweetheart?”
“What-what are you talking about?” You ask nervously.
Bucky strolls over, pushing your chin up with his fingers. “We see you every day dollface, wound up so tight, it’s written all over your face.”
“Tell us when’s the last time you’ve been fucked.”Any pretense of appearing indignant dissolves when he kisses you.
“I can’t remember.” You mumble, your eyes fluttering shut when his warm soft lips slot over yours.
“We’re going to fix that right now, sweetheart. What kind of men would we be if we let you go unsatisfied? A sweet gal like you deserves to be thoroughly eaten and fucked.”
“No, dollface, we insist on helping you out. It’s our duty.” It’s been so long since anyone has looked at you with such desire. And to have two handsome men yearning for you is overwhelming.
They take you right there on your dining room table. Steve fucking your throat, Bucky deep in your pussy, his thick cock stretching you with every thrust. Your slick walls gripping him so tightly, he struggled to pull out of your cunt, rewarding you by fucking you deep and harder, sensation after sensation building as your orgasm rapidly approached. They were right, it’s been way too long, you fucking needed this.
Your moans vibrating over Steve’s cock as he drives his hips up, his cock longer than Bucky’s, hitting your throat, his hands holding your head steady as they worked in tandem. When you tensed around them, screaming and gagging around his cock, they pulled out and switched sides. Both telling how good you feel, how perfect you are, their best girl. Their praises and promises to take care of you washing over your pliant, trembling body.
The sudden intrusion of Steve into your swollen pussy made you sob, another ripple of pleasure overtaking your sense. Bucky takes advantage and slips his slick covered cock into your mouth, the combination of your juices and his precum melting on your tongue
The next day your husband’s affair gets exposed, and he gets fired from the set. There was a commotion, and Steve escorted him out of town. (All a coincidence of course)
Leaving you all alone in your house. Good thing you have protection.
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anastasiastyles · 8 hours ago
A/N- My first time writing for Steve Rogers and I am pretty nervous lol. Anyways I hope you like it. Reblogs are very much appreciated and feel free to drop a request in my inbox if you want to.
Pairings- Dark! Steve Rogers X reader
Warnings- 18+, Toxic relationship, Dub-con, dark themes, implied smut, language, smut, , oral (m receiving) , obsessive behaviour, (Stay away from such guys irl) , horrible writing.
Please don’t proceed if any of the above triggers you.
Summary- After constant fights with Steve and watching your relationship fall apart; you crave solace and find yourself in the arms of a colleague. Too bad Steve decides to visit you at work.
You looked at the time displayed on the taskbar of your laptop and felt a wave of relief wash over you. It was finally time for lunch. Your stomach was rumbling due to hunger. The past few weeks hadn’t been really good. Steve picked the most stupid reasons to be mad at you and it was like everything you did was pissing him off.
You felt horrible and above all insecure. You couldn’t help but wonder if he even loved you anymore. The day before he went all crazy over your best friend being too ‘touchy’ with you. Now you knew Steve was a possessive man and even though you used to pick fights with him over his possessiveness, you loved it.
The only reason you would argue about it was to rile him up and that made you believe one thing that almost all those books and movies had told you- The sex after making your man jealous is the absolute best.
He would pick up small reasons to punish you earlier too but that was different. Getting punished was something your horny ass liked. But now all he did was yell and throw stuff. It was like everything had changed these few weeks. Earlier you would jump out of joy when Steve cam home. Now, a wave of anxiety fell over you every time you heard the sound of front door. Your stomach would churn and knot, heart beat faster as your mind would race to make sure everything was in place, hence giving him no reason to be mad. Steve Rogers on the other hand would still find one.
Earlier you thought he was just stressed. You did have a little idea about what the reason could be though. A few weeks ago Steve was rambling about spending his entire future with you as you both lay in bed, making heat rise up your body as your ears burned and heart fluttered. You never though you would reach to this point. As the conversation went on, you told him you weren’t ready for kids right now. You missed the way his eyes darkened and jaw ticked at that. He didn’t argue with you at that time but did keep pressing the idea of having kids. After starting the discussion about having kids a few more times and having the idea rejected by you, he stopped.
You weren’t sure if his frustration and annoyance towards you came from that but there was a chance that it did. The fact that Steve might be fighting with you due to this reason was only adding to your misery. Because did Steve even loved you if he couldn’t respect your choices. And the worst part of it all was that no matter what Steve did, you would never be able to leave him. You knew it was bad but it was the truth. It scared you sometimes that you would rather live your whole life unhappily with Steve than to not live with him.
“Hey, let’s go for lunch.” Nick, your colleague and good friend said making you turn your eyes up to him.
“Hey, uh yeah let’s go.” You replied, standing up while closing your laptop’s lid and grabbing your stuff.
“You okay?”
“Yeah, I am perfect. Why do you ask?”
“You always look a little off these days. Is everything okay?”
“Yeah Nick, don’t worry. I am perfectly fine.” You tried to convince him, smiling at him. It just felt nice that someone actually cared about you because you hadn’t felt loved in quite some time.
“And you can always, wait, you are listening right. Are you listening?” Nick’s voice broke your chain of thoughts.
“Oh, I am so sorry, I completely zoned out. What were you saying again?”
He walked closer to you as you looked at him. He had beautiful eyes. Three years of knowing each other and you realised how pretty they were just now. You were so lost in his eyes that you didn’t realise he had his hands in yours as he lightly pushed your body down, making you sit in the chair.
As you sat on the chair he stood on his knees in front of you, your small hands still in his large ones.
He sighed and looked down for a few seconds before his eyes found yours once again and he said, “ Listen, you can share anything with me, yeah. I know you are stressed and troubled about something. Is it something I can help with?”
“It’s nothing” your voice came out too meek and low.
“You sure there’s nothing you want to tell me?”
You nodded earning a sigh from him.
“You mean a lot to me, you know. I just, I don’t want anything bad to happen to you.”
The worry and love in his eyes for you made your heart warm. You wanted to cry. In the three years you have known each other he had always supported and loved you. He had always been there to make you laugh when you were low, always been there to help you and always been with uou when you needed. He was the perfect friend.
“I- um, okay I’ll get this straight. Is it Steve?” He asked.
You looked at him, slightly shocked. He really did know you very well.
“Look, I have seen the way all the blood drains from your face when he calls you these days. And each and every time he calls you, you guys fight. More like he keeps yelling and you tell him to calm down over and over again. And the party last night. Is it him?”
Tears filled your eyes as you nodded.
You stood up from the chair as he too stood from where he sat on the floor. You wrapped your arms around him after a small pause of staring each other. You stood in his arms and whispered, “thank you for always being there for me.” as he stroked your hair.
“Hey , It’s okay. I am here for you. Always.” he kept repeating until you calmed down.
You looked up at him with glazed eyes as he gave you a small smile. His hands came to cup your cheeks.
“I am always here for you.”
You didn’t realise how close you were until you felt Nick’s warm lips over yours. The kiss was soft and so were his lips. You hadn’t been kissed like that in a long time.
You pulled away from each other, his hands still on your face. There was a moment of really uncomfortable silence before you gave him a slight smile and started laughing making him frown a little before breaking into a sweet and joyous laugh.
“I am really sorry to interrupt you guys. I mean, clearly you were both having a great time over there.”
Your whole body went cold as you felt goosebumps rise on your skin. All you could hear for a few seconds was the throbbing of nerves in your ears and your beating heart. You felt like throwing up.
You looked at Nick staring at Steve with hatred.
“Don’t look at me like that. I am not the one fucking someone else’s girlfriend.” Steve said in an eerily calm voice.
“S-Steve I-“
“Don’t worry baby, it’s not your fault these men can’t leave you fucking alone.” He said looking Nick dead in the eye.
Steve approached Nick like a predator approaches its prey.
“She told me how you fucking treat her, alright. It’s you who needs to leave her alone.” Nick said making Steve let out a low, scary chuckle.
Steve walked towards Nick and punched him hard, making him fall down. You let out a cry, muffled by your hands that covered your mouth.
Nick groaned, his bleeding nose in his hands.
“Steve stop.” You yelled as he kicked Nick aggressively making him cry out in pain.
“Steve” You placed your hands on his chest and tried to push him back.
“Steve please.”
“Shut this filthy mouth of yours.”
Steve pushed you away and kicked Nick two more times, the sounds of his grunts, Nick’s pained cries and your begs for Steve to stop filling the room.
You stood in front of Steve to prevent him from hitting Nick. You tried to push him back, your eyes begging him to stop. He took your hands in his and gave you a small smile, an evil one.
“Let’s go sweetheart.” He said taking your hand and leading you out. You looked back at Nick as he groaned in pain.
“Steve we need to get him to the hospital.” You pleaded him, your eyes filled with tears. You never thought Steve was capable of doing something so horrible. To think you were in love with such a man made you sick.
“Steve, Steve we need to-“ He cut you off by placing a finger on your lips.
“Stop it babe. You are making me really mad right now. He won’t die.”
You looked at him shocked and disgusted. You tried to break free from his grip on your hand but it was too tight. He pulled you into the elevator with him and pulled you closer to him. His thumbs stroked your wet cheeks and he proceeded to wipe your tears.
“Stop crying babe. What are people going to think?”
His words made you whimper as tears fell off your cheeks.
He leaned closer to you and whispered in your ear, “Save it for later. Trust me you are going to need your tears.”
He aggressively wiped your cheeks.
You both reached down and his hand found your waist, his grip on you iron tight.
“Don’t do something stupid. You are walking on really thin ice right now.” He whispered in your ear.
He walked smiling as if everything was okay. You, on the other hand were terrified. You felt really bad for Nick. Guilt was eating you. You felt like you would explode. It was all your fault.
You both reached his car and he motioned you to get in. Your body was trembling. He got in too while you did your seatbelt with shaky hands. You thought he would yell at you as soon as you both get in but he didn’t say a word for the first ten minutes of the drive. You looked at him with guilty eyes, still terrified. You didn’t want him to hate you. You would do anything to make him forgive you. Your worry about Nick was all gone now.
“I- I am sorry Steve.”
“You should be.”
“I come to my girlfriend’s office, bringing her favourite order from her favourite restaurant to have lunch with her only to find her fucking some jerk.” He added.
You wanted to say that it was just a kiss but you figured it wasn’t the best thing to say at that time.
He didn’t say anything the rest of the ride home and neither did you. You just looked out of the window, imagining you were somewhere else, anywhere else. You didn’t want the car to stop. You just wanted it to go on and on. Unfortunately you reached home after some time and you felt bile rising up your throat.
“Go in and wait for me in the bedroom, naked and on your knees.”
You opened your mouth to say something but stopped as his tone had left no room for discussion.
You stepped out reluctantly and found it really hard to open the door as the key shook along with your trembling hands.
You got in and went upstairs quickly. You knew that it would only make him madder if you didn’t hurry up. You undressed and sat on the floor on your knees. Steve entered shortly. The sound of his heavy footsteps only scared you further. He passed you and took a seat on the bed behind you. You turned to him. He opened his belt and let it fall on the floor, a clinking sound filling the room. He opened the button of his pants and unzipped it, all the while looking at you.
When he took his dick out and told you to open your mouth you were shocked. This was too easy. You had expected him to punish you, beat you even, but the fact that he just wanted to fuck your throat made you more anxious. It meant you would have to wait for some more time to know what Steve’s actual plan was for you.
You opened your mouth and he gave your throat no time to adjust. He just slammed in making your throat burn. You were chocking around his dick and not in a hot way. Tears were streaming down your cheeks as you clawed his thighs.
“See, your lips are made to be around my dick, not to kiss other men.” He said as his hands gripped your hair tight keeping your head in place.
You needed air. Your head felt heavy. You were gurgling around his dick, desperately slapping his thighs to let him leave you.
His fingers came up to wipe the tears off your face as he said, “You are going to have my child. It’s going to be perfect honey. Trust me.”
He sounded so sincere and genuine that if you weren’t chocking right now, you would have believed him.
He let your hair free and you quickly pulled yourself away from him. You tried to take in as much air as you could as you wheezed and coughed.
After what felt like hours you calmed down a little and started sobbing.
“Don’t cry now baby you need all your strength and courage to make the big decision.”
You looked at him confused. You wanted to ask what he was talking about but your throat didn’t allow you to let out any words.
“Oh I didn’t tell you? My bad. Tomorrow, either you file a harassment report against that office boy or you give a resign. Now I wanted you to do both but you know how generous I am. So I am giving you a choice. Now get on the bed.”
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marvelmusing · 8 hours ago
Steve Rogers x GN!Reader
Tumblr media
You’ve been offering the Avengers legal advice for years. You helped them authorise their missions, and make sure they were protected from the government. In all your time working with them, you’ve never seen anything like the Accords.
“How’s it going?” Steve leans against the door frame of your office at the Avengers compound. You look up at him, the lamp beside you providing little light for you to see him properly. Sighing, you hold up the heavy document, as he sits beside you,
“I’ve highlighted everything I have an issue with.” Steve shifts closer to see the ridiculous amount of yellow highlighter as you flick through the pages. “As you can see it’s not looking great.”
“Thanks for reading through this, sweetheart. I really appreciate it.” You reach out and take his hand.
“Hey, it’s my job to protect you guys. You fight the bad guys. I make sure you keep your human rights.” You joke. Though after reading the Accords you realise it’s not too far from the truth. He gives you a small smile. You squeeze his hand gently. The news of Peggy’s death affected him much more than he let on. It breaks your heart to see him like this. “How’re you doing?” He sighs quietly.
“Not too bad.” You trace your thumb over his hand.
“When’s the funeral?”
“In two days.” You nod. The day of the Accords signing.
“I can come with you?” You offer, though it’s likely he’ll want to be alone. He shakes his head,
“You’re needed here.”
“Not if you need me.” He smiles at your insistence.
“Sam’s offered to come with me. I’ll be okay.” You nod, glad that Sam will be with him.
“I love you.” You whisper, as you pull his hand to your lips. He gives you another smile,
“Love you too.” You look down at the Accords.
“You don’t have to sign this, Steve. You can wait. Wait until I’ve made sure it’s safe, for everyone, to sign it. In the meantime you’ll just have to lay low. Be a little more domestic.” You smile at him softly, “We can have date night on Fridays, movie night on Saturdays, then we can have a roast on Sunday. You could try out some of your Ma’s old recipes.” He seems comforted by your suggestion.
“Is this a sneaky way of getting me to cook you dinner?” You smirk at him, glad he’s smiling more.
“Perhaps?” You rest your head against his shoulder, and he places a kiss against your forehead. “We’ll sort this out, my love.”
“Thank you, doll.”
Tumblr media
You’re thinking of Steve when you’re in Vienna, when politicians mention how they wish he was there you agree with them. You do wish he was here. Though you know he’ll never sign the Accords as they are now. You stand at the back of the room, among the hoards of diplomats, assistants, and translators. Then the bomb goes off, and the chaos erupts. You soon find Natasha, and the two of you make it out. You both help with evac before finding out King Chaka is amongst the casualties. And that the main suspect for the bombing is the Winter Soldier. Bucky Barnes. Steve’s best friend. Natasha goes to sit with Prince T’Challa. You decide to take a walk along the street, to clear your head. You look down at your phone, seeing Steve’s name flash up on the screen. You answer quickly,
“You alright?”
“Yeah, I’m fine. I was near the back, so I got lucky.” You hear Steve breathe a sigh of relief, in the background of the call you hear a police siren. You hear the same siren as the car pulls up across the street from you. You stand up, looking around for Steve. You can’t spot him. “I know you’ll want to find Bucky. But please, stay home. I can sort this out.”
“You saying you’ll arrest me?”
“No. I won’t. But someone will. We said we’d lay low after the signing. You’re not going to are you?”
“Doll, if he’s this far gone. I should be the one to bring him in.”
“Steve. Stay safe, please.”
“I love you.”
“Love you too, Rogers.” You hear him hang up. You look around, hoping to see him somewhere. No sign of him. You sigh, hoping he won’t do anything drastic.
Tumblr media
Then you find out Steve’s been arrested. Along with Sam, Bucky, and King T’Challa. So you head to the Task Force Headquarters in Berlin. You watch as they bring Bucky in, locked in a large metal cell. You frown in annoyance. You head towards the black van that’s just parked up. The door is opened and Steve gets out, with Sam, and T’Challa behind him. You stand next to Agent Carter and Agent Ross, a large number of soldiers surrounding the area. Steve looks towards Bucky before turning his gaze to you.
“What’s gonna happen?” He asks as he strides towards your group.
“Same thing that ought to happen to you. Psychological evaluation, and extradition.” You frown at Ross.
“This is Everett Ross,” you introduce him. “Deputy Task Force Commander.”
“What about a lawyer?” Steve asks. Ross smiles,
“A lawyer, that’s funny.”
“I’m working on it.” You tell Steve. Ross gives you a hard stare, which you return.
“Agent Carter, see their weapons are placed in a lockup. We’ll write you a receipt.”
“I better not look out the window and see anybody flying around in that.” Sam comments as the group follows Ross. You stay close to Steve’s side, as he glances back at Bucky. Bucky’s eyes meet Steve’s then glance to you momentarily. He looks almost resigned to his fate. You take a breath before calling out to Ross,
“Why isn’t Sergeant Barnes with the rest of the group?” He laughs quietly,
“You’re kidding?” You shake your head at him. “You’re asking why one of the world's deadliest assassins isn’t walking next to us?”
“The Winter Soldier is one of the world’s most deadly assassins. Sergeant Barnes is America’s longest serving prisoner of war. If this is the respect you give our veterans you should be ashamed of yourself.” Ross isn’t laughing anymore.
“He blew up the UN.”
“Innocent until proven guilty.” You counter. “What proof do you have that he did it?”
“He was photographed at the scene.”
“One grainy photograph is hardly substantial evidence, Commander.” He sighs, knowing that you won’t drop this,
“I’m not the one you should be taking this up with.”
“Who is then?” He gestures towards the glass windows of the office you’re approaching. Where Tony is standing, talking on the phone. After a brief exchange between your groups, Steve sits in one office with Tony. Whilst you stay with Sam and Nat in another office nearby. You look over to Steve as he and Tony talk. It doesn’t take long before their voices are raised at one another. Steve soon heads out and joins you and Sam. Nat goes to stand with Tony whilst the UN psychologist talks with Bucky. You press a button on the intercom which allows you to hear what’s going on. Steve looks down at the photograph taken of Bucky, supposedly when he was in Vienna.
“Why would the Task Force release this photo of him anyway?” Sharon tries to justify it. You have an awful fear that something’s about to happen. Then the power goes out. You tell Steve where they’re holding Bucky, and with that Steve and Sam rush off. You don’t know at the time, but that’s the last time you see Steve for some time.
Tumblr media
He gives you one call. He explains that he’s still in Berlin. That he has to go to Siberia, to stop the doctor from releasing the Winter Soldiers. You tell him you understand, you know he has to do this. He tells you to take care of yourself. You tell him to be safe. That you love him. He loves you back. You hear about the fight at the airport. That Sam, Clint, Wanda, and Scott have been arrested and sent to the Raft. Secretary Ross ignores your demands to see them. You hope that, wherever Steve and Bucky are, they’re safe. Then you see Tony. He seems uncomfortable around you. Like he’s seeing Steve everytime he looks at you, and when that thought crosses his mind, he seems guilty. Like he hasn’t told you something.
Tumblr media
Months go by. You don’t hear from Steve at all. Random government agents keep stopping by your apartment to ask you about Steve. It makes you consider leaving, going somewhere else, away from everything that’s happened. But you stay, in the hope that it’ll help Steve find you. One morning you’re woken up by someone hammering at your door. You pull yourself out of bed, and head to the door. It’s some more government agents. They seem new to the game, their threats are half hearted and once you recite all the laws they’d be breaking if they entered your apartment they soon lose their mojo.
“Listen, I have no idea where Captain Rogers is. I assure you, if he happens to swing by, you will be the first to know.” Like hell you’d tell them. They see that you’re not budging, say their goodbyes and leave. It’s not even half an hour until there’s another knock at your door. Granted it’s more gentle than your morning wake up, but it still grates at your nerves. You head to the door, calling out, “For the last Goddamn time, I have no idea where Steve,” you pull open your door. “Rogers is.” You whisper out the last part, shocked by the sight in front of you. It’s him. It’s Steve. You throw yourself into his arms, pulling inside the apartment. He breathes your name against your neck, holding you as close as possible. He pulls back, cupping your face in his hands, looking you up and down.
“Are you alright?” He asks. You laugh a little,
“Am I alright? Steve, what happened to you? I heard Tony say you fought, nobody told me what happened. I feared the worst.”
“I’m okay, I promise. I’m so sorry for leaving you.” You shake your head,
“You did what you had to do. It’s okay, my love.” He nods, pulling you close again.
“I broke our friends out of the Raft.” You look up at him. You know he’d never leave them to pay for standing with him. You nod,
“He’s safe.”
“Good.” He squeezes your waist, wanting you closer than ever. He sighs,
“I know you wanted to fix this. I’m sorry, doll. But I don’t see how we can work this out legally anymore.” You shake your head,
“We can’t. That doesn’t matter to me anymore. As long as I have you, that’s all that matters to me.” He sighs,
“I’ll be running from the law now. I’ll let you know how I am when I can. I-” You pull away from him, frowning. You head to your kitchen. “Sweetheart, I know it’s not ideal-” You reach into the cupboard under the sink and pull out the emergency bag you kept hidden there.
“I’m coming with you.” You turn back to him as his eyes widen in surprise.
“It’ll be dangerous.”
“I know. But you’re not leaving me here.” He knows that look on your face. There’s nothing you can’t argue your way out of. He smiles at you,
“Wouldn’t dream of it, doll.”
Tumblr media
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avenging-fandoms · 8 hours ago
Hi !! Could u write a Chris evans and reader(an actress) story about them doing the actor on actor interview and Chris admits that he liked you while working on you guys past movie (sorry it this seems confusing)
Tumblr media
“hi, my name is yn yln and i’m here with my best friend in the entire world chris evans” you wrapped your arm around his shoulders and he leaned into you, nuzzling his head into your shoulder and you laughed. “and we’re here to do the.. uhm..”
chris picked his head up and looked at you. “the actor on actor interview” he said and looked at the camera, and you followed with a smile. “clearly yn is excited for this, she forgot the name”
“chris!” you hit his shoulder with the card and he laughed softly. you two turned your chairs to face one another, your cards in your hands and chris laughed as he read through his. “oh boy, i’m saving this one for last” you moved your favorite question to the back, clearing your throat and sitting up. 
“am i going first or are you going first?” chris asked and you shrugged. “you’re no help. okay, yn, what was your favorite part about working on ‘knives out’?”
“putting the pieces together about the story even while filming. it’s just so clever and i just loved that aspect of the movie” chris nodded and you smiled. “and.. obviously working with my best friend”
you had gotten to your last question, and you smiled from ear to ear and giggled as you covered your face with the card. “can you just read it?!” chris exclaimed and you fanned yourself with the card, holding it in your hand. 
“okay, chris” you looked at him and crossed your arms. “have you ever had a crush on a co-star?” chris fell into a fit of giggles and so did you. he collected himself and looked at you, nodding. 
“i did, yeah” he answered shortly and you looked at him, hitting his knee with the card.
“well you have to spill the beans, who was it?” chris scratched his beard and shrugged, crossing his arms across his chest and connecting his eyes with yours.
"you" you lick your lips slowly, smiling and scrunching your nose softly.
"yeah i hav- had a crush on you when we did that old movie together. way back when we were like.. 20 years younger" you laugh and there was a silence where you and chris just stared at each other, but it wasn't awkward. you then remembered you two were filming something, and you turned to the camera.
"well," you threw the cards in the air, falling all around you and chris, the two of you laughing. "that's all the time we have for today, and all the cards, make sure to go see our movie in theatres on november 27th!"
"yeah, what she said. go see it!" you and chris wave and the camera shuts off, and you helped collect the cards and handed them to the person who gave them to you in the first place, thanking everyone and you and chris left.
you and chris headed into the shared car, and you looked over at chris. "soo.."
"no," he held up his hand and closed his eyes. "i don't want to talk about it right now" you groan and grabbed his hand, shaking it.
"oh no, we're talking about it christopher robert!"
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90gemini · 9 hours ago
Falling Up 🌇 Steve Rogers x Reader AU
Summary: A meet cute on a morning train between pediatric intern Steve and reader.
Word count: 2.9k
Warnings: big crowds, just too much fluff ngl
A/N: hope this makes you smile, i really love this AU, might be a part 1 of a whole series:)
Tumblr media
Every single morning, as if on cue, approximately two minutes before my train leaves the station near my apartment, I come to the realization that if I do not get into full sprint mode right that second, I will miss my train and then be late to my first class and then have to walk in embarrassed while everyone is already inside and then proceed to feel embarrassed over it the entire day. So, considering the fact that I never seem to make myself leave the house just a few minutes early, for the past three years that I have been going to college, almost every morning I run into the train the last moment before the doors close completely out of breath, and have to subtly work on composing myself much longer than I am comfortable to admit.
Yet today, without even realizing, I got out of my apartment solid seven minutes earlier than usual. My roommate and I were so engaged in our conversation about the events of last nights party so we walked out together still invested in the drama which left me pleasantly surprised with the time I was left to spend before my train leaves after we went our separate ways. The extra time opened a whole lot of opportunities for me, almost made me believe I should wake up earlier every morning and not leave for class at the last possible moment. So, with the 420 extra seconds I got today, I managed to actually dig my earphones out my bag, plug them in and wait for the train with the sounds of my morning playlist filling my mind.
Inside the train, when I wasn’t preoccupied by catching my breath but also, even more importantly, focusing on not making it too obvious I was out of my breath, I became very much aware of my surroundings, noticing everything and everyone around me.
There was a girl sitting down right across from where I was standing, she looked about my age and she held a little baby in her arms, slowly rocking it and I noticed the way she was looking totally spent but the moment her baby made this cute laughing sound, a smile spread on her face completely overshadowing the exhaustion in her eyes. Next to the door was an older woman not so subtly judging everyone who was sitting down and has not offered her to sit and right next to the door was a man sitting down and sleeping like a log. I had the urge to wake him up and ask him when he has to get down or if he has already missed his stop, but in all honesty, it was too early in the morning for me to be considerate like that. While continuing to carelessly look around, my eyes landed on something that opened drawers in my memory I did not even know existed.
It was a book cover. A simple white background featuring a boy with frizzy hair who was flying over a drawn-on city with the words ‘Falling Up’ in the middle. So many moments of my dad reading poems from that book to me before bed when I was a kid came up and instantly forced a smile on my face.
In my head, I started reciting the words to my favorite poem from that book, remembering my dad teaching me how to read with those poems when my eyes fell on the arm holding the book and the man attached to it.
And God, was I thankful for the boosted-up heating in the train this morning because that made him take off his leather jacket and throw it over his arm, leaving only a thin, too tight white shirt to cover his upper body and it worked amazing for me that the shirt wasn’t doing its job well.
I heard the sound of the door opening and saw way too many people try to make their way into the train making it way more crowded which pushed the mystery man to move closer to me. Not as close as I wanted though.
My mind was focused solely on him that at one point I wasn’t even aware what station we were at and have I maybe missed mine, but I found myself not caring at all. The point my eyes landed on his face I was basically addicted. His hair was a gorgeous mess, a bit outgrown but looking so good. And, oh my God, his eyes. I was so upset I am only seeing them under the fluorescent light of the subway because I am positive that it would be an out of body experience seeing them under the sunlight.
At that moment I was sure he was the most beautiful man I have ever laid my eyes on and was already cursing myself because I knew I was too nervous to talk to him and will regret that forever.
His lips would occasionally move into a small, barely noticeable grin while he was reading and every once in a while, his tongue would go over his lips leaving them all full and glistening which led to a whole new set of unholy thoughts entering my brain. And his fingers, the way he flipped over the pages was just so-
‘’May I help you somehow?’’ I was snapped out of my trance by his voice and met his eyes that were looking into mine with the coldest, most unimpressed expression as if he was in front of the most annoying person to ever grace the Earth.
‘’Shit, sorry,’’ I apologized quietly and pulled out one earphone to hear him better because no matter how rude it looks he is going to be right now, his voice was just heavenly. ‘’I zoned out when I saw that book.’’ I pointed to the book in his hand and his eyes followed the direction my finger was showing as if he was surprised I wasn’t staring at him but at the book. I was most definitely staring at him though, but I don’t plan on revealing that. ‘’My dad used to read it to me when I was a kid so just seeing the cover brought back too many memories. Sorry.’’ I said in a soft voice and gave him a forced smile hoping he was not going to talk to me again because I really don’t want to be yelled at by the most attractive man alive at 7.23am on a Tuesday in the subway.
‘’You know this book?’’ his voice broke the short-lived silence between us, making my head snap up to look at him again and I was met with a much softer face adorning an adorable smile. ‘’You must think I’m so weird for reading poetry for children.’’ He let out a small laugh which was, without exaggeration, the greatest sound I have ever heard in my life.
‘’No, I think it’s cute.’’ A sly smirk found its way on my face as I felt my usual confidence come back now that I knew he wasn’t planning on yelling at me.
‘’So, you think I’m cute?’’ The smirk on his lips, on the other hand, was not as subtle as mine was as he turned more towards me, quickly closing the book and focusing his eyes on my face.
‘’I didn’t say one thing about you being cute, I was talking about the book.’’ I lied to keep my cool even though cute truly wasn’t the first word that came to my mind when looking at him. It would be something more in the neighborhood of I-would-drop-on-my-knees-for-you-right-this-momentor whatever.
‘’Okay, so you don’t think I am cute?’’ he leaned closer and licked his lips instantly sending shivers down my spine. This man is too much for me to handle right now.‘’Because I think you are really cute.’’ He whispered loudly enough only for me to hear and moved away a bit to fully appreciate my flustered expression because he obviously was aware of the exact effect he had on me.
‘’Well, I guess you aren’t that bad yourself.’’ The fact that I was not literally falling apart in front of this god cosplaying as a man is still not something I can understand. ‘’And thank you.’’ Saying that my voice got super quiet, and I could see him grin proudly at my reaction.
‘’You are welcome,’’ he didn’t finish that sentence and looked at me asking for my name.
‘’Y/n.’’ he repeated and stepped closer to me with an excuse of letting someone else pass and giving them space. ‘’That is a real pretty name.’’ I smiled to say thank you and looked at my feet for a second to get myself together.
I didn’t even run to catch this train yet I’m still out of breath.
‘’I am Steve by the way.’’ He stretched out his free hand in my direction but not for one second broke the eye contact between us. ‘’It’s so nice to meet you, Y/n.’’ God, just to hear him say my name was killing me.
‘’Nice to meet you too, Steve.’’ I connected my hand with his much larger one and was painfully aware of the fact he must have heard the soft sound I made the second my skin first touched his.
‘’So,’’ he continued while slowly pulling his hand from mine. ‘’do you like poetry in general, ‘’he lifted the arm with the book and nodded towards it. ‘’or is it just this one book you like?’’ he asked with so much interest in his voice making me absolutely thrilled he was keeping the conversation going.
‘’I love poetry.’’ I kept my answer short because forming decent sentences was a though job while looking at this man and seeing the way he was looking at me.
‘’What kind?’’ he adjusted in his spot somehow that he was even closer to me, leaving basically no space between us, yet to everyone else it seemed normal because the morning rush in the New York City subway never was famous for the spaciousness.
‘’About love.’’ I said softly and witnessed his expression changing from the cocky, overconfident one he had on, to a completely soft one.
‘’Same here.’’ He replied and as if he can do it on cue, looked even more deeply into my eyes. ‘’I like reading about how people feel things I have never felt, it lets me to feel the emotion without risking being hurt.’’ He confessed to me and I couldn’t believe a guy that has such a hard exterior is ready to share that much emotion after talking to a stranger in a train for only a few minutes. But I was thanking all the gods he was.
‘’That’s much deeper than my reason for loving it.’’ A small smile appeared on his face as he looked at me to continue. ‘’I just like reading about love and watching movies about love and basically everything about love. Makes me feel all warm around the heart.’’ He let out a small laugh reminding me why it’s my new favorite sound. ‘’That must sound so cheesy.’’
‘’I don’t think it’s cheesy. I think like it is really nice to love love.’’ he said matter-of-factly. ‘’It’s cute.’’
‘’So you are calling me cute?’’ I looked at him with a raised eyebrow as he let out a huff once again leaning all into my personal space.
‘’I am. I have once before too.’’ He whispered near my ear and I know he knew just what he was doing to me.
‘’What poets do you like the most?’’ he moved away leaving me upset over not feeling his breath on my neck anymore.
‘’I don’t read a lot in English.’’ I fumbled with the edge of my jacket and lowered my eyes to focus on my boots because his face was way too distracting. ‘’My dad is not from here and I got the gene for loving poetry from him so most of the things I read are in his mother tongue because it’s really the only way to keep myself from forgetting it.‘’ Making a mental note to call my dad tonight because it’s been too long, I suddenly became extremely aware that I am sharing so many personal information about me with a random man I met on the subway. ‘’So yeah, most of the poets I read, never got international fame so you unfortunately didn’t have a chance to hear of them.’’ I felt a dash of electricity go through my body when he put his hand under my chin tilting it up so we can once again face each other.
‘’Don’t hide that gorgeous face doll.’’ Dear Lord, I can’t believe I might actually die on a train because of a hot, poetry reading guy. ‘’I’d love to read some of that poetry you like if it is translated.’’
‘’I don’t know if any of it is translated but you can check, I can write down some of the names for you.’’ I said quickly really happy that he wants to read something I will recommend, still recovering from that ‘gorgeous’ comment.
‘’I don’t have anything you can write it on, we can just-‘’
‘’Oh, I have a piece of paper to write it on to, it’s no problem.’’ I interrupted him while flashing him another smile and started digging through my bag for pen and a paper only to have his hand stop mine making me look at him with confusion written all over my face.
‘’I was thinking something more in the lines of you writing your number in my phone,’’ he took his phone out his pocket and directed it at me. ‘’then I can text you and we can meet up so you can tell me more about those poets and maybe translate some for me on the spot if you want to.’’ The smile was evident on his face when I took the phone out his hand and started writing my number into it.
‘’I would really like that, Steve.’’ I gave him his phone back with a smile a bit too big for the cool persona I was trying to present myself as.
‘’Well, I am really looking forward to it, Y/n.’’ he returned the big smile and focused his eyes on my face once again.
‘’Can I ask you something?’’ I looked at him curiously.
‘’Anything, doll.’’
That nickname is going to kill me.
‘’How come you are reading poetry for children?’’ he left out a chuckle and gazed over the book in his hand.
‘’There are two reasons, actually.’’ He shifted from one leg to another and started talking kind of nervously. ‘’Firstly, this book is something I always come back to for some reason. My grandma bought it for me when I was just a kid and I reread it for too many times, so I always go back to it because it’s safe. Something like playing Friends in the background because there is nothing else to watch but it always makes you feel good, you know?’’ I nodded and he continued. ‘’Second is that currently I am interning at the pediatric wing at the hospital downtown and kids love me reading these poems to them so I always find a few I think they would like the most when I am getting to work in the morning.’’
‘’That is really amazing, Steve.’’ I put my hand on his forearm and looked at him with so much affection in my eyes. ‘’Those kids must feel really special having you read to them, it’s really heartwarming you do that even though you don’t have to.’’
‘’They are going through too much shit, if I can make it any better for them, I will.’’ How pathetic is it that talking about kids with this guy I met literally minutes ago, makes me think about having his kids?
‘’That is really too sweet.’’ I had plans on saying so much more to him, but I heard the automatic voice announce how my station is next. ‘’Shit I have to go; this is my stop.’’
‘’Oh.’’ He said and I swear I could hear some disappointment in his voice. ‘’I guess I will see you again?’’ he asked as if he is not sure if that is going to happen.
‘’You most definitely will see me again.’’ I looked at him fondly again and I don’t even know what force gave me the confidence to do so, but before making my way to the door I got on my tip toes and kissed his cheek.
‘’Bye, Steve. See you soon.’’ I said while walking away from him but still keeping my eyes on his as I saw him put his hand on the place I kissed him with a small smile on his face.
‘’See you soon, Y/n.’’ Was the last thing I heard before exiting the train, completely sure that I won’t be able to focus today in class.
But I don’t mind.
really hope you enjoyed this, any comment on it would truly mean a lot!<3
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melwilson · 9 hours ago
i love you | drabbles (part one)
different ways they say those three little words without actually saying those three little words.
“let me know when you get home,” w/ steve
it was late. steve had told you it was okay to stay over. in fact, he slept better with your body pressed against his. however, you worked the next morning and didn’t want to bother. you had already stayed at his apartment twice this week and it was just wednesday night.
the blonde pressed the sweetest kiss to your lips, hands tugging at your waist. he didn’t want you to go- that much was obvious. and truthfully, you didn’t want to, but you needed to.
“let me know when you get home, okay?” your safety was always steve’s top priority. with his occupation being what it was, he was big on communication. he could be overbearing at times, but it never bothered you. it just showed you how much he cared.
“i will. i promise.” your voice was soft and you placed one final fleeting kiss to his lips before walking out the door.
you kept your promise.
have you eaten anything today?” w/ sam
it wasn’t uncommon for you to overwork yourself. your hours were already outrageous, thanks to working for the demanding intelligence agency that is shield. so sam took it upon himself to make sure that you didn’t accidentally overwork yourself and succumb to death in your office. at the same time everyday you could expect sam to show up at your door bringing his heartwarming smile and infectious energy.
you paused as sam turned your chair around taking in your appearance. you were dressed in workout clothes, hair thrown messily into a thick bun atop your head. his eyes softened at the bags under your eyes and the small smile you sent his way. you looked exhausted.
“have you eaten anything today?” he already knew the answer, but he always asked.
you shook your head sheepishly as you leaned back in your chair, muscles relaxing.
“you can’t keep doing this, bub. if you’re not sitting at this desk, you’re training a rookie, and if you aren’t training a rookie, you’re doing something else asked of you. which is great an’ all, but you won’t be able to do any of those things if you aren’t eating right and i don’t want you passing out on me. so why don’t you set that aside,” he gestured to the paperwork on your desk, “get your pretty ass up, and come eat with me.”
“let me take care of you,” w/ bucky
steve had sidelined you and you were not happy about. pissed was a probably a better word for it. you were injured during the last mission after taking a blow to the ribs. you reassured steve constantly that you were fine, but he proved otherwise after you couldn’t last in the sparring ring for more than a minute. the doctors had diagnosed you with two broken ribs and a mild hip contusion. you should be fine in a week, but you still hated sitting out.
tonight, you found yourself in the gym, hands steadying either of the punching bag in front of you. the team would go absolutely berserk if they caught you, not that you cared. two minutes pass and you’re leaning against the bag for support. you’re finding it hard to catch your breath and spots are clouding your vision.
“you better be glad it was me who found you and not steve,” a familiar voice said. bucky’s hands gently grasped your shoulders as he steadied you. “let’s get you upstairs, yeah?”
“i’m fine, buck.”
you didn’t miss the concern flash through his eyes as his grip tightened protectively. “it’s okay for you to rest, y/n. let me take care of you.”
you sighed, body slumping into his. “you don’t have to do that...not for me.”
bucky’s eyes softened, exhaustion laced in your voice and the weakness of your body. you would never admit it, but you needed him right now and it brought him joy to he needed. “i want to, y/n.”
“i trust you,” w/ tony
tony stark didn’t trust easily. he may have played the part of the genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist, but when he was alone he was anything but. he was quiet and reserved and tended to his own business. he no longer extended his arms and showed off the flashiness that was his life. (he’d been screwed over one too many times for that.) he had set up a barrier between himself and the world, one that wasn’t easily broken.
but then you placed yourself right between him and that barrier. tony wasn’t sure how you managed to do it. it could have been your sweet smile or the lingering, yet reassuring glances you sent his way. one day you were going over stuff in the lab and the next you were helping him to his room after a panic attack.
“what’s on your mind, y/n?” you could feel tony’s stare as you shifted in your seat. you had been uncharacteristically quiet and tony didn’t like it. you weren’t the most talkative person in the world by any means, but he liked hearing your voice. it grounded him.
“i- i don’t know. i just feel bad i guess...for invading your privacy like that yesterday. i didn’t mean to. i-“
“y/n,” tony chuckled, “it’s okay. i trust you.”
you glanced up at him eyes wide in surprise. “oh.”
“yeah,” tony responded, “but don’t get used to it.”
“you’re cute when you’re angry,” w thor
“are you kidding me!”
an amused smile tugged at thor’s lips as he entered the kitchen. your hands were balled into fists at either side of your waist, eyes trained on the empty takeout box in front of you.
“something wrong, dove?”
a growl emitted from your lips as you turned to him. “is there something wrong? of course there’s something wrong. somebody ate my damn takeout.” the larger man laughed and you sent him a glare. “why are you laughing at me?”
“you’re cute when you’re angry,” thor said softly.
“cute? you did not just call me cute. unbelievable.”
the blonde took a step toward you, hands reaching out for yours. “how about this? i’ll get you some more takeout if you stop yelling at me.”
your eyes narrowed. “are you bribing me?”
“yes,” thor shrugged, “is it working?”
“yeah, it is. let’s go.”
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February, 2017
Warning(s): Pregnancy(?), mention of dizzy spells and morning sickness.
I hope the description isn't too far off from how pregnancies really are. If it is, do let me know, so I might fix it! Please, please share your opinion on the fic! Your reviews mean a lot to me :)
Dearest Steve,
Sweetheart, how are you? How is Bucky? Are you both doing well? I haven’t heard about you in almost two months now. I suppose that is a good news, because you are on the run, but I can’t help but worry, my love.
Our child is a troublemaker, Steve. He won’t stop troubling his poor mama. I keep having dizzy spells. And the morning sickness won’t fade away. At almost three months now, I’m starting to show slightly. And it makes me miss you even more.
You would’ve loved to cradle the bump, wouldn’t you? You would’ve spoken to it, to them, our child. Maybe they would’ve listened to you and gone easy on me. Maybe having their dada around would’ve soothed them. Oh, what I wouldn’t give to be in your arms right now, Steve!
Please be careful, Stevie. For our sake and for yours. I’m afraid I’m too tired to write now. I know it will be difficult, but do let me know how you are if it is at all possible. Convincing myself that you are alright is all that is keeping me going right now, Steve.
I love you, sweetheart. I’ve attached some pictures, of the ultrasound as well as the bump.
Yours forever,
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