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#Star Wars: The Clone Wars
laciefuyu · 19 minutes ago
I am so sick with people defending Echo paleness with 'He supposed to be sickly!' do you think brown people lost their melanin completely when they sick??? EVEN THEN HE SHOULD RECOVER TO MORE HEALTHY COLOUR THAN THAT PALENESS IT JUST LEGIT DOESN'T MAKE SENSE HE KEEP LOOKING LIKE THAT
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phoenixyfriend · 25 minutes ago
Wait, the other thing was that I'm vaguely attached to the idea of Ahsoka taking Leia when Obi-Wan took Luke.
Just a 17yo former padawan, her friend who recently underwent brain surgery, and a literal newborn.
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oceanera12 · 32 minutes ago
GUYS--- “The Bad Batch” is now called “The Dad Batch”. No, I will not be taking criticism.
Just so you know, this wasn’t my idea I think I saw it as a tag somewhere on Ao3, but I love it so much so I am adopting it.
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kessel-fun · 43 minutes ago
Anakin in The Clone Wars Cartoon
what are your thoughts on the drastic variation between Anakin in the movies vs Anakin in The Clone Wars ?? personally the differences kinda bug me, like Anakin is obviously better in TCW because to me at least he’s pretty insufferable jhbdegfv but he’s so dramatically different in TCW that it’s genuinely distracting, even his voice and cadence are wildly different, as opposed to basically every other prequel character in the show. what are your thoughts ??
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ecmlol · an hour ago
I would love to see a cartoon with Din and grogu with the bad batch and omega having a play date lol. How funny would that be wreck omega and grogu on the swings with din hunter and echo pushing them. Why can’t I drawn damn it
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talesfromgringolandia · an hour ago
Clone Wars, Season 4, episodes 1 - 3
The highlight of the show so far. I haven't watched the final season yet, only up to here. Holy shit, the plot is good. It wraps up really nicely. I was stunned by how well the story is told. Super predictable, yeah. But it all follows the story beats so nicely. They really just put Shakespeare in Clone Wars and called it a day, and its awesome. Spoiler alert: The prince kills the guy who killed his dad. Its so good. The prince also starts off kind of flat and one dimensional but he evolves as you get to know him. He has to make hard decisions, and he talks just epically. The best part is Anakin and Ahsoka are just side characters in the prince Li Char's story. You could go watch this having skipped the entire Clone Wars series, nay, you could watch this with no knowledge about Star Wars, and it would work super well, as long as you paid attention during the little background blurb. Go watch this, if you like Star Wars or not. If you enjoy cathartic story telling, with endings you see a mile away but they resolve them perfectly, go watch this arc.
Thanks for coming to my ted talk
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queen-disera-the-fifth · an hour ago
I'm a day late to the party, but I have some THOUGHTS on The Bad Batch 😍
Once again, Dave Filoni has given us exactly what we need. A child to love and cherish forever. I am so excited to officially adopt my new daughter, Omega ❤ Literally could not be more excited that Star Wars is just doing the same thing over and over again. Give me baby!
Speaking of baby. Wrecker. My precious little bulldozer. Could he be any more adorable? I mean. His Lula? My favorite part of the whole episode was him hitting Crosshair in the face with it. Oh, and that shot of him behind Omega in the mess hall ready to fuck shit up with new lil sis 🤘❤
My cold, solid heart has thawed a little on this night.
Also, the others have grown on me a little more. Except Crosshair. If only for the fact that the way he says "Hunter" drives me out of my mind. Like, how many times are you going to dramatically say "Hunter" in one hour, my guy?
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punkinsammies · an hour ago
Really REALLY disappointed with the whitewashing in The Bad Batch, with the clones, and with Caleb, but I still gotta say...
You don't know how happy I was, and how much I squealed when I saw baby Kanan like-
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Vokara: What's your type?
Kit: Older, responsible, a bit of a self-depreciation problem, but really kind and parental, also rather sarcastic at times—
Vokara, smacking him: We all know you like Plo Koon, I need to know your blood type, idiot!
Kit: Oh.
Kit: Red.
Shaak: Just let him die, Vokara, his stupidity isn't worth it.
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rabbit-rays · 2 hours ago
Tumblr media
hey the 212th whats the deal with your medics
[image id: a bust shot of a clone oc, blake, on a wavy red background. he has a shaved head and his head is in profile as he looks off into the distance. his armor has a large zigzag pattern on the right side of his chestplate and both his pauldrons are orange. his left pauldron has a medic symbol. end id.]
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and-claudia · 2 hours ago
So idk if anyone else got these vibes or if you will after I say this but after the first episode of The Bad Batch, I’m getting some Newt from The Maze Runner vibes from Crosshair...
Like how Newt had the Flare and went all Crank mode on Thomas and how Crosshair’s chip was strengthened and he went all dark mode on his brothers...
If the trend continues I do NOT like where it is going.
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mousechuckles · 2 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Neon Lads!!
Honestly, this is the longest I've stuck with a series and I've had so much fun doing these!! They're in mostly chronological order; I started rex after rewatching john wick and getting hyped on all that neon. Here's to many more!
rex | cody | fives | echo | wolffe | fox | bly | hardcase
fives tutorial
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unpheenix · 2 hours ago
Tumblr media
Princess of Shili
I booted up my old drawing tablet for this one, so the line art was done using a program that I’m not really used to. I ended up transferring it to my iPad to finish it up because I really liked the way it was turning out :) This is my Star Wars oc Sundust. She is first in line for the throne of Shili after her older brother left to become a Jedi. I tried drawing her a bit younger this time around, probably 18-20ish years old.
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igayorhm · 2 hours ago
Dee Bradley Baker really dug into something slimy when he voiced Cross-hair. I love how every syllable out his mouth makes him sound more and more like an asshole. 
What an absolute bastard. I love him.
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