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#Star Wars the Prequel Trilogy
Quinlan: What’s going on with Obes Kenobes?
Siri: He accidentally stepped on a ladybug and now he's so heartbroken that he's crying and cradling its dead body.
Siri: I don’t have the heart to tell him that it’s actually a red M&M.
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Palpatine: Come now, Master Jedi, have I ever given you reason not to trust me?
Mace: Do you want me to list them alphabetically or chronologically?
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kessel-fun · an hour ago
Anakin in The Clone Wars Cartoon
what are your thoughts on the drastic variation between Anakin in the movies vs Anakin in The Clone Wars ?? personally the differences kinda bug me, like Anakin is obviously better in TCW because to me at least he’s pretty insufferable jhbdegfv but he’s so dramatically different in TCW that it’s genuinely distracting, even his voice and cadence are wildly different, as opposed to basically every other prequel character in the show. what are your thoughts ??
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Vokara: What's your type?
Kit: Older, responsible, a bit of a self-depreciation problem, but really kind and parental, also rather sarcastic at times—
Vokara, smacking him: We all know you like Plo Koon, I need to know your blood type, idiot!
Kit: Oh.
Kit: Red.
Shaak: Just let him die, Vokara, his stupidity isn't worth it.
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Kit: I have an idea, but I’m gonna need your permission
Shaak: Why would you need my permission?
Kit: Because if I mess it up, I don’t want it to be just my fault.
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Mace: Guess what’s in this box?
Agen: Corellian Ryshcate.
Mace: No.
Kit: Dumplings?
Mace: No.
Shaak: Fruit.
Mace: No-
Obi-Wan: Oi-oi Puffs.
Mace: No! It’s not food.
Agen: Then who cares?
Obi-Wan, sighing: What’s in the box?
Mace: Some old Holos.
Plo: Of food?
Mace: No!!!
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magicalforcesau · 7 hours ago
Tumblr media
“The friendship symbol is typically a good one. It means that Skywalker has many great friends or people significant to him. However, the hourglass always insinuates that time is running out. It’s a warning. An omen.” —Dancing With Ghosts in Your Garden // Magical Forces AU (ao3 link)
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penguinkiwi · 10 hours ago
Plo Koon and Shaak Ti Fist Fighting for fun and scaring the hell out of Wolffe and Colt because they're used to Vode fistfights not whatever animalistic braw a kel dor sage and a togruta huntress bring to the table
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Yoda: Stakeout material, I am not sure you are, Master Drallig.
Cin: I’m a chronic insomniac, I was born for this.
Cin: I'm also head of the Guard, if I couldn't stay awake for at least 48 hours straight then who am I?
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penguinkiwi · 11 hours ago
I have an incessant need for fistfights and hand to hand combat between the Jedi. 
Where’s my Bultar Swan series, Felony?
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Kit: I want to argue with whatever point Master Rancisis is making but I’m too young to forfeit my life to his mercy.
Plo: Oppo's not going to kill you for wanting to debate with him.
Agen: Not physically anyways, you might find out that everything you know is a lie and that the Senate was wrong this entire time.
Kit: Wait you mean the senate isn't wrong all the time?
Plo, sighing: No it was, you'll just learn its far more wrong than before
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Eeth: We both look great tonight.
Mace: You know, if you just said “you look great tonight”, I would’ve said “so do you”.
Eeth: I couldn’t take the chance.
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Anakin: You know, Master Kolar, I can't tell if you're a genius or incredibly confidant.
Agen: Well, on a good day, I'm both.
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Mace: If you have any questions, just ask.
Kit: If a Zillo Beast and a Krayt Dragon had a fight, who would win?
Mace: If you have any relevant questions, just ask.
Depa: No, I think this merits discussion.
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Rex: Would you rather fight a bunch of kindergartners-
Fives: I wanna fight some kindergartners!
Rex: See, that's not even the whole-
Echo: Those kids are gettin' slapped!
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good ol’ memories
i wasn’t around during the heyday of star wars. but my mom and my brother was. he was like 5-6 at the time (i think) and my mom took him to see star wars (before it was titled a new hope) and she told me, while they were waiting for the movie to start that there was a guy dressed up as darth vader walking up and down the aisle. it must have been a worker dressed as him to bring on the hype. 
my mother at the time didn’t like it much. she always complained about the emperial dog fight of the death star as “it looks like a stupid video game” still complains about it. though she will watch the trilogy. and every time she’ll complain about it. she also hated the Ewoks. but then, alot of old fans feel the same way.   
i envy my brother cause he had the experience, the toys, the whole sh’bang! i was born in 85 so i missed out. it wasn’t until 1995 when i finally got my own toys, and i obsessed with wanting to get the THX edition VHS of the star wars trilogy. 
ugh. i would constantly think about owning the box set, i remember when waiting for the bus for school during the mornings when i saw the commercials i’d watch it and get excited all over again.   
the funny thing is, there’s one commercial i cant find anywhere. its where they show a transparent image of vader’s helmet, and i remember  the dialog of yoda’s “you must face vader” and some other crap. memory is pretty fuzzy but it was a bad ass tv spot for the VHS.
 i was at the right age at the right time for the second golden age of star wars. when the phantom menace came around, the hype was great. 
the movie was hated by the fandom back then. but i didn’t care. i loved it. even today i have a strong nostalgia for the phantom menace. i somehow pictured it in my head that watto sold Anakin to princess padme.  
or that was my theory as an 13 year old. hell, i got to meet ray park at a scifi expo around the 2000s. (my mom loved him) ah the memories i have with star wars. if it weren’t for my brother who forced me to sit and watch it, (i was wanting to leave cuz of the black screen before the music played loudly shocking me) the moment those storm troopers bust through the door i was hooked. 
so thanks to him i am fond of star wars. 
even if the fandom is filled with a bunch of nuts.  
over all, star wars was great fun. i might not be as passionate as i once was but i still get back into it from time to time.   
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aufi-creative-mind · 16 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
[Star Wars]: May the Force be with you (2021).
Originally started on May the 4th and finished on the Revenge of the Fifth.
They deserved better. Especially Padme and Rey.
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