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#Source: iCarly
What is it I’m supposed to do, which we all know I’m not gonna?
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ksfnmoments · 2 hours ago
Midas: No, Skye.
Skye: Please, for me?
Midas: …please don’t do that.
Skye: What?
Midas: Whenever you say “please, for me,” you think I’ll do anything you want, but not this time.
Skye: …please, for me?
Midas: *sighs* Alright.
the Joey alien girl is so cool omg
i need to start grinding for her lol
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pokeprotags · 8 hours ago
Hilda’s mom: Uhh… whatcha got there?
Hilda atop Reshiram, eating ice cream: A Casteliacone.
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pokeprotags · 8 hours ago
Serena: Twenty years from now, I guarantee you, I will be Shauna’s second spouse.
Shauna: What happened to my first one??
Serena: Nothing you can prove
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bluest-skies-above-me · 10 hours ago
Amethyst: Garnet’s a very sophisticated Gem. I can’t have her thinking I spend my time hanging with a teenager doing goofy stuff!
Steven, aka said teenager: That’s like all you do.
Amethyst: Yeah, but I can’t have her thinking that!
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incorrectsinnohquotes · 10 hours ago
Flint, about Volkner’s 100-volt security system: Couldn’t that really hurt someone? Volkner, excitedly: I hope so!
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Solar: I want to talk to you about something.
Wheein, nervously: You didn't go into my room, did you?
Solar: No…
Wheein: Ok…
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Solar and Moonbyul: (physically fighting each other)
Wheein: This isn't what I meant by "express your feelings"!
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Wheein: Look, I made a spoon hat!
Moonbyul: Well, that explains why I'm having to eat soup with a fork.
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Kord: Aw, you guys didn't have to make a big fuss over my birthday. Eli: You want us to stop? Kord: No! Fuss on!
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incorrect "The Chosen" quote
Disciples: How long will this take?
Jesus: Could be 3, or 4.
Disciples: 3 or 4...what? Days? Weeks? Months?
Jesus: Yeah, could be five.
Tumblr media
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Solo:I need a drink
Slapstick:The milks not in the kitchen.
Solo:...You promised you'd stop drinking milk in the shower-
Slapstick:Stop tRYNA CHANGE ME!!!!!
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No offense, you know that you’re our best friend and that we love you, but let’s face it, you’re a nightmare!
Junjie to Eli
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Sebastian: Your dad only gives you $8 a month?
Blaine: He’s afraid if he gives me more I’ll buy a bus ticket and leave him.
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Phoebus, waking up after agreeing to help Brelyna with an experimental spell: It’s okay, cause just as I blacked out I experienced something incredible!
Onmund: What, not dying?
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Plo: I’ve organized your holo-calls into three categories
Plo: Calls from Master Yaddle, death threats, and death threats from Master Yaddle
Oppo: Shit
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incorrect-caps-etc · 3 days ago
Tom Wilson: So how long can we survive without Nicky?
Alex Ovechkin: I don't know, four or five.
Tom: Four or five what? Minutes? Periods? Games?
Ovi: Yeah. Maybe three
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Morbos: How are you gonna carve a gigantic pumpkin?
Fizz: The same way I make onion rings.
Fizz: [grabs a chainsaw]
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