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#Sorta sfw
aardvaark · 2 hours ago
the shittiest side effect of depending solely on yourself as a kid is how impossible it is to ever let yourself depend on another person again. you’ve proved, time and time again, that no one is there for you and the only person you cant trust to help you is yourself. doesnt matter if you let yourself open up to someone, or if you get on w someone and they’re good to you, you still have that knowledge deep down that you have to plan your life w/out them because eventually they’ll let you down. still have to do everything thats necessary by yourself because people will inevitably neglect you in a time of real need.
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darkbucky · 7 days ago
It must suck to have a slasher, who's main weapon is a knife, chase after someone who's into the knife play kink,, like can you imagine them not knowing how to react when you're moaning and telling them to cut deeper??? I want to think they'd be scared shitless and just back away slowly, much to your disappointment 😂
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bougiebutchbitch · 14 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
The actual pictures are... not safe for tumblr, but I can give you faces! Let your imagination fill in the rest - or hop on over to this AO3 link for an E-RATED version (kids stay clear! This Is Not For You; please stay in control of your own media consumption.)
Thanks to everyone who sent in prompts. I hope I hit most of them!
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kulluto · 15 days ago
i’m glad i never say anything important on this blog because there are zero expectations of me. if you’re looking for meta you’re going to have to look elsewhere unless you would like to read my 200 page google doc on why pariston is the most peggable man in hxh
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mirbisduschoen · 21 days ago
List Of Famous Animators Who Were Furries (Part 1)
1. Tex Avery, beloved scion of Warner Bros during the Golden Age Of Animation
One gag of an animal suddenly becoming anthropomorphic and giving a (rotoscoped) strip tease/erotic dance? Happenstance. Two gags like that? Coincidence. Hiring an actual stripper to rotoscope for the gag? Just 50s pre-women's-rights “hijinks”, combined with a dedication to his craft. But anthropomorphic animals doing erotic stuff being a running gag throughout his entire cartoon career? The clear effort put into making the motions fluid? Sometimes more so than the rest of the cartoon? He's a furry.
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imagininggintama · a month ago
Hi can I please request 67 for hijikata? But instead of darling he says baby girl?
only because I LIKE BEING CALLED-
wait im not outing my kinks like that
Still written fairly gender neutral ^^;
still a bit short sorry ;w;
prompt under the read more
67.  Beg for me baby girl
Toushirou Hijikata
Tumblr media
Your mouth hung open as Hijikata's fingers worked against your sex, your back arched into the pillows at the edge of the bed. He was going agonizingly slow in his pace and making you whimper and writhe underneath his touch. You desperately wanted him elsewhere... To feel him throbbing inside if you as he thrusted with reckless abandon...
"Do you want more?" His sultry voice brought you back to reality, looking at him with lust clouded eyes. Oh, did you want more... You wanted so much more... You nodded breathlessly, biting your lip.
"Then... Beg for me, baby girl..." His brow raised towards you, clearly further teasing. You squirmed. His hand moved to begin preparing your hole for him, watching your face twist with pleasure. Soft squeaks errupted from the back of your throat, desperate to feel full with him.
"C'mon, I can't understand you... Speak up, baby girl~" You could only gasp in reply, shivering as he increased his pace.
"Toshi... Please... I... Need..." You whimpered, spreading your legs open for him, "you... Need you in me... Please!" You whined loudly.
"Gladly," he hummed and kissed you, easing himself into you soon after.
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love-impact · a month ago
Im confused!!!!why are three no x reader content related to how great Zhonglis ass is. We surely need to fix this.
Hcs to how Zhongli would react to his s/o touching his butt and asking “Ok but why your ass is so round and perfect? Im jealous”
Genre/Tags: Suggestive themes (n/sfw?)
You know what? You’re absolutely right, anon. We need more content praising his cute little butt. 
I’m happy to provide Zhongli butt content as I can’t evade the fact that I literally have his ass as my homescreen on my iPod. 
I’m turning this into a small drabble because I feel it’s just going to be easier to write it this way-
Songs I listened to: World is Mine by Supercell/Hatsune Miku; Hatsune Miku cover of Baka Mitai; 
Words: 310
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Today is a lucky day indeed—you both have free time to spend with each other.
You walk into his home office, you were intending on asking what he wants for lunch—but your eyes land on his ass as he puts books away in his large wooden bookshelf. He had finally decided to take off that complicated coat and vest of his earlier, so now you have a clear view of his perfect and round behind. You snicker internally and walk up to him.
"Hello, Beloved—" He says before stifling a gasp when one of your hands gives his butt a firm squeeze.
"Why is your ass so round and perfect? I'm jealous." You coo, sliding your hand over his butt in a swift comforting motion.
"So vulgar..." He raises a brow, looking at you from over his broad shoulder.
"Hehe." Your hand has intentions of slipping into his pants to feel his warm skin against your own, but his hand catches your wrist.
He turns to you, pulling your hand up to his face and kissing your knuckles. "I quite enjoy...your butt as well, dear. No need to be jealous over something so trivial."
"Aww... You like my butt?"
"...Yes. I enjoy every part of you, ___." He shakes his head, amused by your shenanigans.
He lets your hand slip free—and now he will pay for the consequences of his actions. You lean up to kiss him, and he reciprocates with no hesitation, he leans down to kiss you back. When your lips attach, you take this sweet moment to use both hands to smack his ass. He gasps and glares at you.
You give him a sheepish grin before he swiftly picks you up, hauling you over his shoulder before walking out of the room.
"You've been quite naughty, ___. I believe lunch can wait a bit longer."
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love-impact · a month ago
I Still Have Neko!Zhongli Brainrot, HELP
Genre/Tags: Slight N/SFW / Suggestive Themes, Neko!Zhongli, Reader is a tease
Words: 207
This is extremely half-assed, but I’m trying to do anything to distract my mind from the Depreshun. Sorry for the lame and short writing </3
Tumblr media
You hum lightly as you run a finger up and along Zhongli's spine, causing his back to curve inward. You giggle at his reaction, meeting his playful glare with your own eyes that glitter with devious intentions.
"Do you need something, Beloved?" He asks; his fluffy tail swishing to and fro.
"Not really." You shrug, feigning an innocent smile.
His eyes narrow before he fully turns to you. He goes to speak before you quite suddenly wrap your arms around him in a hug. He chuckles and hugs you back, falling into your trap. Your hands slide down to his butt, one hand giving a firm squeeze as the other caresses the base of his tail. He lets out a low sound that's a mix of a groan and mrowl.
"Just what do you think you're doing, hm?" He asks; managing to remain composed despite the growing arousal.
"Oh, nothing~." You tease.
"Quite a bold lie." He raises a brow, "You should know well enough how I feel about lies."
"Mmm..." You hum in thought before smacking his ass with both hands, "Oops, my hands slipped."
He growls low before grabbing your wrists and removing your hands from his behind, "You've lost your privilege to touch me."
"I believe some punishment is due..."
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imagininggintama · a month ago
17 for hijikata? Thank you
17.  Stop being so cute!
Toushirou Hijikata
Tumblr media
You found yourself sitting across from your boyfriend at a cafe where you both frequented. He loved taking you out when he had the time to, and this was one such occasion. However, you found yourself pouting at him with your arms crossed over your chest. He was smiling at you, like the adorable man moron he is. He may have told the waitress about a time the two of you had together, that you made him swear not to tell anyone!!! To be fair, it wasn't all that serious, you just got embarrassed easily.
"C'mon, babe, it wasn't that bad," he finally broke the silence. He didn't want you to stay mad forever, but he couldn't help how cute you were when you were just sitting there and pouting. He couldn't stop the chuckle that escaped his lips, causing you to fuss more.
"What are you laughing about?! Stop laughing at me!!!"
"Then stop being so cute!"
"Wha-? I'm not- Shuttup!" You blushed and started munching on your food. You couldn't stay mad at him after a comment like that, but you wouldn't admit it... Yet.
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imagininggintama · a month ago
69 for hijikata? And can the word please be daddy?
I believe you called?
Please don't expect them all to be this long. U.U;;; I was thinking about this ever since water and I talked.
69.  Did you just call me daddy?
Content Warning: Smut under the cut, calling Hijikata daddy, penetrative sex, reader getting called baby
Toushirou Hijikata
Tumblr media
"Tou-shi-rou~" you sang out cheerfully, tip toeing your way to where he stood. Your hands reached out to hold onto his arm, putting on the cutest expression you could manage. You had ulterior motives for your cutesy act, and hopefully he would oblige with little to no arguments.
"What's with the full name?" He murmured as he took a drag from his cigarette, letting the smoke escape from his lungs and into the air. "Where's the 'Toshi! Toshi!'? What're you up to?" He gently poked your nose, being stern enough to tell you he knew you were up to something, but not enough to lead you into believing he might be mad at you.
"Okay, okay! You got me! I was hoping to see the new movie that came out today... I'm trying to save up to get a new phone, so I was hoping..." You were cut off as he put his finger against your lips.
"Fine. You don't have to pay me back, but you can make it up to me with some one on one time on my next day off. It's been a while since we've been able to spend the day together, just the two of us." He smiled softly, making your chest feel fuzzy and warm.
"It's a deal! You'll come with me, right? Snacks and soda too... Right?" You pursed your lips as you asked for snacks, batting your eyelashes up at him. He sighed, but agreed and took your hand. Luckily you had caught him at the end of his shift!
You and Hijikata had thoroughly enjoyed the movie, despite him not really liking the initial trailer for it. Maybe it was because you warmed him up to the idea, or perhaps, he simply enjoyed spending time together with you. Either way, he took you home after the movie and peppered your face in kisses before saying goodbye. You decided you would make plans for what you would do together on his next day off. Well, after you rested and ate breakfast that is. You certainly couldn't think on a sleepless and breakfast-less brain.
Hijikata's next day off came quicker than you had expected, not that you minded. You had all sorts of things set up for the two of you to do. You had bought some food so the two of you could make something together, rented some movies-- the ones you wanted were NOT on any streaming sites and you weren't going to pirate them in front of a COP. You were up fairly early, knowing that it was hard for him to break out of the schedule he had during work hours. It paid off, though, as the sound of knocking made you hum happily.
You... Honestly weren't sure how accidentally spilling the flour all over the both of you lead to this current situation. Hijikata was between your legs, biting and sucking on your thighs. You mewled and whimpered, desperately wishing he would move just a biiiitt further up... Your clothes were scattered all around your room, him starting to take off his own between nips. You had gone to change into some clean flour-less clothes when he had pinned you down beneath him and onto the bed. You weren't totally sure when your underwear had gotten removed...
"E-Easy," you whimpered, trying to prop yourself up to look down at him. It just dawned on you that maybe this was what he meant by spending time together... His eyes were glazed over with lust, but still soft and loving... It sent shivers down your spine as he stared at you, lips still locked on the tender skin of your thigh. He finally released it, now just in his boxers as he leaned up to kiss you deeply. You couldn't help but melt, wrapping your arms around his shoulders as you both fell back into the bed. His hands were gently rubbing your hips, causing soft whimpers and squeaks to errupt from you as you spread your legs apart further for him.
He nibbled on your lower lip, and you happily opened up for him. As his tongue explored your mouth, his hand slid down between your legs; finally, finally touching you where you needed it.
"Yes, daddy! Right there!" You moaned, your head lolling to the side. You were so hot and so needy and... The sensation died down so quickly... You looked up at him, panting softly as he stared down at you. His jaw hung open slightly, eyes big, with the faintest pink dusting his cheeks. It was adorable, but you weren't quite sure what caused the reaction...
"Did you just call me daddy?" he finally manage to muster out, not embarrassed by you saying it, no- embarrassed at how much it turned him on. At least, he was pretty sure it was only when you said it.
"I... Um... Nnnooo..." You tried to lie, face burning so hot you could almost see your sweat turning into steam. You quickly covered your face with your hands, murmuring soft apologies from under them. You gasped loudly at the feeling of Hijikata's tongue pressing right at your sex, smirking up at you. When did he get off of you?!
"Don't worry baby, daddy'll take care of you." Your moans filled the air as his tongue worked wonders on you, whimpering his name mixed with 'daddy' as your orgasm approached. Clearly the phrase did more wonders on him than you, but his tongue could and did drive you wild.
Just as you were about to tip over that peak into sweet release, he pulled back and stood up. You were just so drunk with pleasure that you could only watch him from the bed, panting and shaking softly. You licked your lips as he slipped out of his boxers, hungrily watching while he pulled the condom on.
"You want it?" He panted, watching your legs spread further apart for him. He chuckled lowly, rubbing your hole with lube to prepare you for him. "I guess that answers that, but more importantly... What do you want daddy to do?"
"Fuck me, daddy," you whimpered, biting your lip. You were so horny for him and finding out you had a mutual kink just... God it drove you crazy. "Please, daddy, I need you so bad..."
"Shhh," he hummed, leaning down to kiss you before sliding himself into your hole. You moaned into the kiss, arms wrapping around him tightly. His thrusts started slow, just enjoying the closeness he got to have with you. He wanted to enjoy this time together. He held your hips as lust started to overcome him, wanting to make you feel just as good as he was feeling. He kissed down your jaw and to your neck, sucking and nibbling on the sensitive skin.
You moaned loudly, moving your legs around his waist. He moaned softly into your neck, whispering about how much he loved you and sweet praises. You screamed out his name as your orgasm suddenly hit, squeezing him between your thighs tightly. He grunted, panting as he sped up to get himself closer-- which only made you moan louder as the stimulation made your brain go fuzzy.
"I love you so much," he whispered into your ear, kissing and nibbling it, moaning softly under his breath. You weakly kissed along his jaw, shaking softly under him as the pleasure starting to build up again.
"That's it baby... Daddy wants you to cum again for him. Cum with daddy," he panted, thrusting faster into you. You moaned louder, feeling a second orgasm getting closer and closer. He kissed you deeply, holding your hips. He was getting close himself. You kissed back desperately, hands gently rubbing his chest. You squealed into the kiss as you came for the second time, shivering as you felt him cum close to the same time.
"That's it," he panted, pepperong your face with kisses, "you did amazing sweetie... Let's get you cleaned up."
You could only nod weakly, clinging to him as he carried you to the bathroom to get cleaned up.
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tawneybel · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Imagine asking why Herbert’s okay with, even enthusiastic about, Dan flirting with you.
“Because you seemed pretty annoyed when he and Francesca were talking.” His face flushed. “‘Don’t let the little head rule the big head, Dan.’ Yet you’re on board with him and me?”
Turns out Herbert can’t figure out whether he’s more infatuated with you or Dan.
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love-impact · 2 months ago
I'm just kinda in that sad subby mood?
Idk just thinking about someone treating me harshly in bed and taking advantage of my vulnerability.
I know you're supposed to talk things out about your kinks and stuff to your partner but I'm just so scared? I can't find enough fanfics that aren't harsh/degrading. Yeah I filter them out but a lot of the times the writer doesn't put a warning or tag. So yeah I have had many times where dark thoughts have happened.
I have many dark thoughts. I don't want my partner to inflict pain on me, I'm just going to think I did something wrong and messed up. I don't want to be a failure to them I'll be good, I promise just don't hurt me I'm scared.
I don't want to be called a sl/t or a wh/re, I promise to be more useful instead of just being your sl/t I just want to be something good I'm sorry I'll be better.
Don't worry I don't have a partner so I'm not being mistreated. Sorry, I vented too much.
It’s fine, nonnie. I’m glad you feel comfortable enough to tell me this. 
I understand your dilemma, though. I can see why your thoughts would be led there when something like that is posted without the proper tags. And, honestly, depending on my mood, I’d feel the same exact way. Sometimes one just wants love and affection, not to be degraded and put down. We all have our preferences and vulnerabilities. 
Unless you’re a person who’s completely comfortable with stuff like that, it’d hurt deeply to be told something like that by someone you’re supposed to trust. 
And, anon, if you ever want someone to write something more fluffy or sweet, I’d be happy to. Admittedly, it’d be bulleted, but I’m glad to provide something softer. I’d go out of my way to prioritize the request, too. I know I’m pretty slow when it comes to working on requests, but I know I’d still like to complete it at some point. 
Other than that, do your best to lift yourself up and take care of yourself. I know it hurts to think about those things, but more often than not, you need to lead your thoughts somewhere else or pick up something to distract yourself. I hope you’ll be alright, anon. And if you ever want to talk some more, I’m here for you. <3
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qatheauthoress74 · 2 months ago
Here at long last the final chapter to my first MK fanfic. But it won’t be my last, I promise. :) This is my Lunar New Year gift to you all!
Summary: Now it’s time for The Talk and another later with MK and Red Son, which leads to the inevitable conclusion to the story.
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love-impact · 3 months ago
Just wanted to mention,
When I say dragon!Zhongli,
I mean half-dragon
Just to clarify. 
Idk how fucking a big ass dragon would even work in the first place, so yeah
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sukunarii · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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