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#So i hope it turned out well
star-dust-2317 · 16 hours ago
A distant memory, a reel from my future
You're everywhere I find you.
Your blood-stained lips utter words into mine as they find themselves etched onto my mind
You colour me with colours you feel and the sounds you see,
And wondered why people said love was hard.
You saw forever crashing down on you and held me closer, whispering promises into the empty space between us.
The harbour lights and stars seemed all the same to you, empty and incandescent,
Brimming with emotions left behind by unsaid words and unfinished promises.
You said you found me among all those reveries, broken and new, and felt infinity.
You found forever in my bloody hands, and took me to the graveyard beneath the stars,
And painted me into the shadows to immortalize my spirit,
As your sins found their way into mine, intertwining soul and spirit.
You sat between my legs on the kitchen counter and held me a little too tight,
And saw the tides meet the orange sky, feeling magic once again.
You wished to become one among the graveyard of stars, and wanted me by your side,
So pushing me below the tides outside our window felt like love to you.
Ephemeral and clandestine, our love shined a bit too bright,
Love, if that's what you call it, seemed a bit too easy.
Tell me darling, was me not walking bloody on shards of your insecurities not enough for you?
Was it not enough I found you among those harbour lights and felt infinity too?
Did the forever you found in my hands not keep you happy? Or the shadows I dived into were too dull for you?
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opuxmagnum · a day ago
Just some body rambles;
Right out the gate; I defined much of her image as a mesh between ‘vaguely human’ and very obviously Pthumerian. Her image of course is based on what I have seen expressly on Pthumerians we see present in game (The queen, The descendant, those who roam the chalices etc) on top of some of my own HC’s and things I had in mind for Rosealia. I am returning to some older ideas tbh...
Despite a human visage she stands at a towering height of nearly “7′0′ (213 cm), one of many prominent details that speaks of her dubious Pthumerian lineage. While her height is a defining factor, it isn’t the only thing of note.
Her skin is of an ashen hue, with muted under shades of blue. In broad daylight, it is starkly obvious as she appears visually pale grey. This is also noticeable in the shade of her lips-- a darkened slate grey hue with a tinge of a muted blue.
Her hair is a vibrant shade of white with traces of silver and is of a fine and full texture. The length of is stops just about her mid back and it is customary for her to bind it into a loose side braid, or a tightly fitted bun.
Her musculature of her form is defined, a broad form significantly more sculpted in appearance with wide set shoulders and a powerful back muscle structure.
 Long, swan-like neck with pronounced collar bone maybe just one too many extra cervical vertebrae..
Lengthy toned limbs while befitting of her structure are still unusually long even for her considerable height. Her legs are in mirroring proportion to the abnormal length of her arms– making her already muscular visage appear somewhat deceivingly spindly at a glance. (Don’t get her wrong she can wrap her whole hand around ur face or rip you apart no issue and out duel many…)
Her eyes consist of a icy silver hue with flecks of pale blue, set against a darkened sclera that emphasizes. Drawing attention to her eyes and the construct of their shape from socket to brow ridge. The shape and structure of her eye is somewhat wider, taking on a peculiar angle given the augmented shape --it appears somewhat reminiscent of many nocturnal creatures.
Her mouth seems just a little long in accordance to her facial structure. That is simply due in part to the size and structure of her skull and width of her jaw line. This is along with the rest of her too-long features.
Lastly, upon her hands she bares an additional digit -- noting 6 upon each. Although she may hold a humanoid form, many things about her aren’t ‘right’. She is unfortunately a being who stands separate of man and far removed. Regardless on if she likes it or not... :/
#Rosealia;#Graveyard mummers — Headcanon#gonna use that tag here too#she doesn't get 100% subtlety because in part... with what was done to her and how she came to be#She is not the perfect ‘marriage’ of human and Pthumerian features.#but she is close#it only makes sense#i also want to dive into some internal body stuff too... that will come later#You want a strong potential god vessel not a feeble human one#and that is the fucked up truth of it#and i am not gonna shy away from that element#but that didn't turn over as well as they had hoped#She is something that is very much aberrant#she got away from the church barely tbh but also... how would you fucking stop THAT?#and none of your precautions held out as long as you had hoped...?#like it just backfired in a spectacular way when she just.. broke people#I can't wait to move on to her abilities and what she has access to...#cause she is a filthy sneak#after playing obedient for so long#-PLAYS UP THE ANGEL/ALIEN NEPHILIUM VIBES-#also lots of themes of isolation and disconnect because fuck me i guess it had to happen but at least it ain't reasonless#when u want closeness or connection but ur perceived more tool or monster rather than person that u just begin to accept it#well.. weapon and vessel I should say...#and you just live like that -- detached; duty bound; and emotionally compromised#until u walk out... and have to unlearn some shit#can;t wait to fucking crack into THAT#very easy for these fucks to dehumanize her for so long that she began to really deeply internalize that but I am veering off#sorry to go off in tags like this with disconnected stuff I am just abit hype since I started her bio entry#slowly but surely#q.
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serixawa · 5 days ago
I watched mop cycle 100 with my parents and my mom liked reigen so much that he has inspired her to seek out a promotion
this is why we need more girlboss representation to bring out and uplift the girlboss in every single one of us
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uneasyheat · 5 days ago
i'm so nervous i just had my interview and i'm hoping it went well
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chris-is-not-evil · 11 days ago
Tumblr media
Okay, this isn’t right.
Chris has just rescued her and this is how she treats him?
Towards the end of my previous rant which I posted about two weeks ago, I said that I had problems with Mia's actions here. I also said that I was going to elaborate further, so here I am. 
First, keep in mind that at this point, she hasn't known what happened to Ethan or Rose yet (unless she's been working with Miranda all along?). So she doesn't just snap out of grief, either. She's getting all offensive towards Chris, unprovoked. And to think that Chris has been nothing but kind to her too, even telling her that he's glad she's safe.
Is this what provokes her?
Tumblr media
Who says he's going to leave her there, though? Isn't it obvious that he's going to bring her to safety first? Turns out, that's exactly what he does. Of course.
And then she proceeds to bombard him and berate him for everything. And she does that without knowing what happened to her husband and daughter yet? (now you know why people suspect that Mia might have known Miranda's plan all along). Why does she feel the need to attack him like that? He literally just saves her. If she doesn’t hate Chris for no reason at all, she would’ve assumed that he has saved or at least is trying to save her husband and daughter as well. She has no reasons to have so much hatred towards Chris at that point. Again,  he literally just saves her.
Also, at the ending, when she doesn't see Ethan, this is what she says to Chris.
Tumblr media
Not something like "What happened to him?" or "Why wasn't he coming with you?" Nope. She just goes straight up making accusations towards Chris, when in fact it’s Ethan’s own decision to be left behind. And just look and listen to the venom in her words.
What has Chris done, you ask?
He's worked tirelessly to reveal and interfere with Miranda's plan, that's what he's done.
He's rescued you from Miranda's lab, that's what he's done.
He's risked his life planting the N2 explosive so the Megamycete doesn't consume the whole village along with your family, that's what he's done.
He's tried to get both your husband and daughter to safety before your husband decided to be left behind, that's what he's done.
Now, what have YOU done, Mia?
Tumblr media
Isn't that you together with Miranda herself? In a photo found right there on a table in Miranda's very own lab?
Weren't you the one working as a bioterrorist? Weren't you the one keeping secrets from your husband, which led to his demise?
And you have the gall to blame Chris for what happened? YOU of all people?
As a founding member of the BSAA, which by the way stands for Bioterrorism Security Assessment Alliance, Chris has the authority to incarcerate you for life for being a bioterrorist. You should be in jail and take responsibility for destroying an entire family (the Bakers).
But did he do all that to you? No. Not only did he show you mercy by not letting you rot in jail, he is kind enough to put your family under his protection and even gave your husband some military training. Chris is kind enough to use his influence to relocate you and your family all the way to Europe so you can live in peace for years and get busy making babies with your husband while Chris himself and his team were hard at work cleaning up the mess that you caused.
And by the way, it’s so messed up how Ethan didn’t even get to consent to having a mold baby, because she’s kept his condition a secret from him, again. Why hasn’t she learned her lessons since Dulvey? And think about how this whole mess could have been prevented had she been honest in the first place.
Chris doesn't owe the Winterses anything. NOTHING. He could’ve abandoned them all since RE7. Yet he keeps helping them over and over again. And this is what he’s got in return?
Tumblr media
Before this, my feeling towards Mia was indifferent at best. I didn't care enough about her to like her or hate her. But after what she did to Chris here, she definitely just catapulted herself far far away from my good book. As a decent human being, I feel bad for her for losing her husband. I really do. But she just snaps at Chris even before she finds out about what happened to Ethan. She’s so keen on antagonizing Chris every chance she’s got, no matter what. And really, instead of realizing that it is all her fault, she just blames Chris for everything, when he's actually just cleaning up her mess.
She is lucky Claire isn't there with her brother. Chris might be too nice to put Mia in her place, but pretty sure Claire would gladly slap her all the way back to America for having the audacity to mistreat her brother like that. Talk about biting the hand that feeds you.
EDIT: If despite what I've written above you still want to defend Mia or blame Chris whatsoever, make sure you understand canon lore before making addition to this post. I'm tired of people going off after saying stuff like "I'm not familiar with RE lore, but-". In that case, please make your own speculation post instead of jumping on mine. I don't want to feel obligated to educate you on the lore after seeing what you say in my notifications. For example, “Mia was working for The Connections”? Canon. “Mia was probably only working for The Connections because she couldn’t find any other jobs”? Ridiculously biased and baseless speculation. Canon facts only please. Thank you.
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Tumblr media
gonna try and embroider galaxy’s most handsome captain
we’ll see how this goes
+ small preview of how I’m gonna do it
Tumblr media
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andiwriteunderthemoon · 16 days ago
Persei and pyxis for kriya petri that I just drew, I need to know things now
Thanks for the ask!
Persei - What genre is this project in?
Fantasy scifi.
There’s some elements of dystopian (kind of Orwellian?), horror (light body horror + debatably psychological horror, though the latter melts with the dystopian part), and something that could debatably be called surrealism. Honestly I don’t fully understand genres. SFF is the only label I use without ambiguity, the others are more.... descriptions that sorrrrttttt of work.
Pyxis - Are there any major themes or messages you’re writing to show?
I don’t think any themes besides identity were intentional (and THAT theme ended up.......... becoming either very complex or. But branching off the implications of stuff I’d already established, a LOT of things ended up being part of the story.
I cannot describe the themes without rambling. So here’s the ramble, and my attempts to be as coherent as possible:
Identity, its connection to names, its relation to the outside world and people in our past and present.
the past. How much it can and ‘should’ impact you.
the future, and a sense of a lack of control over it
Being ‘deserving’ of good/bad things.
walking the fine line between protecting yourself and being a dickhead
being authentic and, more importantly, letting yourself thrive VS being safe    (mainly in the purple side*)
maintaining your nice safe place in the status quo & doing what you’ve been told is your duty VS sensing, “hey wait something’s off” and maybe, just maybe having a trickle of disillusionment about the way things are      (mainly in the red side*)
Where some things ‘should’ be a certain way, especially when it comes to just,,, Existing as who you are. 
I won’t be able to explain this one properly since I only very recently noticed it (which is ridiculous since this theme’s been there ever since I started the project, but noooooo it takes 1.5 year to notice it): ableism Both internalised ableism and the ableism which is built right into the worldbuilding, with the prevailing power (the Divine Monarchy)’s ideology featuring heavily a bunch of traits of criminality (which seem to shift every couple of decades), a lot of which are just traits of neurodivergent folk and other so-called ‘abnormal’ folk (mostly we focus on ableism stuff but framed in a weird way and the cultural impact of this whole thing affects all the characters AND segueing into the next theme!
Interconnected with the previous theme: Guilt! Guilt in situations where you’re not sure if you SHOULD be guilty or not, feeling guilty for things that weren’t your fault but doing mental gymnastics to say it was; some characters (in the red side*) trying to justify the guilt of others because those ‘others’ are Supposed to be guilty (even though what they themselves observe may suggest otherwise [most try to ignore the issue, some grapple with it, conflicted])
* So we’ve got the protagonist (the titular character, except sort of not the titular character, since that’s not their actual name [whether they have one becomes more and more questionable] since they stole an identity [involves a horrifying magical realm beneath the mantle and the weird legal system of the setting, Fillor]) and the deuteragonist. The protagonist’s side of the story (+that of the people they interact with) is called the Purple Side. The deuteragonist’s side (+that of the people he interacts with) is called the Red Side. the colours purple & red have significance because they represent magic and unmagic (which are two substances used to do magic);  magic and unmagic further have cultural associations attached to them in Fillor, and to the way they interact + their use in staffcraft and wandcraft (the two major branches of magic). protag is a stitchcrafter&potioneers, deut is a Thought magician (both fall under wandcrafter and staffcrafter respectively) aaaaaaaaaaaaand the specific details of the way both those types of magic work (differences + commonalities) give us metaphors when it comes to the themes b/w these two characters (connecting the two even before the plot does)
Honestly it’s hard to describe the themes/messages by themselves without delving into specific characters and worldbuilding, because I put a lot of a focus on the impact the world and the culture (its major values, subliminal messages, ideologies etc etc Et Cetera) have on the characters. how certain events are impacting their lives. Characters, themes, worldbuilding, woven together to be very very interconnected (I might consider interconnectedness to be a theme but that might just be a feature of the storytelling).
Thank you for the ask!!!
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xcziel · 17 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
a selection of smirky smugness courtesy of Wang Can:
"You had better not try any tricks"
Tumblr media
"What're you doing? We're on the same team!" - Wang Can is outraged at Li Cu
Tumblr media
"He's on my team - I'm not gonna let you pay him back for that" after Li Cu snatches the token for XiaoYuan (what he doesn't add: because that reflects back on me)
I just love this little illustration of Wang Can's philosophy - orders are orders, if orders say we're on the same team then that's it. Anyone who steps out of line is going down, even if we were on the same side once - a "loyal soldier"
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inkykeiji · 18 days ago
im very exited for the raver!dabi fic because you mentioned reader has/had borderline obsession with him? yeah, pretty much how i feel about him </3
oh i’m very glad to hear that!! YES, and that’s what i mean when i say ‘self-indulgent’—the piece itself is meant to encompass and attempt to describe or portray MY love for this fictional 2d character lmao <3
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