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#So I don't think it counts
holos-love · 3 days ago
Me: Whatever feelings I have for K.enei aren’t that strong.
Also Me: *talks about him at least once a day* *vocally stims using his name, also daily* *has him in the elite ‘soulmate’ category of F/Os* *has written 40,000 words of fic content involving him* *has drawn him 20 separate times (I counted; including WIPs) in less than two months, which is the most I’ve ever drawn an F/O in such a short time before*
Me: Yeah it’s fine, it’s nothing, I like him a normal amount.
#someone needs to grab my shoulders and shake me like a snow globe bc I am just. feeling some kind of way.#yes I have written 40;000 words worth of fics in about 2 months.#ok to be fair; two of the pics are Chibi Style but.......still counts#this. really is the.. idk; most Intensely I've ever reacted to an f/o before??#I mean I've definitely had extreme connections to others before and I am in no way diminishing that. but this is???#it's Different. With the other f/os I have a strong connection to; it's because I in some way relate to them/their trauma/etc#ESPECIALLY those who are soulmate status. that's... usually reserved for f/os I relate to a lot and have grown emotionally attached to#I do not have any of that 'I relate to you' feeling with K.enei really; outside of me reading WAY too far into one line#so it... idk. I really do not understand how it was HIM I got attached to so closely. I don't.. understand it#but I'm working to just accept it and roll with it#and i mean. usually with drawing ship art n writing fics for new f/os; I'm. really nervous and embarrassed (or ashamed) when creating it#i get some classic nervousness with Bastard and specifically K.enei content; but... well. again; it's different#I've written stuff and drawn stuff to do with K.enei that would usually take me MONTHS to even THINK about doing#and I literally kicked the ship off with that first artwork; which was. surprisingly cute and close. idk#(I'm saying idk a lot but-) it's somehow different with him. there's a really odd comfort I get from him and idk why (anD AGAIN--)#OK LAST THOUGHT BACK ON THE 'how was it HIM of all people' THING#because like I do say from time to time; I am not a superficial person. I cannot just go 'oo character hot. i f/o them now' bc its-#-not how my brain works; personally. (AND THATS. NOT A STAB AT PEOPLE WHO *DO* DO THAT; ITS PERFECTLY FINE)#I have to have some sort of emotional connection to them. if there's no emotional connection; I'm just not invested and thus-#-the character is not going to become an f/o. I MEAN. I WISH I COULD JUST HAVE FUN AND GO 'OO HOT CHARA IS F/O NOW'#BUT ALAS IT'S JUST !! NOT A GENUINE FEELING FOR ME AND I;; CANNOT;;#(i just over-explained myself bc I was worried I was sounding like I denounce peeps who gets f/os quickly but that is nOT THE CASE--)#(I THINK IT WAS THE USE OF 'SUPERFICIAL' THAT MADE ME FEEL LIKE I WAS BEING A DICK BUT. CANT THINK OF A LESS DICK WORD)#ok anyway to summarise:#basically..... K.enei; my beloved
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I am once again thinking about the way Nanbaka writes friendships
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reliqion · 6 days ago
Currently extremely conflicted bc someone posted a cute set in some doc martens (good) but the caption felt very perfomative and also doc martens are like way overpriced I dont think those are the ones u wanna post abt kicking fascists with (bad)
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danisdreaming · 13 days ago
guaranteed if i was a character on glee i’d be the most hated one bc lord knows if someone interrupted my marriage proposal, i’d beat the crap out of them
#the tags are lowkey anti kurt. so#it’s so funny to me that of all the people on this show he could’ve said all that to.. he said it to santana#the person who will not even hesitate before killing him#the look she gave him directly afterwards said it all lmao#speaking of which. i’m personally very upset by the fact that they totally skipped over him apologizing to her..#he apologized to britt and to rachel for his respective outbursts#and they implied he’d apologized or at least reconciled with santana in the final group number#but we never got to See it. and as a kurt/santana friendship stan i am Livid#and also just as someone who was very Very angry about how he behaved in that whole episode#like. san was the most deserving of an apology here... though i’m sure no one would agree with me on that Just bc she told him off for it#like fuck off. he should still say sorry#and so should she for that matter#don’t think i’m letting her off the hook. i acknowledge that she went too far and should apologize to him for the harshness of her words#but he needs to as well (not that it would Fix anything. but it’s the thought that counts)#don’t even get me Started on the fact that his apology to brittany didn’t even feel the least bit sincere#at least his one to rachel did.. but he didn’t even apologize to jane and mason.. just rachel#(i know they told rachel they appreciated his honesty but i still think he should’ve gone about it another way and said he was sorry)#like sir. please get your priorities straight. you’re apologizing to the wrong people here#dan complains about tv
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aceoflanterns · 13 days ago
(obligatory disclaimer: i’m talking about the characters from the dream smp, not the people who play them and stream on the server! thanks, now enjoy.)
has it been long enough yet to put it out there that tubbo made the objectively right decision in exiling tommy or...
well. if it hasn’t, i don’t particularly care. let’s get into it.
tubbo was given two options from dream: exile tommy or doom the rest of his country. in simpler terms, he was told that he must either a) exile one unruly citizen who kept landing himself in trouble or b) fuck over an entire country. both were shitty options, but he ended up choosing the one that harmed less people. 
though it’s seen differently from viewers, given that we have far more of an emotional response to such situations, tubbo’s job as president was to protect his nation, not his friend. 
if the cabinet had gone through with tommy’s plan - part of which being for them to try to convince technoblade to work with them to protect their government? - outright war would have been declared on l’manberg. actually, maybe not even war! dream could have built up the obsidian walls to the block limit, trapped them, and taken all of their lives without breaking a single sweat. 
tl;dr: tubbo chose the lesser of two evils in exiling tommy. it doesn’t mean that he made a good decision, but of two terrible options, he chose the one that was morally right to make given his position.
it’s been a while since we’ve talked about this, i feel. if you’ve got anything to add, feel free to do so!
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ninikins · 17 days ago
bongwater is the water people put in bongs to make smoking marijuana easier I think
LMAOOOO imagine being so weak you have to smoke weed like that 😎😎😎👊
jk please don't do drugs, they're very addictive (even if you don't want to consume them anymore, they end up being smth like a necessity when they shouldn't be) and, to make it short, just destroy your body so the temporary happiness or whatever is not worth it :[ especially if you're a minor, but that doesn't mean adults are immune to it.
BUT I'm not y'all's mum so if you know what you're getting into and still want em then that's on you
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iamdeltas · 17 days ago
I am kind of surprised that Monica/Wanda doesn't seem to be very popular. Even with tempered expectations from knowing how dismal MCU fandom is with femslash... it's still wild to me that it's not even close to, for instance, being the most popular f/f ship in the WandaVision tag in AO3.
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nobody-knose · 20 days ago
tell me a fun fact about someone from the cojum who? crew that is unlikely to be realistically mentioned/covered in the actual story?
depends on your standards for “actual story” honestly because if i come up with a thing odds are it’s because there’s Potential in it. but i can be realistic sometimes! things that won’t ever come up unless i lose my mind &/or obtain a time machine of my own to write this stuff out with:
-b. kingdom & c. summerfield are both on their 4th regenerations
-i already introduced this in w. xylophone but a. holloway has synesthesia, of the music & colors (chromesthesia) variety for the most part, with other bits of time-related & word synesthesia as well. if i’m being vague it’s a. i don’t know much about synesthesia & b. if there’s one thing i do know it’s that things are vague with synesthesia
-z. shelley has absolutely braided summerfield & kingdom’s hair before and it’d do it with the others too but they have significantly less conscious control over the growth of their hair than the time lords do.
-out of the entire crew of them, r. forrester is the one with the least musical experience
-holloway’s nonhuman traits are generally limited to like, internal biology & dna & shit, making hyr separate from humans a la the way snakes can all look almost identical but can’t inbreed. because of this they can eat rocks
-oh also because everyone is nd here: r. chaplet stims by like hopping around in place or walking and moving; shelly stims by hand flapping & other real dynamic hand motions; forrester stims by shaking eir head and *spoilers but basically ey swing eir legs*; holloway stims by humming and making other noises in hyr mouth (chewlery bay be); the time lords tend to do this stuff on like an ~advanced telepathic or metaphysical sense, but also kingdom will whistle and kick their feet in the air; summerfield likes to run xer hands down xer body and slap shit like bongos; and last but not least j. harkness tends to rock or jog in place!
-kingdom & summerfield do have passing acquaintances with the doctor and probably would go for a meetup of “renegade time lords that do or do not collect companions from time to time” were it not for chaplet’s (and shelley’s, honestly) moderate aversion to british people (understandable)
and here i’ve absolutely got to put a cut for spoilers because most of this story is not published! which means from here on out you may find things involving contexts that haven’t been introduced in the main story yet. so either save this for whenever the hell i get the rest of this story out or read on and be spoiled on. minor factoids. minor factoids that mention larger factoids that are connected to major factoids.
to be concise: if you read on you might learn shit that would be built up & played with suspense or as a shock in the chapter it’s meant to be introduced in and nothing a whole lot more deadly than that.
-harkness is on their 5th regeneration (though they’d gladly lie about that number on literally any scale). you know i damn near put that above this cut & i’m very glad i didn’t all things considered
-ross is not forrester’s real name! it’s a nickname derived from eir middle name. eir first name is steven. why is this in the spoilers section? because eir twin’s name is also a derivative of hir middle name, with hir first name being steve. their parents though they were being funny.
-holloway is the only one of the non-time lords to be an only child but they don’t know this for sure & it’s exactly as angsty as you think it can be.
-this one’s less of an interesting fact and more r. chaplet’s entire backstory but i genuinely can’t think of a way to integrate it into a story so just imagine this is being told in the T&LDIS library over a cup of 20th century martinellis or something. cw for implied/mentioned death + only other things you’d get in a dw story
he was born an american, of course, you can tell by the accent, but one does not learn a convincing british accent without a good amount of experience- he was sent moved to england shortly before even becoming an adult, and spent pretty much all of his time there learning the ins and outs of capitalism in an almost obviously fascist state. he was a good student, of course, had to get support from his family/the government somehow, but you know, still ended up gravitating towards the types of figures that nobody in the capitalist class ever wanted to see someone gravitate towards. in short, he started attending underground insurrectionist meetings that were dedicated to (in the short term) countering propaganda and spreading awareness/education, and (in the long term) holding an entire revolution. (yes, it was that kind of fascist scifi setting).
considering the whole general state howard was in when the others came across him, it shouldn’t be too hard to guess how that whole thing worked out. still. the details. they were found out, in due time. the whole lot of them. someone caved and ratted them out, of course. well, there was one survivor. one stuck around to tell the tale. one stuck around to personally know exactly what any potential revolutionaries are up against, and provide testimonies if the powers that be ever wanted them, and not do anything to provoke their notice in the slightest, and be nothing more than the best cog in the great capitalist machine the english empire ever saw.
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gale-gentlepenguin · 21 days ago
Marinette and Luka didn't break up because Marinette was still in love with Adrien or because Marinette couldn't be honest with him.
The reason they broke up is because Luka only had 1 outfit outside of his regular clothes and it drove Marinette nuts.
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maladaptivedaydreamsx · 24 days ago
Tumblr media
my finals are finally over!!! and it seems like om! wanted to join in on the celebration & gave me this glorious ssr on my free pull in nightmare... safe to say it's been a good night 😭💗
this devilgram was so cute and it's honestly so fun and refreshing to see simeon's sort of boyish charm and flirty side, especially with how soft and caring he can be (esp with mc).
even better for me bc my top faves (satan & simeon) played the biggest roles here hehe♡
#l'hôtel.obeyme#obeyme.simeon#obey me devilgram#don't think this counts as sp/oilers bc i didn't even mention the plot lol but uuhh iykyk ig?#⚠️ spoilers in the tags here instead ⚠️#having simeon be your art class model??#and then your personal model bc some cursed paintbrush ruined your assignment???#AND THEN HE FALLS ASLEEP ON YOUR SHOULDER?????#solid 15/10 solmare omfg 😳💕#genuinely really had fun reading this one and rly rly loved it! simple yet so cute <3#i think my faves so far (bc im biased lmao) were simeon's ur+ devilgram when they go shopping together and hang out after the rain --#-- and satan's ssr with the kitty cat mugs where they have like an indoor camping date. loved those two so so much#uuuhh mammon's picnic date and levi's anti anti xmas ones were pretty cute too ngl uvu#i still have quite a few unread/unfinished ones bc of memory ssr's and i only have abt 40 keys atm iirc so im tryna save;;;#i splurged some keys on the belphie ur+ i didn't expect to miraculously get and then on this story bc like..... s i m e o n 💙#my post 📫#aerin.jpg#whipped culture™️#oh wait lmao liiieesss it shows my keys in the pic hahaha i have like 31 now i think?#after my next congratulations set I'll have like 8 dv's and it's so frustrating to be so close yet so far from being able to do a 10 pull;;;#so i think im just gonna save up for whatever the next one is lol#i rly rly need uuhh a wrath ur i think.. or a sloth one bc the only one i have rn is the levi bday one (bc of the mishap) haha#still not a one beel ur :( and save for angel asmo freebie none for him either 😞#why did i go off writing a whole essay in the tags today yikes lmfao#anyway i hope the next event has some of the cards i wanna aim for. if not i might just try to focus my ap on actually getting past... ch20?#i wanna do some of the older events i missed out on lonely devil but i also don't wanna waste a crap ton of ap and regret it yk?#oh right i remember the other thing i wanted to say is that im so close yet so far from the mammon ssr from the spy event rn..#think im like 15k off atm?? so i rly rly hope i can make it by the end of the event;; hopefully should be able to;;#haven't gone this ham on an event in awhile and im so close so i dont wanna regret it again...#(cough still bitter i didnt have enough time to play so i could get snow leopard solomon COUGH....😤😥)
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aldudonk · 26 days ago
dragon age for the fandom asks :)
 t h i r d  t i m e ‘ s  t h e  c h a r m
first time I did it on mobile, it crashed, and it didn’t save, the second I went to go hang out with my partner after i /thought/ I hit post but Apparently Didnt, so here goesssss
prefacing this with saying I played the games out of order, haven’t even managed to play da2 (haven’t been able to buy it yet :pensive:) so my opinions might not be informed as a more intense fan. Buut, still love the games and still have Opinions:tm:
First character I fell in love with: 110% Josephine. When I first saw her, I was like “If I can’t hold her hand this world will be unfixable and I will have no purpose in living anymore” and then I saw the flirt option when talking to her and lost my goddamn mind. It was so nice to see a story where there was just. No Tragedy (to an extent), no dying, it felt like I got to live out my sappy romantic dreams :’) she was my first romance in a DA (or bioware game in general) and she’ll always have a special place in my heart,,
Character I never expected to love as much as I do now: Honestly? Wynne lmao, I thought she would just be “nagging old lady” but she grew on me and to this day I still love her. Even when she was trying to keep me from doing the horizontal tango with Leliana smh /j
Character everyone loves that I don’t: Surprise Surprise, Cullen. When I first started playing Inquisition (since. again, out of order,) he was just slightly annoying to me, if a bit offputting. I didn’t wanna be around him that much, felt some of comments were. strange, so say the least, but then... Then, I played Origins. 
And I fucking hated him.
I can get why some people might like Cullen. I am not one of those people. After doing the circle quest and having to deal with his “kill all the mages” bullshit, I just... Look, I felt bad for him, but still. In my grand opinion, he shouldn’t have. Uh. Wanted to kill all the mages <3 he’s in my top 5 least favorite characters (and yes, I am aware of his addiction story, and while I still feel bad about that, I just... That doesn’t exactly “redeem” his prior actions, for lack of a better term).
Character I love that everyone else hates: I’m not sure if she gets a lot of hate, but Sera. Seeing a lesbian character who will get a happy ending made me really happy. Sure, you can... Dismiss her at any time, there’s almost no interactions that I can remember where you can be nice/understanding with her (even if the interaction gains approval) and sometimes her “my way or the highway” is really shitty (again, for lack of a better term) but still. I love her, I really do. One of my first times seeing an openly, quite unapologetic lesbian in games, and it’s still kinda important to me. I dunno. I was still trying to figure out who I was, I only recently really embraced “lesbian” as my own label, and I guess you could really attribute part of that to her. But, if she isn’t really hated, then disregard this. I’ve just seen some really nasty things people said about her.
Character I used to love but don’t anymore: Solas... And no, not because of his dreadwolf reveal. I enjoyed that! I like the thought of him as a villain! But, like... Lots of stuff started to wear on me, like... It’s been a while since I last played but he always felt quite condescending once I talked to him a bit more, just a bit “I’m superior to you haha.” I was playing a lavellan for this first playthrough, and... I dunno. I don’t hate him! I just don’t really love him. He’s worn on me, and not in a good way.
Character I would totally smooch: You want a list? Sera, Josephine, Leliana, and Qunari lady from the da4 trailer.
Character I want to be like: I don’t think I have a character I’d particularly wanna be like! If I had to choose, I’d pick Dagna, because I respect her dedication to. Learning. JDFKSD (can you tell I’m tired of doing this for the third time?)
Character I’d slap: Cullen <3 I would say Meredith too but even though I know she’s. uh. kinda fucking bad I’ll wait until I play DA2 to say so with Confidence
Pairing I love: Merribela, Leliana/Josephine, and really most pairing between pc/npc, save for a few exceptions, such as...
Pairing i hate: Cullen/Mage. Any mage. Mage Inquisitor. Mage Warden (hghg). Mage random character on the street you yoinked up. Just... No. Nope. Nuh-uh. Usually I’m very “do your own thing, idc if I don’t like it :)” but that’s like... Major nope. Ya know... Kill all the mages in the circle. (Plus, his feelings for a mage warden? When he’s in a position of power over her? :////////////) But! no hatred for anything else, really!
Thank you for the ask!
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