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#Signs of the Times
thechristadelphian · a day ago
'I The LORD will hasten it in its time: World Prophecy Event 2021 - 3 Videos
‘I The LORD will hasten it in its time: World Prophecy Event 2021 – 3 Videos
[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Videos presented at the World Prophecy Day in 2021 organised by the Bible Magazine team Visit to subscribe to the weekly podcast. More videos in relation to the Bible in the news,  Videos here…[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column…
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middleland · 4 days ago
Astro gas station sign, Dayton Ohio 1
Astro gas station sign, Dayton Ohio 1 by magnusgreel2 Via Flickr:
My photo... Dayton OH, 1973 or'74, Dixie Hwy (old US 25) as you enter Dayton from the north. The station was boarded up. I've never heard anything about Astro since. This must be the only image of this sign online.
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lightman2120 · 11 days ago
Watch "Something Big is Coming Very Soon!" on YouTube
I pray that my faith may be strong and that I will fight back against sin.
Dear Lord, have mercy on me.
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revl3 · 18 days ago
And so it begins...when they start wanting to take the “human touch” out of life, we can expect the mark of the beast to be introduced. End times are happening now.
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The Signs of the Times (Mark 13:9-20) On the Mount of Olives, Jesus warned His disciples about coming days of tribulation. In this sermon, R.C. Sproul continues his series in the book of Mark to discuss the difficult times that Christ described.
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revl3 · 28 days ago
The timing of this alarming environmental (possible doomsday) situation is not coincidental concerning the forewritten return of Christ. The human age and the technology age of the human is coming to its ending, my friends. The transitional phase is occurring because it is foretold this would happen in the word of God. The book of Revelation tells much of what we need to know about these times we face...the end times.
Also, the book of Matthew and the book of Daniel is informing...but really, all books of the Holy Bible are informing because the Holy Bible is the guide book to human life on earth and how to nurture and sustain our mortal souls while here on this physical journey.
Because we are spiritual beings (eternal souls/spirit energy of creation) on a (assigned to) temporal, physical journey.
The planet will not end, but the age of man and the vain, artificial, superficial, shallow, corrupted, tainted world we’ve built upon the planet will end, making way for the new age and its arrival -- the Kingdom Age with Jesus Christ (Yeshua) leading the way. The pure age of renewal and sustainment in the everlasting love of Christ Jesus our Lord.
Planet Earth will be renewed because He’s God and it’s His planet and He can do anything because He created it.
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