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#Short films video Editing
rawb-rolls · 2 days ago
I’m getting really good with my videos. I have a nice list of short film ideas.. but I’ve been pondering on which to start. I think I’m going to do stories that check morality. Get people thinking and to question their moral scales. I genuinely want people happy so I must teach ✊🏽
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On another note, my job had a talent show. The videos had to be certain frame rate, shot with 1080p quality, and no more than 2 minutes. Most people posted talents that showcased singing, dancing, and some sort of comedy. I decided to make a short 1960s style commercial 😅 I had fun and everyone seemed to love it. Here it is:
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yoongi-speculation · 26 days ago
I did it again. I made another trailer for my Sword and Shield project.
This is a very randomized but also carefully chosen assortment of stock footage and film clips. Go ahead and try to guess what some of the clips came from ;)
Here's a gif that Vimeo let me make:
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And under this spoiler tag is a ton of information about the storyline behind this concept film:
Humans have colonized Earth's Moon, and started traveling to distant planets outside of our solar system. As spacecrafts are bringing back materials from other worlds, the Moon colony declares independence from Earth.
Enraged that Moon inhabitants, many of whom were born on Earth, are breaking away from their planetary roots, war is threatened by the International Earth and Space Military. The Moon colonists are unable to withstand the onslaught, and a significant portion of the Moon is destroyed.
Meanwhile, chemical-engineers in Northeast Asia begin using the materials they find from other planets to create chemical weapons. In their arrogance, their creations become out of control. The explosion destroys most of Northeast Asia, and covering the area on the edge of the blast range in a thick magenta cloud.
Anyone exposed directly to this cloud dies within minutes. Many humans who are indirectly exposed die within several days. Those who do not perish, awaken as though nothing has happened.
These survivors develop strange skills, finding themselves able to melt their bodies into water, invoke pain on anyone they touch, or hypnotize someone else by singing.
Governments in this region become afraid of these people, and in some cases, rightfully so. But the fear turns into hatred, and an effort to find, capture and murder any superpowered humans.
To escape death, they seek refuge in what is now known as Dead Daegu, South Korea.
Gong Minji, under the alias "Pounds", joins forces with several others who share her ability of super-human strength. They protect the defenseless, and guard people from the military that is trying to capture them.
Min Yoongi, reborn with the hydrokinesis ability, stays close to the Nakdong River. He sends a broadcast on a private radio channel every morning, calling out to anyone with any ability to come meet with him. He chants that he will be their sword and their shield.
Yoongi knows of Pounds and her efforts, but the elusiveness of her group prevent him from finding her. He is too fearful to venture deeper into the city and risk leaving the safety of the river. He starts to lose hope, while his anxiety takes over.
Kim Seokjin, once a man of wealth, is now an outcast. He has no money, no resources, and no one to protect him from harm. He happens upon Yoongi's broadcast, and goes to the river to find him. What he witnesses is Yoongi leaping from the top of a bridge and diving into the water completely unharmed.
Yoongi surfaces and sees Seokjin watching him. He cautiously walks onto the bank and says to him, "I will be your sword."
Seokjin replies, "I will be your shield."
After exchanging names, Yoongi wants to know what Seokjin can do. His new ally demonstrates his ability to manipulate weather, and creates a small snow flurry. Yoongi grins because he knows, this is the beginning of something special.
Feeling a little bit safer with a friend at his side, Yoongi starts entering the city. Maybe he can finally find Pounds. Instead, his reasons for staying at the river come to life when superpowered thugs try to overpower them both.
The pair are beaten badly despite trying their hardest to fight back. One of the members of Pounds' group, comes across the scene and uses her destructive scream to save them. Banshee brings them to Pounds' hideaway.
For a while Pounds and her group unite with Seokjin and Yoongi. They travel outside of Dead Daegu and attempt to help people who are not superpowered. They are desperate to change public perception of them, to absolve the fear.
Almost everyone in Pounds' group is picked off one by one. They are captured, and either murdered or experimented on. The remaining members want nothing more to do with the effort and go their separate ways to evade death. Seeing that their mission is futile, Pounds and the other three descend back into Dead Daegu.
Yoongi goes back to Nakdong. He starts sending broadcasts again. Seokjin, Banshee and Pounds eventually follow him.
More superpowered humans come. They form an alliance, and create a new hideaway inside an abandoned building.
All but one. She watches from a distance, observing how this powered group functions each day. She debates with herself about joining, or killing them all, she really isn't sure.
Her body begins to change. Her jet black hair rapidly grows. It turns white. She loses weight, but doesn't feel unhealthy. Just a lot less human than she was before. Kind of like she is made of the energy from Hell itself.
Perhaps she is Hell. Perhaps Earth is Hell. Or should become Hell. As the world's only surviving Hellcaster, she feels it's her duty to at least give it a try.
Cast of Characters:
Min Yoongi/Azure Guardian - Hydrokinesis. Makes water move as he pleases. Melts his body into water.
Kim Seokjin/Frostbite - Weather manipulator. Snow and hail are his specialty.
Lee Chaerin/Banshee - Destructive scream. Her screams can destroy almost any structure, and also rip a person's body apart.
Jeon Jungkook/Deathtalker - Underworld Communicator. He travels to Hell in his dreams, and can converse with the demons and spirits there. He gets too close to a three-headed hydra-spirit named Orochi, who possesses him in order to escape Hell. Jungkook and Orochi's consciousness will swap back and forth, or other times will be a dual consciousness named Deathtalker. Jungkook has the strength of a demon, and can shape-shift into Orochi's form.
Gong Minji/Pounds - Super human strength. She can lift approximately 1500 lbs, and is also skilled in hand to hand combat. She often spars with Jungkook/Deathtalker, because he is the only person who can withstand her hits.
Park Bom/Aries - Fire generator. She can generate fire at will, and manipulate the flames to burn and demolish anything around her.
Park Jimin/Enchanter - Siren. He manipulates the minds of others by singing to them. He can lure in almost anyone and make them do whatever he wants.
Park Sandara/Bewitcher - Hypnotist. She manipulates the wills of others by making eye contact. The longer she stares into a person's eyes, the more pliant they become. She can then tell them to do anything.
Jung Hoseok/Blockade - Illusionist. He manipulates matter and light around him to create beautiful and spectacular illusions, while also creating forcefields for protection.
Kim Namjoon/Monster - Pain inflictor. He invokes extreme, violent pain in anyone that he touches with his hands. He is unable to fully control this ability and must wear gloves at all times. Unlike the other heroes, he heavily indulges in his power and teeters between hero and antagonist occasionally.
Kim Taehyung/V - Animal Communicator. He can understand the languages/vocalizations of animals and make the same vocalizations to converse with them. He also has two alien pets that he rescued, one canine-like creature named Gang-aji, and another snake-like creature named Hebi.
Gang-aji - An alien "canine" who stands about 5 feet tell at the shoulders. He is sweet and affectionate, but also loyal and protective of the Sword and Shield alliance. He will chase and attack anyone who threatens his human companions.
Hebi - An alien "snake" who is around 16 feet long, and has six eyes. She is a violent creature, who is loyal specifically to Taehyung, and cares nothing at first for other humans. As time goes on, she is indifferent to most members of Sword and Shield. She does however develop a strong bond with Jungkook/Deathtalker, and a burning hatred for Yoongi.
Hellraiser - Hellcaster. She draws her power from the energy of the Hell dimension. Using this energy she spawns spires of flames, then begins devouring structures and living things around her. Everything is soon propelled upward and burned to ashes.
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peacockdesignsolutions · a month ago
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desirockproduction · a month ago
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tiffbyday · a month ago
Made a cute video
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jawmediasposts · a month ago
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duncrafts · 2 months ago
On a Roll - Week short film
A short film made as a part of my University film course. The prompt “On a Roll” was given alongside one week to conceptualise, film and edit the project. Working with the “Roll” idea, I decided to focus on the simple roll of a coin and how something so small to us must be a massive adventure for them.
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dynamic-teamwork · 2 months ago
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tomfunk · 2 months ago
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monoescript22 · 3 months ago
Me sigam no tiktok me ajuda a chegar a 200 seguidores lá 👁️👄👁️🖐️
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universalfanfic · 3 months ago
@inkoutsidethelines Here’s my attempt to make a RR!AMH AU ....trailer? Tribute?
I just really wanted to do something for the au. Please forgive my beginner attempts at video edits haha.
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thewritingwhovian · 4 months ago
Video Production Page Update!
Video Production Page Update!
Hello everyone! I recently updated my Video Production page; now you can watch all my best video projects on one convenient page. Feel free to leave a comment on the page, or on the video itself on YouTube or Vimeo. Happy watching!
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corecreativemedia · 4 months ago
Places Unknown! A long long long time ago when I was a young film student I was big into stop-motion. I decided to try my own
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codeinekobe · 5 months ago
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