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#Sex Problem
satashiiwrites · 3 hours ago
Tumblr media
Still no name for this fic.  I really do need to figure that out given it’s going to probably be 4x longer than Seguir. 
From Untitiled Seguir Sequel/Reyes Version of events, MReyder, MEA/ME2, implied pre-MShenko (not this part).
Warnings: first draft. Reyes is still a dirty man and there’s a lot of porn in his version of events.
I’m blaming you discord peeps—you know who you are 😉
Tumblr media
Finally leaving Apollo’s after settling the bill, they wandered the lakeshore on the Presidium holding each other’s hands, bodies brushing against one another as they moved. It was getting late and the artificial night lights made for a false starry sky above them as they slowly made their way back towards Scott’s hotel room. 
When Scott invited him in for a cup of coffee, he readily agreed and let Scott lead him, hand in hand. 
The moment they were through the door, however, he changed course and gave into the pent up frustration that had been building ever since Scott had put his hand on his thigh.  He pinned Scott against the door to close with a heavy thud as the lock engaged, mouth already busy as it moved against Scott’s to claim it. Scott quickly got with the program as their tongues tangled and he lifted Scott to pin him more fully against the door as they shared breath, lips locked and as were Scott’s ankles. The tight squeeze of those powerful, python-like thighs around his waist as their groins met and Reyes rocked into Scott seeking friction, cocks separated by too many layers of clothing. 
He was done being patient. He wanted Scott again and again. They had all night and he had no intention of leaving until he had to report in. He wasn’t sleeping in his bunk when instead he could be in Scott’s bed, wrapped around him. 
Impatiently, he tugged at the navy shirt and tried—honestly—to unbutton it but in his haste several button popped off and ricocheted around them. HIs own black v-neck shirt was pulled up and off by Scott before being flung to the floor, both of them too distracted by the newly available skin to care. Hips rolling up and into Scott, there wasn’t much room to work but getting their belts undone and then the flies open required a lot of fumbling but was rewarded with Scott getting his hand on Reyes’ cock. 
Bracing himself with both hands, Reyes thrust into the grip, a moan escaping his own throat as Scott jacked him with a too dry hand. The roughness was almost painful but he reveled in the urgency, his need spurring him on.  Breaking their kiss to tear open Scott’s pants,  he keened when Scott wrapped his hand around both of them. 
There was no room for movement as he pressed further into Scott, attacking the vulnerable neck with his mouth to suck a mark into a spot that made Scott let out a yelp that became a low pitched moan of pleasure, his free hand clinging to Reyes as his hips moved.  
It was too dry. Too rough. Too urgent. Too hungry.
Neither of them lasted. 
Scott’s orgasm exploded out of him, hitting Reyes in the chest as he shook, hips still moving frantically as his legs tightened painfully. The sight of Scott, pupils blown coming was enough to set Reyes off and he joined Scott in orgasm, biting at Scott’s open mouth. 
Abandoning his hold, Scott tangled his hands in Reyes’ hair, to guide their mouths back together. Tongues tangled and thrust, tasting and teasing while not letting any of the hunger lapse.  
They were not done. 
This had been merely the opening salvo.
Finally breaking to catch his breath, Reyes pressed his forehead into Scotts, eyes closed. Scott’s legs were trembling from holding himself up and Reyes helped him out by gripping the thighs and guiding them down, letting his own body rest against Scott’s. 
“Fuck,” Scott whispered, nosing Reyes’ ear to press a small kiss behind it and send a shiver of delight down Reyes’ back. 
“That’s the idea,” Reyes joked back, chuckling. 
Scott laughed out loud before he had his hands bracketing Reyes’ face and pulling him back for another hungry kiss. 
When they had to come up for air, Reyes realized how ridiculous they must look, both partially clothed and come streaked. Making eye contact with Scott, he purposefully drew his hand through the come on his stomach and sucked his hand clean, never looking away from Scott. The way Scott’s breath caught then sped up was gratifying and he did it a second time until he was mostly clean—even if Scott wasn’t 
The debauched look on Scott’s face was partially stunned, weight supported by the door with his shirt pushed fully open, pants and underwear pushed down just enough so that his half-hard cock was hanging out. Scott was younger than him… and likely had a faster recovery time. 
Maybe he should see just how fast.
Pulling back, Scott made a noise of protest. Keeping Scott’s attention, he pushed his own pants fully down and off, toeing off his shoes while he was at it to bare himself to his Tesoro’s gaze. Scott’s eyes roved, taking in everything and he made futile grabbing motions with his hands that Reyes stepped away from. “Aren’t you a little overdressed cariño?” He teased.
Scott inhaled loudly through his nose before shakily trying to rid himself of his shirt with jerky motions only to be frustrated by the buttons at the cuffs that were miraculously still intact. “Let me help you,” Reyes soothed him as he caught one wrist, deftly undoing the button and tugging at the shirtsleeve which made Scott stare at him in frozen want. “Quierdo?” He asked, slightly more concerned.
“Are you even real?” Scott asked in disbelief. “You are the hottest thing I’ve ever—“
“Surely not,” Reyes disagreed as he reached for the other cuff.  While he took care of himself he was in nowhere near as good of shape as Scott was.  Scott looked like he was one of those renaissance statues—each turn of muscle perfect in proportion and defined with smooth unmarked skin and a face that Reyes could write poetry about.  Reyes was not the beautiful man in this room. “All you have to do is look in a mirror and you’ll know that the most beautiful thing in this room is you.”
Scott’s lips parted and he seemed at a loss for words as Reyes pulled his shirt completely away and let it drop to the floor.
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fenixdown · 10 hours ago
interest tracker has been updated to add sexualities for most muses - so if you wanted to mark down interest for a ship, now you know what team they’re batting for.
as of right now, haurchefant is no longer open for any new ships. any previously discussed ships are fine and can continue! 
i’ve also mentioned this previously, but i will be incredibly picky for any ships that may come my way for edmont out of respect for him already being a widow. i think any ship with him would be a slow burn, and i want to respect that.
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localerenslut · a day ago
head empty except for the thought of eren finger fucking you under the table as you’re both out with mikasa, armin, jean, connie, and levi and all you can do is hold on to his arm like your life depends on it so you don’t make a sound as he leans over and whispers, “make a sound and i stop. which we both know you don’t want. isn’t that right, slut? keep your dumb whore mouth shut.”
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satashiiwrites · 2 days ago
night writing
@quietborderline​ this is all yours and Reyes’ fault.  He is a dirty dirty man. I think this is the dirtiest thing I’ve ever written. *blushes*
From Untitled Seguir Sequel/Reyes’ version of Events, Mass Effect Andromeda, MReyder, pre MShenko (not this part), pre-Andromeda meeting
Warnings: inaccurate descriptions of sex, Reyes is a dirty dirty man. First draft. 
Tumblr media
Now they danced horizontally in the bed. 
They continued to tussle for dominance, rolling this way and that as hands explored and teased, sheets tangling tighter and tighter around them to pull their bodies together in a silken prison of fabric and skin. Mouths traced each dip of flesh and tongues laved each sensitive point even as teeth left marks behind claiming their territory as Reyes committed to memory each sound he could draw from Scott. 
Reyes lost track of time but another loud and hungry protest of Scott’s stomach had him stopping everything to throw back his head and laugh.  This made Scott pull away, blushing scarlet from the tips of his ears down his neck… and oh that was interesting.  
Scott evidently was capable of a full body blush. 
It was adorable. 
He really needed to stop thinking that about his bedmate. His very sexy, turned on yet embarrassed lover. 
Deciding to give Scott an out, he idly stroked the hip bone under his hands with his thumbs. “Shower then food?  Before that monster of yours comes out to devour me?”
The blush turned scarlet but Scott didn’t wilt at the teasing words. “Yes,” he finally admitted and began to try to untangle himself from the sheets and Reyes, eyes skittering away in embarrassment. 
“How about we do that together?  You know.. for efficiency,” Reyes growled, suddenly cold as Scott knelt when the sheets finally gave way.  The way that Scott’s erection bobbed still at attention between his thighs was really quite distracting.
Scott’s startled laugh and the way his muscles relaxed indicated Reyes had said the right thing. “Yes,” Scott’s eyes met his, humor dancing in the sapphire gaze. “For, ahem, efficiency.  And I suppose water conservation.”
Reaching for the man who was rapidly getting to far away as he climbed out of bed, Reyes followed. “Yes.  Water conservation is very important,” he agreed blandly as he smiled at Scott. 
They stumbled together, unwilling to part, into the shower which was barely big enough for the both of them. The shock of the chilled water before it warmed up to a normal temperature was enough for Reyes to get back a semblance of control of as he carded his hands through Scott’s hair to push it back and away from his face as it became waterlogged. Pressing Scott into the wall, he claimed his mouth again as the water fell around them in a warm rain.
The happy, pleased sounds emanating from Scott’s throat encouraged him on as he left the kiss bruised lips and began journeying down the line of the neck to the clavicle and swirling his tongue in the dip above the sternum.  Scott’s hands were gently cradling his head and didn’t stop him as he dropped to his knees, hands pinning Scott’s hips. 
Looking up through his wet lashes, he wished he could take a picture. Scott’s eyes were locked on him, unable to look away with pupils dilated and only a thin darkened blue iris visible. Water trailed down in rivulets following each defined curve of muscle and bone down to the faint trail of body hair that led to the full cock that bobbed with each warm breath that left Reyes’ mouth.  Scott’s body was blocking most of the water from landing on Reyes and he could look his fill without fighting the torrent of water. 
Sculptors would be jealous of Scott’s body that obviously had a lot of work put into maintaining the perfection of line and form he thought idly as he wrapped a hand around the base of the generous cock, making Scott’s breathing hitch and then speed up. Giving a squeeze and a tentative rub of his thumb over the leaking tip made a gasp leak from the lips that were now being bitten at in an attempt to hold in any noise. 
“Let me hear you,” Reyes coaxed, giving another brush of thumb over the cock head. He could feel the beating of Scott’s pulse  under his hands. 
Scott let his mouth open and he was instantly begging, eyes still locked on the movement of Reyes’ hands. “Reyes…. Babe…. Please….”
“So beautiful mi tesoro,” Reyes purposefully breathed the whispered words onto the sensitive tip that jerked in his hand. Making sure he had Scott’s attention, his own gaze didn’t leave Scott’s as he swiped at the slit with his tongue, the salty flavor of Scott coating his tongue and making him want more. 
He was rewarded by a high pitched whine, Scott’s body jerking in his hold but stilling the moment he tightened his grip in warning. “Please please please,” Scott was repeating, unable to look away. The pretty way his face screwed up with each touch fascinating in it’s variety. 
Reyes continued giving experimental tugs and rubs, hand squeezing around the girth of Scott’s cock. Scott wasn’t small but he wasn’t massive either—sized just right to be a good handful with enough weight that Reyes knew he was going to enjoy having Scott’s cock down his throat. Oral sex—specifically cocksucking—was one of his favorite things to do with a lover and why he tended towards male hookups more than women when he was in this sort of mood. 
He also supposed Scott would feel good within him… but that wasn’t what he was after right this moment. Reyes wanted another taste—more of a taste than he’d gotten last night. He wanted to feel how full his throat would be with Scott down it. How quickly would Scott come with just his mouth and… yes on his fingers too. 
Suckling at the tip, Reyes continued to tongue the slit but didn’t take Scott deep. With a free hand, he hit the soap dispenser and coated his fingers with liquid that would do for lube in a pinch. The noises of desperation Scott were making took on another tone, deeper and more mewling as Reyes pushed the thick, trembling thighs apart to allow for access. 
Scott was relying on the wall to hold himself up at this point, hands anchored as they were on Reyes’ shoulders. The way his fingernails dug in as Reyes advanced down the shaft, lips sealing around midway to give a suck as his index finger rubbed firmly at the furled tight muscle hidden from sight was accompanied by an obscene moan. Sinking his finger in to the first knuckle, he let Scott adjust as he drew back to just the head between his lips, tongue working the slit and being rewarded with a steady dribble of precome as he breathed in through his nose. 
Scott began babbling a mix of please and Reyes’ name as he readvanced. The weight of cock against his tongue and swallowing around the head as it hit the back of his throat was pleasing and he hummed which got him a howl of pleasure. He was going to have scratches all across his shoulders but it was so worth it. Working his finger deeper, he stretched and withdrew it as a counterpoint, working Scott to see just how much he could take. 
A second finger was added as he deep throated Scott finally, lips sealing around the base and he applied suction. He’d had to press Scott into the wall with his forearm or he’d be choking on hip thrusts that Scott couldn’t control. The babble became incoherent noises as he found that spot within with a crook of his fingers and began working it mercilessly before adding a third finger to the velvety tight channel that contracted needfully around his fingers as if to draw them in further. 
Scott was so tight despite being fucked just hours ago… he wondered what it would take to make him loose enough to take four or five fingers easily. How many times would he need to fuck him with cock and toys until he could just slide in and take complete possession? 
The tremble running through the muscles as Scott lost coordination was satisfying and Reyes continued to push for more to see just how much his lover could take. Mewling in need having lost the ability to form words, lips open as he tried to breathe and still couldn’t take his eyes of what Reyes was doing to him even as water continued to fall around them.
Reyes wanted Scott completely wrecked.  
Backing off just a bit, he pulled back to savor the head again and suckled. Scott tasted salty and healthy, the scent of his musk detectable underneath the soap and water as he buried his nose in Scott’s pelvis. Savoring each drop, as he again worked his way up and down, tongue teasing at the vein underneath as his fingers mercilessly worked at the pleasure spot. 
With a wail as a warning, he pulled back just in time for Scott to come in his mouth. The flood of salty come filling it as he swallowed. He didn’t let up on the rhythm of his fingers delving deep, drawing out Scott’s orgasm. Reyes milked him, encouraging his tesoro to completely empty into his hungry mouth. 
He wanted every single last drop. 
Scott was shaking against him as he finished, sagging between Reyes’ hold and the wall with his head thrown back in the heated clouds of steam from the water. He looked like a debauched angel, lips red from being bitten with a hint of the pink tongue between them as he licked at the water. 
Reluctantly releasing the now softening cock from his mouth, Reyes gave it a last parting swipe of tongue and a kiss to the slit before removing his fingers and standing, brushing his body against Scott’s. He didn’t release his grip other than to move it, pressing his body into Scott’s to keep him standing. His own erection was insistent but he ignored it as he claimed the bruised lips, sharing the last taste with Scott who kissed back with uncoordinated desperation, hands clinging to whatever part of Reyes they could reach. 
Rolling his hips into Scott’s, he sought friction.  He could come just like this, the taste of Scott in his mouth and the slick warmth of flesh against his cock. When Scott managed to wrap a hand around him it took only two firm strokes before he was coming himself, his own seed spraying against Scott’s hip as he moaned into the mouth that refused to let his go. Scott continued to stroke him through it, touch becoming more coordinated as he came down from his own orgasm to work Reyes through his. 
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the-ravens-third-eye · 2 days ago
Okay but I really wish I could like – stop porn accounts from following me.
It’s fine, they can do what they do, but sexual content makes me super uncomfy and it’s really annoying that i have to keep blocking them 😬
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ivoryleafpattern · 3 days ago
Isnt it amazing how the internet wasn’t outraged at a certain magic school book series’ racism and antisemitism a few years ago, but when the author reveals they have an INCREDIBLY common view on sex and gender, the internet goes insane, and also pretends that they “always knew” this author was a terrible person?
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i-like-to-eat · 3 days ago
ok, i still like Love, Victor, but why tf they gotta add ANOTHER love triangle ?? The 1st season was Victor choosing between Mia and Benji, and now there's Rahim involoved. Like please. I hoped they would show a cutesy queer platonic friendship between victor and rahim, but no. they just had to make it like this. still love the idea of queer lake and i hope they explore that later. i hope victor is actually at benji's and then victor and rahim still remain friends. and all 3 of them can have their little gay circle maybe add lake in there too? ugh i loved this show so much why did they add another love triangle. also why another cliffhanger? cmon
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wolfhaste · 4 days ago
just watched the bo burnham special. media that makes you want to at least set app timers because suddenly it hurts a lot more, that you're not who you want to be, than it hurt a few hours ago :/
#there's nothing major‚ that's wrong with me#i am just‚ soooo well-established i swear. i'm doing so good i only pee myself once a day because i can't handle the future as a concept#we all do that at 18‚ right. it's not special at all it just happens#so. that's nothing to solve. but then there's the shitty family problem which also can't be solved and that's why it was accepted#and blocked out!! simple#i used to cry for hours because i hated myself so much (you all know how it is) and now i'm better :)#but. i'm not GOOD like i'm not who i feel like i should or could be#i don't do enough i don't even consume the right media. I'm the fuckin. rat that pushes the pleasure button until they die#I'm not a hedonist‚ i mean of course i'm not. now i kinda wish i was 🤨 that'd be better#i want direction#i don't even know what's important to me. just surviving isn't cutting it anymore!!!!#not having a Very exciting movie life is obviously not. a problem#(i used to think it MIGHT be‚ that i'm yearning for teenagerhood that feels exactly like tongue tied by grouplove ghysfhxyhvy)#(it felt like everyone else my age was out there having fun and having sex and being in relationships and sometimes even falling in love)#(and then i never got there? didn't even get close? god i hate the kinds of things that bother me in life)#or have ever bothered me like i genuinely have barely had real problems and i KNOW that#but then again i'm here to improve constantly. and an unexamined life isn't worth living as socrates probably thought or smth#i do need to make it better‚ to exist here. do better (even if it's my shitty little problems 🙄)#and what I've arrived at‚ is that‚ i don't live up to my own rules :/ now i accept myself and all that but i'm not happy#i mean i AM because that's supposed to be being with what you have. and i'm content i'm not asking for anything#so maybe that's the problem! i'm not content‚ i just‚ yield#overall i need more.#of something‚ for sure - i just don't know what#i love myself i can forgive myself but i don't LIKE myself. i don't like myself that's it i think#imagine this post written with a pink glitter gel pen bc i just journaled :)#thx tumblr for giving me this opportunity‚ thank ME for speaking‚ etc#kata.txt#like it helps to get it out so‚ fuck you yes i am pretentious fuck you <3 i love you#setting those app timers now like a fucking clown. no more everything all of the time
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smitatrivedi · 5 days ago
લીલો ઉજાસ - પ્રકરણ - ૮ – અર્ચનાએ શું હિન્ટ આપી?
લીલો ઉજાસ – પ્રકરણ – ૮ – અર્ચનાએ શું હિન્ટ આપી?
સોનલે મનીષાના ઘેર જવાની અને અર્ચનાને મળવાની વાત કરી તથા અર્ચના વિષે સોનલને કંઈક વાત કરી છે એ જાણ્યા પછી સરોજબહેન અને વિનોદિનીબહેનના મનમાં સવાલ થયો કે, ઉદયની આત્મહત્યા અંગે અર્ચના કશુંક જાણે છે એ વાત મનીષા પણ જાણતી હોવી જોઈએ. મનીષા અને સોનલ વચ્ચે અત્યાર સુધી શું વાતચીત થઈ છે એ ખરેખર તો કોઈ જાણતું નહોતું. બધાં માટે એ અનુમાનનો વિષય હતો.         સવારે સોનલ નાહીને તૈયાર થઈ ગઈ અને પછી સરોજબહેનને…
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blangstydays · 6 days ago
can we just talk about the fact that i literally never had a sex ed class, i had to figure literally everything out on the internet.
my mom apparently explained straight sex to me (most basic description) when i was like seven, but i don’t remember it. she told me about periods and straight sex and that’s it.
maybe three months ago she told me about protection (she went into detail, so like good for her) but at that point, i knew
dear jewish schools: sex. ed. is. important.
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ziracona · 6 days ago
It’s come to my attention Frank Morrison is aromantic and he’s just too stupid to notice because he’s /very/ fem-leaning bisexual and Julie is super romantic and he enjoys making her happy
#I usually don’t spend much time trying to figure out my charcaters’ sexualities if they don’t just bring it up or it doesn’t come up#and just assume every character I write is either asexual or bi or pansexual until explicitly proven otherwise bc that’s the case mostly#but I was thinking about aros and I was like ‘wait shit Frank u aro?’ and he was like ‘What??? what are you saying?’#but his general feeling towards romancise is ‘its fine’ and he really just craves closeness in any form#so he’s at least greyro to full on aromantic just he doesn’t mind diving into romantic action because it’s a form of closeness and he’s not#got a /problem/ with it. just not something he craves. Frank just craves love and belonging and stability period.#You want romance? ‘I want girlfriend.’ So romance? ‘????? Girlfriend. permanent girlfriend. reliable. loved me.’ Romantically?#‘yeah I guess! that’s the form that comes in right? Sure then. Want forever partner.’#Jeff: Aro who knows he’s aro. Claudette: Ace who knows she’s ace. Frank: Aro with no clue he’s aro. Quentin and Laurie: Ace with no clue#they’re ace#Jake: disaster Bi with a heavy preference for men. Meg: disaster Bi with a heavy preference for ladies. Dwight: disaster and Bi but not#‘disaster bi’. No preferences. (except Jake specifically). Nea and Feng: Lesbians. Philip and Vigo: Gay. Susie: Lesbian. Julie: token#straight but she’s at least a one on the Kinsey scale and just won’t admit it yet. Alex: power Bi. Benedict: token straight on thin ice (jk#I love him). Adam idk bc I ask & he just goes ‘wouldnt u like to know weather boy’ but silent when asked if Aro so aro or greyro? best guess#Ace: pan as shit. Tapp: probably not straight but prefers women or thinks he does. too tired to have thought much abt it but you bet Meg wil#talk his ear off and he will think abt it someday. Quentin: biromantic bisensual Ace boy. Claudette: Panromantic Ace girl#Sally: omnisexual but doesn’t realize it. Anna: bi but the slider is like at 80 for ladies and only 20 for men. it’s like ‘Ew no men allowed#in the sex drive.’ * one or two men she likes already are super nice to her * ‘Ok two men allowed’#Adiris: pansexual but biromantic w a preference for men#or anyone who doesn’t fit very strictly into the gender binary#Laurie: asexual heteromantic who has no idea she’s ace because she just assumed everyone lives like this and she’s not repulsed or anything#Kate: would say het then change her mind and say Bi just w a strong preference for men.#David: Omnisexual and full of affection and kindness#hcs#I need a better tag so I can find my own stuff again lol#ILm headcanons#wait this is my story do I tag it lore??? info? it’s just canon not hc so#ILM info#I DELTED SOME NO. Jane: tired ‘idk fuckkkin omnisexual whatever LGBT. just not /only/ men or women. all gender hot. but not all people >.>’#Joey: probably Pan? something under the Bi umbrella he doesn’t know he’s as confused as you are. Nancy H is panro pansensual ace
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i have had 69 followers for a few months now because all the new followers i get are sex bots and i always block those. the irony is not lost on me
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