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samthegirlnextdoor · 2 minutes ago
Uhh yeah sure why not
*she wiggles out of his grip after a long time and gets down on her knees in front of him and unzipping his pants before pulling out his duck and licking his length*
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thatfanficstuff · 3 minutes ago
My Alpha (Part 2) - Winchester Bros x Reader
Tumblr media
Grouping: Alpha!Sam x Omega!Reader x Alpha!Dean
Warnings: smut adjacent, public foreplay, a/b/o dynamics
A/N: It only took a year, but here. There won't be a part 3. I don't think I'm up to writing a/b/o smut yet.
Once you left the bunker, it didn’t take long for you to realize that you had nowhere to go. You couldn’t run back to your father though there was nothing else you’d rather do at the moment. It was the first place the brothers would look for you. Not only that but you so did not want to have the conversation you’d need to have to explain to your father what had happened and why you were back. Last he knew you were off to live your happily ever after with Sam.
All the friends you could think of to crash with were also friends with the boys. There was no guarantee anyone you contacted wouldn’t immediately call one of them. You would be hard pressed to find anyone willing to choose you over the Winchesters. No one in your world went against the alphas if they could help it.
So, you just picked a direction and started to drive. When you grew tired of trying to see the road through your tears, you pulled over at some crappy hotel. You’d curled up on the uncomfortable bed and slept for hours. Now, you were hungry and depressed so you walked to the bar next door that served greasy pub food. A plate full of chicken strips and fries later and you were on your second rum and coke. You wondered how much you’d have to drink to forget about the pang in your chest.
“Where’s your alpha, pretty little omega?” a gruff voice asked.
You didn’t even bother glancing over. “I’m not interested.”
His rested his meaty hands on the table so he could lean closer, probably used to using his size to intimidate. Also probably used to weak little omegas that it would work on. “That’s not what I asked, sweetheart.”
You sniffed the air and curled your lip at his odor. He smelled sour, like rotten milk and underneath it was the unmistakable scent of beta. Figured. Another alpha would be less likely to ignore Sam’s mark on your skin.
You ran your tongue over your teeth as you finally looked at the man towering over you. He might have been handsome had he taken five seconds for some basic grooming. As it was, you weren’t impressed. Though, it would take a lot to turn your head after the Winchesters. The thought of them was enough to make you sigh and erase the small amount of patience you still possessed. You didn’t want to deal with this asshole. You just wanted to be left alone with your alcohol.
“Look. I’ve had a bad fucking week. My alpha is none of your goddamn business. I’m asking you nicely to leave me the fuck alone.” You kept your gaze locked on his until he pushed away from the table and waved a hand at you in dismissal.
“Take it easy, honey. You aren’t that special. I’m just trying to get laid.”
You rolled your eyes and put your attention back on your glass as he walked off. It wasn’t even five minutes later that someone slid onto the bench across from you in your booth. You sighed again. “Listen, I’m really not…” Your words trailed off as you lifted your head to see your favorite pair of bright green eyes. The heady scent of your true mate flowed over you and you barely resisted the urge to just melt into a puddle where you sat. Dean gave you a crooked smile that didn’t even come close to reaching his eyes. No, he was pissed.
His tongue darted out to lick his lips. “Y/N.” That rough voice saying your name ran through you and you bit your lip as instant desire had slick leaking out of you. Your alpha’s nostrils flared and his gaze darkened making your heart race.
No. You couldn’t do this. Dean may have come after you, but you still weren’t willing to tear the brothers’ relationship apart. You tore your gaze from his to survey the bar. No sign of Sam. That didn’t mean he wasn’t waiting in the parking lot for you, but it gave you a chance to get out of here. “I can’t do this, Dean. I’m sorry.”
You slid out of the booth only to have your upper arm grasped in a large hand. Sam. He must have been standing where you couldn’t easily see him. Instead of directing you back into your seat, he steered you to the other side of the booth and pushed you in next to Dean who slid over against the wall. Sam then slid in right behind you until you were secured between the alphas.
The table top suddenly became very interesting as their eyes locked on you. “What were you thinking?” Sam finally hissed. “Do you know how dangerous it is for you to leave like that? What if something happened to you? What were we supposed to do?”
You tried to stave off the tears creeping up. Sam never yelled at you, was never angry at you before all of this. You’d made him miserable. You were a horrible omega. “I’m sorry.” Your voice cracked and you hated it. “I just…I don’t know what to do.”
Dean shifted in the seat beside you and laid his hand on your thigh. His warmth calmed you some. He ran so much hotter than you. But as much as you yearned for his touch, Sam was on the other side of you. It was his mark you wore. This wasn’t right. Before you could say anything to Dean, Sam did the same thing on the other side of you. You froze, at a complete loss as to what was going on.
“Y/N.” The elder Winchester said your name softly, a tone you weren’t used to hearing from him. You shook your head just needing a moment to process, but Dean wasn’t about to give it to you. “Look at me, Omega.”
His alpha tone called to you, made him almost impossible to ignore. It wasn’t until Sam squeezed your leg in gentle reassurance that you allowed yourself to obey his brother. Dean ran his eyes over your face and gave you that lopsided smile that you loved. He traced the side of your face with a finger and your eyes slipped closed. “I’m sorry, princess. I should have discussed the situation with Sam without putting you in the middle. I let my jealousy get the better of me.”
You’d opened your eyes halfway through his apology and now studied him with a furrowed brow. “Why are you apologizing to me, Dean? As long as you and Sam patch things up, I don’t matter.”
His gaze darted past you to look at his brother and then came back to you. His smirk widened. “Well, obviously I’m a piss poor alpha if that’s what you think, Omega, because you are the only thing that matters.”
Before you could think of arguing, Dean’s hold on your thigh tightened. He slid his hand up until his fingers pressed against the seam of your jeans. You sucked in a breath only to release a little whimper when he put more pressure against you. “De—”
Your complaints were cut off as a hand grabbed your chin to turn your head the other direction. Warm, familiar lips claimed yours and your hands moved up to hold Sam’s head to yours. Your fingers tangled in his hair as his tongue swept into your mouth. The rhythm he set perfectly matched the one his brother rubbed against your core. Your hips rocked through no conscious decision of your own.
Finally, you pulled back just far enough to take a shaky breath. Sam cupped a hand around the back of your head and pulled you forward to rest against his shoulder. “We need to get her out of here. Too many people can smell our omega,” he all but growled.
Dean’s hand moved back down your thigh as he leaned forward and nipped at your neck on the opposite side from Sam’s mark. “Can’t wait to get you home,” he said. His lips brushed your skin as he spoke and a tremor shot down your spine.
You turned your head so you could see both of your alphas and bit your lip. “I have a room next door.”
They chuckled. “Impatient?” Dean teased.
“I can wait if you can,” you answered with an arched brow.
Sam leaned down and trailed a line of kisses along the line of your neck until he reached your mark. He kissed it and you couldn’t completely contain the moan that followed the action. “What’s your room number, sweetheart?”
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samthegirlnextdoor · 4 minutes ago
Ahahahahahabahahahahababahahahahab it’s 3am for me currently so yeah 😃😃😃😃
I would say go to sleep but it’ll make me a hypocrite so umm 😃😃😃
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3rdgymbros · 5 minutes ago
you know that scene in the genshin webtoon where diluc lures the fatui to the cellar ? zombie younger sibling wandering around, trying to find diluc, and maybe they get a little too close to the cellar, but kaeya is there and he quickly intercepts them and steers them away.
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samthegirlnextdoor · 6 minutes ago
*he helps her move*
Do you want a blowjob? *she whispers quietly and still grinding on him*
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patroclusdefencesquad · 6 minutes ago
bucky : I guess you could say we're...friends with benefits?
sam : once again, that is not what that means
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samthegirlnextdoor · 7 minutes ago
Yeah but it’s fine ☺️😃
Lmaoo yeah, but those emojis are scaring me—
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misfitscreens · 8 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
tfatws finale lockscreens
please like or reblog if you save !
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samthegirlnextdoor · 9 minutes ago
It’s scary how I know you too well 😞
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g4thures · 9 minutes ago
man i verified my email and stupid tumblr is like : no slade has no rights 🤣✋🏻
so IF y’all ever feel like talking to me, follow my spam on insta (@frogscoven) cuz ... yah
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samthegirlnextdoor · 10 minutes ago
Pffft pls 😭🤚 anyway I’m going back and forth between him and tendou
I— who’s next Oikawa??
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samthegirlnextdoor · 10 minutes ago
Fuck baby *he whispers*
*she quietly moans as soon as she hears him and she continues with the same pace*
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vethiest · 11 minutes ago
Tumblr media
vethiest tries fanart: the one where sam’s PCs keep getting weird magic forehead eyes. still can’t believe it’s happened twice, in two completely different circumstances! matt, it's time to come clean. what do you have against sam's (fictional) forehead? (spoilers for both campaign 1 and 2 below.)
campaign 1, episode 113: “You watch as the forehead space, where once you had seen the briefly visible third eye of Ioun, now emblazoned like a lantern light, this bright purple eye. In that moment, you watch as Scanlan's pupils turn to silver.”
campaign 2, episode 138: “You look up at Veth and as Veth is looking at you with intent, you see a red eye in the center of Veth’s forehead.”
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sausage-sammy · 12 minutes ago
Tumblr media
my crying playlist is hilarious actually
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samthegirlnextdoor · 12 minutes ago
I— the Himbo— well ok then...
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samthegirlnextdoor · 14 minutes ago
I- ummm ummm ummm Heheh :D
*I sigh* ok who is it on this time?
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samthegirlnextdoor · 15 minutes ago
Yes you can keep going
*she continues what she is doing slowly building up the speed to get back to where she was before*
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samthegirlnextdoor · 17 minutes ago
lol but still sounds nice
Lol but still don’t tell me you are reading smut again 😭✋
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samthegirlnextdoor · 18 minutes ago
No no i didn’t say stop now did I? *he grips her tighter*
Hehe so you want me to keep going?
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