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Omg I think I've noticed something. Grandmaster wasn't on the tape of Loki's memoirs. I mean, contrary to what most of us think, there's nothing very special between the two of them. Because Mobius said "it was a recording of us collecting your special moments." I feel so sad to have noticed that.
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thedevine666 · 12 months ago
Many of these have been featured in my oneshot fanfic series to varying degrees but thought share them anyway cause...reasons 😅
- Proxima wears more armour on her left arm and right leg because of sever burns and wounds sustained during a mission that went wrong, leaving muscle and tissue damage and without the armour her affected arm and leg are significantly weaker, thus she wears it a majority of the time.
- The line between Proxima’s chin and lower lip is tattooed into the skin, a ritual performed at a young age among her people though she can’t remember why or how old she was when it was done.
- Proxima became pregnant with at a young age but miscarried one, the other infant died of unknown reasons at three months. Since then Proxima buried any maternal instinct she could have had, never wanting to repeat the experience again.
- Due to the regenerative power of his glaive, Corvus only needs two or three hours of sleep, and never sleeps deeply enough to dream.
- Because of this, Proxima is more prone to night terrors.
- Thanos won Proxima in a bet with the Grandmaster of Sakkaar where Proxima was a stadium fighter.
- For the first few weeks aboard the Sanctuary 2 Proxima slept on the floor at the foot of her bed, it felt like the floor of her cell on Sakkaar and meant she didn’t sleep as deeply which made her feel more in control and secure.
- It was only after Proxima and Corvus started shared a bed (to sleep) that Proxima began sleeping more heavily.
- Proxima dislikes heights
- She also can’t swim
- Corvus is almost exclusively carnivorous; he prefers raw meat but will eat it hot, but ca’t stand it if the meat has been cooked and left to go cold.
- Corvus is responsible for the scar above Proxima’s lip, from an argument that got out of hand. The one and only time he has ever hit her outside of the sparring ring. It put a huge strain on their marriage for a while but since Corvus was genuinely regretful of the action, things eventually smoothed over. But Proxima has never forgotten and will leave Corvus if he lets such a thing happen again. (Spoilers it doesn’t)
- Because of his immortality, Corvus is the more protective/possessive of the two. (Proxima secretly loves it even though Corvus knows she is capable of taking care of herself
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