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#Sad Quotes
st4r34ter · 2 hours ago
A letter to someone I haven’t met yet
Dear you
I miss you even though I haven’t met you yet and maybe that’s cause time isn’t linear. I haven’t found you but when I see you when I hear you I’ll know soft middle and jagged edges your body riddled with history. Your eyes. The way you talk. The way your eyes lock on mine before we kiss, you’re face fits in my hands like a puzzle piece. I miss you. And I can’t wait to meet you.
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mi-abismo · 3 hours ago
El cúmulo de malos pensamientos mata.
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paradoxicallytragic · 5 hours ago
You really did take yourself out of my life, funnily that's exactly what I wanted but as soon as you did it I felt like I was going to lose it. I felt like I was suffocating, it felt like I was running and running and didn't have time to breathe, it felt like I was chasing a taxi like I left something important of myself inside it. Knots everywhere in my stomach in my chest, name an organ and it's there. However, it is a good thing that you're staying away, isn't it? That's all I've been trying to do all this while and now it probably will be easier and I'll forget all about you and my brain will eventually forget to fill up it's free spaces with your name. Maybe you're just a filler you know, a commercial between the tv show.
- You're not a tv show.
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darkdisaster4ever · 5 hours ago
I just want a kiss or hug something that at least feels like love...
Be my pain killer be my drug just be something that feels like love...
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raspberryraven · 5 hours ago
my body is just a vessel for my brain,
to carry out my thoughts.
my thoughts are suicidal.
why can't my body carry them out?
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raspberryraven · 6 hours ago
another day of opportunities.
another day of me waiting for the end of it.
another night of being stuck inside my head.
another night of not enough sleep.
another tired morning.
another lie that i'm doing better.
another day of me ignoring my friends.
another day of feeling distanced.
another day of being numb.
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deeplovequotes · 6 hours ago
I wish you would’ve noticed the love I had for you, and how much I would’ve given up for you.
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hurting-words · 6 hours ago
“You taught me that no matter how much you love someone and no matter how good you treat them, they can still turn around and treat you like you never mattered to them.”
– A.S (via hurting-words)
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before-islept · 7 hours ago
lebih baik dihantam sakit karna sebuah penolakan
dari pada harus bertubi tubi merasakan perih karna sebuah harapan
yg tak pasti
dan berujung meninggalkan/ditinggalkan~
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deeplovequotes · 8 hours ago
I am hurting because of you and your mistakes. You caused it, yet I can’t seem to let you go.
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casie1401-blog · 9 hours ago
I don’t want to lose him. I don’t want this break but he needs time. But fuck why does it hurt so bad? The pain is too much. I went from such a happy person for the first time to an emotional wreck in the matter of seconds.
I don’t think I can do it anymore💔
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