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chiiquitita · 9 hours ago
Tumblr media
they look so ugly bc i don't have a tabbeh but they're beautiful in my heart 💝💝
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mechidraws · 11 hours ago
mechiey 👉👈
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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yaldabaoth · 12 hours ago
I’ve been lifting heavy boxes and going thru stuff alllll day but I’m excited to see the horses again!
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ocelhira · 12 hours ago
why does spotify's "queer as folk" playlist sound like indie pop
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toydrill · 13 hours ago
YES HEHE I LOVE LASTMAN!!!!!! i really want to draw some cool fanart of rizel and howard because their relationship and past is soooo interesting to me but i just have been so busy i havent gotten around to it yet
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prettierjesus1998 · 13 hours ago
genuinely don’t know how to feel about inside(2021)....... it weirdly toes the line between self aware and timely and self indulgent and tone deaf and i don’t dislike it as a.... thing? but at some point the discomfort sets in and never stops. at some point i became detached from it and started thinking abt how technically it was immaculate to stop thinking abt the murky place it exists in. i was like “oh, how brechtian” for half the runtime trying to finish it without ruining it for myself. didn’t fully work!!
it’s like, is it brilliant? is it forcing us to acknowledge our cultural voyeurism (and exhibitionism) leading to an inability to distinguish between authenticity and performance? is it self indulgent and deeply performative to be a white guy making a netflix comedy special poking fun at your own existence for an hour and a half? did it sometimes feel like he was reading posts? is our current social climate actually killing white guy comedy? was it also not very comedy special and more like depressy special? idk how to answer any of these. all of it might be yes.
like yes the songs are good but white guilt just isn’t funny to me lol.
in the end it fails to stand out because i feel like i’ve been swimming in this for a year. for YEARS. i feel like i could go on twitter and be half entertained for thirty minutes reading some leftist with a mental illness in his bio profile. i feel like it’s exhausting taking in so much self loathing at once. i feel like chris fleming does it with more intellectual honesty and less self loathing. i feel let down.
and it shows that it comes from the mind of one lone white guy. i really do think writing a special for the screen and for a streaming platform in isolation led to why it missed the mark for me. it felt very much like i wasn’t an audience in mind and it was more attached to Doing Something than being a comedy special.
i was just like. why am i watching this? why does it exist? and i come back to how self indulgent it is and how it basically negates the sincerity of anything that was established/said in the special? like this special existing, as it is, is self contradictory. and it’s just exhausting watching someone apologise for something and keep doing it lol. i’m sure it brought some white liberal catharsis or whatever but i went into this because i thought bo burnham was funny and i valued his artistry and it’s truly making me rethink that
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littlebluerivers · a day ago
ppl don’t talk about kelsey lu enough
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