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symgotyou · 9 days ago
everytime there is a drought in the hange x reader tag, I go to the yelena or ymir tag and yall...the patches of grass I need to TOUCH
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eggyukhei · 4 months ago
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sixfanarts · 5 months ago
Can I request Cathy doing finger guns while trying to flirt but is ultimately a gay disaster and a blushing mess (you can choose who she was trying to flirt with)
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wait wait wait okay screw this she’s fingergunning you 
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manny-da-poet · a year ago
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Task 001: TheShadeRoom
Manny: “Wassup yall. My name is Emmanuel Valentine and I’m finna step into TheShadeRoom right quick.” @aehqs @tsrhq​
TSR: “Thanks for stepping into TheShadeRoom, I’m a big fan! I’ve been watching your page lately, and I just wanna start off by asking how that’s been going? Any new developments or things we should expect to see in the near future?” 
Manny: “Was good yall. Glad to be here forreal. I appreciate the love man. I ain’t been doin’ shit forreal. I been workin’ on a few pieces for a minute, but they just ain't sounding right...It’s loosely based on the modern mental of black youth, includin’ a few of my own personal struggles. I want my readers to experience what it’s like to live in someone else thoughts forreal. But you know, it’s all a work in progress.”
TSR: “Sounds interesting, we’ll make sure we’re tuned in! Now, you know what the people wanna know. How’s that love life? You single and ready to mingle, taken or what? You think we’ll see any love interests/conflicts on the show? Maybe got a lil’ heart eyes for anyone on the cast so far?”
Manny: “Ayoo, yall gotta chill! Hah, sheesshh. Anyway, Nahh I’m not on that shit forreal. I talk to a few shawties here and there, but it ain't nothing serious forreal. If me and someone hit it off, then it is what it is. Other than that, I’m mindin’ my business. In the meantime, I just hope that I can find a good muse and get some shit down on paper if you feel me.” 
TSR: “Oop, okay! I see you doing your thing, sounds juicy. Speaking of relationships, what’s the worst break up a situation that you’ve had? Were they crazy as hell and toxic or are you the crazy one?”
Manny: “Damn, yall nosey as hell. Haha. Nahh, I’m not crazy. I really be chillin’ forreal. I only been with a few shawties on the serious type time. Some relationships ended better than others ya’ know? But overall, I ain’t trippin. It’s in the past for a reason. People outgrow each other all the time. I’m definitely glad that none of them are here though. That would be drawn.”
TSR: “Yikes! I don’t know how you made it through that situationship. Stronger than me, I’ll tell you that. Now, what’s the craziest rumor you’ve ever heard about yourself? ‘Cause I’ve seen a lot of crazy ones, if I do say so myself.”
Manny: “Yoo, I’ve heard some wild shit! Apparently, I had been talkin to this shawtie for like two years and I agreed to take her on her prom on sum shit. Whole time, her best friend was using my pictures from Instagram, posing as me and getting the lil girls hopes up n’ shit. It was mad talk about me on twitter for a while after that, but it eventually blew over once the facts were stated That was some grimey shit if you ask me.”
TSR: “Really?! I actually kind of believed that one, you look like the type…kidding! Since we’re here, some of the fans were actually wondering what happened with you and your ex-girlfriend Myla? Any hard feelings?”
Manny: “Nahh, me and Myla cool I guess. We don’t communicate much since I filed that restraining order against her, and that’s honestly how I’m tryna keep it. Ion like talkin’ bout her, cause everytime I speak her ass up, she pop up somewhere startin trouble. That girl was seriously crazy. But as long as she keep her distance we chilled.” 
TSR: “I feel you, I feel you. Well, you know regardless, TheShadeRoom had your back. Before I let you go about your business, one last question. What’s one song to describe the energy/vibes you’re bringing to this season of Atlanta’s Elite?”  
Manny: “Lately, I been fuckin’ with Brent Faiyaz type heavy. His song Fuck the World is what I been vibin’ to lately. Ion know how this man does it, but the way that he conveys this sense of an over-sexualized, empathetic narcissism while being so nonchalant about it blows my mind. His work is mad inspiring and I hope to bring some of that energy to show and to my art.”
TSR: “Oh, that’s how you coming? I see you! We’ll we’re definitely rooting for you on this side, and we can’t wait to see you do your thing. Enjoy your night.”
Manny: “Thanks man, I appreciate yall having me. Have a good night!”  
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jesslcaday · 2 years ago
im sorry im such an annoying piece of shit ahhsjhdjs
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flavorednarry · 2 years ago
I was joking. I don’t know who mark you’re talking about so no
oh that was supposed to be a joke? LOL my bad!
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shutupyonas · 5 years ago
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Why is she a habesha goddess?
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inushimas · 7 years ago
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... I'm trying to draw Kippei b-but..but.. D:
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baekhyu-n · 9 years ago
i'm tired
i'm tired telling people to stop re-posting other people's work .
yes . i'm the anon that always give the real link to re-posters .
why won't you understand ?
i know it's not a big deal to you but to other people whom put so much effort making it .
you think making gif is easy ?
making gif is easy . but to make it under 500kb ? hell no .
it's frustrating .
maybe i'm not the right person to say this kind of thing .
but , people there's a reason why this button is on top there
Tumblr media
so please щ(ಠ益ಠщ)
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