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dylansyuki · 22 hours ago
Quick ryouna
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arstudios2000 · a day ago
Tumblr media
Nicole vs Ayesha 2
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incorrect-andromeda-6 · 2 days ago
Ryona: Whenever Aya asks me for the Latin names of my plants, I just give her the names of rappers.
Aya: These ludacrises are coming in great.
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incorrect-andromeda-6 · 3 days ago
Traveler: I'm an adult! I do grown-up things! Independence!
Traveler: Ryona, what are taxes?
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xqm05 · 3 days ago
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incorrect-andromeda-6 · 5 days ago
Ryona: Care to come with us?
Damon: And spoil my carefully calculated air of selfishness and unconcern? Not until the last second, thank you very much.
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incorrect-andromeda-6 · 12 days ago
Aya: *Screams*
Ryona: Are you alright?
Aya: I’m fine. I’m just being dramatic. It’s what I do.
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arstudios2000 · 14 days ago
Tumblr media
Nicole vs Ayesha Nicole belongs to TheEasternEmpress (deviantART)
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incorrect-andromeda-6 · 15 days ago
Ryona: Does anyone have any perfume? Aya?
Aya: No. I'm not allowed to wear perfume again until I prove I can be responsible with it.
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feathery-dickmuffins · 19 days ago
My mission is to collect as many Acme Iku and Himeyoshi Ryona songs as possible
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