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For @shays-shenanigans 馃挋
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the-suggested-names-lmao2 hours ago
i really love guessing which fandom a particular fanart belongs to, especially when they don't have certain character defining factors. it's like, okay blonde haired bloke with brown haired lad, alex and henry or andrew and pre-ravens neil? dude with long black hair and a bloke with brown curls, sirius and remus or baz and simon?
i just really love that guessing game
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otpsgalore3 hours ago
Alex 100% steals henrys jumpers and secretly loves how he can do the sleeve paw things since Henry鈥檚 jumpers are big on him and Henry dies when he sees it
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wolfstarrysky3 hours ago
My friend's reaction to Henry and Alex lmao
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ravenstakeflight4 hours ago
Happy FFWF! Talk about the most recent wip that you are working on.
So I'm working on a reverse bang fic for @/rwrbreversebang!
it's a musician au of firstprince, and it basically follows them through the book's plot but with musician-ing. the funny thing is that the musician au doesn't have any musician things other than like. one paragraph.
and i'm also working on a couple other things, like my og piece "the saga of saya"
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my-mausoleum6 hours ago
Alex Claremont-Diaz and Achilles
the og聽鈥渋s kissing the homies goodnight gay鈥澛
based of the results of this test, yes, kissing the homies goodnight is indeed very g a y聽
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everwitch-magiks9 hours ago
Tumblr media
Writer Henry, Photographer Alex. Enemies to lovers.
Chapter eleven
鈥淚 have two meetings this afternoon,鈥 Henry said quietly.
Alex looked up at him abruptly.
They were curled up together on Henry鈥檚 couch. It was where they鈥檇 found themselves a lot during the past week. Between plenty of kissing as well as a very enthusiastic continuation of their exploration of each other鈥檚 bodies, they hadn鈥檛 spent much time without touching each other in some capacity. Currently, Alex was lying down and resting his head on Henry鈥檚 thigh, enjoying the feeling of Henry鈥檚 fingertips trailing down his bare chest and possibly thinking about resuming a sitting position so that he could steal another kiss or two. Or three.
Henry鈥檚 unusually solemn expression made Alex sit up for an entirely different reason.
鈥淥kay,鈥 he said softly, reaching for Henry鈥檚 hand. 鈥淵ou look鈥 concerned?鈥
Henry grimaced. 鈥淲ell. Let鈥檚 just say that I鈥檓 not ecstatic.鈥 For some reason, he took a deep breath. 鈥淚鈥檝e put off seeing my editor for quite a while.鈥
鈥淩eally?鈥 Alex asked. He felt somewhat confused. 鈥淲hy would you do that?鈥
鈥淚t鈥檚, you know. It鈥檚 the book.鈥 Henry slowly turned Alex鈥檚 hand over in his, his eyes downcast. 鈥淚 sent in the draft of The Waterloo Letters a while ago.鈥
鈥淥kay.鈥 Alex frowned. 鈥淒id your editor not like it? Is that even possible? It鈥檚 so good.鈥
Henry鈥檚 lips almost tugged into a smile. Almost.
鈥淚 have no idea if Windsor Publishing likes it or not,鈥 he said evenly. 鈥淏ecause I haven鈥檛 opened any emails from them since I submitted it.鈥
Alex stared at him.
Continue on AO3
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iambecomeyourvillain11 hours ago
[me going into favorite fandom tag]
my brain: stop now, stop. sTOp, fuck- you don't HAVE to reblog everything sTOp it-
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survivingonbooks16 hours ago
Henry: some people are like slinkies
Alex: explain...?
Henry: relatively useless, but they still make you smile when you push them down the stairs
Alex: ...you鈥檙e going to push Phillip down the stairs, aren鈥檛 you?
Henry: you can鈥檛 stop me
Alex: wasn鈥檛 planning on it, but FaceTime me so I can record it.
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peacocksandsnakes19 hours ago
Tumblr media
this is so鈥.. well it鈥檚 something
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fanofoatmeal19 hours ago
Henry: nose
Henry: I just typed nose with my nose!
Alex: heart
Henry: what
Henry: oh my god Alex are you okay
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the-songless-siren21 hours ago
Was there a scene in RWRB where Alex and Henry were made to stand for the royal portrait for hours only for them to reduce into a giggling mess
Or did I just make the whole scenario up in my mind . Pls help
I'm working on their Royal portrait btw :)
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ladydoctor01423 hours ago
Sometimes I wish my parents where Democrats because then I could hate all Republicans like other people in the lgbt+ community. When I came out to my mom she told me she really didn鈥檛 care as long as I was happy and that she doesn鈥檛 believe anyone should have to come out but if that鈥檚 what made me feel better it鈥檚 okay. She said 鈥減eople are who they are. Labels don鈥檛 make any difference.鈥 I never had to come out to my dad in a formal way but he knows I鈥檓 bi. He鈥檚 a republican politician and he insists I give him a hug every time I leave the house he has never purposefully misgendered anyone of my friends or made anyone feel uncomfortable in our home. He has supported me and when our beliefs sometime don鈥檛 line we have a debate but then we move on with a better understanding of each other鈥檚 side. Yes there are bigoted republicans but there are also bigoted democrats. The point is there are bad people on both sides of these arguments and I鈥檓 sick of having to feel ashamed of my family and like have to choose between my sexuality and them. My family will welcome my future girlfriend into my life with open arms but will they be willing to date someone who has an R on their voter ID card. And if they鈥檙e the ones who make me choose then who鈥檚 the real bigot.
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meiondra23 hours ago
Tumblr media
not a day goes by where this tweet does not plague my mind I NEED THE LUNA STAND ALONE NOVEL
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gayostrichesa day ago
RWRB from Henry鈥檚 perspective. Enough said.
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inejghafasupremacya day ago
which reminds me
"On purpose, I love him on purpose"
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adoginthemangera day ago
Tumblr media
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small-soft-nobodya day ago
Did anyone else read June and Nora as having a relationship? Because I did but my sister just read it as two best friends... thoughts?
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