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Furby, that creepy 1990's doll, has a tumblr page.
theprofessionalpromptmaker · 51 minutes ago
Person A is considered a player, but in reality is just someone who’s naturally charming and flirty, but always turns down other people’s efforts to sleep with them. Turns out, Person A is from a hyper-social alien species, and came to Earth to look for their soul mate, who their device told them was where their soulmate was located. Person B goes to Person A after their friend gets turned down Person A and comes crying to Person B about Person A leading them on, and Person B is annoyed and upset when Person A seems very excited to meet them and tries to flirt with them. Person A realizes Person B is their soulmate immediately, but Person B thinks Person A is just messing with them.
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damnitstrue · 57 minutes ago
And it’s the most beautiful thing I’ve ever witnessed. That a creature like you exists in my world.
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mjhartwork · an hour ago
Tumblr media
The first kiss (without maple leaves)
The peryton character, Slyva, isn’t mine and belongs to my friend @madame-raeva!
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doctorgerth · an hour ago
Hello! Could I ask please for promt 14 (Shanks, Benn Beckman, Law), theme 10, fem!reader. Oh i`m new in your blog, sorry if I did something wrong! (Hope i will have a time)
Tumblr media
❥ “Seeking Warmth” - Valentine’s Day Event Scenario [ 5 / 14 ]
❥ prompt: “Your lips are really warm.”
❥ theme: Kiss
❥ pairing: Benn x F!Reader
❥ warnings: brief mentions of one night stands and Shanks x Makino
❥ word count: 1.1k
❥ a/n: hello! welcome to this disaster blog! 😃 gahhhh I love this man an unhealthy amount considering we know hardly a thing about him. he has no business being so attractive 😤 this was my first time writing a scenario for him, I hope I managed to pull it off! this one also ended up not really having anything to do with Valentine’s Day, whoops...
Tumblr media
You shivered as you made your way across the ship, choosing to ignore the way your teeth chattered and how the wind chills seemed to seep to your bones. Most of the crew were hidden in their cabins, bundling up from the cold, enjoying hot stew in the mess hall, or drinking to warm their spirits. Not you. You were from a summer island and had only witnessed snow once in your lifetime. It hardly counted as your island only received about a half inch, but you vividly remember being utterly captivated by the silent snowfall; how perfect it laid along the grassy hills, the purest white you had ever seen.
You’ve waited, rather impatiently, for the ship to traverse through wintry oceans. As a newcomer on the Red Haired Pirates ship, you’ve witnessed many interesting places, but this was your first time since you were little seeing snow. Of course you weren’t going to pass this opportunity up, no matter if you were beginning to lose feeling in your toes.
A tall, dark figure leaning against the railings of the ship caught your attention in the blurring white. You drew closer out of curiosity, trudging through the blanket of snow, and were genuinely surprised to see the crew’s first mate, Benn Beckman. You’d recognize that lean figure anywhere as you’ve grown quite accustomed to it from staring at him longingly from across the room, silently tracing the lines of his masculine figure, observing with adoration as smoke clouds encircled his head, and wishing oh so pathetically to be the cigarette that hung from his lips. You hesitated to join him, until he felt your presence and turned around to greet you.
“Hey there.” He drawled, using his pointer and middle finger to retract the cigarette from between his lips, mouth forming a lazy ‘o’ as he blew a quick air of smoke that danced with the snowflakes.
“Sorry to bother you, I was just-”
“Not a bother at all. Come here.” He notioned you over with a jut of his chin then turned back to face the ocean.
You fought the nervous smile that was eager to spread across your face, instead biting your lip as you joined him against the edge of the ship. The two of you stood there, silent as the snow falling into the sea, simply enjoying each other’s company. Benn always had a calming aura about him. No matter how much his close proximity made your heart race, he made you feel at ease. He wasn’t much of a talker, and neither were you, so it was always nice to just be with him. 
“You’re not cold?”
You gripped at your shawl tighter, fighting the shivers, and smiled up at him, “I’m fine.”
Benn scoffed with a light roll of his eyes. You attempted to pay no mind, only sneaking a little peek, as he removed his cloak, shook off the collected snow, and handed it to you.
“Oh, you really don’t have to, I-”
“Just take it. Please.” 
He offered you a look of sincerity, and one of stubbornness. You reciprocated, “Won’t you be cold?”
He shook his head, “It’s been years, but…” He draped the cloak around your trembling body, nonchalantly wrapping his arms around you to secure you in it, “I’m used to it. I’ve experienced much worse winters than this.”
As his hands grazed your body, a blazing heat radiated within you that was surely enough to keep you warm for hours, even in these unforgiving temperatures. His cloak smelled just like him; aftershave, gunpowder, and cigarettes. It was intoxicating, like your entire world was consumed by him. You selfishly prayed he wouldn’t ask for the cloak back any time soon.
“Thank you.” You muttered, burying yourself further into the warm fabric as your body thawed. Your senses welcomed him, and with enough imagination, you could pretend to be held in those burly arms.
He chuckled, bringing you out of your embarrassing thoughts. It was silly, but you begged the heavens that he didn’t secretly have the ability to read minds. You eyed up at him, a silent questioning of what made him so amused.
“Nothing.” He flicked the butt of his cigarette over the edge with crinkled eyes as he smiled and you could feel your heart thumping in your throat. “You just look really cute in that.”
Your own eyes widened as you buried your entire head in the cloak, “Don’t tease me, Benn!” 
You tried to steady your breathing as he laughed. Such comments were common to come from your captain, who quite honestly would flirt with a potted plant. But Benn? He had always been aloof, hard to read. It took weeks for you to understand his mannerisms, and still, he was never an open book. You’d witnessed his more lax side a handful of times, mostly when around friends and when he was drinking, but you’d never witnessed such a playful side of him. 
Come to think of it, you’d hardly ever seen him act in a flirtatious manner around anyone, even those who were clearly interested in him (not that you could blame them, of course). Your fellow crew members have all flirted endlessly in bars and markets, some even bringing back one-night-stands to the ship. Why not Benn? Shanks of course had his own reason to avoid physical relationships in the form of a certain green-haired bartender, but what was Benn’s reason?  
He peeled back the collar of his cloak to reveal your face.
“Not teasing. Just being honest.” Smiling was such a good look on him. It was truly rare to see such a genuine small along those worn lips, it felt like finding gold when he did.
You were so mesmerized, you’d hardly noticed how the two of you suddenly stood mere inches from each other, his large hands still on the collar of his cloak as he stared down at you.
“Your lips look warm.” Benn smirked, thumb reaching up to brush gently along your jawline, “Can I kiss you?”
You choked on your answer, simply nodding in bewitchment. His hands let go of the cloak to cup both of your cheeks. He admired how soft your skin felt under his rugged hand and he was more than eager to feel the softness of your lips against his. Benn had been hiding from his feelings for far too long, and as embarrassing as it was to use his one of his captain’s lines, all that mattered was showing you how he truly felt about you. 
Your lips collided, moving against each other in heavenly motions. The fire of your lips mingled with the freezing snow made for comfortable weather. Your hands reached out from underneath the cloak to grasp at his shirt, smiling as he held your face gently within his hands, embracing the taste of you. You took note of the way his lips moved lovingly against yours, tongue curiously grazing your own. His years of experience was evident, yet he took his time with you, exploring you.
The two of you pulled away, puffy clouds of your heated breaths fluttering in the air between you.
“Your lips are really warm.” He muttered, eyes shamelessly staring at your aching lips. High on cloud nine and garnered confidence, you pulled him closer as you sought his lips once more. Your heart leapt as you felt his lips stretch into a wide smile, hands comfortably dropping to wrap around your waist and pull you impossibly closer.
Benn wasn’t much of a talker, and thankfully, neither were you.
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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perfectfeelings · an hour ago
Being attracted to someone's way of thinking is a whole different level of attraction.
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elizabethanism · 2 hours ago
“Life is indeed dangerous, but not in the way morality would have us believe. It is indeed unmanageable, but the essence of it is not a battle. It is unmanageable because it is a romance, and its essence is romantic beauty.” -
Howard’s End
E. M. Forster
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forwhomthewillowsings · 2 hours ago
Tumblr media
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thedesire · 3 hours ago
A person becomes ten times more attractive not by their looks, but by their acts of kindness, love, respect, honesty and loyalty they show.
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