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#Random Canon to the Head {Headcanon}
era-of-fear · 6 days ago
Daddy, Daddy!~ Dr. Strange
Tumblr media
Desc: Father headcanons for MCU Dr. Strange
~From the second his child is born, he has eyes on them, even when he isn’t there. 
~Not a single thing can happen to his child without him knowing. I mean he is ready to catch that kid anytime they fall down, anytime they start to wander too close to danger, or about to get into something they really shouldn’t be. 
~On that last note, just because he knows whats about to happen and he’s ready to catch them should something happen, he doesn’t always do that. Strange understands that sometimes accidents and mistakes are a part of growing up, and he will only interfere if these incidents are fatal. 
~You know those videos of dads explaining complex things to practical newborns and what not? He does that casually, not even for videos. Strange is telling his 2 month old about the multiverse and timelines and what not and the babies just like “wow I can’t function with my hands!”
~He teaches his kid about magic from a young age, though the child is very confused on real and fake magic (and the concept of illusions are bewildering) Strange decides to let them decide for themself. 
~This man. Will fight with his toddler. It doesn’t matter if it takes him 2 seconds or 2 hours, he will make them put on their shoes. He will sit at that table until they finish their vegetables (and he won’t move either, so its either you eat them or you sit there all night). 
~He is so snarky to his child, but gets genuinely surprised when they like dish it back. He’ll say something sarcastic, and his kid will sass him right back. Usually he finds it amusing though.
~Strange has to practically battle the Cloak of Levitation from his child, because its a whole ass magic carpet to them.
~The second Strange catches them using magic for mischief, he crushes it. Nope, your not being evil in my house kid. No, your not stealing or causing trouble. 
~I can see Strange as being a borderline helicopter parent with strict tendencies. He might always be watching, but he’s definitely not always reacting. He will slowly assemble lists in his head and reveal what he knows at crucial moments. (”No, you may not go to Kyle’s sleepover, you stole from the party store two weeks ago.”). When you can see everything, sometimes you keep it to yourself.
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era-of-fear · 15 days ago
Daddy, Daddy!~ Steve Rogers
Tumblr media
Desc: Father Headcanons for MCU Steve Rodgers
~Steve is a strict dad, I’m sorry. He tries to be lax and what not, but his kid misses curfew once and their grounded for a week, I’m sorry. 
~He claims not to understand most memes, so his kid is his only gateway to this sort of stuff. In reality, Steve absolutely understands them and instead pretends not to purely to tease his kid. “Is this breakfast burrito bussin’, champ?” and he has a sly smile on his face as his child dies of embarrassment.
~Regardless of his kids gender his basic nicknames for his kid are Champ, Sport, Kiddo, scamp, Half-pint, and (when they were younger), Peanut. He once called them Pog-Champ and his child refused to talk to him for a week.
~Steve absolutely has a 9:30 curfew until his kid graduates, asks for electronics to be put in his room at bedtime, and has parental controls on things. Lucky for the kid though they all use the same password, so once they have one they have them all for at least 5 years.
~Steve wears a baby backpack and goes out for his runs with his baby like that. When their old enough to be in a stroller this man runs with his toddler in front of him (and those dad reflexes lift up his stroller whenever it hits a bump and gets crazy), then when they’re old enough to run themselves he slows down and keeps them on a child leash (and picks them up when they’re tired). When they’re old enough to actually run he keeps them in front and lets them run.
~He absolutely makes them either play a sport or exercise weekly. When Pokemon Go came out he had to drag his kid back inside because they would be gone from dawn to dusk. However, he does like the enthusiasm. 
~On that same note, he has absolutely snatched his child from walking into the street because they were too involved in Pokemon Go. “Kids always on their phones” isn’t really his angle, but he was annoyed by it. 
~I can easily see Steve gaming with his kid from time to time. Classic games preferably, but he’s open to things like FIFA (any sport game really), Crash Bandicoot, and especially the Lego series. He isn’t too fond of games like COD and fortnite (and especially not their lobbies).
~He stays on top of schoolwork and what not, but also respects mental health and gives them two Mental Health days a school year (semester in high school)
~You know Bucky is the honorary uncle and routinely helps the kid mess with Steve. As they get older, Bucky helps them sneak out occasionally and offers his home as a sanctuary when Steve and his kid need some time apart.
~Honestly Steve can be a bit protective, and as a result he can be a bit of a helicopter parent at times. As a result as his kid matures and starts seeking independence, they’ll start fighting more and they usually end in someone leaving and 
Tumblr media
~Can have a kid asleep in less that 5 minutes, try him. 
~Loves drawing with his child, and he keeps every single drawing of theirs in his office. Could be a kindergarten art project or a sketch they did of a frog from middle school, he keeps them all. 
~Reads to his kid as much as possible when they’re young. When they’re older its not unusual to find them laying on the couch together with him reading to him. Could be the newspaper, could be one of his own books, doesn’t matter to him.
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era-of-fear · 18 days ago
Daddy, Daddy! ~Thor
Tumblr media
Desc: Father headcanons for MCU Thor
~This man is a himbo, lets say that from the get go. He’s a himbo with kid now and that energy stays. He holds his baby like a damn football.
~Always seems to be carrying his kid, their cousin, and at least one of their friends at all times at any age. Literally, the kid could be 16 and Thor has them on his back and is just, “ONWARD MY CHILD!”
~Threw his child in the pool (lake/pond/river) to teach them to swim, and pushed them down a hill to show them how to ride a bike. He was right behind them most of the way and wound up pulling them out the pond.
~This man does not understand homework, but he will call Stark or Banner to help, because he wants to see his child succeed. 
~On that same note, Thor is heavily involved in any activity his kids into and he’ll even help them hone their skills! “You want to do ballet my child? Well then, we will Parry-A together then!” (And you know like 80% of the parents hit on him but he’s just like “No thank you?? Look my child made a basket :D”)
~Look me in the eyes and tell me Thor isn’t a grill dad.
~He loves to tell stories of Asgard and its rich history as bedtime stories. He always gets far too into it, and has a look in his eyes as he goes into the most intricate details about his home. Whenever his child asks to see it, he gets the saddest of smiles on his face and shakes his head. “I wish you could see it...”
~Not the type of dad to set a curfew, but if he’s up at 3 am and his kids just getting home he’s so confused. He’s fine with it, but at the same time what were you doing until 3 am that required you to come home and not stay there? 
~Wrestles with his kids lovingly, but also casually whips out a WWE move over the remote.
~Thor can sleep with his kid no problem. Thor sleeps like a sack of bricks, but if his kid so much as whimpers he jerks up and begins poking their face, “Your making little noises, are you okay? Did Loki do something? Loki?” 
~Lets his kid take little sips of anything he drinks, including coffee and beers. Thor doesn’t care that their a baby! If they reach for his cup of beer and get upset when he moves it away, he’ll let them try just a dot of it then get genuinely offended when they spit it out. Still repeats this until their like 13 or someone catches them. If they try to do more than a sip he takes it away and just. “NO.” very firmly like you would a dog.
~Speaking of Dogs he’d absolutely give into the “Can We Have A Dog?” question after like 3 times and he’d get a rescue dog. 
~God of Thunder comforts his child during thunder storms with the most, “That's just me saying I love you in the sky” way possible
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era-of-fear · 18 days ago
Daddy, Daddy!~ Yondu
Tumblr media
Desc: Father Headcanons for MCU Yondu Udonta
~If you expect to be given Quill treatment, your heavily misguided.
~Or maybe not, it honestly depends on if the kids biologically his or not. Depending on their age and what not, he might heavily deny (read as insist) that he’s not the father. Once that fails he winds up the reluctant father.
~You know how parents are like “I don’t want this new pet” and then get attached to it? That's what happens. He doesn’t like this feeling or that its happening, but it does. 
~If its another Quill situation its similar, but not quite the same. He might leave them somewhere else and visit on rare occasions, but other than that contacts flimsy. He sends money though, and little trinkets so at least they know he somewhat cares.
~Kid learns how to steal, fly a ship, use a yakka arrow, and quite a few other little tricks from their father. He feels a little bit of pride as he smacks them on the back of the head for stealing something out his coat pocket without getting immediately caught.
~However, Yondu can’t teach them everything. He can’t teach them how to beat every enemy they come across, or how to be a better person than he is (IS). As much as this life is okay for him, he doesn’t want it for his kid. 
~Eventually, he might leave them with someone (or somewhere) he deems safe, someone to protect them until he feels ready to step back into their life in a more stable place. He knows his presence attracts the wrong kind of people, lets have his kid be spared at least. 
~If he does keep his kid, their essentially a member of the crew with a little more privilege past the age of 13. He tries not to play favorites past that, but, if Yondu happens to see any other member of his crew roughing them up a bit more than he likes, he’ll see to it their dealt with. Its also common to see his kid beside the captains chair fiddling with some item he picked up for them.
~If his kid leaves (runsaway, decides to do their own thing, ETC.) he demands they stay in touch at the very least. He wants to know where their headed, jobs their doing, if they have a bounty, anything newsworthy. Also he at one point tells them, “Be better than your brother Quill, I made the mistake of not eating him and now he’s the guardian of somethin’” “The galaxy, dad.” “Don’t you go mouthin’ off now!”
~RUFFLES HIS KIDS HAIR AT ANY CHANCE. They could be asleep beside him and he’ll mess it up with a ruffle. They could have just been caught by the ravagers stealing something from one and he’ll ruffle their hair tauntingly before having them locked in a cell for the night.
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era-of-fear · 19 days ago
Daddy, Daddy~Bucky Barnes
Tumblr media
Desc: Father Headcanons for MCU James “Bucky” Barnes
~From the first second Bucky ever held his child, he was completely and utterly enchanted. Every second of every day was dedicated to them, and the way they made him feel. For a moment, he felt fully at peace with the world and every stress lifted for just a second.
~It doesn’t matter if their biological baby or an 11 year old he saved off the street, the first time he holds them that's how he feels for at least five minutes.
~Years of trauma aren’t magically lifted due to his child though, and at times he fully distances himself from them with no explanation or warning. He’ll pull away and just isolate himself from them emotionally and physically. He can’t help it, its just like he feels every single thing crushing on him and he doesn’t want it affecting his kid so he just...Goes.
~When he bounces back, Bucky tries to act like nothing happened, but its obvious he’s not the same for at least a week. Its like walking on eggshells as the child wonders if Daddy is gonna ice them out again. 
Okay lets lighten up a bit because we just ran in with angst after one wholesome headcanon.
~This middle aged grandpa literally falls asleep holding his kid constantly, but don’t let their almost synchronized snoring fool you. One weird noise and his eyes are open and he’s ready to swing with his free hand. If even his partner tries to take his baby in his sleep he’s glaring daggers. He won’t stop his partner most of the time, but he “We were comfortable.”
~Bucky isn’t a PTA dad, but he’ll go to the meetings and call out any parents of bullies at the school. Just, “Your kids like to yell at mine, maybe its because you talk so much they have to yell over you. How about you lower your voice and let someone else speak, or we can talk after the meeting.” 
~Bucky is so careful with his child, doing everything he can not to hurt them to his knowledge. What that means is he cradles them as firmly gentle as possible while jogging inside the house, but he isolates himself out of nowhere as I mentioned above.
~He hates when his kid chews on his arm (”That's dirty, no!), but if it helps with teething he’ll reluctantly let it happen for tiny amounts of time. As the child matures. he notices they always seem to lay against it, press their face to it, and hold onto it. However, they always hold his right hand.
~Midnight. Snacks. Every Thursday night at 10:18 like clockwork Bucky sits in the kitchen leaning against the stove waiting for his kid to have a night snack with him. He has an apple peeled and sliced, grapes, or sometimes a little something waiting down there for them. If it’s been a long week, he has a slice of apple pie with a scoop of vanilla and some soft words of comfort. If he’s in one of his shut downs, he leaves the snack in a bowl with a note. 
~If he’s ever home late, and his kid tried to stay up waiting for him but fell asleep, he ALWAYS carries them to their bed and tucks them in. If he ever finds them asleep somewhere like on the couch, he carries them to bed. If they fall asleep on him, he puts his arm around them and pulls whatever he has on hand over them like a blanket. 
~Nobodies good enough for his kid. Friends, dates, sitter, teachers, nobodies good enough. He tries to accept what he can get, but at the same time one screw up and he’ll say something.
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It’s the anon from earlier! I loved it and it was amazing - but I was wondering, if you still need a distraction, if you would want to do the same for Russingon (or another ship you like)?
Like I said, an anon after my very heart. 
I accidentally wrote mostly about the families, but here you go:
On an almost daily basis when they were kids, Maedhros would show up in Fingons head via psychic link like “why do i put up with these people”  and the attachments: IGotRidOfMaglorsUGLYNewShoesByGivingThemToHuanAsAChewToy.YoureWelcome.jpeg (via Celegorm)     and     100_reasons_Celegorm_must_be_adpoted_and_why_we_should_give_him_back_By_Maglor.pdf
Despite being the “sane one” Neylo has never once had a logical thought in his life. In fact, I refuse to believe that family has ANYONE who will EVER “hideth, or hoardeth, or in hand taketh, finding keepeth or afar casteth” a brain cell. actually I take that back, Feanor probably made a brain cell once, tried out Reason, didn’t like it, and immediately threw the thing away.
Maedhros finally “tells” his siblings about him and Fingonwhen he’s headed off to the “negotiation” with Melkor and is like “tell finno i love him” and everyone who isn’t Celegorm are sitting there like “TELL WHO WHAT NOW?”
Maintaining a secret?? In this family??:
Neylo is Certain his parents either know or are seconds from finding out about them at any given moment, but in reality they’ve completely bought into “we’re just good friends.” He forgot to tell his siblings. Eventually, of course he does. Celegorm has known longest - in my head canon he’s the most distant from the family, so when Maedhros needed to tell someone he went to him bc it was less likely to get back to Feanor. I don’t think Maedhros would have any reason to really worry about his siblings reactions, but isn’t too happy with he idea of his parents finding out.
Findekano is the opposite, he believes he’s running the tightest deception ever to exist, even when his whole family knows (but dont mind). Valinor Fingon has yet to realise he can be harmed. (“Valiant? no. Reckless.” -an affectionate note from Neylo) Unfortunately, he meets a rude awakening on the ice about that.
Short version of family relationships because that’s literally what im in the Silm fandom for:
“I love all of them so so much” Neylo says through gritted teeth. Kidding, I think they all are pretty affectionate with one another and know they’re loved unconditionally. Later on, that relationship gets really strained, but even towards the end of the book, they know they can turn to each other if they ever need anything. (So long as they’re fine with a 2 hour discussion of why that was Very Dumb.)
Fingolfin’s kids are all more distant but they probably get a long much better than Feanor’s. Fingon is one of those kinda “hero” older brothers imo, and when they’re younger there’s certainly a sense of “what ever Fingon is doing, it must be a good thing to do.” Fingon also endeavored to learn the things that his siblings were interested in. Aredhel is the one who taught him the wood craft that got him to thangorodrim.  
The cousins all interact, at first Feanor was like “fine you can chat at like,, state dinners.” But then Maedhros and Fingon were getting on really well, and Aredhel and Celegorm had run off to the woods, so in the end he was like “ok fine so long as *I* dont have to talk to Nolo.”
ok this WAS GOING TO BE ABOUT A SHIP I SWEAR. *chanting* ship things ship things—
…I forgot the Ships thing…
Actually you know what? I’m choosing to be Happy. They all stay in Valinor and live HAPPILY ever after.
In conclusion, I ask for a ship and my brain goes ”Yes!! These people get along so well!” I ask it for romance and it’s like “I don’t speak roman and have never been to rome.” 
Thanks for the ask anon and hope you have a great day!
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hal-in-the-family · a year ago
Ankh had gotten UFO a cassette player for Christmas. Despite UFO actually having a phone it could be using instead...
Tumblr media
...they haven’t stopped humming and grooving to these funky old songs on these rectangle tapes. Its English was still limited, but the understanding of context matters not when the rhythmic melody’s the true star of these ‘bops’.
        “♪ Dee dee dee-dee dee          Dah dah dah-dah dah          Dee dee dah, ha-happy... ♪”
Maybe someday, the UFO would be able to sing - and understand - in fluent English.
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starrpark · 4 hours ago
UHhhUHHHhUHhHh uhhhh brock for the character ask thing
brock!!! brock is one of the ONLY men he's so swag
fave thing about them: his SOUP!!!! sorry but I honestly love the stupid little rocket #4 star power description it's SO funny and gives him a little more canon personality compared to some other brawlers
least fave thing about them: his design is a little bland ngl. I feel like he would want a lot more accessories. earrings maybe.....
fave line: brock is OP! tied with "ough, brock got nerfed" because it is funny ok
brOTP: um!!!! rico is a copout so I'm gonna say max!!! they were gaming together in the uhh uh missing trophy party animation I think. they seem like they could be good friends :)
OTP: ambrock :)) listen they are transgender and t4t and I think their personalities click. rico is also good though because they are gamer husbands
nOTP: hmmm I'm not overly opposed to any ships I think? I guess I don't really see the appeal of bo x brock which seems common for whatever reason. bibi as well maybe but they at least have similar environments
random headcanon: brock is a short king but his shoes have massive big platforms. rocket boots or smth idk but he gets an inch or two of extra height LOL
unpopular opinion: uhhh I am a bit of a normie brock fan idk if I have anything unpopular or special. OH WAIT i know, I don't like his beta design. it's unique I guess but I just prefer his current model
song I associate with them: I'm sorry but I literally can't think of anything except TWO TRUCKS right now I might edit this later when I get it out of my head <///3
fave pic: this google image search result I just found. I'm crying
Tumblr media
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personwithproblem · 2 days ago
Alright. I have a new Class B head canon. Awase is to Kamakiri and Kendo is to Monoma. Awase has to stop him from cutting people. (I like to think by welding random soft stuff to the end of his blades. (Baby proofing in a way)
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firexbunni · 2 days ago
QUEST;; Will w/a male s/o
Tumblr media
Req. Can I get some fluff William hcs with a male reader? IJustNeedMoreContentOfMyBoyWilliam-
A/N. William the world! I'm not fully aware of his personality yet, though I can somewhat tell from his story so I do hope this is alright!!
Tumblr media
Warnings. None(?)
Reader. Male!
Fandom. IdentityV
Words. 321 Headcanons
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
❥ William is Bisexual and I don't take criticism its now canon /j
❥ I can't see him treating the relationship any different cus you're another man. I mean, he loves you just as much as the next person would with their s/o.
❥ Will was probably taught the corny love antics, flowers, dinners, holding your doors open, etc.
❥ He's a gentleman to you, dispute his usual aloof approach towards things he's interested in anything you find amusing.
❥ He probably wakes up early for a jog or something, if you want to join him he'll gladly let you hop along
❥ Though if you're not a morning person he'll give you a light kiss on the head before heading out :)
❥ I feel like he's not afraid to give you a peck in public but wouldn't do it without consent or you being fine with PDA.
❥ His jock personality shows a lot, and I mean a lot, he's very competitive and energetic with you. Even with small stuff like those corny "I love you more" fights.
❥ He refuses to go a day without letting you know how much he adores you.
❥ Surprisingly physical behind closed doors, but respectful of your boundaries. If hand holding is the only thing you're currently comfortable with he's fine with that! 
❥ He's big, I don't think anyone would dare to even say anything about you two being men without crapping themselves..
❥ Any hobbies you have– and I mean ANY– he's right there supporting you. He knows how happy a hobby no matter how big or small can make someone and having a person there to support you makes it all worth the while.
❥ Random though I feel like he'd enjoy making food with you, doesn't matter if you can or can't cook he just likes the feeling of those old school romantic things like cooking, walks, etc.
Tumblr media
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sugarcarnation · 3 days ago
random hc because you're my fellow resident rachel stan:D I don't really think rachel wants a romantic relationship? she thinks she does and endlessly pines after fantasies of them but she doesn't really want the reality. she's just much more invested in healthy platonic relationships and kurt is her queerplatonic soul mate <3 I also see her as someone who'd be down with an fwb type thing...
how would you rank all the main rachel (both romantic and platonic) ships)?
first of all i’m honored
second of all i think you might me onto something here. like okay i have a lot of rachel ships but i also actually really like the idea that she doesn’t really care about romantic relationships
this actually reminds me of @angelhummel rachel berry is a lesbian post and while i personally always headcanoned her as bisexual i do think that both of you are bringing up interesting points
i definitely think though that probably all her canon relationships at least started with rachel building up an idealized imagine of the other person. i think in later seasons this wasnt as much the case but season 1 rachel probably just figured that if she was gonna be a big successful star she also should have a boyfriend by her side to complete the imagine of stardom she has in her head
and im not sure if she is actually interested in actually having a boyfriend. whenever she talks about possible partners her only concern is how good of a singer they are
and i think both her relationship with brody and with sam seemed a lot more mature than the ones she had in earlier seasons (for the most part at least). and both these relationships were pretty casual
also i firmly believe that rachel would be totally down with taking over the world together with kurt on her side. she even says so in the show. why should they need boyfriends when they have each other?
(i feel like at this point i might be starting to convince myself that rachel actually doesn’t have a real interest in romantic relationships with guys)
basically thank you for this ask because it has given me a lot to think about
(ranking under the cut in an attempt to not make this post ridiculously long)
this is gonna be an entirely subjective ranking. i don’t care who has the objectively best relationship. this is only gonna be about what i like and wanna see lmao
also im just gonna mix platonic and romantic relationships together because why not. also half of my romantic ships arent canon (but they’re canon in my heart)
1. hummelberry
im a sucker for their friendship. they’re two of my absolute favorite characters and i wanna see them together all the time (also they’re a good friendship. people are just mean)
2. pezberry
okay i really think that they could have been an amazing couple. i really would have liked to see them become a couple in season 4 and 5. and they have amazing chemistry. also they’re literally always holding hands so that has to count for something
3. bones
no i haven’t given up on using this ship name. it’s amazing. also i really think that mercedes would have been so good for rachel. she’s probably her biggest rival when it comes to being an amazing singer and i think rachel needs someone who can keep up with her. also mercedes isn’t afraid to tell rachel how it is and i actually believe that rachel appreciates that. also together they would make the biggest power couple. no one could compare to them
4. tinchel
similar to bones i think rachel would profit from having a partner who’s not afraid to speak their mind against her. also they would be cute. and theyre my two favorite female characters so of course i want them to date
5. st berry
definitely my favorite canon rachel relationship. i feel like they’re on the same wavelength. would have liked to see more development in season 6 though
6. anderberry
idk i just like them together. they’re both incredibly talented dorks. they are a force to be reckoned with. but also i feel like blaine is one of the few people rachel actually let’s her walls down with. like she becomes so happy and goofy when she’s with him and i love it
7. faberry
not my favorite rachel ship but like that doesn’t mean i don’t see the chemistry. and i think that seeing them date would be so interesting
8. brochel
theyre overhated. they were actually pretty good together and brody was what rachel needed at the time. i don’t see them working out as a longterm relationship but they were cute (if we ignore the messy ending of their relationship)
9. finchel
okay i love them but also i think it’s mostly just nostalgia. and me really liking the fanon version of them. realistically i don’t think they would have worked out (at least not in season 4)
10. samchel
i just didnt really care about them. i don’t have a problem with them but i just wasn’t really into their relationship
was that everyone? i feel like i’m forgetting something but yeah this is my ranking of rachel’s main relationships
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citronplume · 3 days ago
Tumblr media
pls read before requesting (๑˃ᴗ˂)ﻭ♡ thank u!
🌸 | I write ~
- headcanons
- fics
- oneshots
- drabbles
- fanon
🌸 | Genres ~
- fluff
- crack/fluff
- au
- songfic
- Fluff / WAFF
- Hurt / Comfort
🌸 | I do not write... ~
- it's a long list so please stay with me
- pedophilia * none of that teacher x student crap *
- incest
- yandere
- smut * I don't really feel comfortable writing it *
- character x character *tho if you have an oc I’ll try my best*
- cheating * sorry but its a sensitive topic personally *
- abusive relationships
- angst * but as I said I do write angst if it then turns into fluff *
- that’s all for now
🌸 | Fandoms ~
🌸 | Boku no Heto Academia ↡
🌸 | Hunter x Hunter ↡
🌸 | The Disastrous Life of Saiki K ↡
🌸 | Toilet-Bound Hanako-kun ↡
🌸 | SK8 the infinity ↡
🌸 | Bungo Stray Dogs ↡
-will be adding more later-
🌸 | However I will not write for ~
- Nendo
- Mineta * tho he can be being a perv to s/o or something *
- Present Mic
- All Might * I don't feel comfortable writing about him *
- Leorio
- Hisoka
- Teruhashi
- You may request other characters from the fandoms just not these -
🌸 | Keep in Mind ~
- All characters unless specified otherwise are female
- Head canons are only up to 3 characters
- I take longer to find the energy to write Bnha requests because of the toxic fandom * but I do try if I’m not busy *
- If you send me a request that doesn’t inspire me as much as a request that I received after yours, then I’ll write whichever inspires me most first.
🌸 | Be prepared for ~
🌸 Memes
🌸 lots of cussing
🌸 laughing * I mean you *
🌸 References
🌸 Jokes * could be bad, could be good you’ll find out *
🌸 quotes from things * movies, songs, musicals, mEmEs *
🌸 Random shit!
Please only request when requests are open!
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erin-hollow · 4 days ago
hi!! okay so for the character ask thing, you said tng so, what about geordi and data?
Thanks so much for the ask dude! Ok, this is the one where my headcanons don’t match up with each other at all, but hey, I’m allowed to have multiple headcanons for multiple characters.
Sexuality headcanon: I like the ace (head?) canon, I don’t really know how it goes once he gets emotions though since I haven’t seen the movies. But in my head he stays asexual after he gets the emotion chip.
Gender headcanon: *slaps roof of Data* This bad boy can fit so many genders! Most of the time I consider him vaguely male, but I really like the trans fem headcanons. I’ve read some really sweet fics with that premise.
A ship I have with said character: Daforge!
A BROTP I have with said character: So many! But I like Data and Riker, I think it’s underrated.
A NOTP I have with said character: Data and Jenna D’Sora. I’m not putting “In Theory” on my rewatch list. (No offense to anyone who likes it)
A random headcanon: I know this is a pretty common one, but I think he feels emotions, just not the physical sensations that the chip gives him so he only thinks he doesn’t have emotions.
General Opinion over said character: FAVORITE CHARACTER BY A MILE! He’s the character that got me in to Star Trek in the first place.
Sexuality headcanon: Gay
Gender headcanon: Man
A ship I have with said character: Daforge :) And Geordi x Bochra
A BROTP I have with said character: One I haven’t seen talked about before is him and Riva. They only had a little interaction in the episode but it was very sweet and I wish they had talked more.
A NOTP I have with said character: All of his canon love interests. I agree with LeVar Burton. Canon has not been kind to this man.
A random headcanon: I don’t really have one :/ 
General Opinion over said character: I really, really like him. He’s one of the three characters I talk about all the time to my friends who haven’t seen TNG. I need to get back into drawing him. He’s really under appreciated, and that’s a shame! Maybe it’s just because he’s not a main character?
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pad-foots · 4 days ago
👑 oml yk what lets go can we get some quackity head canons in heree
👑: send a character from any of the fandoms i like and i’ll give you 2-3 random headcanons for them!
okokok these are for c!quackity, i don’t have many at all but hEre
has lil gold wings but tends to hide them because he’s insecure about them- only karl, sapnap and george have seen them
is very protective of his friends and isn’t the best at showing it, but he will gladly go to war with anyone for all of them
last day of the 1000 follower sleepover!
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onekisstotakewithme · 5 days ago
Canadian food! Hawkeye thoughts! Maritime thoughts! I have had similar thoughts on Hawkeye having more Canadian values compared the rest of the cast. But never thought to make him Canadian lol. Frank for example would have an apoplexy if you tried to tell him about socialized medicine, Hawkeye on the other hand, is half way there. And, in one of my head canons, meets a nice nurse from Halifax in the Tokyo airport on the way home.
Did not get poutine yet, it’s fine. Won’t die. Gonna go shopping tomorrow I think.
I do not like tiger tail, why, Erin, why?! Liquorice bleh 😒 Grape nut on the other hand :)
Okay that honestly made me laugh, sorry Pear.
And yes!! It’s a personal favourite headcanon of mine that Hawkeye is just straight up half-Canadian (or essentially me rubbing my grubby Canadian frostbitten hands all over him).
And I’ve been to Atlantic Canada... twice? But I was only 7 or so the last time, and I don’t really remember it at all. But I do remember driving through Maine to get there. It was thus a logical thought progression.... 😏
And nowadays I am more of a rainbow sherbet person (or whatever delicacy they’re serving whenever i can get to Cows ice cream).
But yeah I have lots of random thoughts about Hawkeye and Canadiana, and how he gently cajoles his family into enjoying his heritage 😏💜
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frostbitcore · 6 days ago
Tumblr media
// Okay!! please don’t mind Xinyan icon for now, I’m just using her as a little this is Sou than using random Kaeyas but I’ll start with the headcanon as follows; this will most likely be debunked as the game progresses so take this with a grain of salt like the frozen in time headcanon I had before! Many of my kaeya headcanons are fuel by learning more lore through the friendship lvl I gain with him and or other characters. In the end, they’re just little headcanons that just keep me musing hard and one day they won’t be so sad. 
// I’m painfully awkward but I really love talking about headcanons so feel free to message me any! 
003. Dainsleif 
In canon, both characters do not interact and believed to not know each other but playing into Abyss Prince theory that many fans full heartedly believes because of hints in game and game events. The archon quest that few players if hitting the high enough Adventure Rank, [ Note; If you have no idea what I’m going to talk about, please ignore this post for spoilers that will pop up! ]
After fight with Abyss Herald with Dain, depending which twin is your Mc. You get a glimpse of them and find out Dainsleif failed to protect his people and more about the Abyss Order is merely the people of Khaenr’iah themselves. Now, where Kaeya involved you may ask? Both failed Khaenri’ah in a way; Kaeya being their last hope but falling in arms of others and not embracing the abyss and Dain failing to prevent or even help aide as the twilight sword.
There is no canon evidence that I currently know of those two even knowing each other’s existence but in this headcanon; Kaeya secretly communicates with the order for info. Mona’s lvl 6 thoughts of Kaeya puts this narrative more in my head because of a line or two that she shared “ One day fate will catch up with him. When it does, he will have a major decision to make “ 
This fate will have the order and Dainsleif in mind with him joining the abyss twin to truimph over the gods that destroyed his kingdom and ruined his people. Dain unlike Kaeya [ mere speculation as of now ] memories of khaenri’ah are all but faded from his mind. I believed he would influence Kaeya and provide the information but I’m not saying the abyss twin doesn’t have their hand in it as well but that's another word vomit. 
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why-we-build-the-wall · 7 days ago
Characters: Lisa, Lucy, and Utterson? :)
First impression: “oh, she’s cool I guess. Kinda reminds me of Marguerite from Scarlet Pimpernel” (gee I wonder why)
Impression now: I love her so much I would die for her in a heartbeat.
Favorite moment: “Comments on style should never be made by those who have none.” I love sassy Lisa okay.
Idea for a story: I have a Very Angsty Idea that is essentially her breaking up with Jekyll around Once Upon a Dream. Maybe someday I’ll actually write it.
Unpopular opinion: I don’t know how “unpopular” this is but her name is LISA. NOT EMMA. No matter what version I’m talking about I always call her Lisa.
Favorite relationship: Her and Jekyll. I’m boring I know.
Favorite headcanon: My favorite one I’ve come up with is that Lady Beaconsfield was her tutor or something. Idk I think it’s a cool idea and it gives a bit more depth to the “comments on style” dig.
First impression: I legit don’t even remember. I probably thought she was cool???
Impression now: I love her. Personally, I prefer Lisa (projecting reasons? never /s) but I still am a huge Lucy fan.
Favorite moment: In Sympathy Tenderness when she says “I feel like a lady” and Jekyll says “You are. A most extraordinary lady.” It’s just so cute I just- *cries*
Idea for a story: idk maybe her first coming to the Red Rat? I don’t really write her pov very much.
Unpopular opinion: I’ve seen mixed on this but I really don’t mind Good and Evil all that much. Sure it’s not as good as Bring on the Men and it’s a little in-your-face, but I like that it adds the detail of Lucy inspiring Jekyll to test the formula on himself. It adds a bit more significance to her character beyond simply “another love interest”.
Favorite relationship: She and Nellie are married. No I’m not taking criticism on this.
Favorite headcanon: kay okay so going off of my Lucy/Nellie otp y’know how in Girls of the Night Nellie says she has a child? (btw the kid’s named Charlie in my head) I hc that Lucy is fantastic with kids. She’s a great mom to Charlie and he adores her.
First impression: he’s a lawyer I guess??? Oh and he has a gun. Cool.
Impression now: Mr. Seek! He’s great. (all my responses were pretty similar I guess I don’t really have issues with many characters)
Favorite moment: probably when he first sees Hyde turn into Jekyll. In the proshot rehearsal (I’m ignoring that the proshot exists) Merritt has such a stricken look on his face that kinda cracks me up he’s really not having a good time is he. Or for book canon the “If he be Mr. Hyde I shall be Mr. Seek” line. Love me some pun-master Utterson!
Idea for a story: I’m working on a multichapter fic from his pov actually! It’s an AU where he’s there for Jekyll’s first transformation. Might start posting soon if anyone’s interested.
Unpopular opinion: I don’t really care if he’s called Gabriel or John. I tag him as “Gabriel John Utterson” but always call him John in my fics. “John” flows better in the songs, so I don’t really have an issue with it.
Favorite relationship: in book!canon I ship him and Jekyll so hard, but it’s complicated in the musical. I love Lisa too much to push her to the side, so Utterson just kinda ends up pining the whole time :/
Favorite headcanon: My mind is blanking on Utterson headcanons rn, so I’ll just kinda say something random. I think he was at least partially expecting Hyde to come out at the wedding/reception and that’s why he made sure to bring his gun/sword-cane-thingy. OOOH here’s a headcanon: Jekyll TOLD him to bring his gun just in case something went wrong. Thus the “we promised, remember?” line.
Thank you!!!
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miniaturemallow · 7 days ago
Random jjba AUs/headcanons I like because I haven't talked about jjba in awhile and also there's some G/t at the end.
vampire Jonathan AU? fantastic
AU where Giorno grows to have vampiric traits from his father? wonderful
an AU where Kars makes it back down to earth after being in space? great
AU where Jonathan still has consciousness somewhere in his body DIO stole from him, but so little control over it. Kinda like YGO, but reverse 'evil spirit inside British boy' instead its 'kind british boy spirit inside fucked up evil guy'
Any allies who die in the series all kinda hang out in sky cloud afterlife and watch how things go from above.
That one head canon where Mista's father is Hol Horse Something, something paralleling Mista following Giorno
AU where the gang find Narancia when he's shrunk? Like, Mista and Fugo go out to look for him because they get worried and just find him tiny.
Those with Joestar blood can shift into giants because why not?
the more people the likes of the pillarmen or DIO consume, the larger they become. Some sorta vampire magic thing.
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lesbiantahani · 7 days ago
regina milf. regina mills
LMAO she :) 
favourite thing about them
bisexual milf supremacy and her love for henry. UNMATCHED!!!
least favourite thing about them
she murdered so many innocent people but thats okay bc shes sexy :) gaslight girlboss gatekeep <3
favourite line
“fillet the bitch” “you thought we were friends? 😳 💕  “is there a dwarf named evily???? its me!”
omggg her and tink was cute. also her and hook bc theyre literally siblings and i love their banter
??? emma/regina as if that isnt obvious skdskd
hmmm i never was a fan of her canon love interests so any of them? skdksd
random headcanon
biggest nerd ever. she had like 20 years stuck in the 80s as if she wouldnt get obsessed with the most niche things ever skdsk im talking star wars, languages, novels, true crime shows. when henry and emma discover this after she makes a lord of the rings reference they stare at her and shes like “what??? im like 60 years old technically i needed to pass the time”
unpopular opinion
the characters of ouat are justified in not wanting to forgive her for her atrocities, and they dont have to at all and can hate her as much as they like. BUT...but. that doesnt mean redemption is impossible for her and that they should advocate for her head on a spike. she is arguably the best villain character ever written for tv and denying her the redemption she deserves is Dumb <3
song i associate with them
sandstorm - odalisk. LIKE its so her skdksd
favorite picture of them
this one!!! shes so cute!
Tumblr media
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jade-marie · 8 days ago
Hey do you have any Headcanons for Rio? I have a head canon. that him n a Rhea meant in high school. Also her and his family are the only ones that call him Chris/ Christopher.
Do I have any headcanons for Rio? Is fire hot? Is the sky blue? Do dogs bark? Yes. The answer is yes and plenty of them.
His name is Christopher (last name needs to be Rivera, because, hellooooo water connotations.)
Rio is a nickname with meaning, not a crime name. But he only really uses it “at work”
Family only call him by his actual name. He likes a clear work/life divide, hence Rio and Christopher
He’s known Rhea a long time, they’ve never been married or in a serious relationship but had deep feelings.
Marcus was unplanned
He has at least one degree
He was absolutely not a Highschool drug dealer - I don’t even think he originally wanted to do what he’s doing now. Long term he plans to build a nest egg and get out
He has at least one older sister - looks like the show is shitting all over that one though, fucking assholes
He used to smoke. Idk those fidgety hands when he’s stressed scream ex smoker lmao
He deliberately plays into gangbanger stereotypes as a cover. People see him, think “thug” and don’t look much deeper. Meanwhile he’s got a multimillion dollar counterfeit ring
He was a scholarship kid at a bougie school (another really random one)
He’s known Mick most of his life and they’re actually friends
Gonna stop here but I have many 🤣
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