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quirky-book-reads · 20 hours ago
Paradiso, #1
Part of the #BookTour organised by @rararesources. Paradiso, #1 by Francesca Scanacapra (@silvertailbooks) is a compelling read taking the reader on a heart-wrenching journey into the young life of the main character, Graziella... #BookBlogger #MustRead
Genre: Historical Fiction Italy, 1937. In a tiny village in rural Lombardy, Graziella Ponti is born into a loving family. Though they are not rich and life is full of challenges, they are content and safe, surrounded by the tightly-knit community of Pieve Santa Clara. But when the shadow of World War Two falls across the village with the arrival of Nazi soldiers, nothing in young Graziella’s…
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evelynistic · a day ago
Hello, dear! You've been visited by the random character question fairy! :D ~☆
How do your character's morals change throughout their life? How would your character at the beginning of their life feel about their morals at the end of their life and vice-versa?
Hi fairy! Sorry for the late answer (writer's block :/)
But Here's answer for both of my OCs!
Katherine Whitlock : Oof. Her morals go through some BIG time changes through out her whole life. She is one of my characters who have a grey shade in nature, so she isn't going to be happy if she discovers what kind of person she becomes in the future! When she was a child, she was naive, and innocent, but during her teenage, she saw life turning to hell a little too quickly. By the end of her life, she laughs at how much of a baby she was before, tho there is a little regret in that realization as she wishes to be that person once again.
Elena Danvers : I haven't introduced her to the fandom yet (but going to soon!) So here's a little preview on what she is gonna be like!
She takes her time to build her morals and sticks by it. She is a military woman, so she takes her morals very seriously. And her morals are good. If told what kind of her person she becomes in the future, she would actually be pretty proud of it, for her sticking to what she chose for herself and not letting the events that happened to her, change her perspective. By the end of her life, her reaction would remain same. Proud.
Thanks for the ask! I'd love another visit!
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rev-in-the-rain · a day ago
i was reminded of this so, story:
i was at a con shortly before covid started (like at the end of february) and i was in line to go in, and i was talking to his Finn cosplayer. then out of no where, he screams at the top of his lungs “REYYYY” because he saw a Rey cosplayer and you know, that’s what Finn does in the movies. and when she turned to look at him, he just gave her this shy wave and everyone started giggling
i miss cons, man. also i was in Richie Tozier cosplay, that’s not a plot point but I wanted it to be noted
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moo-moo-meadows · a day ago
can i,,, can i maybe get smth soft abt michael & ranboo....
Aw ofc! It ended up being a little more hurt/comfort than i intended for it, but like.. idk. there was a prompt in my head and i ran with it, though idk how well it is fdhsdfs
send me writing prompts pls
ranboo gathers the piglin into his arms, shushing him gently as he cries out in his sleep, groans and grunts sounding pained, even scared. tubbo sits by the ladder, watching them with tired, tired eyes.
snowchester was a place built upon nightmares, both the living and unwaking. a sanctuary in its own right, but the hauntings never truly stop. he and tubbo know it well, a mutual understanding despite not knowing the specifics. it’s not something they need to know. they both keep their secrets, and that’s fine. but ranboo knows. through the many nights where tubbo would be roused from sleep and seem to be drawn, by some otherworldly force, to their window, where his eyes search for something beyond the falling snow.
and he knows tubbo knows. when he calls out to him and ranboo doesn’t reply, his eyes glazed, everything about him seeming to be elsewhere. and waking up, later, with no recollection of it at all. he only wishes that the same could not be said for their son, and yet…
michael squirms in his arms, seeming stuck between wanting to bury his face into ranboo’s chest or not wanting ranboo to touch any part of him at all. it’s not often it gets this bad. ranboo’s not sure if its the harsh climate, simultaneously numbing yet also sharp, a harsh contrast to the blistering nether the piglin was born in, that makes his existence here so painful, or if it’s something else. he could only hope that, as a parent, whatever he does is for the benefit and betterment of michael. everything he and tubbo does is for him.
“do you think the instant damage potions would help?” he mumbles, just loud enough for tubbo to hear. the other boy draws closer, rests his hand on top of michael’s shivering head, which seems to still for a moment under his touch.
“not sure, but i think just being here and holding him helps.” ranboo adjusts his grip, gathers him closer, pressing a kiss just above his floppy ear. he gingerly sits down, trying not to stir michael too much, relaxing into the seat, though his arms are still wound tight around michael’s small frame.
“you can go back to sleep, i’ll wait here until he calms down,” tubbo nods, standing there for a moment before taking the blanket from michael’s bed and draping it across the two of them.
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sages-stories · a day ago
Me *trying to explain something to my dad*: you know those bean things in your body? There are like two of them and a lot of people give them away
Kidney, I was trying to say kidneys
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lucretiuz · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
News & Updates (on Wattpad) Stay connected to all things Wattpad by adding this story to your library. We will be posting announcements, updates, and much more!
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veessant · 2 days ago
I wanted to go talk to Steve for once but then I realized, I restarted my DR, Hopper doesn’t let guys over (except my bsf) and Steve has like some crush on me which is shocking but I’ve talked to him once (not to mention, he’s dating Nancy.)
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copiouscouples · 2 days ago
Priest guy is like time to go in the creepy cave to train. BYE!
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yourresidentplayer · 3 days ago
Alright here comes the rain of Perfect Match book 1 and 2 random+iconic screenshots (sorry for long post but I really don't know how to add the 'keep reading' thing here)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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avoir-lu · 3 days ago
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danni-dollarsign · 4 days ago
I know this is a #humblebrag but sometimes when I'm feeling funky I read through TDW just so I can have something familiar to focus on while still being more or less constructive, and also bc I’ve totally forgotten a lot of the narration jokes thrown about in especially the first/early second acts
like the avatar line in ch. 17 - like, goddammit me, why can’t u be this funny and witty in-person???
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merelypassingtime · 4 days ago
Okay, but how about a story about a successful femme fatale spy who does the whole seduction to learn information routine, only then she retreats to the secret home she share with her wife who also happens to be her Q, in the Swiss Alps to have any resultant childern.
And, well, they didn’t really mean to raise a bunch of highly skilled spies, that that’s sorta how it worked out. 
Good thing too when the mom’s latest mission goes awry and their gaggle of children set out to rescue her...
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hallowedbecastiel · 4 days ago
I was just thinking about how the end of Lost reminds me of the end of spn and Jack and Kate remind me of Sam and Dean. Both Jack and Dean die young, leaving Kate and Sam to live their lives, but they end up together in the afterlife anyway because they’re soulmates 🥺
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nyttvera · 4 days ago
nora dari my beloved <3
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