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arwenadreamer · 3 minutes ago
Sam: Magda... You're not the Devil. You're just psychic. There are others out there like you, like – like me. I have powers, too. I'd get these visions sometimes and – and I could move things with my mind.
Magda: You can do that?
Sam: Well, no, not anymore, I don't think. But that didn't make me the Devil. It – it – it just made me who I am.
Favourite quote per episode
12.04 American Nightmare
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fedupwithyou · 4 minutes ago
Sometimes i think
and overthink
My mind goes a 100m/h
and then it just freezes
Like a monkey swinging to a branch
I jump to a conclusion
That's it, everyone must hate me now. Even though i know they don't.
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blank-incorrect-quotes · 4 minutes ago
I have put 120 posts into the queue.
See you in 2 months, folks.
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incorrectdmp · 4 minutes ago
Valencia: What is your problem?
Grace: You want to know what my problem is?
Valencia: That was a rhetorical question. I don’t want to know anything about you
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hogwartshousefriends · 6 minutes ago
Hey, just wanted to say thanks for all the time and work you put into making aesthetics, you don't get enough appreciation for it ♥️
Thank you so much Rye. I really appreciate you taking the time out of your day to brighten mine. Hope your day is as sweet as you!
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decreation · 7 minutes ago
A girl’s gotta eat And your hunger’s not even your own
Heliopause, ‘Pursuits’ by Heather Christle
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vladbot · 7 minutes ago
And that's where you going to try to understand me! You know what they wanten him and have you begurn your welcome.
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fl0wry · 7 minutes ago
If a junkie dies, can u call it suicide ?
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But, come on, it's Luke... He's Polish... He's out from an orphanage... The food he is used to is different kinds of boiled meal like traditional 'n fairly cheap to make soups and porridges, plus something akin to fried fish or meatballs. Even if it's not necessarily his favourite one, it's way more likely to be something up to his taste than food from completely different countries or cultures. Slavic food habits are prone to fat and messy food, too.
since i don’t know much of anything about polish food i opted to not take it into account and hope someone who does know would talk about it
i get your point, but the exact example of food he might like that i assume you’re talking about is the stuff in bento boxes and i know folks from several different countries who like it?? my mom loves sushi and i’m pretty sure brazilians don’t grow up eating seafood, meat on the stick is really common in here too and i’ve never had it. it’s not that unlikely
plus if someone cares enough about cleanliness they’ll definitely break their country’s habits, someone with cleanliness ocd likely isn’t going to kiss their relatives on the cheek just because of their country’s greeting habits for example
all of that said, i do like the idea. he could probably bring something like soup to places if it’s the right container too (i’ve seen soups in cups and those seem straightforward enough), and even if he couldn’t it could be a nice thing like “when he has the time to just sit down and eat he likes having this”
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boarreese · 8 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Got bored with lazy designs of big brands so I made my own sh??
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habiteis · 9 minutes ago
Não sou tudo que quero ser, mas sou mais do que era e ainda estou aprendendo.
Charlotte Eriksson
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sunfloweroflight · 10 minutes ago
Positive thoughts generate positive feelings and create positive results.
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