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#Prison escape
bastardmanvibes · 15 hours ago
alice asked me if i thought dennis kept going by brian in minnesota and i said no but only bc mandy knew his name was fucking dennis and so he’d be too embarrassed but like. if he could he def would have. hands down.
cuz when dennis is performing under a persona he feels really really good. and confident. because he has identity issues obviously and hates himself but he also rly loves himself and one of the only ways to feel that love unencumbered is to shed his name. he associates so much hatred with the name dennis and he doesn’t know who dennis is and has spent many tortured years trying in vain to figure that out. but he can be brian, easy. he knows precisely who brian is. where he came from, what his likes and dislikes are, his strengths, weaknesses, his personality, and he loves all of it, because he made him, and there’s no room for wondering.
on a slightly different note though, isn’t it kind of.... um? interesting? lol how he had a kid under a different name? dennis was never a dad, brian was. when he went over there and tried to make dennis a dad it was never going to work, because dennis wasn’t the guy who had the kid or even cared for the kid. that was brian sr. but brian sr..... doesn’t exist. he did once, kind of, but not really. and then dennis killed him. dennis literally killed the father of his child in order to escape a responsibility that would highlight just how jacked up and unfit he is to be a person who anybody could actually rely on. so not only does brian jr not have a dad in his life, he doesn’t have a dad at all if you ask me. he doesn’t exist and he never did. yet they share a name.
#iasip#dennis reynolds#jackie talks#not to be cringe and draw meaning from smthn 🤪#but i draw meaning from brian lefevre#anybody remember that shit in jumper?#i hardly do! also minnesota is a joke don’t come for me#brian rly is like...... a name that holds a lot of truths about dennis if you look closely#it’s a funny joke sure but it also seems rly deep to me how dennis wasnt the one who knocked mandy up#brian died. and dennis went in his place#and because of that it was never going to work#not that it would work if brian went bc brian was never real in the first place but. that’s who brian jrs dad is not dennis#i’m repeating myself a lot i think lol#i would be interested to see dennis be brian again i think it could be a rly good tool to reveal some stuff abt him#i’m talking theoretically ofc whenever i say i’d like to see smthn it’s in the hypothetical world where *** don’t suck#but yeah maybe he has that snap that gay midlife crisis breakdown and he just abandons dennis to be brian#in order to escape. that’s what his personas serve theyre an escape out of the prison that is dennis#it’s a big part of why my drag queen au slaps so hard to me. not only does it represent liberation from expectations of masculinity#it would be a ticket out. a mask that he feels is still thoroughly him but free to be and to love unconditionally#he can be himself when he sheds his name. the name is so heavy and tangled and confusing and drenched in shame.#not to mention the skin thing but the skin thing. skin is fascinating because you can’t take it off and it’s what everybody sees#and there’s nothing you can do to change that try as you might.#there’s something really entrapping about that something almost morbid#but a name? u cant lose it forever but you can hang it up for a while if you have the right stuff#and a name can contain just as much of you as your skin does#brain jr IS brian jr. brian the second. brian the first fucking died he died !!!!#can u imagine the absolute headfuck of being named after a guy who never existed. of having maybe one or two memories of this asshole?#ur mom speaking nothing but kindness for him but all you actually know about him yourself is that he’s a careless liar and he’s not there#btw tho u CAN change ur name permanently esp if dysphoria is involved and you are NOT your name#i’m just talking metawise. specifically abt dennis. god this is good riff country right here but i’m outta tags x takes a bow
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yeongxmi · a day ago
me: i should get some drafts done
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melonpond · 2 days ago
Still thinking about the fact that back when Wilbur wanted to blow up L’manburg during the pogtopia stuff, I had really loved L’manburg and was hoping that they’d be successful in taking it back without blowing it up, yet at the same time because of the slow build up of Wilbur’s spiral and the constant looming threat of Wilbur pressing the button, even though I was upset at the thought of L’manburg blowing up, I still found myself wanting Wilbur to press the button because at that point it felt like fate that it was bound to happen, and it was very narratively satisfying.
I just find it really interesting how there are a lot of events on the server that could or have happened that I don’t really want to happen, but at the same time it’s written in a way where I’m still cheering for it to happen, y’know?
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quotes-for-the-soul · 2 days ago
It is quite a revelation to discover that the place you wanted to escape to is the exact same place you escaped from. That the prison wasn't the place, but the perspective.
The Midnight Library by Matt Haig
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anatomy-lesson · 29 days ago
Tumblr media
“Prisoner Escapes In Waiting Auto,” Toronto Globe. May 18, 1931. Page 03. ---- Search Brings No Trace of Fugitive From Reformatory ---- (Special Despatch to The Globe.) Guelph, May 17. - Although police have been notified all over the Province, and a search by guards was instituted, no trace has been found by Harry Mowat, aged 27, who escaped spectacularly from the Ontario Reformatory Saturday. Mowat, who was employed with a gang of fellow-prisoners in landscape gardening, suddenly discarded his tools, and dashing for the York Road, a distance of 100 yards, jumped into a large maroon car, which had apparently been waiting for him, and sped away. The automobile is said to have been occupied by two men of foreign appearance.
The escape had evidently been well planned, as the car had been seen parked on a sideroad for some time earlier in the day. The two occupants waited an opportunity to signal to Mowat when he was close to the road, and the prisoner cleared a creek and was away like a shot before guards had an opportunity to get their hands on him. After Mowat was picked up the car started at high speed in the direction of the city, and had a good start before guards could take up the chase. Mowat, who was sentenced to Toronto last November, was serving a year for theft. His record shows several previous convictions, while is also said to be wanted by police in the United States.
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I've had the song from Diego and Lila's escape in s2 ep1 of TUA stuck in my head since last night... damn why is it so catchy
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anatomy-lesson · a month ago
Tumblr media
“Fugitive Ends Life,”  Border Cities Star. May 9, 1931. Page 22. ---- CHILLICOTHE, Ohio, May 9. - Choosing death rather than imprisonment again, John B. Marhab, 26, Toledo, who escaped from the Federal reformatory here after slugging a guard, shot, and killed himself when capture seemed imminent.
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endlessnightlock · 3 days ago
for the more hillbilly portion of the Everlark crew- what about an “Old Red” a/u where like, IDK, Haymitch is the guy in prison for killing his adulterous wife, Peeta is Old Red and Katniss is his lady friend, the blue tick hound. @mocalmangeal I think we decided that if the THG characters were dogs, that’s what Katniss would be?
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no but like s a m e
left tumblr because it was dying and toxic, went on twitter cause it was the natural progression, ya know???, that dives straight into a dumpster of fire, and now it feels like the “i’m free!! worst experience of my life.” meme.
YES EXACTLY if tumblr was toxic then twitter has become a whole biohazard ;-; literally feels like breaking out LMAO
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fwtcanimelover · 3 days ago
Inventor’s Time Travel Disaster Challenge - Sims 4
“Inventor’s Disaster Challenge” - for short.
(I wanted to create a Sims 4 challenge but had no idea where to sent it. I thought it could be a fun challenge to do). P.S: It is recommended to have Discover University, Get Famous and Get to Work packs, but it can be played entirely in Basegame if you don’t have the packs.
General Story: An Inventor who is renown for their mechanical creations is accidently zapped back into childhood by an experiment gone wrong. With no alive parents they have to pose their own mechanical creation as their parent in order to avoid child services. They have to find a cure to turn them into a young adult again, before the public and authorities find out. Otherwise worse things will come.
To start off the challenge:
1) Create a Young Adult, the must have the Genius trait and you have free range over their other traits. This will be your Inventor/main character.
2) Build a house and a lab for your inventor. You may use as much money cheats as you like. 
3) Get your Inventor into one of these five jobs only Engineer, Scientist, Secret Agent, Tech Guru and Astronaut. Try to get a high position in them.
4) Inventor must have a celebrity status no lower then “Rising Star”. (Unless if you don’t have the pack then ignore the celeb status). Your sim must at least be popular an must know and be friends with at least 20 sims. The more sims your Inventor knows the better in terms of difficulty. Please bare with me.
5) Robotic, Logic and Handiness skill must be level 10. (Ignore Robotic if you don’t have the pack).
6) Your sim must build and activate a Servo-bot. (If you don’t have the pack use CAS to create your robot sim, traits don’t matter for this character just pretend that it’s a robot your Inventor created).
Time Travel (sort of) bit
1) Use Build/buy mode to create an item/machine which will be the experiment gone wrong. Then get your Inventor to interact with it. After they have interacted with it, use CAS to turn them into a child. Edit the relationship to make the robot the parent.
2) When your Inventor is a child, no one should know what happened to them. So they need to avoid everyone (that isn’t in their household) and should try not to be seen. Inventor is not allowed to go to school during this time and should avoid it.
3) When your Inventor is a child they start off with 100 points. Every time a sim (that is not part of your household) interacts with them 5 points is lost. (Doesn’t count if your Inventor ignores phone calls). The aim is to find the cure without your point score going to 0. If you reach zero points, it means that the authorities have found out about your unlawful experiment, your household is evicted, lab shutdown and destroyed, and your Inventor gets sent to a prison like facility. (It’s not a game over at that stage it makes it more of a prison escape and adds difficulty to the challenge. I’ll explain more later down)
To find a cure you must:
1) Get to level 10 Mental skill.
2) Collect all these gems listed: Alabaster, Citrine, Emerald, Orange Topaz, Peach, Quartz, Rose, Ruby, Sapphire, Turquoise, Amethyst, Diamond, Fire Opal, Hematite, Jonquilyst and Plumbite.
3) Collect 10 different frogs.
4) Collect at least one of these endangered fish: Golden Mahi Mahi, Leopard Shark, Butterflyfish, Bluefin Tuna, Royal Sabrefish and Rainbow fish. (Reason being they’re harder to find and you actually get in trouble for it in game if a sim spots you).
5) Try to create a machine using all these items and then change your Inventor back into adulthood after they have some kind of interaction with it. bb.moveobjects and  cas.fulleditmode.
If you get to zero points
1) Create a Prison like Facility with a strict Warden and guards. Move your Inventor into that household and create a secure cell for them. Evict everyone else from the Inventor’s original household, they will be homeless and unplayable at this point, they cannot help you.
2) Change your Inventor’s reputation to “Atrocious”. Your Inventor will be under strict surveillance. They must go to school and will have an hour of exercise every day. Curfew will be set to 8pm. If they are out past curfew they will be put into solitary confinement for one day once they return. If they choose to run away they have to avoid other sims because if one of the guards of if one of their friends spots/interacts with them they will immediately be sent back to prison and will be put in solitary confinement for a day and a half, and they will have extra cleaning chores as punishment. 
3) Your Inventor’s aim is still to find all the items required for the cure. They need to collect them without anyone knowing. Once they have found the cure and turned back into a young adult, they must escape without anyone seeing them. Once they have escaped move them out of that lot and into a new lot (not your old lab). 
4)From then on they must try to rebuild their life in secret and avoid the Warden and guards, so that they don’t end up back in prison. They also may search for their old household mate(s) and add them back into the household if they chose to.
5) Your Inventor can try to clear their name from being on the Gov’s most wanted. This can only be archieved by getting a “Great Reputation”.
After you have done all that you have completed the challenge/story and you can do whatever you want. Thank you so much for reading and please enjoy. This is just to add more fun, drama and different story to the Sims 4.
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anatomy-lesson · 5 years ago
Tumblr media
“Seeking Fugitive Convict,” New York Times. April 6, 1916. Page 21. ---- Auburn Authorities Baffled by the Flight of Gaskins. Special to The New York Times --- AUBURN, N. Y., April 5. - After searching vainly throughout the neighboring country for four days the Auburn prison authorities today conceded that John Gaskins, the Brooklyn hold-up man, who was serving a sentence of thirty-one years for robbery, had succeeded in his escape.
Gaskins had recently come into disfavor among his fellow-inmates and his reputation as a trouble maker brought him into clashes with prisoners. He was working on the coal gang, a group of irregulars shoveling coal from cars in the outer yard. Gaskins went to work as usual Friday with the other ‘huskies’ in the coal gang, but vanished when an empty car was picked up by a New York Central engine and hauled away.
Auburn police and officers of surrounding towns were notified to be on the lookout, a reward of $50 having been offered by the State. Gaskins had taken a leading place in the prison Mutual Welfare League but his aggressive manner soon caused him to disagree with other prisoners.
Gaskins was sent to prison from Kings County on Nov. 17, 1914. He was only 22 years old, but had served terms in Elmira and the Rahway Penitentiaary.
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Rilasciare interviste in diretta alle 8 e trenta del mattino agli amici di Radio 2.0 - Bergamo in aria è un'impresa improba per il sottoscritto, costretto a dire cose sensate di fronte a due bravi radio conduttori come Alessandro Stefanoni e Raffaella Garofalo ! Devastante😜😜😜🤸🤸🤸 Scherzi a parte (ma non troppo) mi sono divertito molto e giuro che è stasera farò come lo speaker Alessandro Stefanoni: a letto all 23.00 e via! Al mattino leoni con l'energia dei campioni!🎯❤️ #radio2.0 #bergamoinaria #bergamo #iltempodeglisbirri #malowriter #libri malo #mauriziolorenzi #prison #carcere #fuga #escape #bolisedizioni #letture #libro #photooftheday #giallo #thriller #fiction #pic #books #novel #poliziesco #polizia #sbirro #sbirri (presso Piazza Brembana)
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teenagellamacat · 5 days ago
Wisdom: Escape Prison 1.8 (Mod/APK Unlimited Money) Download
Wisdom: Escape Prison 1.8 (Mod/APK Unlimited Money) Download
An Android app is packaged into a file that has an extension named PK. So, it is called an Mod Apk file, which has got all the elements of the app and it can be installed on an Android mobile. A qualified developer can make edits to the elements inside an APK file, to add or enable a limited feature of the official app and then recompile it.It is known as modded APK and it is…
Tumblr media
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mochatears · 5 days ago
If my phone was really listening to every word I say, my Instagram explore feed would stop featuring c!Dream apologists
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